Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 2, 1945 · Page 3
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 3

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1945
Page 3
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THE GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE Monday Evening, April 2, 1945 Planes Not Below Deck During Carrier Landings and Takeoffs Elevator Moves Ships to 'Garage' or Brings Up Fresh Ones; Flight Deck Always Crowded Hy ERNIE I'VEE IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC ( Delayed ) The main thins I never understood about how an aircraft carrier operates, is what they did with all the rest of the planes while one was landing or taking off. I had thought the flight deck had to lie entirely clear of planes. I thought that ns soon ns - f - - - barrier is dropped, the plane ROOM AND BOARD Bv Gene Ahern AND one loeK oil, jney uiouhiu me next one up from the lower deck hy elevator, and sent it off. It isn't th.fl Ernie fyle w a y a t all. There are always idle planes standing on deck during landinfis a n d takeotls. There liavc to be, for the hangar deck below isn't bis enoufili to hold all the planes. Hut these idle planes are never along the side of the deck they are at one rnrl or the other. Here's how it's done: Planes always take off and always land from stern to bow of the ship or from rear to forward as you simple landlubbers would say. J'arkrd at Hear For the takeoff, all the planes are parked tiuhtly tuuether at the lear of the di'dc. All have folding wins, which has been one of the great contributions to thi war. Without them a carrier could hardly carry enough planes to juMily itself. These parked planes t.ike up maybe one-eighth ' of the Might fleck the rear one-eighth. When they get ready to launch planes, all the engines are .stalled and warmer! up wnne the planes are still parked tightly together The noise is terrific. Angry propellers whirl within inches of the tail of the next ship, "1'" by the doen crawl around, under, and among the-e flying propellers, adjusting chocks nnd untying the lines that hold the l;.nr; down. When they are ready, the center Diane in the front row is t.i,vie;l out a few fret. Mis folded wings are unfolded. The pilot tests his controls, puis down hi,-; llap-;. A signalman standing and to the right of him indicates by motions when lie is to start, lie holds on his brakes, speeds up hi-' engine until the now is ear-splitting, and then the signalman leans over and rli amatic.iily swings his arm forward, as though personally to give the plane impetus. The plane starts rolling. Th" deck behind him is packed with planes. Hut the seven-eighths of deck in front is clear. Not a plane or man on it. One Follows Another No soonyr has one plane gone than the next one is ready, has his wings unfolded, and is innning up his engine. They take off one right after the other, less than a minute apart, until the whole flight is in the air. - j The moment the last plane of the flight is oif, a klaxon signals the fact, and the ureal flight deck instantly becomes a swarm of men. Usually there are several planes left on deck, which weren't sched uled to go. All these are immediately towed to the forward end of the deck, and icpaiked there. For, when the planes come back to land, they must use that rear end of the deck. While (hey are ; landing, the whole lront end of the deck is full of parked planes. A barrier of steel cables, sti etched head-high acioss the deck, stops any wild-landing plane from crashing into the bunch of tightly parked ships ahead. As soon as a plane lands, the taxies over it, and the harrier is raised again for the next guy coming in. The plane Ihat has just landed is parked among t tie other inert ones up front, and the pilot shuts off his engine. When the last plane is down, the klaxon squawks, all the men rush out, and all the planes are towed back to the rear of the deck, ready for the next takeoff. I'nused DurinK Land inn Almost never, during actual landing of the planes, is the elevator let down. It is used only between flights, to take planes down to the "garage" or bring up fresh ones. This moving of planes from one end of the flight deck to the other is called "re-snott ing." It goes on all day long back and forth, back and forth. The planes are pulled by tiny Fordson tractors. As thi v run around they look like these little electric cars you bump each other with at carnivals. At night, probably two-thirds of the planes are ".spotted" on deck. They are paiked tightly together, and tied down to gratings in the flight deck by heavy rope. If We're sailing in'o a :toim. they're tied additionally wi'h steel cable. And all night long men are posted among them, to see'th nothing breaks or goes wrong. Despite .-ill this, there have been times when the ocean was so rough and the deck careening at J such a steep angle, that plane I would break all their moorings and go screeching fiver the side. That would be when I was down in my cabin, verv seasick. P f F ,Pi i r T ' Tul- 0 1 i-.F'i V-1.M OUT I 1 T THAT oORilLA IN 7mi- f i 'i . in r I w va t m 7 1 w i ' V 'Ar.tTl.rp, IT'S Apr P OP NOT.' TV VhAT W V;!U. , V-E DO? V r t in i oOPil.LA VITM 4, (.,un I ill T IN ,Wi COOr. BOOts,' J P.vOR in 'rOUP, TP.OPrfrO POOA,- -j.Q WHT DON'T J tO: J PUT IT ON ACD GO - it t wi m a Em.aka :' 1? JUS-- ''-v-5 - 0 J X iXa Arthur Wins Promotion To OPA National Staff LA C'ROSSK, Wis. i,Vi Hobert W. Arthur, enloi cement attorney lor the !,a Crosse disti'l't OPA, has been promoted to the national enforcement department staff, Phil U. Griffin, district director, announcerl today. Arthur has been appointerl national field coordinator attached to the enforcement executive officer and will serve the Fifth and Sixlb regions consisting ol the stiites in the Mh.sissippi river valley Irom the Canadian border to the Cull of Mexico. 1 Arthur, formerly associated with a Madison law firm, was' chief of the fuel and consumer dui able goods section in the Milwaukee district before going to La Crosse. Warehouse Fire Causes 'Frisco Flag Shortage HOLLYWOOD (U.Pi San Francisco today was faced with a flagless United Nations conference. Conference officials had ordered dozens of the colorful banncis of all participating nations for display during the meeting. Hut the warehouse of the .Menard and Tabery flag manulactui-iug plant, where the Hags wcic stored pending shipment, burned Sunday. Seeks Soldier's Address service hew in September, 1942, and trained with Jhe 304th Ord-nanie regiment at Camp Sutton, N. C. Hrchler, who was with him id this camp, .states he had a girl friend in Green Ray, and would like to have her send him Mi-chalex's present address. ' T TSE soothing, oily Resinol t once. Sec how soon iich-itiB, smarting, ind minor soreness is relieved ind skin begins to improve. The special medication has gentle long-lasting action. Smll Burnt Chafinj Sic in Sewpei Dry Eeiema Minor Rectal Irritation Simple Rathtt Ivy Poison At til JrmttiM. RESINOL Kdward J. Oiand avenue, PAID A D V V. H T I S E M K N T bv KlmrT F. Ritrlow for Suprrmp Court Justu-f Club, William Gem g Rnicr, ( halt man, II 117 S. 3rd Strrrt Milwanktr, Wis., and lor which 1 1 20 has been paid. KEEP ELMER E. BARLOW on the State Supreme Court QUALIFIED! By Experience and Training "Hit knowledge of latO, taxation and legal procedure tt coupled with touni judicial temperament." From the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Non-Partisan VOTE-Tuesday, April 3 Reich Sabofage Ring In Chile Broken Up SANTIAGO, Chile .-I) I a N'.iciori said today that seven rnemhers of a Nazi sabotage ru'1 which the newspaper linked with an abortive attempt to blow up the Panama canal had been arrested and were being held incommunicado. Friday the newspaper reporled that a flerman saboteur named son Appen had been anesled in the pin pol led plot to blow up 'h'1 canal with an explosive-loaded ship. The publication said th" saboteur organization had blanches in all American counfies. and named I.udwig von Rohlem, former aid attache of the German F.m-bassy in Chile, as "the master mind." The paper gave no explanation of how the reported plot was foiWl. nrehlci, filiti N. Port Wa. hinfc'oo. t I lias written the l.S.J hi're, a.-KiiiH (information as to the whereabouts of James Muhalex, who en'.ei have & tMirSESSEJ kite if-Csot STEWARTS HEALTH SERVICE Hnom 207 Northern TStiilrlingr Telephone Adams 1007 regatoealth S ientifie Chiropractic Helps to Conrct Dradlv I'li-ssiirc on Nerves, Hie Vital Cause of Disease. Nature's Way to Health. There'a nothing shameful fihout having piles. (One-third nl the population has them, according to medical reports.) Hut it'sshametul to sutler need-' ess pain. The makers of UnfMipntinr effer a nationally recoumzed Jiroduct-UNCUF-NTINK KKCTAU CONKS a special formula to relieve the irritation, sorene end burning pain of simple, piles or hemorrhoids. Millionihave been old bcrnui they help relieve pain . . . fight infection, promote healing. lnuenfin Recta Cones FAty lo use...snirtr....inrip,mr'. ' mn Hirctrd. Vour monry baf lc li uut Mttsrird. At drug Itures. A Norwich Product ms- 2 5 mm W m !H JIN ID V ! 9 i 5 Spinal misplacements at this point may headache, nervous ness, sinus trouble, eye disease, dizziness, deafness, and insomnia. Pressure on nerves here may cause throat trouble, neuralgia. pain in the shoulders or nervousness. Pressure on nerves here may cause bronchitis, heart or June .eaknesses, rheumatism or neuritis f the arms and shoulders. . Pressure on nerves at this point may cause asthma, pleura! condi-ons, liver abnormalities, influenza. Stomach and bovel trouble may be caused bv misplacements in this part of the spine. Here we find the cause of fever, shingles, back pains or neuralgia. Kidney diseases, arthritis, skin di.-eases are .-.ften caused by nerves being pinched at this point. Regulation of lumbago. Ir.tes'mal and bladder weaknesses follow djus'.ments at this point. Constipation, rectal troubles, sciatica, low back pains usually re- pond quickly with Chiropractic eatment at this point. Pressure on nerves at this point may cause diseases of pelvis, sci atica, knee and font troubles. 10 i si i)aV S Drive with your Fingers Crossed "I'm your automobile dealer ... the man who handles Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto or Chrysler cars right near you. It's time for me to speak up. Too many people are driving today with their fingers crossed'. . . hoping nothing will happen. It doesn't make sense to neglect your car when regular check-ups often prevent trouble. "My job these days is to help keep your car rolling and to save you money. I've got equipment and tools just for this purpose. I've got the right parts if your car needs them. My expert mechanics can spot trouble before it gets serious. "I'd like to help you keep that car of yours in good shape. Phone me and we'll set a date." FOR TROUBLE-FREE SPRING AND SUMMER DRIVING Change tn summer lubricants; check oil filter and air cleaner Check steering Iignment "Test brakes "Rotate tires "Flush cooling system; examine hose con nections -lunt engine lor warm weather driving "Repair dents; touch pots; polish car for protection. L' I . aI mm. up rust This trademark identifies MOPAR parts especially made for Plymouth, Dodge, " ''- i- DeSoto and Chrysler cars, and Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Chrysler Corporation Ports Division. K I I P U V I N 0 WAR I O N D I Tune in Major Bowes Program Thursday, 9 E.W.T., CBS Network P.M., FOR 'YOUR OWN SAFETY HAVE YOUR BRAKES CHECKED TODAY! WTAQ 10 MINUTES AT 6:35 5 MINUTES AT 10:25 TMlrmW FOR FOR ACTION NOW f, ' '.?Y' ON THINGS WHICH WILL MAKE GREEN BAY A BETTER CITY, YOUR HOMES A BETTER INVESTMENT. Provide rhe kind of leadership which payers, the cooperation of the counci ments! . will have-the confidence of the tax-I, the respect of the operating depart- Under the law He must assume functions of the Mayor is the head of all and of each city department. the responsibility for the successful operation of these government financed by the property owners tax dollars. I shall accept that responsibility confidently, because I shall inspire the confidence of the City Council and of the departments and shall cooperate with them. I shall strive for unity in our city and in our city hall. I shall get more for our tax dollars because I shall get action. If you elect me Mayor, I promise that in THIS MONTH OF APRIL I shall take action which will expedite all of the programs I have advanced In this campaign: A MUNICIPAL INCINERATOR, AS SOON AS PRIORITIES ARE OFF AND SUCH MUNICIPAL WORKS CAN BE BUILT .... AND YEAR 'ROUND MODERN SANITARY COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL OF GARBAGE. THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE STORM WATER SEWERS UNTIL THIS ANCIENT AND TROUBLESOME PROBLEM HAS BEEN COMPLETELY SOLVED. THIS IS A PROGRAM I AM FAMILIAR WITH AND MOST INTERESTED IN. AS CHAIRMAN OF THE SEWER COMMITTEE I STUDIED THE NEEDS AND INTRODUCED THE RESOLUTIONS THAT GOT ACTION. A MODERN, YEAR 'ROUND RECREATION PROGRAM UTILIZING ALL CITY FACILITIES, AND EXTENDING THE ADVANTAGES OF SUCH A PROGRAM TO EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD THAT WANTS IT. A MODERN, HIGHEST PROFESSIONAL STANDARD HEALTH PRO. GRAM FOR ALL THE CITY. A PLAN FOR STREET, CURB AND SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENTS WHICH WILL GET MOVING AND KEEP MOVING. AN OFFICIAL CITY PLAN FOR WAR VETERAN COOPERATION. A HIGH STANDARD FOR MUNICIPAL SERVICE IN ALL CITY SERV. ICES AND DEPARTMENTS. I shall bring to the Mayor's office 8 ycors of EXPERIENCE as a City Councilman. EXPERIENCE on its most important committees, EXPERIENCE on the various Boards and Commissions which administer City services. This experience and training will enable me to take over at once and with a knowledge of what to do and how to do it. Tax money has already been provided for most of these programs I want action on. They suggest no increase in the tax rate at all. We arc one of Wisconsin's most important, most highly honored cities. We must not plug along but must put in the city hall alert, progressive leadership that will get ACTION NOW! . . . and Action as soon as any opportunity opens for our city, for industrial expansion, for cultural and recreational or sports opportunities, for postwar public works . . , for employment of our wage earners, and for rcestablishmcnt of our returning fighters in situations acceptable to them! Young In Years But Old In What It Takes Ml JV WILL MAKE A GOOD MAYOR FOR POSTWAR GREEN BAY Prepared. Authorized and Pairl for ($U2.40) hy Dominic Olejniczak, Green Bay, Wm. ID I I1

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