The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1949 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 20, 1949
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. ^I/V—NO. 127 Blylheville Courier Mississippi valley Leader BLYTHEVIULE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1949 EIGHT PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS $1,000,000 Boost in Farm Profits Possible Through Use of Fertilizer By Harry A. Haiim (Courier Nem SUff Writer) Ten years ago, most Mississippi County farmers felt that tlie application of fertilizer to their naturally rich soil would have been an agricultural gilding of the lily. Today il ii evident that more and more farmers in this areu have found that while good cotton can be grown without fer- 1- A ili « r . it U often possible to l^Socreas* p*r acrt production by (he u« ot it. According to County Agent Keith Bilbrey, the fanner who entertains thoughts o( using fertilizer should first get an analysis of his soil. Thus is done through the county agent's office and insures maximum effectiveness and results from the use of fertilizer. Also lelpful in this program is the county's Soils Management Committee headed by Hildred Bunch of Yarbro. The committee operates in cooperation with the University of Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service arid the Mississippi County Farm Bureau. It is the goal of this committee to make available to fanners soil management, plan which will increase production efficiency and net profits. In other words, the committee is not interested in increasing production alone. After checking on results of various farmers in the county, Mr. Kilbrrr said hii office has become convinced that through proper use of fertiVlier, this county's cotton production could be raised by some 51,000,00(1 yearly. This estimate is based on tests of delta soils conducted by experiment stations in Mississippi. —Courier News Photo SEKS KESU1.TS FROM USK OF FERTILIZER—Roy Davis (right), Promited Land farmer, stands in the unfertilized portion of Ills field while Melvin Mitchell, who is associated v,'ith Mr. Davis, stands in tha portion of the field whrch received 200 pounds of ammonuim nitrate per acre. Mr. Davis did not treat 2) rows of his cotton in the field, the signs in the picture were adjusted to coalorm with the average heigh of cotton in both portions. shewed that an average increase of of the soil testing service before 497 pounds seed cotton frntn the use of 30 pounds actua 7 U.S. Agencies Five Percenter Probers Say Vaughan Blasted Agri Official On Grain Ration for Brewers Are Streamlined Or Shifted Today Reorganiiation Hear End for This Year; More Expected in '50 By Ma* Hall WASHINGTON, Allf. «>. (,l», _ Seven redernl agencies were shifted oi- streamlined today. Thai just ibout completes government reorganization for this yeai 4 . No more ma lor changes ar« likely mill 1950. Congress and President Truman, >y means of five laws and six reorganization plans, have gone part of the way In carrying out the recommendations of Hie commission headed by former President Hcrl>ert Hoover. Robert L. L. McCormick, director of the W shinglon office of the Citizens Committee for Reorganization—an outfit created to work for tile Hoover Commission's proposals—told a reporter: "The accomplishments up to have far exceeded 'mr expectations hut some of the most Important ICR- islation Is still before us and the road ts long." Six Plans In Effort Here is the score for 1949: Six reorganization plans took ef feet today (technically at midnight last night). The U. S. Employment Service and certain other functions U.S.-Peruvian Traffic In Illicit Drugs Bared NEW YORK, Aug. 'JO. fd'.-A illicit, drug ring—so powerlul t it sparked an abortive revolution in Peru and involved United Nations action—was exposed here yesicidiiy with the arrest of the alleged leverage Makers lomplained About Government Edict By Marvin I. ArrowmJth WASHINGTON, Aug. 20.— ,i\l') —Senatorial sources said ocliiy that Maj. Gen. Harry H. C. of C. Merchant Division Elects 14 Board Members Named; Will Select Officers Wednesday Fourteen Iwald members, to seivc wilh lour appointed by Chamber of- w ,', tl ' Commerce President J. I,. Ciltnn, Authorities called the arrest the j higti point in an interniilional cj'iick-down on a huge smu^iiling syndicate which has plied n $500.- flf)0-u-monlh cocaine trudc between the U.S. and Peru. American, perm-inn and U.N authorities Joined in a two-year clrlv to .smash the ring, snid lo have used narcotics profits to ami In- .smccnls In Peru In an attempt to seize control o[ the country. The story of political Intrigue ant) plotting, lied in with large- The count;- agent's office now has moved Into the Labor Department. nitrogen per acre. per acre " si "e fertilizer Is emphasized by results of tests .made on over 100 | The Bureau of Public Roads moved Mr. Bilibrey. Soil specimens are farms in north Mississippi County, j into the Commerce Department, taken by the county agent's office Fanners have access to these and are sent to the University of sull.s or Over a 19-year period these tests Importance of taking advantage Arkansas' soil testing laboratory. none has been made. request tests where ^Administration Begins Uphill Fight to Restore Arms Aid Program Cut By Jack Bell WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. (AP)—Caplained by Sena- ! Lov Connally (D-Tex),, the administration began an uphill ' Broadcasters Will Go to Court To Save 'Give-Away' Programs By Wayne Oliver NEW YORK, Aug. 20. (A 1 )—Radio and television broadcastcvs girrtcd today for a finish fight to save their profitable giveaway programs from I came law AI ' E - lo - Giving the secre- The No. J officials In the Post OT- ficc Department, Civil Service Commission, and Maritime Commission pot more fuhnlnlstrattvn authority. The National St -rity Resources Hoard a">«-' National Security Council became parts of the Executive Office of the President. The Rcore animUon Act nf 1949 iweame law June 20, making possible the six plans that took effect loriay. The Military Unification Ael bc- the guillotine of the Federal Communications Commission. At stake is their jackpot in sales of broadcast time running to many tary of defense more power to Integrate the armed services. Another law enacted June 2nd the estimated 55,000,000 or more a year dislied out to lucky j.nlrcady -"alert the post of under- Industry observers predicted the, has been caught somewhat S\Sfc'nst<-'t\J!Ky;(' 1 '. ^t)v%fe-.U r s"?'i;4r>!:'j&;0,COO foveigil £ merlca » Broadcasting Co. would ,j ; •••-.': ... , ~ '"'£- •*''• •- <• '-'vlv' 7 ' • have plenty or company in its ranl.-i ..- - * ; : •- announced plan for a. court fight •Ninth Polio Case of Week Is Reported prcgram Connally, adopting* a no-compromise altitude, came out for le- sloralion of the full amount of 11,160,990,000 for military supplies"for 'North Atlantic Trelay signers. The Hnuse cut the total exactly in half. But Connally seemed unlikely to he able to muster a majority of the (Senate Foreign Relations and Arm- 1 This week's eighth and ninth ed Services Committees, over which : polio cases were reported today by he i* presiding, for reinstatement of i health officials at the North Mississippi County Health Unit, bringing! the total this year to 145. the full fund. Senators Vaudenherg (R-Mieh) and Dulles (R-NY) stood firmly on Jfc'ir demand for a reduction to a IfSiid And even Chairman Tydings (D-Mcn of the Armed Services group talked in ! terms o' tlie same amount. pla n for a, court figl 1 against the FCC order issued yesterday" to become effective Oct. 1. Rules Tightened By FCC While the FCC order did not flatly ban giveaways, its new ruies are ,^o stringent it appeared they would silence such shows as "Stop the Music," "Sing it "Again" mid "Hollywood Calling." These involve telepsone calls to listeners who are required to give the correct answer to a question, cUies to which have It was eslimaled several weeks ago that 150 cases would be reported in this county befor- the epidemic waned. Another month remains before the usual time for ! the disease to hit its peak. Critic, of the program applauded ! August and SDptonibcr arc usually 6 * ' 'the months taking the largest toll, begin the House action. been given on the program. The FCU said it would regard fts a radio lottery a program involving prizes "dependent in wliole or iti part upon lot or chance," requiring tlie contestant to contribute something of value, or requiring that he be listening to or viewing the program. The rules also limited the manner in which telephone calls could, be used in connection 1 Pemiscot Farm Selected for Demonstration A balanced [arming exhibition for farmers in Southeast Missouri Ls planned by the University of Missouri Agricultural Extension Service for next Wednesday on the farm of J. B. Simpkins who lives east of South Prairie. Mo.. It was disclosed today. The Pemiscot County farm agents will assist with the demonstration. The demonstration is designed to show farming and home making with prize progratns. A spokesman for the Mutual practices particularly adapted to Level land. Mr. Simpkins has cotton, corn and soybean crops for observation. _ : nut the epidemic this year feenator Byrd ID-Va) called the ' j n the middle of June. slash "a step In the right direction." i The ciqhth new case reported Is ! Broadcastini"s'v^,.",n wiVhplrt'rnni" I A vctch a " fi clovpr Sc. s Grass Roots Okay J( . ssia Drklgefort, foKir-mouth-oId! mmt while to, ol Iki^'cniS f «'»™r program w: Senator Russell (D-Oa) approved | Nesro child from Dell. He is the ! "], \-, ". ,,L Pm ?M To dr r, muie "'"'"'"' the cut. adding that in his opinion ! s on of Jossia Bridgefort. Sr.. and | Xtter to fir-h them or w at it would be enough for thi., country j is beinp treated at the University co,,! d b done to save ,[ c'cted < lows lo ship S45G.COO.OOO worth of surplus i Hospital V- Little Rock. ! iTlne rules sl?cl! atfcctcd shows military equipment to the Euro-! Geneva Anderson. 18, daughter of | T), C radio srvcanav has been a pe-.ns this year, without spending j Oscar Anderson. Negro, of Joiner,! bone of'contention for months. A vetch and clover rotation, and . _ 111 also be plained. The demonstration will include the construction of drainage ditches, Raai(> ,, e rfromcr.s have been any additional cash. ' was taken to the John Gaston iso- j Senator George (D-Oal said he; lation hospital in Memphis yestcr-; nlong u , c most vocal critics. They thinks trie House action reflects Ihe j y as ' c cou "tys HSlli victim, j contend the Jactixit of meichan- i disc and cash has replaced talent , ,™ ' i™"' Is , Rcpor ' rrt 4 ,'on many prsorams. and lowered LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 20. (,!', -: (il e quality of radio propraimuing Thirty-five person* now have died of polio in Arkansas this year. Latest death was thai of ten- views "of people who are pretty close lo the ?ra.?s roots." He has been advocatine cutting the administration's iTciuesl in half. On t l :e other side. Senator Gur- litfc iR-SD~> said he wants an arte- seed bed preparation, sowing of vetch and starting of house. The demonstralion will start at 10 a.m. «,,te a:,,ount made available. But, whole. Comedian Fred Allen declared a personal war on giveaways la^t season alter ".Stop the year-old Betty Lee Thiirston of Al- : Ml1slc .- cut shftrpl>1 into nis alld . iscci'ctary of the defense. | The Oeneral Services Admlnislra- In the : tion was c—itcd by Congress on July 1, placing the maintenance, purchasing, and property disposal agencies of the government under one roof. A law enacted May 26 gave the secretary of iU,le authority lo reorganize t'-e State Department. Certain other proposals were made by Ihe President—Including the creatml] of a Department of Welfare and the removal of postmaster appointments fron- politics —but Congress has cither killec them or made little progress tnwan enacth'E them at this session. Departments Enlarged The Labor and Commerce Department.*; both were enlarged by today's changes. The Labor Department not the Bureau of Employment Security, headed by Robert C. Goodwin, from the Federal Security Agency. This bureau, which Includes (he y. S Employment Service, coordinates the stn'.e employment offices and = ta(c unemployment insurance activities. About 800 federal employees were transferred and more than •10.000 state employees were involved indirectly. The Commerce Department* received the Bureau of Public Koarts. headed by Thomas H. MacDonald. from the General Services Administration. For 10 years prior to July I tills bureau, which has about 2.50D employees, was known as the Pi'blic Roads Administration, anil was part of the now-defunct Federal Works Agency. 11 plans highways and grants funds to states to help build them. poultry were elected lust nlKlit by Blylhc- ville merchinus to direct a newly formed Merchant's Division of the Chamber of Commerce. The group elected will meet at 9:30 a.m. Wednesdny nt the Chamber of Commerce office In City Hall to select officers. Russell Cumpbell. K. H. l.evitch. J. R. Deal and Jlunnio Edwards, Ihe four nppointt'cs. composed the nominating committee which submitted 28 names to the Incrcliiuil.s. H of which were named to the 18- membcr board of directors. •10 Men-hauls Vole Tlioie elected directors include Fred Callihrin. J. C. Guard. Itnssell Hays, Miss Helen Heincnmnn, G. G. Hdbbard. Sr., O. E. Knndsen, Wur- ren Moxlcy, K. A. Nelson, W. II. Pease, W. P. Pryor. Charles rinni- lio, A. L. Sullivan, L. G. Thompson. Jr.. nnd Dick J. White. About 40 nierchnnls nttcndod Ihe meeting last night In the Municipal Courtroom, and voted to recommend lo Hie new board thiil "King Cotton Days" be scheduled us the first promotion. "King Cotton Days" were conducted Inst year in connection the Nutiona! Cotton Picking Contest. It was decided last night that Ihe Merchants Division wjis lo be open to nil merchants, whether or not they arc members o[ tlie Chamber ot Commerce, and that board meetings would be open to all merchants, too. 11 *? s . I"' 1 " 11 -'' 1 out thiil if the new division were In succeed, It would require lun per cent participation of the merchants- wholesale nnd retail. •both I unfolder the nei/urc yc.Merdny of the 'd ringleader. K'diuirdo Hiitur- ezo. 48, of Great North River, Long "slanci. He Is n naturalized U. S. citizen of pcruvmii descent. More limn 80 ])ersons. some o. them prominent business men, have been arrested In Peru, authorities said, nnd 50 or (iO operatives In tills country lire believed connected with the ring. Sought Italian Outlet Assistant U.S. Attorney Joscpl P. Martin said the syndicate apparently tried recently lo expand operations to miiy through efforts to conlnct Charles (Lucky! Luciano, exiled one-time vice king. Bnlcrczo was arrested aboard the liner Ln Cliinrdln, which runs be Iwcen New York nnd Ilnllan ports He wa.s held In $100.000 bail by 1). S. Commissioner Edward Me Donald on a cllnrge of conspiracy to smuggle cocaine from Peru. Capt. Alfonso Mlcr Y Teran, of the Peruvian Department of Investigation who has been here tor two mouths to aid in the hunt, :>nid IJnlare^o was a source, of arms ill the Apristn Party .uprising In Pern Inst October. The Captain said Balarera) was taken from here lo Peru on a, Peruvian warship In March. l'J4B, n.s a guest of Victor Haya De La Tiiice, chief of the now outlawed Apri.sln Putty. Bnlarc/iO allegedly look wilh him SCO ,00(1 ill cnsh nnd a Humility nf munitions, for use by the Ap- I'isln Party in its uprising. Tf the plot succeeded, he was to be re- wurdcd with the post of chief of Peruvian customs. Mler said. \ berta, Searcy County. She died in ience ratings, and later aiitioniicrd Senator H. Alexander Smitn (R- ; 1( ] ni jtted NJl announced he will support [he ; ' nc of , jt . ia] ^'^^"oT; r^inis^in'?^ ^' t ration renuest and to mesh the! ' ™ m - stat( , Hrhl|h "' ™" '" d year. The National Association of Broadcasters, to which sonic thrce- IM " ' fomlhs of radio broadcasters and ' many television broadcasters belong. Jailed Alabama KKK Leader Bids For Top Kian Post \ firt f'9^ters Rushed Into Idaho Canyon ATLANTA. Aug. 20. Wi—Ala- | bama'.s jailed Ku Klux Klan lead- Troops Reported Invading Inner Mongolia CANTON. AUK. 20. IAP>--A Chi- Nationalist army S ,x>kc5lt!an churged today troops from RiiF.sia's outer Mongolian! stale hud Invaded the inner Mongoliiin province of Sulyitar.. Maj. Gen. Chang Yi-Ting. deputy army spokesman, tlici not .say when r.ic allefird invasion recurred on hov. many trrx>pi Iiom '.he Mongolian peoples Republic were involved New Cashier Named For Bank in Manila Graver E. Snider, president of Ihe Merchants and Planters Bank of Mnnitn, has announced that Billy Pox has been named cashier succeeding Hllny H. Jones, who re- sinned lo accept a position :is vice- president and cashier of the First National Hank In Blythcvlllc. Mr. Fox, assistant cashier under Mr. Jones for the past year, will be ns'-I.M.ed by T.ilmadgc Holt and Max H, Isaacs. j Venezuelan Air Liner Tims it was impossible to tell! Missing; 12 Aboard whether the alleged nclioti represented an actual invasion or \va.s another border incident. 25 Die in Slovak Floods De- I program into a mutual plan | to be drafted by the proposed Noitli ! Hospital Says Polio Patient Appears Recovered After Injection of Serum Atlantic Council. Connally. whose committees v.'ill st:?rl writing up a bill next week. 53id he knows the Senators he is workin? wilh don't want to scuttle ] LUBBOCK. Tex.. Aug. 20. Ihe arms protrrani. ; Hospital attendants said a "Testimony before our committee > ear-old polio palicnt showed no reveals it is a carefully planned j sign of the disease last iiiRbl .scve- nrograrr." he said In a statement, ral hours afier her grandfather, a i Peru Severs Relations With Cuban Government W—I .scrum's name. He described it as four- "a convalescent serum taken from l>olio patients." At Chicago, a spokesman for the American Medical Association said a sufficiently large number of polio j.atienis had not been treated with Peggy'Uic serum to determine its overall! sam/ations. and were very close | worth. He added, however, that there] , agreement. Green had never indicated any plans for a merger. Chicago doctor, gave her ar injection of a special serum. The serum \vas given to Ann Best of Jordan^ N.M. Braniff Airways delonred a Dal- :had bcen somc encouraging reports las-Amarillo flight 200 airline miles: 0 " cx l lcn niental work <mh the cr bid today for the place of the late Dr. Samuel Green as top Klansman of the nation. William Hugh NSorris, the Alabama Klan leader, told newsmen In Birmingham he thinks he may become the titular, if not actual, head of all the Klaus. Funeral services for Dr. Green were to be held today. The 59-year- old physician died Thursday of a hcarl atlack. j Morris, 44. has been in Jail more i than a month for refusing lo supply secret membership rolls In a grand jury, ^forris said he and Green had discussed a merger of their or- K J,^""' ,f T '' p '~ Pe " l ivesterday to deliver the serum af-! Ecrum broke off diplomatic relations witn;, cr it had bc( , n f]own from CMcago j -Peggy Ann's sister, Sandra Jean.! „ . _ . . djed Wednesday. I lie day she Rain Damages Austria l yesterday. The government delivered . . the Cuban charge d'affaires , ». ns a O ,, 1JUori , o the llM pi ta i as that C-iba had helped twojpo]| o pa tient. members of the outlawed Aprista nient "cannot continue relations the Cuban government.' VIENNA, Austria, AUK. 20. i,P>- British War Minister Hits Back at Critics MC CALL. Idaho. Aug. 20—'.'Tj— Tiirte hundred (ire lighters were rustled to battle a raging forest fire In 7.400 toot deep Hell's Canyon on the Snake River. Walt Hanklns. fire dispatcher for the Paycltc National Forest, said about. 5CO men are manning :>8 blades throughout the forest. "The firrs acre set by a sever lightning storm two days ago. The fire lias burned more than 70 acres or scattered ycllowpine and brush. The blaze Is m the upper end of the canyon Just above Eagle Bar about halfway down the canyon. Plans to drop smoke jumpers into tlie area have been abandoned a.s too risky. Fire fighters arc being trucked Into the area from two side.'. Thry will have to hike about lour miles to reach the big bla?,e. CARACAS. Venezuela, An?. 20. <APi—The Ransa Air Lille disclosed twliv our- ol its planes handling relief supplies (or riuakc-.xtrlckcn Ecuador disappeared soon aller takinc "!I Thursday wilh 12 (icr- PRAGUE, CMi.'hnsltrtakla, Aug. 20.' • soris rilxiunl. M'I— The dcalh toll in Slovak rain- ! Tlie ,>lanr carried nine Veneziie- Monns and floods this w<-ck has' Ian p;i>.-fn;:cr.s, Including reporters risen to at least '2;i. C«:ch press I .incl photographers, and a crew of rcpuil,', said lod.iy. ''hrcc. Dr. C. O. Nfolandcr. the children's I Heav >' rainfall in Austria in estimated 'at 80(000.000 schillings He ordered the scrum from Leulsch Peru is ruled by a military Junta . S , er , um . f. e " te l in chlc: "! 0 - He ex- . . . ._ , . "*^ * .nlaldort H VlaH tu\£,1 In ,,cn tr\*~ In t^ which seized power In 194*. Truman Goes Sailing WASHINGTON. Aug. 20. (X>i — President Truman is spending another »eek-end cruising on the Po- \Helicopter Mail Service ASPATR1A, En*., Aug. 20-^,- l "° U ^ Urat ^ '" Chicago 'ar Mlnisler Kmaiiucl Shlnwellt r-innr-r, , -«>„,,,. "rued today that, American a n d : " IICJ - G °' *«.*• »• 'APi-Hel, other critics drop "the sneerhiR j co " :cr ma " ' M ' rvlce bci ™ n n " c t0 ' refcrcnces" to financially pinched; War > sneering i cop f» r,,^,,"5!day with in inaugural HlBht be, official sources said lo- ,..i lon districts. plalned it had been In use for 10 to la years—not as a preventive bul to lessen the severity of polio. "In the bulbar lype polio, the mortalily rnlc i.s reduced from 45 to 50 per cent down to 18 per cenl by the use of the scrum." he said, i CHICAGO, Aug. 20. Soybeans Dr. jrolander said many doctors i beans: and hospitals "do not believe in this tonwc River In the president!*! ync'.it'scrum" but that il lias been used ' Nov Willlamsburg. Tlie White Mouse ."Aid with success by the Mich.iel Reese IDrc he pltns to return to Washington j Hospital In Chicago. Mar tomon»w afternoon. •.-.-. - J or, ^blander would not givt the,May 2.48'i 2.IB 245*. 213V Low 2.44 2.13 2.41 \ i — soy- Cla-ie 2.48'i said, adding it Is time "due rec- playcd by this country In world ORiiltlon was given to the part affairs." "The game of twisting the lion's lail i s a risky one and It may iccoil on Ihose who indulge In this pastime," he said. "Now, when we have almost exhausted ourselves in six vcars of ; twfcn the municipal airport I he ; roof of file main post office. mill*" marie the lO-mlle trip in IO minutes. It wa.i christened in formal coirnonic. 1 ; by Mayor Martin II. Kennclly and post office officials atop the rcol of Chicago's posi or- frln[e of the lrx>p. once gave an Agvi- .•nit lire Department official 'particular hell" about a grain order after alcoholic makers reportedly .•oiiiplaiiied about tlie edict. Senate five percenter Investigator) already have been laid tha.' /aiighnn. who Is President Truman'; Army aide. Intervened at the de- i.iitnicnt In another case in 1944 The testimony was that Vaughat it that time tried unsuccessfully U aid a New Jersey molasses compan3 accused of violating sugar ration- Ins. The account of Intervention b] Vtuighan In Die grain rationing casi came separately from two official who did not want to be Identified Their stories are substantially th< "line. Senator Mundt (R-SD) told newsmen he plans to ask [or an Investigation l,y the special Senate subcommittee conducting the fiv« per- center Inquiry. Mundt ti a merhbei of the group, whtrh la checking on whether Improper Influence hai fiBiired In the handling of government business. Data Source "Unknown" On a related matter, Mundt jaU he has no Idea who Senator Me- Cartliy (R-WIs) was talking about when he said yesterday th»t ttw committee Ls gelling unsolicited adverse Information about Vaughan'i activities from sources "very clpM to the President and to Vauxriu in the White House." In the grain rationing erifaod* Vaughim In 1946 or 1947 renortedlj asked Clinton P. Anderson, thsi secretary of agriculture, whether *nj change was contemplated In; tru federal order which restricted thi amount of grain which could tx used for making alcoholic beverages Anderson, now a U, S. Kenatoi from New Mexico, in understood t« uive said no change was Indicated at that time. Subsequently, however, the rationing order was made more stringent An ofTlclnl familiar with the Inci- lent gave this accounl. of what fol- / lowed: "I understand that Vaughan go* a call from Milwaukee, from «ome- one representing the brewery inter- csls Iherc. The call is supposed U have corne from Harry Hoffman. (Vnughan last week named Harrj Hoffman, Milwaukee advertlsini nan, iis one of the donors of tin seven home freezers presented t< him in 1945.) Upbraided Assistant "Vnughan's culler protested aboul the change In the rationing order Vnugluin then tried lo phone An- dcrson, but he w»s out of town. S« Vaughan talked to Nate Koenig. 'Koenig then was executive 'assistant to Anderson. He now Is an assistant to Secretary of Agrlcul. lure Brannan.) "Vaughan gave Koenig particulaj hell about the rationing order." There was no comment on thi grain episode today from Senatoi Anderson. Koenig. on his wny hom< from a trip to Puerto Rico, could not be reached. In Milwaukee. Hoffman sakl "II was ni>t 1 who made the call; ] know nothing of the Incident." Anderson and Kocnijj arc understood lo have conferred after the Viiughan call, and to have decided to MIIml pat. 'mere was no change in the order. Weather Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudj this afiernooti, tonight and Sunday Cooler tonight. Missouri forecast: Generally fall tonight and Sunday except partlj cloudy along Southern border tonight. Little warmer North Sun. day. Minimum this morning—68. Maximum yesterday—86. Sunset today—6:42 Sunrise tomorrow—i: is. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a ra today .34. Tolal since Jan. 1—38.06. Mean temperature (midway between high and low)—17. Normal mean for August—80.J. This t>Mf Last Year Minimum this morning—68. Maximum yesterday—96. Ptecipitatlon Jan. ] [ 0 this dat« —32,19. Chairmen Are Homed For Safety Conference LITTLE ROCK. Aug. M. l,r, — Chairman were selected yesterdaj i found guilty of murder in the first degree in Ihe "lonely hearts" slaying will be the hub of the | ot Mrs - Janet Fay, sits In aiitomo'Mle with & department ol correction new service, which will shuttle air i officer ax she leave* the Bronx County Courthouse In New York on ••i-', economic ^1!^;^ ma^lnc^nt : d'rt.'.^'tir mail to"'^ ih,n" 3V .Ifort* in the p«t «rt ovtrlodwd. « Mlltencc " °' riCaUl '" the elKlrie chalr ' *>" lo0 " 12 >'«"«I >>« (0 " «*uriOn« »iUi th. verdict.-(Ai> Wircuhoto). Conference to be held here in November. They Include MTJ. P. A. Pot, Puragould, education. The selections were made by th« Herman Ltodseyta

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