The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1934
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Served by tke United Prettt VOL. XXXJ-NO. (57 tLYTHEVlLLE COURIER NEWS TH« DOinHAKT NEWSPAPER OF NORTMtt BT ARKANBA8 AND SOUTHEAST M1BBOCRI PPM1 v-'-'; T^s^.^:; : ^:fJR8E..? • '" 7 n tfc'J 1 !' '*'!•* '-' — t nVi-'-'''£'v*Ej ''V'i . -slssippl Valley Uader Blythevllle Herald m.YTUKVll.LK, AUKANSAS, MONDAY, JUNK -I, 1034 ta jSjMpiiipu ••' '-• -• • •' ;i^ffi"*^-/-•'••f-r^-.-rv,t-;• A'^ ! «iiasiw SENATE VOTES TARIFF BARGAINING BILL COTTON SEED USHER* OF PRICE FUG Three Trade Associations Cited, by Federal Trade Commission WASHINGTON. June 4. (UP) — Tine? leading coLtonsecd crushers associations, representing almost al!. i'.'.c crus'iing mills in (he industrv. I were under citation today by Hi? federal trade commission on charges of attempting m Us prices and hinder com|X i l[iio:i in piiiTi]asinu r cottonseed. Tlie associations ave (he Nallonnl Cottonseed Pmliirlis association which has u memjors.Hp of 8(1 ]X>v cent of all cottonseed crushing mitls in the country, the Texas Cotton-' seed Crushers association, .and in: Oklahoma Cottonseed Crus.-.ors association. Tile trade commission, in :i formal complaint, charged them with change information and formulate i agreements 0:1 purchase prices foi- ' coilonseed. . "Tins unreasonably restricted th? freedom of individual mills and mining companies to compete with each other as to -prices and otherwise und was to {.he detriment of gi'o'.vers and sellers of seed," the complaint said. T.:c trade commission charged the Texas and Oklahoma assoclaliim. which are affiliated with the national association, adopted a device for automatically fixing and regulating the price of cottonseed In carload lots within their territorv. 1 Tills was accomplished, the com- 1 mission said, through posting prices, which the association's repre- 1 s?nUHve.s "Added would furnish satisfactory profits, on the Elouston. riaHJis. NeV Orleans and Little nock exchanges. •• . "'-...- TVe trade commission osse;;;ed no transactions took place on tha exchanges as a foundation for tho Sweet Contract For Sweet 17 . ,, M-m-! So This Is Paris * f, : * "I II rays to be even au aUcmatn \Vainp9s llaljy K(:ir, L°nnrc Kc-ofe, 17, lias discovei'od. She's now ilii> prmul possessor cf a contract in a nice, juiry s;il;uy. And just a look at wiiixunia [.•••uoi-e, sliuwii lici'c as stie rc- (Oivcil ilic Kocil news, provo.s tliat slic has the l>oain> p ta j;o with Ihe ftlm talent that von licr liie cuvolMl pniiois. Slomis Come Too Lale to Save Much oi Heat Scorched Crops WASHINGTON. June 4. (UP)- Drculh of unprecedented proportions oxlrn'.led over much of ill? civilized world to-lay, bringing in its wake wholesale crop ruliialkui and of llf? to humans and animals. •p-e ili'n'.li nil In the United States was al nlioir. the 150 maik after a week of siifllni; tcinpern- Inre and ilrniilli. Dried up ITOO-. in ln:l[a, ltns---in. lh^ llall:an states, and parts of As:a testified lo tlie prolonged dry spell. Torreiillal rain storms in other sections promised lo ruin croiK not. withered by a brazen sun. Fields of Colorado. Nebraska and Montana soaked up as much ; two inc.:es of rain over the week end—rain w'ich arrived tco late to save scorched crops. States in Great Lakes region remained dry and the record heat wave persisted. 1 Possibility of a food -shortage du= to the destruction of wheul one corn in the west was sc:n as perts repDrted to grain centers thai rcavy rains could save but a part of the crop. Government agents began purchase 'of 1.200.000 h of cattle for which there is neither food nor water. President Roosevelt, back ii Washington after a week axa; rom the cite House, summoned Relief Administrator Harry L. Hopkins and other officials to confei over methods of providing inline diale relief. , New York's agriculture commls sioner, Charles H. Baldwin, predicted _;'an inevitable . Increase" in the price of milk after a' lour of the state which dlsclo-seil bare pastures and dry wells. IKisted prices and the associations "from time to lime withheld posting or publication of prices actually being paid which were hig'.:cr than they thought should ho paid." The associaticns must reply by July 6 to show couse why a ceas? and desist order should not te issued against them. Sla'emenl on June 15 Installment Will Be Made Public Tuesday V/ASHTNGTON, June 4 (UP) — he p.-' 1 !^ v:nr debt ]iote, formally setting forth Britain's views ' New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 4 (OP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low clos? Julv 1165 1!73 1153 1164 Oct 1IS10 1195 1H5 1186 Dec I'i02 120ij IDG 1193 Jan 1207 1210 1201 1204 March 121G 1320 12r, 1214 May 1225 1228 1222 1223 Spots closed steady 10. 118S, off IN FUTILE E.ftTTENIPT NEAR CITE Carulhmvillc Youth Gives Life in Unsuccessful Attempt to Save Woman HAYTt, Mo., June- I. — Kffints weir Mill liidni: nnuli 1 induy to recover Ihc iKKlles of William Tiil- well. 19, nnd Clnra McOiilio. 25, boll] of Cnrulhcrsvllle. who wero [lni'.Mird In Ihr. Missi^ippl ilvn In Ihc vicinity of what Is known us Clinic 1(1 about nikinlthl Saturday. Tldwell was man Led but WiU .scuaiatcd frnm his w!!i\ Tho woman wus married und the moilipr of iwo chlldirn a lx)v il uml a iilvl It years of uge, 1ml slio \va.s .- araicd from her hiusbmul, Tidu-cll ahd Mrs. NUOiiire were In r. pnrtyof .six enjoying n maon- llChl swim in Ihe popular swlin- iiilns "hole" In the ninln cliunui'l of the river. Mrs. McCluIre, ll was snlil. stepped Into a clap liole ami went under. Tiilwell, lully clatlinl, but \viilchlng from the biin^, MIW her and Jumpc-d inio 1)11; water lo go to her rescue. Both cnt do'.vn. t\ number of heavy churues of dynamite .were exploded in the iole yesterday afUunoun in cffon.s In raise the bodies: Will Sell Heirlooms to Combat Huey Long NliW OH1.EANR. Jim:- 4 lUP)-- Ni-w Cilcans numrii, "shell on rush tut rlrh in family heir- 'ocmi". will .'-ell these anllnu'.s lo raise fimdi [or llirli Punt I" cu:( lluey P. l.onj niul John Over- 'oii from the Unllrd Slutrs tfi\- ill'. nov.-n In tin 1 nld town—Ne\v Orleans' l-'iviiih qiiiirl r—11 four-dfiy sal! will IT held Maitln-j June M. "Mvrnlt'is of tlio Women's Com- nlltlrc ft LmiMaiui, (or the mo-U P.II-." Mr.;. C! orn- Wi^lfi'ldl, chulr- iiinii of Ihi! ",s:i'e rifle-.' siilr" roimilit- 'cr, wild, "uro short of cash but. Ich In lii'lr.oom-i -and di'tnm'ni'd In iHiii'usc. •Th'.-y Imvc a;reed Him 11 siilf Df lliis kind «ill dn much li nils:! I he amount of money wi iVlll mod hi mir Hc.hl to ilil lh> Unllrd Klnir.s ''male of I.milsl. '.miitcrs, 11 ml Uvcilon." They were entered in the famous baby show at the Hotel George 111 Paris, and when Ihc judges weren't Ir-oklng here's how Dlun Dek- nalel ilr'fl) and Arthur Rlchaijlson carried on. Dlan comes from Chicago and Arthur Is u Bostonhui. drtts and its intentions regarding the June IS installment, v.-ns received at the stale rtopart- mrnt shortly before 3 P. M., to- dav. It comaincd about 2.000 wards, but contents wero not revealed pending simultaneous publication here m:d in London. It wns 1111- dnttcod the Irxl v.-oulrt b; mad? nubile TiiC'i'Jay. Tho government's note to Great Brinin. cnllih> attcutioti to the JHE1 HMHff flLLIU Tvo Others Hurt .When Truck Skids into Car on Highway ! 8 Curve STHE1II Jolinson Still Striving for ?'' Labor Agreement Itidu^try.,.., ... in Proposed Station Would JJ any Others Injured n Accidents Saturday and Sunday MEMPinS, June 4. (UP)—TM persons were killed anl 26 injured WASHINGTON, June 4. (UP>Strike conditions along the labor front appeared brighter today with | the hops of settlement of all m«Joi T ntf A J iv 1 controversies Ihroush combined et- Ireasurv (Jlters Additional '. lorls of M vemment. labdr: a «d $800,QOO',000 in curilies to Public forts of : capital. government, f ilv uiy County Officers n a series of accidents in and an ,I Memphis over tbe week end. Mary "I'tJ !„„.. Vil,thrift Id Vlinl* I-olwxO : vMnllmcnt of nnsroximalely S35,- (•CO.OM which falls du; June 15. will b-! n:cide public at Ihe .same New Orleans Cotton !'™, cgi j it.s on \vhich portions are over- NEW ORLEANS. June 4 iUP>— ' Gc,o:i rains in the west forced :omc liquidation today and coKon futures closed won about 50 cents a bale. open high low close July IICO 1110 11CO UGl Ocl 11S3 1193 1183 1184 Dec 1202 1204 1195 I'.W jan I20li 1?;0 March 122(1 1220 1220 inil'o May 122(3 1.121 Car a Minute Crosses State Line on Road 61 Jane Ki]palrick . hlg ,, beauty, and Waller Hiilc'r.inson, 21, football star, were almost instani- WASHINGTON. June 4 'UP)— The iiatloiwl public debt neared a new all time peak of approximately S27.000.0CO.CCO today with lie otlcr by the treasury of S800.- OOO.COO in new securities to ob- Hearlened by settlement of the .threatened textile strike, Oen Hugh Johnson. eontlnud efforts to bring steel workers and companies Into agreement. Executives of the Iron and Steel Institute were callex into .separate conferences. Thi Amalgamated Association of Iron Steel and Tin tain funds to carry the recovery) through the SK workers continuec full recognition o A in-vcar-o!d qirl was klllc<l and two other ICCII-HRC In'tl when n car und truck c.olllrt nd nn HMiwiv 18, near Manila, Su"dRV morning. Norma Flt7«rra!d. daughter of *"•. anil Mrs. P. A. Fitwrald, nf pli""rl, Tenn.. died almost In- i"iilH r . Her slclcr. Hazel Pttiger- Id.' 1C. sustained a broken leg and cilp wound, and Freeman Mld- n"- IB. Mlffcrml minor Inlurles. Thn three, who sustained Injur- "; were occ.unanU of the truck In vhlch a. (troiio of d"ht ws rldlni '"""•a ejfap'm. Inliiry. Tl« truck kiilrlnd. ciiillie.-.cur,vt.»t. °! n^cl E. cro^slin thh "side' o ^fnnlln aurt struc-'c a cur driven w n Greenville. Mlw.. motorist., ac wrtintr to reports. Tho collision r "<! Ihc tritck to tiim over, llzunrnld. who • operates th iixirt. feiTv on' fho Mlsslssinn "-. hro'iphl tlie Injured to tH TUvlhovillf;' hospital and removed ihf bodv nf his daughter to Ifis Tennessee .home. A sununa r v Invest 1 nation showed Hmt |i"i accident was unavoidable nnd officers said no chartres would (« niefcrrcd unless Instigated by parties involved in the acc-ldrnt. FOREIGN TRAD Vlensurc is Vila! Part of : •Roosevelt's Reco very Program WASHINGTON, June 4 (UP)— President Roosevelt's request for authority to negotiate reciprocal . IriMln agreements In an effort to re.'Uorn America's foreign trade was approved by tlw senate late Imlav when It nuseil the admin- ' t IslMllon tariff bill. . ' : The bill already hns passed the • liauso and acceptance of seriate. amendments would send the »11 liniMirtnnt measure to the White House for the oresldent's signature. Mr. noostvelt plans to use tho new larlft barromlni; wwer for 'ome old fashicncd "Yanke'! trad- lost." lie hoipes to flr-1 n?w for- ilgn markets fnr Am?r!r™n TK-O- ucts. thus stlmulatlnT home In- • Aistrles, |jlvln'( some measure oJ cemoloyment. an* Increasing pur- l-"s!ng power, Tho bill WRS fought by the.He- niblican minority on the grounds i. wns nn unconstltutlonil del^a- Ion of congren' trcntv niakln? nnd laxln; power. It wu charged !so that agricultural Interests vould ue wcrlftced In the taritt The bill Buthwlie.n the president to enter Ihlo forelgfi. trade agree-. mcnts and gives him power U> raise or loner existing tariff rate* ' by 5ft per cent congressional approral;' obtaining Tlic president would not be per- : inlttcd to transfer any article .to '. or from thc-frw list.'' . ; The hill wa» pretended -by the .!• admlnlstmtlon M an trtit^tmty " ''\ uwasur_e made necemry by high ' I vfMcirs we-e -r «,; ,o hu'y five vmr •> " by ccmmercial station operator, whoi «™rrcd roar midnight Sunday. ore enthusiastic over possibilities M " Ea Ervln 25. and Archie notes and $? -f service that conlil be 'given by such u station in aiding law cn- '.c, re: men:. County Judge Zal B. Harrison and Mayor Cecil Sliane have in- Wiseman, 23, riding in the same car, were critically inlurcd. The party was bound back to Memphis from Brownsville. Tcnn. Eighteen persons riding dicatfd a willingness to give flnan-l™ 11 ' 1 lruck wrc a11 seriously In- cial backin- to the proposal, u isN" rcd Sunday when a small scnan slated by those pii/hing the pro- forced the vehicle in which they posal. Installation of a sla.ion rodc ofr Ibe highway on North of sufficient power to cover the Second street, just outside the dW ^ fjfllimi'.s. The party was cnroute froai local! Covingtcn to Memphis for a plcni:. • An average of one motor vehicle crosses the Arkansas-Missouri suite line, on Highway 61. about- fo'.ir miles north of ^.ere. every minute. a recent t'rce-day check by high- Spots closed steady at 117^. c.ll; way om<x ^ o;ll c r the Arkansas Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Jim? 4 (UP) — Strength in minin r share? featured a dull, firm cession on the stock exchange trd.iv. A. T. nnd T 513 7-& Anacon** Copper 14 3-8 Beth. Steel 31 3-4 Chrysler 39 Cities Service 21-2 revenue commissioner's office reveals. The average was obtained by the and county, with part, equipment "of KLCN. commercial, Nation, offend for o''ia<- use without cost, can be obtained for about $500 it i;. claimed. buch : fldvantag j[i efficiently covcrms the city, particularly at nigh;, and would also give county officers prompt notice of law violations in tl'iti.r Immediate territories. LUUc trouble in securing the station would be a big to a small police force checking traffic at the state line, for a 72-!:our period stratinj at 12:01 A. M. list Wednesday, and i sllcn a "ftation would be encount- - necessary government permit for Oen. Am. Tank Gen. Electric — '. Oen. \f:tors int. Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio Simmons B?ds 'Standard of N. J. 36 1-4 If) 3-8 30 3-8 31 1-2 24 3-4 21 3-8 . 4 18 3-4 . 7 1-8 15 1-2 42 1-2 covering Wednesday. Thursday and.,,,-^ backers of the proposal ce- Pr!day. Hyve. Offlc;rs believe an even higher averasc mi?hi be secured by In-1 eluding v.eek-emt traffi= in a full I R week's check instead of such a test ' • as m^jc en throe normal week days. Meanwhile city streets offered year 3 per cent c^nl treasury of 12 to 14 treasury bonds. lo insist upon Ube union. ""' . Edward P. McGrady, assistant tlw' NRA administrator, returned to O j I Washington for conferences with officials, In efforts to of the Pacific strike. Tnou^h 3 ixr cent bonds will ac 'ssucA atove thn $300,000,000 c.v.h :alc lo nllo'.v holders of treasury :ertlflcales and notes maturing over the ncxL six wicks to exchange them dollar for dollar] for Ihe new bonds. The securities which may be cx- cran~cd for tlie new bonds are $174,905',500 cf 1-4 ]xr cent treasury certificates, due June 15. and S345.2916O) of 2 1-8 por cent trais- Bryants Defendants in Suits for $15,000 Tlw ofBclal end of the sanguinary strike at Toledo was expected today as officials of the Electric A\i-| to-LUc company and union chiefs met to ratify a new contract end- that controversy. scant safety to motorists as eight I ury notes, duo August I. a total rf S520.1M.100. Wants Arkansas Stone Used at University FAYETTEVHXE, Ark., June 4 IU l P)—An effort to use other than] of- Ekron Dies Early This Morning persons were injured in cras.-es, three of them seriously. El Pasn Plans for Negro Tubercular Hospital EL PASO. TBX. (UP)—The pro- .. .... nosfd Fred Dcuglas National Tu-! Arkansas stonf in ° hcrcular Hosplial for negroes, to' of the new chemical building at *-f built near here at a cost ofjihe University S2.500.COO if a PWA loan Ls grant-; be foiulit ty e'l. promises lobe one of the most|Tlie <-ov"nor tolti *h". '•onrd of ireful and gigantic negro projects, trustees of the university today of It* kind, sponsors here said. jtliat native stone should be used j The hospital will have a caps-1 ihron°houl in construction of new : citv of 1157 teds—more hospital; buildings at the state university. u "'- for negro tuberculars than' John Lewis of Memphis Talks to Local Veterans John Lewis of Memphis, Tenn., tormer private in Company M, local national guard unit, addressed I members of the local V. F. W. post, I and ot>hcr former soldiers at the I city hall Saturday night, speaking Rock, slated to appear In was injured in an auto accl- Mr. Gamso, state commander of .k»}W. -k*«t;-^.-V.A'.r.i4r» p .Li-^*>-.J75— TT--T • frenzledly attempting lo.ihuT .Out -i foreign roods and build favorable ; trade balances. . V ' •'. These' barriers and .tniitatltitlve ' Import restriction*, .-.with' :b<ritjpnV-: meht control oy^r; f^seljm-«ch»ni* and "limited supplies of funxU lor foreign trade; have created' k: sit-, iation which the administration, felt could be dealt fetth-only by bargaining 'with Individual nations. This bargaihlng.must be' done, ac T cording to the administration. icwpolnt, with speed arid secrecy. Roosevelt and Leaders Map Congress Program \VASII1NOTON, June 4. (UP)— President Roosevelt today, a».the nrst order of business upon returning lo Washington, began a conference on his legislative program with Speaker Henry T, Ralney, Senator Joseph Robinson, Democratic majority leader, and Representative Joseph Byms. The president mat with the legislative leaders soon after he.r«- turned from the special train that brought Mm to the capital from OSCrot,A, Ark.. June 4. — The ea c r of Mrs. Dorothv Absher, who F^rks S'0.000 from Mr. and Mrs. Ouv nrvant for Inlnries she sus- iiincd while dHvin't with Mrs. i>-vnnl. when the Bryant automo- 'lie i-oll^'eil «'lth that nf a ncgm R. D. Dou^as, on Highway 6 Frenchman's Bavoii, and that if a neiiro. Dougla-s. for 15.000 for injuries and damace to ( Hyde" Park.iN. Y. U was expected bi.s cnr. are set for trial in cir- that out of the conference would iH court here today. I come the decision as to what le?- irucc iw represents Ihe plain- Lslaiion would be pressed for en- tiff' in ihe companion suit. 1 ;, with actment aixl what would be shelved. D. Fred Tavlor sr.. and J. T. Cos- it. was believed that the presl' ton appearln-" for the defendants, (dent was of tbe opinion that con- Also nn todnv's docket are two, grcss could adjourn within the next rises mr-iinst the Bro^'ii Construe- • 10 days provided a definite course f'on Comn.iiiv. one filed bv Gene was charted at this time. . Kiull!:. a white man, for S3.000 for Tlie deficiency bill, carrying $1,-. injuries, and the other 172.000.090 for relief and recovery^ Voughl bv Arthur Edlnburg. nc- passed the hou-e today completing ti of Arkans Governor v, ill CUV I beds there Texas Co 21 7-8 U. S. 30 1-4 U. S. Smelting Ill 1-4 [Funeral Today for Fat|ipj- of E. B. Gee Funeral services were to be held a; Cap; Oirardeati. Mo. today for John T. Gee of Marston. Mo., fathr er of Everett B. Gee of this city. Mr. Gee succeumbed at a St. I/Jills hospital Sunday morning. He Chicago Wheat J. B. Regan. 63-year-old resident of the Etaon community, died at 12:22 o'clock thh morning at Ihe family home. His death was attributed to complications resulting from Brl?hl's disease. Funeral services were held this morning at 11 o'clock with thei F.i-v. Mr. Vrn Bibrcr ofIici?tinT.| Interment wns made at North I Sawba cemctrry. The L. G. Moss Ur.d'rtaklng ccinranyi'vas in char- are now devoted to that! in the United States, they ' Ax Found in New York Belied Made in 1600 V. F. W.. was hurt in an accl-! ->i lien occurred near Forrest lie enroute to keep his cn- gfc;ement here. The extent of his Injuries was not learned. Sfr. I/?wi", was secured on short notice and talked to about 125 men ii the municipal courtroom at the city hall. He was accompanied here by Mrs. Lee Sullivan, president o'. Ithc V, F. W. auxiliary of Mem- I phi. 1 . Mr. I/iwls, who emerged from world war with the rank of S3.00!) for Injuries, disposal by thai chamber of tor both caused bv th^ winding arm entire legislative list as drawn up me (if the company's dumn two weeks ago. •s. which flew up and hit •—, thn face, and at another Tj n | Mt fl { fi^ g^j *l Wages Fight for Life "me Iniured llii negro, according, IP 'Vir contentions. The cases asalnst the nwnnt'. tn| IX! trIM Joln'lv. will probably con-j N . ORTH BAY 7 ,'Ont., June 4 OTTl -.inic the day. I-Marie, smallest of the qulntup- Ids torn to Mrs. Olivia Dionn , continued to wa n e a irme fifl t for life today, whiV her fdi'r sisters were apparently recovering from a lijht wce';-rnd attack it Jurv Fails to Agree in Trial of Edith Menz In the world, the sponsors said- Ghouls Robbing : found at Amsterdam, N. Y., re-leal post when It was first organ- JACKSON. Mo.-Unab!c to reach l' The infants u<T-r, d - «ll»lt I cenlly Is _of 17th Century. Euro-i fad »"}<! «nei>.-cd_ acquaintances,, ¥0rd | ct alt?r 15 hours' deltbcra-| sc ,.b ack: - " '•-'-' bron in ill health tor sonio' gc of f u , Kral BrrR nj e ments. Julv Sept oprn hi*;h low "7 1-4 58 1-4 M S7 1-2 03 1-4 97 1-8 close 93 1-2 01 Ti-8 Chicago Corn July Sept 0)1011 55 57 high 5fi 58 low 3-4 63 7-8 lime, Mis son. who lives here, and other relatives were wl;h Mr. Gee when he dird. Mrs. G-c left yesterday lo Join hr luisbond. High Court in Recess WASHINGTON. June 4 iUP> — The Mipreni" covrl concluded ' IU 1E133 teim today and rccesrcd un- 55 7-8 35 7-8 noon. til Monday. October !, 1934, at He is 'Survived by his wklow. \:rs. Alice Rijaii and 12 children. Stovall Appointed to , I .A J3ARCA, JALISCO. Mex.i The Danlrh authorities pointed • UP)— Ghouls have, opened mora out that the date the ax Is be-| than 40 tombs, containing the bod- 'lieved to have been manufactured tes of wealthy persons near here coincides with arrival of the first recently. In some Instances the colonists from Holland, between bodies have been removed, auth-,1612 and 1864. orlties reported. 1 Paul R. Hojohn, a contractor, 1 Jose Barocio, cemetery caretaker, discovered the ax near an old | wns unable to explain to police stone fence. thc lwo service pttis here. Gets Two Weeks to Apply for Rehearing was discharged bv Circuit Jnrtqe! younj babies. Frank Kelly late Fridiv. Mrs. Men?. was formerly M'ss Edith Caktwell of nlythevil'c. Ark Jud^e Kelly, E. E. Alexander, of Blyt^evitle. and J. Grant Frye. of defense coumel WEATHER Board of Embalmed h<w tlle vandals ibulned cn LITTLE ROCK, June 4 (UP) — W. H. Stovall of Blythevtlic today Arkansas—Partly . cloudy to clw- . the' jurv dy. probably thundmhorers In the for Its pal;ence In hearln? and do- northwest portion tonight. TuetdM' liberating on Ihc rase aftT It was' mostly cloudy with local thunder- LITTLE ROCK, June 4. (UP)— , Mark H. Shank. 43. Okron, O., al- i torney convicted of slaying Alvln certain thai a verdict cstild not be sr-cwerj. trance. He said the cemetery gates KNOXVILLE. Ta. (UPl—A cat Collev his wife, and two children reached. j Memphis and . vicinity—P»rUy arc locked every night. owned by George Johnson, a tall was granted two weeks in, A motion for reduction of Mrs cloudr tonight. Tuesday pwslbly to- Many of Ihe caskets have teen miner hrrc. recently gave birth to wrich to file a brief for a rehear- Mcnz' bond from SIOJWO to 45.000 cn) thundersbower*. chopped open. ; Siamese quadruplet kittens. The | ing by the Arkansas supreme court i pending a new trial will be heard i The maximum temperature hert was named a member of the state] Police believe the robbers ox- four kittens fire fastened tojelhcri today. | today. Mrs Mcnz is "held in jail yesterday was 91, minimum 67, board of cmbaimers by Governor I tract teeth containing gold from by living tissue. A fifth kitten, I His attorney had asked for 60 here awaiting outcome of the hear-1 clear, according to Sunuel F. Nor- Fulrell. the dead. | born at the same time, Is normal, days. ing on tbe motion. >rts, official we«th«r

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