The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY; MAY 25, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Survey Along • Will Permit Save Miles Aleutian Ships Tc WASHINGTON, May 25. - Th four-centuries' quest of navigator for the shortest route from Amer fen lo Asln will approach realiza (ion this summer, when vessels o Ihe U. S. Coast nncl Geodetic Siir vcy continue chart-making nlon" the Alenihin Islands area on Hi rim of the North Pacific. Since the days when steamer "superseded sailing-ships for com mcrclnl traffic between North Amer Icn, Japan, and the 'mainland o Asia, the fog-shrouded, miclinrtcc chain of rockbouml Islets stretch '' ing far westward from Alaska ha kept ocean liners to a "cojnpDsit course" somewhat longer limn th "great circle course"-of mlnlnnm distance. The "composite course" rcpre senl-s- a route compounded fron arcs of separate "groat circles, 1 made necessary because the Aleu- lian chain offered insurmoimlablL Iiazards to navigators who woulc otherwise follow the theoretically -shortest route that could be me tired on a globe. 'J'liree Circle Koutcs Charled Navigators westbound usually chart one great circle route to a point off the eastern end of the Aleutians, then another "circle' route lo keep 50 miles or more south of the Alclilions, and a final "circle" route for the remainder of the trip to Japan. When charts now projected are completed, and Hie necessary nnvi- gnlion nlds are established, It will be possible [or steamers to proceed fc , with safety north, rather limn y south, of Ihe Aleutians, on Ihe theoretically "shortest roulc" subject only lo a deviation necessitated by the short passage through Unlmnk Pass lo the Bering Sen, nnd n second "pass" between some of the Aleutians farther to Die west, into the Pacific. The projected new course is said to be well known lo Japanese navigators and frequently used by Japanese fishing; vessels. The estimated reduction in mileage will be less than 100. but the new route would greatly reduce the hazards of .fog. It would lie south of the normal "ire drift" f f oin the Arclic into Ihe northerly Bering Sea. Seas are normally less heavy in south .Bering..waters than in the North Pacific,.,aiid high-seas subside more quickly' than in the North Pacific new possibilities '•' for inter-contl- nentul' direct air travel. Two Courses Followed The present regular "composite course" between Seattle and Yokohama is, westbound, 4,257 'miles, and eastbotmd, 4,276. Different tracks arc taken on the two trips to avoid any possibility of collisii. in iog or storm, the route east- hound being more southerly and lliercfore slightly longer. One navigators' publication cctn- pulcs the-Seattle-Yokohama passage via Unlmnk Pass and north of Attu Island (the outermost of the Aleutians)' at 4,213 miles. Alternative routes may be found between other of the Aleutians, closer than the outermost Island of Attu. Attention to the mariners' problems along the north rim of Ihe Pacific is coincident with the rapidly increasing Interest in the military, naval, and commercial .significance of that part, of the world. Japanese and American fishermen's rivalries in the bays oil the Bering Sea have caused huenui- lional friction at times. American* fishermen, from the Northwest, for commercial reasons, are speeding arrival in Bering waters by combined use of steamer-and-air transport. The exigencies of nir defense have encouraged United Slates defensive improvements in southern Alaska and parts of (lie Aleutians. Aleutians Into Promineiice Net effect of these developments on the country at large Iras been to stimulate geographical interest in Alaska and the Aleutians. Most persons have long overlooked the extraordinary dimensions of these northlands under Ihe American ling. An official publication states that the area of Alaska and Aleutian Islands, if superimposed on the United States in true north- south posillcn so ns to touch the Canadian boundary a short distance west of the Lake o[ the Woods would reach the Atlantic ocean near the line between Georgia and South Carolina, cross the Mexican boundary In northwestern 'New FREE SHOW TICKETS To the Ritz ur Rosy Theaters. Save BiiUer-Krusl Hreail Wrappers—25 good lor one adult's ticket or 10 good for one child's ticket. Exchange your wrappers for free tickets at BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Phone 110 Quebec: First Host to British King and Queen uebec, first Canachan city to greet King Cleorge nml Queen Elizabeth, is pWmcd named in lh» out- no o ihe maple leaf, nalbnai Canadian symbol. Above, ..irvtaw .shows tho St Lavuen c u h° L round, gram colors and skyscrapers of the• Inms-AtKmlh, port, Inset cento, is iou u , n ,1, governor general of Canada, with the King and Queen on ellhe. side texico and touch the Pacific ocean n southern California. - ... This vast 'domain came under ic •American nag by purchase rom Russia in 1867, nncl was made Territory by act, of Congress iu 912. The'-payment was $1,200000 old. International political "tension one", of the Bering sen area is ristol Bay, north of the Alaska eninsiila. The inlets off this bay Wcrd the largest red salmon run" of. the entire world, nnd its aterj-are also important.ns crab sheries. In'strategists'-minds, this ast^food. -supply-.wotiid^be'' aiv "cri-" ny-objective in .eveiit ofy Pacific ar. .In peace time it •preseiiuf-a inlleiige to diplomacy In protect- ig fisheries products outside the irce-mllc coastal limits. Death Sails oil laxl Voyage MELBOURNE, Australia (UP) 'lien the steamship Edina/reput- 1 to be the oldest passenger ship the world, was making its final ip, Septimus Dandy.i who for 20 ars -has 'been • (Is (vuavtcrmasler, eppecl to the bridge to iilU the plain farewell, collapsed • and ed in n few. minutes. : LIFE BE LUXE Branch Line Coaches Used As Maintenance Crew's - Quai'lers MILWAUKEE (UP)-A tip hlxc- trfliii for work gangs' Is .Hie'latest iniiovatioii' iri'i modern.Vrailrqailiiia. : EishU-e/, branch •' line conclics have been converted. by llio Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Pniil nnd. Pacific Railroad into'quarters for a maintenance crew. With all the conveniences of home they put, Ihe former "sidcdoor pullmaus" to Hoboes who .joined 'llic road crews every, spring long enough (6 get a couple of "squares" nml then departed will even have ,lo.polish up on their Inulc manners;, :They:will he served by'wliilc- jacketcd xvnilers, oilcloth will cover Hie (able and llicreil be napkins— paper ones nncl big, but nevertheless' napkins. Kogitlar china plntcs, with cups and sauccis ami s-taln- less steel knhos- folks and "iiioons .are also, part of the equipment. 'Tiie cars hue been pnliitcd jel- w inside with white enamel cell- lugs,-running Hnki nnd u sljowei bath. Woikeis will sleep on double decker Uee] bunks with nmttiesses five Inches thick \vhilo the 'hlgh- crnps" will h-ne hospital beds, One car has hen coiueilcd Into n wliltt- enameled kitchen \\lth great stores lefugeiatoi <• ul vci- inlii-prool ciipboiuls the men inay.bjo clKwlnc tobicco coincoh plpes.'-snufr ina otlici things nT a canleeJi. The de lu\c liain accommodnlcs 125 men who will con ume a ton of meat each v eck A commlssaij compaiii lias ben hind to opeiak (he train A.'J.'Eldei, ccneial supnlntcii dent foi Wisconsin said linlns of tills type nnke the woikcis more contented so they do better work. He pointed nut , (iiiil men come back each year and pick ihcir train because they know the chef. (lend Courier Nuv>s «nnt ads COROK ECONOMIZER' Oils VJetinc Cookm Gn's lS%lo<t6% i Cmh Complete MealsJor about ic Amazing:Economy of Wesiinghouse WESTINGHOUSE SUPERflVEN Ranges Modern electric cooking is not expensive —- not with a Westinghouse Range. This is proved by notarized reports from Proving Kitchens in 103 typical American homes — !'ke yours where Westinghouse Ranges were given 3 months of exhaustive, everyday-use tests. Electric cook-ing costs much less than you think! m WE mi IHE PR30F! COME IS 10DH NO Electricity 51 Minnies Out Ihf-lloar in Average Baking'and Roasting 0/ieralilms 110 So. Socoiul SI- WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP Phono EVERY HOUSE NEEDS WMT1NGHOUSI BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON Inclined to slioy anuy from the HV ('wirier iN'i'us ' Wil.slih)Kloii ('orirsitoitdi'iil WASHINGTON, Mny 25.—If (lie new lulnlllnrlnu rei'ime in Bolivia does wlmi iH'rslstcnl rumor snys 11 will do, mid Joins Ilollvla to tin- O[>»llnii "nxls," a new (iiulfli'ih or ntlrcmf! di'lluicy will be.iirwiilcd (o the Untied Shifts foi solution. Tim I problem was forecast, nnd oiUllned, nt one of the homings of the Smnto I'Xn-cIgn Relations coni- mlttce. abo\it n foilnlghl ago. it imsed imicllcnlly unnoticed ill- tho lime; In the Iluht, of cm-rout, news from Hollvln It Inkcs on Immense Tlie witness- who «ns tcstlfylni! .'(oiv (he; .sc'iintors wii.'i t!iu Rev. Udmuml A. Wiilslj, of Ck'ovBi-lovVn Uiilvi-rslly. lie had been dlsoii.v- slni! ihi> Monroe doctrine, nnd Imil liutnled out thul the woixllnu of Hint doctrine | s broud enough so Hint (lie United Slutes conUl net to Wort: niiy uversi'ns Inturferencii In New World ullnlr.s, oven If mi ncUml srixure of IcnHwy vwis not. Involved. * • * AION'IIOK DOCTIilNli SAYS "NO" Then someone 'raised. Oils question: suppose, however, Hint mi ililbli ItilutciuUc 01 louclon h, Involvi'd? .Sii|)|iosu SOUK; Soiilli Ameilcim uovcrjiinent (/ops Niiiil nml Hint Us Nni-l government n lt .,| of Us own \olltiou uikrs Into nil iilllnnce with Ihe lulidllnrlnn pow- m ubioiul so Unit tho United State would witness the "axis' getting K foothold In South Amer- loi nflcr nil. Under the Monroe doctrine, could tho United stales iicl In such n Fiilhcr Wnlsh rcmnvkcd lhal trom a Icgalls-llu viewpoint 11 was probable llml nolhlng could bo done. If the iluly-rccoentacd, ICBII! Government of n sovereign nation MUS Hint It lias not been couicd 01 liituiemi wllh, Us ^id has to IJL accepted 'iho Unllctl Sinks thtrifoic could do nothing Pmc- tlcnlly, however, he milled,'' the Kgulhtic, \le\\polnl. might, l>e o\ci- ildricn The sumtois «t (he hcnilng as scnlttl lo (Ms inttot lenmik Bcn-l alor Connolly oxprcssoil surprise ii' ll i 1 i yo ," e shwni1 "'Jiposi! (hut he United Stales ml x |,t Kdincl by, '"jrtlw, If (he .. 1W | S -, „„' ^ ft«ln«l .1 Now World foothold through the methccl outlined; and bfiinlor Key Mttmini closed Hie discussion by rrmnrjiiiig dryly "l •ton't k» uw but ivlinl we could miijte n new docUhii! If wo needed Vou might just keep thnt little nfiil) In mind, In ctmnectlon with Die news from Bolivia. TUOUULI: Allhonuh farm belt orators like lo bli ( ine the uniln Uiulers fnr tho ««l . pHi-hl of ihe farmer, It Just Iwiiifiens that dii> umoiiiit «f spi-e. HiulliiB In furui commodity fn- IMH-jt rlijlil now Is smaller thun at uny time \>\ recent memory .- Klgiires eoiiipllwl by Ilic Oo»,. modlly Kxehainje Ailmlnlslratloii Jlinw thai iriniing |,, W | ll>n| , fll . lure;; In i«; t 8 was -IS per cent nn- iler tliL- volume for 'Win, lAn- corn the (lecllno was -10 per cent; for cotton, 20 iic-r cent. So f m . Hie Irndlng r,.r IB:W l.s proceeding m n vohinia even below Una uf l!i;i(l in noimiil Units, some '10 to so million bushels of wheat futures are traded In at : Chicago. Tins Kin, tin ingc him lun ftom o, tow of liiree mlllloji to a high of 'M million. ihe Commodity I xchniiRc Ad- mlnlslrntlon doubts (hut Its own ui'iilnlibiu linvo bicn icspoilsililc foi Ihtsc; clulhus ')hc only sub staiillnl cmb 11 has Installed is to limit the speculative Interest which any one person may hold on any one fiiluii! In any given miukel lo 2000,000 bushels It suuesls that the real icnsoii for tho dotllni is the Kovcrnuicntb loan nnd subsidy policies coin and cotton, It is polulcd out (lie govuiiment lonn ixillcj has In i Ilia (bed i,\ loitom umlei tlw price level. This "bollom 1 being above Ihe world pi-Ice, hn» miKle those commodities less at- Imclhc to 4|)cc»lnlois limn tin.; oidlimiUj nri. ihe same thing applies lo v,henl. In addition, Ihu govcinmcul 1ms been biiilng wheat foi o\poil mid (ho hpLCulatoi h tiadcrs mlglit jiiairc with Us e-splanatlon But whatever Ihu explanation mi>.y be, tho demonstrable f»a is that tho amount of liadlnn Is 'way, 'way » • « ICKIi'S HOOKS A rjiOJil.K.M Amoiiij thu otiier pu^les Sccic- Iiuy of Intel lor lekes, l>> Kohig to have to solve t,aon It OHO having to do with a couple of lumdrul lively, wrlsullim. (isti. :il escniwd Ills intention at tin.- Itmo, but lie Is iilwnl (o became tlio bfflclnl' curator of a nice collection of blnck bass,' illAi'nond>b!)rki!(l terrapins, I'.olilflsh, northcin pike, brook (rout, landlocked Etilmon and assorted pan-fish, The iiiiic'im of Pi!,heiles goes from Commerce lo the interior l>pi>rliiK'ii(, when the President's Mcowl I'i'Oi'KflnluUlaii oittcr bc- eomc.s I'lfecllvo in July. And It Just happens thiil the biiri5,in mulntnliw u very fancy, 'amiarhim in tin, baKcment of thu Commerce butlcl- Inij. When It moves over to Interior It'll hiive'. to lake tho nquiiiluin itloni;; wln'io to house It Is just one 'of HID Illtlo OihlL's Mr. Icko.1 will huvu lo .solve. It'll pvobnbly 150 In llio basement, where Mr. icke.s already has a- tasty museum hmslrullng other Interior nepurlineia activities. If thlti keps on, the Iniscmeni of Ihu new inlt'i-lor Inilldlng will become one of Ihe .show .ipoW (jf Wiislilnr- tan ll's a J-ong Way Home ,, i FKED.'Me. W?)- En route 'to A*' home here from Jjie state icels- ' "i ViVA A , u t"Kt<w. Sen. Emery s. V !*,>«y, he tew- '. The United Slate leads all other of silk ' pr "? ucll °" wA^use """' "II other countries combined. Rend Courier Ncwa want ads. Kidman CommUslon t'u, illelun, Ark. HEMORRHOIDS Cnicil Wltliottt Surirciy, find Guaranteed A \eij -arc nnd Iminilcih method, \\lthout confinement l« bed, lavs of lime fiom work and wllh voiy little dls- i coinfoil All tiiicb of piles, nssmea, fistulas, etc, treated by our office method*. DRS. NIESft NIES What Big Luxury Car Saves You Money Two Ways ? & COUPES *TpODA Y'S motorisls arc wise. To bo sure, they J- waul beauty, luxury, and all that goes with it, in their now 1933 cars. But they want more than that. They want to s/ivo money, too-^save money on the original cost —and more and more money every mile they drive! What 1939 cor can answer lliese demands? We believe we know —but we want you to find out for yourself I That's why we simply say: "fake a Look...that's all Dodge asksl" "Scotch Dynamite" Engine! If you're really serious nbout economy, try out the Dodge engine. We call it "Scotch Dynamite"—and no wonder! It's big, powerful, yet it gives you every one of the proven gas and oil saving features that have won for Dodgesucli an amazing reputation for economy! The price? That's another money-saving story all by itself—for lliis bigger, finer Dodge is priced even /owcr than last year's Dodgol Tunt ia an Iht Major BowtJ Oiijtal Awatjur Hour. Columbia Nel- wotk.E»eij Thuisday.9 lo 10 P.M., Eastern Delight Swine Time. !{ TAKE ft LOOK AT THESE SEDANS >815 TAKE A LOOK! Famous Doilgo "Scotch Dynn- mite" linginc with all iho famous Doiigc economy feaiuics, p)m no%v ailvanccmcnls for c'Vcn mote officiem operation! ALL riDXftAU TAXES INCLUDED ore Detroit delivered prices and bumper guards, spare llic and *hetf snfiiy class, fenders. And sheet metal painted lo mulch standard body color Transportation, state and local Uxc » (]f any),extTR. VISIT YOUR bOCBE DEALER FOR DILIV- ERCD PRICES EN YOU* LOCALITY GOOD NEWS FOR USED CAR BUYERSl Now you con get a Dwlge asedcgr which, In many vrnyi, is ju»t ai modern w many cotn- pctitive-makc 1939 now cars— and gef it tor oiily a frost ion of t ho cost! Here'* why; lhet< a auch n gteatdemantl for the new 1939 DoOce Innt buyers arc actually turning in fint Irvlc moJcl Dodgt cars Vay ahead of Urnel And these can, still 1l younRlerj" in mileage snil looVs, are now being jold by DcKlEe dcalcn fit am*rin«ly low priccjl S« your Docile dealer today I No matter ft.ow much or how little you care- to pay, he ha'i « cur to suit your tastcl TAKE A LOOK! New gearshift near th* steeping wheel at no exiia cost! Nothing new to l«*ml Floor is clear for teal comfort for Ihrce in ftbntJ NOW ON DISPLAY! N«w 1939 Dodg* Trucks. •'truck-built".fa giant new Dodge truck plant uxuiyLfnen iw Dodge truck plant... priced with th« law*. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. HJ-11,9 East Main St. CO.,

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