The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 1930 Three Candidates for Prosecutor Will Dislrilnite No Litevalure Tuesday would urge upon out respective friends compliance with (Ms agreement, nnil tibldc by same. •Tills •ilfth (lay of August, 1938. "Bruce Ivy. "O, T. Win-it. "Denver 1*. Dudley." Old Mansion Razed, Moved to New Site LONDON. (UI>) — A Georgian 'mansion, recently pulled down -at ! Ipswich, lias reappeared ' at South inreo of (lie candidates for Cheriton, Somerset. I'icscculing attorney have, signed 1 When Captain Schrciber moved »» agreement not (o distribute to Soulli cherltoii, he couldn't literature of any kind on dec- ! bear trie thought of leaving his old ''"" l! »y.' • < home so he look It with him. fourth, Marcus Ficlz. refused (o sign (he ciM-ecinent on . 1'' lc °'d mansion whs torn down, ailli llw bricks and masonry were the ground Hint distribution of moved by roil from Ipswich to htcrauire around polling places ! South cherilon, where it has been would be a violation of the law ! rebuilt. n| i<l that he could sec no ren- - • son for signing an anrcemenl' X-rays were thus named by nnl to violate (lie law, according i noeiitgcn, their discoverer, be- to a local supporter. t wise X is ussd to symbolic an as fol- unknotvn quantity. The agreement read: lo;v!i: KU sure tliiil ihe County Con- 'The undersigned candidates vii-t Farm, remains a sane, ami for prosecuting attorney agree humane Institution, anil that II that we will strictly adhere to jdues nni go back (o private leas- the provisions of the new L'ure. I'd uliiiiping- anil killing bosses. Election law. being Act 123 of. Tigiiro back and tec who was the Acts of 1935. and that we {County Judge when this nafliin- Mill not directly or Indirectly inj.illy known disgraceful condition person or through our friends' cxislrd. There is no danger with pass out. any cards or literature • Virgil Greene as our County of any kind on August llth. We'Judge. BLYIHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS No one knew tho'Bsllvc land of the coiiimon llltic until 1828, when it was reported In western Rumania. The flrst dictionary In tlie world was in (lie Chinese language. Read Courier News Want Ads, We must have » County Judje the iu-iil two years who will n't all the relief belu possible to gravel our road*. Vole for Vlr»ll Grmie. PAGE >: IB >! X Ride to the Polh Voicrs who have no way lo go to llic polls here tomorrow may secure transportation to ami from the polls by simply teleplioniut? No. 9JG-W. Call 94G-W and Hide Friends of Joe Dilhihunty THE BEWILDERED TAX-PAYERS' HANDY VOTING GUIDE ARKANSAS SELECTS A GOVERNOR Let's Make (in THE MAN Carl E. Bailey Ss not, a. new comer in the 1 jiolitirnl field. He served 1 mi r yen rs ns I )e pn Ly Pro-icon t i n ? attorney, four yeavs as Prosecuting Attorney of Piibski County, U'o years as Attorney General. With ten years in "politics." be ncnv desires the Governor's chair as a stepping stone to the U. S, Senate. THE RECORD As Prosecuting Attorney of- Pu- : laski -(County, he .obtained 1.D4H indictments, many or which were njrainiil Ihc public officuls who H • arc now supporting him, but lor ^B unknown (?>- reasons he nolle Mkprossed or quashed 730 of Ihera • T //:dictmcnLs lie himself drew. In • other words, nearly 50% were lost • As Attorney General, a race he • won by atlackinsc the "special attorney record" of his predecessor and pledging he would NOT employ outside counsel iiut • would actually reduce the personnel of llic office, Mr Bailey paid S1I.- 413.88 In special attorney fees in the short year nnd one-half he has been in office. Of this amount,, more thnn S7.300.00 went to Soutii Arkansas attorneys. The remaining portion of the SI 1,612.21 in special attorney fees wns participated in by Murray O. Reed ami Lawrence Auten. his former deputies. In addition a large case is now pending where out-of-state attorneys have been retained. Why? QUALIFICATIONS- Carl Dailey is bcins; actively supported by Lawrence E. Wilson avu\ Charles S. Gnrrctt. who were indicted by Carl. Bailey . . . the Indictments being nolle pressed by Carl Bailey; Dwight Blachwood I nnd C R. Christian, prominent In Slate Highway investigations, whose indictments by Carl Bailey were nolle rossed by Ills former chief deputy; Claude Duly, against \vhoin the stale's $5,000 judgment Mr. Bailey has not endeavored to collect. addition Mr. Bailey's indict- 'uit of B. Homer Heard in the roofing fcandal involv- f ins overpayment by Ed McDonald iii the sum of $10.000.00 was demurred on technical grounds, with no further action by Mr. Bailey. Mr. Bailey discreetly refrains from attacking Mr. McDonald! Wliy? Taxpayers see in I he Bailey camp another ''administration" comprised of a former highway commis- r.foner, t\vo lieutenant governors, an assistant attorney neueral and a military department head, nil of them actively "serving'' tho people while the ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE MILLION DOLLAR DEBT was being stacked agninst the state. Thf Real Candidate of the People R. A. (BOB) COOK Independent, of Clique, Group or Faction THE MAN adminislralion at county affairs durinj his" first "term "left liim utiniipasefl for the second term l.e is now completing. THE RECORD When J,,,|g C it. A. Cook first took ofTire as Jmlfe of S2 Z-MoT '"V -f iuary '• I033 ' " 1C Counl 5' *» '" "'e "red" *,.;„,,, .'""' ll was '"•« ss:lr >' for jud ?c Cook to personally n c, ent "iV™ 0 "' ^ ' a ' '.?°* ™ A mcdic;l1 ^W«« "rgemiy nmlcd nt llic county liospilal a,,d other hislitutmas. No wiihs :in,I,ns the fact that Judge Cook had approxi- "lely ONE MILLION' DOLLAKS less revenue lha,, eitiS- of h, («o predecessors, i,, three depression years, he had ™adc good II e nearly ,,,, : ,rler million dollar delidt and had .-, cash hahne* on hand cf 5211,000.000 in the treasury. This b .1 record iinrqualfcil by any oilier official minht'nl-' A ". U . ITI ™' J J"'f Cnok 1'="" 'eonduclcd the ad- n I, ,% , a " F Df "" aski c °" nty in 5UO " * ""Ufncsslike TAX" soT °" ' '° RKI)UCK T " E in Ibrcc ileprtssion years »M,| KEDTJCKl) (axes .licsidw. And tbal IS a record! QUALIFICATIONS Cook is neither an "in" „„,. an ,, ouf „ ,,, ercrtt ARKANSAS ON GUARD! Rcirarc of last-minute whis- perhif campaigns. I!ob Cook is in (lie race lo the winning finish! fe Cook's eampaign is NOT hoin s Hnanoed bv anv in- S"ra,,re-a,,l 0 .prinlin r eombincs, ulililij or "^ o her Hr^e iRilnslnes W |,o are willing «, "put it on the i'ne" Hr h^ made NO promises of jobs or appoinlrr^nt, .ImlRc Cook has pledged that lie WILL "N c^Ias 3 '^' 11 ; ""' n ?,* S ^' ^ ' • $« icni) has earned a profit sufficient to Mv hk sil^rv ii>,i ralC ^ lin E Honest Comparison THE MAN Ed McDonald for the past 18 years has been employed by the people of either a county or tln> state. In other words, he has spent most of his adult life as a politician. He has received Hie "administration support" which automatically makes him eligible • or the fund raised by assessing state employes. THE RECORD After serving ns Sheriff and Collector of Grant county, with part- time work as local secretary and collector .for the Woodman Lodge, Mr. McDonald looked around for more worlds to conquer nnd came to the State Capital, where lie served two years ns deputy secretary of slate, later filling the office of secretary for three tenm. Mr. McDonald's official record involves the certification of vouchers amounting to JIC.SOO.UO in favor of B. H. Heard for certain repairs to the roof of the Statt Cnpitot building. It is significant Hint Mr. Heard was indicted for "unlawfully receiving public funds" after Mr. McDonald had certified as to the correctness of the vouchers.. It is true that Mr. McDonald increased the expenditures 1n his office by nearly .$24,000.00 in the year 1934-35 over the previous year, but the voters must remember that these were depression years when everybody needed more money. According to the state comptroller's audit, expenditures for soap and' disinfectants purchased by Mr. McDonald practically doubled during the three- year period ending June 30, 1935 (Audit of year Just closed is not completed). But "cleanliness Is next to Godliness," so why worn- about economy? QUALIFICATIONS Mr. McDonald's chief qualification for the office he seeks lie^ In the fact that he has been on the public payrolls for 18 consecutive years and that he at least has found favor with the "Administration" (nt least parts' of it) after this favor had been tried out on other candidates, without success. But the belated, though genuine Administration support was probably due to the fact that Mr. McDonald had been hiding his political light under a bushel these past 18 years. ' Along with the official support of the present powers that be Mr McDonald will also' have access to the fund collected from slate employes long before any candidate had been officially tagged ns "it." -. • but the people say ,i, c ARKANSAS ON GUARD! Beware of last-minute whispering campaigns. Bob Cook Is in th< race to Ihe winning finish! Save the State From the Politicians With JUDGE R. A. (Bob) COOK as your GOVERNOR WHY DRIVERSHOULD AND WILL BE ELECTED TO CONGRESS A NAT1VR OK MISSISSIIM'I COUNTY and 1ms' never lived else- wlierc—one of us always. SIXTEEN YEARS IN CONCRESS. Men don't nerve Sixteen lonir years in CongresN unless lliey are KOOI! mem and nnlcKs llicir services are valuable to their constituents and to the nation. MEMIiKU OF RULES COMMITTEE IN HOUSE. ; I''e\v of tbc <l3i> niemljors of (lie House ever attain the position of honor which goes with membership on this most important and powerful committee. Appointment to this committee conies only as tin acknowledgment of service of I he highest type and because of proven ability—DRIVER IS ON THAT COMMITTEE. FLOOD CONTROL. ' Recognized as the most vital problem with which the St. Francis Valley has to deal—protection of our lands and homes from I he ravages of floods. Driver is recognized as the highest conjtressiounl authority on matters of flood control. His sixteen years of olToil has brought, this valley assurance of safety. Just recently, he was instrumental in 516,000,000 being approprialed for the 'protection of the backwater areas—and that's us. AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT LEGISLATION. No one man in, Congress had a bigger part in bringing to Southern farmers the benefits of the Triple A which has literally saved the South from bankruptcy and ruin by pouring millions into' the pockets of our farmers. This district alone received approximately S16000000 in cash. 1)0 YOU THINK AN INEXPERIENCED MAN COULD HAVE DONE THAT FOR US? DRAINAGE AND LEVEE DISTRICT REFINANCING. Initiated and fought to successful conclusion the legislation which made federal funds available for the "rtlimineing of our levee and drainage district debts and saved our property owners many millions ?,' .'!'! " rs - 1)0 YOU ' J '»INK A NEWCOMER COULD HAVE DONE IilAl ! LEADERSHIP. Sixteen years of effort and fidelity to principles and the interests of his people, as well as the nation as a whole, has brought to Judge Unycr well deserved recognition as one of the outstanding members of the House of Representatives, lien don't attain his position in just a few years. Ability, character, integrity, loyalty, all" combine lo attain leadership for a man. EXPEDIENCY—YES. • T , 1 , l ' ni , C ,* ?*[ nccti| tllc AmeH «"i People don't change leadership overnight. Kight now, wo need proven leadership more than anythinir else. We don't experiment. We take proven services. We judge a man by what he has been able to do and by what we know he can do. \\ e don I turn to untried and inexperienced leadership. MONEY RETURN'S TO THE VOTERS. If that is what we want, then look at the returns from Driver's services M^e than a hundred million dollars in federal funds spent in his district. More than twenty millions in federal funds snent in Mississippi county alone. Pretty good, isn't it? HEFORE YOU VOTE FOR A CONGRESSMAN TOMORROW— Decide what you want. Do you want an A-l man who has proven this 0 job"? CT ° V • V ° U "'"" t a lna " Wh ° Says " ! tllink ' c;ln ll ° WHY HARRISON OR RANEY SHOULD BE ELECTED TO CONGRESS EACH OF THEM WANTS THE JOB WHICH DRIVER'S PROVEN RKCORD A(JA1NST THAT"OF THE INEXPERIENCED WORKMAN WHO HAS NOT HAD THE KXI'EKIKNCB AND WHO ASKS FOR THE JOB, AND YOU WILL VOTE TO SEND WILL DRIVER HACK TO CONGRESS TO CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK FOR TWO MORE YEARS. " . . I This is an ml voluntarily published anil paid for by Hlylheville friends of Congressman.; W. i. Driver.

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