The Greenville News from Greenville, South Carolina on June 23, 1963 · Page 1
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The Greenville News from Greenville, South Carolina · Page 1

Greenville, South Carolina
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Sunday, June 23, 1963
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if if Today's Thought From David learn to give thanki for everything. Every furrow in the Book of Psalms i sown with seeds of thanksgiving. Jeremy Taylor Mm Local Weather Cloudy and mild today with scst-trrd nhowers. High In mid "0; low In mid H. (Other data on page I-A) THE LEADING NEWSPAPER OF SOUTH CAROLINA 88TH YEAR No. 174 METRO. POPULATION 209.776 GREENVILLE, S. C, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 23, 1963 76 PAGES-6 SECTIONS PHONI PRICE 10c SUNDAY 20c Pope Addresses World o o President Begins Mission To Europe JFK Is Mi fcrckes To Continue m ii ii ii i ii in up ir- ia.iRMTiwiiiiii'iiii'.Mji ii)!. f ft . " If ... -MK A I-k . f - .SSLfl ,JIL. VATICAN CITY Pope Paul VI, wearing his white bishop's miter and gold-embroidered stole, delivers his first message to the world from the Sistlne Chapel in the Vatican Saturday. Behind him is Msgr. Ealvatore Capoferri, master of photo). Pope Paul Pledges Ecumenical Work To Be Resumed By TOM OCHILTREE VATICAN CITY (AP) world, Pope Paul VT set out in the footsteps of Pope John XXIII Saturday, calling on mankind to avoid nuclear war and to build instead a world with social Justice, hrrifViorlv Inva onH Meatrw foav nf Clryrl He promised as "the pre-emi sent part of our pontificate" to continue the Vatican Ecumenical Council, called by Pope John in his effort to heal the rifts of Christendom and to adjust the Roman Catholic Church to the future needs of the human race. DAWN OF RESSURECTION' Pope Paul told the Roman Catholic faithful behind the Iron Curtain and wherever the church is suppressed to "feel themselves near to us" and to look with hope to "the radiant dawn of resurrection." Then, the 65-year-old new pontiff went into the grotto below St. Peter's Basilica and knelt in prayer beside the tomb of his predecessor and friend who died June t after a pontificate of four years and seven months. Pope Paul, in his first full day as leader of the world's half billion Roman Catholics, spoke in Latin over Vatican Radio from the Sistine Chapel where he was Pause To Pray Th OrMnvllto Christian Minister! Association has provided ttw pravar balow, as a continuation of Its "Pauta far Pray or at Noon" program. Dear Lord, we thank thee for health and happiness, but most of all we thank yon that we can serve thee that we might be a lamp for others to follow. Amen. U. S. Tanks Faced Soviet Tanks Last Time Creation Of Dead At Wall Timed For BONN, Germany UP) East Germany's Communist regime purposely picked the eve of President Kennedy's visit to Germany to challenge the rights of the West at the Berlin Wall, a Western official said Saturday. The last such challenge brought a confrontation of U. S. and Soviet tanks. With Kennedy due here Sunday for the start of his 10-day European tour, the East German Communists created a dead zone 110 yards wide on their side of the wall. They forbade anyone from entering the zone, including Western military men who are allowed to circulate freely in the divided city. The decree also means that few East Germans, except for border guards, will be able to see Kennedy when he visits Berlin on Wednesday. Pontifical Ceremonies. (AP Wire-i In his first message to the selected by the College of Cardinals Friday. His message was filled with remembrances and praise of Pope John. "We love to rlrnemlber,, he said, "with mindful and moving piety, the figure of the late John XXIH, who in the brief but very intense period of his ministry, was able to bring near to him the hearts of men, even those distant." In what appeared to be a reference to the United States and the Soviet Union, Pope Paul touched on the space race. NOT AS COMPETITORS "The new epoch which the conquests of space have opened to mankind," he said, "will be singularly blessed by the Lord if men know truly how to recognize each other as brothers rather than competitors, and build a world order in saintly fear of God, in respect of his laws, in the light of sweet charity and mutual collaboration." He followed in the spirit of Pope John in suggesting more help for poor peoples of the world. "The certain order of love for others, a test of love for God, demands of all men a more equal solution of social problems; demands aid and care for underdeveloped countries in which the level of life is not often worthy of human dignity; requires a voluntary study of a universal scale for the improvement of the conditions of life," he said. The military commanders of the United States, Britain and France said in Berlin they would not respect the dead lone. They called it the "most brutal action" by the Communists since they built the Red wall on Aug. 13, 1961. The West German government press office said the timing of the measure showed that it was one of the disturbances planned by the East German regime for Kennedy's visit. Allied officials in Berlin also viewed as a potentially dangerous challenge to Western air access rights an East German-Austrian agreement whereby Austria was given permission to fly to Berlin without using the three designated air corridors. The West is concerned because the Austrians want to land at Templehof Field in the Germany Will Be 1st Stop Kennedy To Urge Unity Of Atlantic Alliance WASHINGTON (AP) President Kennedy flew to Europe Saturday night on a 10-day mission to promote good will and unity in the Atlantic community. After a final few hours of rest at his Camp David, Md., moun- tain retreat, the President took off from Andrews Air Force Base Md., and headed for Wahn Airport in West Germany and a four-day round of receptions and speech-making from Bonn to Berlin. He starts off by motoring from the airport to Cologne Sunday morning, where he will attend Mass with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer at the famous Cologne Cathedral. On Wednesday he will go to West Berlin, the first American president to visit the Communist encircled city since Harry S. Tru man attended the Potsdam con ference at the end of World War II. ine President win carry a personal message of friendship from the United States. Much of West ern Europe will see a seven-hour step-by-step telecast of his motor tour through the city as it is beamed within range of more than 25 million television receivers in 12 countries. Wash ington diplomats heard that the Reds might try to stage a coun- terattraction the same day, perhaps an East Berlin visit by Rus sia s two newest astronauts, Val entina Tereshkova and Valery Bykovsky. From Berlin Kennedy will fly to Dublin for a 24-day sentimen tal visit to the land of his Irish ancestors. Then he goes on to England for a day at the country home of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan near London. Arrangements for the final por tion of Kennedy's trip, a three- day visit to Italy, are still being worked out. The President ex pects to see the new Pope, Paul VI, as well as various Italian po litical leaders. He is due back in Washington July 3. Aides said Kennedy does not intend to undertake any particular negotiations with the Western leaders he will meet during his four-country journey. Rather, they stressed what they termed the symbolic importance of the presence of the President of the United States in Europe. During his wide public exposure and frequent speechmaking, Ken nedy is expected to stress his be lief in the growing interdependence of the United States and its West European allies. In Kennedy's view; America and Europe each need the other militarily and economically, and growing unity of the Atlantic com munity is the wave of the future, Today's Chuckle Balancing the budget isn't so hard as budgeting the balance. American zone instead of the Communist-controlled Schone-field Airport outside Berlin. To the displeasure of the allies, Informants reported, West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt supports the Austrian request. However, the Western allies, who have the final say on the use of West Berlin airports, fear that granting Austria and possibly other neutral nations such landing rights would give the East Germans a pretext for abolishing the four-power Berlin Air Safety Center and for demanding the West deal with East German authorities. Aside from challenging the West in Berlin, the East German dqad zone appears aimed at reducing the number of escape routes into the West Zone. Jn addition to the dead zone at the 25-mile Berlin Wall, the East Germans imposed another mm ntmrK;: mih-mh hi nnm , . .nn i y . ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rW '. I VII fit f . 4 MOSCOW Soviet Premier Nlklta Khmshchev raises hands to salute with returning cosmonauts Valentin Tereshkova, left, and Lt. Col. Valery Bykovsky during a welcome for the returning space travelers Saturday In Moscow. Both record orbital flights. (AP Wirephoto). Space Woman Gefs Bear Hug, Kiss From Nik MOSCOW (AP) Valentina Tereshkova got a big bear hug and a kiss from Premier Khrushchev Saturday as thousands of Russians turned out to honor their first woman of space and her male partner, Lt. Col. Valery Bykovsky. Khrushchev also used the occa sion to challenge the United States to match Soviet feats in space and to point out to the world the military potential packed by such feats. Thousands of Russians packed into Red Square, eager to catch a first glimpse of the pair since their return to earth on Wednesday. The bear hug came M Valentina walked out of the plane at Vnukova Airport directly into Khrushchev's waiting arms. The kiss was bestowed atop the tomb of Lenin. The crowd applauded only brief ly the several speeches, even that of Valentina. They hist wanted to look at this pretty girl who finished 71 hours Some Showers Will Continue Mostly cloudy and mild today with a few scattered showers and thundershowers is forecast for the Piedmont area by U. S. Weather Bureau at Greenville - Spartanburg Airport. High temperature today should be in the mid 70s, compared w i t h yesterday's high of 70 degrees. The low tonieht o is expected to be MILD in the mid 60s. Yesterday's low was 66 degrees. The outlook for Monday is for partly cloudy with scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. Zone JFK forbidden zone 545 yards wide along the 76 miles of border that makes West Berlin an island inside East Germany. The United States, Britain and France have 12,500 men in their Berlin garrisons. The three Western powers maintain that their soldiers have a right to circulate freely in the divided city. The Allies viewed the dead zones as a challenge to this right. - Last time the Red authorities made a big challenge to free movement through the wall, the result was a confrontation of Soviet and American tanks at Check-point Charlie. That was in October 1961. Since then, Western civilians have been allowed to go into East Berlin only if they show their passports to police of the East German regime. Men in uniform, however, have been able to move freely. i J vr,, L - Jubilation in space last Wednesday, making more than 48 orbits of the earth, a total Khrushchev pointed out as greater than the combined flying of all the United States astronauts. MADE SOVIET HEROES He announced that both she and Valery had been made heroes of the Soviet Union, the highest award in the land, which had been given also to the four earlier cosmonauts and a recent visitor from Cuba, Fidel Castro. She also was given, along with Bykovsky, the title of pilot cosmonaut. On earth, she has never piloted a plane. Saturday night the two new cosmonauts were guests at a big Kremlin reception where they received the Order of Lenin and other honors. In his speech Khrushchev ap pealed to the world to let the flight of the cosmonauts "bring friendship and peace and happi ness to all. "Outer space must be a zone of peace, a zone ot international cooperation. We welcomed the space flights of the American cosmo nauts. This is a noble and worthy partnership in the competition for a peaceful conquest of outer space." But he had this to say also about the Soviet Union's rocket might: CITES ROCKET POWER "All people, of course, realize full well that if the Soviet Union has rockets which make with amazing accuracy such flights around the earth, it also has rockets for other purposes. Even an air of romance was injected into the joyous proceedings when Andrian Nikolayev, the cosmonaut whose record last Au gust of 64 orbits was broken by Bykovsky's total of 81, made a point of standing close to Valentina. There are rumors that Nikolayev and Valentina plan to mar ry. .... iMcnvjikv. after reoortlng brief ly on his flight, condemned the American nuclear tests and the belt of copper needles sent aloft for experimental purposes. "Th nennles of the world con demn these acts," Bykovsky said, "And we Soviet cosmonauts join our voices to this." Valentina called for world peace, saying "my father perished defending our country and my mother brought up her three children." "We know the bitterness of that war," she said. "We don't need war." You'll Find: Building Pages 10, 11-C Churches 10 B Classified HI D Crossword Puzzle 8-C Drain 8-A Good Old Days 3-D Industrial News 8-C Lutle McGee t-B Marjorle Barr O'Steen .... IB Radio, TV 4, 5-D Sports 1-7-C Theaters -C You And The Law t-D In Moscow - V )k iL .Jati -,i I -'i-i y r ft,,: 1 VALENTINA AND KHRUSHCHEV A bear hug from the boss Adam Powell Claims He Rewrote Half Of JFK Rights Message WASHINGTON tfl - The White House had no comment Saturday on a claim by Negro Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. that he rewrote half of President Kennedy's civil rights message to Congress earlier this week. Powell, speaking Friday night in Long Beach, Calif., at a banquet sponsored by the "Committee for Powell" and the Long Beach Community Baptist Church, said that Kennedy's message was "the greatest civil rights statement since the Emancipation Proclamation." He added, "The President had no intention of including many of the points that he did in his message. I rewrote half Top Daniel Officials At HHM MtSHppJplJSMaalaaHaaaMSB MHMHSMBMMMMaWMHMBanBM fy? ' Jr A , L CHARLES E. DANIEL R. Thrse top officials of Daniel Construction Co., with executive offices In Greenville, will lead various sessions of the first division conference te be held by the company la Its 29 years. Some 250 to Daniel personnel from the Carolines, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and the New York sales office will sneet here Friday and Saturday. Charles E. Daniel Is chairman of the board. R. Hugh Daniel Is president and treasurer at Birmingham, Ala. Buck Mlckel Is vtce president and general manager. And George E. McDougall is vice president and assistant general manager. (Story en page t-A). 7 k m . ... ... returned to earth Wednesday from -7 9 3 ft of his speech for him the night before it was delivered before Congress." Powell also criticized what he called the fragmentation of the Negro desegregation movement. He said he would issue a call for a summit meeting of Negro leaders in Washington and offer his services as moderator. He said he approved of the Negro demonstrations planned for Monday in Los Angeles. "All of these demonstrations not only should continue, Powell said, "but should increase in frequency." Only about 150 persons attended the banquet although provisions were made for 1,-500. HUGH DANIEL 4j Kennedy Moves In New Areas U. S.-Assisted Build ing, Military Bases Viewed WASHINGTON (UPI) Key integrationist leader! promised President Kennedy full-scale support of his civil rights legislation Saturday but declined to pledge an end to protest demonstrations which h fears might antagonize Congress. Immediately after meeting with the White and Negro racial Man Charged In Death Of Medgar Evers BULLETIN WASHINGTON The TO nntHinrtd Saturday night the rirst in Greenwood, Mits., o( a White Cttizrns' Council man ber In connection with the slay Ing of Negro Medgar Evm. An FBI spokesman said the White man is 42-year-old Byroa I)e La Peckwlth, of 306 George Street, Greenwood, Miss. Peckwlth was charged in complaint by the FBI Saturday with violating the 1957 Clvf Rights Act. spokesmen at the White House, the President took two major civil rights actions: He issued an exectuive order enabling all government agencies to out off funds from any federal-ly-assisted construction project where discrimination against Negroes la practiced. The authority extends to such state and local projects as highway, hospital, school and other construction. He sent to Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara a recommendation by a White House committee that the armed services consider shutting down mill tary installations near cities or localities where race discrimination is widespread. After the White House meeting. Dr. Martin Luther King, one of approximately 30 White and Negro leaders who attended, saidt "I made it very clear we could not in all good conscience call off any massive demonstrations until the problems that brought (See KENNEDY, P. 1 CoL 4) A rcadia Man Pedestrian Hit, Killed . SPARTANBURG A 37-year-old Arcadia man was fatally injured Saturday night when he was struck by a car as he walked along Howard Street a quarter of a mile north of here, the State Highway Patrol reported. The Highway Patrol identified the victim as Calvin V. Laster. Officers said Laster was hit by the auto about 8:45 p.m. as he strolled down the middle of the road. Patrolman C. E. Bagwell Investigated. Driver of the ear, a 1959 Thun. derbird, was listed as Jerry Arthur Cantrell, 25, of Rt. 5, Inman, Conference BUCK MICKEL GEORGE E. McDOL'GALL

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