The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 2, 1934
Page 8
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ETOHT fATtit.i Yi LEADS IN FLAfi That Fearless Fen-ell Battery T Cleveland jClub. Goes Hot In Home Park, Uprising Becomes Alarming ':".' BY 'JIMMY DONAHUE ." NEA Service Spirts Writer CLEVELAND, O.—Behind that mad rush of the Cleveland Indians lhat has them light at the lop of the American League are three ; kids, two second-year men, »nd ) the third a big, burly youngster ' who- plays first base. .'.Those three youngsters nre, ;Odell, Hale, second base; Bill ' Knickerbocker, short; and Hal Trosky, first. Manager Walter Johnson's big ••" question at the slart of the sca- «n was first OIK! the middle sec- .tion of the Infield. "If we can • get a combination out llierc that will click," the Big Train drawled . "we'll give them all a flglit." And because of that uncertainty, the Indians were picked fourlh by Jack. Doyle, New York commissioner, and quoted at 15-1 to finish first. Barney started out with Knlck at short and Eddie Moore at snc- ond. Moore, however, didn't click with Bill, so Johnson switched Kale, a natural third baseman, over to recond, «nd put the aging Wil- .-lle Knmm at the hot corner. The .combination has hit It off perfectly.- • • • . . In addition to defensive strength, the Indians have Hashed phenomenal batting power in their own bailiwick. Switched back to old League Park from (hat immense rrairie, the Municipal Stadium they have developed from a bunch of weak sisters with the willow to a fiiihting, snarling bunch of heavy-hitting macemen. . In their recent home stand against eastern clubs, the Indian; took three out of three from the Yanks, three out of three from the AAAAAAA'S, one out Of twc Irom the Red Sox and one out of three from the Senators. In thos< tiiven r«mes, eight of which the; won, the young trio earned their soil. r.-oskv hit for .404. and fielded .993. Hate swatted n .410 mark and fielded .953. Knickerbocker showed an average of .377 at bat. and had only one bobble in the field. Isn't that playing, ball, mates? •' . . •. • • . • Trosky sUrted off, the season rather sourly, finding the m»]r>r league pill rather elusive, but his eye has found that short right field wall 'in Cleveland, and He's constantly bombarding it for double; and shooting over it for homers, v tt^seems that Johnson has loan? the right tnfleM. combination and with AverUl and Vosmik, hittlhf wilh all their old fervor, and • kid catcher in Prankle Pytlak who _b doing a heroic Job,.the Indians are .well fixed And don't forget that pitching staff. Probably the,'brat. In"Uv. , American League, it .was made more effective when -the' Indians acquired Bob Weiland in the trad for ,Wes Ferrell. • --Yesslr, Ihe .Indians are Agoing places! . : .....'.• By Krehz IM THE MAJOR FORMS FOffMiOM3L£ OPPOSITION TOR RED SOX OPPONENTS SATURDAY, '.TUNE 2, 1934 LOSE; Hi Ttew*o TO TWt QosfoN RED CLEOGLANO. We \s TME ONIV •WJGHTY OR WORE, GAMES W EAGt* OF HIS row? vepfts AS ^ MAJOR LEAGUER . iants Shade' Phillies, Braves Beat Dodgers in 16 Inning Tilt lK leading 81. Loiifc Cardinals of the National league dropped a 4 to 3 decision to the Pittsburgh Pl- lales while Ihe second place Cubs were whining . yesterday. The In- dtiins, showing _ the way v In- the American league, were Idle. 'The Pirates defeated ihe'.Cardl- nals behind the pitching of Uirk- ofer and Hoyt. Hallahaii was the losing inoujirtsiiian. for 'eight o ••/» Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35c r « ^ Together again! In love again! Happy again! nlngi Htttehan held the BUM to four hlU but blew up In the ninth. Three runs in the ninth liuwfl the trick for the BUCJ. • Th* New York aunts won, 4 to 3, over, t'lii" PhOUcs nt New ynrk. Terry drove the winning run across. Darrow outlasted Carl Hubbell but Luque stopped (he Phils. Jeffries hit for the circuit. Chicago's Cuhs dcfcntiul Cincinnati's-Herts 3 lo 1 at Cincinnati. The Cubs won behind the pitching of Weaver and with the aid of n hoiner by Onbby Hartnett with one on, made certain of the game. Frey was Die losing hurler. Th* Boston Braves defeated the Brooklyn Dodters 8 lo 7 In II) innings at Boston, lae winning run was counted on McManus' single. The Boslonlaai got back In the ball game In the eighth aflcr (rail- Ing from the start, the ninth for the Two runs In Dodgers tied the score, .forcing the game Into extra innings. Whitney and Ur- banskl hit homers. Herring .was the losing pitcher and Belts the winner. Boston's Red Sox trounced the Washington Senators 11 to 1 tt Washington, Th« BostonUns started an by scoring 9 runs In Int opening Inning. Crowder WM sent to the showers early In the stanza. The nod Sox almost bulled i'j'lre around during the Inning. Schoolboy Rows won a pllchlng duel from Ted Lyons as the Detroit Tigers defeated the Chicago While Son. The score was 3 to 1. Homers by Cioslin and Simmons also featured the game, Simmons coming In the nlnlh to spoil n fclmloiit for Howe. Philadelphia's Athletics won over New York's Yankees 10 to 5 at Philadelphia Jormson hit his 10th liomer of Ihc season ILS tlie Mucks triumphed. MahafTey wns the winning pitcher. De.'hon? was the losrr. Slept Iturinj Fire CINCINNATI (UP)—Guests slept unaware us fir-men battled, flnmes on the 23th floor of the fashionable Netlierland, Plaza Hotel hero. A cigaret was believed to have started llx? blare, which mused $150 damage. Jonesboro Golf Team Will Play Mere On Sunday The Jonesboro country club golfers, seeking lo avenge a defeat suswlnecl Insl Sunday at the hands of the Blylhcvllle golf team at .Innwboro, will come here tomor- ;o* lo meet lhc> locals. Tiie tournament will be the fifth of the season for the BlytheviUc segregation which has yet to tm defeated this year. Incidentally [he local golf team has not suffered the loss of • an Inter-club match on the local course In the history of Its existence. Courier News Want Ads. SUB-DISTRICT NO. 4 of GRASSY LAKEJ and TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9, PLAINTIFF, vs. CERTAIN LANDS, and H. L. WRAY, ET AL., DEFENDANTS. DKA1NARF NOTICE • All persons having or claiming an Interest In any of the following described 'lands -are hereby notified that suit Is pending In the Chancery Court of the . Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County,. Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes due on the subjoined list of lands, each supposed owner having been set opposite his or her .or its lands, together with the [•mounts severally due from each, to-wlt: ';le Frlscli The Cards' boss wigwags Paul everything lie should throw to batters ter the manner of DC.5S which Is af- Frankle's old the late John McQraw. By Harry Graysori NEW YORK.—It was the •nortal Bob Fitzsimmons Im- who Memphis Hurler Strikes Out 14 To Beat Terry I Cook and Company's "Boll'Wee- vils" of Memphis, Tenn., defeated Terry's Slate Liners In a soft ball •- game at Hiilcv Field last night by a fcore of 8 to 3. The. performance of McNamara.' Cook pitcher, was outstanding, the Memphian striking out 14 men in seven Inriinjs -for an average of two .each, inning.: stcNamara gave up seven hits, the same number that Hardavay of the local team . allowed. : Byron Morse, who relieved Foster at first base for the locals. ' tinned In the outstanding play of the nlrtt, making a circus cateh of a pop fly. Freeman of the Stale Liners and MeNamafa of the visitors hit for the cricuit. The Terry crew made seven errors, four by Freeman at third base. -racked, The Wggcr they are, tho harder (hey fall." But Ruby Robert supplemented 'he remark, after a second trip with Jim Jeffries, with "but there 's the devil to pay when the large 'ellowis persist -on remaining per- •eiidlcular." • I sllll think Ihe most complete •he-line description of Prlmo Car- i.era Is that he.'s a tough bloke to hake hands with for 15 heats. And hat Max Bacr.would best not tire 'f "he" falls to bring down the Venetian Leviathan in the early •ounds of their .meeting in the harden Bowl .oh June 14. Baer is 1 the taeglng type of war •lor, one of which eventually will] '•last Camera from the throne. Thrl Tuttcrflv Butcher Boy packs the •cqutrcd punch. But Camera Isn't likely to be •iilbpxed for some time. .He gave vety.' evidence of this in stepping '5- sessions like a middleweight -alnst catrey Tommy Loughrnn in -n eneagement he took lightly and 'ir which, he worked none too dll- Tentlv and was 10 pounds overweight. Because Camera outweighed the "rl.'hmsn by 80 pounds or so and "ailed to belt him out. he wns pnln- •ully panned. But the older nnd •nore dlscernlni; heads ernsped the lenificancc of Primo's pcrform- •>nce. and pnve him full credit. "I'd like to match Steve Hamas jnmcness of Cnrl Morris, n con- :emporary, the cliancra arc thnt lie would hove bi'ntcu the jmtlent Wilhrd to the wire. * * * Cirrus Card, but No Clown . Camera is the only one of the group referred to us n frenk. despite the fnct Hint lie Is not quite as lull as Willimi, Vidorlo Campolo, of the Argentine, or Jose Santa, the Portuguese, and only quarter inch more altltudinous than Fulton. •. This largely Ls duo to the fact that he wns ballyhnncd nnd bitUt up more like a sideshow attraction thnn a fighter. The opening speech of little Leon See, his original handler, was Dial the only thing that dirt not have to be .specially, imidc for Prlmo wns collnr buttons. Tlie champion's broad shoulders, beaullfuliy proportioned back, huge nnd neck mnke appear to tower over the rest. Camera's tremendous feat also lepd therrtselves to the circus angle, 'but he long since has proved that he Is no clown. • Here Is Man Local Teams Might Sign Up By NEA Service CHICAGO, — Matt Ruppert; said to be work! champion 'col). tall pitcher, was In rare form the other night nt Grant park. He stepped out on the hill and. after 10 Innings, had thrown M straight strikes, and his team won 1-0, for Its 300th straight victory In the hvo .seasons. • Ruppert won his own game with a homer in the tenth. •• lift.sini ID Name Pt. of Sec H L Wray NE SE H IJ Wray NW SE Commonwealth Farm Loan Lot 2 NW Commonwealth Farm Loan Ix>t 3 NW Commonwealth Farm Loan NE SW Commonwealth Farm Loan NW SW Commonwealth Farm Loan SE SW Commonwealth Farm Loan x SW SW Love B Adams NE SE Love B Adams NW SE Love B Adams SE SE Love B Adams SW SE Louis Lendennlc NW SE Ira Craidford . NW NE Ira Crawford SW NE Ira Crawford NW NE Ira Crawford SW NE First National Bank lilt 2 NE First National Bank Lot 3 NE Tom Lovelady N',6 NW SW S. T. R. 12-14-10 12-14-10 Acres 40 40 Tax 13.86 11.34 1-14-11 30.33 G.36 1-14-11 30.33 G.36 Pebs Bests P e 1 i c a n s •Hughes Wins . .. Straight, Memphis Loses | Nashville's leading Vols were set-, down by the Knoxville Smokies yesterday but kept their rank' •head of other Southern Association title seekers with room . to, spare; U' -ip »' w; . The Vols were beaten, 11 to 8, Headline Armory Wrest- [with tlie Smokies running up a total of -16 hits. The Vols got iO blow soff Heusser who ' went tHi! route for the Smokies. Leiber and Weintraub of the Vols hit for Ihe circuit. Little Rock's Travelers staved off ling Card; Hunnicut, Kimble Meet in Prelim Roy Allen, the wrestler with the educated feet, will try again to j get meet the on the final frame when their bl ame wen e Ihe Armory wmillng card Monday : thrwl Stru» wns the ; ning nml Allen nnd Stole put on the best I pitcher. Messenger the losing •1th B«IT.'.' said Ihe veteran man-' tlirce mulch staged here recently nboui | The Memphis Chicks were tin weeks neo and promoters victims as BUI Hughes, Barot. they will repeat Monday right hander, annexed his eiphu! o season. Tim .--- . McDonald w.u nn nrm lock that Stole broke Hie losing pitcher Harvey and other schooled box-,only to fall Into again and finally The Clmttaiiooga Lookouts beat -ier. Charley Horvey, after the clnlm ...„,.„„ .-„ t . Miami affair. "I don't want mv lit- night. Stole won the1as~t two^'fans strnV g ht"tr'iumph"of'"th' "If. Stemien to have any truck -nfter Allen had taken the first Uaroius won. 12 to 8 I\ •vllh that bl? Eyetallan." • -"•- -» -• - - men considered Camera's feat 'stainst Loiighran one of the most -emarkable big man. ever txirtieri in l>y lost tho fall, stole used a chicken Atlanta Crackers 6 to 3 HI »'rlng type of headlock nnd flying Chattanooga. The Lookouts ' 'her -Hare Snrh a ' on-r W»T U F»H Startlne with Chnrles Freeman. he American giant who stood 6 •et 10 and scale'! 330 pounds, in YOU'RE MI TELLING ME .Francis'. Ouimet thinks Horton Smith, recent winner of the Augusta National toamamtnt, will bt * big threat in the National Open June 7-9. . . . And speaking of *reat men expressing themsebej Rogers Homsby lays the Nations League hitters aren't in it when It comes to ctouting long' distant* ttows with their American Leagw brethren. The reason you don't see the names of Dr. O. F Willing and. Deo Moe, members of the UM Walker Cap. la Roll news Is became tntine* new Ukes tbeir time. . '. . Moe Is a lawyer. : . . f Bo*e B«rger, New Orleans second rtcker, had 171 chances In his flrtt games of the year and it ;;out t* crack Bert MtebrfTc recorft of m .. . , Much of Ike « Mtf '-' " ' ^'" ' '" ' . tat tt 1linij» rim 'Ishty few Gollatlis have been i h!e to hold up their hands for nv lenjth of time. They have so f»r to fall and here Is so much of them to be -ulled together once they arc dij>- •ed in resin. Ed Dunkhorst, the human -eight car, and Herr Pluacke fell ne section at a time. The lead- rs during the white hope hunt •ere poor Luther McCarty, Jess •Vlllard, nnd Fred Fulton. McCarty was by far the most ormldable, and probably would 'lave run down Jack Johnson had 'e not met such an untimely end, Villard and Fulton were taller nd heavier than McCarty, but In v> sense abnormal. Wlllard, the best of 5" bed lot 'fter McCarty died, stuck to his ast only because he wanted mon- -y. The Pottawattomte Pounder \bhorred the business. Plastering walls, long before he 1 rm drenmed of plastering pa- ookas, Fulton unwittingly dtvel- pped one of Ihp most deadly left '•wok's ever owned by a heavyweight. But Falling Fred w»s cursed by » etikia-chtn and.»'bcart no blg- ter than a pti. Hid FulWti pta- tt« durtWIty and stoic*! n mnre to bent Allen. " " i 10 nnd the.Crax II hits. Petit, was i In n preliminary match Bill tlie vvl ""'"g pitcher. Hunnicut. who won over Sergeant ^7 r~^ Burns here this week, meets K09fl I Alirilir Speedy Kimble. Hunnicut was too •WflU lAJUI Kl ', heavy for his opponent this week n? . . but will be better matched with i VVflnt AflS. i Kimble the promoters declare. I HALF AfMILLION "1934 CHEVROLETS now on the highways makes possible tremendous price reductions up to $50, SHOUSE-L1TTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633 OF Wifh o grond ' - corf headed by... DUNN ROGERS ,'': • >- '' "• All of (h«m in this dra- •'• motic romance from 'KATHLEEN NW NE SW NE NE NW NW NW SE NW SW NW NE NB NW NE SE NE SW NE •' NB 32 .NW SE SE SE SW S'E NE 9W NW SW ' SE SW SW SW "Manhattan Lovi Song."''.; A story' of modern ' youth defying life) j fcoduwd by WINHRD SHKMAHJ b^X*NG.Ht$TOMI-' Paramount News Our Gang Comedy L W Collins L W Collins L W Collins L W Collins L W Colliris L.W Collins Dr EL Tiptpn Dr P l/Tlpton — P L TiptO|i Dr P L'TIptoh Dr.P l/tijrton Dr P L.Ttpton Dr.P.L .Tlpton Dr P L Tlpton "~ P Llston • H.P'Usfoh " H P iJston • H p Listo'n . W H &• Walter Anderson .--- . SE NE M H Rbblnson NW SE Bankers M'gage Co NE SW Bankers Mtj' Co NW SW Bankers MtJ Co SE SW Banliers Mtg Co SW SW M H Roblnion NE xcpt 2 A SW, eor E& E 90 A Banker* Mort Co NE 3E Bankers Mort Co SE SE C A Rogers Lot 1 & 2 NE Helen' ITances Buchanan E of L Frl NE C A Rogers Lots 3 & 4 NW Robert Connelly NW SW W M Taylor Est NE NW W M Taylor Est NW NW W M Taylor ESt SE NW W. M Tavlor Est SW NW I O Westbrook Est E of B 3W Mary Catherine Reece Frl SW SW J T Fargason C6 NE NE J T Fargason Co NW NE J T Farg»*6n CO SE NE J T Fargason Co SW NE J T Fargason NE NW J T Fargason NW NW J T Fargason SE NW J T Fargsson SW NW Bankers Mort Co NE SE Nora McKlnney NW SE Wankers Mort Co RE SE Bankers Mort Co SW SE J T Fait«son Co NB SW J f PaTfison Co NW SW J T Fargason Co SE SW J T Fargason Co SW SW Gus Crow SE NE Lee Wilson A Co NE SW Lee Wilson * C» NW SW Lee WlUon & Co 8E SW Lee Wilson & Co SW SW Lee Wilson tc Co NE SE Lee WUson & Co NW SE Lee WU*on ft Co SE SE Lee Wltoon ft Co SW 8E Lee Wilson ft Co NE SE Lee Wilson & Co NW SE Lee WlUon ft Co SE SE Lee Wilson ft Co SW SE Lee Wilson & Co NE SW Lee Wilson tt Co SE SW Lee Wilson A Co Frl all W',; SW Lee WlUon & Co NE NE Lee Wilson tc Co NW NE Lee Wilson & Co SB NE Lee Wilson k Co aw NE Lee Wilson & Co NE NW Lee Wilson & Co SE NW Lee Wilson & Co Frl nil WH NW Garner A Chilslmnn NE NE Garner * Chtltt- »•• NW N* 1-14-11 1-14-11 1-14-11 1-14-11 2-14-11 2-H-I1 2-14-11 2-14-11 3-14-11 10-14-11 10-14-11 11-14-11 11-14-11 12-14-11 12-14-11 12-14-H 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14 r ll 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 18-14-11 18-14-H 18-14-11 18-14-11 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-13 4-14-12 4-14-12 5-14-12 5-14-12 5-14-12 6-14-12 G-14-12 6-14-12 6-14-12 7-14-12 7-14-12 7-14-12 7-14-12 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40.83 40.73 40.73 39.94 39.84 32 32 20 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 W ' 40 40 40 40 40 47.47 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 43 40 40 49. Si 38.93 107.48 40 40 40 40 40 8-15-12 40 8-15-12 40 34-15-10 54.04 11.78 11.78 11.78 11.78 19.20 19.20 19.20 19.20 11.55 11.55 16.20 SO.fifl 14.82 I 0.30 9.30 5.55 32.10 31.38 24.24 24.24 24.24 24.24 11.48 11.48 11.48 11.48 14.72 14.72 14.72 14.72 12.79 12.79 12.79 12.79. .84 .75 13.29 18.00 .48 12.60 6.45 17.66 17.6S 8.40 14.37 5.22 6.00 5.94 5.94 5.94 5.94 .72 34-15-10 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-16-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-is-n 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 34-15-11 4-15-12 4-15-12 4-15-U 4-15-12 5-15-12 5-15-12 5-15-12 5-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 S-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 35 40 . 40 40 40 40.40 50.71 40.40 50.71 40 40 40 40 40 50 40 50 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 59.58 40 40 40 40 40.36 40.36 8-15-12 8-15-12 8-15-12 8-15-12 8-15-12 2.G1 2.61 2.61 2.61 15.93 15.93 15.93 »! S2 20.52 20.79 20.79 23.02 23.02 23. Ot 23.02 13.68 14.13 14.13 14.1? 14.13 18.38 18. 3f 18.31 18.38 11.73 11.73 11.7? 11.7? 19.S? 19.88 29.81 11.85 11.85 11.85 11.S3 30.81 30.81 0-15-12 40 9-15-12 40 9-15-12 40 9-15-12 9-15-12 9-15-12 . 9-15-12 9-15-12 9-15-12 9-15-12 14-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 Name pt. of Sec. Gainer & Christ- ' man SE NE Garner <k Christman SW NE Garner & Christman NE SE Lee Wilson & Co NE SW Lee Wilson & Co NW SW Lee Wilson & Co SE SW Lee Wilson & Co SW SW Garner & Christman NE NW Garner & Christman NW mv Garner & Christman SE NW Garner & Christman SW NW Lee WUson & Co NW SE Lee Wilson <t Co SW SE Joe R Baker NE SW Joe R Baker NW SW Joe R Baker SE SW Joe R Baker SW SW Lee Wilson Ss Co SW SW Lee Wilson & Co NW NW Lcc Wilson & Co NW SE Lee Wilson & Co SE SE Lee Wilson <t Co SW SE Lee Wilson & Co NE SW Lee Wilson & Co Orig Sur NW SW Lee Wilson & Co Orig Sur SE SW Lee Wilson & Co Orig Sur SW SW Joe R Baker E^i NE NE Jon R' Baker E 4A W!4 NE NE Joe K miter K» as HE Joe R Baker E 4 A W',4 SE NE I-ee Wilson & Co NE SE Lee Wilson & Co NW SE Lee Wilson & Co SE SE Lee Wilson & Co SW- SE Lee Wilson <fe Co NE NE »-15-i2 Lee Wilson Si Co NW NE 20-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co SE NE 20-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co SW NE 20-15-12 Lee Wilson ic Co NE SE 20-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co NW SE 20-15-12 Lee WUson & Co SE SE Lee Wilson & Co SW SE C E Crigger Frl EH. NW C E Crigger NW NW C E Crigger SW NW C E Crigger NE SW Louise Chapman-s 8 A SW SE Curtis J LltUe N of R ' E 7.50 A SE SW Louise Char>man S of R SE SW' Louise chapman S of R . E 5 A of 6 A SW SW 25-15-12 Louise Chapman NW NE 26-15-12 Louise Chapman Frl SW SE 26-15-1Z Louise Chapman NE NW 26-15-12 Louise Chapman NW NW 26-15-12 Louise Chapman SE NW 2fi-15-12 Louise Chapman SW NW 26-15-12 John M Taylor All W of L SB EL* Ruth Hale NE NW E L & Ruth Hale NW NW E L & RutTi Hale SE NW E L & Ruth Hale SW NW Henry Nipper W'i NE NE Thos E Tnonrpson Est Lot 5 SE SE 31-15-12 Thos E Thompson Est Lot 4 SW SE Edith Hile Houton NE NE Edith Hale Hosv- ton E 35 A NW NE 33-15-12 Wiley Bros W 5 A NW NE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton SENE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton E 35 A SW NE Wiley Bros W 5 A SW NE Wiley Bros NE NW Wiley Bros NW NW Wiley Bros SE NW Wiley Bros SW NW Edith Hale Howton NESE 33-l»-l2 Edith Hale H'ton NW SE 33-15-12 Orlena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires S. T. R. Acres Tax 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 14.04 14.04 11.52 9 43 9.42 9.42 9.42 14.04\ 14.04 14.04 14.04 14.40 13.86 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 1.11 12.00 1.35 5.52 7.20 3.30 15-15-12 29.87 ' 4.41 15-15-12 39.94 7.17 '15-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 20-15-12 20-16-12 21-15-12 21-JS-12 21-15-12 21-15-12 25-15-12 25-15-12 25-15-12 39.94 20 4 20 4 40 40 40 •40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 70". 86 39 98 39.95 40 7.17 6.68 1.14 6.66 1.14 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 ivu- 14.13 14.13 2>.0j? 14.53 14.53 11.52 1.06 .7.50 .1.35 26-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 30-15-12 31-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 5 40 40 40 40 40 28 40 40 40 40 20 .1.08 1.08 11.52 •9.57 11.23 11.23 11.23 11.23 2.04 20.74 15.55 20.74 15.55 3.60 2.93 1.29 Orlena Hires Orlena Hires ) N Thompson J N Thompson J N Thompson SE SE 33-15-12 SW SE 33-15-12 NE SW 33-16-12 NW SW 33-15-12 SE SW 33-15-12 SW SW NE NE NW NE 33-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 8E NE J N Thompson Frl SW NE 34-15-12 J T Johnson NW Cor 23.09 35 5 40 35 5 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 33 32 35-15-12 10 10. IP 13.86 18.90 2.70 13.32 18.09 2.70 20.65 ^ 20.63 J SO.63' 20.65 19.H 19.14 20.18 21.73 22.72 22.72 22.72 14.27 14.27 14.27 12.00 3.75 7-15-12 61.43 46.90 8-15-12 40 S-15-12 40 14.04 14.M St Louts & San FrancUco R R main line from the East and West Quarter Section Line of Section 27. Township 15 North, Range Elev- ' «n East, to south line of Section 32, Town- Rhip Fourteen North, Range Eleven East ... 75.00 JoneSboro. Lake City & Eastern R R (st Louis * San Francisco R R) main line east of Blythcvlllo from east section line of section 15. Township 15 North, Range Eleven East, to the east section line of Section IS, Tom- ship 15 North, Range 12 East ...... •. ...... 18. 7S All persons and corporations interested In said lands are hereby notified that they are required by law lo appear within four weeks and make defense to said suit, or the same will be taken lor confessed, and final Judgment wilt be entered directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes, together with -the payment of merest, penalty and costs allowed by law. This mu day of May, 1934. • R. L. QAINBS, i . CbaM*ry Coort CVeri)

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