The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1936
Page 2
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PAGfc'TWO uYl <- BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.)' COUBIKR NEWS Talent and Perseverance Will Win Success Says Major Bowes Will -Move Soon to Make Their Home at 716 t Main Sheet Mr and i^rs ! o w, McCntchcn lia\e purchased llio house nl,710 West Main steel, owned by Mrs. Eayfjacteon linjll lier rcceiil deiilli. The stucco house uas erected by Hie late E R f Shepherd n number of joirs ugo nl a cost of $30,000.1; It lias a lai-ge llvlnj room, wiliv. l^repliice, built-in book crises and .French windows, dining room, £iin-rpom, breakfast, 100111, ktWifn nnd.ihrcc bedrooms/ The' kijcjieii; bun«room arid bntli rooms are iii tile.," There aio H closets In (tie hous?,' nlilcli it arraimcV-wtlli-n Ions? Inll, \\liich connects most of ttie^rooms . f '[£ A'ww oil turner 1m.just been Instilled which also heats me twoi room servant house and double rjn- TOgd ^fr and Jtfis McCiUclicn «ill install built-in feature? in (he kil- cheh .iKfori; ifcy move vulliln a iSioftXimc. A HUlo later they plnn to jraint His oiitsUle. white, land-- scape the giounds anjl «ltl prob- ably'cohvcrt the servant rooms Into a guest house, IJe price of the house, purchased from Mr. Jackson, was not disclosed con to believe Hint many of those ambitious young people who hnvc lo (he Amalciir Hour, is clurgcd wllli Iiavimj raised llii' false liopcs of counlles's, deluded yoiincslcrs, it happens (lra( lie broadcasts have great, ptomlsa lias given liniiclus lo a vast and will eventually win fame and mount of : ,;fiTSh lalenl llial olli- fortune In tliclr own right. erwlse would nol have been dis- I >• •tovcred. ,'fodity lie di-llvei's a personal message lo innumerable amateurs cvcrywheri'. '•';.• lly MAJOH KllW. HOWliS NEW YORK.—1 am taking (lie liberty of passing along n few I words of friendly emu 1 .;?! to those) . of you w'.io have ambitio^i In I)?-/1 * now :01 ' " u 'li . come entertainers. ' ' ? lon - "' or(k ' 1 ' for " 1<j5C amateurs lo survive before those paying audiences, I'ncy h:ul to make good on 1- Wilson ['Society — Pcrsoiicil _u- Miss. liertlia Hayes, of Hot SpHtigs, armed last Meek to spend a mbnth wllli Mi nnd Mis J. ». ltau.koi.slc). Mrs Flo Ooodman is impiovln^ aftdr hailng biokcn Uo toes in an (acelrtcnt last Suml.iv auss and Rush Goodwin, who mqmro cmplojed nt the Ho\ fac- toiv in Wilton, will icaic Seplcm- bcrj^Piflh foi Cftllfoititn where tlie^iplan to enter school !• 4 __ __ .W»man Is Election Judges USPANTO Ark -For the first time m the history of pohrett counts politics, a woman nili scnc as judge of an election bond Mrs G B D.jerleof lypaiilo jull sine «s idee of llic bomd |,, m i< of the plant life of befell was canlcd Allhoiigh Major Kdwaril Howes, t'iiat brief (line. Yd I have rea- Its, Is giving I'tiesc young n genuine opportunity to' sain Iirncllcal experience In show business for (lie years lo come. * « * Amateurs No linger I can point already, with pardonable pride, to Clyde uirrle, brilliant young Negro baritone, who - „ — - »i»<le his public debut on one of appeared on my Sunday evening my broadcasts in Mny of 1835. frier ' ' ' ' ' lo his appearance on my program, he had been an elevator operator, unable lo. obtain any other forni Hundreds of llicsc successful! or employment although he had n youngsters have been engaged all season long in personal appearances wll'ii Hie mills Hint 1 have sent out across.the country. Theso amaleurs have been performing before paying audiences in regular theaters, audiences that demand n of atlmls- First.Icl me .say that I believe profoundly in (lie ability of genuine talent to win out against .seemingly Insurmounlable' odds,''H yon have real talent and Ihe courage lo achieve, HID entertainment world will receive you and inevitably find a place for you in its ranks. : You may be fortunate enough to be vlsllcd wtlh Hie rare good Hick of achieving success over if Iji 111; on Hie other hand, and this Is. far more likely, It may prove a tough, up-hill struggle. tint if yon have ability, and If you believe in your ability and can persist through adversity, nothing can slop you, believe me. Through Hie medium of my Atn- leur Hour broadcasts, I have been trying lo provide people with an opportunity to find their niche. Since 1 believe in llic inexorable low of the Iheulcr, ihal manners must select and employ the hest latent available when producing all entertainment, I look for only mm quality In Ihe iimatenr nrtisls who audition for me by the hundreds each week—tnlenl. • » * T.ilenl Worlli Money There are Chose who have applied for a chance on my program and l>."en rejected because ol lack of talent who have salit i denied Ibcm thai chance because of personal prejudice. Nolhln? could 1)3 further from I'hc truth. One of Ihe chief purposes of Hie Amalenr Hour broadcasls l s to brlnj before the public yomii; psoplu who are deserving, through fncir ability, of a chance lo be hcnr<l. I liv my utmost best lo iiive everyone who comes [o me a fair trial. The Amateur Hour is little ove.r a yr-nr old. ft is apparent (hat great stars cannot be developed in <.v your vote . count— , for .vmii- next 'County iiulyc, Virgil Crccnc. Mrgil Gicrne will relaln godrt cffiricnl and iumrsi' employes, bill will not emnlu.v any liirmbcr nl Ins fimil.v on (he county [layro ihfcr ability. The proof of Hie iniddliii; is that audiences everywhere glorious voice lie came to mo through Ihe rcj- nlar channels ot tliosc u'iio apiily for an audition and scored not only with me but tlic vast radio audience as well. Today, lie is a featured artist over Ihe Columbia Broadcasting System, winning renewed popularity every dny. Then again, there is Ihe case of Jackie Hillings, skillful yoim» tap-dancer, \iYio .was first Introduced to.the public on ihe Ama- MONbAY, AUGUST 10, 1930 Osccola Society — Personal Mrs. A. K. Thorns and children returned home l-'rlday from several days visit with Mr. Thome's, father, J. B. Thonif. near .loncsboro; . J. stoi'kiird of Memphis was . the of lils cousin, j. E. Mon- mitt ap- leur Hour. Jackie has just left for Hollywood with a Universal Pictures contract ill his pocket. There are others, and there will ulnrly the more "seasoned' prol?s- 1>0 sl1 " olhcrs, v/rio I firmly be- slonal artists, An amateur unit 1 11=vc nrc deserving of anil 1 will win - place for themselves through the plauded tlicm and asked for more. Incidentally, Micro Is plenty of room for ot'ners to follow, partic- can only play a-luwn for, a week lit mast. These mills have gono Into theatres Hint were formerly '(lark"'and give evidence that life "road" still wants "live" entertainment. Playing with the (raveling un- agency of the Aimilcur Hour. At prrsenl, Ihcre are 57,000.000 square miles of laiv.l and HO.COO.- mllcs of sea on the 000 .square cartth. , . . tague and family, yesterday. . Mrs. Charles cAleman danifiUiir. Hetty Jean, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rose and two children lilt yesterday for a two weeks .vacation at Camp Sapphire, lire- vard, N. 0. Carl Frank, at Orldcr several days last week. Mrs. Plnlcy Carlwrlght and children, N. O., and ivfarfha Jane, and Allen Segraves are on a two weeks motor trip to the Texas Centennial, at Dallas. Fort Worth and other points In Texas, returning by way of New Orleans. Mr. and Mrs. Russell CrorkeU. left ycslcnlny for a three weeks vacation in smoky Mountain National Paj'k and points In Tennessee. Mrs. diaries Driver and son, John n., of Little Hock arc tlic guests of Mr. and Mrs. a 0 Tiowen. Dr. and Mrs. I,. D. Masscy have as their guests Mrs. Masscy's sis- M, and Mr, «r. Prai.k. of Or,- ±' ^K. /r" .1' SaTM <]<•!•. Mr. am, Mrs. Halpi, Bowden, i daughter, Miss liiilllc Beth Wil- of Jomer. and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver linglmm. has been here for ihe past Realty Transfers U'arranly Deeds H. V. Michuson and Myrller Milchuson lo W. M. McFarlanai, W. M. McFurltmd to Ccorge M Lee. (he soutli half of southwesl quarter of northwest ounrlcr of section 12, township 14, range 12.1 n. W. b'cott and Nellie Scott lo! James A. Saillcr, lols 6 and 7 ' Vircil (irwnc will relaiii~soo<J, cfflelrnl and horifst employes, bill will nol employ any member of his family -OH (he couuly payroll.' block G, Barron and Lilly nddl- lion lo lilythevillc. liay Jackson (o O. W. and D. M McCutchen, lots 7 and a, block 11, Chickasawba addition to lily- tlicvillc. Thirty-live of (lie 48 slates now have established fur farms. . . Clarke, of frenchman's Bayou, spent Hi* week-end in St. Lani.s. • Mrs. lj. PciKtergrast and son, •,Gcne, spenl the weekend with relative., in Memphis. •| J. J. Burton of Parngould visited i'nc latter jKirt of the week wilh 'his son. f. s. Burton ami rumisy. Mr. and Mrs. Burton iind Maf- Barcl motored him home yesterday afternoon. N. J. Harris of Memphis visited in the home of his cousin, MIS. " s j-iipciiciil, Silas Oladls Ola. make your vote or V'^' 1 «'«he. , month. Plan Watermelon Parly Members of Hie local W. O. W. lodge will have a watermelon parly Tuesday night, at the home of Homer Tinker, on Highway. 111. They will meet al Ihe hall al 7::ic ; o'clock. H Is to be a fro= Virgil (ircciie promises lo rpiil llic practice, of law and to devolc all his time (o .Mississippi County's if elected. His lime and allenlion will nol be divided bclwccn Ills own business and llic county's. ,uc! h at Oscc- ' l ' 11 ' '" ovcl '. v Wily couiil, vo |j' fllississipui COUllfy il County .Inrfge. In wake good THE MAYTAG =*a )0 MAYTAG SEDIMENT TRAP | bC&OMSt/l •When Maying introduced llic c.isl- alumiiiuia tub waslier.willi Gyrautor ivasliing action, new SIKCI! and gentleness were brought lo home washing. lltit there is imotlicr reason why a MiiyMgnukts tlic clollicssock'nn aiiil while. It i.i llic snliiiKiu trap uiulcr- iwail" the Gy.-atiilor in the Ijotinin tif tlic till). Tlic grit and grime colk-cc in lliis trap, instead ol'licing wasllnl li;ick inlo the doilies, 'i'his; is just one of majiy advantages which' won woilil lc.nlcrihi[i for tlic May tug. liaell week a Maying creates savings lo fid]) provide tin; easy prvyiucnts. /\ny Maytag available with gasoline Multi-Motor. ('Of'rf'fftt your home lait>nltv viihfhe j\fw Mayltf itcnrr THE MAYTAQ COMPANY, Minuliclutcti _f>unilld 11)1 . NEWTON, IOW* K. ii. (;I-;K SAI.IJS • co., INC. Main Ulydicvillc, Arlc. I To Our Ruddies and Our Friends— We Ask That You Vote For Virgil Greene For County Judge Tins advertisement is being paid for by ex-service men who know of r Virgil Greene's Volunteer Oversea Service In 'France, Belgium and Germany ami his many acts of mercy with the Field Service and ''American Red Cross HOWARD REED Still the People's Choice FOR GOVERNOR 88,000 voles in 1934 against Sales Tax and Corriiplion and all arc still in the saddle riding hard - These voles were casi without promise or pay. Don't Let Graft Money Fool You- Just Stay Put- We're Winning This Campaign On Honesty This Ad Paid, for by lilyfhcvillrj Business Men Wio Arc Against the : S;i!cs T;i\ : HARRISON OPPOSES: 1. LIFE-TIME IN OFFICE 2. Additional Federal Taxes 3. Rubber-Stamp Democracy 4. Political Graft 5. Federal Extravagance and Waste Harrison Endorses: 1. Adequate Pensions for the Aged. 2. Fair Treatment of War Veterans. 3. The Program of Organized Labor. •I. Federal Relief for (he Distressed. 5. F2conomy in Government. G. Floor! Protection—Without the landowners having to pay . for il and without a "joker." 7. A Comprehensive Farm Program, Including; (a) vSoil Conservation, (h) Cop-operative Marketing. (c) Support of Extension Service. (d) Real Kslalc and Production Credits. RRISON O p r* Jtl v> GRESS Driver is a candidate for his Oth term! No Man Should have a life-time in one office. You)- corigrcsxnuui should lie familiar witlt ihe of the rank and file of the people. Driver cannot piopcrly represent its by an occas- ional visit to some of ihe larger towns to consult .some local "boss." VOTE F HARRISON FOR CONGRESS —Paid" For By Friends of Zal B. Harrison

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