The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 19, 1949
Page 11
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f FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKTER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms SHUT UP AND RUM , _._ . TH^CT CROSS WEXT'-WHV DOWT I FEEO-rM VOU TAKE THE 1 NOT C0VCRSOFF _ . ... „,„_ ANDtOOKWly V THlKKj Af*RT TO LOCATE A trrri_e •neooBLEJ THAT'S MO JOKE-- LIKE HUMANS TrtSr ITU. BE COSDM 1 AS MUCH AS TO GET THEIR HEALTH BACK/ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople I'D SOMe POLISH, HOW ABOUT tt>A*- THE £0AT ID WDME, FA1rtE« ABE FULL OP- WJST OSTAlii PLATO. SCAT/ Hfc IS MOBS PKECIOOS 1HW4 PCftCLS •*- -SOT HOVJ OO1 A^lSTFROWA (?OP£? •*-V*JAlT/TW50UT/ X FORGOT eo8€RT . CA*i SHOOT TW% ^ PAPClkft OFF A BAKED POTATO 1 AT HALP A. >>^ MILE/ ANY MORft TO EGBERT tO PA!?T VJlTH KIM. ? SHOOTS THAT 6000 = Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up tree of charge in sterilized trucks. Cal) collect, -6142, Blytheville, Ark, ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 8-28 S**led bid* will be received up to 2 p ,m, 6«urt»y Sept, 10th tor tht purchase of the MeChodlst Parsonage ] OCA ted at 709 W. Main whch must be removed from the suite to make way lor tfte new church. Purchaser will be given thirty dayi in which to remove house from site Jl purchaser elects to move ho vise permission wl!) b« given to cue any tree* on lot Inslda of sidewalk Purchaser miut leave lot clean nl all debris whether he moves or tears down noiiM Right is reserved to reject Any or all bids. Building Committee First MetfaocH&l Church- 8)16 c* 8119 TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operators! Use the protection afforded by the State and demand a licensed operator. Experienced, Reliable. Term it MI . . . Household Pests, BMhtville's only licensed operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rl*. 1, Box *-W. East Main St. Phone 3792 Mildred Cram OBd Harwood Wkite THE STORY i A wrallhy wld«w, Mr«. RvrraBn. hmm •«•* with fc«r »*rv»>tB !• («*• >!••! tnilrrm tm For 1 the Finest Prescription Service il) rule »f ler Ih* e»ia»- With **r la fcrr »•*»* Mr*. !• fmnyvm r nan try. Mn». F.vte+ttm *mmoamvem (h»i (hi* place l« •»!* • •d prepare* In <•»*)•• Inr »e.Trral MHBih*. S he h«tld« • rfi»er !• eelrbrHtlnn of their «rrUnL After •tinner. Vfcror inform- Radj, viih «rkum Mr». Ktertioii I* IM ln«e, lhn< the *rld»*r hn« if one nut •[<»•« • Md (K wnltlttfT for hlM. Hudlr. wkv Ihlnka of Mn». Eve mom *n!y !• term* **f her weal rh, follow*. Mr*. MxTone KOC* I* her qunriem, hn( the Bky f U dflrk. 1he *!•»«>»- phere 1« Nfavy. ,Hr», Mnlnne be- rlnit In wnnder « 11 U The Bomfc • r * attfrM. XXIII T^HE heat, even at this time of night, was still oppressive, but Mrs. Malone shivered. Quickly she made her way to the trailer caught the hand-rails and pulled herself up into the bluish gloom of trie entry. The salon door was open am she saw that the Marches* was Jying on the sofa. A bucket containing ice and a bottle of champagne stood on the floor within reach. His eyes were open; hi 'was listening now to a recording of Kespighi's "Pines of Rome," "Come here, Malone," he said. *Yes, »ir." **Do you hear that? The Janicu- lum. 1 was born in Rome. Sixty years ago. Listen. The nightin gales in the ilex groves. Have you ever been there?" "No, sir," "Beautiful. Sad and lonely and aunted. Once you have seen j .ome, you carry it with you for- i vet in your mind and heart. ! Crumbling. Rich as old Ivory. Old ... old . . ." "Is there anything more I can o?" Mrs. Malone said. H Oh. No. No—nothing. Good ght, Malone." In spite of the throttling heat, he closed the door of her cubicle, in-dressed and lay down on top of he covers. tjRS. MALONE must have slept L *- a an hour, perhaps. She awoke vith a start to hear the roaring of a motor res as the and the grinding of fought the sand for Taclion. Slie sal xip. reaching for icr robe. The truck! was driving it awayl She groped with her bare feet, found her slippers, ran to the which thai single hair-raising scream had come. "Mrs. Everson!" he shouted. , The round spot of intense light from his flash swung, wavered, paused, and Mrs. M alone saw Mrs. Everson stumbling out of the forest. "What }s the matter?* the Marehese asked. He came up behind Mrs. Malone. "Mrs. Everson . . ." she began. • * • r PHE Marehese pushed her aside, ran down the steps and started across the stream. Mrs. Malone fumbled along the wall, found Ihe switch punch The lights came on. bright and steady and reassuring door. Standing on the top step she eaned forward to look. The lightning had increased now to an almost continuous flickering and dancing of blue fire. By this un- loly light Mrs. Malone could see the great unwieldy shajje of the truck lurch[ng toward the bank. Gears crashed violently, and of a sudden the headlights bored into the forest. The truck climbed, rocked, straightened out and roared off in a diminishing thunder of exhaust. "Victor!" Mrs. Malone called. "Victor!" She was answered by a shriek that came from the direction of th* falls. Her blood froze. Animal or human? The sound ripped the silence like tearing a cloth. Mrs. Malone felt it in her teeth, along her spine; it was both a screech and a wail, a demon sound. "Victor!" Mrs. Mslone cried again, i She saw him running with flashlight through the sand. Then he seemed fairly to leap across the stream in the direction from after the tumult outsider Then Someone Victor and the Marehese appeared ilh Mrs. Everson between them. She was pale as death, with her 'ace bloody and the gold dress in FOR SALE Concrete eolvtrti 12 Inch to 41 inch, pl*tB or r«entorced AU« Concrete Building Block! cheaper ibao Inmbei foi barru. chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool shed* We deliver Call ns for free estimate . . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. THE GRM.S COMPANY [> v l M I OIV> - M"i'l'<i ox 101 \ Phone 521 Phont 3075 W« Hor« a Complete Stock of Gin and Mill Supplies • Goodrich Belting • Clipper Belt Hooks • Woods Gin Saw Files • Steam I'acking • Pyrene Extinguishers and Recharges. HUBBARD HARDWARE Co., Inc. !l> West Main Phone 2115 Say It . . Wilh Kluwer* THE FLOWER SHOP Ulenco* rlutldlnit Phoor M91 01 nil In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Day or Night Call 981 BlyHierille RED TOP CAB CO. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosowbo SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF TUDEBAKERi We Have The Truck Fcr You FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Exit March "If you'd let m* »tay and play pinochU with your father, I'd toon havt enough to buy a kitchen stove anyway!" PRISCIKLA'S POP rfbbons—and no jewels. No jewels at all. The necklace of great emeralds was gone, the bracelets, the rings . . . "Quick!" the Marches* called. •'Brandy!" They cnrried Mrs. Everson into Ihe salon and put her down on the sofa, piling the satin cushions under her head. With scratched, shaking hands she tried to hold the small glass ol brandy to her lips. Her teeth chattered against the rim, and the liquid spilled down into her bosom. "Rudy . , ." she gasped. "He tried to kill me. He got the jewels. He's gone." "I will go after him in the car," Victor said. "I can make it faster lhan he can. 1 will Eell the police and they will slop him." Mrs. Everson 'shook her head. She looked up at the Filipino with a strange, unreadable expression. "No," she said. "You mustn't go. It is too late. You wouldn't come back. And 1 need you here." {To Be Concluded) On Second Thought SEE HOW INVITING AND FRIENDLY BY AL VERMEER LAWN VIC FLINT It's Alex Again BY MICHAEL O'ftlALLEY and RALPH LANE OUGHT ENOUGH AWAY SO I COUlDN'l BE TRACED. M( DRUS 5 LOWS DISTANCE' TO CALL PERSON-1 "I M«. AlEX RAPPAT WEU.AW?. BASIL CHRISTOPHER THt MAM WITH THE &-NOTES FANCY WE TALKING TO YOU WHEN HALF THE COPS INTHE 5T4Tt ARE LOOKINS FOR YOU — FOR QUESTIONING A BOOT A MURDER! .* **-HV>CC, i*c. T. * *lr, »_; WASH TUBBS Jfig Sister? We Specialize in Fancy Meat* and Groceries We Defrrer Phone 2043 Plenty of Curding Spa«" 3 Choose Studebaker...fhe truck noted for low |~ cost operation. We have the size and wheelbas* to fill your need, so be sure to see them before you buy. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludetwlier Dealer" Railroad * Ash I'hnn* R88 TUDIBAKERi 1UEYBE IMPATIENT TO GET MUKKIED.SAEVGIO WAUTS JfcM'S HSLP WITH CMKY, AMD WITH HIS OWN FlfiHT FOR PESMMEUT &06.BIETV, 6'JT I'M URGIM6 H€K TO WAIT 1 . f\ COUPLE IM LCXIE W IS A, CHALLENGE TO &&£&„.AWVTHIUG DEA.K TO J».N. * RID FOE. HER. CONQUEST. BY LESLIE TURNER TO ME.,. SHE OESEBV6S IHE TOPS, AND I'M THRILLED TO 6EE THAT SHE GOT If' BUGS BUNNY You Can't Win, Doc BUSS NEVER LEAVES MY PAPEH ON THE PORCH, LIKE HE SHOLJLP, BUT TOPAY I'M USIN STWATEG// ALLEY OOP HERE HE COMES/ HE WON'T PA55 UP THAT JUMBO CAW WOT/ ^^' fes, He's Around BY V. T. HAM LIN COULP B6... \YKNOW. THE CONTROL I CA.B'5 NOT /I'VE &OT BANS6D UP / *. GUEEK , MUCH.' ^/FEELINSV fife" /^f (X ™ / -JJ:K—J-C ;%/// ;• / \/f y 6-r? **-: cz BOOTS AND HBR BUDDIES Whozit? ••^iHW BY EDGAR MARTIN TO \01VXWV 0V ^CT;

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