The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 10, 1947
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BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOUTHBA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIV—-NO. 42 Biythevllle Dnllj Newp BlythevUle Courier Blvthevlltc Herald Valley L»ftdtr IUATI1KVIU-K, A.HKANSAS, SATUKDAV, MAY 10. I!M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U.S. and Russians' Jwap Blows Over Palestine Inquiry Both Sides, However, Exercise Care Not to Offend Jews or Arabs LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Mly 10. (UP)---The United States and Russia exchanged well-p:idded blows today over a Soviet attempt to rit- rect the fcrllicomhig United Nations Palestine inquiry to consider how lo cjive Ihe Holy Land independence "without delay." The United states opposed writing the Soviet proposal into the instructions being hammered out bv the UN General Assembly for the still-to-be formed commission of inquiry. "Placing ihis point in the instructions for the commission," said Deputy American Delegate Herschel V. Johnson, "might prejudge the work of the commission" He emphasized, however, that the United States wa s not taking "an intransigent position" in the matter and that it favored giving the commission full powers to consider early independence if it wants to. Soviet Delegate Andrei Gromyko differed with Johnson, however, t asked if there was anyone ng the delegates of 5i United j pns who denied that indepsncl-1 for Palestine's people should i te the ultimate goal. ! Russians Ask Quick Solution "This Soviet proposal would instruct the commission of inquiry to consider this as one of the possible solutions for the Palestine pro^em,' 1 Gromyko said. "It is n^t in any way trying to impose on the commission the study of only one solution." Johnson intervened again to cnmnlain that mentioning "inde- Mndcnco without delav" in the terms of reference for the commission u-ruid di^uliiv prejudice in favor of one solution. >He said m cmi"trv nr<j)"«ed Palestine independence at the proncr lime. >s of the two hie powers •r orders to nffenrl neither .T-n;^ nir Arabs durine the As- serrb'v's clrb^>n of the Holy Land ouestirm. spoke in concllifilorv ant! soft' lerms. The debate contraster shf.rnlv with the vocabulary often emnloved bv the United States and Russia h> eMier UN debates. India Offers Plan • " .India's Asaf All aruued in favor o's proposal, which he to a so-called comprom- ^ohitlon for the terms of reference nf the inquiry commission. The Indian proposal would, lik' other prcnosnls for terms of reference, aive the commission- wide powers to collect- and weieh facts in the Holv Land controversy, to call am- governments or agencies or individuals before it and to prepare proposals for solving the problem. Balancing his bid for Arab favor in pressing for mention of independence, Gromyko asked the Political Action Committee also to write into the terms of reference sp-rific authorization lor a study of "virioiis other issues" connected with the problem — a provision which would permit Investigation of the displaced persons camps in Europe and Jews desiring to go to Palestine. The American-Russian jockeying and Ilussia's desire to embarrass Ihe British were expected to push the political committee into the most basic debate of the emergency meeting. Socialist Cabinet Formed in France House Approves Truman Revamps Crusade •ireekAidBillto Against Communism To Check Commies Socialist Premier raul Riinwclif-r, sen ted nt (.enter, is sliown \vilh the new ScciAlisi Ciiblnot Ministers named to succeed Ihe ousted Communists. The n cw Ministers are; left to right: Felix Goulii. P. II. Teitgen, Jules Moch, Yvcm Delbos niul Marcel Roelore, ns they appeared with llmnitckLer in I'nrls. — (NEA Tetephoto by Hcne Hom-y.> %th District Legion Meet Opens Sunday The election of district officers will highlight the Fifth District American Legion convention to be held at the Hut here tomorrow Commander H. G. Partlow of the Dud-Cason Post announced today- District officers elected at tomorrow's meeting will serve two year terms. This will be the final convention of. District Five posts before the state meeting which will be held in Little Rock in July. Principal speaker at tomorrow's convention wil] be J. Wesley Sampier, of Rogers, slate commander. Delegates lo the convention will .also hear an address by Charles Q. Kellcy of Little Rock, past national vice-president and Roscoc Lee, also of Little Rock who is connected with the Veterans Administration. lloycc Dickson of Lepanto. district commander will preside over the convention. Legionnaires will attend church services to be held at the hut nt noon. The business session Is expected lo get underway nt 1:30 p.m.. Com- maivjA Partlow said. Several hundred ®gionnaires from the 21 posts constituting the Fifth District. i»e expected to be present. Democrats Offer i New Labor Bill Surprise Action in Senate Delays Vote On GOP Measure WASHINGTON'. May 10. (UP) — A diversionary move by a bloc ol 11 Senate Democrats was threatening today to stall a final Senate vote on Republican-sponsored ,abor legislation. Republican leaders still thought .here was a chance, however, of a vote Monday or Tuesday, Chairman Robsrt A. Taft, R.. O.. of the Senate Labor Commlltee spoke of moving to table the substitute bill introduced unexpectedly last night by Sen. James E Murray. D., Mont., former chairman of the commitle 1 :. A motion :o table shuts off debate. The Murray bill was introduced after the Senate rejected almost all amendments to modify its labor bill. It did, however, approve nn amendment by Sen. John McClellan, D., Ark., which would deny Wagner Act recognition to any union with an officer who a member of the Communist Party. Klurray had 10 Democratic cosponsors on the bill, which was obviously doomed. A usually well- informed administration so'.irc: said the measure was not an administration bill but that an administration bill might bj .introduced if and when president Truman vetoes Republican legislation. •However, the 'Murray bill closely followed recommendation^ mode bv President rumiin in his state of the union messace .and bv Secrc- ary of Liibir Lewis B. Schwcllen- bach and Chairman Paul Hcrzig .f the National Labor 'Relations Board in testimony before the Senate Lator Committee. Coach at Osceola Named Councilor For Boys' State C-3CEOLA, Ark.. May 10.—Rubs Boyce, athletic director of Osceola High School, has been nsmccl a councilor for Boy's Slate in Little Rock May 31 to June 7, it was announced yesterday by l r rank Sanders, superintendent of schools heie Bobby Dean Reid will rcprereti Osccola at the 1947 session of Boy's State. The Osceola Rotary Club to his sponsor. Thrc otner boys from South Mrs slssippi County will be cnosen to .V. tend Boy's State. They, represent schools of Joiner, Wilson an Luxora. Subversives in U.S. Government Must Go, Attorney General Says BOSTON. May 10. (UI J >— Alt or-* ------icy General Tom C. Chirk said today the Department oC Justice h ci^ed to "eliminate" all subversives to the government, but will lot engage in "witcli hums "in carrying out its task. "Tlie clock will not be Umi^tl back the Lime when such activities .ook place near this historic sett i tig of liberty," Clark said. In an address prepared for delivery before the second nalUiiial conference on citizenship, Clark s;ik! the bill ol righLs guarantees to the 1 American citizen that his bnsir: fix 1 -- 1 - doins shall not bo invaded. One a[ his responsibilities. Clark said, is i/j Pickets Prolong Telephone Tie-Up Many Workers Ready To Return to Jobs But Respect Lines WASHINGTON, May 10. <UP> — ickcl lines of striking Western Slcctiic.Co. employes loday blockcc the complete uintlup of Ihe nationwide telephone strike, about lo enter its sixth week. The Labor Department's weary lop concilialors. who thought I was about over when long-distance employes settled their strike Thursday, prepared to step up UCRO- tiallons between Western Elee'idc and Us two still-striking union, cere. Their taget wns a weekend agree incut to get rid of the picket line 1 by Monthly morning but prospect appeared slim for achieving Ilia objective. Ernest Weaver, -piegldent .of Awjciatiori of .Communication,' tjuiphient Workers, Fitzslmmpns; president of tnirtfresl em Electric Employes Association said their picket lines could pro long the nationwide walkout hide finitely. Weaver's union has 20,000 mem bers on picket lines from const I coast, riliisimmoiis' union has 22 000 members in the Kenrny, W J area who are picketing cxchang-: in New York City nnd Northern Mew Jersey. "Our picket lines are holding solidly and are being respected by long lines workers and most of the other people who have reached a settlement of their disputes/' Wcnv- Tomorrow. moil 1 ., rhe uncelebir.l-1 er said. cd heroine, will hav ( > Ihc eyes of! "We have assurances from them the nation upon her as she is' that they will continue to honor honored on h^r i,p;c:al day,'our lines until we obtain a satis- "Molher's D'i> T ." . " | faclory contract." Mother's Day in America is (.niyj Meanwhile regional strike setllc- 33 years old. It began in isil-1 when President Wood row Wilcon proclaimed ^cy that the citizen's basic rights nre protected. "Tn Ihe final analysis, " Clark j-nid, "our best defense agai::st .silbvcr- sivc elements is lo make the ideal jl" democracy a living fact — n way of life such as lo enlibt the loyalty of the individual in thought, feeling and in behavior," Clark said the home, tlu: chuv:.h ami the school urc the foundntion of democratic community life. H do not make democracy work locally, he said, it will not \vovk nationally. lie SEitri that one of the first ami ingent concerns of all citizen^ i; "to eliminate , the slums oi Amcri- ail;.* &tatttja.''^,^,ifl L.-J'. ..-^ ^ Throughout" Aimrica. he mid •iiifLay poverty-stricken and hroken- para- lowh' schools arc doxes to the idtm of equal cduca- .ional opiiortunily for ail." ITe raid teacher^ 1 wages arc fnr too -low lo ensure successful teaching. Mother's Day Observances Planned Here Mcasure Expected to Reach White House Early Next Week WASHINGTON. Moy 10. .ur resident T:\mi i-i's new . L t..p 7ommiiiilstii i)i'0'jn':» lu>cl Ih liven llBia from owiv.s.i t>-ilaj The $4W).~MO.riW Greek- Tiii'.'.;,«'l Id bill, first positive hi'..'jVmi-n itton of Ihe Pre.iHc/ut'i pi'o-irun ot the overwhelm!!;^ approval t -ie Hmise lint nlf.'it. H lux! \*:e iously been nnpr->v?d by th ic'tiale by a I'.i-avy imiri'.in Only slight differences I'l the -rovlMoiis of (tie bill FCpii'T.iod lie Senate ind House. They were Xjiecled to Ivj [nl|ustc:rl early next veek niul th-j me.isme stMt to he While House-. Pre.scnt plans ui-? in nllocalc ap- iroxlmalely '150,000,006 for tl'.e conoiulc reh.iMliui'.on ol Oiveee. •150.0M.ODO (01- military .:M for lie (H.n:k Army .11(1 SlOO.COO.OrtO to iiKKlernlvj Turkey's annccl ~r,r:cs. Debated for l-'otir I)n>s The House approved the measure iftcT four clay.i a! fiery clebale !n which op|x>nc<u,i cried tint thill -t was "a decl'iraMon of wnr 1 i.nd >ropnuents chall'jni'.cjd Soviet Russia lo "make the most of U." "The fut Js In Ih: firo now." snid Hop. Ljuvionce II. Smith.' n.. WIs.. who broke with h^s friend and foreign :if'alrs committee col- cnsuie, Iminir.n Charles A. Eaton, .. N. J.. lo ic.ul lli,> flthl ;:iitisl the Dill. "The bill is a VTI' mcMsuie and from now on we in " Hiullli told the United Press that "hysteria has swept over us nnd we can look fV.i- 11 sulfenlnx of millliiry s.tuallQ.i." Then, referring lo ll'.i- bill'-; suppoi lers and lo the lulmiciislraUon f. l e:ie- rally. he add^d: ::They rlifiscil this Ililiicj up wlih red herrings aiifl tlkln'^ have, the moral courage.-yes, the nuls— tci toll the pe'ipb: lliav this wns really a war ine.v»ure," Lime btl iro 111,- final MI| V was taken l>i ;he llniin: \n: »|i- -pcnltlon knnw it wan wliii>]:ed. Every effort by oi'lHniriils lo kill, delay -ir [nit sluckli-s im the measure uui triiytuJi t -Wh»n |H*',HiMM^|M<l'VUt «i iB+iftoimt??^^^ rott ! «»ii ^tT«f aH'tfi iS; iSf •«£ hxl bnea mtrti/ tram "the Wage Economic Warfare Unaware 1 Administration Embarks on New Program Uimwurc thut his Ires uiv itonc, Dale Itlcliry, 0. c-lntclu's n nrw pulr of Kkuti\s broHHhl lilin liy lib fnthi>r, llowiu-cl injlu, niul Arlluu* Nelson. jiiiporlnlcniU'iH of the Ilt^ullnl in Chlc;i(;<i. The Ixiy was biirnod nntl his lens Inid lo Ire !iin])uliitctl »'h«i'i t!:ni[ti'cnc sui, In. In Diiine h<n)iiliil tiic hoy's niollicv niivc birth ti> :l buD.v. ljL'llcv):iB Hint her linn':; Injuries were minor. Sliu did not Iciirn UIB nulli until liot 1 new huby wus snleiy ih-Uvercd --iNKA TcHt.'^hoto). Son Francisco Police Seek Slayer of Chicago Gangster SAN FRANCISCO, M:iy 10. (!.'!'; —Btiippi-'il of his ;':ishy I'toliies, Nlcholns tNick> dc Jnnii, lilK-lrnv Chlcnao Biimhlcv, lny >>n n t'nl) nt the city niOTSU,' loilny, while r.iilleo his ;!A:, > >r. R'^nrs k|.!.:llni-<\ to MIV Mini tho vlelliii nf ii tnnv.ivn- tiiiiiii, but. they were |ircnnH Jn'itijr 'jvl'l-'ii^G Hint In th',i illvnc-tion. Jiilin, :!!), me! ;\ violent ilcv.ilh dunce taA twea mt«l*> Iwnn "the P™""™ "' "' " «'"«-i.oii. form in wliii-ii it fir.-.i; lenrhedl , l tf. •"' Ini ' :!!) ; "^ " vlr>l( ' lli ' ' lc '" lh the'floor. Ti-is Involved n tech-/ si "'. 1 '"'' lo ""' <;«'«".''iiut ^»)l"X nlcnl elimlmiMun ol n sln"lc woid 1° ° of "'* "• s ' ; '-' l 'ial"s in Chtsiiv" Parly lines viiiilshi.d -m the hlll.l \ sl I' 1 ""'- A fire !;:ir.'or. nil off Midwest Republicans joim-d wllh llls brenlh ''»' r -' :l v -numliiB. sonic Now De'il ^.;inocrol.s aRiii^.st. It while the reiiiiilu'ii^ iiuiiulj^r:; of the GOP n\n.luritv forir.ccl n victory coiiU'i'w with Sontlitrn Democrats and cnlninn.s- trntlon .siipiJCi'tcr.'i. Votlntc for the measure were 1,J7 rto])ubi!e.uis untl "00 Democrit-i. At).il')st it \v(>ic 3 Republicans, 13 Democrat.', nntl nep. vito MarcaiibiniD. Alp. N. Y. May 8. and askctl llir.t Ihe second Sunday of .-very May bo set aside for molhrrs and that frov- mcnls continued throughout Ihe lion, allhough there were some hitches. Southern Bell telephone workers, eminent official; and private cit- izcns observe it by h:">siii.; liiis on public biiiU'iiiRs' ai-cl sonic •1H.OOO strong In nine south- cm states, ended their dispute wiln Blythevilte School Fund Dr/re Gets Support from Store Owner in Osceola Because an 'Osceola grocer thinks .he BljthcviUo plan for modcrni/.:i- tion of its school system is a ROOC! dca, th e Cil'«:'iL3 School Ci::in;lt- :ce drive for S50.COO to buy a new ilgh .school .site received its first out-of-town contribution yesterday. The Osccola contributor is E. P. Fradley, father of three school-age children. He sent the committee $10 to be used to assist the schools the company last night lor wa 1 increases ranging from $2 to $4 a homes week. nalioml expression til lr,ve| The strike was called off in Citi- and reverence Tor the n:r,i tiers oficinnati for a settlement of $2 lo Ibis country. . 53.50 a week- San Francisco telc- - But (he custom of honoring phone strikers offered to settle for mother is now new Even in an- a S4 across-the-board boost plus cient times, mothers on cerlnin! other features of their old con- da.l e s were liTio;'cd with valuable tract. gifts and Mo'.i-er'.s Bay in Mexi- Ncgoliatioiis between liic New co is a custom which (!a;ei back l.COO years. 44-Deqrec Low Recorded For City on May Tenth Spring continued its recession from this section as falling tem- )ieraturos yesterday belied tl!3 sea- fon. Tlie mercury reached a high yesterday of only 68 degrees i dropped during last night to a seasonal low of 44 degrees, according to Robert E. Blaylock, official weather observer. here in obtaining site. The campaign Thursday. a new building was launched BlytheviSle to Send Girl To 'Y' Youth Conference In medieval times. Mother's Day Jersey TclephOTie Union nnd Striking workers, however, were broken off in what was described by uiilo was also^ the Virgin's Day. i'leienls spokesmen as nn "unfrieiufly" atmosphere. They were to be I'csum- wcjrc of jewelry -V.TJ , broiiRht lo shrines and living mother:; similarly renwirtjc.-.xl. The Idea ,,{ h-ivincr a ?!>.,cial Mother's Div ;-.i jcl-co.s and churches belli;,; to Miss Anim Jarvls of Phi'cidelpjiia, r.ow S3. Churches flowers in services, and f.'i symbolic of (his Only white -.arn tionetl in co:inc;ctbn services, but iiradiiall mi.'i.i'.ed the use of ; se Mother's D:iy became ind service, •'ire inen- ilh chinch the custom to wear a wiii'e carnation only if the nulher is dead and to wear a. pins or red one if is living. Wu.mnj; flowers nr.d later giving foivois his gradtuilly The BlylhevilV Tr:-Hi-V lias been tiesiRnatcd lo sc:l c cl a v.iil lo represent Aviiaiu-is in Ihe National YMCA-YWCA Confer'rce for youth June 20 to 25 at Giin- cll College ::-. iown, it. was announced tcdav by Y officials. The. selection of Mv- jsis'l-.eville fill is to be anno'ncccS within P. few days. Four Ixiys .'rim other cities will j be selected to ctt-j.vl the Iowa conference, il was li-idlo.ilii!. A program to obta'n funrts; for the represoii'nti.-e's trip will include, \io"i(ir.\ p I If-ht at the Y ro n:is fcr r-.^ults an.l Tuesday nignt for .( u ni;n- hitjh and high school f'.vident'i The Trl-Hi-Y -.^ mace up of high school $>;'*, expanded lo r e mcmbe:ln R mother also with mor-j iJCi'Jiiar.ent gifts. niylhcville rhiii-rhr.s will havcjUnucd until next special Mother's D:w service'-, to- was set at $300. ed today. Lost Cane Man Faces Charge of Hit-Run Driving L E. vox of Lost Cnne was >ir- rcsted yesterday In connection •*'!:li Ihc hit-and-run collision Thursday with a tractor driver by Ronnie Jones, 40. also of Lost C.ine, •>»£ nnd a half miles Sputli of '.he Little nivcr Gin. Fox entered a plea of not ^iiil'-V this morning in Municipal Co lit on charges of leaving lr3 see:)" of an accident and the case was con- Saturtlay. IVi'l Farmers Share Cost of Road Graveling Job The tllrt road running brtween Blackwater and Milligan Rlclye is being graveled through the joint efTorLs of farmers of that aren antl Mississippi County in bearing the cost of that work. Wllh the county furnishing the equipment nnd handling Ihc actual road work, the farmers are be-irinj; approximately 50 per cent of the road-building cost. County Judge Roland Green said today. About six miles of thai road hnv been graveled by the coiinly and another 10 miles Is buln^ re-sur- Iiiccd, both county funds acid mo contributed by the farmers. Thcj arc spending about $1500 per mile Judge Green said. Judge Green endorsed the sl-.prc thc-cost road plan. Other uravc-lin; jobs tire planned on tnc snme basl: Thc fanners are paying ihei share on the basis of every nvl completed, he said. W.-.i r, n mil of road Is graveled, the farmer then pay for thai portion of th work. Gravel for the work Is bthit' haul ed by truck from Caraway, iiboi five miles nway, he SHI.I. Deputies from the sheriff's of! : morrow and vm-ious clulr, r.nd other ori;ani?.il:ons wil. .rjiv-; so- said they traceri Fox through cial affairs honciing mothers. ' cense number lakcn by Mr. ,)rj'«'- as Ihe ear which smashed into hS tractor drove ;'.vay. Mr. Jones suffered rib and Ivp Injuries in the collision and i'>- s tractor was heavily damaged. Letson Infant Dies services lor Jerry I.cifin. ftvc-nionths-old son of Mr. and Mrs Eugene Lelson of ncnr Armorel. were held this afternoon at Connlli. Miss. He tiled yesterday afternoon of bronchial pneumonia after a week's illness. His parents arc' his only survivors. To Hear Civil Cases i\ session of Common Pleas Couit' Circuit Courtroom at the Court House with County Judge Roland Green presiding. Weaiher ARKAJ-fSAS—Parlly cloudy with little change in temperature tonight; Sunday mostly cloudy, scat- leied thundershowers and warmer. Toning Case Dismissed In Municipal Court FIcetwood U. Jr,vi-cr of B;---)' ville was aciult:cd in Mimlfii i Court this moviiing on rhnrg,.s o violation of Mn; cltyi bulldmi: c:-< requiring a pdrmit authorized I the City council for cons:vut;!i<.n of business slructuiVK i:i n re&nlnil nl district. Mr. Joyner wns charcod wilh erecting without a permit- a filling Hi.s body was '.'omul >e-'er;lay ry iollcc offlcer.s, caliod for n rou- Ine cheek .-"f :ui aln'iKi'M-.Lj-.l cur. I was stuffrd Into tlie Him 1 ,; of Is Kini|-py 1347 town-and-country onvfiliblf. 'XI-C.M-I I hir. noclt was i Ihln red Ilii; left uy the kliitr's vlre (niicre. The murder :i v -^in?cl erent underworld i uiiior-; tiiat nembcrs of the.- I'IS-;MI rackets nut been ses'i i.i Sun l-';-.i:u-isco ind were .\tlL'jii'>'lc.,l t.i "u: n" on Ihe VV-s, Coast. Reports fro.n '.he Sun Fin :o undciworltl Miitl ur. Jolm was rylng to opja'ilzi: bookie;, he-re in he Chlcnyo Ktyie. n. war; also .hnl I'.e was a ui^ opi'^-i'ir in Ihc; lylon stocking bl.ick .he West con-it. DC John dabbhti in :i ng the proln'oiilo'1 en U r ratlu:itetl to bTok;'i:vl'.:i! Italian cheese nm:-i;ei. ;icj rsimc aiifornia la it V-'-l'' after i oul wilh the (.ili^il;-I.,(-vin linn syndicate in Chicnijti. He John rep'n'te-lly J:;itl sC'Hi;hl with his illicit; to mov.' mlo control of the jl.jui.v.i t-iicr- r mnri-el In Chicago. 'I'noe n.i'ii \vl.i, cip- PO'iecl them were tlaiv ; . Ry K. H. SIIACKFORH 1 Untied Fretin StaR' Correspondent WASHINGTON, May 10, (UPtf- I The lulmlnlsli'nllon embnvkc'J today onon an attempt to shift the emphasis In the "Truman Doctrine 11 from nu Idco.oglcal crusauc against Communism to nn economic (or rebuilding Western Euroy? and the Far East Into healthy, d?mo- crntlc ureas.. High administration, officials nve frankly worried about the trcml of Ihc lust two months dcoate in and out of Congress. Borne privately admit lhal mistakes of handling the program have been mnde. They fear: 1. That Congress will consldC;' its duty done onco It has approved the Greek-Turkish nid bill, whereas It Is only n small beginning In lh° overall slratcgy. 2. That it will he difficult, If not | impossible ,in Congress' Iramc of I mind, to persuade congressmen Mint I Greece, uiid -Turkey nrc but a rela- j lively jstnnll part—even If 'Ihc most crlllc.U—of tl^ battle against Soviet expansion nnd Influence. All ol Western Europe and » good portion of the Fur East, they feel, nrc frying for the slime kind of aid. 3. That the current public.wave ol excitement about Communism and Soviet Russia will be difficult o deflect Into support for dull but vital economic steps to 1)2 trik'jn if 7omiinmlMn Is to be hulled ir. Western Europe nml Asia. Now Global Policy These ofllchUs view the "Truman Doctrine" ns n global policy—squally applicable lo France and Wcslcrn Germany and Great Bnialn ns to the temporarily strategic Eastern McdltciTiinenn. In fact tluiy bDlievn —especially since failure of the Moscow Cohforeiicc—that if Western ISurope Is to be saved from Communism a long-range economlo program Is the /weapon for doing (no Job. ; They wiuit lo build l(w program Into a-' truly peacethv.'. lent'.-lc.ise meiuu'ra. '" - v .. . The ohlef lulnilnhu-.ttlon woiry, now Is how to keep Western Furopa 1 from economic collapse hi the waki of failure nt Moscow W [jut Power agreement on Germa'.i (cms. There Is no thought of abandon- Ing Ihe policy that military aid. to such nations us Greece and Turkey i may be necessary..Bui high officials are convinced that the surest nnd This became known today wl.en vle^T'oSm 1 ^ Wcslcrn Europe Is to get those nn- Gen. EisenSiowsr Due to Testify Army's Chief of Stqff Expected to Be Called In War Fraud Triaj WASHINGTON. Muy 10. (UP) The: prosecution wil] lie forced lo rail urmy Chief of Stuff Ocn I3wii;lit D. Elsenhower next week ns n witness In the May-Garsson Charles J. Margloltl, eounsul for Dr. Hei-iv M. Garsson and Ills brother. Murray, lolcl newsmen he would object to Kovcnimenl Inli'O- duellon of n letter Eisenhower wrote (o former Congressman Andrew J. May unless the lellcr were properly "proved." Governmciil lawyers had plauncil to Introduce the letter, written m response lo May's np;;cnl In eon- iK'ctlon with the court martini oi Murray's son. cupt| Joseph Gars- '•nr:<ei -on K "''' wl 'hnut Eisenhower present to Idniutfy it ,,s his. It was their hone no objection would be raised. Tin? defense position blocked the government's intention. ohnl ollr- nntl later and the to Red Cross Pkms Annual M Election Tuesday Officers an:l b'j.inl invmlicis of the Chicknsn'.vljii >:(:-,pi, i of Un- American He,i OTrts f.ii l!v: i oni- inc yar will ..e tlr :,!•:! n; tlic^ annual mciith-n of lh:il rroiip al S o'clock Tuovl.v :irim<t.oii in the Circuit .;IMI ir;,;"ii of Ihe Court House Iicis. A report, of r.l! a'lUlil*'.: ricd on here ly lh-- l;e-l CK.S.% during the past ycs.r will In- given, George M. l.e:, chuplor c-lKi.;m;.n, said. Each rcside'll, ct K(j:;!i AIi."f-is- -sippi County who .'i:is co:in'uutetl one dollar or ir.orc l«i Ihe Kid Cross tltirinii ('it- pt.'.t, \-e:n is u member of f'c'.o Chi-, k isriv.hi District chapter aiKl is ur; , '! lo at- tc-tid the :inir.L;il r.i!.--jt ir.'i Mr. stated. "Hesicles," ndtlccl Marglottl, "I want, to ask the general n few fiue.itlons." Yonni; Gnrs.son wns court-mar- lialed for liisiibordinatlon for fnil- Ini! lo move his chcmlcnl mortar it to a position lie thought un- ind during the European cam- Hence to he discharged without honor was suspended. May, the Garssons and Joseph F. Freeman, who rej'.re.scnled Ihe i.ssons here diirimi the war, are eharcecl with fraudulent conspiracy in ndciition to c-ninpiicity in ihe alleged payment of S53.COO in bribes to M.iy for aid iti securing war contracts. •As tlie third week of the Irial c'lu'cd. the government had broughl n new S2.500 item into Ihc cnsc It wai in addition lo the $53(0!)0 charfu'd in the indiclmcnt. The izovertimeiit showed that in •June. 1942, Way deposited ill his bank ar.-ounl here a. S2500 check drawn by Murray Garsson on tlie Modern Industrial Bank of -New York. The check bounced, but Ilcn- iv Gal-moil covered it by transfer of funds from his personal account in the bank of Manhattan Co. of New York station In conjuncli'm his ru h pHreiiis aiu ins UJJI.Y .MIJ',"""- _- v .-_ Holt Funeral Home was 1" charge, lot Innocent. store and rii.-elli:i[; on the airport highway past 21 jt slrpct but within the city limit;,. Municipal Jtulpe Sudbury ruled tint Mr. Joyner was not guilty on '.h'. grounds lliat the city had .'iiilcd to prove '.he existence of .1 filling slallon on the property that, the owntr- shtu of the pr.ipc.-'.y irsylf Had not been established. Mr. Joyner iuid entered N. Y. Stocks tlons back on their feet, 'cconom£ cally. 'J'lie shift of cmphns>r> got Us ma- or impetus on Marshall's return rom Moscow and his fir.'t week's view of the trend In Con.rr^ss 3s 11 us among the general public, ills radio report on the Moscow Conference reflected tho shift when ho devoted much of his report to emphasizing the economic needs of Europe as u whole and thi Importance lo the world of nn economically healthy Europe. Centers on Economic Aid But Undersecretary of Slate Denn Acheson' started the real campaign for Hie change in n speech at Cleveland, Miss., Thursday. Ha called for Immediate economic reconstruction of Germany and Japan and a series of economic measures, including extension of wartime controls over exports, to Implement th; Truman doetrinc. Last night Marshall, in u letter to the tJnllcd States"associates regretting his absence from a New York dinner earlier this week, phifj- ijcd his new line again. He emphasized that the more lie dealt with political negotiation's, the ir.ore convinced he was that "enduring political harmony rests heavily upon economic stability"—and that only through creating healthy economy conditions "can we create an economic and social environment ties from the in which politic-;,! inslrtlibity Is bred." Th<s Is the beginning of what may Tje expected to be high level, widespread administration campaign —once the Greek-Turkish aid bill comc.s Into force—to sell the country on the need to raise its sights on help for economic reconstruction of that part of the world which Mill has hopes of b?liifi saved from Communism antl Soviet influence. As one administration oiftcinl put H: "Bread and jobs ,ii the riant time are the most effective weapons against Communism. 1 ' A T nnd T Amero Tobaoco . _, _ ... .Anaconda Copper Three S. Missco Families, Beth stcci Hit by Storm, Receive Aid OSCECLA. Ark.. May 10— Three South Mississippi County families will receive rehabilitation aid from the American Heel Cross neccsl- tated by tile windstorm in this area last week. a. survey of Ihe wind-stricken .sections of the South half of the county has revealed. iA!l three families suffered losses , of all their possessions. They re- plea'side in Ihe Etovvnh and Crews I Lateral communities. Coca Cola Gen Elcclrlc Gen Molors Int Harvester North Am .\v!aliai Republic Steel Radio Socony vacuum Studcbaker Standard of N J Toxas Corp Packard U S Steel ICi 1-4 66 7-8 fjl 3-8 K! S-8 :so ?4 1-4 51 1-8 82 1-2 53 3-4 24 7-8 8 1-4 15 1-4 \'j l-l 71 3-4 61 1-4 5 7-8 GTi '• Bulldozer Operator Killed FOOAHOOT.4S, Tenn., May 10. (UP)—Joe Hadlcy. 27. of Bolivar. Ter.n., was Injured fatally yesterday when a falling tree struck him as he operated a bulldozer on a construction project near here. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK, May 10. I.UP1—Cot- ton closed barely Dpcn Kich •!7f>5 2795 low close '2762 2Ti5 Mar. . May . July o472 3*80 .M^ S451 Oct. 2963 2911 2934 SC36 Dec S8C6 2iTO 2837 2038 Spots close 3719 down 10.

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