The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO 13LYTIIEVILLE COURIER SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 19<1S 1 Coming Events ; MONDAY Woman's Auxiliary o< SI, Stephen's Episcopal .Church meeting t ftith Mrs Emma Nolcn, 2:30 p. m. Woman's Society of Christian Service, Lake Street Methodist Church, having silver tea at church, 2:30 p. in. TUESDAY Tuesday Bridge Club meeting with Mre W C Hlggtriwri. Mrs M. G, Goodwin entertaining EI-MonUily Bridge Club. Double Q. Club meeting f wlth Miss Mary Spain TJsrey. , ; Mrs. O. O. Poetz entertaining Club La Neuve Club meeting with Miss Peggy White. WEDNESDAY 1 A.- D. C, Club meeting with Mrs : William Young. Mrs, Fred V. Rutherford enter> tainlng Town anil Country Club. Wednesday Bridge Club meeting with Mrs. R. L. Stockelt. Mission Study Course at Firs Presbyterian Church, 7:30 p. m. THURSDAY Thursday Night Bridge Club meeting with Mrs. Wlllanl H. Pease. Thursday' Luncheon Club meeting with Mrs. J. A. Leech. Mrs. C. P. Tucker entertaining Oc- tette Luncheon Club. Friendly.Eight Club mcrtlvis with Mrs. Hubert Wade. . Mr». J. D. Liuutord *-;•> -"••• !:"-' Ei M. O. Club. . .; ; . . , il Id-We <& Club meeting \MH: ' .;E. it. 6. Usre'y. : ....•FRIDAY C. B. C. Cliib meet Ing with Mrs. Lendehrile Fowler. O. N: B, Cliib meeting with Mrs. vas won by Mrs. O. O. Elklns econd high by Mrs. Ross Moore ml rooko by Mrs. Lemlcnnle Fow- The hostess served iv dessert oursc. 'ortniglilly Club Meets Mrs. John Feathi-rfilone and Mrs. Love B. Adains were guests of Mr.i. A. M. Butt Thursday afternoon when she also was liostess to members of the Fortnightly Club for imchcon. A two course menu was served, nt the dining table, nnd later In the afternoon the group played bridge tor several hours. 4 * « Bunco Club Has Parly Mrs. J. F. Nolcn, entcrlalnlnK last night at her home for members of the G.N.B. Club, also v«s hostess to two other guests, Mrs Gene rwlley nnd Mrs. Don towards. Bunco prize wns- won by Mrs Byron Null, Well by Mrs. Nolcn am lo'w by Mrs. Edwards. A sandwich plate with Iced drinks wns served. Print Exhibit To Be Offered Al An exhibit of 20 silk screen prints will be hcl t | at the local USD dur- School Band Members of the Blythevllle Hlgl School tarul won many honors a the East, Arkansas Band Clinic hplc yesterday in Joriestjoro, when Ash- w e c t | a e ca - , In;; (he coming week under sponsor- 1 ley Colfrnan. professor of, inuslo, a ship of Hit- mythcville branch of llendrlx College, and Edwarel.Tug- . . .... — .• — ._.,... _» r»_i yj^ band and glee club director a Whltcimveh, Tenn., high school Bits of News Mostly Personal Local ScMer Married Announcement has been made of the marHase .of MiSs .Jean Carr, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Gordon Caif of Ningafii Falls. N. Y. r to Pfc. Harry F. Grimes' Jr., of Blythevllle ic American Association of Unl- erslty Women. 'I1ic public \x In- teil to attend the exhibit at tiny me during the hours the USp s open from Sunday through Thursday. In selecting this collection the Association tried to cover first, samples of the leading artists In American silk screen print history; econd, Illustrations of many ways t uslni; the process; third, artists o established that thcv are likely o continue to work In the medium; and fourthi beautiful anil cxccp- ional prints. The artists nre between 30 and 50 years of age, born in many places, but all except two or three arc now residents of New York City. Most of them are painters, Gwnth- mey and Gottlieb well known. Steffen, Wall, Johnson and others have had one man shows in New York City. Gottlieb, Olds anil Sternberg have had the high honor of the Guggenheim fellowship. Vclonls, Maccoy, and Warsagcr have bccii , were auest cpnductors. Lieut, and Mrs. B. L. Stnfforil pioneers in the technique of the process; Steinberg wrolc one of the few books ntioul it. The ellk screen print was Invented by the c-lilncsc 2000 years Band members making the firs chair were Rosemary Ohlld, flre saxophone; Enrllne SulliVan, firs clarinet: Virginia Swearlngeh, flrs French horn; Harry Ray Brook. bnss clarinet,;' Thomas Bell, firs chair treble baritone; Grady Ma gee. first bass baritone; Billy Wil Hams ami Benny Johnson, firs sousaphones; Donald Rnmsey 'an,. Rnndall Hawks, first elitilr trombones. A highlight of the clinic was' the cornet solo by Harry Carter,Farr of the local band, who took ; the solo part in. the presentation of "American Fantnzln," One hundred nnd OB students representing Wynne, Luxora.'Shawncc, Joncsboro high school and. junior high school, Forrest City, Blytheville, Carlisle,, Newport, \Vest Helena, nnd Whitehnveri, Tenn., participated .in the event. • ;, Other band members rr.prn.TJly- tlieville who attended Included Jlfri Onles. Harold .Trayidr, ; Mary,. Vnn Snccd, Frccl Rogers, Jim Henry, Gordon Hammock, Larry Hearn, lonor Students Announced Here Frances Shouse Has 15 Points To Lead For First Semester i Frances Shouse led the lilgl school honor roll lor Ihc first se- ncsUT witlfc 15 points. Mnry Nunn followlni! closely with 14 3-4 and Vannyc Whitley with H I- 2 Others on the; semester honor rol arc- Hnrry Farr with 13 3-4; ISel y Woo<l.soii ,)3 1-4; Marilyn Dcoi 13 1-4; Hetty Black, 12 3-4; Dick Williams, 12; Dorothy lam, 12 Frances Field, 11 1-4; Julia Wood son 11 l-4;'OHurles Henderson, 11; Betilnti Hawkins, IT, Shirley Bar- iiam 10 3-4; Patsy Travis, 10 3-4; Peggy Van Winkle, 10 1-2; Muriel Knlidsen, 10 1-4; and Evelyn Beard, 10. Cftrllnc ChlMcrs, 0 3-4; Ann Wcedmnn, B 3-4; Sammyo Ferguson, 9 1-2; Chester Caldwell. 0 1-4; Sain Johnson, 9; Mary Sue Bcrryinnn, 8 3-4• Joe Sallba, 8 3-4; Mary Ixni he third six weeks: Hetty 1/ou Al- slns, Wanda liarhain, Mary Lynn Jean, Slilrlcy Collins, Joyce Damon, Jimnlta Evnns, John Everett, Sara Joyner, Marlon Maycs, Jim Dates, Helen Ramsey, Iva Seay, A. G. Shil)cy, lavte Swain, and Billy Willams. FIRST BAPTIST CIIimCH K. 0. Brown, pastor Southern Baptist Radio Hour, 1:30 . m. Sunday School, 0:40 a. in. P. J- Deer, supt. Morning Worship, 10:50 a. m. Sermon by pastor. H.T.U., 6:30 p. m. Evening Worship, 1:30 p. in. Sermon \>y pastor. WEDNESDAY 7 )/. m. S. S.'Teachers and Officers Meeting. 1:30 p. m. Mid-Weck Prayer Serice. B-.10 p. m. Choir Rehearsal. THURSDAY 2:30 p. in, Baptist Hour over KLCN. 1'HOMISEI) I-AND METHODIST CIIUKCH 1), G. Illndmaii, pastor Church School, 10 a. in. Worship Service, 1:30 p. m. W.S.C.S. .-nccting Friday, 2:30 p. m. IJLUtU. IUIVI HJJO. ij, i-i. *jv»««---" '--u — j - . mvc returned to their home In El ago. If. has been used in Europe Paso Texas, after a week's visit 'since the Middle Ages and for fnc- icro'\vllh his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.; similes in modern Fi-ance, and lias L W Stafford. Lieutenant nnd been developed commercially in the Mrs Stafford, who have llml In United States In this cehttiry. Since El Paso since their marrlag'e last 1933, the silk screen print has been August, also visited in Pine Bluff lined ns n medium of experiment with Mrs. Stafford's family before .by Guy Maccoy anj other Amcrl- .... I nn,i nrHcfu o nfl ^unu Oito»\tnr1 (n •'HIST PUESllYTEIUAN CHURCH Harvey T. KIdil, ministfr 8:45 n. m., Sunday School. 11 n. m., Morning Worship. 5 p. m., Vesper Service. C p. in., Pioneers. Wednesday 7:30 p. m., Prayer Meeting. returning home. Pfc. J. T. Abbott has arrived from Camp Hood, Texas, to spend his furlough here with bis mother, Mrs. Edith Jackson. At the conclusion ot Fourtii Aifjwce. , , Pi-lvq'te Grimes Is the son of Mr. and Mrs; Harry F. Grimes ST., ot Blyth'eville: ' . . • ,<* ... 'S, S. Class Has Party »r „>.. ', 4*,. 11 at on West Ash Street. Mrs. R. L. Stockett nnd son Botby and Bartel, r.rc tlip weekend in Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. S. Langdon, their daughter, Mre. Welch Foster, and their granddaughter, Mrs. Kay i. spent, today In Harrlsburi!, where they attended funeral can artists, and was adapted to present usfige about 1938 by An- :hony Vclonls of the Poster Dlvi- ftbn of thu New York City Works Progress Administration. Lapel Buttons Sold To Boost Paralysis Fund Mrs. C. R. and Mrs Leon Conning, co-chairmen for Hi women's work In the current In Marilyn Dean, Frances Shouse, Mary Lou Joyner, Julia Wopdepn, Joyce amon,..Jerry Morgan. Doii W.rlght, obby Dean, Helen Frances Buch- naii, Oscar Elliott, Billy. 6rim Ber- 'inah, Betty Jearilne Schcrer, Roso Crnttoh, Edwin Hnlstead, Jlmm'y jvve, nnd Nnllmn Wade. . .,. Mrs. Wilson Henry, band .direc- or, accompanied Ihe group to Joriw- joro. Joyner, 8 3-4; Iluth Seay, 8 3-4; Mae Dcth Rodgers, 8 1-2; Marion Maycs 8 1-2; Thomas Bell, 8 1-2; Jack liorncfi B i-4; Owen Harrison 8 1-4; Jhh Gates, 8 1-4. liccky McOall, 7 3-4; Jean Moore, 7 3-4' Jim Smart, 1 3-4; Mary Ann Smith. 7 3-4; Billy Williams, 7 3-4; Mildred Meadbr, 7 i-2; Louise Mul- Ihis 7 1-2; Arden Ferguson, 7 1-2; Jane Bcirbwsky 7 i-2; Joyce Damon. 7 1-4; Polly Stewart, 7 1-4; Beulah Martin, 7 1 L 4; Dari Caldwell, 7 i-4; Margaret iiiil, T, Evelyn Ashley, 7; Doii Chamblin, 7; Niinrile Hopper, 7; Billy Jane Rocigefa, 7; and Pearl Ann Catiiey, 7. On the honorable mention .list for the first semester are: Wandn Barhum, Mary Lynn Dean, Billy Bra- ecy, Jlrhrnlc Frances CIcmons, Bob' The name of Sen. Ilarley Martin Kilgore. above, Democrat, of lieckley. W. Vs., is prominent In speculation over possibilities for replacement of Frances ("Ma") Perkins as Secretary of Labor. , .._ CHURCH NEWS CHUHCH or THE NA'MHENE V. W. Nnsli. |>astor Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship, 10:50 a. m. Pnstor will preach. Service for Young People, 1 p. m. Evening Service, 1:45 p. m. Pas,or will preach. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 1:45 p. m. All services are being held temporarily at the Armory. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Woman's Clubhouse 1410 W. Main "truth", Is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be rend In nil Churches and Societies «f the Church of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. The Golden Text Is: "We can do nothing agninst Ihe truth, but for the truth," II Corinlhinnn 13'9- Among the citations which comprise Ihe Lesson-Sermon is the fol- Sunday School, 9:45 a. in. Roy lowing from the Bible: "All the imdlevi supt. paths'of the Lord nre mercy and Morning Worship, 11 a. m. Ser- truth unto such as keep his cove- mon Ijy pastor. nant nnd Ills testimonies." Psalms P.Y.P.A. meeting, 1 p. in. Annie 125:10. FTJLIi GOSPEL TABERNACLE Ira M. IVryce, pastor Revival now In progress, I Fullcrton, Fort Worth, Texns, evan- rnert.a- ty Thursday at the church, ^ ccs or the m tn of B Jr on with each'member inviting one guest for the affnir. Mrs. Allan Strautman and Miss Bartholomew, of Memphis. fantile Paralysis Campaign i fioith Mississippi County, todn were sponsoring n. lapel butlo Joyce Damon had charge of ar-lsclrm. N. C., fflngeiripnls for the'h'amburger sup- 1 visit here with her sen. Lieut. Rob- per," held in the recreation room of l er (, Mc.AtUuir Jr., ond family. the. church: Following Mrs. Robert, McArlhur returned I sn j?. r °, r ™ s /"""-, , , , yorlcrdtiy to her home In Winston Regulation infantile paralysis la nn extended were supper, games nlayed for several hours. * • * Mrs. Moore Is Hostess Freeman Hu'ey, hlgli score by Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Joyncr nml sen, Rob, of Union City, Tenn., arrived today for n visit of several dny.s here as guests of Mrs. Joyncr's "brother. Frank Whitworth and Mrs. WhiUvorth. Mre Forest Moore entertnlnccl P. E. Corley U spending the seven members of the Friday A!- weekend in Marion with Ills dnugh- {erhoon Eurico Club yesterday nt- i tcr, Mrs. B. D. Bcall - and family 'ternoon at her home. (Upon his return home tomorrow Bunco prise was won by Mrs. he \vill b!' accompanied by his wife ._ . — -- .... .... ,c._ w ) 10 j, ns 'spcni, ihe past week there Ann Vollnicr of Memphis, who formerly livKl here. Is remix-rat Ing nt her home there followin treatment at the Baptist Hospita Mis. !.ois Critz of Fnycttevilli Ark., arrived, this morning to spen the 'weekend ns Hie guest of Miss Byfbfi Moore ' Forest Moore. and low by Mrs. UiCoL Jriutjiic. , Light rcireshriicnts were scr\'cd. • • * t G.B.C. Club Entertained Mrs. W. A! Gfiihrnett < afternoon by J L , Shirley Collins, Jua- ' ' At The Hospital! Walk icl buttons were sold on the stroel odny by members of two hig chcol girls or^ani/uHons, the Or "*eppcrK and ihe I3ct:is. Co-cbni nen of the drive for the Red Pei jers Is Miss Louise Mullins. r.i ssTvin 1 ,' In the Kime capacity f :bc Betns is Miss Sarah Grace' Joyner. President of the clubs Assisting in the drives nre Miss RoscniDry Child for Use Red Pcp- rcrs and Miss Mnry Nunn of the Betas. Net proceeds of tlie benefit dance held Wednesday night nt the Armory for the Infantile Parnlysh Campaign were apjirnxlmntcly SCOfl, it was announced today, while $100 was netted on the benefit bnskel- bnll game staged Thursday night , . • Mrs. Charles Burns', Copler,.Mo. Mrs. W. E. Cope, Steele; Mo. Dismissed-. Mrs. li. L. Trimue', city. Mrs. J. U Lewis, Charleston, Sfo A. F. Dietrich, city. Tilyliievillc Hospital Admitted: Mrs. C. E. Hcnfro, city. Charles slatler, city. Dismissed: John Eddie Jones, city. Meroiibls Methodist Hospital Admitted: Mrs. W. H. bijison, Lcachvllle. Melvin Standrod. Wilson. Every 400'years, our calendrrf re peals Itself. his first semester there. , The former Blythcvllic sludcn bns received a rating of prlva Uy V_AUVJIIit,l, tJ»,,ii\-J uv.....", - .- — nllS Evriris, John Everett, Christine Flariigah, Gertrude Hoover, Sara Grace Joyhcr, Opni Mbbcfriiott, Jo Aiih Shanks, Polly Stewart, rmd Irglnla Swearihgen. Harry Fnrr rind Frances Shouse ed for the third six weeks.honor" oil with 10 points. Closely follow- ng were Mnry Nunn and Vanhye Vhitlcy with 14 1-2. Betty Black with 13 3-4, avid MntiVyh Been wiih 3 1-2 points. Belly Woodson, .13 1-4; Shirley Barhain 13: .lulin Woodson; 12 3-4; Cliarlcs Henderson, 12; Dick Wiliams. 11 3-4; Pntsy Travis. 11 1-2; Dorothy Llim, 11 1-4; Frances Field, 11 1-4; Anne Weedmmi, 11 1-4; Peggy VnnWIukle, 10 3-4: Muriel Kmul- sen, 10 3-4; Cnrline Chlldcr, 10 i-4; Dun ChnmbVin. 10; Bculnh Hnwklns, 10- Mary Sue Berryman, 9 3-4; Billit Jnne Rodgcra, 9 1-2; Virginia Swearengen, 9 1-2; Snmmye Furguson, fl 1-2. Sam Johnson, 0 1-4; Jnck Horner. 9 1-4; Joe Saliba, 9i Mary Ann Smith. 9; Mildred Meador. 9: Mnry laa Joyncr, 8 3-4; Nannie Hopper, £ 1-2; Mae Beth Rodgers. a 1-2; Chester" Caldwell, 8 l-2( Thomas Bell, 8 1-2; Billy Bnicey, 8 i-4; Bett- lah Martin, 8 i-4; Earline Sullivan, 8 1-4; Opal McDermott, 8; Jirhmie Fi'nhccs demons, 8; Polly Stewhrt, Louise Mullins, 8; Ruth Seny, " nnsT MEiiiobisT CHURCH Maiii & Seventh S. B. Wiiford, pastor Church school, 9:45 a. m. U. S. Branson, superintendent.. Morning Worship, 10:55 a. m. Junior Fellowship, 1 P, ra... The Evening Service, 1:30 p. m.. Choir nehe'iusal, Wednesday, T.X p.m. FIRST ciniisTiAN ciHJRcii E. BqbU JBaifd, mlnSster Bible School. 9;45 a. in. ^_ Morning worship, 10:SO n. rrt; The entire service will be led by the _ „ „ every night, 8 o'clock, with special music nnd f\L £ ' lr n singing. Wrritt ^ Radio broadcast Monday and Fri- SllOl'thaild, Bookkeeping and day, 2:30 p. m. Tvniiitr A friendly welcome to all. iji""b MRS. L. M. BURNETT young people Youth Week. Wednesday 7:30 p. ril. li) observance evening worishSp FIRST ASSEMBLY, OF CHURCH ii C. BAm£ej; pastor Revival cohtlnuthg with the Rev R. L. Buckley of Peorla,- 111,-, as evangelist. ... Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. Ed Bratclier, stint. , . Preaching at 11 a. m. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Buckley. Radio Broadcast, 2 p- m. Evening Service, 1:45 p. m. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Buckley. ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CIIUKCH Tlioiiias II. Smythc Jr.. minister 9:30 a. in. Church School. 11 a. in. Morning Prayer and Sermon. 7:30 p. hi. Tuesday, Allnr Guild at, clnirch. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH Bates Sturdy, pastor Church School, 9:50 a. in. Iverson Morris, supt. Morning Worship, 10:45 ri. in. Sermon by pastor" . Youth Fellowship Groups, 6:30 p. Evening Worship, 7:30 p. m. Sermon by pastor. bhufch Night Wttlnesdny, 7:301 p. in. Building Committee will meet I Thursday night, 7:30 o'clock. YARIiRO METHODIST CHURCH ] 1). G. llimliiian, pastor Church School, 10 a. m. Worship Service, il a. in. Special Service, 3 p. in. Sermon by Rev. S. B. Wilford. "W.S.C.S. meeting Thursday, 2 p. m Place to be announced Hcarn Phone 3270 S. BAPTIST Lilly Stfeel School, 9:30 a. m. Russell Baugli, supt. Preaching Service, Sermon by Rev. M. E. Wiles. B. T. U., 6:15 p. m. Miss Frances nowlhiid, director. | . n. m. . Miss Sarah Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Saturday Outlaws of Santa Fe with Don Barry Serial, "Black Arrow" 13 & Short Con. Showing Sat'day 1:00 to 11:30 Snnriay and Monday flrsl clnss, the highest honor possl- ' Evelyn Beard, 7 3-4; Jim Smart, ble for n first year student nt tiic^ 3-4, academy. He nlso has received n military bar for having made ah nv- at the high school gymnasium. , ,,, Castle Heiqhts Honors formerly lived in Blythevllle, ; . J Tommye Dean Hatcher. Miss Cvlte. ' of DO or above in. all his Arden Furguson, 7 1-2; Jane. Bor- gwjfcy, 1 1-2; Bobby Coleirinn, 7 1-4; Jia'ri Moore, 7 1-4: Owen Harrison, era^c 01 yu ui uuuvu in an ^n^ ij^un wiuun., , ,7'. ^^.'^.. .............. studies during the three i months T l-t: i\targnret Hill, 1; Cald- just past, aiid nn honor ixvr for well, T. .Loii.isc Tvir'nef, 7; Pcnrl making the honor roll for the same Cathey, 7; Willbgehc Davvs, T, Lil- length of time. Itari Bunch, 7: Janet Stewart, 1: A former student In Blythcvillc Gertrude Hoover, 7: Evelyn Ashley: High School, C. G. entered Castle 7; and Becky McCall, 7. Heights last September. On the honorable mention list for REFRlGERAtORS and RADIOS REPAIRED City fttidio Repair 321 EAST MAIN ACROSS FROM LILLY STREET ifi I score prM. in the card eport to this branch of games played diirtng liifc nficrno^ri_Eervicc._____ — f APER!" '. Y«« . i. waiting b hard. But its easier when yotff• drinI jomethlng to protect and aid hira < i -,; .ind fcring him horns I : Tfciir O6v«rnrheht »ayi that wasts paper U ih« Na. 1 VK ihoctaje. Theta't your opportunity/ For waste paper is everywhere. Newspapers, Jsiiigaziries, wrappings, corrugated paper ... fcvindl* them all in package* about 12 inches bigh and turn them in. Th« very westa paper you tio up may well b* m»d» into paperboard that packages the li-rationi, »mmunitjoii or blood plasma your fighrlog man vill use. 60 enlist the children. Enthuso your neigl* bof» and friend*. Scour sttics and basernenUi Then itart • regular lystem of saving and bur> ffirif your wastt paper for war. Ifi io tlttla to do . ., and It may mean to much to him I U,$. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE GO. E. H. FORD, Representative —Phone 2811 200 Lynch Bldg. #&/. Paramount News unit Selected Short Subjects Conllnnons Showing Sun. 1:15 to 11 In every woman's heart A woman's home has always been one of her most cherished possessidris. Kedp yours bright and shirting by siding US your laundry larly. We d6 i* thd ^udlity way. ECAPPSNG ,'.• •.•.••'••;•• ; - v'- ' and ' VULCANIZING All Rccnpping Striclly G " ara " le ^- n ^ UI ^ n ,5! r wHi In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Moldb \\ il Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE— RATltiM FREE! 1 A D I/ I Rj SERVICE LAKK1N STATION 12 Yciirs At Main & Lake Street Coll 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service Matinees Sat. & Sun Only Opens each night G:45; starts 1 Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:15 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun. Bargain Night Every Night Except Saturday. . No passes honored on Sunday at the Rosy. Saturday Thunder Gun ifS with Buster Crablre Serial, ".Mystery of the Hivcr Boat" No. 3 and Short Con. Showing Silt-day 1:00 to 11:30 If It's Call Us For Better Dry Cleaning PHONE 418 FOU HETTER LAUNDUY FOR DRY CLEANING ST£AM LAUNDRY We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE .CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS ^^^^^^^ designers help you with your noral needs. ne FLOWER SHOP Ph. 491 F.T.D. Serrle. Mr*. 3. M. We Deliver Annrtiere GVtn<:o * Complete Super Service Stdtion! GOOD GULF GAS AND OILS . . . GOODRICHJTIRKS WASHING . . . LtlHlUCATlON . . . TIKK, At,- I'AIR . ., ROAD SERVICJJ. We are never too busy to appreciate your business. BLAN HEATH 42t AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY Phono 828 IA1RO CREGMi Una O'Connor-Alan Mowbfay Melville Cooper • Franklin Pangborn Fox News and Selected Short Subject Conlinuous Showing Snn. 1:15 to 11

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