The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1931
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAY, MARCH 4, 1931 Did You Hear the One About-? BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOR THRKI. Russian Communism Do-, Mancls Spartan Standard' cf Personal Behavior. '• KlUTOll'S NOTE -- Tills is llv a:n'h articls by Eusuic Lyons, I'liit'.rt I'rc-.'n St:iff Corrpspfliulml :it Mtsraw. after 3G months' rcsi- (!ime.—lln'tcd I'ress Associations.; «v FUGEN'K LYONS Ur.i'ecl PK'X Sl-Jff Co rc-spondent MOSCOW. Mar. 4 (UP) — Imagine the Republican ' or Demu- cnillc rrarlles in thc United States- undertaking • a searching Inr-.uiry. into thc political views and per- scnil lives of all their members.; expelling fcrthwith al! these who I drink Immoderately, beat their; wives, or subiWize chorus fills on the side. Imagine thai anc\ you v.-ll) have i-'nii* noi'.ui of th^ "chistkas" o: 1 . ^^nnsin? v.hich takes place- p?r- : Medically in the irtrty which rules' the land of Bolshevism. Not since Crcimvcll governed Eng-j land has any nation been so thor- • oughly subjected lo a code of rur-! Tltat btc ''>' mllsl have }K " 1 :1 '""">' °»°- l -°°* n < tllc smte °» lhc ilanlca! conduct as the Soviet Un-| faces cf John D. Rockefeller's lu-arers. The aged oil intonate is Ion 1 today. There is plenty ol vio-|rh 0 \vn heiv. a; right. In the unusual role of Impromptu cnicrtalnc! tion of the yoiith which lias failed to accept the Communist viewpoint, nnd find-, no oniiel for its energies. I'm lhc i?«wntinl morality, i»s prenchi'ii by lhc press, by the So- j ck'ty of Godless, all the manifold i or&ms of Govirl propaganda, is I one ol Eolf-rc.'iralnt and devotion lo duty. This nit'.t'.Kli: Is so pervai-lv^ ! (hat It nlix.s all cf hfe under the Rort Ihr.; N'ti amount of .stalisllcs • or sight-replug can cosiviy the spir- I it of thc new IlDlshevik Puritanism, i It n.xplMm why so many profound j econcmic studies ol the IHJW liussla somcnow tnlss the point -A viOlgl- ouj strain runs through lifi> heie. even through Ihe anll-rellKlous Cliaplin in Real Mob Scene TOMORROW: New life in Kus "••^CPS Wpifs on Trade in Tiny Fish Shop MAMRI'IEI D. hiis.. (UP)—Scores I tf i;i-itcns who visited Ihe fisli I s'noi: of J. W. Burton, durlnu a 20 ;'-M:>vle T::rifLl lie:.^ recently, were! j !.;rf- d liy a tillc-d lady. | ! V'!i;ii Ihr Duchess 'nf Portlnml: ! alighted from her llaion.sine to In- j | quire ahrnt the health of Mrs.i i Unrlon. ?hc i.niuhiecl Inside andj J inusted on helping fill the cns-j ! loir.eis' orders | The news of her visit spread' quickly and the receipts of the small shop set a new record. Members Inlerven^';' Thfcalon tf lti\i bl other members before were exchanxed. ailvey inter apoloslzed oiisa for Ihci affair.... .. /•A bill by Representative Lstlltig, Independence coimly, to regulate', usage of 'free ranges nnd county - : lints svas dsfealed, Another mca-^ sure providing for cotistructlo:) of ilormltories nt the Btnte university and-the four, nuricultural college's ihrcugh Issuance cf bondi to be rclircil from rental pald^Lyj tlu- 11 was c howling mob. but not an angry one, tlmt tosred aside a cordon or London policemen to ciiBUlt Chnrlic Otiaulln with of personal behavior voluntarily: home, assumed by Communkts and en- 1 forced by them upon the rest, of, the country with more or less snc-j He'd just been introduced to British women players compiling in Hie South Ailanlic tournament. ,o, BuiUm formerly worked on the Sitings when he vlsilert his native Eiujiiuid lor lhc lirsl lime in len T I Duc/hiis' e;late colliery and losl j years. This striking action plclure shows the lamed .screen star ubout him at Paddlngton station. Before he retreated to an auto- was sent ta London for treatment at thc expense of the Duchess. "- are sSrict to the point- of as-', lucent, sny the Coniinur.bts, is no face phcncmsnon. Basically HID ~l cl£||1 ' ' time for selt-indu!yence and moon- Bolshevik regime is r.lmcst Spar- 1 Su ziemc Virtue Duly The supreme vlrlv.3 in the Soviet Union Is duty. The communist has practically no personal life. Iv? 100 Year Dispute up Acain WILMINGTON, Del. iUP)-!!ear- niobllc, clutching hands already had lorn open his coal and nul a large dent in the derby hau. he is holding. The car finally was driven through the crowd with (he comedian Mill perched on Its lop, calflng. A big practical Job wait; lo be finished. ^dedicated to a cause which leaves. ^ of ccndue for men and no margin of time or energy for we mm have won the land of SDX- "nVS eL°e There arc a down >ets an undeserved notoriety for :.*. 1 :;„ *„,**, ^ «„.,„«• UlcentMiisnc-ss mere is less ol it ulav-3 on the boards with the same moral: Moscow unstinting clean living for the sake of the State. j The liberal divorce laws and the : - 1 .'!s:> Ls trus tha*. the old tea-' establishment of absolutely equal sotss for h?ing "good"—thc fear of • of conduct for men and hell or the hope of heaven—are be-1 ...j mujiied out of court. The'. nc-v rc?:,~;is are social. Efficient] service to the caus?, without dispute (betwe Delaware will be concerns (he bounrinry line In thc {United Slates several decarlc.t ago. was ever hr.rtetl ' • f-16 New Jersey and resumed within ; Delaware River and Day and was | but no decision the next few wesks. The dispute I before the supreme court of the down. LITTLE UOtJK-, MnK'Jl A neitr I: (!i- rn-uimter i! moMiinx .s-s^lon of th'o if]^re.icnlnti\e. r ; whlcl 1 . \-;?.s viicrrnlfiil wllli JltUe being tmviutl (n.iclmfnl of The so:.slo.T was llirown into an : uproar diirini; discussion of a sen-1 ate measure designed to fix the] lime iff luiMlnjf ctnirl in the Bill 1 Jiiuicial circuit nnd uranllng an i cspciiF; 1 :u:ul lo liii! j::dse of the! c!:cu!t. j 'flu 1 bill h:ul Jiist passed Ihe sen- . ate and v.v.s acccrdcd u favorable j vo'.e by Hie liotr.: ycslcrilny af- j icinoon. lieprcseniallve Uoyetle. J Lnfaycit? csisnty. «ave notice thut i lie \von!rt rnov: for a reronsltlcr:'.- : lion of the vcte by which the mea- i sure was [Missed, During discus-! Elon of Ihis notice Representative Curlls Cannon. Hemp.tead county, nnd rirprrsciitallve Sihey, Nevutln i county, engaged In a shnrp ar^u- tuciii over the iiutstlon of whether Boyctle hud a rlghl lo call for reconsideration. I The speaker finally ruled the notice wns nol of order. On hl.i way back lo his Etal Sllvcy stopped and conferred with Cannon. Several words passed between lhc two nnd .suddenly they yrabbctl each other hut were separated by • TcinaJces soldoin occu 1 ,' cut^li!(! the United Slates, amTchiefly in lln Ml.yjlssippl valley. !; " "™ m . European capital] ^uundernig energy in dissipation. uion.the turmoil - ! ™U confusion, Jed^ to e X «s*s ily interests, ccmicrt. etc.—and the. nted-ol the socialist fatherland. Tn- variably r^ or she chooses the lat- tcr as thc red flag waves and a j criaiion sun rises from the back-: drop- | An engineer, or a skilled worker. I rrny earn as high as 600 or 100 rubles a month, but no Communist, not even Stalin or Premier Molotov or President Kalinin, may earn] regularly more than the "party; maximum" of 300 rubles. Tn his! personal life he must be a mod el | nnd example for the masses he isi '•k-,pFOEed to lead. . I "'t do not wish to imply that there' are no self-srekers. grafters andj scoundrels .in thc Communist Par-1 tv As Ihe wlclfcr of P3»' cr it draws the worst- iis well as the best ( elements. I mean that they are denounced, weeded out and severe-, ly punished if caught violating the : cede. i Rules for Youtlis ! The official morality—except in the matter of turning the other. ch«* and being soft wltli enemies; -would meet- the approval of a| Methodist conference. The rules, of personal conduct drawn up from, time to time by groups of Communist You Ins sound as if they were excerpted from Y. M. C. A. pamphlets. Amusement, or fun for its own =at- 'cems as much out of r'nc? und"er"stalin ns It did under Cromwell There are no loucor any plays or molion pictures of which persist. Eat that i'_ a sur-1 Dancing and other amusements gulfed in anti-nlcohol propaganda, do«s not tolerale gambling r.nd minimizes the importance cf cer- sciml emotions of any kind. The romantic instincts in particular are treated here as nn intrusion upon time nnd energy needed m: more ssrtons directions. | Tre worsens duos are primarily • educational institutons r.nn only] in a remoter sense places of r:c- , r'ation. Indeed thp only recreation | l^w'nlch has respectable backing is: sport—physical culture it is called here—since it conduces to a, healthy nation always in flgh;in3 trim. Dig Practical Job j Atheist Russia has its own In-j dex cxpurgatorium. It includes i jarz, Gypsy romances, love poetry,' foreign gramaphcr.e records, in. fnct everything that is remotely connected with burgois comfort or thc softer personal feelings. The The new Ford is an emnomfeal ear rive Lotu first cost, low cost of operation and iip-keep, and low yearly depreciation mean a distinct saving to every purchaser THE NEW FORD is a splendid car to oivn nnrl drive l)ecaii?r of its nltractivc lines and colors, safely, comfort, speed, reliability find long life. There are, in .'iilditinn, three other features of importance to every far-seeing uiilomohita owner ... low first cost, low cost of operation ant] tip-keep, nnd low yearly depreciation. , During the life of the car, thc day-by-day economy of owning a Ford will amount to considerably more than the saving oil the first cost. You save when you buy the Ford and you save every mile you drive. The reasons for this economy are simplicity of design, ii:gh quality of materials and cure in inaim- fuctiirmg and nsscmbling. Many vital parts are inado to limits of one one-thousandth of an inch. Some to three ten-thousandths of nn inch. Throughout, thc new Ford is an outstanding example of fine craftsmanship in automobile engineering. The more you see of the new Ford—the more you talk to Ford owners and experienced mechanics—the more certain you become of this fact. ... It brings you everything you want or uccd 5u a motor car nt au unusually low price. THE Nnr Form TUDOR SEDAN I've circled the globe witk the Fleet — says Chesterfield ©1931. LlCCITT&MvBiToMCCOCO. Strengthened by Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Kl. Paul, Minn—"I «s«l to lie n.s timl whc:i I t:ot u;i in thc Ti.ornir.g as \\licn I v.-cnt to ! brtl. I linil faint- I i! jfrK-lhnnrl pnl- j |itialion.(Ji course j it wru my ay. I I Trod n Lydia K. Pinkliain "booklet nnd s[arte<l taking the Vegetable Compound tlirec LOW PRICES OF FOHD CARS $ 430 to $ 630 times n ilay. 1 am rM\v,wdhvon:an. I T u r r o of my j k E5gMi8EgeagnajncJKhlxjre know T ft l:M it did for inf w> they nr* 1 takinp it I Joo. I vt ill i - it*, to "" v:*::an if Lydin ] ''• l^irikhatn'a N <v.o(aWc Com|X)iinrt ! ^•*ill lirlp JUT ns it ilii! inc. 1 fpf-l like n ] vounK\v(n i (Innkyon. 11 — Miw.H.C. UKMiv,2StiFuller Avo.,St. ' t. 0. K. IVlrolt, | |A> t'nit«.«J CrtJlt Cemf**,. Vet ^ you'll find me at the crossroads store When Jack's ashore he's liable to be going several places at once! But there's one thing Navy men can get together on—whether in Hong Kong, Seattle, or Newtown Center: Taste is what they want in their cigarettes—the taste that comes from milder and better tobaccos, and from nothing else! They know their cigarettes, these men of the fleet. That's why Chesterfield is thc Navy's choice! FOR NINETEEN years, our ResMfch Department his kept intimate touch with ever)' new development of Science tint could be applied to the rrunufacture of cigarettes. During this period there his heen no dcvelopmcat of tcsteJ value'oi importaacc to tlie smoker which we have not i£torponted iato thc making of Chesterfield cigircitcs. m Tctauo They Satisfy -that's Wiyl

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