The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 19, 1949
Page 10
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TEN BLVTHJSVILLE (AKK.) COUKJER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Ifeily r*u p*r itn* tor cons* cut IT* Minimum ehtrg* Wo i tlm« p«i IIn» I5c f I tfm«* p«r line p«r day . I2c • time* j>« jin* p*t day Be • limn per line per day 7c 17 Lime* p*i lln« pei day 5c Month p*r un« We CCDDI fir* jt'crag* wordi to the lint Ad ordered for three or «li times and! • topped oefore expLrntlOD will b« charged for [he number ol time? the td Appeared and adjustment M bill made All cJa.ulfied Advertising copy *ub- «m«l by persona residing outside or th» city must be Accompanied by casb Kate* may easily b« computed from th* *bov« tabJa Advertising order ror irrefjulm insertions take-* the one time table NO retponslbllliy a-m M taken for more than on* incorrect Inwrttnn ol any cla&nrttd *d AH Nd« are rpstrtcted to thelt propei eJasJiricttirm style and type The Courier New* reserve* th» right to edit or reject any ad Apartment for Kent Modern 3 room, unfurnished, apartment Ph 3665 or 4267. 837 pk 20 3-room untarnished apartment with pmat« bath 40* E Davis Ph 3-183 i« pk 19 One room apt. Ph. 2920 •I'wo room furnished apartmsnt with private bath Couple only Plionr 23UG 516 Italic Ei 15 ^ 22 y-room furnished apt Rfdeoorntprt Modern Cm i pie and one child rou* ilrlered il employed In city *30 a month At 3-13 3 Division Key next door north g 13. pk,82l Nicely furnished efficiency apartment. Only highly respectable plrl* rtff.ri apply. Call 2037 S JR j>t 25 Nicely fiirnlsliPd apartment. private b*tti- Highly* respectable people oiiJy. ^-rooni furnished pat, Close In. Ph. 2062. g;i9 pic Z'l'J Modern cabin A; apt by week or monih. Date service. I'h 9!>l. 8,19 pk 11|19 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W» CHIT fill a.!) your needa (jet g«nuln» part,* ttftm oui complete un« ELIS POO1.K, OWNER & OPERATOR South HlghTCfly 51 nt Steela Mo Phone Steel* 45 CHAPMAN BBRVrOB STATION Mtin &; DlrLslon i'hone '2^6'J Don't endsngei you: la/iilly with rtulty tire*—BU Tf LEE TIP ES 12;i.|.ck-tt Insurance Gail 3545 , For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash SI GLXNCOK HOTEL BUILUINO «!3-cfc-tI Typewriter TYPEWRITERS fioyai. Smith Corona and Remington "DON EDWARDS Th* Typwrlter Man 110 M- Second St Phnne 333*J Loans AUTO AND FURNITURE LOAJW Prompt fertaat} 8»nr!c« ucnerai Contract Purcbo* uorp 104 »outto 5tb Pboa* 803 Money to Loan i>o you nerd • loan to repoai ot re /nnfle 11 No down payment on morv cage, no red tap* FHA APPROVKU RATES 6% ASK FOR DKTAILS Max Logan, Realtor Pjion* 2U34 l.yncb Building FARiM LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment I arm loans to be had. Low rate oi interest. Money lo refinance your farm or help in buying one. RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Mall Phones 3S22 or 4139 7-8 ck tt ATTENTION 11 you need to DUJT. biUld or rellti- flnre your Dome Where your payments ft-lll be no more than rent, on IS lo W years at 4% anrt 4f>^ \'. me Wnile Rtrei Insvrrance antl In- r^^lmenl Company BAtCAvlHe. Ark. and wo will fi«e you 8.11 pH 9 II Services atntiMX, pnper h:uij;l]LK. All luti-r- nr Hurt .-xierlor tlecor^llnif .Spriiy or ortish Keaso/iaJ)l« prlre.s Free psll- niate. <.;ive us a nn« Call PHI Paner- .•iDn. i'h jme. i6 pk ua , 1'lano tuning Factory trained Ger»1<I W Fngle. 208 W KemiKky I'll W 8,9 pk Z3 nour roll film Rcrflre Faughtf lo 112 So First I'h SOU 82 pk 9[2 ve will car* lor your children In on i nnme by the week, day ot nl^ht PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blylheville or 407 Osceoia 8-3 pk 9-3 Lawn Mower Service Welding 01 All Kinds Westbrook Machine Shop Make jour home pretty for sprlne KTpert Ru K GleanlriR Service L* ynu ff PEERLESS C1.KANERS Flmni 2Ha:i Blyil]eclll« 222-cfc-u for Sale, Misc. l.VMBRR FOR SA1.K Cypress rotiBli. oaie. inljced ctu In oriler Hnlslied |,ino nl nil giHdr.i Torn a:twyei Falnls o « HOIJJKON 1 l.UM- UKH CO. Nnrtll Ten nnd Camp Mniil- tlre Drive g'12 ck 23 FOR SALE — I.H'E >RYKRS $1 ~ lt<H Kenwood Drive. GUI' 8-17-2(1 ROOFING .AND SIDING Get Ward's tow prices! lop quality at a low price lVard> aspnrii: rooting nnd siding I." mbnr:nr>ry tested Gives long nard service MBJ- Grt*nt and commit Convenient innnih ly iirms (tooling a wirte variety r»i styles, color." arm welghm Ohtwwr tntlay tot an. s.itiac.uvp nnvis* *\ inw t MONTGOMERY-WARD a li ck ti CAFE EQUII'MKNT- Castle <-tt Cljt- ar 4-5] tee roastrimstci Ktcctrlc I'onsier. siJvern.-are. nil ilnrts oT dish'- erf. a-Spot Cory F.lccttlc code* Maku •la' HimtPi atilc fun ibtanil new] ]R- Aitic KHn. -!ialnle.s^ Mpei Elnli I'recs l.ihl« anil Oliairs Oeep Fa I Fryert Napkin Hnlner^ istainle.w sipeli. Wni«r Pitcners. Dish Trays. Ifi cu ft Deep freeze. I menu niarkbnarti menu lold- ers. Uable A; Nelson Piano. 1 Baby* Hlsn Chali Ereiich Fry Potato Sllcci CALL 2674 Ti20-ck-R.20 BRING YOUR BUICK HOME FOR SERVICE Home To Your Dealer Langston-McWaters Buick Co. Bo sure tliat your air g«is the iicrsonal attention of a Buick man with Buick Know-Huw. Our service manager. James Wren, has a staff of able mechanics who know vvlial makes a Bnk'k run. . . ami «l)at makes a Buick not run. Yes, you o\v t it to yourself to get the most out of your car—with Buick care. Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Come In And See JiH8 Kurd Sedan Coup*, equipped with radio, heater, and 1919 Arkansas license ____ $I2'J5. I'JIO Chevrolet Co.'u-li, bluck, nidio, healer, and white sidewall liies ____ * I!) Hi Chevrolet Convertible, marwtn, rndiu, healer, and white sidewall (ires, has 1919 Arkansas license. .$1150 19U l-'ord Tudor. . .here's a hn( special al only JB95, 3»;l!l Ford Tudor $;«I5. 3916 Kord 1 ^-'I'on Truck, a good call, fii'es, and mol<ir $895. 191(i Ford I'ickup, has '19 Arkansas license. .. .58-15. 191fi Font J-T»n Express. .. .$,s:)5. 5»h at Walnut ompany Phone 4453 l-/oot U**t Dl»pLay CAM, »nd eom- j.reiMjf in excellent condition. See at Cecil Low* Grocery. Phone J97 17 pk 20 RESTAURAN'T EQU1PA1KNT 1» <t. counter * tlooJj JJ ft. cabinet % ft. refrlgcrjitor W In. «xhB.Ufsi (an Nation* I cash reglsi*r oarUnd restaunni xfts ra/ig« with ,TIII« J compartment re.staurftnt tlnk * »*t* iahU« ft. chulr* 2'J jial. Plttsbiirgll gas hoi waur heater All oihtr ,»t|iiiprn*nl, ro(l*-» makers, fllitlfS. «le, Will M.] tOKfliier or separately. Inquire at Poieet Brother* iiardwur*, SteeJ*. Mo. 815 |)k 22 for Sale, Real Estate New 4-room house on North Tenth v DJXie. Hea^tmbly priced. Jewel iatiimons. N. 10th St. g 19 pk 28 HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER 2-bGdroom liotise on Hearn Street, newly decorated. Corner lot. CALL 6228 8-18 pk 25 430 *cres, -175 Inculllvatlon 12 te.nent nouses. Dig barn, cow sheds, xool shed, n\K seed licnisr with runnltifc water, [ ro in electric pump Electricity I n nouse. Main house with all modern futures 400 acr<-5 this year In coiton Hale to bHjfr and naif to the acre. N'o uoie weavilfc No water ha/urd f/icat- *>ri on hnrdtop ro«d III l (lox 14T, Mp.nanna, Arkansas 8 tfi pfc 823 a rooms ajid bath. Furnished 1601 WFAI. itain St St-f Owner «.l 1700 West WaJnut. W. G. S»jtii>le. IS |>fc 2J Real Estate Farms • — City Property LOANS tnicreMed 'n Bu or selling B»» For Sole, Misc. rant;r. A-l con- 8 IT pi: 8,20 OUK Customer,* Duy f'ina b KAln ana agiilu It clrnn.s mg.< ew OKA I S >'A1N'I STOHf, l'2o ck VI rt Feelers i ti] eat display case* t>itjiilary scales Me«t oiocls^. one »/ 7 nurse meat cnoppei uric Irtged-inisi air commmncd display case, one wiilk-in cooler tiiB All ttifise are practically new nn<I at a wcrlflce Ph 3900 ([0 ck LI "Sleep cool every night. Drive out all hot stifling air from your home with a "cool- aire" f«ii." RUILDKUS SUI*- I'l.V, INC. Ph. 2<I34. South ay. 8-1 ck tf Uinitiil room siilic, nine pieces tjl. Exfrllcni condition. Call 22 r Onk wood or coal range good Ph. 2265 50* E Mo 8jI7 p* S24 194S Massey-Hairla Combine. H i invested thfln 200 acres. A. II. WEBB Hwy 6i at State Line 83,19 [ik niiile Cocker Kpanfel puppies, tlirce ttij; old, I black, I red. Sub]ecl resist ration. RcH Atkinson, pli. Noble Gill Agency REALTORS - F. B. Joyner Ph. 819 Cecil Earls Glencoe house with bath. Corner tot . Hotly. Newly pa.mert Atcer 6 p.m. Call ^. 8,16 pk 23 5-rooni lioiwe/2341 I2.0UO. I'h. 4J50. £9 pk 8 20 ao acrra land. miJe and quarter from Hr>iRHBfLocl. Mo Electncily. .sclioo] bus route. See owner at /arm G M Hicks S 12 nk Id Par Salt, Real f state r» »cr«t ol tnctor lind lit mllw west or Braggadocio, Iwo. extra good nousM, good barn, on State road, electricity, mall and school bill route. tie* crop now, will make better than a bale ol cotton to the acre. Bargain at SIK5.000 per acre. See owner Kd Bruton BiagKHtioclo, Mo. . »1« pk liju Htislness lot on Nortb Hiway «i Near Corner Ph 2S>5V TL» ck « Private Rooms front Bedroom for rent. 313 S. Lilly S 17 pit g;*4 Room* with faux Blythevlllc Hotei 3;1S ck Sjij Bedroom, private bath i'h. 4«43. 6 15 pk 9JIS , cool oedrooa onlj ill} w Waiout Men (ill Hedroom with kitchen prlvetegea '•n\* or, couple PH 242'j ifiO pk *[ao Comfortable room. 2675. Position Wanted Voting latly, hand, typing. wants job. W experienced In short- genenU office work, lie Courier News Box 8.18 pie 21 Marrlpd man 23 years old wants baokkeeiilnK Job with reliable firm Good referentvs. Phone 2406. Found PlCUIK-s you will studio HV So KJrsl like at F-'augtu'K I'h 6011 5,2 pit 9|2 Personal Tillrty minute phntrvstatle Kerrtce USTEENS STUDIO 112-ck-tf . otiable. CalE Mrs x. 3 ] 9 pk 2 6 ly reconditioned electric relay brands Priced lo>» p Easy Terms. cut an AS stood a& new M C WKMJ. CU ttieville. Combine. 48 model, motor With c\irna ['rice *1.20D Cmitact y Super Market, Bly* 15 pk 22 W»lnu( at Broadway Dial 555 for Service FENCE POSTS -Black Locust <IOc Black Walnut ;{:3c Mulberry y.^e Ked Cedar 30c Chestnut 2Sc Write Jim Swift PsILvcred at abore pric*s General DeHvery Cltfion, 1'enne.sser 8l I pk 9|1 T e Mitrner Florence rook stovo, *>lfc- irlriRprator, ol] ht-aier, break last " sin i e, coal Rtovr. radio, Bow; roofc stnve iinblrlofii platlnrm •"^•^ 8,18 pk" 21 Klv Irij;eriiiors-al! lor quick sal tlilion. Real Bargain. Two nied ice boxes, wood, rablnets. H ood coud It ion-Priced a ma singly low. Two nistMj electric wft.shlnj{ mnciilne*. e.vtelJt'ni condition-at pnres you can- Onc OoQtlyrnr gas lawn mower, *dem- on.sumor carries original Rita ran tee. Hi ly n o-.'.- and save 535 GOOD YEAR SERVICE STORE Ph 24U2, BLythevUJe 3 19 cX 8 23 Duplex located in lii^h class neighborhood. Low tax aticl insurance rale. Will net 8'. r o. Reasonable down payment will handle. N e w a nd modern, 5 room s and bath. Has automatic hot water heater and Venetian blinds, beautiful hardwood floors, 'I spacious dosets. Located close to hig-h school and ', business ditrict. Can be fittan- ced through F H. A. or G. L loan. See or call MAX LOGAN, REALTOR Lynch Bldg.. Ph. 203'! 8-12 ck 19 VETERANS Are you deriving all your educational benefits under the G.I. Bill of Kijflits? Earn while you learn by enrolling in a trade school to be established in Blylheville, Ark. He- port to the American Legion Hul and learn what your Ijen- I'ils are and where you can enroll. See Aubrey Adams at the American Legion Hut, Blytlie- villc, Ai-k., from 9 a.m., to 4 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 25 through Aujr. 27, Hi-19, or at his home in Osceola, Ark., before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. 8-19 pk 26 For Sale, Cars and Trucks Unusual 49 Bnlck Hoadinaster rour ;oor sedan with whim rnnvus top. UAiom upholstering, dynaflow. whJie Idf 1 walls, rnilto and heater Leaving ATTENTION Hny your ti-Hclor tires at these sensational prices. 10:00 x 38 Bur tread 566 85 j FARMS '«) ^cre.« A mil«^ vnilh ol . On .itfttp roari Good lanil a. J .snow $125 per acre. 1 3 cash L.« of B»rnle, Mo 1100 p« . terms on balance. seta nf biuidtn^s ?60 per 19^7 Oldsmobilp 66 series regular sear has radio, heater, new tires Motor rccenily ovnrhauled. QulcK sale price S125U. Ph. «72 8, S pk R19 •« _Ford C'otivtTtibLc,''-with all cstvsis •R- 6., Strele. Mo, a 13 pk 8 .^ Before you buy, see these USED CARS Kaiser Sedan, has ra- Elberta Peaches l Ml noi ren.Mmab dally P Finest No 1 qiuilty at very bLe proles . . mnv arriving i 'Ab'Si or come oiit. to RLYTHKV1LLE FRUIT MARKET Norih or trip [ia/orb.ick, <\U5 pk Z'il SEAY- Before You Buy USED CARS-TRUCKS 1917 Chrysler Windsoi 1-door Sedan, green, radio and healer, while sidewall tires . . special low price. IDlfi Nash "GOO" 4-door Sedan, black color, new (ires IJon't miss seeing this bargain. 1911 Chrysler 4-door Sedan, completely reconditioned, new lires, new paint job, radio, heater, and seal cover* 1947 Plymouth Special Pel.uxe 2-rioor Sedan, haj all Hie Ihinjrs von want... .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and heater. 1916 Mack Truck. 2-Tnn Model with 161 inch wheel base, excellent condition, very ^ood (ires—see il yourself. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Rhone 2122 A27.SOO 20-year loan. Thii JIP nionpy Come In and h Seversl 4fi's and ao p « U ml JHirUlLn Coiintj. Mo.. sMppi County. Ark. Sre mr if Intfrestrd In hi i vine \Vf r?.rm u\ MlvSlss^ppl Coiinly, ir iioutht-aAt Mlwovirl. R. M. BECK Lynch Bldpr. Office Ph. 2034 Res. Ph. 289li n radio & healer.. Very clean r a look, Penilsool ud MJw- . ., . dan. Priced to sell. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Se-; Two Hons« on 1 lot. One fi-room vi tn bath, 2 porches, elrmic ;rr neater; one 4-roam house l* riath, and front porch Blork islness district. CaH :ii to Odle I. 1-17 E. AKh. R 13 pfe 21 nnd, with .#> P.rrrs hotloti iclt top hl!jTiRT\jr. nn mail anrt scho»] i routes nnd RE A line, 120 acres nililvailon, 40 acres Limber, nil ic«*rt and crfttis fenrpd. ho^ frnrp Uecp well, plrrtrlc pump 5-room house. l*. and M-ater. 3-rovm tfnunt house. •,r bsrn. nf n Mouse. MJiotee honsr H > niny in- p y, id out at J,*AM1 ft n d Intrrpst a n in IR Ely. Price- 516,000 L ATTPS on hlnrk top highway, mall intl f.chool bus routes and HE A \\ nr !9<IG Chevrolet I'/o Ton Truck. Completely reconditioned. 1^48 Dodge -*» ton plrkup Excellent CD no it ion Price right. tic v era I other excel lent buy.i to choose from 61 MOTOR CO. Just A Few oi The Many Choice Used Cars and Trucks YOU WILL FIND AT SULLIVAN-NELSON'S: 19 IS Chevrolet rieetlin* 2-duor Sedan, black color, equipped with heater, defroster, oulsid, visor A beauty. 19IS Chevrolet Business Coupe, black, radio, heater, and seat covers, low mileage. A sweetheart. 1917 Chevrolet Fleetmasler 4-door Sedan, maroon, healer, and radio, 19.0QW mites. A honey. 1939 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, radio & healer... .$589. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, heater... .$|«. 1918 Willys Jeep » steal at $745. 1917 Willys Jeep, see (his one today $695. 19M Willys Jeep for fishing, go any place $1S9. Trucks, large and small, 2-speed short and long, '/2-Ton Pickups and Panels, 1940 to 19 IS models. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always .lake a Good Dem) *t SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 678 YOU CAN'T MISS AT BLYTHEVlLLE MOTOR CO. 41 Buick 4-door Super 4« Uuitk 4-door Supet, RHWWA ;i7 Uuick 4-dnoi' R & H, new painf, new tires, R & H Seat Covers, Low mileage. Not a scratch on it. 18 Ford Fordor, Super Deluxe IS Sludchaker Vi ton Pickup, new condition, low mileage. 47 Studebaker Vi ton Pickup, A-l condition. 41 UeSoto Fordor, R & H. Plenty of Used Trucks and Car* to Pick from. All Makes and Models. Priced for Quick Sale! Blytheville Motor Co. "South'* Fine*: Service" Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 442Z North Hi way 61 Phone ^142 8-5 ck tt stork ant! dairy fa: Idral icrc* in clntlvation. RO ne orchard 100 acres vrl land I.nn;p stork lonti Ucrp well, clccirlc pump 6-coom oath, composition roof, 3-ioorn tenant fioii.^e. Oarage with 2 lirln* onis 3 tt,-\rn.s $9.000 may he paid out II.WO and 5% Annually. Prlre. for further Information Rfe or write Link* A: Brarton. raraRoulcI. Atk REAL ESTATE Beautiful 5-room house and bath. Choice location on Holly Street. Fireplace. Kas heat. spacious closets, large, well iinjrril Voungslown kite lien, screened in back porcli. On corner lot. fi-iuom house and bath. On Female Help Wonted AITKiV'J'JO.N HOUSEWTVKS with ,salos experience. \V e are taking applications for extra sales people for the fall season. Montgomery Ward. 8-18 ck 21 Young lady for assistant bookkeeper. Must be experienced, type, and knowledge of shorthand preferred. Applv to Mr. Ilanley, Planters Hard-1 «are. 8-1 fl ck 23! I Wanted to Buy We need good pianos. Ph jjn 8 Ifi ek t( .>it price paid Tor CHICKENS- Asti Street Grrtcery A Market Aftb 6,1 c\ u Gov. Alexander Spolawood Tax PAUiMly responsible for Uic co^.= true Lion of the first Ironworks in Virginia in 1716. Street. Price GI loan. §5,000. Perfect location for that 'lew ranch lype house you are ^oiiig to build. See or call JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone -1111 or 25flfi Russell Marr Ph 807 8-18 ck If For Rent asti cftm«r*3 lot OSIEKN'S STUDIO 4]S-ck-tl 28)1 ncreA of land, approOmaleiy 200 »fr«!« in cult ITS Hon. very few Im- provcnipnis. locRtetl near Alvln. Mississippi, beiwf^n the Tflllahntchlp unct Mississippi rlrcr? Foi InnTiet inTnTrna- tion contact S W Thompson. Entd Miss S5 pk 9,5 One 2-room furnished npt itpilntr* One hcdroom Parking space Tor 1 or ^ toilers Ph 423? 8,13 pk 6.20 6-room hou*» halh fe. g«rase, $75.00 mo I.arsc loi Htway SI North Addnv* I' O. Hox 9H 8 18 Ck & 21 HARD TO DECIDE WHAT CAR TO BUY? YOU HAVE A TREMENDOUS RANGE OF CHOICE AT STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. 19.J7 Chevrolet .(-door Sedan, radio & Healer. l!M6 Chevrolet Coupe 1!M6 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. 1917 Ford 4-door Sedan, radio & healer. 1919 Lincoln -1-door Sedan, fully equipped. 1949 tMercury .1-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and overdrive. 1935 Ford Coupe... .Special... .$135. 1310 Mercury 2-door Sedan, has new motor. I 9,'iS Buick 4-door Sedan .Model "A" Pickup Truck 593S Pontiac 2-door Sedan 1910 DeSolo 1-door sedan, has radio 1911 Ford Pickup Truck 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1942 Ford 4-door Sedan STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First or Walnut Phone 4333 (Continued on Next Pags) >

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