The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1939 If War Becomes Reality Evacuation Of Millions Will Make City Almost Descried BV MII/1'ON HJtONNKU NKA Service Stan Cnrrrspimilciil LONDON; Mi\y 25.—Urcalcr London, which sprawls over 000 IUTCS and contains about 8,000,000 people, will become a descried village in event of war. This will be in .striking contrast lo conditions which prevailed in the British metropolis during the last world war. 't'iien l/nidoit was occasionally raided by German lihuics and Zeppelins, stores -of l.'roplc were killed and hundreds of cllicrs were Injured, but there was no widespread slaughter and no destruction by explosion, fire and gas. AnA life went on as usual in Londoi). nut the gigantic air forces of Gennany and Italy, ccnplcd wilii the Immense punishing power huge bombs have will make the possible London of llic p:ssiblc next war quite a different place. Life will not go on as usual. Theaters and movies all probably will be closed, so Hint jjreal masses ol pc^pe will not ue crowded In certain vulnerable localities. Buses will disappear from (lie streets, so that the gasoline may ue saved fcr more vital ncftcts. Travel will be largely by (he underground railway, by root, and by bicycle. WIDESriiRAU UXOVUS WILL DKA1N CUT The population at wartime London will be due lo many factors: Sooner or later, if Britain hns a war, conscription will be pui into force take at- least bW/,000 >:f the younger men .v.i'ay "I.OIUlOII will bccom L- n ilfsorlcd village." Negro School's Graduates Gel Diplomas Toniglil: Ten students of the Richard D. Harrison negro high school will receive their diplomas toiigbt al the fifth antiual commencement exercises to be held at the Pilgrim Resl Baptist, church. The exercises will begin al ciyhl o'clock. Oilier events which have pre- to training camps and battleflUds. mlo<1 " lc commencement exercises And during the war scare of '"'"'do me class day program last fall, plans were made to evnc- Slven Friday; the taccalnurcale uate into llic country 50Q.UOO \ sermon preached by the Rev. Wil- scliooi children and anotlier 500,000 Green, pastor of the I'ilgrim younger children together wilh their \ Rcst Baptist church Sunday; ele- niothcrs. These children and wo- 'nentary plays, "Little Black Sam- iiicu wilt be bilteUeri upjn every- j bo " antl " A fay in Happy Land' bo;ly ivho htis a liouse. Tlic gov- ' {"'Muted Monday; the class piny, eminent itsc-lf also proposes to'" E 5 1( 's of Love" .given Tuesday build shelter ennuis. At least 250,- n| 8l>'- UIW more people, who have friends' Tllc general theme cf the pro- ,, ,, , and relatives living outside of Lou- £™ m touigUt- nil) be "The Objec- »' nn '-™' don, will betake themselves awny tlv « " f Secondary Education." J. S. ",,„,!,,„„ irom the metropolis. It is also • McMillan, principal of Marlon high probable thai, if air raids continue SCU001 "I Marlon/ will give the in intensity, the government, will l' ri ™ipal address. evacuate al least 2,OOO.OfjO adult Following the processional, Hie civilians who are ivcl performing Rev - E - °- Croft, pastor of Betli- esscnlial services. lehnnr church, will give Ihe tnvo- ,Thc/eJvcrmnent. is ,building im-. calion ; The Harrison high selucl menscly strong air raid 'slieUerif' tl10 ™ 3 wi 'l sing Kevin's "The Holy underneath Ihe various government ,- H °. 111 '," , before Huvlhle Ix:c Cnrric, oflice buildings in Whitehall. But' salutatbilaii, ' will speak on "Eco- u.usL- are imended to shelter only j n( ™ic Adjustment." skeleton forces. I _ A mixed quartet compose<l of The mniii body of civil servants' with the unclcr-secretaries cf stale ami the responsible I'atjinct ofliccrs would be elseivliere. Where (hey ivill be is naturally one of the most closely guarded governmental secrets. Jt is very probable the big departments would not be located in the same t:wn. It is m;rc probable that the Home Office would i be situated in one city aiid the! War Department in a town some' 151) or 200 miles away. Bui all the government departments will be interlinked by telephone and telegraph communications and also with the cilice cf Ihe Prime Minister, wherever lliat may ultimately be. Similarly them will be arrangements for calling Parliament together outside London if necessary. The City—London's Wall Street —is prepared for emergencies. Tlio great banking, insurance and shipping concerns will, I am in- .fcrmty.l, largely scatter to ; smalt towns in Wales and Scotland: Willie Mae Haillctl, Evelyn Bel), Lilloyd Watson and Shannon De- leuno Little will sing Stults' "The Sweetest Story liver Told." Blanche Mnc Bell, valedictorian, will discuss the "Social-Civic Aim cf Secondary Education," Edllh S. Tillolson's "Sundown" will be sung by n male miartel composed oC Wnlsun, Little, Currlc and Bradford. The class address will be followed by the awarding cf certificates by C. M. Buck, president of the school hoard. Oett,V> "Listen to the Lambs" sung by the Hiirris.-R high chorus and remarks by the M. M. Wllbtin, principal, will precede Ihc benediction and the postlmle. Members of Die class arc: Ilurllile Lee Ciurie, president; Shannon Dc- lenno lii\le, vice president; Willie Mae BarutiU, secretary; Willie Beatrice Seals, assistant secretary; Samuel Adam Redmond, treasurer; Lilloyd Watson, reporter; Ammor business manager 1 Mac Bell, Evelyn Bell E<lnu Mac Burton. Head Courier News want ads. ' Clinton lj. CaWwcll; Ingrain Bldg. lilylhcvilte, AltKAis'SAS' Him MISSOURI TITLE Ol'INlONS. • TITLE INSUKANCE. COMl'LKTE.COVEKAGE. NOT1CK <)!•' FILING OF APPLICATION FOR L1QUOK PEIiMiT Nolice is hereby given thai the undersigned hns filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of Hie Slate of Arkansas for permit, to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous litiuors for beverage at retail on Hie premises described as 107 S. 2nd St., Blylhcvillc, Ark. Application is for permit to be ' Issued for operation beginning on ! the first, day of July, l!):t!), nncl lo ' expire on the 30th day of June, 19W, os prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7, to:jg and Supplemental Regulation No 19 effective July to. 1937. LOUIS APPLEBAUM. NOTICB 01' PKTITION FOIJ J'URLIO IIOAI) IK THE COUNTY COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, 1 ARKANSAS, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, • In the Matter of a Public road in . Township Fourteen. North Range ' Nine. East. Chickasawba District, i Mississippi County, Arkansas. ' [ Notice is hereby given that the ' undersigned will, on the 12th day i of Juno. 1939. present lo the Cotin- i ty Court of Mississippi Counly,! Arkansas, a petition for establish- I ill? n ncxv road described us follows: Beginning nl the Northeast, corner of Section One, and the Southeast corner of Section thirly-sis, <36) Township Fourteen North, Range Nine, East, going due West along said Scclion line for a distance ot one mile, and ending at the Northwest comer of Scclion One, bultiiiR said levcc. Oivcn this 20lh day of May,' lUJU. I PARTLOW & BRADLEY, ' Atorneys for Petitioners. I 25-1' SPECIAL PURCHASE 15 PhilcoRadios No. 70 I! Jiisl Like I'idnru ;it Hijllil. Those New i^Iotlcl HKiO I'HH.COS Thai soil Ihc conn try over for .?3!>.l)r> at only —And your old set All S c I s Complete ' wilh Jiafleiio.s. HONT WAIT— ONLY 15 AT THIS We SLilf. Have a Few of the iVo. 70 F Cahinct H1LC0 iAITEKY SETS Offered for only and your old scl. These ;ire regular $59-95 Philcos. You Can buy half down, balance in fall if wanted al small carrying charge. HUBBARD FURNITURE GO. Blytheville, Ark. , J)!,YTHJWI,I,E, (AUK.)' COUJJ115K NEWS Two Criilcjiarlans )u Faiullv NORWALK, O, (UP)-0)io liun- dred birthdays each have beei celebrated by Samuel Johnson am his sIsUM'-ln-law, Olivia Day, wh> ore 'members of the jaime 'household. Both centenarians were boi'i slaves In Kentucky and both cnjoj excellent hcallh. Cftlicnslilp Won im Sln'tciier WATEHBUtlY, Conn. tUP) Mrs. Sally Stimuli walled man months (o become n nm when slic was stricken with pncti iiionlii 11 npHou-cfl her desire wouli Imvc lo be postponed. Hospital at lenilnnts, hou'ever, wheeled lie Into superior court on a stretdiet Old (iiris Nlioivrr Ihiivu AHOADiA, cm. <ur> - Something new In the way of "showers' WHS launched when Wends cole biiUc<l the 'Will birthday of W Pinker Lyon, owner of' flic 1'on K!(|>ITHS Museum. All sifts wen required to be nl least !50 vi' old. Cuban land .snnll.s travel br »l If reach the l-'lorliln const. Vas tdictl to leaves, ihoy Iravel him- drcds of miles im the wings o hurricanes. You'll like Men rate it "theffrea&it American Wliukey' Buy n hr.licr Used Cnr hrforo m.r l-ord Dealers' Prc-Stmitm-r Knjny ([„. „./,„;,. ,„,„. uicr ivilli n <-ar thru makes life worth li.vii)«I llri;i ff jxiufoM C nr in now, ntid hike !ii)i.-iiil;ii;o c ,f imr [»io prices and high Iraik- l.h offer.' See These R & G Specials j'37 I'on! Deluxe Connc 'SMlj j 37 I'Vtl Deluxe Tudor, I Kftillo'; .-.;. S-'JSfi '38 Ford V-8 Tticior... ..JIM Here Are Some 50-50 j GuaiatiieEtl Bargains ] '.'(,'! Cltevpolel Tudor S S'l I '3-1 Ford Tudor §[21! '35 Chevrolet Master i Tudor S182' Mil & Walnut Phone 310 Wards get you ready for Vacatiph-ti.rne at BIO SAVING Si > .iii." ; ; iKiVi 1 .,' 1 - !M|«J Shirt s Stock Regularly 55cpr.' Easily Y/otth ).19 d Shrunk! Willpraot Co/lcirsl Be "stocklnft-rlcli" tin's; summer by. taking ..'.advantage 6E .our big reductions .new I- AH pure silk hose with the 'feet thriftily, reinforced with mercerized c 0 1 1 o n) Full /.ishiocicd, ' oC course. And we've just (he right costume colors! In service weights. Kxpcrls call them sensational values nl tlioir rogn/.-ir price! Now yon snvc c.v(r,i.' Peel tlicso smooth fabric:; 1 Sec nil the smart dctiiils-tlio i pleated cuffs, the shirred backs I New nattcrutl iui!)«t ;i; SALEl Slacks, formereftes Want a better-filling, heller looking troiiscr style? Then v . choose this pleated Ilolly- j« £ ; vvppd Drape model with self l)clt( Woven fabrics, wash fabrics and Ironical weights! Reduced just-tot. this week* end/ Biiy now, for liip"cnlirc : summcrl Cotton liyil! siacks with slldo ;lastcficrsr?--'a'nd farmereUcs with' deep' pock-' els. Sites 12 to'20:;:'-^-::'x^ . Why Pay $1? Swoon &smjmft\ Ws»»«;w«4ws • •••. sv ' TIcrc's your chance to save 21c on this season's HIT sport shoes. The smartest, coolest aud most comfort- nble crepe soled style we've seenl Two tone tan; white. Salel 4 Doys.Qn/y.' F'no Mmccrhed Cotton} The last word in smooth, wrinklclc'cs ; fill. Rib Itnil rayon—(tic kind you don'l hive ip iron I A real find at tlm low .price I—Grand for undcr'sport dlothcs. Women's. A Big finviniil Jf.imnus rnyon crcpc in prc'.tily Deep shadow panel! 32-11 •• . ••. -Stripes from top to toe, or solid colors wilh saucy little cuffs. All have lastcx tops.- - New Coot IVhife Ox Tuch'them In your slacks or wear them' iltft new way— jacket stylc^cMitsideI Coolest summcV 'fabrics! Full sizes I Var dyed, cotorfast! '<J (.few Neck Sfiiils .. .1»« Belter Weatngl Better Made! Vltiysniis Good looki.-if; styles in casy-to- clean buck finished leathers. Leather soles. Sizes 6 lo 11. They look just like dresses I Famous printed Fruit-oi-the- Loora .percales, t -piece. . 2-H. Phone 676

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