Independent from Long Beach, California on May 13, 1976 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1976
Page 32
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B-8-- INDEPENDENT [AM) TeleVues Western series previews tonight By BOB MARTIN TV-Radio Eililor If you'd like to gel a preview of the only new Western series on the fall television schedule, lime in Channel 4 tonight from ft to 11 for the pilot movie "The Quest." It will be a 60-mimite series on NBC's 1976-77 lineup, airing on Wednesday nights after "Little House on the Prairie." Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson are Ihc stars of Ihe pilot movie and of Ihe series. Brian Keith guost- DISASTERS: HOW AND WHY, 7:30 p.m., Ch. 7. This week's subject is the 1963 Baldwin Hills dam collapse and flood. MOVIE: "The Quest," 9 p.m., Ch. 4. New TV Western stars Kurt Russell and Tim Malheson as two - young men searching for their sister, lost years earlier in an Indian raid. LAND OF HOPE, 9 p.m., Ch. 2. SLxty-minute drama pilot for a possible series deals with four immigrant families living on New York's Lower East Side in 1910. THEATER IN AMERICA, 9 p.m., Ch. 28. Gardner " McKay's "Sea Marks," filmed in Ireland, centers on the romance of an Irish fisherman and a Liverpool secretary, told largely through their letters. stars in tonight's film as a cattle driver, with a duhi- o u s r e p u t a t i o n , a n d Cameron Mitchell, Neville Brand. Keenan Wynn and Will Ilutchins arc also in the cast. The writer-creator of the series is Tracy Keenan W.vnn, sou of actor Keenan Wynn and grandson of Ihe late comedian Ed Wynn. Tracy won an Emmy for his TV m o v i e s c r i p t "Trihes" in 1970 and was nominated for an E m m y for "The Glass House" in 1971." E x e c u t i v e p r o d u c e r David Gerber calls the new series "the 'Police Story' of Westerns." It is said to offer "a tough, realistic portrayal of the West of tiie 1880s, showing the hardships, lawlessness and morality." Tonight's movie starts out with the reunion of two b r o t h e r s , p l a y e d by Matheson and Russell. Matheson, as Qucntin W.vnn Keith Brand Mitchell Bandine, is a medical student, who for years had thought his entire f a m i l y had been killed in an Indian raid eight years earlier. Russell, as Morgan Two Persons, has been raised by the Cheyenne Indians. After the brothers are reunited, they set out in 'search of their younger sister, who they learn is living with Indians. "The Quest" was filmed on location in Arizona. ANOTHER pilot, "The Land of Hope." airs from 9 to 10 this evening on Channel 2. It has not, however, been picked uu as a series for Ihe CBS fall schedule. "The Land of Hope" is a drama about four immigrant families of different n a t i o n a l i t i e s l i v i n g i n small cold-water flats on New York City's Lower East Side in Ihe early 1900s. It was written by Rose Lciman Goldcmberg, whose f a t h e r w a s a n immigrant from Russia. A D O C U M E N T A R Y series. "First Images of the New World." starts a nine-week run tonight at 1 on Channel 28. The series deals with the impact of the discovery of America on Europe, and features discussions by a number of w o r l d scholars. T W O L A K E V V O O D youngsters are among 12 boys and girls from across the country selected to star in the new "Mickey Mouse Club" television · series, which is scheduled to start airing next January. Auditions were held in various cities. The new Mouseketeers from Lakewood are Benita Di Giampaola (Nila Dec), age 9, and Scott Craig, 12. A n g e l F l o r e z , 12, of Hawaiian Gardens, and Allison Fonle, 12, of Buena Park, also were selected. Rehearsals w i l l s t a r t May 24 at Walt Disney S t u d i o s in B u r b a n k . Produclion on the first 85 of the 150 scheduled shows will begin June 21 and end lale in September. *AD*. . KAIL. KBBI . KtOO KDAf. KUf . KFAC. fyvj *M... 1*30 KFOX. 740 KFWS 1500 KGtS 1680 KGfB 1190 KGFJ. 1330 DUDLEY'S Carlton 70 is lowest. Caiiton 70 is the lowest tar cigarette ever made. Only 1 mg. tar. Only 0.1 mg. nicotine. 1 no."(3f.0.l rrg. nkoire ev. per cigareuebyHC neiKwi. Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. MO KGH ... 1740 KMC .. 570 KKLA .. 1110 1280 KG«B.. 900 KMPC.. 710 KPTM.. UAO 980 KIU ... 930 K N X . . . 1 0 7 0 ICW1Z.. 1JBO 1030 KKA« .. 1720 KOCO. 600 KWrCW 1300 1390 K I E V . . . 870 K K X . . I M O KWOW 1230 MS 1150 K R E 1 . . 1 3 7 0 XP8S .. 1090 X I R A . . 690 iiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiHtuiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiuiiiHMUuimimimiiiiiimiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiNUii SPIRO AGNEW. who a p p e a r e d on N B C ' s "Today" show Tuesday morning, will be the only guest on "The Merv Griffin Show" from 9 to 10:30 tonight. He also has taped a "Mike Douglas Show" for airing soon. The former vice presi- 'dent. who was forced to quit office Oct. 10, 1973, over income-tax evasion, is hitting tlie TV trail to plug his novel "The Canfield Decision." One TV c o l u m n i s t reports that Griffin was so grateful to have Agnew on his show that he "all but got down on his knees and shined Agnew's shoes." SUSAN ST. JAMES, who won't join Rock Hudson for another season of "McMillan" in the (all, is a guest a! 8 tonight on NBC's "Mac Davis Show," along w i t h the Pointer Sisters. Susan does some . singing w i t h Mac and offers a monologue about confusing words. iiiiiiiiiiiiMijiiiiiimiiiiiilimiiiliiMiiiim f. Magic Chef, GAS RANGE Dooley's SALE PRICE t 25" Wide Oven Door · Removable Top · Available In Colors Mojor Appliance Blctg. FM Stations KION KSPC KXLU KSUL KPFK KUSC KFAC K N X KPOL KT6T KDUO KNOB . KJ01... KFOX . KRTH KUTE . KIIS . . . KOST .. KBIC _ _ OT2 1M3 ... . ...100.3 ... IN.I ...101.9 ...IO.J . . . I 0 3 S DOOLEY'S H A R D W A R MART S07S LONG HUH HVO NOITM IONG IUCH QffK 7 PAYS A WEEK LOG- KNXT ChanrK! KNBC Chorine KTIA Chorvie KABC Chonne KHJ Cb.zr.r.e KTTV Chonne KCOP Chorine KWHY Chamie KCET Chonne KHOf Channe KMEX Channe II KIXA 'Channel 40 13 KBSA Channel 46 22 KOCE Chonnel 50 28 KBSC Channel 52 30 KVST Channel 08 34 THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1976 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT An * indicates B/W. Other shows in color. Thib newspaper assumes no responsibility for lasl- " tninutc program rhan^cs ' by networks or M j r t i o i l h . 5:55 ·i Knowledge. America's Third Century 8:00 A.M. 7 Connie's Clothing Corner 9 Woman's Touch 11 University of the Air 6:25 4 Not for Women Only fi:30 2 Learning Can Be Fun 5 Earth Lab 7 Michael Jackson 9 Meet the Mayors 11 Bullwinkle 13 Deputv Dawg 6:55 ·1 News Center -1 7:00 A.M. 2 News, Hughes Rudd 1 Today. Spiro Agnew promotes his new book, · "TheCanfield Decision" (8.8:30) 5 700 Club 7 Good Morning America 0 Youth l h e Issues I I Porky Pig 13 Mighty Mouse 22 Market Opening 28 Mister Rogers 7:30 9 Romper Room I I i 13 Bugs Bunny 22 Market Update 28 Sesame Street 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 9 Davey Goliath 11 Flintstones 13 Speed Racer 22 New York Exchange 8:30 5 Manna--Religion ;i Jack Lal-anne ! 1 Yogi and Friends 13 Popcye 22 Commodity Line 2ti Carrascole'ndas 9:00 A.M. 2 Price Is Right .; Celebrity Sweepstakes 5 Gallery" 7 A.M. Los Angeles ft Tommy Hawkins Show I I "I Love Lucy 13 I Dream of Jeannie 22 Market Update 28 Sesame Street 50 Robert Mac.Neil Report 9:30 4 High Rollers 5 "Movie: "Navy Blues," Dick Purcell, Mary Brian (Mystery '3D I I Green Acres 13 Sarn Yortv Show 22 Business Today 40 The Word 50 Connie's Corner 10:00 A.M. 2 Gambit 4 Wheel of Fortune 11 Hogan's Heroes 22 New York Exchange 40 One Way Game '10:30 2 I,ove of Life -I Hollywood Squares 7 Happy Days I I That Girl 13 Gomer Pylc ' Market Update 4fi Praise the Lord Club 10:55 '2 News. Doug Edwards 11:00 A.M. 2 Young i Restless ·1 Marble Machine 5 "Movie-. "Of Mice and Men." Burgess Meredith, ton Chancy, Jr., Charles Bickford ('Drama '39) 7 Rhyme Reason 9 Movie: "Carmen Jones," Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey (Drama '54) 11 News, Terry Mayo 13 Nanny and the Professor 22 New York Exchange 23 Masterpiece Theatre 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Take My Ad vice 7 Break the Bank 11 Let's Rap 13 Bill Cosby Show 22 Market Coverage 50 Electric Company 11:55 1 News, Edwin Newman NOON 2 Noontime, Maehado 4 To Tell the Truth 7 Edge of Night I I Movie: "The Juggler." Kirk Douglas, fifilly Vitalel'53) 13 I Dream of Jeannie 22 Concepts of Commodity 28 Masterpiece Theatn: 50 Sesame Street 12:30 2 As the World Turns 7 All My Children 13 Courtship of Eddie's Father 22 Options 40 Barrv McGuire "1:00 P.M. 5 "Movie: "The Mummy's Ghost." Lon Chancy. Jr., George Zucco. John Carradine r'-Bt 7 Ryan's Hope fl News. Steve Kox 13 'Major Adams 22 Market Closing ·10 Tree of Life 1:30 2 Guiding Light 4 Doctors 7 I .el's Make a Deal ') "The Lucy Show 22 Charting the Market 40 The Acts 2:00 P.M. 2 All in the Family ·I Another World 7 The $20,000 Pyramid 9 'Beverly Hillbillies 13 News, Hugh Williams 40 Wonder of the Word 50 The Tribal Eye 2:30 2 Match Game 5 News. Larry McCormick 7 One Life to Live 9 Movie: "Black Bart." Yvonne de Carlo, Dan Duryea I'·)!) I I Mickey Mouse 13 Get Smart 28 What's Cooking? 31 LaSenorita Elena ·10 Brand New Day 3:00 P.M. 1 Taltletales I Somerset 5 Please Don't Eat the Daisies 7 General Hospital 1! Porkv Pig 13 Heckle Jeckle 28 Lilias, Yoga You (R) 40 Praise (he Ixml Club 50 Focus Orange Co. 3:15 30 N'ews 3:30 2 Dinah! From: Las Veaas. Guests: George Kirby. Aretha Franklin, Sergio Franchi, author Big Julie 4 Mike Douglas Show. Guests: Shelley Winters; Sally Field; Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger; sluntman Victor Paul; singers.Taj Majal: The War Babies comedy group. 5 "Ozzio and Harriet 7 Movie: "Gideet," Sandra Dee. Cliff Robertson ('59) 13 'The Munslers 30 Praise the Lord Club 34 La Gata 50 Mister Rogers ·!:OOP.M. 5 'Father Knows Best 9 Rin Tin Tin 11 Bugs His Buddies 13 GilTigan's Island 28 Mister Rogers 34 Una Muchacha Llamada MUagros 50 Sesame Street 52 Rocky and His Friends 1:30 5 'Dick Van Dyke Show 9 'The Lone Ranger I I The Jelsons 13 Bugs Bunny 28 Sesame Street 52 Underdog 5:00 P.M. 2 News, Pat Emory ·I News, Jess Marlow 5 Big Valley 7 News. Lund/Henry 9 '.Maverick It Flintslones 13 Speed Racer 22 Huggie Boy Show 34 Lo tmperdonablc 40 Backyard 50 Electric Company 52 -Three Stooges 5:30 I I Bewitched 13 Batman 28 Electric Company 30 Film 6:00 P.M. 2 News. Bentt/Hill 1 News. Paul Moycr 5 Bonanza 7 News. Dunphy; Hambrick 9 Ironside 11 Partridge Family 1?. Adam 12 22 F.I Pobre Gonzalcs 28 Zoom! 30 Woman. All That I Am 34 News, Roberto Cruz 40 Wonder of the Word 50 California Journal 52 Little Rascals 6:30 II Andy Griffith Show 28 Open Math 30 Two Heavens 40 The Acts 50 Dimensions in Cultures 7:00 P.M. 2 News, Walter Cronkite 4 News. John Chancellor 5 Bowling for Dollars 7 News, Harry Rcasoner 9 Concentration 11 "I Love Lucy 13 The FBI 28 First Images of the New World. 9-pt. series concerns the impact of the discovery of America on Europe, The series features discussions by world scholars and is illustrated with . authentic engravings of the 15th and 16th centuries 30 Living Word 34 El MilaBro de V'ivir 40 Tree of Lite 50 Connie's Clothing Corner 52 "Addarns Family 7:30 2 Last of the Wild 1 The Price Is Right 5 Love American Style 7 Disasters: How and Why. "Baldwin Hills Dam" 9 Celebrity Bowling I I Brady Bunch 28 Robert MacNcil Report 30 Ernest Anglev Hour ·JOVicki! 50 Magic of Oil Painting 8:00 P.M. 2 The Waltons. A u t u m n of 1936 is already a disastrous season for the Waltons' lumber business, when a new lumber mill roars into operation nearby. (R) 4 Mac Davis Show. Guests: Susan Saint James. The Pointer Sisters. 5 Movie: "Nevada Smith,"Steve McQueen, Karl Maiden CG6) 7 Welcome Back, Kotter. Julie invites a rich former classmate of Gabe to dinner unaware that Hotter can't stand him. (R) 9 Movie: "One-Two- Three," James Cagney, Arlene Francis (Comedy '611 I I Mv Three Sons 13 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 8:30 7 Barney Miller. Fish goes home for lunch for the third time in 30 years when he is put on restricted duty and has to train a new man on the squad. (R) 11 Cross-Wits 28 Citywatchers 30 Shekinah Fellowship 50 Woman 9:00 P.M. 2 The Land of Hope. The melting pot that was New York City's lower East Side just after the turn of Ihe century is the focus for this world premiere drama about tour immigrant families who found the streets of America paved with challenge and opportunity ·1 Movie: "The Quest." Two men who have lost members of their family in an Indian massacre re-unite years later in a determined search when they learn that their sister is alive and living with Indians. Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell star. (Forerunner of new fall series of the same name) 7 Streets of San Francisco. Stone and Keller suspect a popular women's talk show host of slaying listeners he secretly dates. (R) II Merv Griffin Show. Guest: Spiro Agnew, former V. Pres. 22 Boxing 28 Theater in America "Sea Marks." Follows the romance of a poetic young fisherman and a woman publisher. Filmed in Ireland. 30 Downey 1st Baptist Church 40 Praise the Lord Club 50 Tribal Eye 52 Okpiri 10:00 P.M. 2 Barnaby Jones. Betty Jones is the innocent victim in a dangerous game which she is held hostage by a man attempting to force Barnaov to reopen the case of his convicted brother. (R) 7 Harry 0. Smugglers kidnap Harrv's Iricnd. Sue. in an attempt to force the detective to locale $200,000 in missingdiamonds. (R) 9 News.Putnam/Kahle 30 Praise the Lord Club 34 Barata de Primavera 50 Mao's China 10:30 5 News. Fishman/ McCormick 11 News. Chuck Howe 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Pat Eniorv 4 N'ews. John Schulieck 5 "Best of Groucho 7 News, Dunphy/ Hambrick 9 'Movie: "Crack in the Mirror," Orson Welles. Juliette Greco (Drama 'liOi 11 Marv Harlman 13 Gel Smart 34 Noliciero 11:15 31 Cinema 31 11:30 2 .Movie: "Ice Station Zebra." Rock Hudson. Ernest Borgnine, Jim Brown (Pt. 11) 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson 5 'Twilight Zone 7 Mannix 11 News, Rowe/Ashman 13 'Burns and Allen 40 Behind the Scenes MIDNIGHT 5 'Movie: "Casanova '70" 11 Movies: '"Folly to Be Wise": "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" (2:00); '"Chad Hanna" (4:001 13 Movie: "The Secret Seven" 12:40 7 The Magician 1:00 A.M. 4 Tomorrow 9 'Wanted: Dead or Alive 1:30 2 Newsroom 2 1:45 7 Eyewitness News 1:55 5 N'ews Headlines 2:00 A.M. 4 NewsCenter 4 2:05 2 Movies: '"Michael Shayne. Private Detective": "Enchanted Island" (3:30) SOFA BEDS With Mattress Upholstered In Vinyl or Herculon From 189 Big Enowh lo Serve You, Small Enough to Know ? I*ongXBeaeh .^ WANTED FOR NETWORK · TELEVISION SHOW! j The best, the most unique, the most novel, the most unusual -- acrobats, jugglers, tap dancers, puppeteers, mimes, stilt-walkers, dog acts, I mimics, harmonica acts, wash board and saw players, impressionists, bell- ringers, sword swallowers, fire eaters and what have you ... TO PRESENTED on "THE GOING! SHOW/' A NEW TELEVISION SERIES! · CALL (213) 466-9153 · The Day The Baldwin Hitts Dam Broke! ;· It'sDecsiTibfisf , , , . . . . . . . . . . : son is 'shattered'.wit^horrifying"suddenness as a SO^foot thunderingdownfronrthe hills. ;THe Baldwin Hills dam has collapsed, sweeping .houses two Hours it leaves a scar forever on the lives of thousands. Join Dri George Fjschbeck as he relives that fateful day orj^V Disasters: How and Why 7*ip Tbnlght: "The Baldwin

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