The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1944
Page 6
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•LTTHHVILLB, (ARK.): COURIER NBWfl FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 104<l THE ILYTHEVILLl OOTOIEB KTOB - -• v- H. W. HAXNX8, PuWlabe * -'--.'. - UltUXL t. NOBRIft Idltoe A.' QATKN8, AdTettilbkl HkUffl > Sole : N»Uot*l AdTtrtlduj H*prc*at*Uv*i: H'tUtcs Wltatr Oo, N« Tort. Obittfo, D+- Itoit, AUuU, Ucmphif. Krery Atteniooo faoept Bcndty % KatcMd « teoond dui m»tt«r tt tt» pock- rtlce »t BlytlMTlUe, Artaniu, under Mt ol Oo»- Oetober I, 1«17. Berred by th« UalWd PTCM SUBSCRIPTION RATM , By carter In the citr of BljtberlU*, Ur *w veeK, or tta per uiouui. U; m»il, irtthln i rtditu ol 43 mlX, KOO p»t 'MT, 12.00 far six months. 11.00 for tbret mc*tt»; \iy mill outeWe 60 mile ions IW.OO p*r.)raw P*y»ble ID idrance. Postwar Business Looks Good Amid the din of prognostications on whither Russo-Aniei'ican relations after the,.war, Eric Johnston, president of the U.' S. Chamber of Commerce, seems to have put his finger on the governing factor when he brought up the n»es- Uon of postwar trade on his trip to the ,llr-S. S. R. "•Johnston, first private citizen to visit Moscow by official invitation, told a press conference that Foreign Trade Commissar Anastas Mikoyan had authorize^ him to say that the Soviet Union wants to buy many billions of dollars' worth of American goods on purchase terms mutually advantageous to the two countries. , Logically, the Soviet Union should offer a big postwar market for American products. Russia's victories have not been won cheaply. Her scorched earth policy and the fiendishly sys- temati' ; devastation of Russian property by the Nazis has left Red industry crippled and much food-producing soil barren.-.-One. American correspondent reported that not a single enterprise in South-Russia's iron and steel industry escaped damage. ' To get its industry in motion again, Russia "will heed to import capital goods. \V.e have the machine tools for railroad, Automobile and air transport equipment, the latest machinery for producing high octane gasoline and the oil well . and refinery equipment and other producer/.; goods that Russia needs. ', parry Hopkins has estimated that American .exports'to Russia after the iyar will amount to ?750,000,000 annually. .;• t In return, Russia will send us manganese, platinum, indium and chronic qrc, and the skins, furs, bristles and tobacco that have always been in demand here. **"• Regardless of differences in political ideology, business relations between our country and the Soviet should be most cordial in the postwar period. Cupid Pressing Ail-Out Offensive Bachelors .and unmarried women more than 14 years old are getting scarcer and scarcer, according to a recent survey mitde by the Bureau of the Census, which shows that the proportion of marrierT couples in (he population is higher now than at any other time for which figures are available. Maybe this means that American youths are not letting themselves be licked by the war, that they refuse to concede that everything should stand still until it is over. They have gone about the wholesome, normal business of getting married and having children. In wartime that takes .somelhing of the rugged pioneer spirit that many were afraid had -faded forever from the American scene. Reproduction b this column ol editor!*]* (ram other newipapen 4oei aot wcwtarllj n*ui cDdoiMment bit b an t«ka«wlcdfment of la* feted la (lit «o6Jec(* (bousM*. f t "Shall Not Pass Any Local Or Special Acts" It seems Uml vindication of Arkansfls's no- loctil-blll amendment, by tlie state Supreme Court Is an unending Jndiclnl tusk. The constitution ran not enforce Itself. 1( legislatures refuse to respect H, tlie people's only recourse Is In the courts. lii the latest of many such cases to come before it, ll\e Supreme Court described the Ran- i!ol|>li county road overseer net of 1943 as "on attempt to evade" what, tlie pwule of Arkansas meant to do when by overwhelming popular vote they amended their state constitution ami declared that "the General Assembly shall not l>nss .any local or .special net.' 1 The now Invalidated Randolph county measure provided Hint countries having n population between 18,300 nnd 18,350, or c.iiuUies "hereafter" having n population inside those limits, should appoint one road overseer for each township. But the Supreme Court cut through thnt trick phraseology by pointing out that while it might be argued Hint this "classification" device gnvc the bill a theoretical elasticity, in practical operation it was sought to establish in one county n road overseer system from which the state's oilier 74 counties were excluded. That decision disposes of one special bill, but billy one among scores passed by successive legislatures since such legislation was banned, and disposes of that one only because somebody—jn this instance one of the proponents—wns willing to go to the expense nnd trouble of bringing [he mutter to n lest hi the Supreme Court. Tlie place to stop the flow of out-lawed local legislation should be, not the courts, but the legislature. Surely those who arc elected to make laws for Arkansas can fairly be cxpectetl to set nil example of respect for law. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. New Wrinkle on Lend-Lease , There's been a lot written about GI Joe waiting to return home to find everything just as he left it. And the ladies, bless their hearts, being a literal lot, have written to Republican 'Sen. Owen Brewster of Maine asking that face-lifting and plastic surgery be Icnd- leased to wives and families of men in the armed services. For, as they point out, "what woman, wife or mother, among/us wants that man to return to a wrinkled face, dried up, flabby neck' knowing men do not age as quickly as \vomen?" 'More power to you ladies-ami leiicl- lease. •SO THEY SAY Withdrawn) from present iiositloiis is punishable by dcnth. I empower all leaders o( every grnde to shoot on sight'anyone who leaves his prat because of cowardice. The hour Is serious. Only will-power, readiness for fighting ontl heroism to the death cnn help.—Gerifmn order, captured ncnr Cherbourg. * * • Americans! Soon tlie robot bombers will come to your soil. Soon you will feel-what war means. Quit the wnr before It Is too Inte.—Leaflets thrown from German prisoner train pacing through Minnesota. » » • When we heard aliout Hie "second front" soldiers nnd officers danced for joy. We knew that the war would soon be over.—Finnish prisoners captured in Russia. • • . I hope, the time Is coming when we will recognize men and women for their work, their contributions to the uplift of their country. We must be educated for It. We must lenrn about ,mir neighbors.—Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, only Negro general In the U. S. Army. SIDE GLANCES by GafbraHh ; "Al homo .lolm |),'ins Iliose tenitis terribly ;im) calls Diem n ] biiuch_ofj<i(ls_iiiul_cni)ples—i bope Hie w;ir basn'l upsel > '-'-—lW-_." ' Ill's mind'">'T «"•«••'•- •" 1 "~ =• -r'-VVr—:"*' •THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson- ' WHEN YOU PURCHASE A WAR. BOND, YOl' PAY OME-FO(JffTH LESS THAN MATURITY VALUE/ WHEN rOU COLLECT IT AT A\ATURltY, YOU RECEIVE OW£-THtfiD MORE THAM YOU PAID FOR \r,"Ss y j HERBERT HOLMES, ' ' What Else Could Sinbad Expect From Such a Bottle? '''^^•--• 1 ,.—*•- s:cne in '"Hie Princess 'and the Pirate." Tlie cameraman had .rouble moving the camera to keep :ace with here in several rehearsals. Finally Bob Hope cracked: •It's no use. You'll either have to ,ct an older girl or a younger camera." . • ' In tlie United States there are a third of a million safety patrol members whose duty is to guard school children at street crossings. WE FILL ALL DOCTOB8' PRESCRIPTIONS AND 8AVE yQV MONET STEWARTS Drnf, Stare Main A Lake Pbon* tali Spring and Snraraer r u N t - y p Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Gel All-round better Performance I T-LSEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler 'lUeilrr Parti ft Serrte* 1Z1 W. Aah Phone tl22 VITAMIN ORJ6JMALLY WAS SPELLED . •A'ITA."FOR LIFE, AMD 'AMINE" FOR THE AM1NO OR NITRO&ENOUS *iEXT: Where they run down antelopes. In Hollywood HY ERSK1NK JOHNSON NEA St;iff Correspondent Exclusively Yours: Movie box office receipLs have dropped considerably during the last six months because Hollywood, awed by the wartime theater boom, thought any oid celluloid would make money. Uut after six months of turning out six stinkers for every good movie, the sagging receipts have executives sending word, around the lots to bring up the quality of all movies to prewar levels. It's finally happened, according to the RKO press agenls. A fan telephoned Prank Sinatra long distance from Ohio and Prank crooned to the la'dy over the telephone. l.cllcr from a soldier at Camp Kolicrts reveals that Kcd Skclton I learning to be n buck private (lie I'aid way. Oilier day Red was asked to tell a few Jokes on the camp's uctkly entertainment program Next morning lie w;is onlcrcil to 1'elp clean up llie auditorium Cracked Ited: 'Tlifs is the first time I've laid my efgs and then ha (lean them up, loo." il to >?r Boarding House with Major Hoople Out Oar Way HpvVCOttE THE OP A8ou BEN HOOPLE LEftDS ALL THE OWE BOARDERS 16 TOSSIK1S /AORE INTO THE By J. R. Williams CO6S IT ^ B01HER YOU "TO HAVE PEOPLE. WATCH VOO WORVC ? THE ONLY THING *->/ S6H, BUT HE'S THAT MK3HT BOTHER \ A BUSTUMG MACHtwrST, / 1HOUOH--HE \ BUSTLES TO GET TH' JOB / SET UP SO TH' \ MACHItOE C.VKI ) CO -TH 1 -^ BUSTLIM'.' HIM IS TH' FACT THAT SHE'S NEARLY WOKE HIM UP TO ASK SUCH A V • ~l QUESTION).' Every type of sport shoe repair made here where ;i wide stock of fine 'leathers and materials plus highly skilled workmanship insure the smartest appearing rcsuMs comhinccl with top-notch wear anil comfort. Moderate prices. NOTHF.R TUNE IS SUNG George Sanders, self-styled pub- city hater, finally revealed his pots the other day. Starting work a new. film, Sanders brushed ff- th c publicity department. So he publicity boys ignored him for couple of'days. As the film near- d completion, the gent was follow- ig thc press agents around the ke a puppy, begging to get his ianie i ]1 the papers. » • • A black cat that follows William 'owcll through an entire scctie in The Thin Man Goes Home" wasn't that well trained. They nibbed una fish over the heels of Powell's ;hoes. • • • Slphl of the week: Sue Carol lak!n£ her new mairt on a tnuri of !hc ParAiKount lot. You gotta baby your servant's these days. • » • The boys on the S. S. Pastores, somewhere in the South Pncific, cad with Interest our piece about 3hHi Williams being unable to af- ord th c cart of mailing out 100,100 pin-up pictures. Today \ve received a note from Eddie Sarussi, recreation petty officer of the ship. It read: "Chill Williams \vnsunan- iisly chosen as the pin-up girl of our ship. Enclosed is $20, We would like to have 100 photographs." Relax, boys. RKO is mailing you the 100 photographs nnd I'm returning your 20 bucks. Of all Judy Garland's songs. "Zing Went thc Strings of My Heart" ranks first with servicemen. • » • Film male shortage continues. Latest to turn actor is Kerf f.arscii, make-up man with the "Dark Waters" company He'll play ll'.e role of one of Merle Obcron's suitors. Larson once acted In little theaters b.-uk In iVcbrnska Milli Hubert Tay- Inr when l:c was Arlington Hratigh. Nominated for thc film scene thnt will receive the biggest cheers of 1914: U. S. troops marching into llcrlin for "The Master Race," * • * F.VF.KY BAY A "D-DAY" Hob Crosby's thumbnail description of a certain too-vivacious star: "She lives every minute as though It were a crisis," » • • Uncle Sam's profit for the first month of the 30 per cent tax onj DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATH/C PHYS/CUNS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:39-5:00 Clinic 614 Main BlytheTlUe, Ark. Phone Z521 ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. We have three expert seamstresses on duty at all times. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! / 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 A Novel By ;KETn RINGS x hl. Hill. KenI PrtiiK>-'ni»lrll>ulr<,''lM4 I SEA Service, Inc. To Those Who Came In Laic: This is the story o/ what hfip- pcneil to Pinlcy Harrison n/tcr he inns killed in a /oxiiole. The scene is Hcaucnly Bend Junction, half-way yjoint befiueen t)ic Earth nnd Big Vnltey. Travelers stay here mitil they stop looking back to Earth. * « « XVII nniMOTHY HARRISON was excited about it. Nothing could have pleased him more than to get out and see the world again. As he told God, "Not that I don't like it where I am. Only it does you good; see other parts of the world and then you appreciate Big Valley all the more." They were striding along the street as Tim talked; God listened a little dubiously. "But this isn't a pleasure trip, you know, Tim." Tim turned to look at him defiantly. Only Tim dared to look at him like that. "Since when arc you denying people finding pleasure out of things'." • The old man smiled. "Guess you're right. But wliat I mean is, it's serious, Tim. War, you know." ', "Wasn't I in the lost one?" 1 "But things have changed. The last one wns a bunch of penny 'firecrackers going off compared to this." "Pshaw! War's svar ... I know what it's like." "Tim, you can't get hurt. It's not thai. You'll have my thoughts and wishes wrapped around you all the way. You won't even hear the guns . . . but it's blocked off, don't you understand? That mis- thought—like static to interfere with good reception. After all, you're only a thought I'm sending through. You may have to look a long time before you can find a place where you can get through." "Now look, will you just leave it to me?" "Tim, I don't know . . ." The older man was about to say that he was afraid he had made a mistake, when Tim boomed out heartily: "Hell, she's my own' granddaughter, isn't she? And at my age, can you beat that! Me still a youngster!" He"roared delightedly. • * • TiIMOTHY HARRISON was ex•*• aclly as Pinky- last "remembered him, except that he was not wearing the nightshirt which he'd had on when he died. He was now wearing the formal black suit that he was buried in, its drabness now relieved somewhat by a yellow daisy jauntily stuck into the lapel. Timothy pumped Pinky's hand, tightly clasped him around the shoulder. "dood Lord, Pinky, couldn't Uncle Sam fit you out heller than that?" The elder Harrison laughed and poked fun, as everyone did, at the bagginess of Pinky's GI pants. "How they been treating you, huh? Golly, how you've grown! How's Mother?" "I haven't seen her in a long time." "That's right. I forgot. Been clulw «crc 4>4 million dollars,! cr f , d , r , cle ; Tll ° Me and pain and the WcRcst cover charge in after- grief that s m every heart. They're ilark history. so ""-nro smart down there about • ' (i • • radio, I don't know why they can't Virginia Mayo was supposed to understand this. Each soul these drop quickly to her knees for « days fending out its tortured out in the world saving democracy, huh?" "Yes, sir, but they don't call il by that phrase anymore." Pinky was getting over the shock of the meeting now and glanced at his father with a slightly accusing look, "Don't you remember, Dad you saved it last time!" But Tim wasn't aBashed. "Damn right I saved it. Can I help it I it, got sick again?" This, he thought was pretty clever, He ooked at God and winked. "Now, Timothy!" The old man elt it was about time they got own to business &nd said so. "Wait!" Pinky glanced from one o the other worriedly. "You're ou're not sending him?" He icdded toward his father. God bristled. "Why not?" "Who belter should go?" Tim- Ihy intervened. "Say, it wasn^^f, ittle Martha Dearborn you mar-- ' ied!" As (here was no denial, he 'resumed it was and beamed hap- ily, "Pinky, you had more sense lan I thought you had. Yours and lartha's little girl! Well, now, I'll ' et she's pretty. What arc you gong to call her?" "Timothy, please!" God shook •lis head, finally succeeded in orcing a look of seriousness oi> imothy's face. "You don't seem > understand. There's a very mall chance that the bnby will :ven live, unless you reach her." "I'll get through to her. Now, lon't worry." "But Pinky is worried. That baby is all that Martha'Il have left now. She'll be getting o tele- ;ram soon. She can't lose her >aby and lose her husband, too, all at the same time." '"1 understand." lie said it simply and in truth. Then he saw 'inky's expression. "What's the matter, son? Don't you want me o go?" "It's not that. Only, you know how you are. Every lime Mother used to send you for somelhing or ask you to mail a Idler . . .'; Timothy reached for Ms boy's :iand, shook it firmly. "This it different, Pinky. I'll gel there ! He turned to God, bade joodby, then looked up Iowa.,, ihe house where ho had glimpsed Julie peeking from the window. "See you when I come back, Julie!" . He laughed as he saw Julie guiltily step back from the window. Then off he went, striding surely and swiftly. Pinky frowned. "But you didn't even tell him where to go," "He knows." They watched him cross the street. From the other curb he turned and waved. Then disappeared among the buildings. (To Be Continued)

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