The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Proves Loyalty To Empire By (\J4ing.In Battle With ( Germany BV MILTON BRONNUl NBA Service Staff Cm^spondent LONPON, Oct. 2—If Gcimany lias counted upon war-time trou- bje for Britain |n the great «!"' pire of India, It has been badly DistaXen so fai v i GiirXha$, pUehs arid others of the Indian Jlgliting races, for many decades among (he best soMlers In th^ world, have beeti quletlv slilft- ' ed (a tmpq(anl outlying pos(i of (he British enipire^ They arc cv peoted to' give \aluable nccounl of themselves, as they did hi the flisl Woild Vftr, ' ^ven more flgmficai)!, Is tho fcel- Ipg In India itself. Practically every Indian prince, reigning o\ei native slates and suzerains of Klng- ^nperor peorgc VI, has placed sol- di^fSi and (npncy at the disiwsal of the empire O;je of them, Hie Maharajah of Kapurtfiala, has, In ! a<Idititn, offered the services of two of his soldier tons, both of whom were, educated (n'England. Trip ftgs Khan, head of e, Moslem beet which, numbeis millions of followers. r\as cgme forward, as lip did in the Ias(, war He lias asked all his fclovers to ghe their «n- slinted services to (he ejnplre He has also placed himself at the dH pcsal of the govemineiil, In any capacity which may be itseful, mil as he did In 18H ' « * « \Vhnl is going on in immense India Is mulched by what Is happening in "Little India"— made up of some 2000 Indian students scat-, * tered In unheislttes throughout Great Britain About half of these live, for the lime being, In London. The Indian Students' Hostel in London is a soil of smttll edition of India'itself! Heie one can find representatives cf all the races mid religions of India Heie the common language is English Many of them Tvho are medical students ha\e volunteered tor hospital \,<xk ASany others have enrolled In the Air Raid Precaution and other home front services In doijig this they are following an example set by the grenl Mahatma Gandhi himself, over 40 years ago. Gandhi," (hen a joiiug lawyer, helping the cause of his country men in Sout,(i Africa, foi- •got all about the law anil Inawn grievances when the Boei War broke out He joined a British ambulance corps and served until the British had *on Larynx Gone, But Educator Speaks Well WILLOUGHBY, O (UP)—E il Otis has started his 3}bt yem at superintendent of Ihe Wiiloughby •schools. Unusual in Itself is his length} iervice, but Oils has overcome a physical handicap that threatened the end of h|s teaching career Last year Oils hart Ills larvnx removed The operation deprived him of use ot his vocal chmds and made breathing possible ' only thrcugh small hole in his thioM Undlsccuraged, Otis learned to talk through an accomplishment rare in medical circles He talks now by drawing air jnto his body and expelling it through itli Ihroat by use of his diaphragm—at the same time forming the words \Utrt his hps and teeth Physicians say the feat hns ten accomplished before, but not viith the degree of perfection that Otis has attained." Otis is 60 years old, married and the father of two daughters He is .assistant to the executive secretary cf the National Association of School Superintendents Mercury 8 Presents New Styling for 1940 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Js'cw fJj'lIng of dislinitivfl loauty is presented by the Mercury 8 for 1040 as the newest era- In American motordom swings into Its second year. The front cnn view above reveals the gracefully llnrlng chror mlum radiator grilles,'and tho bonti/iilly' molded liood ajid streamlined body. The 19-10 cars oifer Jiiany improvc-meiite. A new finser-lip gearslilft Is on the steering cqlrmn. A 'new torsion bar rlde-slubllte Helps to control sidcsway and cnnbles Die car to take epriieis or nego- tlntc rough roads on an even keel. There Is p. new controlled .-ill-weather vcnlilatlpn system. Interior styling is in » new colorful hlue anil silver tone. Tho car Is equipnEd wjUi Senlwl-Beain hoadlBiiips. 3'iye JOdy types are. available, including n nqw convettlble scijaii, Tlio new mQ<le|s go on display at Pliilllps Motor Comjiony IIQI-O Friday. weeks in a few days. The mech'anlcai mopper is coiir struoted with cylinders running In opposite directions beneath an eight-fiallon .tank containing a poisonous, liquid. On each cylinder re 12 mops." The mops revolve (o touch ench iide of the cotton stalk, tlie leaves i!id the branches.. Williams hns demonstrated , the machine to neighboring planters .ind applied for n patent. Next reason he expects to ses the boll weevil fought' ' tiy his ;hroughout the South. machine Cotton Bloom Nectar Makes White Honey ATLANTA, Oa. tUPJ^The pink ?nrt. whltB coJtQn 'blooms'"furnish iniicli nectar 'for Georgia's honey aces. It 'was"disclosed here at the Georgia honey show. C. H. Bishop, show manager, said that iri nmny sections cotton blooms nrc'nlmost the ciily source of nectar. Honey produced from ^hc'bloom is \vhite. ' , . It jilsp was reveal'e(l that honey hBS'a iiumbpr of flavors dependent upon (he, section of the state" }n wlilch it Is produced. Georgia's bees annually net • tho farmers mere than |1,000,OQP. Much of the sum Is derived from' ship; rnent of queen bees to ojjt of state producers, , There are 12,500 officers hi the British army. Each year 600 additions are needed to keep it up to strength. . Hertz, n German, discovered 1940 Models Go On Display pricjay At Phillips . Mgtpv Company Enriched l>y . rsflncmDiils made p;Esjljlc i>y Ihp'e under, a -single unified management, ofj five cms which virtually bracket t!l? mstor W marKet, me Ford V-8 curs for 1810. announced today, 'present notable advances • hi styling, ccinfo)!,' convenience and safety. , '-..'. The new Fords and the 1910 Mercury 8 go on display here -Friday, pet, 6,' nt the {'hlllljip Motor Company. ..''•'• The new carp nrc big, subsjnn- llnj and powerful In appearance. Body lines arc pleasingly"V"'" UBepm headlamps are used i types, providing greatly iii- drivlng vjslon at,'night, • The Mercury B enters Us 'second year Friday with .the presentation of 'he MHO,, l^ first year rec- cro; was unique. Three months after its Introduction it became one of the first ten cars in sales. Before the year ended Mercury cars were In the hands or qo',000 owners'. The ]9<q Mercury Is" a car of Ktrjkln; b^lily, with gracefully flaring clircmium radiator grilles, beautifully molded hood and E>n;oih)y' streamlined bpdy 'and rear 'deck. Interior styling treats ment Is In colorful blue aiid silver tone. There arc many engineering THURSDAY; : O'CTOBER'-'B,'- "1939 lined. Frcnt ciid designs are distlhc : lively modern, with low radiator grilles, long hoods and, deeply rounded feriders. The trimly tailored Interiors arc big and roomy. with plenty of seal room, leg room, clljpw roEni aiid sliouU)er rppin. Two V-0 engine's ore avalfahle, nn. 85 horsepower engine ip' the Ford Y'ij i)ha deluxe' Ford v-8, with a 60 horsepower ejiginc optional 1)1 the 'Ford Vr8.':'' Foiir ForcJ V-8 niicf 'f|VQ deluxe body types])rlse the two lipcs. A new ljusincss ctiipe ^s veil aa'a Fordor sedan, Tudor seda.ii and coupe arc avRllBblQ in bflth."Tliere is also a ((ehixe convertible club coupe wjth auUmatip top.' asr standard cq.ulpm.ent. TluEe color choices arc available in the Ford VT", six in t)io delujie lirje. ' An Important new feature' of the cars Is a 'llnger-tlp gearshift mounted en the steering column untlor the tworspokc steering wheel. This provides "increased room for- driver radio waves In 1881, 20 years after and'passengers'in thc"frdnt . an Englishman, asserted: par tmcnt. There is als 3 a. pew con< ' ' they must exist. trolled systerji'. • New Machine Mops Cotton, Kills Boll Weevils GREENVILLE, fja (UP)-Morgan Williams, 55. Is the unentor of a machino that' nlll do the »prk of 20 men In combatting col- Ion's greatest enemv = 'the boll weevil. Williams has spent much of his lifetime walking up and doun rows of cojton undei a blistering sun with "a "hand mcpper," splashing the protccth e solution on plants. But la§t season he pitched a mule to a machine and finished a la^k that generally requires teveral Improvements Including a fingertip pe«rshl(t on the steering column, new Sealed-Beam headlamps and a'n.ew lorskn bar rlctc-stabll- Ixcy which helps to control side sway and enablCE tl>c car to take corners or negotiate r:ugh rogds on an even keel. A new Convertible Sedan appears among Ihe five bqdy types. Ot|ier types are the Town Se.dan (f:u,r (fpoj-s), Sedan (two doors). Sedan,- Cqupe a\id Club Convertible. The 'first fviir ,are sIXTpassenger cars. Tho Club Convertible seal* five. Il,s top raises and lowers automatically.' is a choice of c'i'glH attractive botiy co'lcis. The Instruiiieiii, panel in blue »nd silver I6ne, provides the key for the car's interior styling. A new stralghtllne speedometer, gages mid headlight beam Indicator are grciip- ed In front of the two-spoke steering wheel, Spiders can go eighteen miiiths without food. —PRESCRIPTIONS- Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First rhone HI Now Located *( HI North Ktcoad ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON PPWAKDS, Prflpriitor All Hakes of Rebuilt Typewrite™, Adding Machine* and Calculators— lUpalrlnt—Parts—Klbbonj Werf OjttometnsJ -HE WAKES 'EM SEE" Mi Isaacs' SU>r» Phone 540 1 GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON v Furnace Oil ' Sim Oil DimH F«l TrtcUsr Fuel R.C.FARR *: D»y U$, ;^ Nijhl 218 - PHILLIfS ""«" ,PROOUC15 Last year it broke all recent automotive sales records for a "first year" sarr-this year it's built even finer! Smart new styling inside and out, increased comfort, more convenience and still greater safety. Many new improvements you'll want to see for yourself! Come in and see this great new Mercury at our showroom Friday Oct. 6. N E W New l!c;iut,v — Now Interior Luxury *-/ Fjiigcr-Tip (Jwu- sliifl — New Torsion liar Uide-SlHWliw'" -—7 New Controlled Vcntiialipn — Quiclur Operation ^- Scaled-Heanv Hcndlnmps . . . and many other iniporlunl intprove- aients! See St Jf&ie PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. & Walnut S10 -., - t! , Bring the Whole family to Words and Save/ • . ' ' '•'•.•'.' C -> f$$* *3: G .rthBM^> Y S W--x"*^l,Mr»r. Wear Better.. lP? K INSIST ON WARDS FIRST QUALITY Ringless (hsllons L« AH the Newest Shades! We checked them for beauty, for wear, for value 1 The result: They won't run'so quickly! They're equal j'n every respect J Vji to 59c hose bought elsewhere! ^Ji All '; dainty siife covered t v»\ mercerized cotton tdesl You'd Guess 7hey Cost Priuieil Dresses Sues T2 20, 38 44, 46 52 Skirts witli front fijllness and all-around gores I Puffed sleeves and neat collars like those on your pretty rayons Tailored and feminine style in hibfast percales. Save! %a^ , «* H i ( •f- tf^if i r ^S jf-,« t ' > MUfr%]' f?s^« 1 £'S$ v >\ \£ * " H ' v>- t',, ' " J"f (]* ft ^va;«sro^»;j« Y ^ S eif into °" e ° £ . of smait, style Sitl^ «o a-auon ch« 6 . ^60 (Sfeud'i a square incfi .' T™ «pnj *!>'* d H S t *1 5-"> \iHliiaallY \'f/opp*! Pinnacle Prints V an Ardent 36' TMoKt The hcsl 80 square percale in 39c vo Sanforized Shfvnkt Co/or/ait/ iVe>v Fall Shirks Real 1,19 Valml townl In the most atlractivs Cood'Housekeeping 1 Run resist ntiti+c u>a 4 ..« I II , vvv^ •;,-,. - -Li'-- " as advertised in Branci-ncw palterns and gleam we've ever had I rayon, in hip sizes.' Pull sizes—shaped to lit right! F Color/alt/ Bright new patlerns : :bn fina LOtton broadcloth. Full size; .Combsd CoHon ShlrU , i . , . a5n On your feet » lot? Wear our ---v H ruu Ficur MVI . ___, M^ •• ««»»Oxfords ^ w ""^iTSl.. Say HeMgards far Qualitfl , dr eii Ste/'tei^'Hss SW«»®^i aasiti^u'K.ras?^ ^&^ s %?^ •l«n«l a. ch* pSd!'. suel ihuk. and ™y°""= 0(t ™ £abt '«' comfort 1 Medium heavy weight, lions with double Iwther Si" ONTGOMEEY Enjoy JSe thinai you won' l° da y • • • P°y In c 0 ^*™^ mw(My Inilalt* 1 * msnli en W rdi Poyjnenl Plan. Any £10 purpose oper^t on account. \ t 6uy o\ : your needi ol Waidi, Our CalaVog Ordtr $*rm ypy Ihoysondtof Hams (Sal \ve hove nQ\ ro-jpn lo ilotk In o

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