The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEV THE DOMINANT NEWSI'Al'EB OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS HOMEEDltiON VOL. XXVII—NO. 299 BlythevtUe Courier, BlythevUle Dally Ne-vs, Blvthft'llte Herald. Mississippi Valley Lender. m.YTJIIOVlLUO. ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH -1, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 'S IMPEACHM Come On-Let's Drop In On the Hoovers FREES i Thomas Holds Seriate Floor' to End in Futile Fight for! Oil Legislation. i WASHINGTON, Mnr. 4 (UP) — ' The Tlst congress is dead The! decks in the house and senate; registered the hour of noon and I I wo veteran gavels smartly sounded taps. Over in the president's office, occupied one day out of every 355, Mr. Hoover paused, pen in midair and leaned back in his official chair. Page boys stopped In their tracks. The senate adjourned promptly a* noon. Tne house, following it's usual I custom, set back its clocks to per- j mit members to complete their fin-! al speeches. i Hospital Bill Wins I Etnate's 'session Senato^^Thomas^ Herc ' s a vlew of thc Whte'House that lourisls don't often get. Strikingly pictured in its setting of trees Democrat. Oklahoma, ruled in ef-! and shrubbery, the Executive Mansion and the surrounding grounds are seen here as they appear from thc ajr on ^ dear ^ In (hs (orogrolmd js (lle s])aC | OUS lawn wn( , r( , Washington children will'enjoy their annual Easier.egg roll in a few weeks. At the left are the executive offices, which were renovated .after llicir partial destruction by flic last New Year's Sure, She Won! ON U.S. Grand Jury Will Get'Osce-; Neither Information Nor ola Muvcjer Ca|c When; Application.Blanks Avail-, Ccuri 'Opens Monday. ! able Here Yet. ! OSCEOLA. Ark., March 4.—nondl Wllli scores of (miners Inquiring of 510,000 was ernulcd P. W. Cartwright, wealthy hardware merchant o( this place, after a habeas corims hearing before Circuit Judge Nell anxiously euch dny tor the BOV- •. crimicnt food loans promised from! the $20.000,000 supplementary; drcuth relief appropriation, mem-j uers of the local loan committee] Killough In Hnrrisburg yesterday | -. ..... .„„. ..... ^~ v .—.: afternoon, following preliuiiiv.iry i were unable today to give any In- ] trlal'here yesterday morning before! formation on the subject other] Justice Q. L. Waddell, when Ctirt-' than that as soon as they were wriglil, who is charged with thi. :&- ! r.vthorizcd to accept applications tnl shooting of his neighbor, M. L. Crawford,' on the lalter's doorstep Sunday ulgtit. waived hearing nnd wiis bound to the grand Jury. Canwrlght, who has remained at for .inch loans public notice would be given. While a good many feed and se2d loans have been made in this territory u great number of farmers, unable to arrange elsewhere feet as dictator. He had the floor when the senate recessed and at 9 p.. m. this morning resumed his filibuster in behalf of oil legislation, refusing to yield for anything but action on a house resolution ap- l>iopriating $5.000,000 to begin veteran's hospital construction. This was pursuant to the final 'passage of th-i S20.000.000 hospitalizatlon bill this morning, after what had! appeared to b; a hopeless confer-j ence deadlock. The house disposed of all important legislation, then gave itself over making and song singing attend-j ant en adjournment- Tile house dies and each two years a wake is h?ld by the de- l^rting . members. Congressional action on .the veteran's- .hospital - constrcation. j bill . wns completed today when the house agreed to accept .the sen- ;his liome In custody of sheriff's .. „_ ideputles since the shooting Sunday | for money for foc-d tor their fam- I night, was released late yesterday I ities and their tenants tire await- under the bond granted by Judge j ing the promised help from the Killough. Hts cnse will be taken up! government. With the Red Cross Newsom Receives Call From Missouri Church Qli I Tlie Rev. E. z. Newsom, pastor 1111 ! ! of the Second Baptist church for U ILL two years, has received a call to the ; Illmo. Mo., Baptist church. At a business meeting of the con- m legislation, men gave iueu >, in' J i ! Al a DUS!neS5 meeting o: the con- to the usual fraternal speech j Wleasure Is UeSlgned lOjgregation tonight he will announce Give Chickasawba trict. Share of Money. A bjlt by "Senator R. A- Nelson to UJ*UW -equitable distribution' t of county" highway Vurn'oa'ck money between the two Judicial districts » lt » .u,..^ ™... „„,««,— *otj of'Mississippi county passed the, f20.E77.000 for additional hospital I ^fte senate yesterday, 26 to 0. The | fECtlitles to be allocated by the; 0111 carries the emergency clause, i di'-:tor of the veteran's bureau. ' i Information obtained here Is that; Tile measure, the last major j the measure, which now goes to; piece of legislation completed in the house for action, provides that | the closing hours of congress, was [ state turn-back money shall be dl- ' UIEII ready for President Hoover's i vided between signature. Too Many Bills to Sijn ' s s °' ns While here the church has great. ly increased'In membership bat.-. in the Sunday school and church. Applications Made Here for Nearly $150,000, Offices Estimate. : President Hoover found it physi- impcssible to act- on the of the co It Is divided of the state. The turn-back: law provides that nearly 400 hills sent to him by I proceeds of the extra one cent ta>: n gasoline and a proportion of the highway bond sales congress within the last 3C hours,!on i- wns announced at the White ] pr. A more complete check-up loat night swelled .the total.amount-S loans applied for by World War veterans through local aid bureaus i from 585,000, as estimaled yesterday morning, to -approximately S 143,000. Reports • today indicate that a number of the loan applications •from this community have already been acted upon and several checks have been received by veterans here from the regional office of the U. S. Veterans Bureau at Little Rock. ; Ex-service men in this section be' gau immediately to file their ap- Schools of Blythevllle have been plications for loans on their ad- informed by Mrs. W. M. Taylor. Justed service certificates after the by the grand Jury-which meets here when court convenes next Monday. Funeral services tor Crawford, whom Cartwrlght alleges he shot] and killed because .ot .tlie latter's annoying attentions to Mrs. Cartwright, were conducted here this afternoon. A Masonic burial followed services conducted at the First | Methodist church by the pastor, the Rev. Ell Myers. He was a member of the Methodist church. Mr. Crawford had been a resident of Osceola for the past 20 years, hbying been employed for hat.length of time as engineer for the Osceola Cotton Oil mill. He vas born In Jackson, Miss., May 23, 1872. Surviving [rids School Pupils Invited To Enter Patriotic Competition. r Essay Elliott Fletcher !av; allowing loans up to half of PrMidenl Hoover today signed n terest maturities on bonds sold since announced by the organization. creased the loan value from 22V1 1927. More than a million dollars bill levying a tax of ten cents per , Korth of sucn ^^ havf b roun'd on nil cclored oleomargerlne.; ta the 'vhetiier 113 color is natural or arti- • t i ca lly none are outstanding in the ficml. Chickasawba district, and Senator Western dairy interests claim the ; Ncl£(m , 5 The contest will be divided in to 50 per cent, range from $250,033 two sections, one for high school to 5500,000. Oicool" dk'rir-r «-hii, „.•„ students and one for grammar Officers of the local pest of thc Ooceol_ district, «hi!= piac- scnoo i stLdcnts . Veterans of Foreign Wars staled Per pupils of the 10th, llth and that their records showed hE-, nlghl 12th grades the subjects t^is yea; applications of vet.5 for S110.COO; withdrawing its assistance from plantation famuli's the situation | is growing critical. . Has No Infommflcn ! A. B. Fan-field, chairman. of ,the : Chickasawba district seed and feed loan committee, which Is expected to handle the food loan applications when such bans are made available, talked with the Memphis loan office last night, but WBS unable to obtain any definite information concerning the food loans. Application blanks had not reached Memphis last night but Mr. Falrfleld was given a promise that as soon as they were received a supply would b3 forwarded to Blythevillo. The only modification. In Ihe government loan program thot.-has became effective .here makes s.ta~ able to each feed and seed bor rower a sum of not to exceed $75 for feed for cows, pigs, and chickens. Originally loans/for feed, for workstock were all,'that/was permitted. Pallbearers" were J. S. McConts, Farmers unable to obtain loans A. W. Boweu', Will Fletcher, A. S. through the banks have bsen mak-,. IV. T. Toole, E. L. Morlar- Ing applications through agrlcul- Hy, F. A. .White and Herbert Ship- lural finance corporations, and as pen. . such loans are approved and the money becomes available the situation will be materially relieved Red CiMs Cuts List are his widow, Mrs. .French Crawford of Osceola, a f daughter. Miss Lavernc-Crawford of Shreveport, La., tr.-o brothers, Jim Crawford of Monroe, I/a., and Luther Crawford of St, Petersburg, Fla., and two sisters, 'Mrs. Mary Frazler of Jackson, Miss., and Mrs. Monroe Beall of MorUlcello, Miss. Flays Governor and Other Tennessee Official Public Statement. in Miss Mary Moll Wlluert hns been otcd by her fellow students the most beautiful co-ed tit I/oulsltma tat* University. She's a blond. MEMPHIS, March 4 (UP)—Articles of impeachment against Governor Henry Korton should' bs urepnreU the flrsi day of the legislative session, E. H. Crump, ••hsloy comity political leader and fprcscntativa nt large to congress from Tennessee, told the Memphis r .-,-, Scimitar over Ion? distance . i telephone from Nashville today. '-lie political leader's statement fc)!o\'.ed last night's announcement by Crump in which he severely criticized the; state executive ant! :iiCh officials. "Articles of Impeachment should' : ' ;c drawn up Rgr.inst Governor Iforton the .very first day tl'.e leg-' !slatiire resumes Its session after the vccess," Crump snld. "Jolin Nolan, state treasurer, and Edgar Graham, comptroller, should not . ix3 rEarreeicd," he added. Would Purse State . "As fp.r as Highway Coinirilssloner .R. H. Baker and D. D. Robertson, bank examiner, are concerned," Crump continued, "those positions'. avc filled by the governor." - '•' After all day conferences in : hls | hotel room, Crump who became.a. national representative today, declared: . "I will susa«ot. and will join the. . ] people tn purging Tennessee of its derelict officials at, the earliest', .possible date for something' must : •,ba done if confidence'Is "to be re- ' stored. - .';. - .. '• -. ' -"Every individual who has stuclc > his wicked, claws Into'-. the'_ state's ; Irs" for personal-gain,-' whether -. '•• ' ' — - . Co.'s'Car Owners Have Failed to Buy Licensed any — — most severely, just as the raggedy, •individual Is handled; in the crimf . I inal courts every, day an^ Riven a... Mere than 45. per rnnl of Miss- lfe ~ rlde ™J thnen of our statevv' . county's motorists are pedestrians today or taking the risk of Underworld Attempts to whoTr! . Silence Woman; Acid '" Februar >'' and lt ,. hi _ . ' ! been necessary to thn i mown in Her r ace. Red Cress, relief activity-In the Chickasawba district, after a two- day suspension, was resumed on a limited scale tcday. A small gran lias been made to the local chap the- first two weeks of March, sufficient to provide food a third of the families •e on the- Red Crow list has therefore ow a large proportion of trios? helped during the winter onto their own re- driving the old family bus without the adornment of a 1031 license tag. When the time limit for pur- clinse 'of 1931 Ifcenre without' pm- iilty expired last .night! less than half as many citizens had aopllcd for applications at the sheriff's office here as had secured their 11- "The Hortcin governor NEW YORK, March 4. (UP)— I sources. Parnell Names DuJaney Insurance Commissioner j rurneU Murosr Suspect .of Arkansas, a Biographical Sketch bonus certificates received the as- «n U «B and hteh «ndeTackteer" of Their Achievements": "Whv sistance of ihs nfr,™ i venturess and nign grade racketeer. of Their Achievements"; "Why sistanee of the office in C • • J • fa Matthew Fontaine Maury Should tlielr applications. oUlClue in Lell Be Called a Great American. In thc other schools, Lena Holsey. a Cuban maid, who A good sized crowd gathered at the local Red Cross office this morning. Requisitions were issued to some, while many others were turned away. The office was closed this afternoon for the funeral of Mrs. Ethel Wilson. LITTLE ROCK. March- 4. (UP)A. D. Dulaney. deputy state insur- | J[EJ !P JJIS, March 4. (OP)—Jail- tnc 5lxtn . seventh, eighth ance commissioner for the past (ouv ; ers ff | 1D CI)t ered tr.° cell of H ; j K 11 " 5 ". the following are years, late yesterday was named byj zlcglcr| suspect neld ,,, Conncc y 3n ' topics: "What Entitles Henry H. Horton, sat in. his of-" nee supine and docile,- an easy prey-. for designing, selfish interests, gougers In the taxpayers', money..'; ,d has -permitted possible mis-:.I rnanegcmcr.; of commonwealth .af-. ; fairs. The result of this colorless and • Inefficient non-executive's feeble attsmpt to run thc state ..- ^dming'the "inonth" o'f" Janu-j nnkes it clear that he was. pqs- . ../ In 1030. Application at the sessfd solely with the illuminating. Osceola office of the sheriff and 1 and brilliant idea of being gov- ' ernor in name. only. "John Nc!sn, thc treasurer of tha state, bv his own admission, Is ;to- taliy unfit to handle-. th= taxpayers'. money, and has dishonored .their , trust in him. ,;,:• urn. lllc ^GML. a u ,^ -.,.= ..„., "The,- figuratively speaking, deaf, collected 533,164 for 1931 license ] dumb and blind comptroller, Edgar. lags compared to 67.622 during the Graham, says nothing, docs notn- ' first month of 1330. Thc Osceola I ing and practically admits he is office of Sheriff W- W. Shaver i:p| nothing. collector were slightly more than 50 per cent ot the number issued durln; the first month In 1830, •vr..:n the office closed last night. Figures compiled by Clarence Wilton chief deputy sheriff, reveal that the sheriff's office here has to las: night had collected $19,003 for tag purchases against 33,151 In January. 1930. •Robertson, the ambiguous batik examiner, who was carefully put on the. payroll by Luke Lea, 1ms " " ' debt of grali- The time limit for purchase of probably paid his d auto licences expired las', night; tude nnd should go -._ aftEr a number of extensions had] "Robert-H. Baker, highway corn- been made by Governor Parnell; misslcner, is doubtless capable, but s'nce the expiration of the oiginal has been subservient." " Dov- • . . Aimee's Daughter Weds I told police of a ride with Vivlai timo limt en January anounced yesterday that no further extension would be Purser on Ocean Snip I says written must be reported. A " Cfsa >' s m!lst navc fictlticm; j namC s. Real name and address, and i u.'i L [4-; • n J nam8 ° r cna P ter must b = •"> 5ealcil iIltcn ' n ' K mg Depends a " ached to toM ' ot °" early In February. _ _______ Hum who alleges that Sparks rather. Rev. C. C. Maclean, a Pres- j said. . him with a knife , bs ^ r | an minister. CARDWELL, Mo.-Thc work on' was beans Pay Subscription When Train Hits Car not coniain mor, others seriously Injured late yesterday when thel rautomobile was struck by a Cotton Bolt passenger train on a crossing five miles west of Waldo, near here. Nat Martin. Prescotl, was killed almost Instantly and J, M. Strip- Una and Judge A. N. Denman, also of "Prescott, were painfully injured. 'dents In rural 'schools of the ccun- The action of the News Is done ty also participate In the contest nii hospital n »i Bnd to aid the farmers in this vicinity, in which two prizes have already , tetne turned been BIythevillc students over to the chamber of commerce In previous years. She will send es- Joe Waddy's Auto , Stolen, Recovered: Schoo! Head » *° Meet ' I . T I 'II »H1 ' at A Ford touring car, property of Joe Waddy, was stolen from a Mi in for distribution among the needy. | says to thc state contest commltt:-o i or they can be sent direct to the chairman of ths commutes. Always go well dressed and clean, Jobkss Shun Paint Job i and net act like a gentle-i ., _ . man but be a gentleman, is the, to Latch btray rUppiei ; ed with France. a local Company In , rule this hiker follows. It works! . , _ with success, he said, declaring he! nRIDOEBORO. Out, (UP) -i Bill Goodwin Bound Over Gandhi and Irwin Sign Truce in India Conflict NEW DELHI, India, March 4;:'? farm ' (UP)—The civil disobedience move- i Game3 street parking space about 10 o'clock last night. Tlie car »'as fcund abandoned and mired in a muddy slrecl In the Pride addition. 1 SAN " AN ' TOJ)I °. Medak beirinsr on one sirto Hi- i-v Medals Dwrin. on one s.d. th. j. ol Spain and on the other a pic-] Taft II Praises Manager Plan There will be a meeting of the ture of the old Mission Conception' luperintendents and principal! Mississippi county schools Ix:aehv]lle Thursday night, a ing to Miss Willie A. Lawson ty superintendent. seldom has to walk more than a, BrYdgeb7ro'uneniploy'ed'''prefer r pur.i ""\ ""VV""u''"jr~1lfT.Ij.-!« mile before he Is given a ride. He suini p ups to puling paintbrush- i »0t John Hardy BlUraer says he always offers to pay a por-: cs • J : «, <UP)^ ^t^r,^ s ^e C e^c^ """i ire^nUrrKty^cl h££T» ^^^'^1^ %££&% %-«. ai « «— " «•* «' offered the job to thc unemployed; In Cardwell Monday, before Jus-i EllRnti emac ] ated raan whose power! According to the official weather 1 al 40 cents an hour. , tloe Long. Goco'wln is being held sprang {rom the adora tl 0 n o! mU- co;erver. Charlss Phillips, thc m!a- WEATHER 320.000,000 natives | ARKA NSAS ~Thurs^ay partly

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