The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1944 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.); |UOD«IKK HEWS r AGE Published Every Friday In the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section, FARM NEWS-FEA1VRES Enter th« Plant-to-Prosper Con-. , -," tests aponBored by the Courier,,^ ,;;• Newa and Commercial Appeal.' .." Warns Farmers Of Grasshoppers Chinch Bugs Also Are Attacking Crops Here; Remedies Suggested runners in Nortli Mississippi Cnuiity notified Kcitli J. ; Bilbrcy. county ngcnl. lliat Bviis'sliopiici's nnrt chinch lings linvc attacked smalt areas o( their crops. Colton, corn ami alfalfa are Hie main crops being injured by the urasshopiwrs, while chinch bugs llivivc on corn and small grali: crops. A specially prepared poison wll kill the grasfilioprjcrs before a great deal of damage is done, .but-no c(- feclivc chemical preparation has been found to combat Hie clilnch bugs, which tippc'ni-. In the middle of June, and nrounrt the 10th tc the 15111 of August, -Mr. Bilbrc) said. A practical means of ridding th crop of Ihe chinch bug Is to |>1<» n deep furrow around Ihe infestcc area, and drag a log or block • u; and down the furrow to mak mulch or dust. Chinch bugs do no fly, so they arc killed in this way A natural foe of the chinch hu is the while-fungus disease, whic appears only in wet weather. Be cause of the prevailing drynets, this means cannot lie counted 1 u'pon to combat the bug which kills the stalk by sucking moisture from (lie growth, leaving no evidence of its presence. This bug usually appears njiomd the area where winter crops dylrrye, wheat and oats have been planted. To help farmers combat the grasshoppers, which can cause heavy damage to the cotton crop, the Extension Office suggests the following formula for the grasshopper bait. The Sodium Fluosilt- cate required in the formula may be obtained at the Extension ol- ficc in the court house. Th c ingredients ale 50 pounds of wheat bran, 50 pounds of sawdust (equal in bulk to 50 pounds of bran), four pounds of sodium Ihi- osilicate, and from 10 to 12 gallons of water to wet the connection. The bran and sawdust should lie mixed while dry, with small amounts of the sodium fluosiiicatc added at a time and mixed well. The water is added in two to three- gallon lots, and should be mixed well until all particles of the drj materials ar c wet. Add the water until a drop or two of wnler car he squeezed from a hand fill 'of bait. The bait should never be sloppy. Mr. Billrcy advises farmers t< spread the bait before daylight during the : heat of summer, jmd,_,(jur- ing the' cooler parts of th<T year, *t< scatter Ihe bait later in the da> since grasshoppers do not bcgii feeding .until the, tcmperatun reaches 70 degrees with the sui shining. The bait should be scattered evenly, at Ihe rate of 18 to 20 lyj of wet bait per acre. Where grasshoppers are just moving into the field, scatter bait around the margin of the field. If the Erasshopi>ers are scattered over a field, bait the entire area. Three or four applications several days apart may be necessary. After the grasshoppers eat the bait, 24 to 48 hours may elapse before dead grasshoppers arc found. Thc percentage of kill; expected from a single ap- rides, upheld its record In Blytlie- llc, wllh 222 marriage licenses 1s- ,icd through Ihe local office of the 'omity Court Clerk between May 5 and June 28. Licenses issued Include the folowlug: Jack Davis and Mrs. Clyde Prince, both ot Dyersburg, 'enn.: Ralph Unkcr and Miss Cockburn, both of Lil- ourne, Mo.: Joe E. Andrews and liss Ayanell Ann Cookc, both of Jast Liverpool, Ohio: carlton Francis Wells of South Deerfleld, lass., and Miss Mary Francis Jarby of Peering, Mo.: Frank Spencer and Miss Berl Trusty, both f Walled Lake, Mich. Charles L. Hunt Jr., of Dyersburg, Tenn., and Miss Flossie Lee Hicks of Trenlon, Tenn.: William Holoway Jr., and Miss IJllic Hallmark, both of Manila, Ark.: IJoye! \V, Bono of Bonhnm, Texas, ririrT Miss Hachel .Lavernc Morgan ol Ulythevllle: Fred Walter Keller ol Trenton, N. J., and Miss Mars Sue Henderson of 'BlythcviUc James Loyd Smith of Bragg City Mo., and Miss Pansy L. Harrlsoi of Luxora; Ark.: W. H. Cunning hum and Miss Odessa Howard, hot! of Evnnsvllle, Ind. Olnf K. Rosscland of East All rora, N. Y., and Miss Laura E Harris of Buffalo, N. Y.: Emmet Harrell and Miss Alice Williams, both of St. Louis: Carl Edwan liollhaus of Maplewood, Mo., am Miss Nolle French of Granite Cits Mo.: Carl M." Archer of Collins villc, 111'., and Miss Sadie C Jones of Marysville, III.: Marti oern and Mrs. Dolle Nelson, hot! f St. Louis: Warren H. Allen Jr f Rye, N. H., and Miss Geraldin I. Shaplelgh of Elliott, Maine. Oliver O. Hendrix and Mrs. Wil ie U. Hendrix, both of Wardel vio.: Sam Miller and Miss Blrdl Slonc, both of Boonevllte, Ind. George E. Mayberry and Mrs. Do' y B. Kirk, both of Rivervale, Ark rhurman Techumseh Thomas and Miss Alice Mary Tow, both ol St. Louis: Wilbur W. Metcalf and Miss ilary G. Roach, both of Kenmorc, N. Y.: James Herman Moore and Miss Alcne, Grlgsby, both of Huff- nan. Ark.: James L. Hutsou and Miss Lcola Rogers, both of Clinton, Ky. Nick Glacapelli and Miss Wini- leci Babb both of St. Louis: Bert Samuel Jr., and Miss Dorothy D. Fnrris, both of Johnson City, III.: o.: Charles S. Reno, Jr., of teelc, Mo., and Miss Ola Mne Hall Dyersburg, Tenn.: Acle Curlys •vri'ctt of Wluona, Mo., and Miss orothy J, Richardson of Gordon- lie, Mo. William W. Canhoni and Miss fnrlhn M. Leach, both of St. xmls: Fred Henry Koeber and »liss Wynona n. Hogston, both of 'iiQuoin. ill.: Prank Tavolnccl of ew York and Miss Marie Bom- alnskl of Blythevulc: Lcmls Cuu- ey of St. Louis and Mrs. Roberta orcne Smith of Little Rock: 'homas Robert Mears anil Miss helma Traywick, both of St. .ouls: Charlie Hargrove and Mrs. Lora Flannlgan, both of Brnugli- on, III.: Lawrence Alton Wrcyford ml Miss Juanlta Scoll, both oi Dyersburg, Tenn.: Lee Trenlk Nlckell and Miss Ploy B. Turner toll) of Sikcslon, Mo. Willie Howard French and Ml.w .lelvis E, Hill, both of Dyersburg Tenn.: Carl A. McRcynolds Vest Frankfort, 111., and Mis. Dorothy Louise Burly of Chicago ileul. Allen Thingvold of chitek Wise., and Miss Jean Ann Dlamom of Glcnwood, liwa: Raymond Mar 'In Lowery and Miss Dorothy l/>f- on, both of Blythevlllc: William Delbcrt llnllim and Miss Ruby Mtvvle Thedfonl, both ot Dyersburg, Iran.: Ncwland C. Staples and Ur.s. Alice Gorgns, both of Kust St. Louis: Clyde Maries mid Miss Ineit Williams, both of Manila, Ark. John Normiin Kinder of McClure, 111., and Miss Eileen Beatrice Evans of Anna, III.: II. L. Vvunvcr ami MLs.s Eurlinc 1'erklns. both ot Armorel, Ark.: James A. Gilbert ot Keene, N. II., nnil Miss I'nlrlclii K. I owe of Hcrlln, N. 11.: ailbort H. Brannon and Mrs. Eileen llnm- noii, both of Caruthersvllli!, Mo. i Addle John Meathcnny and Miss Leola Host-is, both of I'orlugfvlllo Mo.: Wllburn Gales of Laydte, Mo., and Miss Jenn Martlndaio of rarma, Mo,: Frank Andrew Wnlil- ner of Tacomn, Wash., mid Miss Marie May of Camden, Ark.: John Gill and Miss Christine Miinny, both of Martin. Tenn: Warren Dun- lei Marlon Smith of 1'ortagoville Mn., nml Miss jo Alyce Uritt of Holcomb, Mo. Samo llylhi'vlUe I,umber First Addition R. D. Hoard S Hi' 1 M. Hrycans Subdivision Duwson :i •! Bailor 1 Read Courier News Wnnt Ads. •12' 20 33 1,00 .27 H. J. Sin mo J. W. Same Same 5 -I li 7 13 '20 20 ....21 1 i !'•> .12 .13 ,12 .12 .12 .K! .12 ,12 .12 .11! .12 .12 .-12 COMMISSION-UK'S SAM: NOTICK ?° , Is ' 1Cr ? by « ivcn th »t "ic undersigned, as Commissioner of the - - , nr P , , ,± V f ''"""'-V CO'"-!" .Chlctanwlm District, will ,,u the of July. 1044. at the Court House door in said District and County with n he legal hours for Judicial Sale, oiler for sale, at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, the following dcs.-ril>cd lots, blocks, and par- Alilmr liryoan SUIIU! Same Sniiic Same V K Snider .. Some Unknown Same HllCK Ail dill HI I. M. lienlley Corn limber IS. K. Hawkins It. i:. it. Myrtle Scvier M. I;. Morris Siiini' II. C. Ijiyson Myrtle BevUr J. 11. Jackson OlilcuKi) Mill ,V l.umlii- 2ml AdilUI<in; Itcvlseil of nioi<l<ti 5 * II 0. S. Rollisun II li 1.1)0 Sump 12 c l.on Mill tV Lumber CnmiJiiii.v Addition n -I •i n a 10 i 11 a n n i:t •1 15 Supposed Owner Description S T H Claud Smith, NW NW .................... 10-M- 8 Joe Hornbcrgcr, SW SE ................. 11-14-8 Same SE SW ................ '.'. 11-14-8 Raymond Dudley, SE SE ................. 14-14- B Mrs. E. Hunt, SE NW .......... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 27-14- li Gco. Crane S <fc E of D No. 19 NE SE ____ 21-14- B J. S. Parks, ',4 Ac. SW Cor. E of L SW SE 28-14- 9 Gco. Bunch, S <fc E of D SW SE ......... 21-15- B O. B. Martin, S'.O NW SE ................ 32-15- 8 Same SW SE ............... R. L. Mosley, SW SE ,_ ................... • 3-is-io Leafy Edwards, Lots 8 ft, 0 SW ........... 0-15-10 Unknown, Lots 1 i; 4 NW... ............. 7-15-10 Same SE NW.. r ............... 7-15-10 Same NE NW .................. 7-15-10 Leafy Edwards, Lots 0 & 7 SW ........... 7-15-11) Same Lots 2 <te 5 NW ........... 7-15-10 Charles Holbrook, W 10 Ac NW NE ...... 8-15-10 Robert Belts, E 10 Ac NW NE ............ 8-15-10 Jim Dlldinc, Frl S. Pt. Wit NE ........... 19-15-1U Paul A. Trainmcll, Lot 5 SE .............. 27-15-10 Same SW SE ................... 27-15-10 plication cent. averages about 65 per Farmers were warned to wear a respirator or tic n ivct rag over the nose when mixing the bail as the dust from sodium flousilicatc causes violent sneezing, and will burn painfully In an open cut or sore. Mr. Bilbrey said that experiments show that grasshopper bait, if properly prepared and scattered evenly (18-20 pounds per acre), is not a menace to livestock, game birds or wild animals. Marriage Licenses ilfc-o,- MIC traditional month of Frank M. - Carter and Miss Mable M. Caine, both of Cape Girardeau, Mo.: Ames R. Scott of Smithland, Ky., and Miss Eva E. Hall of Salem, Ky.: Jim Campbell of St. Louis, and Mrs. .Pearl Campbell of Mas-field, Ky.: Robert H. Slellrecht or Lancaster, N. Y., and Miss Margaret Ms'crs of Eatavia, N. Y.: Lynn Sartaln of Morristown,Tenn.: and'Mrs. Ollle Robertson of BlyIhevillc: Ward E. Taylor of San Francisco, Calif., and Miss Ruby deraldine Douglas of Manila, Ark. J. H. Hughes Sr., and Mrs. Em- rna Ethridge, both of Blythcville: Frederick Mo'on'and'Miss Elizabeth Sirk, both of Festus, Mo.: Calvin Owen McNalr of Blytheville, and Miss Lounelle Easley of Burdette, Ark.: Roderick K. Clayton of Chicago and Miss Betty Jean Comp- .on of Shelbyville; Intl.: Evan Elmo Williams of Gates, Tenn., and Mrs. Synthia Louise Summers of Halls, Tenn.: Jewel Thomas Woods of Lcachville, Ark., and Miss Elzena Tyler of Manila, Ark. Albert- Lee Hager and Mrs. Francis Pate, both of Hornersville, Mo.: Lewis J. Partridge of East Rochester, N. Y., and Miss Mary Jean Baxter of Blytheville: Harrs' J. Peterson of Black River Falls, Wis., and Miss Ola : M. McDonald of Kirkland, Ga.: Roy E. Stcen and Miss Vida Virginia Anderson, both of Leachville, Ark.: Thomas Milton Towles and Miss Dorothy Gene Alston, both of Manila, Ark.: Harold L. Mechllng of Bluffton, Ind., and Miss Alice L. Ferguson of Nashville, Tenn.: Edward R. Newton of Grouse, N. C., and Miss Ruby Jacqueline Hcnson of Norfolk, Va. Richard A. Tyler and Miss Elizabeth M. Krapf, both of St. Louis: Arthur Roy Thomason of Flint Mich., and Miss Doris Wilton Owen of Dudley, Mo.: Elbert Pilgrim and Miss Margie Scott, both of Dyersburg, Tenn.: Frank Glllls and Miss Zclma Hicks, both of Roodhouse, 111.: Burley Alford of Blytheville, and Miss Wllma Neil of Cooler J. A. Hargelt Est,, Orig. Sur. SE NE 2-lft-ll Sparrcll McCall, Lot 3 SE fl-15-ll Mrs. M. A. Adkins, Lot'll SE 17-15-11 Ester L. Rusk, W 50' E 200' Lot 21 SE 17-J5-H Unknown Lot 44 SE 17-15-11 Eugenia Hale Shontz. SW SW 22-15-11 Robinson & Thomas, Frl All S!i NE 4-15-13 Paul Combs, 1 Ac. SW'.Cor SW SW 5-15-13 Chas. T. Orr, NE SE 30-lii-lO Unknown E of L SW SE 31-10-10 Unknown, S',4 NE SE 31-10-10 Pearl Moore, I Ac. NE Cor E'/j NW..-.... 28-lli-H Edna Y. Husband, S 1.25 W. End of Lot 1 SE NE 25-18-12 W. C. Buchanan, S D A SE NW 10-10-13 Unknown Frl. NW SE :... 29-16-13 Acres 40 40 40 •10 40 20.50 .50 -I. SO 10.55 40 40 44.8 G BO •10 •10 •14.47 •14.87 10 10 ! 27. C8 40 •10 2.07 1G .39 .50 40 20 1 40 30.78 20 1 1.25 fl 1 .W) .III) .110 .111) .lit) .1)11 .fill .110 o ir> .80 'hit uf N!!l I/)l SI UK Uuin K .Inllv AiUlltliiu J. It. HYims ...;. 2 SlIlli'i'-UimiliT SiilnllvKInn Mrs. Clyde IMvls". 1 li. A. Diirroii , ..-.<,... -t Cliurli's Sunders N-7.V 5 Hoy DlUard ....s M.fill' 5 Jiirli .Mill-lull Aililltlon O. C, .Inlinsun W Ml'N ia.V 1 ,'ilinil-i Addition W. T.> Maltbews 1 W. '!'. Mulllii-ws 2 Unknown KW 1-1 I'. .1. O'llrlcn Subdivision Soi-llim I5-1S-II Isiimc 1 II ....Ixil 111 NK ,21 n. M. Union -1 12 Section III-I5-U Sunny-Slilc Addition .Frl SIC NW .-!8 li. K. Huberts 3 2 ;4I! Kill-nil nuckiier 7 li 2.'40 Hcllm Dowell '1 3 U.20 John Iv.vlili; 2 -1 [Same a •! CU-ci-o 0«lo Ksl 8 •! C. W. Murphy 0 1 HII/.u Urynnl 10 I Cicero Onlo Ksl 0 5 Annie Wulkcr ID 5 Bnme . 11 Andrew Jones 12 Irregular Lots • M. U. Gentry 1 lie-Kill,u Luis Diiuiii l/arr ., Hani Cosby I'rl. SK NW C. M, Ijilrd 1/>1 li NW W. H, Hill tall NW Aimnula ,Nn-,h I A. HI-: Cor. NW HW ,00 I' l.uls - Sedlim 17-lfi-ll W. M. Mel'iirliuirt l.ul -1 NK .10 -1.1)0 1.00 .110 .-10 Serotul Coy Goodson O. V. Sebaugh Same ................. 5 Chicago Mill As Lbr. Co. 10 1.00 .50 1,0(1 1.00 CITV OF BLYTHEVILLE Supposed Owner L. B. Amount Allison Addition Will Williams. , 7 1 1.00 7im A Cora Allison 4 2 1.00 Lloyd and Anna Macklln 6 3 1.00 James Vaughn 7 3 1.00 Henry Helton 5 4 1.00 Richard Bradley 5-5 1.00 Louise Cooper 11 5 1.00 Nora McKlnney 13 5 1.00 Ruth Malene Dowcll... 2 6 1.00 Mary Vaughn 4 6 1.00 Preston Smith 10 G 1.00 Charles Richardson ..,..13 6 1.00 Irene Truss '-.. 4 7 1.00 Finis Bobbitl :... D 7 1.00 Bader Addition Earl Snider 7 .24 Barren & Lilly Aiidilinn J. J. Johnson 11 A .CO J. D. Williford 18 B .00 Leonard Taylor 9 C .60 Elbert Taylor 10 C .CO Dan McGregor 15 C .60 Same 1C C .CO J. W. Chenowortli 7 D .(io Wes Burton 8 D .liO Unknown 12 D .CO Bill Vanbibber 14 E .60 J. S. Wright 1 F .60 Same 2 F .CO C. J. Speck 8 F .CO Arthur Butler 5 G .60 A. J. Baker 6 H .60 Maggie Masters 9 I .60 Same .......... . ...... ..13 Jewel Smith .......... 1 Dlnnch Hall .......... 3 J, J. Johnson ......... 3 T. H. Lee .............. G Mollic Wright ......... . fi ".. J. Uawson .......... 1 S. II. Hisliop Addition May M. Dover ........ 3 Sam Darnes Addition Sam Bnrnes .......... 11 Blythc Adililion Amounl 04.00 04.00 04.00 5-1.00 04,00 •i.o:t .III 2.2-1 11.40 1C.BO !>'!. W 11. 11 192.00 80.5-1 8li.54 71.30 'H.HU 10,00 10.00 4-1.20 1.12 12.80 2. Si! v.oa .2S .10 .32 O.fiO .04 .50 Gl.OO 49.2! ^2.00 .48 2.00 2.U8 .32 .-00 CIlilMKu itllll .V- I.lllllllrv Cnill]i,lll) Tliiril Addition D J Carter 4 1 Three Stales Lin 1 . Co. .. 4 :! Same 5 W. II. Bollon .'.. 0 Same . 7 G, !i. Wilson .......... Gallic Teaslcy ........ Tciisley ......... U'ltiiSLiwha Addition II. Fisher Gallic .011 .nil .00 .0(1 .CD .60 .(ID .00 l.oo 7,i'ph U'Hrll'll Mrs. Anthony .... Original Surrey Mrs. W, M, I'hllllps H. O. Grain Sumo O. K. Stewart I'arli Addition Connie Smllh I', C. Hotluwk S. [,. l-'oisylhr- Maine ..11 ..20 ,.03 ..0-1 . .115 ..07 1.20 1.20 1,111 .CO Siiilluce IAICIIS U Jolin Tnyloi 1 ' 8 ISlytbevllle Lumter Cn. 2 West i:ml Sulnllvlslnn Unknown N 2 6 U C Subdivision Unknown Unknown Hiune Illylhuvllle I.Minbi'r Unknown Sum Mel-cmorc! .. Unknown .00 Biunn (Hume .1)0 [unknown . .Ml 111. I,. Alklns ,110 Sainn .HO Snini! I Hume .Oil Hume . .... .40 Sumo .00 Same .00 II. P. .... I .... 7 ....32 .... 1 ....37 Co. 3 ..,.10 24 25 4 IV U ..Kl .,14 ..15 ..10 .. 1 .. a .86 .60 .00 .66 .CO 2.0 Same 211 JUira McCllnloek W',i 4 14 Snme 5 14 Iain I):u,lrls Addlllim lefl Wnlci-K 14 I Unknown . 10 2 (avis Ail.lllli.ii '-I.. M. C.rny Jr C 7 1.00 Davis Scruiul Ailililion N. Johns 3 4 laic Subdivision '. 11. Acton !) Heiim Aililllloil Icnry Slngcry D 1 Sum Roc ICslnlc E 151' 1 5 tlllllilaml.1'lncc Ailililion Minnie Brewer 4 i Jnvcy Woodburn I 5 Olive HOBS Henlon 8 Same 9 Same . 10 It. M. Chnppell 1 Mrs. Cl. Tucker 4 ilullumlali-. Ailililion ll'. M. Cutler 11 Troy Garner 7 Jlolllnctcr-Slionyo Addilioi.i O.n'Slionyo ..,, ...^ Ixjids : I3rown ....'.....'.' 8 Kilnnli: Jnncs 13 Mnmlc' Curler 4 Urale Warren 7 L. .'Hell 15 J. W. Floyd 3 J. li: Fisher ..W 10' 2 27 Cleo Pope 22A 31 N. O. Grant Est 3 32 Kittle Walker 932 J. II. Fisher W 8' 19 33 Itttliomi Patterson I ............ K 1-3 2-3-U 11 .20 Same ......... W 1-3 2-3-ti 2 .2(1 ,1. I'. Tilth' Iil'//lc 1 Icnry .......... 0 E .23 i:. In In ll.iljlnsun Adlllllim Mary & Walter Turner 1 4 rtwine ................. 2 4 Same ................. 3 4 Pciirl While .......... 4 4 Nonna llownrd ........ 10 (i J. U. Roberts .......... lit n Mary Hwllt Hansom ..11 7 Murgun Klinbimiiih ...11 10 lohn Holmes .......... 7 12 ItraUic; numas ........ II 12 .20 .20 .CO '.CO .(JO .CO .00 .00 .so ,liO .00 .00 ,GO .00 .00 .CO .00 .CO .60 .CO .00 .00 .CO .60 ,110 .00 .00 ,00 .CO .1:0 .00 ,GO .CO .60 .(JO .lil) .(10 ,00 .CO 1.40 2.41) .110 .CO .60 .00 .00 .M !.!•«! Wilson Mm: Cham's 1 Itufus Lemons Aimtndu l.imcforil Amanda Nash . .Same li 13 2 14 3 14 . 7 14 5 If! (1 111 Huilille lU'l-hls Aihllllon R. H. lilnyloek M Snini! V5 Tnm JnckKoli . Mary Slcwinl H, W. Muy ... Joe Martin ., Jnc Miulin ., Same; Same A. O., Hiune !) 2 10 I) 10 10 10 11 10 12 10 1 11 2 11 3 11 .CO .60 .60 .60 .1)0 ,CO .60 .17 .III .10 .11! .20 .20 .20 .10 .10 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 Splcer Same Unknown .. Town of Yarlin) Mtnnlo Biullcr 0 3 1.00 Said fwle will 1)0 made fur the of enforcing a decree ren- lered by Iho Chancery Court (01 •iiild nislilct and County on Jan- lary 31, 1044 In a cause whorch :)i'nlnaKi! District'No. 17 was Plain .111' and Chimli! Smith and Uclln :|nenl Uuids were defendants, loi .ho enforcement and collection n .axes for Ihe year 1042 together wit) Interest, penalty, attorney's fees, >ml costs, the tax being pluccil opposite each tract of land. Witness my haiid us such Commissioner tills 2tllh dny ot June, 1014. . HAHVEY MOHUIS Commissioner In Ulmuccry. Political ; , v Annouhcenients •*.' ITio Courier New? tat be«,»o- lliorlzed to Announce toe foIlowlH caiultdacles, subject to tb« Democratic primary In August: ' ' ' BTATB .HEl'KESENTATITl AIJ3NE WORD • {for re-election, Post No. 1) „, W. J. WUNDERLI0H . (for re-election/ Post No. 1) • J. LEE BEAIIDEN (for rc-clecllon, Post No. I) LUOIEN B. COI.EMAH E. O, "OENE" FLEKMAH (Post No. 4) I'llOSKCUTIN'G ATTOHNEY IV1K O. SPENC1SR • MAIIOUB FIE-ra ' (For nc-clecllon) 8HEKIFF AND COLUOTOI HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON ' COUNTV TRKA8URER H. B, (SKKET) BTOUT M163 DELLA PUR11X COUNT! JUDGB HOLAND QUEEN (for re-election) DWIRHT II. I1(,ACKWOOD U1KOU1T COUIll- CLEU HARVEY MORRIS (For re-elecllon) COUNTS GLEBE T. W. POTTER (for re-election) CHICKASAW West MnIn Near 21st 81. Sut. Marls 12:45; Hun. tUrts 1:45 Nlisht shows 5145 Except ^lomlay, opcn.i 6:45., Continuous show* Silt, and Bun. Crtiy Gcan'a SKATING RINK Now Open For Summer IJif; Tent Now Located Across From Nu-Wny liHUiulry Aflcriioun anil Nlto Stsslonn Joe Finds 15 0 .211 .28 ( .20 .M .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 Rnachcs, Itn'.s and Mice eliml- nalcil. C'onlract service In ncsl conlrul. Biddle Exterminators I r rcc Ksllmutc.s. 115 8. Third I'liono Z7B1 John form like new,' bring b«k ih.t power, punch and sumina. We'd like to talk ii over v,nh you and n v-c want 10 help you. IT Ib TANT THAN EVER THIS Kill Johnson Grass with IACIDE We have a limited amount at the same price as last year. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service • Ask us about Dcming Water Systems. All sizei and capacities of (hallow and deep well systems available. Tho "MARVELETTB" Shallow Well Syi- tcm (illustrated) is low priced fcut has features you ^ould ocdinaxily expect in higher priced systems. Quiet operation, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and long life of Dcming Water Systems protect your investment in running water...the greatest of al! modern conveniences! Thexe'i a right type of Dcming Wai« System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about ill Missco Implement Co. OSCEOI/A BUY BOIfDS* SAVE SCRAP ij-**- a --- t See US For Pipe, Fittinys and Other Plumbing Supplies '/-' V „-•.'«.- - ., ,. : t'-,- Sz:'p HUBBARD HARDWARE CO, NEW WASHABLE PAINT GOES ON OVER WALLPAPER, PLASTER; ETCJ ! Dries in of T i chief • odd Vt gollort of wafer. Molcei «nougri palnl for average toonx 9 nitfl fa icfapt off iht old pap*r,T»chlcll may bt «ppli«d ilglil ov.rk. • Now cut Iho lime and expenM of redccorolingaroom in /ia///Doyour repainting lha itrearnlined, modern •wny-wllh Pitlsbutgh Tbchldi. It'i entirely different fromold-slyli wall painU. Quick to dry and easy to apply, Techida makes it possibl« to do over a room in 3 houn—2 for painting-1 for drying. A»k U* about Tcchido. An t wElh »eop «nd wvtvf 3 bringi boill thai flfW 1 l«k M T.AId. WiUt. ADE m s COLOM AND WH1TI PAINTS M!SS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE :•: ARKANSAS I'rldny nnil Saturday Double Feature 'WOLVES OF THE RANGE' , with ( tub Uvhifislim as Hie I,one Itliltr ami Al (l'u/.7.y) SI. Jolin. 1 'HENRY AND DIZZY' , Wllll Henry Aldrlcb :i:iilA1,: "The Adventures of the • tbe KlyliiK Cridcls" Comedy Sunday and Monday. 'YOU BELONG TO ME wllh J:ul).u.i Ejlnnwycti • & ' Universal Ne Comedy Henry Fondi Open 7:30. ,' Show Starts 7:45' Friday and Saturday 'Sunset Serenade' ' with Hoy Ilogcrs & George (Gabby) Hayes Si:itl,U,: "King ut Ihe Muunltrs" Short Saturday Midnight Show 'Strange Death of Adolf Hitler' with : ,ud\vig Doniilh & Gnlc Spndcrgaard Sclcclccl Shorls - ; Sunday and Monday BOOA8T • EOD1E CUNTOMj BEHE DAVIS 'OLIVU ill HJVILUNO tr ; [RRCLRT(iN'i3HNCJfiF|[lO'MHL£SUE ( tEO'RSE'ioaikS -'JIM CIKM • (UJ m •• ' EWHRO KRtll KOHIOII-UatHMimiE fclUBR h an SUCKR > il St*fj 1 1 C>t/*U I m • i» i M fcUi: Paramount. News " ' ',

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