The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1939
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•f VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 100. BI ™iS^CQyRIER NEWS Bivihm^nTTZn ^rrr-r^—: ~* •-. A «^»SAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI <•>; , , • -M ' $ BlvlhS S 3l ' r , er Clytlievlllo Dally News BlyUicvllle Herald Mississippi Valley YANKS TAKE SECOND Triumphal Entry Into Battle Scarred Warsaw Made Today By Hitler capital. - „,„ f " ell11 ,'? l ;' S ll ' ium l )ha l entry into shcll-sonn-cd \v iir - /VfWpublicly announced to Gemm.s fa- l!,e lii'4 iim', '" » ™<lio broadcast at a p.m Hitler was expected back here to- - "Iglit to complete tlie draft of a •speech lie will make at noon tomorrow before the Nazi Reichstag and in which it was expected he would deliver a peace "ultimatum" to Grent Britain and France to stop the European war. Travelers reported that long trains, loaded with military road .transports, crowded railroads to wardMhe western front and sal- that tens of thousands of men wtr working on the Westwall, defense opposite- France. Field Marshall Hermann Goer ing's air force wns reported lo b awaiting an order to start a ruth '" bombing campaign against Ihc British war nnd merchant fleet and possibly Brilish dock yard' ports and industrial cities in eveni the pence "ultimatum" is rejected Tlie Nazis continued to hint of common German Communist action If tlie allies prove "stubborn' and reject what they call the last concrete proposal to be made b\ Hitler tomorrow. That Hitler wanted U. S. Aviators Are Watching Million Square Miles Of Ocean peace — though on his own terms—there seemed no doubt: It was reported now that he wns even willing to set up n little Polish state, nominally independent but actually a Nazi protectorate. Reilerales Guarantee BERLIN, Oct. 5. (Up)-Tiie German, propaganda ministry today denounced;,-is an "invention" a report from, Brussels that Germany ' .WDUld;: T ;*lth(irat\'.-..---liei-:;;t 'neutrality guarantee'. lo Belgium ' unless Belgium proved able to prevent British anc! French planes from--flyiiv over her frontier. " '•-• ° "Our' guarantee to Belgium has no conditions attached," the spokesman said. ."We left no back door through which we could slip out, We sland by pur guarantee." (The Berlin spokesman's statement was prompted by publication in . Brussels . of a Belgian news agency s. dispatch asserting lint Germany, had warned that under certain circumstances her neutrality .pledges lo Belgium and Holland might be withdrawn, 'hie news agency said that one of the circumstances might be inability of Belgium lo prevent foreign airplanes from flying over her territory. Georgia Official Order: Distribution Of Slate' Dairy 'Products Halted ATLANTA, Gn., Oct. "5. (UP)'' 1 Direclov today dfrecled the Federal Surplus CoinmrtHllcs Corp. to stop dlslnbutmg Wisconsin dali-y products in-Georgia because of Wisconsin s "barricade" tax a«ainst oleomargarine produced from saitli- ern cottonseed. Charging that (he Wisconsin tnv ™ s Prohibitive, .discriminatory insl^ other .states and ccartca- y Dcen declared "retaliation j s on [he way." He added -It was no t fair or just edpSf 8 ' 1 " 5 to W««« to the federal -gcvcrnment and in turn for .hese taxes to be used by the FSCC to buy up Wisconsin dairy products or thc needy people of Georgia Accordingly, In a letter to c-1 Jnmcs.. H. Palmer, regional field" representative of the PSCO at Co™"! H-', S - °" ^ e '.' «sked that such distribution be 'stopped until he VViscoiism. tax was . ^'ithd.'nwn S ?i" U * s(jlte - of Wwonsln a lax cf IS cents a pound on oleomargarine, a license of $1 000 on manufacturers,: $5(jo llcehse''lb vhoTesalcrs, $25 license on. retailers C0nsumcrs WASHINGTON, Oct. 5. (UP)_ Unilcd Slates airmen fire flying the Panama Canal neulrality patrol today over an nren of more than half a million square miles of sail water. The estimate wns that n dozen naval bombers were patrolling from dawn to dark frcm the soulhern Up of Florida lo (be northern coast of South America. Thnt patrol would cover the Caribbean Sea which Atlantic shipping must en- ler en route <Q the canal The caiml patrol was Undertaken he United Press was informed at the outset of Ihe European war and does not' represent a development Of the Pflllmnn rln/<ln,. n ll n .. t.. Clear Lakfe Farmer s Death While Hunting Shroudedjln Mystery Willis A, JriitfheK, /17-y -l«. """ y " a(W ' iay linmin01 ' r . for questioning, wore re• l'"y«lc!«n s «W n, an- Journey Seen As Emphasizing "Hands Off" Mil- lucle In Embargo Issue) WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 •-• dCCl(U ' nt!on j " tllc , President Roosevelt. ' this wpoir Yn I'iViT'"' '' "* ""•" ""'S 1 e.sslonnl debiit "!,„ ^?L lo ,,. c . sll * lls !' " ov .f. r '''I*'" 1 of »'c rinns embargo safety zone around the Westeri: leave this afternoon foi- $1500 On Threat To Use Nifroglyc^rin PICHER, oWa., Oct. S.-Ayoimp nan carrying a MUc ,,- ^ . j ^ . New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 5. (UPJ-Cot- ton closed steady. open high low ... 914 914 909 ... 884 '884 879 ... 865 80S 865 ,.. 854 885G ... 837 838 ... 817 817 closed nominal •Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. .. •Mar. •., May .. July .. Spots di\vn 3. 851 832 812 close 911 881 804 £54 934 813 nt 917. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 5. (UP) — A slight improvement in the .slock market restricted short selling and onlalned nitfesli'cerii. robbed Ihe rirst Slate Bank or Plcher of about 15M yesterday afler threatening o blow up the place if he was re? sistecl. Witnesses said wailed outside nil accomplice in an niitnnobile ""- uiviJUt; ie robber entered"Ihe bank Jlie you Hi approached Constable Clarence McLanahan, who was standrng in the ' bank, and said Give me your p!s>:l or m blow tills place up." He then ordered McClanahan to tell Cashier \y. A Brewer to "hand over $5000." "I told the fellow we didn't have $5000, and shoved a stack of bills K&rtE's;:rs ?5«« - wnw- designed to prevent liosllle ncls beyond Ihe strict limits of our territorial waters, Naval plniies aloft over the Span- sli Main nre bascrt nt Puerlo Rico ''here Admiral William H. Leahy -elired chief of naval operations! ins just taken over as governor Puerto nican development i s to be mderlaken lo make that, territory » formidable, ouijjost in canal defenses of which the naval patrol Is a vital part. Some naval cfflcers long have believed that in the modern era of ;" ld ^ r ±' V ™ r l.»" ™«niy might be. expected to strike at (lie canal •Jiisl and announce its hostility afterward. Jtfa .cies.irnble for that reason among others ihaj th c United Stales be familiar \vlili the shipping converging on the canal and, especially, be'-aware of trysts at sea which • might like place among foreign vessels.' - : ,. , , Tlie patrol 'from Puerto Rico was described as -, an outer curtain of surveillance. A ''Similar, operalicn based on the United Slates 1 nnvnl station at Gunnlnnamo, Cuba was reported'to provide n second' line of aerial observation covering the Gulf of Mexico nrea westward toward lite eimal.'• '.'••• The Caribbean and.Giilf nrcns are well within the range of nrmy and - navy aircraft, which could effectively support nny neutrality position the United slates mi»ht proclaim for thni part of the world The question of force behind 'Since Mr, Roosevelt delivered hi neutrality recommendations in i special congressional' message th White House maintained mi nloo attitude to congressional mnrieuv ers in the crucial struggle Mr. Roosevelt plans „(, Hy(1( Park to go over planting rind cut ling charts for pine tree replacements on his 1200-acre cslnle. He want* to check over his evergvce saplings to ascertain what supplies lie will have available to put 01 tlie Christmas Irce market. The severe drouth in New York slate did heavy damage lo trees on the president's eslnlc this year Of the 30,000 saplings set oul last spring, some'20,000 were killed bj the. drouth. ' -- • . ; t . Mr. Roosevelt wants 'to omplete lib plans-for replanting and 'present them to. Neiv York state forestry officials for examination and ipproval. Repair Work Forces Steele Bridge Closing STEELE, Mo., Oct. 5.—The Main street bridge across, the drainage lllch .was closed for repair over He weekend but 'after Hie wooden structure was lorn out it was earned lhat part of -the iron had 'listed out nml this will also have o be replaced which will close 'attic over the bridge nil this week mid possibly next week tralily proclamations Is beginning I The city Is trying |. D Be! , a COI1 . to develop no-.v as belligerents react ! crctc bridge built here and (he to the safety belt propcsal of the l mntlcr lvi11 be tnfccn before ll>e Panama declaration. through. i hc v . It . 51500 Brewer said later, addiri" hut He pushed some other money Into a wnstcpapor basket and tlie robber missed it, Delegates To Kiwanis Convention Are Named The Rev. Matthew Curry and L - - «.^>. oo.,,,, s ,„„, a Bcnlsh were named last night cotton futures closed steady todsy ?,? " ele 3 ate s from the local club to tv "-"- J —- '- -- ' • • ' the convent!:n of the Mo-Kan Ark- Hlt-(»-1n^ f.c m.-. .. _ ••»•**** mit, three down to up one 'point. open high low close .' 925 926 925 925 Oct.. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July S04 -Sffl -'879 879 866 8S6 847 847 82G 827 889 870 802 844 822 691 3G4' 845 824 Spots closed steady at 913, unchanged. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 5 (UP) -j Stocks pursued an irregularly higher ccurse today in one of 'the dullest sessions since the outbreak of the war in Europe. AT&T 161 i. 2 Anaconda copper 333-8 Associated D G 87-8 Beth Steel 85 3-4 Boeing Air 26 Chrysler 92 3.4 General Electric 41 General Motors 54 5.3 Int Harvest 65 ^folltgomery Ward 533.4' N Y Central 20 7-8 Packard 41-8 Phillips Pet 45 3.4 Radio 5 7_g Schenley Dlst 127-8 Sinim:ns 23 7-8 Socony Vac 13 3.4 Standard Oil N J 481-2 Texas Corp 471-2 U S Smelt 66 U S Steel 7S 1-2 district of Khvanls interna The local club met in regular dinner session at the Ho for _ Ordinance Curbs Perils For Wndow Washers First returns from Grout Britain i (county court soon. action to enfcrce Ihe prohibition I of hoslile nets wi.thin ivalers. ex- i I County Audit Has Not Yet Been Completed „ „„ lo i> iLiini ivilici •>- LJl- j tending npFiroxim'ately 300 miles ft w rt. i)P n , iZTT irom the Nnrti, an a oo,,n, ... • .. . ^ W1I A DC at least two d v Tommy "« W Of " Mr Ai- rc|,, rn 1J Mr ' (o sllcf 'ff .were ' i, - -"Q..^. .inusu parlle 1 ? continued their senrch unlil n'group of ccc enrollc'cs from Joncsboro found (he body, vTho parly piicliccl. romp-'about 13 miles southwest of Jlnrrlsburg '» Ul(! L'AHEUnil-.' I'luni- I,,,!, 't Sun, v Sunday river bottoms nfler leavlnu h "l , S ! ln , ( ) ay ''Horning'"^!' 'n two trip. When Ihey left The botlj found about 300 from Hit camp Slicilir &-\l- Jvan was Inclined lo the belief timl Mr. Huglu-i betnuic losl mid was • returning to camp \\hen he «us- • ncclctenlnlly sliot by 1 wine iinidcntined squluc! hunlci U tt «s announced al Hnulsburg The Rev. A. W. Harris, pastor f tho Blyihcvllle clrciili. con- Uiclccl services at the home Ibis iiorning. nnd burial wns mndc nt Maple Grove cemetery Mr Hughes, who had resided OH ne H. D. Lawrence farm for four ' Cn i 1 n!.r ca , mc to MI -«l,'iSlp()! county n 1926 from Fulton, Miss. Mr. Hughes is survived' by iilr, vire; roiu; dAiiglKers, Lessle Jes- i !e, Joyce mid Nellie " ' ons, Hei-schcl, Kerni...., „„. Loycc Hughes, nil of clear Aclvocalcs And Opironcnls 'Disngrcc On Funclnmcii- lal 'Effccls Of 'Change WASHINGTON-, Ocl, 5. (Ui'J- Sennior Gerald I'. 'Nyc (flcu., N. ».). n lender of the Isolationist ii „ ,,, tllc !>cimtc lo<lrt y H'nt llie United Stnlcs needs nn nrms embargo nnd n cush and cnrry pro- Binin "If we ni'c to do o\ir uimosl lo keep oul of Europe'B war " Nyo spoke afler Kcmilor Charles W, '1'oljey (Rep,, N. II.) had urged the scnnte to send Ihe bill bnek lo committee where (hi- committee could sepnrnlo Ihc arms embargo repeal section mid the title nnd carry section In order (o obtain Immediate iictlou.on the tide nud carry provisions. A vote on his motion may be liikcn Mondny. . Ilia Kcnnte tht\l he jno- poscd lo Bixiak Inter and nl (jrenlcr Icii«lh Nye declared that he ngrecd with Seimlor William E. Bornli (Rep,, Ida.) Hint -lucre la nothlne ahead of America but holl If \vc repeal ihc existing embargo." "There Is no good reason why i'e should not hnvc both the arms embargo nml tho and cnrry prevision," Nyo suld. "We will Imvc Mill If tho expressed purpose of :lic grenl majority In the scimle is pursued nnd a semblance of icuti'nllty is to be preserved." Nye declared Hint lie wns ready lo vote for cnsli nnd cai'ry but not If Uio repeal cf ihc nrms'cmbnrgo s Iho price to be.pnlil for it." The cmlJaigo. he deelnred, urn, bom of a filrlhci desire lo lake om counliy oul of thnl unholy Monte Pearson Holds Cincinnati To Two Hits; Walters Loser , , Ochrlfi's successor ui > Iw.wmiw for (he powcrho'iso buslftess which It the ai- scnnl foi nntloii'; wlieu they arc nl ni " "It Is geneially ncknouloclgHl linl American lindc in ninui and other commodities in I. It its nt war Iocs constitute a dnnger thai could •endily lake America Into "war. "Why do away: with one great' nfcguard for nnothcr," he snld, "when we need and can hnvo liolh safeguards—namely Die ni bargo nnd n ciish nnd club, wax UIR toitllnu s i nv O f the if> Joa DIMnggio in Icfl center field S«mo, driving In runs In Ihe thlid ^mlwidl smnshod 'n long llu t 0 ' «'>'«» Hio Yanks M-oicrt *» kl '*- daft bit, at a low cuive time, svllli a double mu ljn ", !o eml the Inning, No iiuis no lilts, no errors ' New Yoik-Dlckoy v,as called out on slilko.1. Belkhk singled to Craft but wns called out on n. claw play nl .second when he advanced from thst. Cloulon filed out lo cisft to end (he inning, No HUB, 1 lilt, no 011011. , Third Inrtlnr Clnr-liihati-Bergor drove a hard lliiw lo Selklik. Myeif, fanned for the second out. Watleis went out froii) Rolfe lo Dnhlgien. Mo inns, no lilts, no enois New Yoik-Dnhtgron drove a haul double lo left Held. Pcnrsori bunted down the third bnso line to advance Dnhlgien to thlul My- cis threw out Cioicltl nt flrst. Dnhlgien scoied on the piny Rolfs singled to (.hoit ccnlci. Keller doubled lo left Acid bcoilng Holfe. DlMnngto got nn Innelcl hit Kel- lei went tl third Dickey singled to light Held, scoring Keller. Dl- Mngijlo lemniiietl on-Ihlid Selkirk went wil, Frey to ItfcCormlck. 3 nms, s hlls, no enors 2 men left on bnsc - > Fourth Inning _ n home run In.ihc fourth 'or llio final Yankee score. The piny by pluy Hccount fol- ows; Clnclnnnll-Woiber lllcd oul to Joe Gordon. DIMntjglo took Prey's I'SU tly for Ihc second out. Good- unu fouled out lo noire. Nu runs, 10 1ms, 1 up errors, New Yovk-Crosolll singled over :horlslop fci 1 llie first hit of the *nm<v nolfo forced Croscltl «l i,cc- oiH). Keller hit lo r'rey. -t 0 foice "olfo nl Mccntl. DIMngglo diovo n long- fly (o Derger in left field No runs, 1 hit, no errors. Second Inning ClnclnnnU—McCormlck filed oul State's Distiibution At New High I County's Is $10,660,51 8™, - - c - DJstrlbmloti of 322.40170 In' the ' ilics as Avcll with' '"" ' 1MO nlinrtetly gasoline : lax ,r does Invite and "I' 1 "™* was slnrtcd yeslerdny by ft danger tlmt, could ,, '^'ensurcr Etui Page, who snid (he imioimt -was Ihe loigosl available for dlslvibullon In nny quarter since cnnclment of tlifc 1034 rcrtmdliig law. with .»2B8,IM3.3B - ,...„« «„- .,. curry plan- ,'S" C1 nst Jul >' "/ J208.100.8B asc es » r commbtl- | ' lc " '" Oc ' ol «''. 1S3» mid lie Huithes' four I cl 'l £ '''lnB Into export trade?" n j cvlolls ''"Crd dlslrlljullon or $310,- rman Louis and ' . Mm »»')>llB Scnntor John ir. ' 07) .- n Jn ' 5t Jnniini'V, ' ' ' dK- the . ' Ora ' 10 " . . , , ear c -. . lirofcc with' ,^l'i M ' e » u V Mtelsslppl county nd two sisters. Mrs one OliiinV- KiaUitiru Doiuocnitle colleagues "'" Eet ltls f "" t»«»bnck amount Wes and Mrs. Emily Johnson (if to (lci "n»'l Hint the scnnlc refuse ?!..*/' 8B lln(lci ' Act ^0. 11 of Fulton. Miss. ' I the admlnlBtrati.-.n's request for !B '" : nml $3,035.03 under Act No Olncbmatl Worber ran Ihfl Fulton. Miss, ilnnnrt Ifome rc l )C!l ! °f thn nrms embargo. 11, of ms wllhout any "hold back" from the North and uth lean mainlands "vm.M Aiiie,- »r ,, ' " Jeff Rodgers Hurt Slightlyjn Accident A Irnmc accident at iho cornei •hlckasnwba avenue and Ninlli trcct, which occurred shortly after ne o'clock Ibis nflcrnoon, resulted In Jeff Rodscrs having minor In , Overtoil, speaking on Ihc Iblnl fci 'Improvement district'hond pny- dny of Ihc sennle's historic (blinle mcllts ulu l Interest pnymcnls, since on U. s. nculrallty, called for n Ulc IMt) Williams law presumably firm stand In defense nf Ihe nrms - c cnTC ° r 'l ls l''ict nmlurllies. embargo because Us re|»nl would ... . ~ constlttile "ninicd.InlerveiHIon" In Physicians Tfl H«>ar Europe's war. Most oilier southern „ . Dcmocrnls suj>port (lie ndmlnlstrn- Uon prcposnl lor repeal of the em- , W C °' mty " Udl1 " " d "" 108 ° f Mr ' '<<i» (itriiniiy triic. i Yd, Other questions arc being raised: here. shed Its work in the office.! intersection car nnd truck collided nl. Die when Mr, Rodgers 1. Could Nnzi commercial siiip- , lt - was recently announced at ping noiv interned in Pan American LiuVc that the rcprrt df !l'i« ports resume business behind the aluilt would be made at once. PROVIDENCeTa. I wnv It provides that buildings whose windows are washed shall be prelection of the--safely line? 2. Could n belligerent war vessel elude a stronger enemy foe by running across the line nnd return later lo unrestricted waters to prey on enemy shipping? Anrl over all was the question who wculd enforce the Pan American neutrality zone and how? The area involved is tremendous. But these three questions are not pertinent to the neutrality patrol undertaken three weeks ago by the United Stales acting on its cun. Mr. Roosevelt ordered armed craft and nlr- cralt lo sea wllh luslructions to observe nnd report, not to prevent hostile acts. The slate department is avoiding all interpretation of the Panama declaration. The unofficial version of events here is that the South equipped with and -« v, it • * °' CVe ' lt3 h " c is that the nail to the citv inf ,"' t .° "*" M ™ Was ° r! S lllalcd specifications and »L» < c '? rs Amerlcan delegates to the Panama washers shall use «L Wil }*? w conf < ;rM "* a"hc<igh It was pre- which fit into thr s » -,„ t V belts scnlcd by Undersecretary of State n«> nicseanchors. sumner Welles, head of the United livestock <uP)t T Ko S J: a^ 15 ' '"•• °«- 5 Top, 7.10 170-230 ibs., 6.85-7.00 HO-169 Ibs., 6.00-G85 ' Bulk sows, 5.60-G.25 Cattle: 3,300 Steers, 8.50-10,50 Slaughter steers, 675-noo »fcfe?f-'^ 5?.f. r .. cow * •'•'5-6.00 3.50-150 Slates delegation. But the United States' surveillance patrol will continue nnd, in a pinch. It doubtless could be made more forcible in the Caribbean nnd gulf areas because <ur sea nnd air power would be ample to make stick any policy undertaken the administration. by Members of the county auditing staff of the slate comptroller's office have not yet returned here l> complete checking O f certain books. Massey's Parole Is Revoked, Porter Says LITTLE ROCKToct. 5. (UP1 Pnrole of Clifford Massoy, who OT convicted Mar. ,10. 1933 of robbin Arkadelphia bank, has been revoked II was revealed t:day by Jack Porter, state parole officer. Massey was paroled Aug. 7 d this year into the custody of Supreme Court Justice EL Mc- H aney. The parcle was revoked, Porter said, because Mossey is suspected of participating j n scvcral Hot Springs robberies. He »as sentenced originally to 15 years Chicago Corn open high low close 50 52.1-4 Baby Is Born To Mother In Respirator CHICAGO, Oct. 7 (UP)-A baby was born today to a mother In n respirator a few hours aflcr (lie inotncr bad been found suffering from infantile paralysis. The Swedish breastplate respirator of Fred Snitc, Jr ., fainous lnf(m tue paralysis sufferer, was borrowed for Ihe delivery-one ot the most unusual in medical history. The niolher was Mrs. Gertrude Epstein, 22. she and her baby survived the operation in good condl- was driving cost on Clilcknsnwtm and Mr. Allen's truck going south on Ninth. .Mr. Rodgers, who was taken lo ri pnyslclnn's office in nn ambulance Is believed to have only been bruised although llie examination lind not ccen completed fil T30 o'clock. Couiily's Poll Tax Receipt Gain Heaviest LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5.-Offtctal Jtgures released by ihc state comptroller's office todny revealed Ihtit Mississippi county, with nn In- crcnsc of 3,048. lind the largest in- crensc of any county In (he stal« Hi .poll lax receipts issued this year before the deadline last Saturday night compared with lnst year's number. An Increase, of 14,318 In the number of poll tax- receipts Issued over the entire state was noted. Polnsett county had the greatest decrease—1,959 receipts—with Johnson and Izard counties showing the next largest decreases, 1554 nnd 1,054 respectively. Craighcad county wns next to Mississippi with an Increase of 1,069 and Washington and Lon- okc counlics showed Increases of 1.019 nnd 1,616 respectively. Mississippi county's 11,337 poll tax receipts Is exceeded only by Pulaskl ccunty with 25, 038. Sebastian county is second with 10,389 nnd Garland county third with 10043. ' '. count to three nml two'and then took- bnll four for a free pass to Prey btruck.out aitd Werner went out Jrying to go' c'siyn to second Ooodmanrfanned to ictiro llio side. No ru«s,^ ifo hits, iio crroln New Yoik— Gordon svent out on a Eioimd l«\l fiom Werber to McCoiintck Dnhlgrcn drive n'home nm over tlie loft field fence Penr- 1011 stiuck oul for tlie second out "lioselll went out fiom .Lombnrll lo McCormlck. 1 am, l hit, no errors. ririii inning Cliiclnnnti— McCormlck fanned. f.ombninl einunded oul, Penison o Dalilgicn Crnft woikcd the fount to (In en nnd lv,o and fnn- nul lo icllie the side No urns, 10 lills, no errors. " -> New York— Rolfc grounded out, Frey lo McCormlcfc. Keller : drove.. ' n lim> ililvo to left field for a (.lean single DIMngglo hit Inlo a dcublo piny rTo runs. 1 hit, ' no " errors. Sixth Inning Cincinnati — Bergor \\eut out . from Pearson lo Dnhlgren. Myers' bargo. "Lei us not entertain Ihe fond delusion," Overtoil warned, "Hint raising the embargo Is not a step toward war. Some cf llie American dollars will be following American arms nnd llien Ihe American ling and llie American soldier -will bc followlng both to Die bntllenclds cf Europe, "Our supplying Die Europcnnn nations now engaged In war with American nrms will be armed Intervention, on the part of America because modern arms and mechan- ized'equipment i\re the main requirements In modern warfare. He urged retention of Ihe embargo on shipment of arms, munitions nnd Implements of war from the United Stales lo belligerents \Mtli the additional safeguard of lllle nnd carry on nil other commodities such as cctlon. "For my pnrt," he said, '.'l nm imwllllu? lo lake a step that may and probably will lead us Into n foreign war that will make widows of our wives, orphans cf our children, corpses of • our young men and bankrupts of us oil." No Force Provided To Keep Postoffice Open The Blylhevllle postofflcc will not remain open on Saturday afternoons in the future, as a number of other postofflces of this section «re doing, according ( 0 Herman Cross, poslmnstcr. Mr. Cross said that failure 'of the ixislolTice department to allow any additional help would prevent this pcstofilce from remaining open It recently became n first class office after having been n second class one for a number of years. Wtteni Governor^ Camden . LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5 (UP)_ } ' Cm0 " '° nrsL N ° IU11S ' "° Illts i, Gov. Uniley left nt noon today for Camden where he will address Ihe ntlh counsellor medical society convention tonight. The several hundred physlclnns In nnniml meeting there will also hear Dr. Clinrles W. .Mayo of the Mayo clinic of Rochester, Minn. Ilie convention was (o Imve been held at the American Legion Hut but (lie building wns destroyed by fire Wednesday nnd meetings are being held at the St. Johns Episcopal church'. Bailey will return here tonight and tomorrow will go to Prairie Qrovc where lie will participate In ceremonies opening Highway 62 to Oklahoma. Oov. Leon Phillips of Oklahoma also will participate In tlie ceremonies. New York—Dickey filed out to, Qcodmnn. Selkirk was called o»ton stakes nftci working the count up lo three and two. Gordon fanned lo retire (he side. No runs, no liils, no errors. r Seventh Inning \ Cincinnati—Werber -filed out to DIMngglo In Center field. Prey popped out lo Dnhlgrcn. Goodmnn drove n long fly. to DiMngglo. No runs, no hits, no errors. New York—Dnhlgren fanned for Ihc first out. Myers took took. Pearscn's high pop up. Grosetl! also popped out .lo Mqers. : No runs, no hlls, no errors.- Eighth Innlnjf Cincinnati — McCormlck drove a hnrd liner to Selkirk. Lomlmdi. singled to center Held. Van''Bor- dcray went in to nm for Lombard!.- Crnft fanned Icr the second but. Berger roiled out from Pearson to Dahlgren. No runs. 1 hit, no errors. One man left on .base. •'•'.-': ; New York — Rolfe.flied out to Craft nfter-working-the count to. Dec West Memphis Fire Loss Is $250,000 WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Oct. 5 (UP)—D.imngc from a fire Which. „ ...-, v ™ (lesli-jycd n cotton shed nnd be- thre and two. Keller also tiled out : twccn 4,0(10 nnd 5,000 bales of cct- to Craft. DiMaggio rolled out from ton nt tlie Federal Compress Com- "" ' ptmy here wns estimated nt $250000 today. V. E. Clcmmer, 37, Memphis, Tenn,. nrcmtvn, nnd Chnrlcs B. Gage, 42, a volunteer fire fighter, each suffered n broken leg when a ladder broke. Gives Advice As 'One Rotarian To Another' C. A. Cunningham'spoke to members of the Rotary club at the weekly luncheon meeting of the group nt (he Hotel Noble tcday. His talk was n humorous one on "Advice From One Rotarlaii to AiKtlicr." Cooksej Dodson has been named Junior Rotarinn for this month, • the'meeting Myers to McConnick.'No nms, no hits, no errors. . Ninth Inning " . . Cincinnati—Myers grounded but,: Pearson to Dahlgren. Gamble, bat-; ting for Walters, fanned. Werber. drove a sharp single to left-fisld.' Frey forced Werber nt second to end the second game of the series. No rims, 1 hit. no errors. Summary: [ Cincinnati—0 runs, 2 hits, no errors. New York—4 nms, 3 lilts, ho errors. ^ WEATHER Arkansas — Partly "cloudy and wanner in east portion 'tonlsht; Friday partly cloudy. - , . . Memphis _and " vicinity — Partly cloudy to -cloudy tonight, lowest tempmlur* 02 to 66; Friday generally fair, ' ; • '

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