The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 0, 10-17 Boys Blamed For Fires in Tel Aviv Shops PERUSALEM, May 8. <UP>—Pom- Tel Aviv shops were destroyed yesterday l)y fires set. by youthful non-political saboteurs fighting ngnmsl the sale of imported goods in Palestine. The damage wns estimated at $80.000. Police said the fires were not connected with political outbreaks in Palestine. Groups of youths commandeered taxis and trucks and s\vc.>pod down on tlie'shops after the owner had ignored repeated warnings lt> i?cl rid of imported goods in favnv of Palestinian products. They held the owners at br.y \vith pistols while nccompliC'/r. roured gasoline in strategic coiners and set the fires. Fire brigades kept (lie blazes from spreading beyond the shops. Telephone service was dh- mptcd in some parts of the city when wires burned down. Sobering Man Confesses Crime and Then 'Freezes' BTG STONE GAP, Va.. May 9(UP)—Virginia stile troopers cooled their heeln today waitinu for Bradley Casl.y;l to dcculi: whether lie will lead Ihc-n to tile ^rivr of R Baltimore mrntnid he tulil ilirm he buried in a Cuml":.T!'i;l Mountain valley near hero six ytars ago. Castecl brought Hie police 2iQ miles across trie stale aitei confessing that ':e killed lG--yrar-cltl Anne Richardson when she want- Thor's Silver in Them Thar Rocks Miss Truman Plans National Debut as Singer PLTTSUKGII, 'May 0. (UP) -• Nfargai-pt Tnnwm. daughter of the resident will make lier national concert, clcbul in Pittsburgh, Mny !2(j, IL wns announced today by Tom rii'pjitc, Manager of Beogle concerts, Ik'i'glci sakl thai he receive) MLss Truman's signed contract today. Ho said her appearance at .Syria Mosque hero will bcs the firs', of a .series of personal nppcnrnn- ci's throughout the country. Trolli'y Visits 1'irc House CINCINNATI. O. (UP)— Wouln- he passt'iiKoi's wutuhcd with ani;»?A-- mrnl as u nearly-cmpLy street s|)ctl by lion--slop to a fire .s tali, in .s v <wr;il blocks iiway. A biaxc in insulation under a seat was put out by firemen outside the .station- The streetcar molonnan reasoned he 1 uoulcJ uel lo the firemen before they could yet to the car. N. Jnmes I'.llioll, left, president of the Amcricim Silver Corporation, points (o beginning of "Tomboy" silver vein, newly discovered in ]':in:imiiil City, Calif., historic old "i>hnst town." Engineer A. S. Gcklman, right, points with pick to end of the lO'.i-fool vein, indicated by white tape. Ore assays $12.70 c< ton. ed to leave 'TJIII just Uvo after he picked her up in ; I timore bar. 13ut when here and foi' reporters an<! party nirivcd delegation of ^rnph'--'^ wail- Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Dislributed by NFA SERVICE, INC. THE STORY: S»nlilo cmucM UI>OH (JodTrt-y Irj hifv In m:ikr Juvf 1o llrniKc-t. Ihu in:ilil. .Sin* <il">l"K'lK>'tt to It rid KC I for Coil- fri-y'M Iii-Ulivlnr nnil tt-llH Iior It will never hiiniK-ii uyiaiii. * * * XXIV VTfHEN she returned to the draw" ing room Godfrey was still sitting there alone, \vuitiiig foi- ica- lime. She walked in without a \vofd of greeting and sat down. Godfrey cleared his throat. **"D6n't discharge the womnn, Sophie," lie said. "She—er—^hc lost her head ou finding herself in the same room with Godfrey Mansbrldge. A natural enough reaction for a person unused to celebrities." " Sophie raised a weary hand. M Oh, stop it, Godfrey. You're only making yourself ridiculous." "I, my dear?" "It's stupid oE me to mind, isn't it? 1 don't know why 1 let myself care how you behaveV *'Sophie, I can assure, you it meant nothing. It was absolutely meaningless." "Don't yon suppose I know thril ; by now? It's'always been mean- -ingless—to you." The room was very stilt for a minute as .they both allowed the past to envelop them in silence It was Godfrey who spoke first "Well," lie said, his tone almos 1 jocular, "I'm glad you can b< more sensible about it now, 1113 «teM." -She smiled sadly, still looking tjRuK. ''I wasn't always, wns After our baby was born, when Julie divorced you, I was foolish enough to expect you to rnarry me." "Come, come, Sophie, yo 1 rushed straight otT into the arm of Vasilov. At the time I was ci: up about it, I can tell you." *'Just a second! Your chronology is out of order. If you remcmbe you married your society qncc Jive years before I ever laid eye pn Basil \ 7 asilov." She claspc er hnmfc in her hip and spoke ith a sit;h, "And if yon and I ;ul married, (hero would hnve een no Vasilov, and no IVUix ernheim, rm<l no oilier mini :*t ul\ ever." * * * pEHHAPS thai would have been bc'tfcr in the entl," he onccdecl. "Though Lord knows hat we'd be living on now. My larviagc was never happy, even . the start. You can appreciate ist how unhappy it wa« when ou renlizo that Elcnuor divorced no witlujitt lenvinj.; me a cent. She •as the most jealous and vengeful 'oman I have ever kunwn." Poor Godfrey! And it must two seemed like such a good idea t Hie time. She had position, idn't .she, mid money, and secur- ty—? She could alToul to buy crselC any luisbiuul slie \v;mtcd veu the rei^ninij nKilinne iciol." Godfrey drew him.scH erect will igiiity and ga\'o her a suspicion; ook. "Sophie, you'll hurl my foel- ngs presently." Sophie laughed richly, throw- ng back her head, "I sinrcrel; iclicve that to be i]npo.s<;iblc." "I3ut you liiivel" ho proUjslccl 'You know yon are 11 ic onlj voman who cvei' meant anythini o me. When I hcurd you \vcfi uivius* an ;tflair with Vasilov i UJi't my leuUnys vci^y much," "How absurd you are! Do yoi ,hink I'm in my dot;i5*0 anil li;iv forgotten how you could make ui fcol? Kur iic:irly five yi*;irs !*fLo yuu m;u I'LIA! I:',le;inv>r F uti. 1 n\\l i fool Jicart. I \\'LIS ovi:-i - ii wluin mi't Basil, lie helped me to fovj;c entirely. I won't hour a against Basil, Godfrey, I war you! I nm very fond of him im profoundly grateful to l:ini. U hard tor yon to undcrsUmd th;i perhaps—you wlio mamed \,\vv \vithci\it >o\'C." "And I suppose you loved Ma Bcrnheim when you (inally ni;i ried! At tlio ago of sixtj'j waa it?" "'1IU-; sat without sneaKing lor i few moments. Uo\v would it c possible to explain to CJocffrey h:U lU;ix liacl meant to lier? She moved across the room, set- ing herself more comfortably, nr- nnyiny her skirts to the best ail- luge. "Gndfrey, I'd like you to nderslnnd once and for ;ill why [ ripd Max. Basil nnd I were '(her fur live years—and they -di-t' happy yrnrs. After tliat I o tired, us you know, except for ij' t h i- v c farewell-appearance •urs. "Well, tlirn our daughter mar- .od Frank Jenkins nnd I was lone. I hadn't oven my career ny more. When .Max Bcrnheim no along, I hesitated to marry, t seemed unfair i.o marry outside 10 profession, atvl then There was —I felt—" She waited, unwilling 0 admit what had been her real uason, which was the feeling that he belonged to Godfrey, should icver v o a t J y marry another. Nci/tir mind. I nccfpted Max. 1 iked him. He was oue of the ,'sl men \ have ever known. .Truly sympathise. We wcru su- mcjly li; t ]jpy. Ami then when Virl;y needed me she liad a home ct rtinio to. Max was liku a [*rand- :itlu.-r to hor," Sitphk: dropped tor voice until it Vas almost a \vhis] >er. "She knew, oi roiirse, and doesn't now, thnt you ue her ^r;mdfather." They }ieard Sir Charles's digui- 'iccl and pniKlercms stop apprucich- 1111; along the hall. He caiue into L'iuv/. "They are cum ing, Mud- ainc, 11 he announced, pulling on his white ylovcs and straightening hi:-, lie. Suphic sv/cpL lier draperies into luils. "As food as >uu hiivc nn- nounced Ihcm, Sir Churles, ple;iso ask t)ic ollicrs to conio down. i\ r ow, Godfrey, for Vicky's sulv>--du iry lo behave yourself." Godfrey, settling himself into a position where his let 1 , profile was vetlet^cd in a mirror, pulled his sKioveri down over 1m cntTs and uiado no reply, They waited for UK- sound ot ; Ihu doorbell. 1 (To Jte Continued; ins for the :iVMim,:im grave Ec to begin, Crts^-ei fvo/c up refused to lm-;ge. He stnrteil ailing for n jjiv/v-M' ur.fl deivia'u that thn nr.vf-jnpji scatter. Police were torn oetwi'C]! bi' Ca-steel's .sli'ai-.ire story and lain] ting tea** llitit he had sold them a fairy tnle. The 30-year-olM Army vet called in n trm-:>l at the Norfolk jnil two night a;;o while; ho \va sobering up from a tcu-t)ay rluink- 01 in ess and irinclc his Confession. lie s:r.-J he shot MK--S Ricliard.soti dnrin t r a ((tiarrel. c;ii - ricd her boiiy into a mounlaut valley i\ear *Iii[f £ii,o)ic Ga*i: j,nd buried her. 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