The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE .RIGHT New Faces May Be In Chick Lineup For Little Rock Battle Dy J. T. PR TEN I) The starting lineup of Iho Hlyihc'ville Chickasa'wH mny undergo drastic changes for the invasion of |hc defending' champion Tigers from Little Rock'.High,. Friday night, at Haley Field, Head Coach Joe Dildy'• warned. The tribal big cYileT, smarting^.—^-^——^- • ' '''•''••.' •••'" BLYTHEVTLLB. (AHK.Y COURIER NEWS Opens today At Ciiiciimati .the Pine'Bluff Zebras last week, Issued an ultimatum to die regulars It was in substance lo either -snap", out of It and buckle doivn to business or expect (o liold down a deslgnalfd place on the bench Friday night. Coach Dltdy called no names but : intimateti that with two or three exceptions every member of the so-called regulars stootl a chance to lie replaced unless :» change in play icsulted. The biggest tasks begetting the mentors this week is the matter Of perfecting a defense lo stop Howard Hughe?, perhaps the best riui- ;iiing back in the state now thnl .nussell Mosley has wound up his prep career, and 198-pound Harry 'Carter., tlie human battering ram. Both are seniors and < should bfl even better than last jear when they played prominent paits in the thrilling 33-21' uclory over jth'e Chicks. ' ' John Ed. James, Junior coach, <.was-. iri the stands when the Tigers tin ashed Byrd High of hrevoport, Ln, 20-0, Friday night and reported that the current edition of the Van Sickle Swingers is plenty big ami lough. In Inet he rates tliem belter than tlie Zebras They me larger, possess more power, mid In, Carter and Hughes they boost two backs vlio are more dangerous than (he Hutson twins who bothered the Chicks no HUIe. The forward wall will have a weight advantage over the Chick line Led by Hauy Donaldson, - right tackle who scales a mere 225 pounds, the Ti^er fonvaids average approximately 103 pounds. The Chicks pull about five pounds less pei man , In an effort to check the nilrl- dle-of-the-hne thrusls of Carter, .the Chick'leader-hns elevated Travis Bennett, 195-pound jowigstcr whose hands bear ,t marked resemblance in size to a couple of oversized hams, to light guard. Bennett has pi oven a defensive bulwark but has yet to show equal ability on the offense long John Paulk, also a 195-pounrter, was >, used at left guard Monday but yesterday was at blocking back. Thp backfield has become a real problem Norman "Monk" Mosley, regular left halfback, is still nurs- In? n tidly bruised ii*ht lc? ami ciPubtlcss can be counted on /or Mile, if any, action Then to ccniDlicale matters Huf>h "Tex" self lo one cf the fat cigars on hli desk to show that, I came as a friend, and then asked: "Joe, are you really a masle: mind as so many people Kay jic'i are, or are the Yankees so guo( you could gs wllh Uyrd to Die Arclie ami they'd .still -.tin?" .McCarthy never really gave me a definite answer, run! when 1! piillee out an Intelligence test with which lo test him lie walked nut of the room. Bill McKcchnle, manager cf the Reds, was just as unsatisfactory I had heard that he was a cold, emolknless, gimlet-eyed gambler ',sho v/ould risk anything for a victory, and I wanted to >know if that was right. 1 burst into his office, shook a cclii In my hand, and .said: "Call Ibis for a dollar, Bends or l.iils. )f you're a Rambler, prove it to me." "1 t:!d you to keep that door locked." McKcchnle said to his as- sistant-as'he rushed Into another room and banged the door. Maybe he's a gambler, maybe he isn't. I've no way of telling. I went oh. down lo the Held and sought out players. Paul Derringer, wiio will pitch for the Rsils today, was the first I fcund. Everyone is interested'in what Inning lib will get knocked out so I asked him. lie didn't even change his expression, but went right on pitching to his catcher. If he knows, he is keeping It to himself. Junior Thompson, the Reds young pitcher who will start the third game, gave me my first direct answer. On asking him ,if he didn't think he was too inexperienced and nervous to do much go:d against the Yankees,' lie looked me straight in the eye and said: "What business of yours is that, buddy?" Thnt's a ecod. straight answer, all right, but If you'll boil it down you'll find that jt doesn't contain an awful lot of baseball Infcrma- tlon. Everywhere'I went it was the same thing, with Gomez, Lombardl, DiMngglo, Frey, refusing to answer my straightforward . and sensible questlcns. Finally I decided upon actions, rather than' words. Hearing Uiat Red Rulflng had n sore pitching arm, I sneaked in/behind him and hit him on it. He jumped nbout four feet Into the air. proving t:- my satisfaction that he has 'Ith the loyal support of his kids. Despite no nclion some 35 of the riginal 00 have continued to rc- ioii dally, but unless some more nmes are secured Coach James ntraltl he will lose more. Wanta Hnrbert, nho has alternated nl .« sore arm. Of course, my jaw both rMit and left, has turned up Is too, now,' blit anything to go, with more boils winch Uneaten to those vita! facts. keep luai out "Te\" lias been, :——^—;—out for nractice despite the ailments but hns been handicapped , no litdc in his iiinnmg Eugene Hood, blocMnf back lias a recurrence of a boil on'his neck which knit him out of the rough work yestmlav Just how the situation will be solved m the event that Mnsioy nnd Harlwt will not he available is a ni!>tl*>r of conjecture There }« n nrwJbDltv |] w » Paul "Puckv" BJscU'ood oirtinrmiv a fullback, n>av be C")ivi>itcd into n halftrack tn run with tlie sensational Sonnv 1 loyrt wli<is= fine ulnv vms one of the few icdeemin^ featuies ot the Ch'cls last week Pnundln? Paul has been bothered with n buiissd lei? but hrat applications have just about brought it around in good shape. Willis Ford who did a tan^-up job of backing the line aaainst the Zebras, Is a lend pipe -cinch lo be in the bnckfield. Paiilk SYMPATHY — Our ".. sincere condolence io Paul, Bill.:;and Joy mav supplant Hood bark at quarler- The Chick mentor is not sparing Ills bovs. He and his first side. MilchPll Best, put them throueh a snanpy workout Monday, towpine: It with scrimmage, and the drills, yesterday were even longer and tougher, in the scrimmase Tuesday .they were morp impressive, ttiouKh still shv on the blocV- in? assignments and in oyien Held Another torrid session Is prospective this afternoon with a lieht workout, tomorrow, possibly under the lights Sport Today's Parade By HENRY MeI.EMORE JTie .Dope Bucket By J. T. FRIEND brother,.. Charles, whose life was claimed in an automobile accident early Saturday morning. All formerly lived In Dlylheville. Paul is a valued ..'member of the Blythevllle Chicks. Charles played on the infield of Coach T. Kramer's crack American Legion baseball :eam which went to the slate fin- vis. All are well known here and wvc.n host of friends who share their deep sorrow. GAMES— John Ed James, new coach of the Blylheville Junicr, has his worries and the season hasn't even started for him. He has found It extremely difficult to find opposition for his Papooses. To date only four have been scheduled, two with Joncsboro, the first two weeks hence, one with Fail-view of Memphis, and tlie other with the Newport Seconds. Outside of those his pleas have fallen on deaf cars. Coach James said he has fattened Postmaster Jim Farley's postal ser- ' vice, having wriitcn close to 25 letters seeking games. He plans to pen missies to Paragould and Marked Tree, the latest prcspecls. John Ed says- has has been pleased REAL COFFEE —— ALWAYS FRESH P»W^»^^ ^', , ^Plif^»:« •;--,, ^ j -' •'•-( ' ,^^^ ^-Ji^ :-:^^ ,^/^^^^^- •'^' : '-'' f ~. * A*./-'- • &tf?\ " «<,*%'•* *&&?J&<'$i'<W^>% sli-.-'V -' f- .','V-IA- '- c '^^-^r"r*'^^ .: \ '<->'<''>/, -' •'.•J-^^^^^^^^^^^M^^K^^^^^^'h':.''^. ' PRAISE—J. Mcll Brooks says It's the Soil." nut regardless of vhat it Is. Blythcvllle seems to lave an appeal on those who have ivetl here any length of time. I ran icross Bonny Tale at tlie .Kitty 'Cague .meeting at Keelfoot Sim- Iny ant) Benny had nothing but iraise for the "ol 1 home town." Benny was a member of the crack emi-pro team of 1922 and went lirectly to Memphis and Ibence o the majors. Last year he man- ged the taayflehl Browns to their Irst championship. "Of nil the places I have lived in choose BlyUipvIllc. Boy, what a bwnl Wlmt, fine people! What abid baseball fansi" Turning, to (lucent "Moon" Mullens, who man- gcd Jackson. Tenn., of the same caguc, he" said. "Moon, y'oii should wve been there In the good ol' lays. Boy, did we get real salaries. got almost as much in one month here as I did'In five here. When ve Avon a big game from n'bitter iyal-.lhc fans literally showered 'on with gift.s. and they weren't heap "ones, either." • ' • The 38-year-old velcraii said he ouldn't understand when he read n the Sporling News where the Hytlicvillc franchise had been rhusferred to Salisbury because of ion-support. He said the fans packed the parks in those days nil. wondered what had become cf hem. At the Court of Henry VIII, of Snglnnd, duchesses were allowed liree gallons of ale and a pitcher of wine every day. The PAYOFF .HV HARRY GltAYSON NEA Service Slwrts t'ditpr Introductory colleglnt-o football jells included: " : Southern California, rated No l in (he nation, held lo a 7-7 tie bv Oregon, " Texas Christian, all-conqucrlii™ in 1038 and its offense as strong ns ever in the eyes of its own coach. Dutch Meyer, beaten .,,'uy U. C. U A., C-2. California, twice scored on in repelling the California Aggies, 32-14, nnd defeated by the 77-yeW-old Amos\Alonzo stagg's little College of the Pacific, G-C, in a doubleheader. De-emphnsizcd Pittsburgh, 'an underdog after all these years, lak- ing to the air tp bomb Washington on its own lot, 27-C. An old-fashioned Minnesota steamroller against Arizona 00-0. ..','" But Notre Dame; the one team with a real chance against South- cm California, will not lie fooled by Oregon's moral victory in r it.s match with the Trojans. " . : Troy fcnuenlly . starts slowly as witness its reverse at Hie hands of Alabama in its home opener a year ago. Us near loss to'Loycla of Los Angeles one fall and Us defeat by Saint Mmy's another. Heat bothered l Howard Harding Jones' men at the outset a year ago and there were extenuating circumstances this trip . . . six days of better than 100-dcgree heat followed by two days of rain. TEXAS CHRISTIAN MISSES STARS WIIO WROTE HISTORY The Cardinal and Gold 'was ovcrccnfidenl, loo, which was only natural-after the ballyhoo the cltib received, and 1 suspect that Emperor. Jones is secretly happy to have had his athletes knocked uack into hats that fit. The talent and time-honored formations arc there, There was .nothing unusual about Uie running attack lacking polish so early and. under the circumstances. . After powering llicir way to several scoring opportunities, the Trojans switched to passes ... a reaction easily traceable to the success against Ohio State, Notre Dame and Duke last season. But on this occasion at least three potential touchdown passes by Doyle Nave, the Rose" Bowl pitching hero, were dropped by receivers. j And Oregon, while . no Rose Bowl candidate, is • under-rated nation-' ally. '...'•'U. c. L. A.'S triumph over Texas Christian, also in Los Angeles, was a tremendous triumph for Babe Horrell, California's old All-America center who this autumn succeeded Bill Spanieling ' as head coach of the Bruins. It also demonstrated'thai outfits can't always graduate players like Davey O'Brien, Ki Aldrich, instill B. Hale and Forest Kline and come back n-wingiii' wllh the same old vim. • * * CHICAGO SAID STAGG WAS TOO OI,D TO COACH In ccnvincliiff California that cnc fame is enough; for one afternoon, Lou Stagg, who contributed more to football than any other one individual, once more showed Chicago hew wrong it was when several years ago it decided that 'ie was too old to teach football. The Grand Old Man gave the Maroon i> lesson only last season. . To California, the defeat by the wee Stockton school spells head- iches ahead. . Maybe Pittsburgh grew airmmd- d in flying to Seattle. At any rate, the Panther dis- lelled all thoughts of it becoming i second-rate power".• Pitt made it obvious that Dr. lohn Main Sutherland left Charley Bowser considerably 'more than lchard Cassiano. Dr. Jock Sutherland wasn't the -find to be caught short-handed., Perhaps that, is another reason why 'he was so reluctant to resign even thcugh Chancellor Bowman ind others made the situation so unpleasant for him. tackle; Fiank ".Edrlngton. (160), Who Was Your First Friend? NEW YORK. Oct. 4. <UP)-If n little learning is a dangerous thin' then I'm, likely to be picked up as public enemy No 1 before smother sun sets. I'm so crammed full of little j learning about the Yankees and the i Reds, wh: start the World Series! today, that I am as dangerous as if I were walking the streets with' cocked pistols. It isn't my fault, however, Hint I know so little about the Yankees and Reds. I spent the better 'part (cr the worst part, whichever way jou want to look at it) of jesterday with the members of the two teams und literally bombarded them with' quest!:ns. .1 wanted the real iow- dosn, the opinions of the players themselves, for you readers, and not Just a bunch ot stale <ld statistics Khich' everybody knows/ But do you think I 'got any in•formation? Net one whit. I might jull as ,v.ell have' had a /iozcn or so totem poles in for tea and tried lo BUYA.PKG. TODAY Wasn't he (be kindly doctor, who ushered you into the world? Then, came others , . . parents who taught you love, ethics and honesty. . . youngsters who showed you how to play with teamwork "and sportsmanship ... and teachers who guided you to work with a purpose. As you journey through life, you learn to appreciate the value of friends. Today, when you count your assets, experience tells you that the most priceless of all are your friendships. . ^ % • ^ Do you know of nny belter place to sow the seeds of friendship than in the atmosphere of your home? Do you know of any finer symbol of hospitality than Budweiser? Making friends is what made Budweiser the Perfect Host ANHIUSIR.tUSCH HI Bttr Budweiser MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser ?OR FIVE DAYS. ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A'SWEET BEER. YOU wiu WANT Budweiser's FIAVOR THEREAFTER. S-63 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER'4, 1«IS9 Teams Will Clash On Osceola Grid On Thursday Night OSCEOLA, Ark,, Oct. 4.—Seeking tlielr third conference victory, 'the Osceola Semfnoles tackle the 1m- Irodcn Lions here Thursday nil-lit. The Senilnolefi showed ptoHy of owev, and class In [heir nisi tv/o (lefenws of their Northrast Arkansas Conference clifltnplonslifp. They opened the season with an easy 3S-B defeat of Dyess :inci last week smashed Pocahonfas, 2G-0. Coach Prank Jones expects plenty of uonble from the Lions. Although beaten last, week by Marked Tree, U-6, they put, up a spirited scrap before being downed find claimed a morn) victory In holding the leaders to a «>ii)>)c of touchdowns. Advance reports list the invaders as n ereal passing team, They filled the air with, passes against Marked Tree, completing seven for more than a 100-yard gain, and were a constant threat. The Scmiholes will tie unable to present their strongest lineup. Billy Bpale. perhaps the most, outstanding end in the conference, suffered a knee injury against Pccjilioritas and will not get into action. Lackner has been nominated for Ms right wing post and Is expected to carry on in good style. He is a husky youngster who lias been^developing rapidly. • Pleas Hiickabey, Lan "Rabbit" Williams, and Earl Morrison, the Seminole big guns, arc hi fine condition and are counted on to carry, the. 'brunt cf the attack. The following Starting lineup "ras been announced by the Seinin- ole big.chief: Lackner (1G5), right ;nd; Billy Bannister (170), right right guard; Rryniit OGO), center; nillic Edrington (ICO), loft c'lard- Doc Mitchell (180), lefl tackle; J)' J. Edrlngton (150), left end; Wll- Hnms (110), quarterback; James Bumi (loo, right. hulflMick; Ifuck- nby (155), left lialftack; and.Mor- rison (155), fulliiack; Starting time fc 8 p. m. Tommy Turner Drafted By Chicago White Sox H was disclosed today that Tommy Turner, catcher and popular member of the Caralhcrsville Pilots of the Northeast Arkansas League (hiring the 193(i and 1937 seasons has ben 'dratted by the Chicago White pox of the American League from the Houston Buffaloes of the Texas League. Turner, who was rated one of the best hitters In Hie N. n, ^ loop, played lit (lie South Atlantic' tongue before going to (he Texas League. _1 NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 130 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Made Kentu% Whiskies •V.ff sM " ''""-*'>,/"> Let the First Sip Show You Why! Y OU, too, can enjoy rhe flavor that spread the fame of Kentucky Bourbon aromid the world! Early Times is made m be a rruly great whisk)', to begin with. Four years of aging have brought it to generous mellow maturity. And iis modest price will prove that you can afford it! EARLYTlMES ff* BilOWN.FORMAN DISTIKER1- COMPANV INCORPORATED ATIOUISVUIF IN" KENTUCKY ...SINCE 1870 KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY (. ^ -; lA" BROWN-FORMAN/QUJIsTfY"*r% Out in front in eye appeal, roomy comfort, solid safety and long-lived economy! T HIS luxurious, distinctive new 1940 Studcbaker Champion costs yon no more money than you would spend for one of the other leading lowest price cars. And when you own this Champion, yon have the satisfaction of driving a car that's a fully accredited (cam mate of Studebakcr's impressive Commander and President. It has the same economy engine as the Champion that set an A. A. A. record of 27'/ 4 miles per gallon on a 6, 144-mile round-trip run from San Francisco to New York and Sack at -40.8 miles per hour average speed. It has the same long-lived, cxpense^defying construction that enabled two Champions to travel 15,000 continuous miles each in 14,511 consecutive minutes on the Indianapolis Speedway. Come in and go for a revealing Champion tmldrivc. You don't need a jot of ready cash to become a proud Champion owner—your present car should cover part if not all this Stiulebaker Champion's down payment on e.-isv C. I. T. terms. J. F. LIVINGSTON MOTOR SALES Ui K. Slain S!. Phnuc 107

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