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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 42

Tucson, Arizona
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Monday, March 2, 1970
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MONDAY, MARCH 2, 1970 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 43 AP Wlreohoto ,1 First The Bottle, Then The Burp It's feeding time at the San Diego Children's Zoo for Bren, a seven-week-old Eurasian brown bear. First, attendant Sue Schroeder gives Bren his bottle, then awaits the inevitable burp that follows. Charles Simic To Read · ^ Works Here Charles Simic, Yugoslav- American poet, will read from his works at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the University of Arizona Modern Languages "AuditorJuhi;- Sponsored by the Ruth Stephan Poetry Center, the reading is open to the public without charge. Born in 1938, Simic now lives in New York where he is a member of the staff of the photography quarterly, "Aperture." He has published two collections of poetry, "Somewhere Among Us A Stone Is Taking Notes," just released, and "What The Grass Says," pub ; , lisiied in 1967. His poems and translations from Serbo-Croatian have appeared in numerous periodicals. Besides giving his public reading, Simic will spend his three days on.campus meeting students individually and visiting classes. '·'". vi- Audio-Visual Melliod Is Topic Morton Schindel," president of Western Woods Studio, will discuss "Creative Use .of Audio-Visual Resources" at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at Myers School, 5000 E. Andrew St. , Schindel's. studio produces fimstrips, records and other audio-visual materials based ori children's books for worldwide distribution. , ·:, ;; The'program is the third hi the "Creative Use of Library Resources" series, sponsored by Myers Demonstration Library, a federally funded project within Tucson School District 1. U.S. NuclejjiT Sites Open · ' . · ' · To Red Menace. Is Claim :WASHINGTON (UPI) -- On Feb. 1G, .Senl Stuart Symington told the Senate he had .uncovered some "extraordinarily 1 disturbing information." He did not elaborate;;:' ' ..It has now beenvlearned that the information he; was apparently referrin^to was that some ,U.S. nuclear installations in Europe and.AsiaJl are so close to Communist territory that they ntight be overrun and captured. The Missouri'-; Democrat heads a Senate subcommittee which! has been looking into U.S. bases overseas..At the time .of h^ cryptic i; Senate 1 speech, Symington would only say that the information, he,had "could have major impact,?|not only on our Husky Rites Tomorrow In Phoenix PHOENIX (IJPI) -- Funeral services will be tomorrow for Corporation Commissioner Milton Husky who died Friday at the age of 48.. Husky, who suffered a stroke shortly after; arriving hi Washington, D.C., Tuesday, never regained consciousness. CremationJwill follow services at 3:30 p.m. at A. L. Moore Sons Mortuary. Husky, a Democrat, was elected to the commission in 1966. He was state treasurer in 1963 and 1904! future relationship with various countries -- including the other superpower -- but also on our national security." ; other sources, however, learned that trie issue came up last Wednesday during a closed meeting of Symington's subcommittee. The witness was William J. Porter, ambassador tto South Korea, and the subcommittee was in the second day of hearings on U.S. defense commitments to the Seoul government. It has not yet heard witnesses on European bases. Sen. J. William Fulbright, D- Ark., asked for details on where the weapons were located but Porter declined comment. He said he was under instructions not to say anything about nuclear weapons to the subcommittee. · · · ' , . . 'Symington also has had diM- c'iilty.getting information on .the positioning of nuclear weapons. ·-Sources who have talked to him, however, say the subcommittee staff has uncovered infor- Fostei* Parents' ' i Are.'Topic Superior Court Judge Ben Birdsail will discuss legal rights for Pima County foster parents at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the City Council chambers. The session, sponsored by the State Department of Public Welfare, is open,to the public. .Refreshments will be served. This is the first of a series of public welfare- sponsored meetings Tlieosophical Society The Theosophical Society of Tucson will meet at 3 p.m. to- niorrpw in the Love Truth Union Chapel, 920 N. 1st Ave., for a discussion of "The Constitution of Man." Discussion leader is Henry! Van Thiel.' The public is invited. mation about the exposed positioning of nuclear weapons in Europe that Symington considers disturbing. : Members of the subcommittee, including'Fulbright and Sen. George D. Aiken, R-Vt., say they cannot understand why the administration ordered Porter not to discuss nuclear weapons in Korea. The fact that some U.S. planes loaded with nuclear weapons were stationed in Korea was freely discussed during the 1968 seizure of the USS Pueblo. Some American planes were unable to come to the Pueblo's assistance because they were loaded with nuclear bombs. Some subcommittee members can find no justification for positioning nuclear ··· weapons 'in Korea except for the defense.bf South Korea and they are at tempting to build a case for removing them. They claim some of the installations are too close to the North Korean border 'to justify the risk. '·*; AGAINST 'OPPRESSION' Peaceful Rallies Urged By Kimstler LOS ANGELES (AP) -- William Kunstler, defense attorney in the Chicago riot trial, has called on young people to demonstrate peacefully "at every courthouse in the nation to fight political oppression." Kunstler said yesterday demonstrators were responsible for the lelease on bail Saturday of the seven defendants convicted on riot and contempt charges. "It was a people's victory," the 50-year-old attorney said. "The seven would still be in Cook County Jail if people hadn't gone into the streets for them. The. people united behind the bail question and intimidated the court." The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a ruling by the trial judge/ Julius J. Hoffman, who denied bail on the grounds the defendants were "dangerous men" and their appeals were "frivolous." Kunstler spoke to an umbrella-toting crowd in cold, drizzly weather, in suburban Sepulveda. Police estimated the crowd at about 3,000. There were no incidents during the rally, sponsored by The Conspiracy,- a California organization raising money for the. ap- peals of the five defendants. The appeals will cost $250,000 to ?500,000,.Kunstler said. Tom Hayden, 29, one of the defendants free on §25,000 bail on his five-year sentence, described Hoffman, President Nixon and California Gov. Ronald Reagan as "dinosaurs, on the verge of extinction." Reagan has directed the state attorney general to investigate whether Kunstler crossed state lines to incite to riot when violent demonstrations broke out in the University of California al Santa Barbara community of Isla Vista after a speech the lawyer made last week. "The problems that gave rise to the violence at Santa Barbara were long standing," Kunstler said at a news conference. "Gov. Reagan has seized upon my speech as a way out of these problems." He added: "Incidents such as Santa Barbara only hurt us. don't think we should give the establishment the opportunity to destroy our youth." In Chicago, the police department assigned 20 detectives to guard the apartment of Hoffman, who made no public comment on the release of the men. DISCOVERED ON SAIPAN Earhari Bones Believed Found COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) Charred bones, believed to be those of famed ayiatrix Amelia Earhart who; .disappeared 33 years ago, have been recovered on the Pacific, island of Saipan and turned over to the Ohio Historical Society. ) Examination of the bones by Dr. Raymond's. Baby, curator of archeology at. the Historical Society, revealed,the remains could be those of Miss Earhart, ending the mystery of her disappearance while m an arpund- the-world flight in 1637. ( Recovery of the bones and their study by Baby came to light in a book written by Joseph Davidson, an author from Gan- 1 ton, Ohio, and published last week.. : , ',',·'·,. : -':. . , . . . : '' v In his book, entitled "Amelia Earliart returns from Saipan," Davidsori 1 said the bones were recovered from a crematorium in 1968 in the jungles of Saipan by Don Kothera, who served with U.S. occupation forces in Saipan in 1946, Kenneth Matonis and John Geschke, all of Cleveland. They asked Davidson to write the.book. According to .the three men, Miss Earhart, who disappeared July '2, 1937 crash landed on a beach near Tonapag . seaplane base on Japanese-occupied Sai- pan. She was captured by the Japanese, executed and cremated,-The book said her na- .·yigatw* on.'the flight, Fred Noonan, also was executed. , "We've got 189 bones,", : Baby said. "All but one of them are incinerated. It is my opinion that the cremated remains are those o f ; a female, probably white, .between the anatomical age of ,40 to 42 years. Since the age changes are slight, an age of 40 years is probably more correct." Miss Earhart was 39 years old when she disappeared. Tooth fillings and a gold dental bridge also were recovered from the island, Davidson said, and given to Baby for study. Baby said the gold caps or crowns on the bridge were "within the range of a female." He said the tooth fillings were amalgam, "the type:which was used in the 1930s." lie said the unburued hone was that of an adult male. . Davidson said discovery of the bones resulted when Kothera, while searching caves on Saipan for Japanese war souveniers, spotted a plane, covered by brush in a jungle ravine. He made no mention of it until he read a book in 1965 on Miss Earhart's disappearance and that her plane may have crashed on an island in the Pacific. In 1968 he,- Matonis.,, and Beschke went to Saipan, and found the plane, a twin ; engine Lockheed IDE. - They' ; : said;, they talked with a man who told them he helped the Japanese remove the plane from the'beach to the jungle, possibly so the Japanese could study Ihe aircraft. Tree Trim Also Lops Electricity ·/ Electrical power was put out for an hour in a square- mile area on the near North Side yesterday by a man who trimmed a tree next to power lines, according to Tucson Gas Electric officials. The area from Country Club Road to Tucson Blvd. between Grant Road and Speedway Blvd., was blacked out at 4:30 p.m. yesterday. TGE said a tree branch fell on two wires and blew several fuses, but no wires were broken and no injuries were reported. PUBLIC RECORDS BUIIGLA1UES From Glenn Collins, 5541 E. Kelso St., two televisions, tape recorder and- tape cartridge, total value S500, reported to police Saturday. From Donald Richards, 231 W. University Blvd., clothing and slereo, total value $1B5, reported to police yesterday. From ATS Transmission, 112 E. 20lh St., tools valued at S1.075, reported to police Saturday. From Edward Kettenbach, 6537. E. Mlramar Drive, S450 cash, reported to sheriff's deputies yesterday. From Lucky Supermarket, 3925 E. Grant Road; 540 cartons of cigarettes, valjed at $1,720, reported to police today. From Gary L. Nelson of 3433 E. Bermuda St., Apt. 9, hunting gear, cameras and guns valued at S1.H1, reported to co- Vrom Laurence Edward AsMon, 6020 E. Edison St.; television set, pistol and rifle, total value S715, reported to police last night. FELONY ARRESTS Michael Sargent, 20, of 5412 S. Champion Stray., arrested Saturday oy police on warrant charglnn armed robbery. Elmer A. Lovlnos, 28, of 32 E. Michigan St., arrested yesterday by police on suspicion of aggravated assault. William Steward, 34, of «36 E. Waverlv St., arrested yesterday by police on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Dennis Schmldkunz, 26, of 3616 E. Blackitdgu Drive, errested Saturday on suspicion of mn.-ilusna possession. Stephen V. Sllva, 21, of Phoenix, arrested Saturday by police on suspicion of marlluana possession. James La Bo lie, 20, of Phoenix, nr- rested Saturday by police on suspicion of marlluana possession. : Linda Kay Smith, 20 of 1050 N. Moun tain Ave., arrested Saturday by police on suspicion of mnrlluana possession. Bruce William Bullock, 22, of 1120 E. 27th St., arrested by ppllce last night on suspicion of assault with a deadly wcap- Teonard Thomas Hess, 18, of 1595 S Avenlda Slrio, arrested by police last night on suspicion of burglary. Navajos Get New Director Of Legal Aid WINDOW ROCK (AP) -- The legal aid organization on the Navajo Indian Keservation, DNA, has a new executive director. The Board of Directors of DNA said Leo Haven, a Window Rock Navajo, would replace Ted Mitchell as executive director of the federally funded group. Mitchell had submitted his resignation several months ago. It became effective Saturday. 'The former director was at the center of controversy much of the time since he had taken office in 1967. At one time last year, Mitchell was excluded from the reservation by the Navajo Tribal Council. But a federal court ordered the exclusion be withdrawn. The bylaws of the DNA which stated that its director be an attorney, had to be changed to allow for the appointment of Haven, who is not a lawyer. City Benefits From Flights By Lufthansa Training operations carried on here by Lufhansa and other foreign airlines have given a $33.3 million boost to Tucson's economy in the past 10 years, according to a Tucson Airport Authority staff survey. C. H. Broman, TAA general manager, said today this amount of money was spent by 'the companies and their em- ployes "mostly off the airport." The $35.3 million went for such items as lodging, food and gifts, he said! The foreign airline crows' training here also has provided about $1 million in sales tax and a net income of about $400,000 to the TAA, in the past decade, according to a report Broman submitted, at the TAA's board of directors' monthly meeting. Indiana Alumni Mark 150th Year A special Indiana University sesquicentennial founder's day program will be held Thursday at Vito's Restaurant, 5632 E. Speedway. Blvd. Gus M.'PsalUs, is.president of the IU Tucson Alumni .Club, ·.. ' The. meeting, marking the 150th'anniversary of the found- 'ing of the Bloomington, Ind., .University, wiil include a reception at 6:30 p.tn/ahd'dinner at 7:30 p.m. C. Ben Dutlon of Indianapolis, president : .of ihe JU Alumni Association; will lie speaker.' ' Leary Gets 10-Year Telro HOUSTON (UP1) -- Dr. Timothy Leary was sentenced today to 10 years in prison on charges of illegally transporting marijuana into the United States. Leary, the high priest of, the drug set, smiled but was quiet throughout the sentencing in U.S. district court. Judge Ben Connally denied bond for Leary. 4 Pot In A Pot' Brings Arrest PHOENIX (UPI) -- Sheriff's deputies said they found "pol in a pot" so Jerry Edwin Shaw, 32, ended up in jail on a charge of illegal possession of marijuana. Deputies, armed with a search warrant, arrested Shaw at his home early Sunday. They said they found marijuana growing in a pot, aided by a heat lamp. A quantity of harvested marijuana and some smoking pipes also were found, they said. Sabino Canyon Hours To Be Cut The Sabino Canyon recreation area hours will be shortened effective today, closing at 8 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. Forest Service officials said the cutback was necessitated because of limited funds. The hours, however, may be extended during the summer months. The recreation, area will continue to open at 7 a.m. daily. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that scaled bids will be received In the office of the Plma County Purchaslno Agent, FJImn County Governmental Center, 2nd Floor, Room 231, Tucson, Arizona, up to 10:D a.m., March 12,1970, foMho following: BID B -- No. 2939 -- CATTLE GUARDS T o furnish Plma County Hlohway Department with Cattle Guards, as per specifications called lor by Plmo Counlv. «RCII- Ino of the Bid B -- No. 2939 will be at JOvOO a.m., March 12, 1970, In ttio office o l l h c Plma Counly Purchaslno Agent, Plma Countv Governmental Center, 2nd Floor, Room 231, Tucson, Arizona. -. Snedtlcallons rolatino to the aforesaid bid may be procured from the office of the P'.m" County Purchasing Aocnt, Pima County Governmental Center, 2nd Floor, Room 231, Tucson, Arizona, . . . . Bidder shall be required to furnish a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to relect any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any Irregularities or Informalities In the bids or bid- DONE BY ORDER ot the Board of Supervisors this 16th day ol February, 1970. THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors Plma Counly, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen February 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, March 2 and 3, 1970. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received In the office of the Plmo County Purchasing Agent, Plm County Governmental Center, 2nd Floor. Room 231, Tucson, Arizona, up to 10: a.m., March 13,1970, for the following: BID B-S2942 -- SEVEN (7) PART BOOK KEEPING RECORD FORMS . To furnish Pima County Sheriff's Department with One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Seven (7) Part Bookeeolno Record Forms, as pen specifications called for by Pima County. Openino of the Bid B-S2942 willi be at 10:00 a.m., March 13, 1970, In the office of the Plma County Purchasino Aoent, Plma County Governmental Center, 2nd Floor, Room 231, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bid may be procured from Ihe office of the Pima County Purchaslnfl Agent, Pima County Governmental Center, 2nd Floi Room 231, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish a s- ficrent Bid and Performance Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the rioht fo reiect any or all bids for any re v son whatsoever or to waive nny irre-"- rltles or Informalities.In the bids or bid- DON'E'BY ORDER of Ihe Board n( Super visors this 20lh dav of February, 1970. THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors Plma CounW, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Dallv Citizen February 24, 25, 24, 27, 28, March 2, 3. i. 5 and 6. 1970 NOTICE I N V I T I N G SEALED BIDS Nolice is hereby given thai the Business Manager of School District No. 8 ol Plma County [Flowing Wells) will receive up to but not later than 4:00 P.M. local t me of Ihe 1-Uh day ol April, 1970, sealed bids, Jor relocatable classrooms and toilet f a c i l i t i e s [mobile home type conslructlon) delivered to 3725 N. Flowing Weils Road, Tucson, Arizona. Such bids shall be received at Ihe office of John J. Bauman, Business Manager, 1444 W. Prince Road, Tucson, Arizona 65705, and shall be opened and publicly read aloud at the above stated time al the above address. Each bid must conform and be responsive to this Invitation, the Instructions lo Bidders, the Drawings, Specifications and all the other documents comprising the pertinent Contract Documents. Copies of Ine Contract Documents are now on file and open lo public Inspection in Ihe office ol John J. Bauman, Business Manager, located at 1444 W. Prince. Road, Tucson, Arizona In said Coontv and State and mav be obtained upon payment of 510.00 per set. This amount is not refundable. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check or cashier's check or bid bone), payable to Flowing Wells Schools Id an amount not less than five per cent of the maximum amount of the bid. The check; shall be given as a guarantee of intent of the manufacturer to enter Into a contrac should his bid be accepted or RS liquidated, damages to Flowing wells Schools In Ihe event of failure or refusal of the manufacturer to enter Into a contract. The checks will be returned to the manufacturer in the event that all bids arc relccted. The manufacturer's w a r r a n t y must be clearly stated on the bid proposal. The successful manufacturer shall provide a surety company bond In the full amount ol the contract price. Said surely bond shall be posted within 5 days after no'lfiration o' the contract to the successful bidder. Said contract shall he in accordance with flic provisions of all pertinent aenn-- ( ii puK | '- Faws of the slate of Arizona In effect at the time of the execution ol the contract. Flowing Wells Schools reserves the privilege of relectlnci any or al! bids for any reason whatsoever or lo waive any Irre- oularitles or informalities Ir the bids or In the bidding. No bidder mav withdraw nls bid for n period of 30 days atier the dale set for the opnnlna nf bids. BOARD OF TRUSTEES, FLOWIMG WELLS SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 8, PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA By John J. Bauman, Business Manager, Flowing,Wells School District No, 8. Publish February 27, 28, March 2, 3, 4. 5, 1970 Tucson Dally Citizen NOTICE , Of Hearing For Establishment Ol An Improvement District NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai a cell- tion has been fried with [he Clerk ol Ihe Board of Supervisors ot Plma Counlv, Arizona, praying for the establishment of the Mlraflorcs Improvement District nccordlm to the Arizona Revised Statutes of 1955. Chanter 5, Title 11, Sections 701 to 759, Inclusive, and all amendments and supplements therc-lo. The boundary of (ho proposed district is as follows; ' , . , , , The MIraflores Eslates Subdivision as recorded In the office of the plma Count" Recorder In the books of Maps and Plats tn Book 12, Pane 90 thereof, extent!"-- .therefrom Lois 40, J8, 55, 54, 8, 5, 4, 1, 13, 14, 15, and the right of way of Camlnp De That'sald Board of Supervisors has sn| 1he hefcrlng on the establishment of sa d district at the usual meeting place of talK Board of Supervisors On the 11th Floor of the Administration Building, Government'! Center, Tucson, Arizona, at Itic hour of 11 o'clock, a.m., March 16, 1970. All Interested property owners may. appear at said hearlno and be heard on ft"" matter rotstlno to the establishment of the proposed Improvement district and /iny person wishing to oblect to the establishment of the district mav, before the date set for the hearing, file his obity'in^ with said rirk of the Board of S"nenlsn" BY ORDER OF THE BOATJ OF SU PERVISORS, dated .this 16th Februar", 'A.D. 1970. ./if ELSA B; HANNA Clerk of the Board ' of Supervisors of Plrni County, Arizona Publish: The Tucson Dsllv Cltijon March 2 and 3, 1970 dny of LANCERS' JUCSON'S ; ? ' PIONEER .;; r - FLORIST 60E.PENNMCTOX 622-463! Tom Inglis ·WLOWERS 2362 E.BROADWAY 622-4643 FLOWERS BY HALBURNS 3600 E. SPEEDWAY PHONE 325.2634 DEPENDABLE SERVICE FOR OVER 45 YEARS CONSTIPATED7 DUE TO LACK OF FOOD "" BULK IN YOUR DIET B TRY, ANNOUNCEMENTS [ FUNERAL NOTICES J ANDREWS, Arlaln M., 03, 1548 E. Jiedrick, passed away February 28th. Survived by son, Ashby, of Miami, Fla.; sister, Mrs, Verna Patterson, or Hock Island, 111. Services and burial will take place at Hock Island, 111. Local arrangements by Delr's Valley Funeral Home. BKADSHAW, Robert Earl, 58, of 3302 N. Romero Hd., passed away February 26, 1970. Services Monday, 11 a.m., March 2, 1U70, Arizona Mortuary Chapel, University Blvd., at Stone, Reverend Byron D. Haines, of SI. James Methodist Church officiating. Interment in the Oki Florence Cemetery, Florence, Ariz. BRAGG, James IV 54, 450-1 N. Cholla Blvd., passed away February 27th. Services and burial will take place in Butle, Montana. Local arrangements by Delr's Valley Funeral Hume. BURNEV, Roy W., 68, 216 W. Blacklidge, passed away February 27th. Services Monday March 2nd. 1970, 3 p.m. in. The Arizona Mortuary Chapel, University Blvd. at Stone, with Rev. .William Weeks of Grace Episcopal Church officiating. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. COVINGTON, Gary Virgil, (i7, of 4505 N. Klecha Dr., entered into rest February 27tli, 1970. Husband of Florence; father of Mrs. Adelle Kemp; brother of Lilly Bratcher; also survived by 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Funeral services will be conducted in firing's Memorial Chapel, 10 a.m.., Tuesday, March.3rd, Huv. Woodrow Hood of the First Baptist Church officiating. Graveside services will be conducted by Tucson Lodge No. 4 FAM. Burial in Tucson Memorial Park Soulhlawn. Active pallbearers, Dewitl Aurand, Victor Birch, Albert Menz, John Carrothers, Henry Kaelm, Dr. John P. McQuown, Homer Rigel, Fred White. Honorary bearers, Joe Alsbrook, Ralph Cline, Clayton Gibbons, James Guylon, Ted Keiper, John Lamb, Walter Roediger, .lamps Servon. Friends may call from 2-8 p.m., Monday, nl Brings Memorial Chapel, 23U S. Scott. EVANS, Ila, 71, 222(i E. )7lh St. passed away February 2(5lli. Survived by wife, Alice Mae; Several nieces and nephews; Services will be 2:30 p.m. Monday in Palms Morluary Chapel, with Rev. Vernon Lowe, of Catalina United Methodist Church officiating. Entombment in Tucson Memorial Park Mausoleum. Friends may call Sunday afternoon and evening at Palms Mortuary 5225 IS. Speedway. GEROW, Parker L., 09, of 1600 E. Roger Rd., passed away March 1; He is survived by his wife, Josephine. Arrangements pending by the Adair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway. GOFF, Paul N., 59, of 2475 N.. Haskell Dr., passed away February 25tn. Survived by wife, Estella of Tucson; son, Richard P., with the .U.S. Marines iiv Hawaii, .Carl V. of Tucson;' .daughter,; Mrs. · Marie E, Darnier of Tucson; . brothers,' Lewis, U.S..Army, San Francisco, : Dorscy ' .of [ FUNERAL NOTICES J Bajlimoreyi. Md. ·' Services, '· Tuesday, 1:30 p.m. ; at Adah- Funeral Home Chapel, Dodge and Speedway. Interment in Tucson. Memorial Park East Lawn with Military Graveside Services. Friends may call · all day Monday and until service time Tuesday. GREEN, 'Arthur A.y 71, of 2310 N. Los Altos, passed away March 1. He is survived by his wife, Thetmay. Arrangements pending by the · Ailair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway. HAWKINS, Robert L., 20, of 711 Sherwood Village Dr., entered into rest February 21sl, 1970. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Hawkins; brother of Beverly, Karen and Linda Hawkins,' all of Tucson; grandson of Mrs. Loretta Seymor of Ohio and Mrs. Madeline Elerbee of Georgia. Funeral Services, 10 a.m., Tuesday, March 3rd, at Palo Verde Church of Christ, G51 S. Kolb Rd. Burial will be in Tucson Memorial Park South Lawn. Friends may call from 2-8 p.m., Sunday, March 1st, and Monday, March 2nd, at Brlng's Broadway Chapel, 6910 E. Broadway. IIUNNKR, Blanche C., 90, 0150 E. Grant Rd., passed away March 1st. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Martha H. Farley, of Tucson; sons, John C. Runner of Duluth -Minn, and Dr. E. Eugene Hunner of Tortola Valley, Calif.; 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Services will b e , ' 5 p.m., Tuesday, In Palms Mortuary Chapel with Rev. C. 'Richard DuFresne of the First Congregational church officiating. Burial will be in Duluth, Minn. Friends may call at Palms Mortuaj-y, (5225 E. Speedway, after noon on Tuesday. JOHNSON, Arnic, 01, of 1501 N. Venice, passed away March 1st. Arrangements to be announced by Delr's Valley Funeral Home. McGOWAN, Mary, 75, of 5800 E. North Wilshire Dr., passed away February, 28. She is survived by daughters, Patricia Baylor, of; Tucson and Mary Joe Stouffer, of Tokyo, Japan, eight grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. Loretta McNcllis and Mrs. Agnes Solan, both of Minn. Rosary will be recited, Monday, 7:30 p.m. in the Adair Chapel, Mass will be offered, Tuesday, 10 a.m at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Burial in Holy-.Hope" Cemetezy. Friends may ca!!, Monday from noon, on, at the Adair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway. McCOY, Claude C., SO, of 18.15 N. Desmond Lane, passed away February 28th. Survived by daughter, Helen M. Wright of Tucson. Services, Tuesday, 3 p.m., at Adair Funpral Home Chapel with Kev. William R. Colby of Christ United Methodist Church officiating. Friends may call Monday, noon on at the' Adair Funeral Chapel, Dodge and Speedway. Interment in Indianapolis, Indiana. MO KEEN, Arthur 11., 73, of 4119 Oxford Dr., entered into rest, Feb. 25, 1970. Husband of Marie Moreen; father of Carmine Moreen of Mich, and Oakley Dale Moreen of 111.; brother of Harry Moreen of Green Valley, Ted Moreen o f . Tucson. Earl Moreen of Chicago, Alice Grimmer of Ind., Clara McAlister of 111. and Anna Brehm of 111, Funeral services, 2 p.m., Monday, March 2nd, at Bring's Broadway Chapel. Oasis Lodge No. 52 F AM officiating. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery. Friends may call from 2' to 8 p.m., Sunday, March 1st, at Bring's Broadway Chapel B910 E. Broadway. RHODES, Josephine Maude, 97, of 2101 N. Campbell, passed away February 28th, 1970. Born ill a log cabin in Cenlcrvillc", Indiana, August 27th, 1872. Mother of Rosa (Mrs. Emil L. Larson). G nieces and 2 nephews also survive her. Memorial services and burial in Graceland Cemetery in Meade, Kansas. Arizona Mortuary, University '. at N. Stone in charge of arrangements. VASSOLO, Maria, 74, of 4G5 W... Miracle Mile, passed away February 28th. Survived by daughter, Rosaline ; Vassolo of Tucson; sons, Sarafino of Wheaton.JIl., Salavatore of Bellwood, '111., Ralph :of Calif, and Arigelo of · Tucson. Services and inter- " meht will be in Berkley;; 111. Local arrangements by Adair Funeral Home, Dodge and Speedway.' · ,, CLASSIFIED INDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS Classifications 1 thru 26 A i on nnourvcerncmS... » ........ tu Aulo Transportation.. 24 Cord of Thanks...... --.3 ? Floriih.... ....'. .»....? » Funeral Directors.! ,..'« .' i«..V/ ; n Funeral Notice* ·'···* 1 J In Memorlam 5 j Lodge-Clubs Notice! ..,..,,.......,, 22 3j Lost Found.... .M .u,. 14 jr Memorlo1i-Marke:s-Lots.. /;,,.... 12" Personals » '. 16;' t r a v e l OpporlunilJes..... .26 BUSINESS-SERVICE DIRECTORY · Cla«1ficaliorv 4V fcuiiiieuci-Scrvices , 4? SCHOOLING Classifications 50 thru 70 Business Training.. 50 ' Lmploymc'nt Prep -.60 ' bcKoafi-fnsfruction. ;....,. ,.70 EMPLOYMENT : Classifications 100 thru 188 ' Agencies, Femofe Help... 1 4 R ^ Agencies, Mole-Female 125 Ag'.'ncics, Mole Help 10/ . Child Care 17? Help, Investment Required 134" Help V/anled, Female 142 n Help Wonted, Male-Female 116 i Help Wanted, Mule 100 Household Help 151 Job Wanted, Female 163 . Job Wonted, Male 156 i Sales Positions 130 · Services (01 Exchange..... 188 t TRANSPORTATION : Classification* 200 thru 292 Auto Financing « 211 , Autos for Sale ...;,...222 Aulos Wanted 200 Aviation-Salej-Service ......292 _ Bikes-GocarU, Etc .....274 , Baati-Malari, Supplies 27? Carnpers-Molorhomes ...263 Car-tcuck Pointing 249 , Car-Truck Rcnlals 240 Car-Truck Repairs 245 Classics, Buggys 234 Imporls-Sporti. .226 Motorcyclci 270 Sporting Goods ..231 ,. · ^- Tires-Parls-Accessorjes ......251 . ^ , Travel Trailers... 267 '· * Trucks for Sale 237 * · Trucks'Wanted 235 ·.···!··· Utility Trailers 258 j^v EQUIPMENT - - Classification* 301 thru 389 fV ^ Foem-Ranch Equipment , 333 i.'_"'; Heavy Equipment, Buy-Sell.........-..301 j, ' Machinery lor Sale-Rent 387 *··.'.[ MERCHANDISE- "'£% MISCELLANEOUS i"'^ Claiiificationi 400 thru 495 £^ 4 Air Conditioning 489ij r , r ,, Antiques ..467 »v-,l^ Appliances 473 ·_·' . t Arls-Cralls-Eooks 433 -^ ; Auctions 478 :;' ; Baby Needs £ Furniture ....482 '. , . Birds-Tropical Filh, Etc 451 ',-','..'· Building Materials.. 484 \\j, Clothing for Sole.... - «2.-i'.,». Dogs-Cals-Pcls, Supplies 444·"l. r Foods-Mcots-Fiilies ·,,. 460 ; ';··';· Household Cood: I.4BO,, *·. Jcwelry-Waldies, Etc :... 436 ,,;,..; Ul'i Swop 495 i,-. V Livestock Supplies 440jrl..^ Miscellancoui Moms 411 ,»·' .. Musical Initrumenls 401 -i' 1 -. Music, Service-Repair s 404 Office-Business Equipmsnt 424 Photographic Equipment 426 _ . Pianos-Organs 402 J '^-.; Poultry-EggS'Produce -..' 455 ·* - Stamps-Colni-Hobblcs 430 ;;,... Stereos-Recorders *...408'!:.,K TV ; Radio Service, Repairs 410 i' t v- Wanled |o Buy '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'. 400 '·*£*;·· RENTALS Classification! 500 thru 584 l : l "-'_. Aparlments-Furnislied... 524 ;i ,J' '^ Apa rl m c nti -U nfurnished.. ..,,.,,....,,.. 530 \.^, r : t Business Rentals --, 562 j -n ,, HouseVeeping Rooms ..507 ! -''-^ Houses-Furnished ..535 r ^ *-, Houies-Unlurnished .....540,,.^'.. Industrial Rentals,.. 573 \^.v' Miscellaneous Rentals..... 584 ,, ·{ Motels, Hotels -SlOlii-jV Out ol Town Rentals ....:.551 ·,·", Resl HomeJ "..... 515'i"S Reiotls S19 :,«-: Room a Board ...503 _" ; -' Koom Wilhoul Board ..506 ,,;V Share Living Quarters 50?-,,, : .. Trailer Ronlols-Courl! 521,,.·:.-. Vacation Rentals .;5I7- ^-^ Wanled to Rent .500 ^ MOBILE LIVING ': Classifications 600 thru 688 '·-. Mobile Homes, Rent 633JV.,^ Mobile Homes, Sale 644,'.^,) Mobile Home, Servicing 666,V-i . Mobile Home Siles-lotS 620-.A ^ Mobile Homes Wanled 400 Trailer Hauling '· 688 --^_ BUSINESS-FINANCE «·£ Classifications 7 0 0 thru 7 7 7 v · · " · - * Busineis Onporlunltfei,..., f ..711'i "·"' Money to Invest.- 755 ^ J Money lo Loan 7^-l' ( · "^ * Money' Wanted 722,, t ;- /t'orlgages-Conlracti 777 lt ;»' Rcul ttlato Loan^.,,...,,,. ..766r r"* Want Buiineii Opportunities.. 700» ''· REAL ESTATE ' : ^ Clarifications 8 0 0 thru 8 9 9 · · ; _ Arizona Properties 855T^," t Business Property-Frontage 8 4 4 ' ' - , " Co-ops-Condominiums B77 ( , ratnu, Ranches .............'..870 Homes Inr Sole 899 Income Properly U30 Industrial Properly 850,,',-., Investmenl Praperiy..... BSSj'K,., lots-Acreage, Salc....j 866'nt." Open Hom«i lor Sale.. 880~»" Oul of Stale Property B60 rl 'j Real Estate Exchange..... SlO'i: Real Eslate Service 820 ..'^, Real Estate Wanted 800, ,f^ R e s o r t - V a c a t i o n Property 825 "IT Suburban Properly 840 | F ^_ RATES AND HOURS;:! Minimum ad 10 wordi or 2 flnei,^' Minimum caih ad coil 94*, Minimum 1 /^ Charye Ad coif Sl.O-!. All agala lype'rr adi let lolid (no capt) w|]l a^''~J cfiarged al Ihe following ward rates;/'-..' 7 or more consecutive days 07* po^' r , word per doy, 5 arid 6 consocul'voi r 2 doyi 08' per w o r d per doy. 3 and A'--^ ronieculivc doyi OV L per word per 'i . c/ny. I or 2 days or ikip day orcefsiy~ IQ' per word per doy. All idi or-"-'* dercd lo be s e t oilier than solid eg-' 1 - ^ afc tower cciic will be charyed at th*^ 1 : ' following t a f c i ; 7 or nioio consecutive,^", dayi 35 ; per line per day, 5 ond 6-"C consccuhvf dayi -JO- per line per day. 1 "';3 and 4 caiiiccutivc doyi 45 e per lire** 1 .' per doy. I ut 'J doy} or »Hp doyV' 1 ". Ahovn r c i f e v opp'y \o r weekday,'','. publjccjltnn in l)ie blar E. Ciliien of. : '^- tJit vjme doy ur Sunday publfcofion-";, in trie Slur unly. /"i. A lO'i'o diicoujit on ubov« pticci t . ^r|) be allowed if ca»h occonipnuiei-. 1 ,/ cupy · before copy ti inicrled in llist 1 .. Slur Citizen. All utH arc subjec) lU' 1 *'^Cily and Stale- Salci lax. Change of" : j-; copy oJi ods appearing in paper cost j ' , 60 Box number service casl 75*. /',, On? daily injcrtfon caniisls of puby' 1 ^-- Iliclion In Ihe Arizona Daily; Slar-' ^ tMdrning) and I he Tucson Daily Citifr^ 1 icn (Evening) SAME DAY, except Sun-*c-"' day, wlifcfi consisls of I ho An tana'' r Y Doily Star only, counled as one com- li -""-- pl'.'tf iniurlfon. Space may be pur- v * _ clitnccJ in the \Arizona Daily Stor','^' only, or flit Tucson Daily Glizan onlyj ,v J [Mondoy lluough Saturday) at a Tatarrt^i of 40 E per ucjcic line per micrlion r orr\,. .OS' per wo;d per doy on agate low-uO cr (.use id vofid ads, wifh no rnutripTflrC' in^ortian discount. All adi oidtred' 1 '' 1 "'". (Mondoy Ilirough Salurdoy) as stngl*;*^ paper iniirllons will appear under a^J- 'Mi ic ell an co us C la sallied" hooding mj.' ohd be placed* ouliidc Ihe regular^."*" clarified section. ; ' ·'.'-. ».' nO Hours - Monday through Fndtay'^' 0 ^' ! o 5 P.M. for new ad insertions iri iht^'* ollowing rfay'i paper and 8 -Jo '4^ u "i " P.M.''for change, of copv, .correctiorxa! 1 ^?'' or'cancclfationi. Saturcfay , B to 12*^ noon fof hew aef Insertions itarting Ihmu" Sunday*,or Monday paper. - lonb/mi^ counter Will dole al 12 neon -Sol-nC. . urday, however phones will rftmamn^.* , open for corfe-rjian* or cancellotioftl^* untif 2 P.M. onNyPhanei apan Sun-^%' day 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. for corracKon* ·*£' and cancelfalioni oril j .' * ,' PLEASE PHONE 622-5855, Choclt'your ad Ihe firil doy Ef pears. In »y«nl lol .error, Iht.iM paper] Will not .assume 'reiponliimj lor more than onrf Incorrect insertion. The Star Citizen reiervts , right la edit, properly classify, or i«cl advortisincj copy, ' '

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