The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, September 17, 1951
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI YOIj. XLVII—NO. 153 Blythevllls Dally New« Blylheville Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1951 TWELVE PAGES Small Nations Seek "More NATO Voice Atlantic Alliance Considers Political, Economic Work OTTAWA, Sept. 17. (AP)—Small nations members today were reported demanding a greater voice in major policy decisions of the North Atlantic Council. A Canadian source, linking demands to the current controversy over Greek-Turkish membership hi the Alliance, said it seemed certain some "custom" would have to be established to give the smaller nations greater power in early stages of policy making. Some of the heat was expected to* . be taken off the big nations—America , 3rit«in, France—by expected agreement on plans to expand the work of the treaty organization into political and economic as well as military fields. This has been a primary concern of both Canada and Western European countries. The United States Is now backing the Idea, As the council wont into its fourth closed door session, the Canadian informant, forbidding use of his name, suggested some such relationship similar to the British commonwealth might provide the Qjfeswer for the problem of the small nations in NATO—some of which evidently feel they are. too often called on to nibber-stamp major power decisions. v Feeling Is Sharp This feeling is sharper than usual because the United States has pressed against small nalioi^opposi- tion for a favorable decision on admittance of Greece and Turkey. The Danish and Norwegian delega- Sce ATLANTIC on Page 12 Armorel Wreck Fatal to Negro Woman Is Killed When Truck Turns Over on Highway 137 3 Luxorans Sue Phone Company Plaintiffs Seeking $50,000 in Breach Of Contract Suit O S c E O !_, A. Sept. 17 -Southwestern Bell Telephone Company has been charged with breach of contract in a private suit, for $50,000 damages filed here by three;, Luxora men, Mitchell Moore" A 29-year-old Blytheville Negro woman .was killed near Armorel a 1 4:30 a.m. yesterday when a truck witli four persons in the cab hit an asphalt "roll" and. overturned on State Highway 137. She was Bobby Roseborough who was crushed when pinned between the door and body of the truck after it was overturned. Cottre Woodard suffered arm and head hi Juries in the crash. Hearing for the driver, Will Buck nor. 1105 S. Lake St., on a charge of Involuntary manslaughter wa. continued in Municipal Court thi. morning until Saturday. Stale Trooper Clyde Barker, win investigated, said the accident oc curred at a point on the highwa; which is imder cojtsiruction ant where a 26-Inch asphalt roll divided the highway. Trooper Barker said the drive failed to pull to the right side o the highway and hit the asphali He lost control of the truck whie traveled 48 feet while skidding side ways 60 feet before overturning. Roxie Woodard was the iourt passenger in the truck. Damage, t the vehicle was estimated at S20C Charge Follows Collision Frankie Cook, 19, of Millersville Mo., was charged with failing SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Yanks Slash Enemy Unit After Wild Counterblow IT JUST WOItE OUT'—After 31 years, Blytheville's street flu-sher "just wore out." City Engineer Claude Ale.vamler said. Made it; 1920, the machine was purchased by Blytheville in 1922 and was used until it quit working last Spring, When purchased, —Courier News I'hnto the engine and tank were mounted on a solid-lired Mack truck but. in 1937 (he unit was put on a new Dodge truck, the veliicle it's on now as it sits in the city's shop behind Fire Station No. 2 •. City Orders Hew Street f lusher .Machine to Be Leased With Option to Buy; Due in 3 or 4 Weeks , kidqway Ready •-r J ' . >.,, J To Resume Talks TOKYO, Sept. 17. (AP)— Gen. Matthew E. Ridgway told Red commanders today he was willing to resume the Allied Artillery Halts Red Thrust North Koreans Gel- As Far as 'Saddle' At 'Heartbreak Ridge' U. S. EIGHTH AUMY HEADQUARTERS,, K o r e a, Tuesday, Sept. 18. (AP)—A North Korean battalion, was slashed by Allied artillery lalu Monday after failing to j;ain in a series of wild counterattacks on the east-central front. In all-day fighting, Ihc Reds sot as for us a saddle between n Rcil- helti hill and mi Allicd-licld height, The Allies have dubbed the location north of Yanggu "Heartbreak nidge' licciius of the many attacks and counterattacks there. As the Reds fell back down a trail toward tlic southwest, they cnmo under heavy artillery fire. An Allied officer said results were "excellent," It was not known hoiv many, if any, of the enemy escaped. On the western front, Allied troops supported by heavy artillery lire seized control of a hill northwest of Chorwon. The Reds withdrew lifter :i two-hour battle, then fired artillery onto the hill, Patrols flnslied at several point."! along this front. Allied air observers reported a decrease in enemy activity, particularly vehicle movements. Italns Impede Air Force Cold ruins sweeping across the peninsula brought Allied air attacks to a virtual standstill. The Red counterattacks in the east began in the light of a nearly full moon. In grouus of 20 to 30 the Reds plunged down on the Allies from a •**•«*, £- I ,/£>.V ,yv -^U.'^/. i P&SvJf $1 J < ^ •**<£$; - '-*' •fK^v^" tV ^M ( / i -Vtfft: • f, •i>r no-indication-- that - ., - - Uo miles excess of 52.00 for places of busi jhorto ot Blythevllle on Highway 01 ness and.:$2 for residences, the rates I at 5 p.m set by contract with :ia predecessor of Southwestern Belf in• 1911. W. D. Denton. C. B. Thomas ahd Richard Thomas are the plaintiffs. They say the telephone \company agreed to furnish telephone service in Luxor a at the $2.50 and §2 rates aa long as there were no more than 800 telephones In Luxora. The earlier company, Tri-State ' Telephone, and Telegraph Company, filed uncojidii-ional acceptance to ^ the agreement, the plaintiffs said. They hold that since southwestern Bell has operated and perform- See LUXOKA on I'age 12 Co.-;k forfeited a $30.25 bond on the right-of-way charge in Municipal Court here this morning. , Damage to Cook's car was estimated at $50 and $25 to the car dviyer by Howell which belonged to Hecksher-West End Autos. -"According to Sfote Trooper Clyde barker, who Investiglated, the col- sion occurred, when tn.e Cook youth Uempted to pass the other car vblch was making- a left fcurn. Music Group Plans Drive 1951 Membership Set i^ At- Approximately 750 Statements were mailed today by the Blythe vi lie C i vie M u sic Association to the GOO residents who joined the organization last year and a campaign to sell 1951 memberships will formally open Oct. 8. Membership this year is to be limited to approximately 750. Larry Kneas. secretary, said. Lnst year's members must reserve memberships by Oct. 8, he .said, after which they will be sold on a "first^come, first served" basis until the quota is filled. The active membership campaign wit! extend through Oct. 13. Memberships will be $3-05 for students and $6.10 for adults, the.same costs ai last year. After Oct. 13, Mr. Kneas -said, only persons who were out of town cfuring the campaign may buy mem- Sec MUSIC on P.IRP 12 Weather Arkansas forecast: Fair this aft- tonight and Tuesday nside Today's Courier News . . . Nine Missco teams schedule grid action this week » . . Page 8. . . . Chinese Red Army "horde" becomes mortem army . , , Page 5. . . . Meal prices to go up again . , . Pifffi 12. . . . Arkansas Purchase Law lo he discussed Sepl. Zl . , , Page 3, aiytheville h*'-'ordered a new t SUSj,end<«cl» cease-fire- talks. But 57,344 street flusher and delivery j Kaesoug was an acceptable site. The supreme commander flew to, General headquarters said H :ias been promised within the next three or four weeks. City Clerk W. 1'MnUn said today. The order was placed after receiving approval by City Council Finance and Purchase Committees which moved to lease the machine for $306. monthly on a 24-rnonth contract. . : \..':• Should"/- the ''city decide to pur-: chase the machine, all monthly payments will be deducted from the original flusher cost , Alderman L. G. Nash of the Finance Committee «ud the new! flusher will [jay 65 to 70 per cent of its cost within the next two years hi savings over cleaning 1 sewers by machine instead of hand labor. Korea Monday morning and return- could give no details of Ridgway's f travels,, or say whether he visited ed about 12 hours later. 2-WayBigLake Detour Asked C, of C. Committee Telegraphs McMath A request that n two-way detour be erected nrountl construction work on Highway 18 j\t Bit; Lake was se:it Gov. Sid McMnth" today by the Highway and Trallic Committee nf the Blytheville Chamber of Coni- The machine is being leased from Road Builders Equipment Company of Memphis and will be an Inter- 1 on information that a one-way cie- national truck chassis with a flush- I to " r wos contemplated. Heavy traf- er tank mounted on it. ! Iic c!lusc d by the hauling of cotton •n,. r-ua rv,,,„„!! i-,, , i an<! sccti t!lis time o' y c!ir was ci '«' TTie City Council last week an- ,, y lho committc( , ns Ilocc . ssU ating a two-way bypass. Gov. McMath was sent the follow- the United Nations advance headquarters at Munsan. .Vice Adm. O. Turner Joy, senior Allied truce negotiator, apparently remained,.in Tokyo. The Reds broke ofi the Kaesong talks Aug. 23 with a series of charges that Allied ground and air fcrccs had repeatedly violated the neutrality of Knesong. In the flurry of charges and cenials, Ridgwuy on Sept, 5 proposed that the talks be moved to a hew site. The Reds replied Saturrlay that the suggestion was "completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable." thorized the two committees to act on the proposal after City Engineer Claude Alexander reported , that the old flusher was beyond mg telegram: repair. ' """"""'"Mart Who Fled Bassett Wreck Checked as Alabama Escapee OSCEOLA, Sept. 17.^Mississippi County peace officers today were checking the possibilities that a while man who escaped officers after wrecking a stolen car in a cotton field near Basse U last night was one of the 19 inmates who broke out of Draper Prison at Snemger, Ala., Friday night. Deputy Sheriff Dave Young of; no avail: Sen Osccola said this morning that thfl | , The -man apparently toil: jfl "-ov unidentified white man made good I down the Frisco Railroad afL?r <'-m his escape from Deputy 'Sheriff leaving the cotton field. Deputy Mar higher pc to the north. They fired, machineguns and burp guns as they came. Mortar and artillery barrages preceded them' , "Heartbreak Elidge" was named after another savage battle there two weeks ago. it is just north of "bloody riuge." Hundreds of AlEied artillery .shells pounded n gainst the thick walls ot log and dirt bunkers of the Reds. Some were so thick that, only the Sec WAR on I'apc 12 '19 LIFE LINK TO STEAMER— Jack Brause's 1013 Stanley Steamer takes on water while on the move from a Bell Helicopter in New York. With 15 miles to BO, Brausc was leading Rube De Launty, 70, and his 1911 Suuldard Dayton by 42 minutes in the race fvom Chicago to New York by ancient flivvnr. (AP Wircphoto). Pistons Pop as Old F/ivvers Clatter mio Race's Last Lap POUOHKEEPS1E, N, Y., Sept. 17.1 ton gns buggy. (AE*>—With n, hiss of steam nncl a i But DC Luuiity was chipper and popping of pistons, two ancient nu-' dcfinnt. He picked up 20 minutes on totnobilcs today clattered into the 1 the Stanley Steamer BS the two cluster-clad drivers rattled through upstate New York. The steamer had to stop twice for water yesterday, each delay losing Brausc 10 to 15 minutes. The winner of the race will be decided by the time elapsed since the race began last Monday.. Between Chicago and Poughkeepsie the two vintage automobiles hava covered. 1,011.3 miles—the Stanley final stretch of their Chicago-to- New York race. The vehicles, with two tigcd drivers at the wheels, left here at D:l!0 a.m. (EST). to travel via Taconlc State Parkway, Sawmill River Parkway and Henry Hudson Parkway to New York City. ; With 75 miles to go, the oldsters nre on ^he brink nl milling, a. half- ccnlury-old a raiment—which was faster, the steiitn automobile or the] stcnmer in 40 hours.-M jnimitcs, niid Internal combustion online? the Stoddard-Dayton in 49 hours, 50 _. 'Receiving numerous complaints on possible traffic obstruction <onl Highway 38 (at> Big Lake if one- way detour is installed. Please use your influence to arrange two-way j detour along construction work. 1 Heavy traffic of seed, t-nttnn. and f other commodities at this time if! year makes this necessary." ! Tolrr Buchanan is chairman -of | the chamber's Highway and Traffic Committee, oybearss Service Council To Meet Tuesday The Community Service Council will meet at 7:30 pjn. tomorrow in the Municipal Courtroom in City Hall to discuss GlythevSDe's entry in the Arkansas Community Accomplishment Contest. , The Community Accomplishment Contest is sponsored annually by the ArK;iiir,;is Economic Council- State Chamber of Commerce and the Arkansas Flcsonret'5 and De- vplpment Co in miss ion. A chairman to head the contest '.York here will be named tomorrow nteht. BlythcviUe already has been officially filtered in the contest. The race should be over by about | minutes, p.m. <EST). j De Launty gained time on the Jack Brausc. 7G, driving a 1913 i steamer after adjusting the carbur- Stunley Steamer, was confident of \ dor on his four-cylinder, 25 horse- victory. He had a 42-mmutc lead! power machine. He said would, be over Rube clc Luunty, 70, who is hot- rasy Lo wipe out the 42-minute lead rortdirig it In a 1311 Stcdtlartl-Day-i tnday. Herman Odcn of Joiner who was chasing him. The 1951 Ford the man Young -said, as the bloodhounds lo.H his trail at (he tracks. LcachYille Discovers Progress— was driving had been stolen here —_; earlier last night. The car belonged to Frank Ashby of 206 Dnugan Street. ^According to Deputy Young. Deputy Oden picked up the man's tratl ^t?.y July Hitfi Low 2,85 2.8 i ! ,i 1 2,"l'i. 2.69 •-, 2.71 2,74'^ 2.72:, 2.74 2.76'i 2.75 2.76 . 2.18 ! .i 2,16 : ;i 2.13 cicsc!js5 ew York Cotton OPHI Hijrh LOW Clooe ! Ocl 3433 3526 34S2 351^ Dec 3503 3«5 3-101 3523: j Mar 3515 3550 3312 3533 j May 3516 3554 3512 3512' Police Save Manila Child 'Long Walk' MANILA. Set. 17 - Because the farm truck ol a friendly couple had no tail light Saturday night, six-year-old ClnudcUc Howard found her parents after a half- mile walk on Highway 18 ot 0 jun. The little second-gradar was Jeft at the movies here and told >by her father. Claude Howard, a farmer ol near Poplar Corner, that they would pick her up after the movie. After the show, the little girl lost her parents and started a five-mile walk home. She walked about one-half mile before Mr, and Mr.s. John Kirksey noticed the smnll girl on the dark road and gave her n ride. Shortly afterwards, the Kirkscys were stopped by State Police for a light correction. The Httlc girl I was transferred lo the police rar i and State Trooper Clyde Barker ! and Chtcf of Police Lee Baker lo- j rated her father at the police Ata- | tion hero where he svi.s waiting to [ make a car payment to Chief Bak- , er. He did not know Claudcttc was ,, I Federal Survey Group Checks Air Base Here Representatives of the Air Force, the Army's Corps of Engineer! and a private engineering firm Inspected the Work) War II air base here Saturday as part of a survey of fields that could be considered for rcuctivaliun. — — • + The Inspection parties, accompanied by nine Blytheville city officials and businessmen, repeated an earlier Air Force statement that this .study "involves no commitment to make use of the field." Surveys of World War II nlr bases are being made to determine fcasi- [bitity of reactivating them in event j of further Air Force expansion. Making the survey here were four City Hikes Pay Of 37 Workers Sfreer, Sanitation Crews Voted Raise The 37 employes of Blytheville officers and three enlisted men from Sanitation and Street Departments' fhc Air t "' OI ' ce . three representatives were eranlcd a 10-ccnt hourly waqc: ° E the Corps of Engineers and two increase today by thr^ City Comiri) r 'i"" from the enEineering firm. Finance Committee. ' l ^ l( - Blytht-ville group in the in- Chairmnn L. G. Nash, who with sp-'dio" party included Mayor Alderman I^lin Moore compri^ i Doyle Henderson. Airport Manager the committee, said thr miff: v.ilJ! K- K - Dickin-on, RuuitiU Hays, prcs- tnke cffnct hnmccliatrlv and will Ixr ident of tn? Chamber of Commerce;' on employed next priychcrks. ; Worth D. Holder, Cluunbrr of Com- This v.-iH brinq Mic wn^c scplc to! m^rte manager; Max Logan, chair- 85 cents per hour for the Uvo <le-[ mau " f the cliambcr's Industry partments. The Finance Committer \\n thorizcd to hivr.'itrMtr th? rcale :uid Riant- or rrjrrt a rc. : , lit? Council last Tiip-chv I'f'.rr a vroun of ynnitatinn D -TK-.I fulfil employes appeared before the Coun-j cil lo request a raise. Committee: E. 13. David, member 1( . ; of the Indu^lrial Committee: B A, , zc '' Lynch, president of the Farmers by 1 ^''C A IK HASE on Page 1^ By CLAUDE E. SPARKS tCouricr News Staff WrHcrl after being notified of the car theft and took out after him. Near Bas- selt the man suddenly swerved His car off the highway into a cotton j field. | The car, according to Deputy i Young, "jumped 10 or 15 cotton | . . rows" before overturning. Before | we ^ crn boundary of Mississippi Deputy Odcn could get his car st^p-! Coiintv - a 55-year-cld cx-mlll tov.n | pod and get to the wrecked car, the! ls undergoing its second ?rcat ui>- ' Warmer Tuesday and in northwest > man had escaped. | heaval of the century. "The man was barefooted," Dep-' . According to ^'Uncle" Tuggle Ex-Mill Town Seeks $500,000 Improvement |N. O. Cotton (First LEACH VILLE, Scricsl Kept, n—At thf WARMER portion tonight. Missouri forecast: Fair and slightly warmer tonight and Tuesday: low tonight generally near 50; high Tuesday upper 10's. Minimum this morning — 54. Maximum yesterday — 78. Minimum Sunday morning— 56. Maximum Saturday — 83. Sunset today— 6:05. Sunrise tomorrow- 5:45. Precipitation « hours to ^ a.m. — none. Total since Jan. 1—3462. uty Young said, "and there Is just a possibility it might IK one of the men who got. a\vay from the Alabama prison." An Associated Press dispatch trom , Jasper. Ala., told of two of the es-i la!cr and caped Draper Inmates gelling away from officers near Jasper after wrecking a stolen car. The Associated Press dUpatch described one of the two men as being barefooted. Deputy Young staU-d tint B posse Mr. He-ward, an alert. 39-year-old fur.eral director who has lived here all his life "is the spark bchihtA the drive," atcornm^ to inor.-t ol his townspeople. The real itr.potus for a ' buier Lix'ichville' dame when the Chamber of Crmmcrce votcci to enter the city in the Ar^.-ntas Community Honnoll, one of Lcachviile's four founders, the first came in March of 1004 when a cyclone blew away the entire town. During the same month 51 ic.irs . . • and Development Commlssson and j.jmlly by the Arkjimas Fx:onomk: Council-State Ch^intKr of -Cnm- • rnercc and the Ar:-:ati^as Resources Mean temperature (midway be- j of officers with bloodhounds comb- tween high and lowj -60. Normal mean temperature September— 74.2. ] cd the BM«ett- Joiner arel for sev- forural hours last night in .•carch (or somewhat happier Arkansas Po*cr and Light Company. "Our town," Mr. Howard told the circumstances, the town reached !or Its civic bootstraps in a city-wide; shakeup that has resulted in A' $500,000 community Improvement' C 'W council early this year, "Is J - r — ' where we live, our children are educated, we vote and it is supporting us in our tjufiine.y^s, yet we are not suppor!in? it. Something must drive. "We were R 'horse-and-huggy town living about 20 years behind the times." K. K. (Buddy) Howard, Leachvllle Chamber of Commerce j bc president says, "and the time had begun installation sewer system, acquired a state bank, is building a new grade sr'hooi, has built and equipped a ccmmu- nily playground and the entire town lias pitched in to make Lcar.hville a mere livable community. Although Mr. Ho'ssard receivc.i most of the credit from civic [tail- en. he terms the city's nc-.v order the result of "1.000 prr cm' Oct Dec Mar May Open Hi-'h L-r.v Cl .- ; c 3!«7 3513 34"fi 3503 3510 .... 3513 3M7 3519 Hew York Stocks A T and T Arncr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel Chrysler • n. i Coca-Cola 159 C! 3-1 1-4 i Committee Mests A Ci.nmb'i ol CoiiuaviTf MetL'iiip coimnii'. e to crtfani/'. 1 a s"capers • burc.ui dc-'icncd l r > piiblieiz:'* the free pntrrpnuc .sy^'cin «as r:\:c-d;ilcd to nrr.l at 2:30 this ;'ft:rncon. Nyblc Cull w:r- appouUrd chairman by Cli^riyjc: of Com in (i —e p]-cs:dent Rii5?cll Hays and E, B. Thonin.s. j, L. Gunn. H. A. Haiti, s. JiuiV's Terry and Alvin Hulfmru], Jr nrc nv, inbors of the irronp. "llv,- (kt::-in;i to uij^anize a sprak- eis bs.ivrui \v;is niriflc by bu.sinc.-s ini :\ iitlctidiiii: a:i IndusH'y Leado/s Confrrc:v:e held here last week. operation from Leachvillc citizens." "Never," Mr. Howard *n\.=, "in the history ol tjOaellville have seen people so 'up-lu-arm:-,' ab^ut i On Electric . | Gen Motors ; Montgomery Ward l l N Y Central .... Tut Harvester ^ j;= Thrste Are Fined i^Ost Traffic Counts the driver of the stolen car but fo| come when we had lo make some j clean./! up ::iif. tlu: city h as streets and alleys, . . . li. II. Howard . . . It's t,'"ic v;e slud the and bu'sgy, . , , anythim:. Everyone -*-ant,s ',o im- j c p cnhey prove the tou - n aiKi <iJl Ji:»ve flonu. Republic Str-ui their share of work nncl hcljicsi to [ R^djQ pay tor the program. I Socony Vacuum ' "J hnve been thrilled to ctcaih by j studcbnkor their ciesirc and wiHiTinncs,> to \v< rk standard of N J ^i* 1 an improved community. Civic Texas Corp. InulR ha^ spuitfr] and \vo arc be;-j Rears glnniriLr lo ;-tc the n:.-ull.V !u K S!ct| . ,.'.'. (Tomorrowi The 1'coplc AtlJ l ftiou. Pac. . ..... Tiiiec iiun were a.^c.^ed tir.e.s in Municipal Court this morning on chirge*s of traiiic violations. Je^>e Jame3 Cole, Xc-^ro. was fin- c.l $10 ;i;:tl r-^'i* on a charge or operating a motor vehicle without m -'ate Ikenie. Homer Underwood. Jr., was lined S5 and txists on a charge of mbuse of driver's license and L.'-». i;Hlery u as- [met! S.5 anri costs en'a chLirge onerati.lK R car without a 'rfriv- in 3t 1-3 70 1-2 43 5-8 'ifi 1-2 'JS 3-8 61 1-R rtfl \-i 5S 5-8 4i I-'.' 65 1-2 i era Ikensy.

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