The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1945 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1945
Page 4
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KJZ BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 19'IS THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, H. W. HAINES, Publisher SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Editor JAMES A. GATENS,'Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace wilmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt the post- office at Blythevillc, Arkansas, under act of Con- iress, October 9, 1017. Served by the United Press • SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in Hie city of Blythcville, 20e per week, or B5c per month. Bv liiall, 'within n radius of 40 miles, $4.0fl per - year $2.00 for six months, $1,00 for three montlis; ly mnll outside 50 mile zone, $10,00 per year payable in advance. Manpower in the Kitchen \Vc novcv did see how it came out. All we noticed wns a little item saying Uiat a regional War Manpower 1 Commission had questioned a new ruling from Washington headquarters which held that dishwashers were essential, but chefs were nut. But that item was enough to fill us with dread. The ruling is obviously a bachelor's work. No married man or woman would think of making it. The danger isn't in the obvious fact that dishwashers would scarcely be essential if the nonessential chef didn't .show up to prepare the groundwork for their important- labors. Nor is it so much in the possible effect on the restaurant business. No, the danger is in the ruling's impact on the well-ordered American home. A lot of husbands wash dishes these days. So do a lot of sons and daughters. Some always have. Others begun when housemaids swarmed out of America's kitchens like so many lemmings and scampered to war jobs. But whether these husbands and youngsters arrived at the sink through necessity, kindliness or coercion, they created what at besl. is a delica'toly balanced situation. Their breakage rale is rather high. Some washers are of the slap-dash school; others are thorough and maddeningly slow. In either case they seldom do the job with Mother's effortless efficiency. But Mother doesn't complain. She is grateful for the help, whatever its quality. The kitchen police in turn have usually been pretty modest about, the whole thing. And patient, even though the kids have been late for their movie dates and father has often had his favorite radio program drowned out by the slosh of water and clatter of dishes. The kitchen police have seen Mother ^ choke off a husly, impatient word, and have realized that their washing and drying technique left .something to he •, .desired. They have known that her for_ bearance was possible only because of ; her sincere gratitude. And thus, - through this reciprocal, precarious emotional balance, a great many incipient kitchen revolts have died a-borning. But we shudder to think what might ; .happen if that WMC order ever gained • currency. The milder and cannier OUCH would insist that since housekeeping was their,b : ns,iness, they would have to '-1 At'iiiP Mini 41 ill A**" 4 rs !-„' ^.'-^... jl, „' - ' i: Li diislry of Greater Cleveland, Ohio, with 1 an eye toward putting the men to work at highly skilled" jobs in armament; plants. Anyone who has ever watched one of these wi/ards set aright the highly complicated innards of a cigaret machine or juke box will agree that they could assemble a bomb-sight with boxing gloves on, and that the \Vi\IC real ly has something. The possibilities arc fascinating. Imagine a bombardier over Cologne pressing the bolton on a gadget turned out by one of these ex-coin machine mechanics. Coincident with the ^dropping of bombs, Kay Kyser would probably pluy "I'll Be Seeing You," and then out would pop a package of a leading brand. IIDI GLANCES *•• Another Bulge S~~jfe[* of- GttteM Reproduction In thli column ol editorial* tnm tlbw Dewiptpcn '**•• M* n««mrtty m*u tndonemcal tat h Ml tcknowledimtnt of to- ttreci Im th« This Much In a Marriage Law We Should Have Now The mnln thing now for Arkansas Is to yet a num-lngc bill thai can bo passed anil become a law that can be enforced. There Is precedent In the Ituvs of other stn.lrs for proposals that hnvc been mmlc to require license applicants to obtain health certificates, to require both parties to appear .In person before the county clerk when applying for n license, nnd to provide Hint, notice of Iho nppllcntion must be mmlecl to interested pnrents pr . guardians. But n simple measure requiring a three-day waiting period would accomplish the greater pnrt of what needs to be done to make hasty nnd ill-considered mnrrlngcs less easy ami frequent In this stale. As neighboring slates have lightened up their lojvs. residents seeking to escape those restrictions have flocked to Avkr.nsas. And (here is Impressive evidence that marriages hnsflly contracted muter Arknnsas's present law have contributed a deplorable part of the business of divorce courts. House Judiciary Committee A has Indicated its Approval of the waiting-period principle, and its altitude represents a real gain for a loiig- delayeii reform. It would be unfortunate if disagreement over the details of the needed legislation, or controversy over provisions not absolutely esscntlnl to the inn In purpose, should prevent. action at this session. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. "Dit! you fli:l that cnllv remark she made about my new j coal?/' Jusl wail till i gel home—will 1 Jell her_otY in j — -~- : —• " ^\in>• diary I/.S - THIS CURIOUS WORLD FtrgiMon ^^^ . ^^^^m-^^^^^....;-^^,! ,, ;S;;*' ;> v •••:?.•:•: ••?•«....>:;»•-y.-.- -^ .:---—*ij%- Announcements The Courier News has been au- iiorlzcd to announce the following andldacles for the Municipal Elec- ion In April. Municipal Judge GEORGE W. BABHAM FARMERS e have pleiity of Iron Roof- Ing and Rough Cypress Barn Timbers. 3 Year FHA Terms U desired. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. j6y, take over the' essential kiWheh 'job and leave, the minor matter of cooking to Dad and the kids. There is no need to speculate upon the dire results. They arc only loo predictable—ruined tempers, ruined digestions, complete domestic chaos. So we beseech you. WMC, eat your words before the nation has to quit, eating en- tirelv. Fore New To lent to the The War Manpower Commission has announced thai it will conduct an inventory of male labor employed in the vending and amusement machine in- •» 9O tHIY SAY _ You cnn'l properly do away with all farm deferments. You can't Inrn the farmer oft and on like a faucet.—WFA Administrator Marvin Jones. • * * If the fundamental differences between Hie United Nations will not stand public airing we had better find it out before we enter into a permanent union.—Alfred M. Landon. • • * U should be evident by now to everyone llml this war hr.Sv,r.ot been thought tlnouyh. There- is too much aiiy, irresponsible promising nnc\ too little practical, down-to-earth reasoning.— Sen. Kenneth S. Wherry (R) of Nebvaskii. • • • The food we get in camp is now reduced to mighty little, scarcely half of what, it was in . 10^0.—Letter home from a French'PO\V in Germany'. ' "' • * • The current trend of gasoline inventories, coupled with the transportation situation and recent events on the battlefields of Europe, confirms the opinion that no additional civilian gasoline can become available as long r,s the war in Europe lasts.—Pctrcleum Industry War Council re]»rt. * * • Mistakes are made in even' war and setbacks are unavoidable, but we would not be good Nazis if we were not. convinced that in the end spirit will win over numbers.—Heinz I.ietetcr, German radio commentator. • • We always 117 to la'nd where they ain't — Vice Ariml. Richmond K. Turner, Pacific Flcrt ampUlWovis force chief. WAR ZONES, ACCORDING TO RETURNIN6 SOLDIERS, \ CONTINUE TO SWG AND SEARCH FOR FOOD WITH LITTLE APPARENT CONCERN OVER THE NOISE OH FIRING 6UNS AND EXPLODING SHELLS. I OUR OLD PRESIDENT IS.OUR. NEW PRESIDENT," Says \ HERMAN HENDERSON,. rfl "Peiinsy/wnfo. Whole sole your worn foolivcur for Winter nnd ohtniu sturdy wcl resisting soles, greatly lengthening" the shoe's liEc. VLADIVOSTOK, IN SIBERIA THAN VENICE, ITALY. T. M. ntc. u. s. PAT. err. NEXT: Where did Hie horizon Eel ils name? Visit Us In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 11EOAN WITH KATII TOU'ELS II. all starts at a USO baznar when; Shirley and n B'l'l friend, Virginia Wells, sue Irving to sell Chrysler Dealer - Tarts * Service 121 E. Main Phone Z12Z mbroidered bath towels. The girls Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS'; BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPIHG! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing »tid Tire Reps lr WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy; €1 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 921 Hollywood BY F.USK1NE JOHNSON NEA Slafr i;orrcs|ioinlcnt HOLLYWOOD—Tills is Bolus 1° lie n great plug Tor Hie picture, "Kiss and Tell." We kissed Shirley Temple. nojv we're; going; to (ell about; After all, 22 other guys were kiss- nj; Shirley so we figured one more .vuiildn't make much difference. Of course, being polite, we had .in assistant director check with the laily first. 'Toll" her." we said, "thai Johnson is ut the cnn of the line." The assistant director tame rushing back. "Shirlev," lie beamed, "will Vic delighted." Six soldiers nnd live sailors got Shirley's Unstick nil over their faces us the line moved up. Sixteen news and magazine photographers recorded the osculations and cluttered up the place with Mnshbulus. Shirley giggled but we can report that she rii'.l not blush. It was n momentous event in the young lady's life. At 17. she wns Retting her first toown-up screen kls?. Twenty-three of 'cm. including Johnson's. enters Hdw. Co., home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAIN? DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, BlytheTille, Ark. aren't doin frifrhd . bull's 1 .five of them. Shirley IS ; so haniiyl'she kisses him. Some service men see the clinch, decide lhat Shirley is selling Wsses nnd launch a frontal attack. Being a patriotic little girl. Shirley co-operates. At $1 a smack. (No amusement tax.) Two veins ago, when Shirley was 5, til! 1 movie press agents also ballyhoocd Shirley Temple's "first" screen kiss. It was in the movie. 'Miss Annie Eiconcy." but it really wasn't a kiss. "Just a little peck on the cheek." Shirley told us. "It. was silly." Mrs. Gertrude Temple said. "Let's not even talk about it." The line moved up, the flashlight OUR PEOPLE bulbs got knee-deep finally Our Boarding House with Maj.HoopIe Out Our Way By J, R. Williams EGAD.TvtlGGS.' 0E SURE* T c,H MOT ^ _ . LICENSED TO CHf^RGE FOR BAILING ME OUT.' — CAN 13 AROUMO T<X>OM u/fe ^ MOU iMASlNiETHOSS CRASS M TANK DESTRONER.' BUT POLICEMEN R.5FGS1NGTO +&\ IM/X \NW XOO^RE NOT BELIEFS i FIRED ,\\y PISTOLS \) TO BLFvAB~i'M"fn& ONllX TO DEFEMD TH<KT SIMPLE- )/ ONE WHO PoSHED VOU SIMOW RW3IO WAG'S VT'S WELL. HlGHPOCKETS I SEE BV THIS REPAIR ORDER •sOUVE WRECKED TlV WORKS.' WHAT DID YOU DO, FALL ASLEEP ER H*,VE NDDR \' MiMD CNi A K\ GROCERY U&TfAii 'c 1 ! HIGHPOCKETS.' VVHAvT DO YOU MEASJ, H1OH- POCKETS ? DOM'T .YOU >OU CAM lAT'SONt IU SPITE OF MACHIMISTS, \F'AMTS.CIGAR- AVIATOES, / ETS, AM' EVEEV- AM'MOST (THINGELSE. AWYTHIWG XTHEY'LL NEVER THAT FU-OMf \ ELSE OF- tM, ) BE QUITE STUFF WITH ME, \ BUT YOU < LIKE MEM- .HRIMP.' j CAM'T EVER | THEY WOM'T STAMP FEK CF 'EM.' '"*' )>. ' / '" i ^' '* thcv* we were—about to kiss Shir- Icy Temple—with only about 500 people watching us. We handed her a $1 bill and puckered up. "Yon—yon—YOU!" Shirley sputtered, scowling. "The assistant director said . . "1 kunw. I gave him my name.' "But I thought lie meant VAN JOHNSON! It's only you—Erskinc Johnson." "Only 600 newspapers." si wild-eyed press agent Interrupted. Shirley is no dummy. "Okay," she laughed. "But I'll pretend he's Van Johnson." She shut her eyes—and we kfcwed. It was nice. Very nice. Only I guess Shirley was a llt- FOUR YOUNG MEN IN THE GOLD RUSH V ^N June 7 they reached Fort. Laramie and stayed there resting for l\vo days. The pi : around Ihe forl was white with tents and wagons. The epidemic of cholera that had begun along the Mississippi during Ihc spring 'of lhat year had reached this point in Wyoming. About a dozen cases were reported at Luramie when the Cnllcn Irain arrived. John Cullen set up liis camp lor the 15 wagons about half a mile from the main body of emigrants Then he visited each wagon anc gave posilive orders lhat no walei was lo be drunk until it had been boiled, and all food of every description was lo be wrapped clolh until people were ready lo eat it. ' No one in the train was sick but Andy Gordon records the re lief they all felt when they go tie klssed-ont. She didn't put much ... into H. And we wore so dam ncr- : away fr <«» Laraivue. Tlicy ha: vous. with all those people around, | remained there two days to ha (hot we didn't get going good, eith- '" er. That Van Johnson routine threw us. "VAN Johnson is wonderful," Shirley reminded us later. \voui.i> no In fact, wheij Shirley first heard she had to kiss 22 for "Kiss,and Tell" slie told her mother. 'I think I should have sometlrinff to say about easting those fellows." "Who would you ask for?" mama said. "Twenty-two Van Johnsons," said Shirley. Courier News Want Ada. NOW BREATHE FREER j! Iropa in each n^sttil shrink mombrtmM,' cold etuftod nose opens. C.\u- some repairs made to three of wagons. : June 12. AR !ho trail pcta ro cf we :ncounter pilea of tiling lh;U people >mvo llirovvn ^\vay t lighten their loa«l^. This wns 'tl!\y ol nci'tu^a of abiMuVour^ ^YO orty; stoves, lilack^milh tools, nii -trpssc?, Booking ulcnsils. and pro visions of evory kind ptrutip nlon •the ronH. There W.-\H .ils*-> an nl>:it itoned \vagon ^\-itli broken avl«' AW liave boon soeinR ito.vil aninlrx I'rnin the (IrRt ilay. Inn Iml.iy w raw three »loa<t mule? rtnil an c lying bj - the side ot the road. Out of a spirit of malice thos who had to abandon provisioi often rendered them useless. Sugr had turpentine poured over flour was scattered over tl 'ground, and clothes were torn pfeccj. Here and there, as an e> ceptton, foodstuffs wore left good order with n message fa :ied or. the ~>ilc telling the finder .which runs from "\Vinnemucca Help nimEelt. southwest nearly to Carson City- News .'or :ht_ public '.vas some- | They reached the northern edge mes attached to boards am. it r. it on August 12. in a pr r.i.nent plate. One such | AMEUM 20. I har.ll>- know wnoth-' ssagc read: ''The wate here ij ir am .alive or ricacL AH tiny in a ison, and we .rave lost six cat- ««'»« ^in^ V^nTtM e. Do not let your cattle drink • - •• om this creek." * * * T Pocalcllo ;n Idaho — on • July 0—the trail turned t ? s Aitluve '. ;'.ni'. I-, day: ^nler ic caravan ^nt. :ecl Nevada. .'?- 'cs the C ... procession o_ 15 agons there were iou/ other -ains '.logetli , • 47 wagor.. .n It. In Gordo ' • •*' we read of ic dea..i • little girl, one )f the irce Jackson children who were oing across with -eir parenls. _ ff:0l as if~f wcro tlirusling it into llio hot nir ovnr n. 1<C<1 of cn:0u. .'ho o.\en s(ni:i'er ;iloiiEj, witli Ihrir •oliflnfic hnjiyhiK out. I liipurt nyr ix oxen lio, but 111.! licrvsls of porno it Ihr other W.IKOTIS linvo simply laid tlnwn to dlo. In Hiich cnsos wrt cannot Avail; we cut thorn frrmi their traces and Iravc tlicm lyini,- (hcrc. Our h.irrcl ot \\-nlfr helps. The river water can ho linmk when it . . flowing— in smnll quantities—hut II is dnnt-crous (I .nay say .lea, !;•) nfter it stands can't say. Wo lir.vo vinegar to pour down Ihc IhroiUfl oC the. cattle. when they rrtiow alk.-.llod; It '.oes hchi. . of It in ifflcult to ninlso much pros- rer-. In tut deep, so: . sand. It is like- lino :u .t. Tli atllc aro in 11 MP tr, lh:lr V.-:ccs aiul wo nra constant!' lllctl on to put our :houl«lcr ' W '.ho '.vtioo! anil help th- wngop.t on . lint not for w ohe^:v p. fo. '..r cattle aro , ., ^, „ pui.j.i • only iipli. 'oai now. \ony .-ran a jray r by Mr. Cullen. ( ' , shall never .org her molher'J '«ic -«»cn tram o 15 wagons ace s -ic looked back from the -°- through '.he desert all right. Gordon wrote "A grav: wa, y the side j, th trail and Tommy lunkcll p.-iinlc . r name and th? ate of her death on a board ^ •liich was set up her gravn. She pus! «is buried with no more cere- cxt rise ..nd jaw tli "oneiy little ;rave on the prairie." Occasionally «hey encountered bands ricndly. nriian^ \v'-o Somoti.ncs th . icmct with '.'v loss >{ only one man, six oxc .in a mule. Th .vain .'an '.hrough Carson and mill Lak-_ Tahoe. After l\v days :csl t " iglown on the changed small vlicles r'indiar. --•- sor - lliv cr they began the rinkcls. Kver -.lig.-.t they took I -mountainous ..scciu leading to the n-ecautions, 'loweve., against an I pass .cress thu "icrr.. Nevada. indian Hack by . Tming a .qv.oru of all -he v.-agoiio, lore ihan 40 o£ them, with tin, >-:oplt ii: thi- center. In his onclosur,. thciv \vas ', eno\igh '£ om "jr tht iltlc, and they were t:cd outsidu '.he ;quare i ' corral formed <K .opes. Six icn vcve ctaitccl each night to guard ne wagons and the c.'it- 'ic. The Battle .vcre in some danger rom wjlv^-, but when ihey r.ppe cd ne t'uards always drove them olT. jy .Irin^ r few -hots. * * * rpHE outfit, by following ;he \Vy•*- oniiiw-ldalio route, avoided most of the dcsevl lands, but there was no way U, get around the Humboldt Desert of Nevada, i'L vas a Deling of gaiety in tht -'xpeaition, nlh £ great deal : Biioutins; and laughter. They were .ienr.,ig ,he :nrt <' their long trail, .hough the road tip to the pas- was .ncredibly bad. Eventually they reached the lop, more .ban 9000 feet above the levo' of .no sea. They could see .'or many miles and the whole <2recn world of California lay before them. The members of the !xpeditic.n gathered and stood awhile in silence, staring across the land. Then a spontaneous cheer arose; it rang and eclioed .among the mountains. "California, here we come!" (To Bo Cantimied);

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