The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1939
Page 2
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u CLYTHRVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WBSTILE..1B Gertnart Envoy Regards Englishmen Without Aiiy Particular Friendship BY MlLTOft BRONNKK NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON, M»y 24 -A suave and smiling one-time champagne sales- inan, who Is able to Impress pro- Uncial Adolf Hitler with a knowledge of foreign languages and far places, Is coining to lit rcgafded here as^ne of the grnvest single threats , to European peace. ; When Joaciilm von Rlbbontrop, irt K refenl Interview^ again branded the democracies us "degenerate", British statesmen thought they saw therein H fair sample of the sori of thing the German Foielgh Minister poOrfc Into the ears'o( Hllfcr For It is : common knowledge that Hitler looks upon Ribbenlrop as a know-all oracle on foreign tountrlef. lie H Is ulio feeds Hiiler many "of his notions about England, France and America History does jiot record whblhcr Rlbbentrop ever lived In the United States, .but he dirt c!o business In Canada for about war As a champagne salesman also ' got t6 know something of the life of France nnd England fblir years before the lie Bdt that Very probably ' i front the slant Of a champaign .'sales man, which is not necessarily \efy broad nor vety comprehensive , WEDS INTO WINfc ROYALTY' Rlbbonlrop came to diplomacy and high office by strange ways. Born In 1863, sflii of it soldier father, he was educated In Met?., fjrc- noble and London. He therofoie sueaks French and English as fluently HS atrman— soniething which *culd ItopresS a Hitler, who soiiie- Hhies has five found sparring ttwi- tcsls will! Ocrnlari grnmmnr . "When the »n|- broke out, Rib- Bentfbp eiillsttd i>3 a Volunteer and wo'uhd Up as & Ftfst UeUten- ant in the Hussars, having fodghl on* both tti& western and eastern fidnfs, haUh^ been wounded hiiQ having ~ "rtcciveri the Iron cross first and second clais He .went to -Turkey as aide-decamp to <i -German War Department minister and finally left the army irivl92D, going buck- Into itli'6 1 ^ine business ' In Hint same year came hls'flrsJ big step up the Ind- deri- His dealings in the "bubbly" led him to close acquaintance with the family of Hcnkell, tlie ^German champagne king. He ^SftioSd and -won Aima Henkell and (hey were »cd in 1928 He now ..set-up Ih business at home, and built a fine house In the garden suburbs of Berlin •where he nnd his wife entertained lavishly. HELPS HITLIR Yarbro'Methodis! Church Grounds of the new Ynrbro Methodist church were recently landscaped. The Rev. A. W. Hnrtls Is linstor of the congregation. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Paul '.Hunks'in World Terms Text: iJomaiis ltl-17 , But he longed to go to the I IIV U'llJJAAI K. GllJiOV, I). I), perlal City, (he very center of ' Kd'tlor of Advance 'Ilic (Itle of this lesson is In it- , power and inniiencc In the nhclcnt d, n»d there proclnlm llie Qos- self both sugfesllve nhd diiilleiig- P cl of which he was not ashamed. tng-"Paiil Thinks In World l!c Uioilghl of the power of Terms," Jt ought, to be easy to Rome, but he, also, was the mln- ' thiuk In world terms in bur day, lslci ' of . ft that was the power , . when the world has become a ° [ aocl ""dcr sulvalion. It secm- world of closely related countries e(l ft boast, hut Rome hns and communities, so brought lo- . !oll e sl| icc gone the way of earthly getlier by Iranspoltallon thiit ""I'h'es while (he power of (he around-thc-\«or!d tours of fantaslic | Oospcl still grows hi depth and imagination have long become a outrcdch. reality, atid Is bound still so much OFFER LEEST Lanlrip Says 253,000 Families Stale's Greatest Purchasing Power The 263,000 farm famine's In Arkansas constitute perilous llie greatest single market, and source of purchasing power in the state todny, according to b, s. taut rip. county agent of North Mississippi county. Prodded constantly by the necessity of housing, feeding, clothing aiitl educating their families and keeping their farms and equipment in efficient condition,'these farmers quickly pass tliclr Income on to other hands, Arkansas business interests pros- Always On Time THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1939 Jack Mai'sh Jr., abcw. doesn't believe In being tardy. In fact, he been late for school in hns prr when fanners ot the state prosper and when farm income I ^ ^'^e hns .KiThta' dops off; bus ness lu General dc- sll j (to)t of Ihe'sudbmy school has dines. When there was an Increase „,„ mn(ic „„ cllvlab f c in Income 'for cotton'aiicf rice farmers as from 1032 (,D 1937 the money did not stay "oh the farm" an enviable record in attendance having iicver missed a day of school since he was in the high first grade. Measles caused lii, , i ,. . HltAM 1U Qt m 11U>J. It 11. italic KlllOtJU but "came K, toivi," where It put h ^ to ,, c Bbbscnl ia (taj , s whcil in inoic people lo work. When there tl , fivst , c ( >,„ ,, was a dcciease in farm Income us ,„„, „..„, { °.. nni ,,„,„„. „,,..„„, closer by Intercomniiihlcatlon tliftt Vocational Students Are Awarded Medals re the ivhole work! can be girdled, vt'ltli a liiessngc In n few moments. Vet, despite this bringing of the world Into one colnniliiiRy, CAHUTHEHSViLLE, Mo May 25 how few of us llihik In world —twelve members of Die Cimilli- lermsl "Isolationism" Is a term In ersville Vocational Agrlciilllirc ' commonest-, ami 11 ^liggesUs | daises were presented medals by i ,.,!,. ti ,,,111t_,.. ... n' lc i,. instructor, Prof. Floyd Barnhart, for meritorious work during the schcol year, Mr. Barnhnrl said yesterday, The mednls were given pf|nci|)nlly for judging work. Recipients are as follows: State Farmers—Edward Losslng a'nil Ed win Hoberls3n, 1938, nrttl Waller Klinklmrdt,, 1039. Junior-Senior Crop Team—Edwin Roberlson, Walter Kllnkhardt and George Moody. Sophomore Crop Team — Jack ttoss, Chnrlcs Ncclcy and Oscar furnngB . Freshman Judging .Team—Robert Adktns, Ed aitlllgnn and Eugene While. dcme*herc along llie line he met Hitler He became convinced that Hitler ni(J!, llie coming man. It was he who arranged a meeting between Hitler -ami Fran?, von FJa- Iich, who stood close to President Hihdenbiirg. ultimately Uiat led to Hitler being named Chancellor by the asetl President. Hitler rarely forgets the men who helped ; him up the Inddor. nifcbeiilrdji became his unofficial amlser en foreign aflnirs. Next he was,'made an ambassador Ht large and had a big part '» tbt Anglo-German naval treaty of 193 1 ). CONTKMPTUOUS TOWARD KNGUSH Then, Ih'.. 1936, Hitler sent him as Ambassador to England. He was a failure as ambassador, but a success IA n certain society set The pebble wild btizied around him drnlik his champagne and told him about England and the English were mainly of Ihc bc-nlcc-lo- ; Germany school. They comprised Tory Lorrt.';, few newspaper proprietors and editors and some aspiring jxilitl- clans. partly due to them and iiattly due to his mistaken sl/o-ui of the British pcop'e, he gol hi contemiiiuoii 1 ? notion ol Britain He became convinced that Britons «ere a rather i»or lot. He also became convinced thai unrie hirdly any citcumslances wouli they fight Gt> many. Last year he was called back !' Germany lo bcumic Minister o lorpign Affai.s Ho took liac »UL him all Ms ready-made idea about dcmwiecies and Englan ;n pirticulir He has not chang ccl them. He sv.piSUcs them to Hit ler. And that Is what hln and them a danger to the peace o Europe. i attitude that, deliberately ises to think In world terms. One should add, of course, Hint i!s is occasioned by (he war- adnes. 1 ; of tlie world and OIB slii- ?re [jiiestlonlng of ninny In tills Dmitry whether we'cnn help by ' embroiled In tlie rlval- es and conlllcls ol other nnllons. • • 4 13ul was i'aiil righl. In thinking' world terms? And if Pniil was ght, can Ihc Christian ever be jht tinless lie does think in world nils? Obviously, that Paul Should RVC thought, In world terms was itch niore wonderful than (hat lyone should think in world rms today. Jt was true Iliat llie «'hole world as unified under the ilomnn Emre, but travel and means of com- uhicnlion.wcrc slow and dimciilt. Atone lime, Uie strong, fpflngy ' from 1937 to 1938 or from. 1920 to 1832 the shrinkage was felt in the cities and towns where factories and mamifacturhig concerns curtailed operations. Cash (arm Income in the United States, Including government payments, rose 08 pe rccnl from'$4,328.000,000 in 1932 to 58,574,000,000 in J937 and then declined 11 per cent to about $7,032,000,000' ,hV 1938. In Arkansas the farm .cash income, Including government payments, rose 87,5 )>cr cent from about $80,000,000 in 1932 to about. 4150,000.000 in 1937 and declined 4 per Cent to about $144,000,000 in 1938. Pertlllzer-tax tag sales in Ar- knlisiis I'cflect the tread In farm Income. In 1933 farmers purchased 22,140 Klulyniciit tons,of fertilizer alid by 1937 purchases risen to Ca,675 Ions alter which they declined to 67,800 tons lit 1938 when farm incomes declined somewhat, , hobks of the lenxle The leaves of the coffee plant, instead of the bean, arc brewed in western Sumatra, MenlGEiViGOt! REGAIN YOUTH QUICK WAY "I'm 73. I iiis il) in but fjiiitt care me ' weavers' shops. • '•Read tJiiliiliii- News AiltU ads' liiiic Was everything to make one, replaced by brass ora In . a piyrUculrir • coimiiunlly,••••' ave" Ills' interests nnd-Mils vision' nilccl by til at community. Paul's orld view was essentially nssocl- ed with Ills religions experience ml with a vision that came to !in '.llir'ougli Jcstis Christ. When man hns come lo the clear and rong conviction Hint. God is tlie od of the whole world, that He h God and father of men who ivcs them without distinction of ace or class or color, and when c conceives of God's great pnr- ose as the redemption of men, in- vitnbly his tlioiiehlt ami his in:rests become large and imlimif- 1. pliinl vvcre naj) of cloth iii They have been '"* '«M<ii.'Ott n OSTRIX l W*!"!. *»*<< "'""•'' P*' ilt.n'1 ilit . rtnnr. Oti err i r rot ist u not IMl P»"«' i loiit. Ife c.-innot set any bounds lo !C CHtrencli of God's grace or lo le liospe! of gdod news concern- iB CSoil that he hns lo proclaim, icvilahl.v he thinks of it as reach- IB to Ihc utmost parts ol the arlh, and to limit It lu any way mild be to destroy the sense of its iillness and Its meaning. Thus it was lhat Paul became lie great, missionary world trnvcl- r. This Epistle to the Romans was ne of the earliest of his writings. t was not miti! many years uflcr hat he would go to Home, nnd hen as a prisoner. t Now Row ( Oy»t«rToalc Kiroy Bros. Drug 'Co. :f feet record for not being absent lor tardy. In addition fc being a good stu- [lenl, punctually speaking, he Is also n good scholar. Spelling is Ills best subject and lie has never missed it' word oil the sis weeks apcll- hig tests .given since he entered the third grade. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marsh, 324 South Lake Street, 'he celebrated his lltli birthday Sunday. Read Conner News want ads. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Giiaritrileed Ucsi Prices Kirby Drug Stores NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt. Laundry and Cleaning Service. Buy Cambric Flour In Cotton Dress Material Bags —Enter Contest RITE PRICE SPECIALS Fri- & Sal. 26 & 27 Sinfc No. 1 111 K. Mail! Phone 231 •"THBY HEAT 'EM ALL" —\\'K DKLIVKR— \ Store No. 2 M W. Slain Phone Id! EGGS Country 17' OLEO liluc Seal, II). CAHHAGK No Liinil, ID. 1 CHACKEKS 2 Ibs. ... .. 10 LARD I'nrc 50 Ihs. S 3 J PRUNES FJvap. II). POTATOus Ticsl, Peck ASI'IRtN St. Joseph r/i's NOTIONS 1(k Hems , NEW- HIGH-TEST HELP 15 MiLES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Fluili out Acids mill Other •Pouonoui WM(« I>on't wait! •'^rs. Tlioy CIVR tnppy rVlipf mil uili 1ml,, i>n I,. Nlih. <•( Tl,lmv t ,,Sc. H,»h ml .,„!,'„,': niale hum yiiir l-W. tict U.vm 1 , I'ill,. PoKcfc Rout Children 'Lugging Away Fountlr SAh rSANOIStiO (UP) - Whe W. A. SchimmflpfEnnlng telephone police that children were catrjh a^ray his Jolintlry piece-meal, the thought lifc was Joking. ,6ut Uiey'lm-estlgated and foui ene 9-year-cld girt in pigtails ca rflng off 200 pounas 'of pig iron; another, girl, 9, staggering away with a huge casting; two boys with a % coaster, who admillcd they had carried on two carteads of fishplates, and se\eral other boys, who shamefacedly admitted thai they had, orly succeeded In gelling Sway with ^lotijOf; Iron. The loot was being S3?d to junV dealefs. , V i ^ — — ^ I Revolutionary! j GCts Clothes Up I 1 to 15% whiter! j OXYDOL Two lOc Sl/c for 15c DYE Pi'ilmini's I5c All Colors .LAMP Knch CHLMiN'KYS CANDY-GUM 3 for BEEF LIVER Fresh Sliced Ib. 20c NECK BONES Very Meaty Ib. 6c PORK CHOPS Small & Lean Ib, 19c BEEF our best K.C. Steaks Ib. 29c Veal Extra Fey. Chops 19; Steak 29c Salt Meat Jowls Ib 8k; Side !b. lOc Bacon Jowls Ib.l2ic; Best Sliced 20c Beef best H.K. Roasts ISc; Steak 20c Government Loan Cotton Swearengen Co. 100 W. Blyihcville RKI) KI.OUKS Cryslal While 'M His. 59c Sunshine, 2^1 His 4ilc Shihley's Dcsl; 21 ll> (i8t KltKSH PUUK IMW Hex or l,;mrel Leaf Ibs. H5c; R Ihs. ii7c FUKSU UIVKK KJSH Oil, Dressed, .......11) 22c Drum Alive U>- 7>/.e COOKIKS, Name Tiicm & Win Pri/.c, Pkg SUGAR, Pure Cane Us Ira Kinc, 10 Ib P15ACHKS, Table in 1 Ib. Can 5 Hi. 2lic :-,lc {'• Katis KIIKK Also Inquire Free Tickets lo Show or Wrestling i\Ia(ch TISSUK, Faust, 100(1 Sheet 3 Dolls . (;()I' T I' 1 KK, Mnnarch <b*I' ll'.s Finer, II) Li >\A' SPRAY HAc Rfiillv Kills, PI. 24' SYRUP, lircr Hal>- bil, |/i Cal l''nniiltire Polish Large LAVA SOAP Med. . Large 7c' 9c Ciraham Crackers I.I) ............... MOPS i No. 20, ;!5c Value . . ,1 HI, LO All Mayors, 3 liovcs Puffed 10 C 19 C •Salad Dc Dhie Plate Mayonnaise, Pini, 22 PKJUK, IOC Vultio \\'aslt Powder VliKK with 0 P. & G TOMATO .1U1CH 3 Cans DIXIK I.OAF 2 Cans MATCHKS 2 lioxc.s UUOOiMK W)c value I'rnil Jars Pinls Qunrt.H 14' 15' 5' 39' KKLLOOO'S I)KA1,, 3 Corn Flakes, 1 15c Shredded Wheat OCe Uisrnil All for *"* Frnil Jars, »/j T,«l ..$1.10 • Kings, .3 for 'l»e Snlurday, May 27, 10 a.m. (o -I IHH. KRKK, all you- wifh each Harrcl Throxi K li Sale Only'. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Prices 'for Friday ftiui Saturday Thn I nu/ncf Pv.' • T Prices fov FrWay me Lowest Prices m Town and Saturday POTATO S3LAD c,,, 12 Quart ;<ilt: I'inl 2lc S TEA O/.. Can Mix 2 Ciins 19 I'Jach 1'on n (I Calif. .Bunkisl f.sfc. Size, Do/. Seedless |£< -I l'\ir 13 Corn Standard No. 2 Can 5c 9c IIBBY'S 100 FOODS ;i For VEAL LOAF Med, Can 12 Golden liiinlain No. 303 Can BEEF ^ m While Lb. 2!c Fresh 3c Utitu-h 1' Hold Hiiker Pound Pound Hawk Rind On ft I'omul - . . . L llindless Pound . K. C. RANOKI) Thick Rihs, .. .llj. 17 ( /.c Shoulder Clod. .'..II). 22c Stciiks II). 25c Sunlight •;..• ,-Qftc 2 Ih. liox Cookinj; • _ _ Pound .... ; Ki"2 TKN])KUIZUD I BACON SKINS . ..Ib. First Cnl Ib. 23c|NKCK'HONKS >b. Confer Cut.... :.!))• 37i'B«ACK HONES ,....!!). Half or Whole..II). 23c|j'IG' SNOUTS 11). 5c For Hoilinj; "7c I "on nd * H-1 PICNIC HAM n,. &?; I i>o,,mi 46 oz« Can 12c Domino 10 II). Cloth Sack Domino S:ick !() II): Paper 47c . 1 Ib. Box 8|c 2 Ib. Box lie PEERLESS TEA •'£ 211WfreX liotlle IOTAL ,,,,,, 131 FlIT FLY SPR&Y Q1 32 C BU7TE8 . OL IT Kv»p. Pound Choice Pound cake 5c 360 SERVEL ElECIROLUSt BEFRIGER*tOIiS JhirtyiSOO Bills 11 19c 21 If). Sack 35c Pcaoody Ib. Box Free Glass 15c SALAD DRESSING

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