Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on October 30, 1923 · Page 9
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 9

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1923
Page 9
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I 4 Tuesday Evening, Octpber 30, 1 923. GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE I B 13 m 3 4 i J! Light Up The Bleak Spots Illumination Expqrt Tells How To Bring Sunlight And Happiness Into The Home By Ingenious Use Of Electric Bulbs Thl Is tha lost of three Inter lews cm hnmn Uuhtln with Mrs. Murgwrt 8. I-'ullerton, lighting engineer, employed at tlin Nela research labora-iirlcn of (lm CienrraJ Electric, company In Cleveland. CLEVELAND Just because you live In an apartment from which you look out upon a blank wall, or a dark court, Is no reason why yon should feel blue and despondent about It. There's a way to change that bleak outlook, explains Mr. Margaret 8. Fullerton, llghtlnf entlneer at the N!a research laboratories of the General Electrlo company here, to one of unlit Joy and satisfaction. That's by using- the lighting system In your home In varloua Ingenious combinations whlrh they suggeat. "The dark court or blank wall," Mr. Kullerton suggests, "may be transformed Into a garden vista by painting a landscape background a foot from the window, and arrang ng trellises covered with vines and a window box of real artificial blossoms, fiuch a window niche la provided with both daylight and colored bulb. Iend Atmosphere . "Sometimes a more elaborate background is provided, ao that your guest thinks he in looking Into a garden or conservatory Fuch. a window helps to light your room and seems to enhance its size. By a skillful blending of colored lights thla acene may be varied just as the tints of your draperies are changed by the wlzardj-y of light" A form of solarium, or sun room, Is on exhibition at the JCela labora- ls . M-zrf-- -.'.a- V ? rr " j-- trn. A PA . '''V-"r '- 'twVX r -ft ' V ' vr m fc$5)i IsL -4- &I V ':? Milady Prefers Plain Or Printed Velvet Slippers Colored, brown or black velvet slippers to mutch the gown have been launched by ipmlurs In shoca, reporta the Dry Goods Kcnnomlst . Those velvets, -lther pluln or prlntrd, oft-n are adorned with silver or gold kid. this trlmmlnif some, times taking thn form of mercury wings, or It may be a mere binding. Hlrvnr and gold brocade still gleam for evening wear, aometlmes with gold or silver kid hcela and strappings. The opear pump which is gaining rapid ground In a rounded toe la often rlmrmlngly ornamented at the vamp with a steel frlngn buckle or a narrow enameled trimming. Oldest Nurse, 101, Waiting To Become "More Mature" FASHION HINTS tori i to give visitors sn Idea wha: can be done with lights In such room i The latticed celling consists of tie highly glniei linen that is use dfor agricultural anJ engineer lng blueprint tracing. By placing this false ceiling a foot or two from the real one, Mrs. Kullerton explains, space is given for a number of daylight IjuHis to Illuminate the sun parlor. Colored side lights that can be of; turned on at will provide the Illusion of the yellow glow of the morning sun, the reddish orange sunset or the Intriguing el've blue moonlight. False Niche "By use of a light partition cov-ered with artificial vines, a lovely window niche can be contrived where a fountain plays or a statue catches the different lights and shades, Mrs. Kullerton goes on- "A landscape SILK AND C'KEPK There's a queer looking new material on the market for millinery uses. It has tiny silk tassels scattered closely over a foundation of crepe. Tl'RBANS Two-toned satin or metal cloth is emrloyod to make most attractive that wrap closely about the head. background gives the eppearanco of own sun or moon space or the brightness of garden flowers. "Ferns and palms or blooming plants lend reality to thla artificially devised sun room, while one or twoj shaded lamps give an additional note of color "Even a real sun-room can be Improved by proper lighting, so that you are no longer dependent on climate condition, but can turn on your BRAID OS LINGERIE Braid is a very popular trimming on some of the rieweet lingerie. It may be the same color of the material, or form a contrast. PATTERNS MARGOT SISTER, if V 3 1 njf v.i ir- --f a 1157 670, THE KNEE BLOUSE. ... .. Oulte the latest and quite the smart-eat whim of Dame Fashion le the knee blouse. It cuts In ooe piece aa shown In the diagr.-im. and may havo long or j short sleeve. They are male of satin,' silk crepe, and very often of silk orj metal brocades with fur trimming around the lower edge and sleeves, j Embroidery, too as shown In this; sketch, very often lends the desired decorative effect. This pattern can be had In sizes Id years, S3. 38, 40, 42 and 44 Inches bunt measure, and requires) fllEESE TAKES CHEESE f'AKK is really as "old aa the hills.'- but has been so little us"d for yenrs past that It will "seem new" to many cooks I dare s;iy cheese cake of Borne sort graced many a Thanksgiving dinner in colonial days. For cheese cakes were transplanted from 'Incrne old England" along with "bubble and squeak" and "tond in the hole" and many other delightful concoctions. There are "Fnlkstone cheese cakes" as well as apple, almond, lemon and Just plain cheese cake. They are baked In Individual cakes or one largn one. And the best part about I! is that cheese cake Is a form of American pie- ALMOND ( IIEESE CAKES Two cups sour milk, 1 cup sugar, 4 eggs (yolks), i cup blanched and chopped almonds. 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, i teaspoon salt, rich pastry. The milk should be thick and firm. Scald and strain through cheesecloth, j Mix sugar, salt and cornstarch thor-j oughly. Beat yolks of cgRs with dry ingredients. Add to curd and mix! lightly. Add grated rln and Juice of; lemon, almonds and a grating of nut-j meg. Turn into patty pans lined with j pastry and bake in a moderate oven' about half an hour. The mixture should be firm to the touch when it la done. ArrLE CHEESE CAKES Six apples, 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons butter, 3 eggs, 1 lemon, rich pastry. Pare and core apples. Cut In thin This Year's Pajamas T Household Suggestions ENGLISH EFFECT Shadow plaids and overplalda In warm browns, grays and tajis are .made Into smart sports coats fashioned after the English models. NEW ALOISES Pome of the newest blouses are made of matelasse with a tracery of gold threads outlining the ralred patterns. for the 36-inch size, 2 7 8 yanla of ma-! dices- Tut In a sauce pan with Just HE very newest pajamas are be-insr made with low-walsted blouses gathered on a wide belt at hip length. The fashionable lines, as you will note, are most attractive In pajamas, too. Heavy tub silk for women who always like silk, fine muslins for women who prefer them and with the advent of cold weather, fine white outing flannel prettily bound In colored silk. SMOOTH GKAVV Use a small egg beater for beating your gravies and sauces and they will be lumpless and smooth. If 801H MILK ynti use sour milk with soda for gingerbread, biscuits, griddle cakes and such things, you will find they are lighter and more delicious than If you use only sweet milk. KITCHEN ECONOMY One of the greatest economies for the kitchen equipment Is a set of steamers In which one may cook many things at onre over one gas flame. BORAX CLEANER Fabrics snaked In borax water will come out clean without injuring the cloth or the color. TVS Tl CK SKIRTS Pin tucks which give the effect, of knife pleating, but do not come tin-pleated, are featured In the newest separate skirts. COI LOV IMTItOVED Oscar Coulon. who was taken to St. Vincent's hospital to recover from IlY MILTON BRONNER ST- HELEN'S. Eng. Mrs. Janet Ann Newbury, 101 years young, Is living proof that the ruling passion In women Is personal vanity. Why? Because she fussed Ilka a flapper when the photographer came to take her picture without giving her a chance to primp. "Tho picture won't be a success." she grumbled "Give me time to use my lipstick and my powderpuff. A shiny ms Isn't any more becoming at. 100 than at 20." Mrs. Newhury Uvea at the Present! Infirmary neaj- London, but she's not grieving about It. She's comfortable, warm and well and says if peo ple will let her alone she will equal the record of a grandparent who lived to be ins. She is said to be the oldest living nurse. IV CRIMEAN WAR "I nursed In the Crimean war of H.14," she nid 'My husband was a sergeant major In the Rritlfh army. In those days wlvea were allowed to follow their soldier bui-bands. "1 turned in and made myself useful by looking after injured British soldiers long before the famous Florence Nightingale came out there " She w:ia silent a moment, then looked up brightly and smiled. "Some day, when I am a little more mature," she hegan, "I think I will turn autobiographical and write the story of my life. I've been everywhere. Went, with my first husband to the West Indies. I left my babies In Finland and went along when he went with his regiment to Crimea. With my eeuond husband 1 went to Canada. India and China. SETTLED DOWN "AH my life has been mixed up with, the British army and navy and Y S t fa) '4 v'- "-if . Z f ...vr . MRS. JANET AXN N15WBURT . that gets you around bit. But now I've wttled down, and I 'have time to turn philosophic and retrospective ani devote my life to literature if I want to. "Marry again? No, I've settled down now, and I think with men so scarce I ought to retire for the younger generations." But she hurried away when she heard tho bell announcing afternoon tea and cakes. "I don't worry about my figure any more, and I can eat all the pastry' I want," she said at parting. burns caused by a hot water stream, at the Green Bay Sugar company, yesterday, Is better today. SOBIESKI GIRL BETTER. Miss Hattle Leenon, of Bobleskl, strurk by an auto yesterday, was somewhat better this morning, It was said. She Is at St. Vincent's hospital. CMAIXEY UETTER- Frank O'Malley, Injured in an auto accident on the Cedar Creek road Saturday night, is feeling better this morning, It Is reported. He Is at St. Vincents. Unique Among Teas baking nsn When you bake fish, line the baking dish flrpt. with oiled paper, which may bo removed and burned and will make the washing of the dish much less unpleasant. LIGHT IX DARKNESS One way to bring a sunshiny effect Into a dark room is to use the sheerest of net or lace curtains at the windows and get these In a sunshine effect, which is not so much yellow as golden. H4CS GREEN TEA will yield a flavor in the teacup more delicious than the finest Japan tea grown. Try a package today. Wash in 10 Minutes Trv a package of NM fN-I.RGV Tablets and drop two tablets in the wash boiler, then In 19 to 20 minutes rinse out the clothes and you'll find that every particle of dirt has been removed. N-R-Q contains nothing that will harm the clothes or hands. They save half the soap and all the rubbing make clothes snowy w hits, If your crocer cannot .. supply you. send vs his name and address and we will mall you a package free of charge. The N-RO Co.., 730 N. Franklin St., Chicago, 1U. For sale at your grocer's in 15o packages enough for Ave large washings. m wm WHOOPING COUGH Hard on child hard on parents. Control dreadfnl whooping and confihlng, help to quiet sleep with CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY Every user ia a friend terlal 38 or 40 inches wide. Tho skirt pattern cuta in sizes 2fi. 28. 30 and 31 inchea waist measure. The blouse and skirt patterns are separate. You can order both for 30c, or each for 15c, In Stamps or coin (coin preferred). The embroidery pattern No. 670 costs 15c extra. When you order your pattern, send 10c additional for a copy of our Fashion Magazine, containing all the Infest styles, embroklpry designs- and Xmas gifts that can be made at home, etc. Ortor Blask tmr Harttt Patieran K4HGOT. Car nt KiS-O KKTTE. 1 ttlUEEN BAY. VV II. I Inclosed And H PUase ml m lb patterns listed below: Patters number Bis Pries L fctrt City lull Dow ( Order Mnraot Pattcru. Write your nam and addrasa plainly on dotttd lines. slln number and Ise of much patterns as you want la-close money In stamps or coin Iwn. coin carefully) for each number, and duress your order to ilarttot, to car f The Presa-Gasette. Note If this pattern ts not exactly bn you want. comDli lma nf similar patterns M be feuad la '"nsj OTMhruueat ai FORDS DAMAGED Two Ford car were smashed at the corner of Maplcavp. and Mather-st-last night or early this morning. Both cars are now at a Wostslde garage, and are sold to be bndly dnmaired. It Is not known how the accident occurred or If anyone was Injured- The garage was unable to give the names of the owners of the two autos. There 14, -139.941 Roman Cathodes In the British Empire. Venice Is built on has 400 bridges 80 islands end enough water to prevent burning and cook until tender. Rub through a fine sieve and bukut and butter and mix well. Reheat, adding the grated rind and Juice of the lemon. Stir In the yolks of three egss and the white of one. Beat well and pour into patty pans lined with pastry. Bake In a moderate oven for 20 minutes. lOEKSTONE CHEESE CAKES On nnd one-half cups milk, 1 cup sugar, 4 tablespoons butter, J cup finely grated dried bread crumbs, 3 eggs, i teaspoon salt, 1 lemon, i cup currants, rich pastry. Heat milk with bread crumbs. Cook over hot water for 13 minutes. Add butter, sugar, grated rind of lemon, salt, and eggs well beaten. Cook over hot water until mixture thickens. Let cool slightly and pour into patty pans lined with rich pastry. Sprinkle with currants and bake until mixture la firm to tho touch and pastry is done. It wll take about half an hour. LEMON CHEESE CAKE One cup sugar, 2 tablespoons butter, 3 eggs. 2 lemons, finely shredded Camled lemon peel. Use tho grated rind of one lemon and the Juice of two. Put sugar, butter, lemon rind and Juice Into a sauce pan and stir until sugar is dissolved. Beat the yolks of the eggs and add to the mixture. Cook over hot water, stirring constantly until mixture tlhckens. Let cool. Lino patty pans with paste, three-fourths fill them with the mixture, sprinkle over candied peel and bako 20 minutes In a. modi-rate oven. Those recipes are calculated to make 12 small cheese cakes. CATARRHAL DEAFiNESS Is often caused by an Inflamed condl. tlon of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed yon have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing. Unless the Inflammation can be reduced, your hearing may be destroyed forever. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will do what we claim for It rid your system of Catarrh or Deafness caused by Catarrh. HALL' 8 CATARRH M EDI-CINE lias heen successful In the treat-ment of Catarrh for over l-'orty Tears, Sold by all druggists. i i. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O, How to make Good Coffee NUMBER rV To serve good coffee it is absolutely necessary to keep )'our coffee pot or percolator sweet and clean. Wash it carefully wipe it out thoroughly with a clean cloth and rinse it in clear hot water. If washed with soap or soda every vestige should be removed by careful rinsing. It is a good plan to leave the cover open when it is not in use to let in air. Scrupulous care must be taken, for coffee readily absorbs odors. John Arbuckle, the greatest coffee merchant in the world, selected as his guest coffee, the finest coffee that could be found. That is why Yuban today has that satisfying, full-bodied flavor that everyone has always wanted in a coffee. Everyone who tasted it said it gave him a new idea of how good coffee could be. 1 VyV., 1. WW, "-3"'V S3 f1 ?'Xr eww,- ttillmWtlr 1 .I-.--,.-,-. - a,Tt -,,, iici s-l. 1 rid hi .--' g' -Ji ,-aT 1 -i i f M-.-Z--jZr-r?'---C. trial I 1 j V .' 1; THE ARBUCKLB QUEST COFFEB J 5 VfeCSC The Finest Spread for Bread Eat more bread! Always spread it with fresh Jelke GOOD LUCK Margarine. The two in combination are delicious a perfect food pair. Jelke GOOD LUCK Margarine is the fresh, delicious and wholesome spread to serve with bread on your home table. Finer by far than most spreads used by the housewife today. Jelke GOOD LUCK Margarine Is made from wholesome, nourishing oils obtained from choice animal fats. These oils are perfectly blended, in shining white churns, with full cream milk. Every process of production is conducted by experts under the most rigid conditions of cleanliness. Always fresh sweet, pure and priced so low as to mean a big saving. Try it. Buy LOCfE MARGARINE f,'iijS.-:"!-' I. H- 4i'mk mm HIM It DISTRIBUTED BY FRANK C. SCHILLING CO. 837 main st. SPECIAL HALLOWE'EN IKUGRAM WEDNESDAY A spsclal Ilallnws'sn proi-ram llt ho hrnartcast fron station WTAM. Clsvflanil, O., on Wrdnwijay sv.nlnt. Oct. 81. pcpartlnf from )fnsriU iuar(lr. tha Wlllard station will ! "on ths ulr" rontlnunusly fruin II p. m , tn 1 a. tti. This Is boln don with ths Mea thut thsra will ha a. larrs numhr of partl'ea and rlaiiroa m Hallown and ths program will consist mainly of ilanrs tnuslrt by th VVTAM orchestra. This nrrhrstra has, by ths way, mada snmelhliiK of a nama for Itst-lt nven In Hip few weeks that It bo besn "on tho air." Ths WTAM or. rhestra Is led by Max Pohnildt. wstl known In Cleveland muelral circle nnd oonnertod officially with h Cleveland Pymphony orchestra. Ths first part, of tha program front 8 to 9 30 will consist of musical nunv bus. mostly vocal, by boms talent, nil employes of tha Wlllard Stora Battery company. At 9 30 ths dancs program will ha gin and contlnus until 1 o'clock. WTAM 1 making every effort to fill all requets for danco numbers sl though hundreds are received eachj1 evening and the private wire Intai WTAM is constantly busy. New Testament was divided lnt verses by Robert Ptevens, a printer in 1651. The nlifhtlngals's song may bejl hesrd at a distance of a mils on ( calm night In Iceland men kiss when they me but a man rarely kisses a woman. WARD OFF HEAVY !j COUGHS AND COLDS WHEN the coM fall vrirtd make you shiver and sneeze, it's a warning: from you thin blood and low vitality. J Heed the warning! Plirify and! enrich your blood and build up your etrength with Gude's Pepto-Man-4 gan. It will fortify you against! colds and coughs; it will help you put on flesh. Don't wait nntil ai beavy cold gets it grip on you; be- gin to take Gude's now. Your drug-J. gist has it, in liquid and tablet f ormJ Free Trial TtbleU nine of Gudr'i Pepto-Masrso. Mod tut ico. erous Trial rarta of Tsbtets. Send Del money iuft your Dame sou sddnM Ml Is. J. Bralteohacli Co. u Warren 5U N. I. ll11il0TC '"4 pepto-anan 7bnic and Blood Enricher Revive Your Wardrobe! If you could see how Sir. and Mrs. Fall Clothes looked when wa picked them up tha other day you would scarce-ly recognize them. But since undergoing our treatment suits and dresses have become bright and clean and hav assumed a pleasant freshness which adds greatly to your appearance. Rejuvenate your wardrobe by calling Model Cleaners 707 M.UN ST. THE WORLD READS OUR WANT ADS! Folks who wish lo buy or sell thine watch Press-Gazette Want Ads. They've learned from experience when wise trader advertise. I'lace VOliK Want Ad today. It will reach all classes of people, nnd Is sure neans of cettiug in touch with the ones you seek. CALL, Km. 8-TATK OF WISCONSIN, COl'N'TT COCRT FOR BROWN COUNTY la I-'rohate. Tn th matter of the estate of WIN Ham A. I'naln, deceased. Notice Is hereby jtiven that st the special term of the county court. t be held In and for e&M county, at ths court house, jn the city of Green Bitv. In said county, On the fourth Tuodar of November. A. D. 1923. the following matter will be heard and considered: The application of Caroline Unsln to admit to crohats ths last will and testament of William A. Unsln, lnt of ths town of Scott, In said couniy, Accessed. Notice is hereby further (tlven that st the. resular term of said court, t be held on the first Tuesday of March A. D., 1924. claims of creditors ot sld William A. I.'nsin. late of ths town of ficott. in said county, deceased, will he examined and adjusted by the court. And notice Is hereby further clvsti that In accordance with an order uf mid court, duly entered, said creditors niy in the meantime from the dite hereof, up to snd Including it first Tuesday of March next, present their claims for examination and aU lowsnce. . r ... Dated this Itb day of October. 19J1. , By order of the rVurt. C. M. 8TKENO. ' Reiiter In Probate. j CADV. 8TBEHLTW A KAFTAN, I Attorneys. ... ... U-10. U-.

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