The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY)-.- OCTOBER .4, 1939 BLiYTUKVU.UC, (AKK.) CO.UltlEH PAGE SEVEN, OPPOP.TliMITY USES CfiN T AFFORD TO MISS THEM >.., !,,,,> « > .. >.J .1 •. 1 >...!.3 Mi". A.M. .,"..•!,. »<,8 Vi --H #, A\ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Rent Dafly rat* per line for consccu- . live insertions: - I Nicely 3 larec furnished office rooms. Upstairs over Ihc sliouse-Henry Hardware. Very Reasonable. Phone No. 1. . 4 - ck - 11 furnished apartment. Pn- live insertions: imcciy IUMH,>I".« ••> - -One time per line We vntc cnliwce: KcnsonaUlc Call ^ * "•!*•• . . ,,.» I _„.... ,im iii r^Ait I 11/« rt-Ck .11 WE ARE NOT BLUFFING i oer sinm-ii These I'rici'K Arc (lie Lowest j phimpco. Nolicc Wanted Lcwls-Chnmbers Constnictlon Com- eewlns and alterations. Mrs. Wort. , .._ „ .,11.1.. nillv 'O'.'O 1 Inl inrt i\ <l*rk -ll ^ ls rcs|lolllj , Wc Ior purchases if the vender Is SIM- «lth si written purchase or- UilU UIHU per IHlt:..... *v,c >uwt >-> • .i IVo times jjer line per t!ay....08cl 014-W. 213 W.Jtcnliicky^ times pi'r line per day...We 1-ck-ll ... fix times per line per day — 05c Monti, rate per line ............ Me Cards of Thanks ........ 60s & 15c . Minimum ehnrgc 50o Ads ordered for three or six jlmcs and ' stopped before explra- )on will be charged for the nuin- l;r of lime? the add appeared and adjustment 01 bill made. All Classified Advertising copy iiibuiitled by persons r&slding out- Room in modern home. Menls if desired, onrajc, Call 429-M aftfr 5 P.M._ _ __. 3 ; c _ k ^ Fcoom"furnished apartment. Newly decorated. 1315 \V. Main. 3-clf 3 room furnished apaiimeiil. All conveniences. Adults only. 819 \V ; Ash. St. ill Town! Miles'of Service "M"."; or 2-pk-ll-a Every Cur and Triitk. Hunting License '38 Chev. Coach I & BIRD DOG LICENSE «,„>.., ...,.,: $495 '37, Ford "60" Tudor .uum furnished apaiimenl. Pri- vale bath. Call 102 or 180. 30-ck-5 »lde of the city rmist be ac'com- I pamed by cash Rates may be eas- —,--5 voom House. Nice nclgh- U5 A=^ oTreHor- — fcood, Call A. A. Alien. 305 Insertions laKes the one time ratfi. '-°"s'"'No responsiull: ty will lie taken (or more than one incorrect insertion ol any classiried ad. Only .$355 For Sale Nice bedroom. Convenient to bath, only Steam heat, Phono 280. 19-ck-tf | 5 room unfurnished apartment I bath, Oil burner healer. [.shades, and hot-water healer fur' ~ ', i iilshod Call Mrs. Matt 100 W: Kentucky on corner. '2 Iocs Only , and 10 room residence. 2 baliis. Newly decorated, new screens. Retil lit S40.C3. Price $3250,00. $500 cash, $27.50 per month, which amount Includes fj% Interest. Can use as 3 apartments. Thomas Land Co. at 4G1)-J or 520. Three room apartment, furnished or unfurnished: Private bath. Phone 280. ' '36 Dodge Sedan ...$296 '35 Ford Tudor $197 '33 Ford Fordor $125 '37 Ford Tudor FOll YOUR CONVENIENCB WIB , AUli WiEPAREn TO 1SSUK YOUR HUNTINO AKH H1R D DOG LICENSE AT OUH STORE. SHOUSE-HENRY HAR!)\YAHK CO. 1'HONU 35 "'229 Dougim. Old ' ' lasliioned Muhotiany ,1'hoi 3-dft-iUv Exuerlc'iK'fd waitress. Nluht work .Must bi 1 iiciil nncl Imve A-l rcl- frcnces. Uc's Cafe, I'orlincvillc Mo. 30-pk-' Business 0})'luiiiuc f Men ami Women. .•. Interested i EXPERT EI.ECTHIC AND ACETYI-ENB WELDING Ice ICE-iCE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICK COU> WATKUMiaONS III 100V, 338.453 IllhilbllvuU ol emigrated lo Ihc nnmc nil his lite, His'blrlh iinmc Is used until ho wins u tribal name. This Is ulven him by n chief, mid he must accept, it. However. ic is given many chances, lo im. {^ piovc his ^landing, and eacji ad- • g dillonol feat of bravqfy brings him *j United Stales.''1'lils wns Hie nYaklmi far above uvrrngc week-test number ot people to nuve ly earning upernvlus rouie of cl«n- from one country to nnolhcr In » littc and confection machines. Us-' slnyle year.' ditslTO territory. Small Investment-. HHClAlj PHODUCTS CO.. Dciil, D., Ail Indlftil Is not limited to one Mndlson, Wlscontin. Kudio Service Hue and heavy specially. Only Barksdale Mfg. Co. '^-jcd l '—"' ls "' Res ' 101 !_ •pjDi) Q, ~ r, ". . ., Gll/\HA\TI-:i>H) ISOSUJ ,t AUTO "RADIO SERVICE llmllii Scrvlcn . . rhonc B' Alleralions . 4-ck-9 Oil circulator heater, gasoline range, water heater and bedroom heater. Cheap for quick saie. 80C W. Ash. Phone 322. 4-pk-7 500 theater seats,, suitable foi churches. Complete shoe shop equipment. Complete meat market equipment. Sludebaker ambulance combination. All real liar. gains. F. Simon, Phone 164. 1 15-ck-10-15 Unfurnished apartment .In Shane | Apartment Building oil St. Call 571 or 197. '36 Plymouth 2-door Shoe Repairing Bedroom in private home. Garage. Private bath. Gas heat. Man preferred. Phone 410. " *'"w S S " U ' >y " "Soq QUALITY SHOE SHOP lo-sk-lf Only V*'*''' invisible half soling, crepe sc • _ _ . rcnlnced on anv shoe. Sh Spacious living-bedroom . for ^ two business women. Phone 239. ccrafortnble single bedroom for employed woman. Twin beds 13-ck-lf soles - . i replaced on any shoe. Shoes 37 LheV. Sedan dyed any color. Polishes. Inccs & Only Only '36 Ford Coupe .$389 . , supplies.' Phone 120, free picku delivery. ..-- «P G-ck-10-0 Fur nllcrultons, 1'liuiU! 275, llcimi. Mrs. Alton lU'.O . 7-ck-lfl- ,Washing, Ironing Expert wishing :incl Ironing. Olicnp 'noutjli dry im\ flnlnh. C quilt $1.00. One day service, Willie ' ' Green, behind City Ico Plant. i \ D-ck- KXl'liltT ELECTRIC WIRING llliADTIFUL LINK OF ; ELECTRIC FIXTURES I'.li'ctrle KniiBi's mill VVuti'r Hunlcrs WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP no sn. 2»ii rinino an Used Truck SPECIALS JTJU Mm WH;K a bettor name 1!H9 • Itanium Sjiurt lloailslrr, 100 JSIIlcs. License, (iooil an New. '!i7 G.iM.C. 1 TON 20" WhMls, Kccon- (tTOn dilloned Uiroueliout, . «pJi'v '37 G.M.GV Truck & i Spi'iiiiilicld Trnilcr Truck :. | Uccondllloi'cd ...... "•'37 O.M.C. I..W.H Wllli Hotly. Now Tires UccondHloni'rt. • •••••. AT 1 1,OW : YMAC TKHiMS LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. ll)i-8 li. Ulnln I'll PRICES DOWN! NEW, LOW Special Prices \- I'hiil Assure You (irail Tiro Siivings! * STANDARD TIRES 1028 Main. Phono 233, 12-ck-lf B room residence 116. S. Franklin. Rent for $27.00 per monlh. $1800, $2CO cash, balance $25 per month. Also will sell 040 Lake Street, resi- dence'and store combined forsame price.'Dr. J. A. Saliba. 9-ck-lO-9 Farms For Sale "30 FARMT^O FOR SALE By Owner •10 acre to 1,150 acre farms of va- ricus types in Southeast Missouri are being offered by owner during the two weeks September 25th to Oclober 7lh. Down payments small, long time, very attractive terms on balance if desired. Representatives of owner will be at uie office; of N. M.. Sims, 207 Scott 3 room unfurnished apaitmcnl. Modern and In flvst class condition. Corner Main and Second. F. Simon, phone '764. Nicely furnished front room, steam heat, garage, Phone 5tiO. 5ckin-5 '37 Ford "85" Tudor ........$398 Only Only Personal Arouse Sliigglsli Liver, work oft* the bile lo rid yourself of consti- oation. gas pains, and that sour, ounk reeling. Take one box of KJKBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS ' 25c at all KIrby Stores Only '38 Ford Tudor TRUCKS '34 Ford Sed. Del'y Si '35 Chev. Panel Now I.ncntril at 101 N'orlli Srroiid ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, I'roiirictor All Blukcs nf llcbullt Tyiiovvrllcni, 1 Aililluj; Maclilncs Mid Calculators—Uepalriiifr—1'arLi—Klbuoni OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW // Buy On Our Rudget Plan! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. mils Ktitpts, lliuli;.'! Slur. Jll> & \Viilmit 1'liono 810 RED RYDER »? The Kov.'lo 1 Ihc MyKlury? Onlv Tailors ^, ,. the office of M. M/ Hunt, Fisher Build- in?, Phone 74, Maiden, Missouri, October 1st to 7tli. Traile in-your old suil on a new one. 523.50 up. i#iM^.GEOR6'E~v-P/.' "MUIR'~ ~ f - v - Blythcville's .Only Tailor Dairy For Sale or Trade C room house. 3K acres of land. ,.„„„,„„„. „„„ .„.„. ^...^ „ 1 mile from town. Will trade for i 302 _j [ O f Halsell's Grade A Raw — ,„.,,! r..ii ma i-rir-in.i Mjlk . Crciim( country Butter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Satisfactory quality and service In Dairy products. ; Cattle tree cf Bang's Disease, in best of "physical con( imon. Call Mrs. Grace Lowerv. larnr land. Call 008. l-ck-10-1 40 or 80 acres improved land. Will trade for city .property. Call at J M Buchanan Grocery at 535 Lumeratc, - 25pklO-25 ^Wanted To Biiy_ Several bushels green tomatoes. Must' be reasonable. Call Mrs. Samuel P. Norris, 648-J after 6:00 P.M. Inspection encouraged anytime. llalscu's Dairy Promised Land, Route '36 Ford. Pick-Up Illlv . . - <P -U *' \Jl'L\ ....... , ....-.- -T '36 International Pick-up Only -$184 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Corner 5th & Walnut riionc 810-811 for Dcmaiif'raUnh Blytlieville, Ark. RY rUKI) /I1ARMA^ ifcu rt 1 s 7*A S ALLKY 00)' A Discovery HY V. T. HAML» HEIR TO ITALY'S THRONE USED CARS 'AND 1933 Chevrolet Town Sedan. Real Buy HORIZONTAL 1 Crov,'n 1 heir to the Italian throne. 12 Cessation. ISCat's murmur. 14 Final .decision. 1C Short article. 17 Hymns. 1 3 Assam silkworm. i 20 F Answer lo Previous Puzzle 1937 Plymouth Town Sedan. Bargain ........... i!>38 Ifuctwm Tcrraplane Broirjhiim. <hCOf" ! - 1JfAcr - $Jti3 21 Annoys. 23 Moolcy apple. "$385 •10 Noun ending. 41 Credit. Mltoerirrult. W ^ pirilcd 25 North Africa, .jr, J;H. 1038 Hudson Tcira])lane Broirjiiani. 27 Kjnd o{ pcs u c . 5fl M err i mcnlp Driven only 15,060 miles. Radio.! , OTo disconccrt 52Trees. •Motor in A-i It/lfit: ' «;•» Tinv inrlirlc condition .p400 33 Medicine S.5 liny p.uliUc. derived from 19M> Clicvrolcl dah. Special $320 . opium. 34 Fold. 5.8 Dried-plum. 59 His wife is a called Prince ot . . 15 His —-'S ' name is Maria ?ia. 17 To set apart; 18 Senior. aiDevoutnosscs. 22 Snapping .turllc. . 24 Impcrfeclions. 26 More capable. •23 Above. 29 Illuminated. 31 Bronze. 32 South Africa. VERTICAL 38 Moon valley. 1 The brain. 41 Plant groups; 2 One who feds 43 To handle, pily. 45 Black. 3 Distinctive 40 Taro paste, theory, 47 Riclics. •1 Northeast. 43 Electrified 5 Series of term. epical cvcnls. 49 Toilet box. C Chase. 50 Unmeaning VTo force falU. onward. 51 Unit of work. 8 The soul. 53 Circle part. IK; A BROKEN] '9 /eEMEKM-XPi-'.'CE OF THE (OOP \S OUT) STATUE FEUL ' ">WN AW ' ! SERVED HIM R|GHT>—'-.WE'D BETTER FOR A.NGERIM6/AVG!\HURRY AND THE GODS BV /IT'S AN) SET THE SLURRING THE! OMEN:/HORSE IN VVOOPEfJ JV.,,—r BEFORE THEY HORSE.' J 1 I GET SORE S AT US' T ~7/ MM ni. HfcKt,WU MEW OF W^^"^*:' -,;•,, TROV!- CARRY THE f STATUES JUST ~~N | 6EMERAU TO ,-- DO/V'T BREAK LIKE ',: HIS QUARTERS; w/vr WITHOUT CAUSM IN THE rA "3O I 7H/HK A BIT ) PALACE,' /: \OF IHV£STtGXrlH6f:- \ 15 IN oRper ~ i. M. arb.'i; OH, HO,' A BULLET HOLE.' HOOTS AND'HRU HUDDIKS' DERI Gnoilv !!Y ICIHiAU iMAUH>. j; I WASH TUBRB Sold! RY ROY CRANK' | J ' lru1 "' 59 His wife is a 8 The soul. BJOircie pju. 5S137 Chevrolet Coupe. .d>OQQ . 33 Small branch. ; - princess. 9 Female sheep. 01 Encountered. Perfect, condition <?«)O3 35i.-oollike part. 601 iis country is 10Underdone. 56Liliaceous ...„.,,. K u 37Transposed. a'-— 11 to clip. tree. 19 34 Chevr^cf LO,^V.B. QAn WThc deep. kingdom. 12 He is also SB Poster* . Truck. Duals '"'^ 1937 Ford l'« Tpn •t'i?^' uals «PJ» «f Truck. D»a 1D37 Clievrolct I'.O Ton 4;90C Truck. Duals <pJO«.' 1033 G.M.C. IVi Ton Truck. Duals )03S Int. I'i Ton Truck- tf'OQQ Long WI3. Duals <P6O«/ 50 Oilier Cars anil Trucks. All Makes and Year Models. Easy GJlAfJ Payment I'lan. Open N'ghls and Sundays OWW A, FEW -POUUDi A, MEW?. VOS'U. PAW VOU 550 AJOH FOH ALL THAT'S QU EARTH WE Vv'AUT-THE EXCLUSIVE SHT TO BUV voua VEH.OW i— —. \ k\i\ . ^—-—-• — J f IS VOU FOf? SAViUG OUR LWES.VOU / BUT TO /. / c^ / ' : ¥ '_ S FUKCKI.BS AND HIS FRIENDS Nubbin (jcls Ihc BY MKKUUJ. BU)SSKK g J. WA'ir Voi) OM IIUBB1W .' ^ TlrACH HIM \\OJ~1 TD SPEAK COREBCTLY SO ,HE CAM PASS AMD PLAY fe V'C '•^ .NlARY A THING / w AN' I'll. BG OVEJX To i SEE YOU AT EIC5HT.'

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