The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNrc so, 1044 LOOKING AHEAD ROBOT PLANE FIZZLES AS FRIGHT WEAPON Curiosity Is Chief British Reaction BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUUtEH NEWS A SMALL INDUSTRY (•«[. Strawberries classify as luxuries. "if they lire absolutely essential to nnything but strawberry shortcake, 1 don't know what it Is. Few lower animals will touch them. Apparently they were created for the enjoyment of mankind. Their food value seeins quite Incidental fo the pleasure they afford some people .and the hives they 'cause to erupt on others. Strawberries however have become a primary economic factor in the lives of a few thousand people mid a good many of them nre my neighbors here In White County/, Arkansas. Strawberries to us arc what celery i.s to Kalamazoo or cheese to Roguefoit. . What this little industry has experienced In the last three years under cul-iuid- drleU economy Is set forth very plainly In the figures below: STRAWBERRIES While County . 1044 1943 1942 Acres In berries'. . 4, 'ODD 7.500 12,01)0 Crates per Acre 15 45 iti Price per Crate .$7.80 $5.50 51.50 Remember the story of Siubact the Sailor and the Old Man of the Sea? Well— blows White County has sustained at -the hand of the OPA suggest, whut Slnbad endured from the QMS. Large industries like Aviation, Petroleum and Textiles touch n large number of people In ii mare vital way but the little ones tire not exempt from the effects of official tampering. And there are many little ones. Strawberries are extremely perishable; the season is very short nnd early. People In the business are prepared for inevitable "off years", when crops are damaged by weather conditions but they are almost obliged to have their oc- v*asional seasons of rich return m iWder to keep the wolf from the door during the lean years. The 19-13 season was about average In acreage and yield per acre. Worse Than Frost The only recent year of promising pay-off was 19-12. Everything looked hopeful including the weather. Acreage was large and so was the yield. But in April the government's newly Installed food ration- Ing department did some warming- up nianoeiivers on sugar, The sugar shortage was bogus but there was a lot of hubbub about it and the effect was real. White County farmers : lost out thus: • Price to the grower that year Was $1.50 for a case of 24 quarts It wouldn't pay for picking and packing. The fruit was fine, but the buyers hhd no reason to believe Mrs. Housewife would be able to set sugar on her table at any pric" Processing firms, canners antt jrmr makers, took what they could handle and [lie rest (most of the crop) rotted in the field before the sugar shortage fable exploded. Discouragement Comes, If th e entire crop might-'-have been sold at- this ridiculously' low figure, White 'County (vmiM Hare received $1,260,000 for It, and gone in the red. In 1943, however, It wns the consumer who paid dearly. Discouraged Arkansas growers set out yiv, per cent less land and Ojfttluceci 35 per cent less per acre. -JWi farmers price trebled but gross return to the county was still under $2,000,000 for the season. The Current year is not worth Counting. Last summer and fall were dry nnd Ihe labor shortage at plant-setting time cut the county's gross strawberry revenue below half a million, and next year's hopes droop. • Farmers feel pretty certain, after the fourth consecutive disappointment, that ciih'er drouth, man-power shortage, late frost or bureaucratic price-fixing will finally ruin them. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans raised onions. The nation's traffic death loll for Die first four months of 1944 wns 7G50— 15 per cent higher than for the same 1343 period. Despite destruction like this shambles which was once a house in southern England; the average'Briton .fa undisturbed and not excited about the plane launched by tlie Nazis as Hitler's secret weapon. They regard it chiefly is a "sleep-disturber." HOME> FROM DIEPPE By Sergt. Everett Og/osby As Toll! To Men no Duri'ksim British Spirit Impresses Me v. Finally when 1 jrol back on my feel I went buck lo training will) my oiilfit. Kiitflnml at thin linn? was-going through a trying period. Food, tuul even wider, wns KCHIX-L'.' Equipment, for the Army was never mlpqimlo nnd on top of Dial, a Gemini) invasion wns always « Ilirenl. The nrlllsh people prepared (or 11 * ___—, ns Iwsl they could. 1 remember seehuj men who worked hard all <l.iy, ix-rhnps on war Jobs, then stood guard duly all nlghl. I saw once more my luck Another Amrrli'iin III the hospital I met an Amorl- Rome JJrlllsli liien ™" motllMl officer, former!}' of SI, Ixiuls. Doing mi American volunteer like myself he could well sympathize will, me nt being left be- hhid \vhon my oulfll wfl.s Marling Ihls new trnliilng. lie KIIVC me a curefnl exnmlnii- tlon and told me tltnl If I'd lake things easy for u few ilavs uncl promise lo sec a medlcul officer every day for 110 riay.s, he'd Id standing git a I'd along the coast with nolhlng but sharpened slicks for weapons. Apparently they Intended lo use Iliem us spears, nud from what I. snw of the Brll- By FHF.I> S. FERGUSON 1'resident, NBA' Sen-ice SOMEWHERE IN SOUTHERN ENGLAND.—Recurring attacks by the pllotless planes left tlie people in this section of England just as cold, undisturbed and unexciled as did the first news of the invasion of France. "Quite a sleep-disturber, isn't it? But you can be sure they'll have it conquered in a few days." This remark, by a waiter as he served breakfast after constant explosions of gunfire and with the sky ruled with fireworks through the night, was typical of the civil- inn attitude. Meanwhile, while the introduction of this new weapon .was the topic of conversation and speculation,'' it was not permitted lo interfere with regular civilian ways of life. Crowds '.thronged the parks, cricket games proceeded, roads were filled with a hundred bicycle clubs whose men and women members were out for tluir usual Sunday spin. ' * * * As usual, crowds spent the day out of tioors, presenting in some places an incongruous picture of modern war. They gathered round the space occupied by batteries, rocket and other anti-aircraft guns, which periodically fired madly. They collected in groups in the same way as otherwise they would gather to watch Americans playing baseball. One was startled at the sudden thought that these men, women and children were ;ightseerc, not watching maneuvers or drill, but a game that is played only for keeps, and that the enemy object of the game was to put a ton of high explosive where they were. • • • As other euns started firing in the distance, the watchers' looked expectantly skyward over the treetops, as though the appearance of a bomb-laden plane coining in their direction was the next thing they eagerly awaited. Through Saturday night and Sunday the planes came In so low their motors were clearly nuiible. As they sped across the sky 'f-tiey resembled miniature models which suddenly took flight. Caught in Ihe crossed searchlight beams, they gleamed with an almost phosphorescent light. Tracers, which Icokcd Lsh spirit during those dark days, lliose helpless men would have died right there on the benches with those crude \uipons If ihe Invasion had come. 11 was pathetic n'ml made those of its who hud weapons resolve to be good soldiers. ' During all that year we were being sent out on military maneuvers, called schemes by the'British. Sometimes we-would be in the field ns long as nine .days .at u stretch, but Ui r men began to feel more »l home 'in the field than In their barrack*. They ei'en grew Ib enjoy. It. Perhaps one reason was because in the field they drew belter rations than when In camp. Sent To Coast Position Thai October, 1041, our outfit finally got Its chance lo -fill a defensive position along the coast. My battalion was stationed at Sutlon Hall, near St. Lenard's. Parl of our regiment was further up Ihe coast. Here we snw another Christ, mas come and go, wllh the villagers turned oul In full force, to give us all a grand time. But most of Ihe lime, even while on guard, we went right on wllh the training. It was in May, 1942, when our outfit was selected for that special kind of training that was destined lo make world history, commando training. Our unit was cut down to half Its normal strength, leaving only picket men In each unit. We were toid that we were to be sent, to a secret base for special training. You can Imagine whnt a go wllh my oulfll, 1 rushed back to my regiment and gol Him' Just In llini! lo go with them. The swelling disappeared In a few days. At the new .secret basi>, and which Is silll secret, for Hie first lime In my life ] got a look ill commando training. Ikllcve mi; U Is tough. You had to be lough lo lake it. Jf you couldn't lake II, they Just Jerked you out and replaced you with someone who could, First we were worked Inlo such physical condition thill we could march wllh full puck at eight miles an hour, go through a problem ami reluni «l ihe same speed. Next we were nuallfted on every type of small urm the lirlllsh AI'T my had and n few exlra. We had lo become expert with each, inn ally Iheiu was that training exclusive lo lh c commando. We had to Jump Inlo water over our heads with our weapons strapped lo our backs, we had lo crawl through mud, climb ropes up slralght cliffs 80 feet high, climb through bnrb- K cd wire and hud lo lean, to use .- bangalore torpedoes lo break uarb- cit wire entanglements, besides a hundred other things. As n final phase of our training ffc went on two mock raids In lank landing ci-aft and Infantry landing Men In Service Kuglt Ii. West, son ot Mr. nnd rtrs. John W. West.of Blyliujvlllo, las been promoted to (lit r»nk of wigeiuit «t the Infantry flcplace- nent 'h-nhilng Center at Camp Hood, Texas. As^ jjiumter of the •mire ul the center, HeiRoant West s Hiding l» the Instruction of new IKMI hi the Infantry us they re- L'clvf thcli basic- training. Men linliH'd In the conlor are Inter assigned us Infantry rojilnctnirnU, t'vl. William E, AuliMi. .son of Mrs Mae Anton of 231 Knst Duvls, Uly. Uievlllc, recently wns graduated from Hie department of armament nt 1-owry 1'leld, Denver. Colo. Private Anton, who Is a former lilythc- vlllo high school .student, entered the service on March 31, igrj, ut Sheppurd Field, .Texas. Mrs. Kdwnrd T. Jackson ot Bly. Ihevllle. has received news o( the arrival In England of licr husband, Corporal Jackson. One of the most coveted awards of recruit lralnln>r, the honor baclK,, for efficiency, hus been awarded IB Marine Pvl. John 0. Slcelc Jr.. ul Hie recruit depot, Marine Corps base, San DletjO, Calif. -Private Sleele Is the husband of Mrs. I/O- renc Osborne Slcelc of Uoute I, I.cnchvllle. 'llils 'award Is made to the nmn who, In ihe opinion of his Instructors, luis. shown particular aptllutle and efficiency In lull- Ituiy training,-and Is open lo each man In every recruit training platoon. 1'rlvnlc Sleele nltomltMl Uachville feh school nnd *m employed for three ywir.s In Film, Mich,, prior lo entering Ihe Marine Corps In April of this. v ear.' • v iiQiii. .1 i iii_vi;», WUI^Ll ILOKCL1 ,\ -ii i\ i red halls such as those used 1 " i " 11 llmt ™ s nfler ° ur mont 1S of m^.mLt . . .. i tnmimlT Wo WPI-P nil mo^r In cm . for Christmas tree decorations, seemingly looped cnsually into Hie sky,, but as the guns were adjusted you could see the tracers gel- ting closer and closer until there was a tremendous burst and the (iliptless plane exploded. If It" was not lilt and the glow on tile plane disappeared, it was then descending and an explosion followed where it landed, " Cornell Rifle Men Sew Buttons for Girls' Team ITHACA, N.. Y. (U.P.)—Cornell University's male rifle team has had its pride punctured by a defeat at the hands of the girls team. The riflemen are paying for theii loss—sewing buttons on shooting jackets—and the girls have offeree to coach then, in the domestic art of button-sewing. Punctured pride, pricked finger? and all, the boys arc begging for i return match, but lo dale the girl; are basking contentedly in theii victory. [training. W c were all eager lo go places and .see aclion. Then, just us we were about lo set off for this new base, Illness struck m c again and .almost caused me to miss out on the commando training. A swelling appeared on iny ; 'ncck and' upon sight' of It thfe medical officer Immediately ordered me lo a hospital. He feared It might be a moslold infection. At Ihe hospital I fell terrible about being left behind- and was afraid I'd never sec my outfit again, but -'•Aviators who gain altitude loo rapidly get the "bends" the same as a deep s ea diver who is brought to the surface too quickly. THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... <£ S^f ^"" ; ^ yk&m\[#' W "I can't think of anything else you'll need for your Victory garden, Judge... you've got pretty nearly everything." "I think so, too, John. Ever get your asparagus patch going?" "I gave that up last year, Judge. Tried it six years in a row with no luck. Just haven't got the right soil, I guess?" "Well, I think you're wise, John.,.no use keeping on trying things you know won't work. Just like prohibition. State-wide prohibition has been tried in this country seventy-two times in the last ninety years. It has been adopted forty-seven times in the past thirty-three years and discarded everywhere except in three slates. Same thing was tried in eight provinces in Canada and in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia but it was an admitted failure and universally abandoned. , "The reason is prohibition dots'nol prohibit. All you get is bootleg liquor instead of legal liquor, plus no end of crime . and corrupt ion.'- Tkt't QiriTlismHt sptmsnti tj C«n/l;<«» o/ A IcaMic Si, i roft fnfwlr m, In SPECIAL For A Few Days 1 CASE COCA COLA And 75c Bottle Phillips 60 Furniture Polish—Both 1.39 Bring Your Empty Bottles POTTER'S STATELINE SERVICE STATION croft, troops Irnnsports iiiu! everything else It takes lo make a raid function. Humors were flying tlilck nnd fast that we were gelling ready to lake part In some great operation somewhere. •TOMOUKOIV: Off For Dieppe! /luout one-third of your heart Is on Die rlglil side. Ambergris, valuable product usct In perfume manufacture, Is fm only in ailing whales. DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to / O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 65c Inch Tax BUY THOSE BONDS ABIOPOMRCO. Delicious Foods — Reasonably Priced! MARTIN'S CAFE Specializing In ' Delicious Steak Dinners Special Plate Lunches Real Southern Barbecue Sandwiches—Cold Drinks BEER ON TAP AND IN BOTTLES JOHN FOSTER, Manager . .114 W. Main I>hon« K5 PA08,TJ[HKh,,. Summer Sweet Tooth Is Satisfied * By Release of Larger Sugar Quota ^ ... By ANN H1KVICK nrirl much to lhA*>i/>M> »/,!!,.• „. By ANN 8TKVICK NKA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON.—There'll' be an exlra dash of ungar to sweeten lea, coffee, lemonade, and such summer drinks at refreshment stands. Office of Price Administration Is mak- lnn a. special summer addition lo snnck-bar rations so you can have moro lonn, cold, twecl drinks. More sugar Is on Its way oul through Ihe country by way of In- crenacd rations to many bakers and o(hcr commercial users of sugar. There has been n -general revision ol (hose rations to match latest population Milft demos. The changes add up.lo u fnlr-sl/cd Increase because dozens of areas were Blvcn more sugar but only a few were cut. Outside of these Indirect bone- fits you aren'l likely to sec any change In sugar rations, Government nupply experts point out thai even n vast Improvement In the shipping .situation which might come from military successes won't add much lo llie'hojne folks' sugar supply. War demands for sugar lie still too, Wgh, There will be new demands for occupied countries later, "• > During the first five months of this year sugar Imports went up more than, a fourth; But experts cylna the domestic tiigar sl(uatlon sfty II looks as If the Ipme-growii bed sugnr supply will be as low as It was In 1943, thai Is, 40 per cenl below narinnl. NEW CARS FOR OLD . • When new cnrs now on-ned by thcv Untied Slales government are, declared surplus ond ofteMd for sale lo the home folk«, Ihcre v,lll bu nn nil-over maxlmuin «7srk-up of 27 per cent over the oilginal list-price.' The dealer will l» allowed lo clmrge you Ihls maximum markup only If the car has been completely reconditioned so that Jls pe- , rlod of storage has nol caused any dcpi'cclatlon in iu value. lM ,WHh Music , Mass. (UP) — Three IIMS u grandnilher, Sgi: • John Rossi, GO, of Mcthueti Is condilol- li>E Army band concerts bctwtvit trcatmtints for pounds Buslalned while serving as stroteher-beurcr In New Otilhea nnd later on auu- dalcanal. Alaskan [lowers are nearly all while or yellow, and blue or pink blossoms are exceptions In nils northern land. -The Appalachian Mountains were (he first mountains lo appeur In Norlh America. SKIN ERUPTIONS CHECK ITCHING-BURNING! Hie unllwuUo-iilmulutlni way .with fa- room niMk nnd Whito Oiniraout. p, 0 mold lirjilim.. ]<V. 2JV, {(V. Money buk l S"S r ""f'i- Uf° '""* " <ll'«cW. Cl(«n dully wltL BlMk .ad Wtlla Skin Soi "IF ARE RUNNING UP AMDOOWW/l SPINEIMIGHT I'll Bet You (an Find II At FRITZIUS If you're up town any day you can hear the above friendly, sensible advice. If it's "hard to get" and can be had, Fritzius has it. Below are just a few critical items now in stock at Fritzius. White Sharkskin White Jersey White Nurses Linen Poplin Suiting Summer Spuns 80 Square Prints Seersucker Bed Ticking Blue Denim. Oil Cloth Brown Domestic Pillow tubing Muslin Sheets SUPERCALE Hemstitched Percale Sheets Pillows Beautiful Luncheon Cloths Lace Table Cloths New American Lace Trim Window Shades Curtain Scrim Mosquito Netting The Most Complete Line of Dress Buttons Super Sheer High Twist Rayon Hose Lots of Baby Things Little Tots Sun Suits Children's and Ladies' Elastic- all-around Panties JUST ARRIVED! 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