The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TON BLYTHEVILLI (ARK.) COURIER NEW* SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1951 Russia Hides Military Forces As Farmers in Fear of A-Bomb WASHINGTON, Sept, 15. CAP) — , A Owchoelovakia underground re-' port Bays Soviet Russia—apparently in'fe&r of the atom bomb—Is cloak- Ing military concentrations along the Iron curtain in the guise of native fanners and workers. Dr. T. 8. Krnjcovle, chairman of ttM national committee for liberation of Slovakia, told newsmen last night that thousands of civilian* in Russian satellite states have boon •victed to make way for dir.guised Russian soldiers. Their homes, he aald, have become military strong points. Meanwhile, exiled Czeclus, including a former ambassador to the United States, urged that the West •trap an economic squec/e on their Communist homeland, to balk Soviet demands lor Czech products, Changes Indicated M a news conference In the office of Rep. Price (D-II1), Dr. Krajcovic said reports Just received from two Slovak underground groups Indicate "basic changes" In Soviet military tactics. These, Dr. Krajcovlc, told newsmen, are: 1. A switch from the traditional Russian mass tactics to elimination of troop* concentrations as an easy bomb target. 2. A similar dlsperson of war materials, for the same reason. Dr. Krajcovic said these have tnk- «a" th« form of forced transfer of civilian populations nt strategic points, and their displacement by "thousands of Soviet soldiers" who ftMuroe Uw names , of -those they displace. Doctor WAS Liberated Dr. Krajcovic, formerly director of the Bank of Slovakia, was brought to the United States after World War II under military aegis after liberation from a German concentration c&mp bj General Patton's army, In hU-role here as head of the Slovakia liberation movement, Dr. Krajcovic said he is in constant touch with anti-Russian underground organizations In Carpathan Slovakia. He gave then* ttetalU of the new Soviet tactic*: "Hi* military "aettlers" are con oerting homes, and building new orw*, serving as "a virtual armory or arsenal containing light, and heavy weapons." Jh Slovakia—eastern Czechoslovfc- la la the Carpathian Mouutalns- 1M.OOO Slovaks were ordered de ported July 10 by tha Prague government. Th* deportee* are sent into Russia and "virtually reduced to the status of ilave*." Czechs Protest Clampdown; Silence Greets Notes to Big 3 LONDON. Sept. 16. O'-A Czechoslovak protest against new Western clampdowns on her Communist regime met with silence today from the United States, Britain and France. The Prague radio said last night the Czech government was sending notes to the three countries complaining of "open dUcrlmlnatlon." There was no Indication early today whether the notes have reached U-S., British and French headquarters In West Germany. A separate note also was going to the French government in Paris. The decision to send the notes follows tlie Tuesday midnight blockade of Czech government airlines. Czech planes are barred from fly- tig over West Germany and into ••ranee and England. Prague radio dam Agreement and charged U.S. with pressuring Britain called this a violation of the Fot<the and France to join in the sanctions. Allied officials disclosed unofficially earlier this week that the measures are part of an agreed program of reprisals for the Prague "spy" trial and Jailing of Associated Press Correspondent William N. Oatis. A Czech court sentenced Oatls to 10 years in July in a mocked-up trial. Evidence given In court developed that the usual practices of Western-style reporting were construed to be spying behind the Iron curtain. President Truman said In Washington two weeks ago the U.S. will not close the Oatls case until he is freed. Eight Fort Smith High School Boys Recover Medical Kit , FORT SMITH, Arfc., Sept, 15. (/Pi- Eight high school boys tackled a man on a residential street here .ast night and recovered a medical kit which contained a smajl amount of narcotics. Assistant Police chief V. H. Looper said the youths overpowered a man Identlfcd as Joe Burns. 22, niter witnessing the break In of parked automobile owned by Dr. A. A. Blair, a Port Smith physician. Ijooper said the boys chased Durns about two blocks before they lacklcd and subdued him. The boys returned to the physician a small medical kit, which they said Burns took from Blair's car and held the man until police arrived. Dr. Blair said the kit contained small amount of narcotics. A hypodermic needle was found in Burns' possession when he searched, Looper said. He was booked on burglary and grand larceny but has not been formally charged. The boys are: Bob Curtis, Freddy Friedman, John Pola, Dicky Cardwell, Richard Crow, David Meier, Richard Hill and Charles Northern. Modern Mariner Slays an Albatross And Ship Suffers as Ancient Sailor Woman Has Four Babies', 7s Hungry' BALTIMORE, Sept. 15. <AP) — Susie Avance took six mfnutea to add four children to her family of five late yesterday—then told doctors "I'm hungry," Quadrupled were born to the 31 year-old Negro mother In city hospital here after 32 minutes of labor. nine months ago she gave birth' to a son. The quads are about six weeks premature. Hospital officials said the infant* and their mother are getting along "well enough for the present." The Avance woman told hospital officials that her husband was killed in a stabbing two months a£t>. Last night In their two-room apartment facing a 10-foot cobblestone alleyj the older Avance youngsters were told they had two new brothers and two new sisters —all In a single package. Those old enough to understand acted pleased, looked at each other and giggled, but refused to make any comment. The fjlrls are 10 and 12 years old. The hoys are 8, 2 and B months-old. Neighbors have been caring for them. Doctors reported the woman's first comment niter the babies were born wns: "I'm hungry," Six of Convict Escapes Caught; Search Pushed Alabama Prison Director Firei Towtr Guard* Hollywood Judge J. B. Ward Dies at Age of 75 RUSSELLVILLE, Ark..' Sept. 15. (/PI— Chancery Judge J. B. Ward died here this morning following a long illness. He was 75. 5 Nations Exempt From U. S. Aid Ban PORT ANGELES, Wash., Sept. 15. (/}';—A University of Washington research nsslstant shol nil albatross at sen despite protest* of a ship's crew. Like the "Ancient Mnrlner," he wishes he hndn't. The resenrch assistant. John Sllpp, was aboard the U. B. Fish and Wildlire Service's exploratory ship John N, Cobb when he spot- led the bird usually found ofl the Franchot Tone Is in Semi-Coma After Fight Over Buxom Blonde HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 15. fAP) — Actor Fraiichot Tone, Uie loser w a fight orer a buxom filmland blonde, was still in a state of scml- •oaa at a hospital today. Tom Neal, the movie muscleman who administered the bentinur, stuck by his story that Tone started it. But the blonde, Barbara Payton, In- •Uted that Ton« "is not the sort of nan who would strike anyone ISrst." ThU much, however, Is definite: ttu wedding of Neal nud Miss Fayton, scheduled for today in Sun Fronclaco, Is off, probably lor gooct, M the result of one of the fiercest and most lopsided fights In Hollywood annals—on or off the screen. Tone, a Phi Beta Knppa man, came out of it with hts pnlrlclan now shattered, a broken cheek bone, and a brain concussion. His physician, Dr. Lw Siegcl. snlcl the actor may want to discuss the fight with district attorney's investigators whenever his condition penults. Police Chief William Parker IIBS ordered an investigation, but no charges have been filed. N>al Has Skinned Knuckles Neal, a former amateur boxer Rites Are Conducted For Molly Ware, 48 Services for Molly Ware, 43, will be conducted Sunday at. 2 p.m. at Cnston Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Henry A. Shetld officiating She died Tuesday at her home on South Elm. St. Burial will be in Marie Cemctcrj at Marie, Ark. Survivors include a brother, Dave Bosley of Marvel, Ark.- and three sisters, Charlotte Lee. Ida Brownson and Flora Bosley. • » • Rites for Henry Ry!ee Former Resident, Held Services for Henry T. Rylee. formerly a BlylhevMIe building contractor, will be conducted tomorrow in Alexandria, L,a., where !he 62- year old man has made his home foi the last ten years. Mr. Rylee rm s been til for severa months. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Beau: Rylee; a son, Carl nylce of Alex andria; and a brother, Walter Ryle of Memphis. Last Ride This Year CARUTHERSVILLE Wed. •€(» Dancing 8 p.m. , I* Till Midnile with shoulders like a fullback, emerged with his knuckles skinned raw and a^ mumbled apology. "I'm sorry to hear the guy's in hospital," he said. "I hope he's not hurt bad." Tone, 46. scaled 155 pounds. Neal, 35. weighed 180. All blows but the Jirst one, according to Neal, were delivered by him. "The first blow." Miss Payton con- nidlcted. "knocked Franchot u.own. !e was completely out. Tom bent ini unmercifully nftcr that." Neighbor Saw Scrap A neighbor who glimpsed the coast of Australia. Capt. Sheldon Johnson, Ignoring seven superstl- tuous seamen who said "no," let ifm shoot U /or the university museum. The senmen reminded Slipp of the fate of Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner." (In that story, the mariner shot an albatross and the winds died down, leaving his ship becalmed. Al\ aboard the vessel but the mariner died - from starvation or thirst. His prayers finally were answered and he made port with the ship after many day*' suffering.) Slipp shot the bird. These events followed: The ship was engaged in exploratory deep sea trawling at the time and IU net cables fouled three times. The net caught on the sea bottom and was ripped into shreds. The shaft on the main winch snapped and the crew had to reel in the T,700 feet of cable. Ted Moellenciorf, a scientific aide aboard the ship, fell down a hatch ladder and broke a rib. Sllpp, though the sea was calm, became violently .-icasick for the first time in hts life. The ship had to turn back to Seattle because of its broken gear. There the cook quit. Sllpp swore off albatross hunting. WASHINGTON, Sept. 15. CAP) — The National Security Council has exempted five countries—Iran, . Israel, Egypt, Libya and Indonesia— from a legal ban against U.S. aid to nations doEng business behind the Soviet "Iron curtain." Declaring that Iran does not export arms, ammunition, atomic or other war materials to the Soviet bloc, the council, headed by President Truman, said yesterday it Is in the security Interest of the United States to exempt Iran from the ban. SPEIONER, Ala., Sept. 15. (#)— Six of 21 convicts who made a daring break from Draper Prison last night, were back in custody today while an intensive search went on for the others. As an aftermathj Prison Director J. M. McCullough announced the firing of Iwo tower guards, who, he said, could have prevented Ihe break If they had been alert. Their names were not disclosed. They were stationed Jn tower* on each side of the front wall. Three of the escaped convicts were captured at Setma, Ala., within few hours after their escape. Two others were run hown by dogs. Another was taken off a train near the prison. Forgery Convict Caught Those picked up at Selma were | Robert Cottrell, serving a two-year! /Ofgery term, Donald Phillips and, Neal MU'IieLson. ' Warden B. R. Reeves said the ringleader was Prank Green, a convicted murdered, who grabbed the guard at the front inside gate aod overpowered him. Green was serving life. Green had asked the guard to let him put some papers In the warden's desk outside the gate, Reeves said, Kcyi Taken from Guard Reeves said Micheison helped Green take the keys from the guard, W. C. White, who waa beaten until lie was unconscious. They ransacked the prison arse nal, then rounded up five other guards and locked them in the guard captain's office together with two prisoners. Reeves added. After opening cell doors along the WM much more dialog and acting far m* than I usually get. Now peo- pto are coming up to me saying, •You know, I LIKED 'Happy Cio Loveljr.'" * • • It won't be In the publicity releases, but MGM's "Lovely to Look At" is a remake of Irene Dunne's great hit. "Roberta." 'Her "Smoke GeU In Your Eyes" number now U a dream sequence for Marge and Cower champion, who Join the movie space scientists by dancing out of this world onto the Milky Way. She Wai Burning Phyllis Kirk's contract at Warners after she was dropped nt MGM resulted In angry words and a partnership split-up between two Hollywood agents. trade paper! "Wanted for TV— Tematt Bombshell." But aren't th*« toe m»nr »1- readyf • • • Wayn* Morris joins John Ireland in the cast of "Tin Bushwhackers." . . . Eddie Dmytryk is reported writing a "Soviet spy sto- ness. He's been und«r nrnihut t* RKO sinee 1931. • • * Shortest poem of th« jtsti ptnned by a starlet who got htr ffcrt glimpse of Russell Kypti "Nypet" Ylpe!" ry." Sign of the times note: Celebrity Service has put In celeb department. . a TV Ninety-six' big star names have signed up for "Movietime, U. S. A." personal appearance tours. . . . Endurance Note: Leon Errol Is celebrating his 50th year in show busi- They're telling about the Dixie- born stenographer at paramount who cooed: "Isn't it just wonderful about the studio signing up that southern boy from The King and I.'?" "Southern boy?" gasped her companion. • "I'm talking about You-All Bryn- ler, honey," came the floorer. Short Takes: A Hollywood men's lothing store Is advertising, "Final 'urge." . . . Joan Leslie has sign- d for a Fireside Theater show, Black Savannah." main corridor, they sped off in two cars, one belonging to the prison chaplain and the other to a guard. Phillips, one of those caught Sclmn, was serving a seven-year sentence for grand larceny. His companion, Micheison, got 20 years for robbery. McMATH crap hi Miss Payton's patio early estcrdny morning said she pulled 1 away after he had rendered '°" e sl ' pl " e Fulbright Say* Russians The Tight took plnce the day alter.., ,.f, „ c «. L ,iiss Pnyton obtained her final de-' Won t Challenge Strength ree of divorce from her second has- innd, John Payton, a used car salcs- nnn. Events leading up to It were i follows: Miss Payton, 25, hurt been dating .'one steadily until nbout l month «i<l a half ago. Last year, in fact, lie figured prominently in n child custody battle between him and his ex-wife, Jean Wallace, now married actor Cornel Wilde. Tone testl- icd at the hearing that he had frequently observed Miss Payton in th uncle. TREATY (Continued from Page 1) raise $10,000 (or me in their county if I made the race. Before the Democratic primary was over. I received J10.000 from supporters in Criltcnden County in accordance with their pledge. Campaign Continued "When the Democratic primary was over In 1948, the campaign continued. My opposition endeavored to enter a candidate against me in the general election and made a concerted effort to take over the state Democratic Party organization in order to carry the state for (Strnirrt Thurmond and (Fielding Ij.) Wright who let the States Rights Democrats' ticket in 1948 and against the regular party nominees. During this period, my supporters from Crittenden County contributed additional funds. "At the request of the Internal Revenue Department, this information, with supporting affidavits from principal contributors in Crlt- tcuden County was supplied to them several months ngo. "The summons delivered yesterday to J. C. Johnson, John Mac Smilll and Jake McC.m «'cre tsued May 22, 1951. I am at n less to understand why the Bureau of Inter- al Revenue delayed several months NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Su«. Ph. 58 mill* Playgrounds for the Kiddie* Free Kiddie Car Kids Under 12 with Parents Show Starts 7:00 p.m. No Mosquitoes—No Bugs Our Anniversary Will lie Soon You'll Be Invited! Advertisement in Hollywood (Continued from Pzg* 1) sometime early in 1957. Paul Van Zetland, foreign minis ter o( Belgium and president of th council this year, Indicated at news conference last night the pos sibility of a fight over the Greek Turkish issue. While he would no say what the council would do. he pointedly remarked that any decision on admission of new members requires a unanimous vote by the 12 old members.' The Greek-Turkish question is the chief issue of a military nature on which a decision is expected here. Most of the debate will concern the question of "sharing the burden," as NATO delegates express it, of the cost of rearming. NEW YORK. Sept. 15. W—Sen. J. William Fulbrighl (D-Ark) sain today that Russia will not vclun- tnrily provoke a world war if the United States remains firm in its opposition to* aggression. Fulbright was n speaker at ceremonies dedicating "Arthur T. Van-! jn having these summons serveil— tlerbllt Hnll," $5,000.000 law center' narticularly in view of the fact that or New York University on Wash- this information ha<t been furnish- ington Square. Postal Pay Hike Given Approval WASHINGTON. Sept. 15. (AP> — A bill carrying n minimum S-IOO annual pay raise for nearlv all of the nation's 500.000 field postal workers wns passed by the Senate yesterday Final action came by voice vote. It Is estimated the measure would cost, more than S200.000.000 a year in higher salaries. The raises would be retroactive to last July 1. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "WANTED: DEAD or ALIVE' with Whip Wilson Now Open All Night! • Sas & Motor Oils • Tires-TireRepairs • Battery Service •Wrecker Service Phone 4453 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Saturday "STAGECOACH TO DENVER" Wild Bill Elliott Saturday Owl Show 'CAUSE FOR ALARM" lORETTA YOUNG BARKY SULLIVAN Saturday N1TE-1 *""' li S I R . . YOUR CAR AND /f MITX OCCUPANTS! .AJtA~ WILL UACMITTE1 FOR. ONE- BUCK! A REAL BARGAIN!.. A GREAT SAVttWSfl Double Feature Sunday & Monday 'THE FROGMEN" DANA ANDREWS GARY MERRILL Tuesday 'CALL OF THE JUNGLE" Ann Curio t WANDA HFMDRIX -AND8EA XINd —And— Cartoon Serial: "RADAIt PATROL" New Serial: "Invisible Monster" COTTON BOLL Sunday & Monday — 2 Hits on North Fliway 61 Phone 3570 W»/son Gridder Suffers Broken Leg During Gome WILSON, Sept. 15—Frank Keel. Wilson High School football player, suffered a fractured right leg in Wilson's game with Lepnnto here hist night. He wns taken to Campbell's Clinic In Memphis this morning. Wilson Coach Roy Stobaugh said Hint big bone In Keel's leg was broken halfway between the knee and ankle. Keel Is a lineman. Sept, 9 MOONMTE Ivs. a p.m. PARKS (tax incl.) Child 75c — Adults $1.50 RHYTHArMASTERS AND THEIR ORCHESTRA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE MARK OF DRAGON" SUNDAY & MONDAY RIB HOT romanc* that rocks ol' New Orleans! THE STORY OF THE GREAT SANTA FE PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 860 On Your Dial Sunday, Sept. 16, 1951 MORNING 7:00 — Sign On 7:00— Music tor Sunday 7:55 News 8:00— Church or Christ 8:15 -Church of God Blythe- vllle 8:45 Southern Gospel Singers 9:00 — Rev. Eugene chauey 9:30— Southern Four 9:45 — Spiritual Five 10:00 — Southern Travelers 10:13 — Sunday Melody Time 10:30 Chapel In the Sky 11:00— Church Services 12:00— News AFTERNOON 12:15 — Noon Serenade 1:00 — News 1:05 — Baseball Frolics 1:25— Cards vs. Pittsburgh 4:00— Sunday Melody Time 4:30— So Proudly We Hall 5:00— Philo Vance 5:30 — Boston Blackie. 6:00 — News & Sports 6:15— Sign Ort Monday, Sept. 17, 1951 MORNING 5:45-Sign On 5:45— Musical Round Up 6:00— Men's 6:05— Farm Pair 6:15 Musical Round-Up 6:45 — Southern Gospel Singers 7:00 — News 1:05- Yaivmn In the Mornln 8'00- -News 8:15 South America Way 8-30- KOSE Kapers 9:00— Woman's Viewpoint 9 -30— Meet The Menjous 9.45 — Dearest Mother 10:00— News 10:05— Concert Master 10:30 -Meet the Band 11:OO -News 11:05- -Farm Frolics U:30— Vaden Gospel Hour SATURDAY Family Night $1.00 I'EU CAR LOAD —ADVENTURE HIT- SCOTT BRADY*."i FREEMAN —Pins— LOLA LANE JAMES CRAIG "ZANZIBAR' 1 Plus Cartoon & Comedy •••••••••••••••••• Midnight Horror Show SATURDAY AT 11:30 We Dare You to See It! t'll scare the yell out of you! 2 Screaming Chillcrj ADMISSION ADULTS 12:00— News I2:l5--Noon Serenade 1:00— Behind World Nevs 1:05— Matinee Melodies 1:30— Here's to Vets 1:45— Navy Band 2:00— News — Hillbilly HIU 3:00— News 3:05— Heptime 4:00— News 4:05 — Murray's Marihousfl 4:30— Cisco Kid 5:OU— News 5: Ob — Record Rock 5:30— Scoreboard 5:45 — Show 6:00— News 6:OS— Evening Serenad* 6:^— Sign Oil Sunday & Monday "INSIDE THE WALLS OF COCHRAN DAVID BRIAN — PHILIP CARET T£0 de CORSIA DOSOTHY H*ST w-«-. >~i o.«*«. CRANE WILBUR 2 | Kiddie* Cartoons j Fret Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:W Sat.-Sun. l:M Ahvavs a Double Feature Saturday — Two Hits! WHT ET lulLO ]Hll! M HTTWS! ALSO CARTOON "UNDERSEA KINGDOM" Serial Saturday Lale Show—11:30 Also Cartoon "Radar Patrol".Serial Sunday & Monday — 2 Hits r «. M n JOHN P*VN( r G*H »U«fU r STMLING M*YDI*» GEOIGt -GobbT MAVIS '— •!.. DlCtfOtAM —Plus— Also Cartowi

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