The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE n, FLYTHEVILLE (ARK,)] COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION f r»t« per Ua« (or Bon»eoutlt« Uuoui: niiuiu Ckarv* , , 6(J| tlw* yt-t hue 1/jo I Jin** yer lln« per d»y , i'Jo eUjr . to For Sale New stake (ruck bodies 12 ft. Ions fi>r long wheel hase (ruck. Factory built bodies, only n few left at the old price, lilylheville .Motor Company. 1'hono J22. G-7-ek-G-M hi aiei por llun yet tUf fio hlh per line KOo Ugonl fite ater»(n wurd* l« the llu«. I kd» ardorcd for ILrie or »lx tSnJe* And ' .. d b«ior« BxpirAtioti *]LI bu chkr^ea UIB number uf tltm<» iljo »d Kiji.c&j^d L »djubtiufiit uf t>!IL m&du. AH OliKMifitd Adyerlisuii; coyy mh- luil liy II.THIN. r^Hliii^ cuUid* ol uo uiubl hu iccurniituin'd hy cidk K^t<it tio ciiiily coiuiiuitd fcuiii iLe' utiovo a. ilfuriUing' urdtir for IrreguUr Inter' i t&kct tlie otto lluie IKID. u rc>[ionBLlji]ily will Lin Inkim roMnDrs uuu jucorrfct JHEC-riiocj o( AUY olai* t>d »d. ><,>. D..II. -1 ||L>I 1 Fo/Sol« (J( LOANS If you want a \% fil I,o;m (o buy a humc, KCC MAX UHJAN, LYNCH ULIXJ. 20.T1 or ',(}'>. MAIIT I'AIIMKHS ' ttnil l.i,v1or-[ Tlu-y \VI,,.,i >.,,„ oil BIOVH ii«.d» tl,.»,,i, ; r"|i»lrin|; 1'nll 3'JJ1. Al! »urk All [yi'i'S uii.l kinXlA. U'D h]inrinlizi< in II'JUIT .niowLT KlmriuTiint: miU unitor ovcrliHiiliriy. Ves, wi; |iick U|. mid .li-livir. Illyllltiville ililulilna Kbup. ; Tractor repairs and service. j Electric and acetylene i welding:. Blacksmith work. 'or Ice Cold Wafci melons J Delta Implement Co. Phone or im',Iil, call at Ice: . S(i ' 1 - 3-15-ck-tf I'lanl, Oseeola. (i-S-pk-li-l I \ For Kent Kili-lii'ri ]>rivili'i:i-<i. lira•. . r '-'l N, "lili. I'liuii.- 7-].k-1 I nrrlrontiH clnsci in. Atlic fan Sll] W. i \\':i!iuil. \L-\^ C!^-' nil-lit to hiuti. -in. :ill N. NitMh. Wanted to Trade T-l.k-!l H,.,ir. |!omple(c sawmill, International power unit in K«O<! condition; large carriage' , and edffer. 2(1" planer. This Will trade '11-12 model ear? mill sold nil together. Vour for .'iS or :!() models. (!oo< trailer wagons; S heavy yonnic mares; extra mill parts; 2 saw muriels; extra carriage and other mill parfs; small International Klv ,,, sll ,,,, .„„ ,.,,„, Miliri ^...^ mofor. This mill is running L1|l " lin - s: ' ;l in I'ride. Addition, H. 21sl St. O. S. Rollison. ' |Jsed Underwood Simslrand electric. p(istin«- machine. Can be used for addlmj machine only. In the very lies! of condition, lilyliic- \\\\c i\I n t o r Company. ,»ht)nc 422. (i-7-ck-(i-l".| ^s |ihc'c( music and all kinds of musical instrumenLs and supplies. We also have been appointed dealers for the famous well known line of • Century. Retails l">c copy. Over ifiOO selc-c- lions to choose from. Now in stock. I'arkhursl Company, (i-l-ck-(i-17 |iuy your Gould's Electric Pump now before they he- come scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf deals. Phillips Motor Co.. 51 h and Walnut. (i-:',-ck-tl Wanted To Buy Vclc'i-iin u-iinls uiKiiUvin kin- ni:irliin 1'luiric 1X3. Osi'TOla. [l-|,l DONT TAKE A LOSS, f (he to|> price for your cai or truck from I'HILMI'S MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-t Old kn rinks nnil cuincrtis for [inrts O'.Stvrn'.s Kind in. 4[7-ck-t II«• n Motor Tune-tip mirliinc fisc- Mnin. 5(J9. 4120-ck-lt I'or Fine Portraits It's TVSTKKN'S STUDIO u-25-ck-tl ew Phnnogniphs, automatic record changers, ampli fii'rs, microphones. A I I makes to select from. Paikhurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 .Vc l>ay i-nsh for [iru'rt (nrniliirp. |iTt:cn nr a Imnsr (till. Call 21102. vin llnrciy Fumiliiro Co. 41IO-«- Wanted to Rent in IVjil's Paint Kin I.-.. :i nr .1 rcnutl fun i.b.'il ;iji.-irli]n-m or hi Help Wanted VKX \YANTKD. Ilcl ivr<-iv Ifu- si-i^i t>! :inil :M. riMi|:u-| I". S. Army K-<-i liii: S..rirp.;nil in I'o-I Otitw i;»il-lii : .- Illvlli.'vlH.'. ,Ark. i; I l-r Lori |f«sl arrived l;ir.u l e shipment. Trnvflin.ur Iin^s and iicccs- sorics. 1'nrkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 I'ictnrc frames niatle to order O'Sleen Sludio. .1-2-1-ck-W Irort-ry s1"ri> w illi livini; .;i f-oll<rr ^-ith .1 rental lions ininh-lv 2 arrfs of l;unl II" r. ni. ho iriui • n for m-lustrj'. Ki. -ry. N. 11 ivy (11. .|.]>].-7 |i used 01 Infpniiitional combines willi motors reconditioned. Price rca^onafilc. ('oni|iany. Phone 1(11. oitni:it In tlir Chniircry Oourl, Chick;] K^ivbn Distrirl, Mississipiii Cntinl; J. A. Dcnlon PlainlifT vs. No. 0597 Esther Drnlnn Dofenclnn Thn (Infonclant Estlior Dcnton i hereby wijrncd [o tipiienr \vilhi Ihirty dtiys in Uio court ]]ainrtl i the enption hereof and answer the complnint of the plaintilT J. A. Dcnlou. Dated Ihis 31 dp.y of Mnv, !01G. HAR.VF.Y MORRIS. Clerk By FrcidB Eriglit, D. C. Percy A. Wrii;ht. Ally, for Pltf. C. F. Cooper, Atty. ad Litcm. G:l-8-15-22 The STRIKES ARE OVER Manufacturers will soon be in full production and the value of your car or truck wi!l take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR NOW! GET THE TOP DOLLAR at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. -153—454 Political Announcements The Courier N«v* DM bMC authorized to •UaUOUQC* t>\g foUoW- lag c»ndld»t«. wibjeot to UM Democratic primary: KHettirr AN» COI.LBCTOB JACK rlNL*Y ROBINSON WU.UAV. BEItRYMAN COUNTY JUIH1B OENE E. BRADl^T HOl^ANU GREEN . FOR TAX AS8K8BOM DOYLE IIKN1DERDON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT Cl.r.KK HARVEY MORRia COUNTY (JOIIKT CI.KKK EUy.AUETH BLYTHK COUNTY TKRASUKEB I DKIA.A rUIlTIJB HTATK ItKl'ICKSKNTATIVB AUENE WO IUJ E. C. FLEUMAN iiKSi.vE "UUKIE" SPECK 1.. H. AUTIIY W. J. WUNDEKIilOH (For rr-clccddn) STATE SENATOR J. LEE BEARDEN • JEl'I-'EHSON W. Sl'ECK mtoi:iT .iiuxji: K. O. WARD 1. M. ClKKKIt lilrll 1'ort Tlu> imrt ,,r N(»,\ Oi-k'ims Is snld In lie n';;p»ilKil>lf. citlii'r directly or Imliiwlly, for 7(1 rrnls of every (liilhir clivulalhli; 111 llml. Hly':; Floors Reftsisshed New Floors I,:iid :incl rinishoil iM:ll<c Your Oltl I'lnnrs I.otik Ni-w Modern S:milin K ]:[|i]i|]iiienl Used. Call 'inn for Vrr.e Ksliinalr. Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper, Slats-O-Wood Awnings IM So. First "We Clean and Wir 1-loors" Phone 4f» * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glcncoe Hotel BMjf. If you are troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Out a Supply Today Special Trices On Quantify Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phonc 515 126 West Main St. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" riumoirraphs — Records nnrt Accessories. Iliitiery and • 10 lee trie Radios 21 i W Main • Phone SURE OUT AND GO! BUT BE SURE YOUR CAR IS SAFE... Drive that car in here. Let us give it a complete check-up now. . . Avoid Spoiling your trip with untimely and expensive breakdown while away from home. DRIVE IN TODAY! NO DELAY! Loy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gat and Oil- 301 Wast Walnut Phone 578 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables • Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail B^ythcviUe Curb Market 130 E. Main JPhone 973 Local & I.onjt Distance Moving Competent H«l|) knil wjulilmaul. Att«- UUfttnljr IciUTed. OontrAtl UBUIIIIK KUd Hike. HorTlcu. Home Service & Siatkpt Co. Tcrfect repktrhJK for <<id»T*» ex- qubUt« footwear aMmreii whca rebuilt In oar Modern ihop. * H-fl L.T€. JUflLITY SHOt SWOP 111' W M H I N S T, DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" KOVAI,, SMITH, CORONA pnd REMINGTON FORTARI.K 110 N. SECOND ST. • PHONE 3XU (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Kills Rats - Fresh Slock Guaranteed Itest Trices Kirby Drug Stores Roaches Biddle Exterminator* Member lS»tT. Pert Ontnl I IIS B. Third Ht n«M " * mouth. Ttine-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. i Have your brakes checked for safety. Wo have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T, i. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete SCflflkn of Parfci For Cfcrysler Product* • E. Main fluaf Z1 In Peace as in \Vnr it's pootl bn^l- tirss to use tile USES. Eniplnyers find by tlshi£ tile services of th-; United States Employment Service _!liey help cm, tlown on absenteeism and Inbw turnover bur in- crrasp prncluctivily. List, ynnr jal) t>i)pninss now by oallini: (lie USES. ll'nit'iiauf gasoline trailer. 2.">0 gallon wiiii .'1 com- paif motifs, ti'.iufinj^ KC:II-. 1000x20 fires iiainfed \vliile in perfect condition. Triced to sell. Terms. Hlytheville Motor Company. Phone •122. fi-7-ck-r.-l I 7-i-k-l 1 If--cd Trailer, 21 ft. Nahors Trailer with 1000x20 fires in (he very hcsl of condition. Terms. Hlylhcvillc iMolor Compariy. Phone -122. fi-7-ck-G-M Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CATJ, W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2<M2 Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Hefore you .start out on thaf summer vacation trip. . . let our mechanics check and double check vonr car. rest Hat (cries! Change Oil! Ue.set engine liming! Inne-np motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assured »f smooth (raveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 2J HOURS Walnut & Broadway Buick Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 55U BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES GOSH.VT'S SWtVVTO Stt DUO VyK!^\.VV WT THv. Jf\CK TOT '. Ht SU12t TOOK ^ l-OT Of KICKIH6 I OMLV HORt Ht CftN SUCCL3S (\s VJUL ^S HE TOOK FMV-URt ! 1 WONDtR ! 15 True BY EDGAR MARTIN' GO\KlG TO sucass Wt(\D ROOtA ENOUGH TO PVW1X O? COO I. OOW'T TPvi.« UKE L THM ! FKttCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VOQ'R£ RISHT, BOOT'S 1 6UT \f Hack-Door Service WELL TAKE A IGoTTA STOVCE OUR own DOZEM TOMkSHl". FIRES TOO.V'KNOwT" MRSKAME/ J- $&*i l>v w m w ''( ^ A | &OS5(1IB(J.BENTON' i 1 - >^ RoR. Mows BUSIMESS TMESE DAYS,MRS MNE f. STILL BOUIMG IW , w~-~-. , -•OOUCM"? JMR. BURKS' RY MERRILL BLOSSRJi SURE ! <V WE MUM8ER.' THE &. - 8. RAILROAD AMONG OUR. BIG&ESr. CUSTOMERS '•' .-^ VOU KNOW. MRS. KAWE. \ LETTERMrADS? YOU OUGHTA HAVE SOME BY ^F* SEBVICEJ ISC. T M. REG. U. 9, PAT. OFF. A1,I,10Y 00!' Okay on the Jiiij; Work 6 LOTT/. BjVtC! iLL SiTTA CO IS 9CP THAT CL'P:CiCLu-PoGS JUST ONCE AS:' VC'j COLLECT TM' PSiJCSH' BY V. T. HAMILTON TAKE THAT CISA"? OUTA GOT A \VOUR FACE:/ P"YA V.ANT COCKV FkiHTER. 1 ! 7 HA ,T BRO<EN-POVVN ^ V OM MV HAVE 1 PUG T' KMOCK- VOUR HEAD OFF? t-ll I'^Si.-WH-^L

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