The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1936
Page 8
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.PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Im[X)venshec! by Centimes of Futile and Purposeless Struggle This Is the third of '. four stor- p ics Mlln; Hie tragic history of I Sraln, eiuiiir (lie background of . Icday's bloody Internal warfare. 1 » « * BY WII.US THORNTON '' NKA Service Stan" Correspoiulcnl Though direct downfall did not follow the defeat of the great Armada, Spain declined from that v day, It was a "hollow shell, with venal and Incompetent officials, ' stupid nntl bigoted rulers, and a „ peojile whose every effort ut in- £ -duslrlal or agricultural progress was thwarted by taxation and a • stilling bureaucracy. The Hapsburg emperors used the country as a pawn In Ihe European diplomatic same; domestic gomnment was weak and tyrannical at once. A rebellion in Catalonia, which even today maln- Inlns great pride of locality, was savagely suppressed. Portugal fell nway wilhout a fight, for when ' the Braganzas took charge there, ^ the- Spanish crown was engaged In a fight W !th nic French, Napl-s , revolted, and the Thirty Years 1 War took n dreary toll of Spanish resources. Continual and bitter warfare ' was necessary to keep a foothold In the Netherlands. Wars -with the French were continual, inspired by childish intrigues of Inteimarrlages among the revalues of toth countries t, Under Hnpsburg rule, the population of Spain declined from 20000;000 to 8,000,000 Public finance uas, a wreck the army and navy demoralised and ruined. In . Ihe-last Hapsburg king died, leaving, the c«mn to a Frenc), Ucur- bon, Philip v EUROI'fS BATTLEGROUND Now Spain found herself in the middle, allied with France deahifli a coalition of England. Hoilnnd nepmark, Austria and Prussia bpain «as the battleground Allied (loops took Barcelona frcc-I Hie Spanish Netherlands, and hi- \ntlcd Sp-vln Itself through Poiln- E\en Madrid wns cnptuicd Spimsli troops fought" and diet m • eiory Intriguing campabi thrpughoiit Europe When the French o\ ei turned monarchy . Spain Mas too v>enk;to But her rojal house Revolution III .-J"' J1VU3U IllilUC 1US posl Ion clear-It wns .against the revolution A Spanish army varied Franc? after Louis XVI h'nd been executed, but ivas driven out, and French revolutionary troops swarmed through Caia- lonlu. The Spanish people neither supported their own king nor rallied to the revolutionary forces m the French hoped. They simply suffered. Peace had to be made to avoid complete conquest. FRESH DISASTKlt AT SKA Rebellion was already rumbling In Pern nnd Mexico. And the Spanish monarch chose Mils time to form an alliance with Fionce agninst England. Napoleon, who had taken over the French Revolution, demanded that Spain, as his ally, declare war on Portugal, his enemy. Agnlnst his will, King Charles had to Invade Portugal, supported by a French army. This campaign wns Inconclusive, but left Sualn exhausted by a corrupt and licentious court. Into war between France and England, Spain was now drawn, not so much throng), Hie l-'rcnch alliance as through British affronts to her sea trade. Fur her pains, she sa\: her licet beaten by Nelson nl Trafalgar. Hut Charles IV had otrended Napoleon by refusal to recognize some of the kingships Hie conqueror distributed among his rclu- llvcs. So Naiwlcon, fresh from triumphs throughout Europe, filtered Ills .troops Into Spain as allies Intent on Invading Portugal. But when a revolution broke out agnlnst the Spanish king, the! French soldiers were In Mndildj ready lo take charge. They did so, but not without bitter resistance from the Spanish populace, who fought the trained French troops In the streets with much bloodshed. FKENCif YOKE TIOHTES'Iil) This unorganized resistance developed Into an organized campaign against the French, for Napoleon hnd dared to make his brother, Joseph, king of Spain. Napoleon himself had to come lo Spain to conduct the campaign to subjugate the Spaniards and beat the English, who were again Invading from Portugal. At (list Napoleon's genius won both objectives, but then came Wellington In charge of n new English - Peninsular campaign, Wellington drove out the Scintillating Stars Make a Brilliant Premier SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, euzers. d expedition. In his classic , French, which gave opportunity for Ferdinand VII, who had bom ousted by ' Napoleon, to return lo his Spanish throne. lie faced, in IBM, the final revolutions In (he Americas, revolutions that were lo sweep awny his empire over except for Cuba and the Philippines. This revolt spread to Spain Itself, and by 1820, Ferdinand was torccd to grant the people a constitution. A conflict somewhat like that of today shook Spain Is between the constitutional radicals Here's another treat—and not, comets, elthei—for the nation's slar- mlerc- of "Anthony Adverse," these ami other tcnullful Hollywood n olaMi'., >, entered the theatre for the film's Initial showing. Happy |,, (|, e a du |., Uoh ' of I-oy, Irene Dunne, Virginia Uruce and Norma Shearer reward their nudlence iiltra-smu. rt gowns Lending their sclnllllance lo the brilliant Los Angeles pre- w admiring "ohs" nnd "alls" from a huge throng as they fans pressing about them. Olivia DC Havilland, Myrna with a breath-taking display of charming smiles and *:.(- ' order" with troops. Ferdinand resumed despotic power, nnd us the last of the American colonies broke away, he died. In 18:13. INTKKNA1, STKII-K AGAIN Conflict Immediately broke out between the "Carlisls," who wanted Ferdinand's brother. Don Carlos, to succeed lo the Ihruno, and the "Christines," who fnvnrwl a reacncy by Christina for Ferdinand's daughter, Isabella II. Savage warfare again swept the Peninsula for six years nnd In Its course the monasllc orders were suppressed, and their properties confiscated. Isubelln, with foreign nld, prevailed. In the IBSO's. radicals and moderates united against absolutism. and the forerunner of party lines was laid and i- 1 again stepped monarchists. France, "restored' today's down. Through the GO'S, these liberal parties grew In power, and In 1873 a republic was set up. Isabella; was driven out, rcllnlous order;; abolished, and toleration decreed. Hut a military coup much like I hat belns attempted today V>rokc 1110 republic, and In 1874. (lie -son of Isabella, Alphonso XII, was declared king. Religious loleui- lion wns Immediately greatly restricted again, and a continual frlc'.ion between the restored monarchy and the rising socialist and radical parties harassed the country. In Hie 90's, with trial by jury Spain. It continues today to some extent. Catalonia was shaken by strikes, and repressive measures were adopted against the anarchists. In Ihe midst'of Ihis iulernul turmoil, ranging from demands for llberallzalion of Ihe cunstitu- lion to bread riots by the people and bombings by anarchists, trouble was brewing overseas. Cuba was stirring witli ^revolt, which the abolition of slavery la 1880 did not abate. Belated efforts at reform In Cuba failed to pacify the country. In luge the United States asked Spain to recognize Ihe Independence of Cuba. NKXT: The final blow on Span- lsli empire falls. Forty years of the attempt to convert the last fecilal ' cminlry of Ktirojic into u motif in stiLle. Today's Games Soulhcm League ! Memphis at Birmingham. Nashville at KnoJcvillc. Little Rock at New Oilwns. Chattanooga at Atlanta, National league Pittsburgh at Chicago. Cincinnati at St. Louis. New York at 1'hiladelphla. Brooklyn at Boston. American League St. Louis at Detroit. Philadelphia at New York. Chicago at Cleveland. Boston at Washington, Northeast Arkansas League Open date. only just established and lh« beginnings of liberalism appearing, anarchism began to develop hi MANLEY TOURS Win. Lcn Hotel, Memphis All Expense Tours to Dallas each Sat.. $23.00 Mrs. K. A. Teaford Oscfola, Ark. Phone 101 Factory Trained Radio Expert Ilepalrs on all makes of radios 14 Years EvjKrlence II. S, Wi-mrr Refrigerator Expert Kepairs <m all makes of Refrigerators 12 Years Experience K. K. Lewis Hardaway Appliance Company I'honc 233 — fSlcneoc lildg. Read Courier News Want Ads. Ed. F. McDonald for Cover nor Don't he -misled by False newspaper propaganda! Read lliis wire sent by Governor Fulrell today. The voters over ihe entire stale will endorse his aeconiplislnnems. Tuesday hy voting for Ed MeDonald who has promised to carry out Fntrell's good work. It's Ed MeDonald for Governor of Arkansas. A vote for any other candidale is a vote' for enormous, wasteful .spending. MGV31 147 NL-Liitlc Rock Ark 7 1.936 Aug 8 AM 7 57 I consider Tuesday's election of utmost importance to this stale stop Our state is now on a cash basis and the government is being operated economically although operating expenses should still he further reduced stop The one hundred fifty million dollar indebtedness has been refinanced with a saving in excess of thirty one million dollars in interest alone lo the people stop This has been accomplished. by ihe present administration stop I am certain that the people do not want to change this policy in government and turn our stale over to a new administration with no definite policies and surrounded very largely by the old politicians that upre put out of power four years ago slop T know that Ed MeDonald fully appreciates the necessity of a conlinualion of ihe policies of the present administration stop He is so pledged and you can depend on him J. M. FUTRELL, Governor This advertisement paid for by supporters of Ed Me nor in Lhickasawba District, Mississippi Count. MeDonald for Gover Elect An Experienced and Able Lawyer Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Arkansas VOTE FOR C. E. JOHNSON FOR CHIEF JUSTICE FOR A SECOND TERM Judge C. E. Johnson is a lawyer and Judge of proved ability. He lias devoted all of his time to the law. Ko practiced law for thirteen years, was made Judge of the Chancery Court'of the Sixth Chancery District of Arkansas, held that position for ten years, was elected Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court in July, 1933, to fill the unexpired term of the late- Judge Hart, now de-ceased. ' The bar of the Sixth Chancery District, which is Iris home District, and which know him best as a man and as a lawyer, is composed of 107 lawyers, and 103 of them have endorsed Judge Johnson. Griffin Smith is now and has been Comptroller of the State of Arkansas since the fall of 1932, which office is not a Judicial office, and can be filled by a layman as well as a lawyer. It is said that he spent a good part of his life as a newspaper man. He announced himself, as a candidate for Governor of the State of Arkansas. Shortly before the ticket closed he withdrew as a candidate for Governor and announced for Chief Justice. As): any man who knows how long briffin Smith has been actively engaged in the practice of law, and what his qualifications for this office are. See what ever, he himself says about his experience as a practicing lawyer. When you compare his qualifications with those of Judge C. E. Johnson how can you escape the conclusion that Judge Johnson is the best qualified for the position. C. E. Johnson has made a good Judge. He is run- nnig for re-election to a second term, and according to the Democratic Custom don't you think he is entitled to be re-elected to a second term? This ad paid for by the lawyers of Blgtheville who know the Qualifications of the two men. The present rule for |ng t'ne .late of Easter 0 p by the council of Christian churches In 325 A. D. This rule savs that Easter shall be- on the n«i Sunday following the 1'asc'nai m moon, on or soon nft cr Mar ch 2L Sediment so dlscotorTThe Am-, zon river Hint its waters can iK detected for more than 30o nn>, put at sea. The sediment runs the course of Ihe river, and ihe waters are clear only li, Hie trlb ulavy streams. In India, after the wedding cev- emony, the bride and the bridegroom arc tied together by u, e corners of their garments lo .signify that they arc united for life Oseeola, Arkansas, August 8, 193(i Ihe Courier News, Blythcvllle, Arkansas Gentlemen: Hi order that the fair and decent citizenship of the First Congressional District may be apprised of a situation discovered in connection with the pending campaign, I desire to present Hie rec- There was brought to my attention the following letter: "fflylhevillf!. Arkansas, Dear Sir: J '" y 3I - 193C Hon. Zal B. Harrison, candidate for Coneress from ihis Coii-res- slonal District, is pledged °g°Jnst any increase In (ax „„ al ,t omo _ biles, gasoline or motor oils He Is the only candidate for Congress from this District that is so pled;Id. Please contact all your local customers and urge that they •support li. Harrison for Congress. Yours very truly, W. J. WUNDERLICII. Chairman, Legislative Committee." On Ihe 7th day of August I received by mail u,e follow'in" Idler bearing Blylheville stamp" "Lion Oil Refining Company El Dorado, Arkansas. August 5, 1936.' Congressman Will Driver, Osceoln, Arkansas. Dear Sir: The Oil Dealers Association would like lo have Ihe enclosed questionnaire answered at your earliest convenience. Yours very truly, W. J. WUNDERLTCH." I call the attention of the reader to the fact that the hit- Icr letter is dated just six days after the first in which the announcement was made that the Candidate for Congress mentioned was the only one pledging support lo the elimination ot Ihe federal levies on oils. The latter letter' requested nn expression on the subject six days laler. At the lime, the files of the Association to which the purported writer is a member, disclosed that I had fully and unequivocally slated my opposition 10 the Fedjral authorities invading the pledged field of stale revenue with which to care fcr highway maintaincncc and bond maturities. The attention of the 011 Dealers Association was called to the matter and the following telegram dated Little Rock Arkansas, August 7, 1930, was ad-' dressed to me: "Hon W J Drircr (Member of Congress) Osceola Ark Answering your telegram regret very much that anyone should attempt to use our name in a political way and leave impression that you have not been friendly to our National U'Klslnllou' The opposite is true and your help has been most bcncfici.i] stop Our information is that nl] candidates fcr Congress your District have replied favorably to our questionnaire slop We have wired Commercial Appeal as follows we understand .statement purported to be signed by vy j Wumlerlich legislative chairman has been circulated First Congressional District of Arkansas In which it is said only one of three cnndiclntis for Congressman has replied lo questionnaire of First District Committee Oil Dealers Association of Arkansas on attitude toward repeal nf teni[>orary Federal taxes on gasoline and lubricating oil stop Mr. Wniulerlich advises u.> he lias signed no such statement or leller and that all Ititec candidates have replied lo siiid qucs- lionnairc stop Our organization is strictly non-political and any altcmpted use of our name as such Is unauthorized and will not be countenanced stop Undet.Mand this apparent fraudulent statement lias appeared some papers therefore trust you will sec that our position is made known through columns your paper W J Scarborough Secretary Oil Dealers Association of Arkansas slop Sincerely trust this will make our position known nnd prove beyond any doubt that we are non-partisan and non-political. W F SCARBOROUGH Secretary Oil Dealers Associa- llon of Arkansas" In view of the denial of authorship of the first letter, I am wondering t'f: source of responsibility, and if the Imputation fairly carried, will be met with an investigation, and disclosure of the perpetrator of such reprehensible conduct, I will not indulge in trickery nnd believe all honest people will condemn the practice. I am, W. J. DRIVER.

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