The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COUIURU NEWS TUESDAY, II, 19'IG BETTER HOMES t ^ Floor Insulation Termed Practical Ventilation Desired Under House and That Means Cold in Winter WUlibul getting, into the ni-gu- mcttt .About ''basements versus no basements," it Is (rue that one of the reasons why some home owners Insist upon basements i-s (he thought that, without them, floors will be cold. ' Here, arc some thoughts to consider on that point, says Practical Ruddert Chicago. If your floor is of wood, it must be buiH a foot or EO above the ground for ventilation. In that it, should be heavily insulated with some form of .standard insulation of accepted quality. Since the space under the floor !s open to" fie winter ntr, the floor will be cokl. without adequate insulation. If the floor is of concrete or a combination of structural clay tile and concrete, laid directly on the ground, (.ho ground becomes the insulatjns medium'. Due to ils mass and the fact thai tho house is beated in winter, the temperature of the groum( under the floor Elnb [lyctuate.s very lillle with tho seasons, and cold does nol seem to penetrate 1 very far under the slab at tho"\va!1s. However, at Ihe pcltfr.s of the!' floor slab, where it is exposed - lo winter c»ld, insulation should ; bc provided, otherwise cold nifty -penetrate a considerable dis- tnncG 1'into the floor slab at the walls. •>* The'proper way to build such n floor excavate about six inches • below ithc floor and pour the slab over cinder or gravel fill. This helps tb insulate and stops capillary net ion 'of water. Where floor and foundation meet, dirt is excavated under r the /ioor to a depth of about 18 inches and the space filled with cinders' or gravel. For insulation at the-eslgc of tho slab, insulating usunlly used. Bottle Cast Adrift Found 8 Years Later THE HOME OF THE MONTH Complete Kitchen Units Get Attention of Home Builders Tills attractive small home, pri- ".enletl by PRACTICAL nUlLDER. icaKo, is a pteasbu: combiaaliun of HIP ranch type house ami the louse in contemporary slyUr. Tin: 'xterior is modern wilh Ihe simple ines and large wltul<;w ai'eas typical of new design. Tlie low roof lino and bedroom wing ^ivc it 111': spr,ead-om. feeling of the ranch type house; yet it is perfectly suitable for a city lot. Tlie plant box on the extended wall ties the house nnd grounds together. The interior is very well lighted, thus Increasing (he apparent, sino of the rooms. There is access to eacli room with the exception ol Liu; dining room right from tho hall. Tho sliding door;; on most of f, elnsrl.s .-in.' a flecicictl spare saver. Floor to ceiling bookcases are built-in tti the living room, and tlie lii-eplace is (int. of i,he traffic lane, which permits good furniture grouping. In llio kili:licn, tlie is- lancl sink, plentant breakfast spuce and the pass window to Ihe dining room are noteworthy features. Service and living areas arc well .ici>- nrated from sleeping areas. "And it will Include everything' but (lie kitchen sink." vie say in ' dcscriblni; sonic superior rcaluro of any kind. Hut the new kitchens Unit arc coniiiiB off thp production line will include niimei'oii.s conven- IPIK-C l<, add to Ideal living—an:l tin- kitchen Kink! There arc « number of companies manufacturing complete kitchen units, cantainmi: all the purls of I HIM kitchen in one central core. One manufacture! 1 has recently annoim- '•('(I » |j:irka;;p(i unit of kitchen. I liatli, laundry and heating .system, I operating around one mechanical I assembly. i Another kitchen you will want to InvestiiKite is said' I,, solve tlie tiuestinn of the awkwardness of open- cabinet doors. Tlie clealunor • has made his cabinrls circular Instead of .square, (jlvim; him the use of a revulvliiK door, since- all the unit!; revolve in circular motion, Die kitchen unit represents a complete departure from the appearance of the conventional kitchen. Individual accessories for Ihe kilehen are also new and time and labor siwini; In desiRn and purpose. A drop leaf tal)Ie in the kitchen lakes little space but has inciiiy varied u.':e.s. It can have storage .••helves behind nnd cabinets below. It. will he so arranged that, when I lie table Is down, it rests on the open doors of the cauiuels below. It ran be used as Ihe hoincmaker's for numerous purposes, or can serve as « family bulletin board when not having other functions; If j'cm are a Ireoucni user of the tool: book, you will lie very much pleased wilh a rack, similar to a music rack ,that can lie made to .slide out from under a cabinet to hold the cook hook at eye level, "inch more convenient than con- ilanl stoopinii down to counter height to read recipes. II H Is at all possible, try to include a .special oversized cabinet particularly for storage or the electric mixer, which | s usually an unwieldy arlicle for storage, special closets for access to brooms mop. pail, and all tlie lamer kitchen tools will give added enjoyment and efficiency to your workin hours. Remember that you mav have all the latest and most modern equipment available, and it will all be ijuile helpless without its riiiK- haiiil aid—abundant lighting over work areas. A center fixture can no li.'iiger be considered sufficient, kllchi'ii light, particularly wl!i:ii mosi of Ihe pitched activities tako place in side work counters, claim.; I'r.'K'iical nuilder. Plan for fluorescent lighting for spaces below cabinets directly over the work areas. It's one of the best aids (o a plriisiint disposition we know. Greene County Woman Faces Dyer Act Charge i.rrn.K ROCK. Ark.. jun c 11 UP i -The Federal Grand Jury :ieic today oonl'miplatod action, Tina Kue Copcliiml, alias Mrs. H'esJry Kennemore, Paragotitd. leld in Pulaski County jail on a •ar tlielt charge in Circciic. County; The official Fill complaint :luirged Ihe defendant with viola- Ion c,r tlie National Motor Vehicle heft act. Miss Copcland and Aaron Ken- lem.trc allegedly transported last April 7 a car from Cireenc coiuHv nlo Oklahoma. Krnnemore was irrestcd there May <1. Miss Copland Miis placed in the custody ol i II. .S. Marshal and ivjis rclnmcd icre in default or $5,01)0 bond. SEATTLE (UP1—Ten years ano, 15-ycnr-old Naoma Sheehnn wrote a. note nnd cast it otf into the waters" of Pugett Sound In a pickle bottle. Todayi-'-sVie hflfl- an -answer -to that ijote. :t was written" by T recently.'- discharged sailor who found i her pickle bottle in Mas'. 1944, oil the beach of Em'wctok the Marshall Islands. Miss-Shcchan. who is now Mrs. Naoma--Hockinson, wrote on the note: ^'Jiily 1, 1930. 7:30 p. m., Naoma. Shcehan, 1411 N. 51st Street.- Whoever finds this bottle, write "ine n letter." W. A. Messersmith of Red Bluff, Cai., Decently discharged from the Navy,''wrote to Mis. Hockinson the other kiny, telling her that he was on the. cruiser Reno when betwcer operations in May, 1044, the ship put irtto the Marshall islands for fuel ajoxl stores. "I had a couple hours' liberty, so went down on the beach to collect sjjells. 1 picked up a pickle bottle.,to carry the shells, but be cause -it was all covered with tar and too dirty lo carry with'me, T tossedjt down. "When it hit a stone. It broke and your note fell out." Messersmilh,-asked for an answer to his" letter and Mrs. Hockinson said she will write him soon. "I cast away mXny bottles while the family was out camping when I was a little girl," she said, "but this is the first answer I have ever received." Residence Deals Involve $50,000 Broggs Purchase Coston Home and Building Sites, Too Residence sales involving about $50,000 have been closed in Osceola within Ihe past few days. Mr. and Mrs. Fabcv White have i purchased t hc home of .Mr. and ;. Hraxlon Bragg on Hiwli.v.iy and trudcd their former home i the , same neighborhood in on ic new place. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rhodes, Jr., avc purchased and will occupy |« lie vnoaled Ijy tin' La Paz, capital of Bolivia, is nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. Its name means "Peace" in English. FOR SALE Frtsh River Catfish. Sperinl prices lo "Cafrs ami fisli fries. Cafe and large orders delivered. MACK'S FISH MARKET Phone 673 Osceola, Ark. rutknfial the IIO Whites. Mr. and Mv.s. Brnin: have purchased :i»<l are DcciiiiyiiiH tlir> former J. 'I'. Coslon home on rcliza- bcth. r t"h(?y \vill n\ake e.xiensive alterations us soon as inntej-ials lie- | c;iine :i\ r uil:ilj!e. Mr. atut Mis. HcatuT nlso acnnired ist^'jrid huiidUii; sitos v.lih tlie Cotton homo and plnn to fouil<i. luunes on lliiun when contliUuns warrant. Nol Knourli Fuel Tlie first steamship ever to cross Ihe Atlantic: was the Savannah. The trip was accomplished in 1!H!1. but tlie Savannah ran out of fuol befoip reaching her 'ilcstinatiou and had lo utilize her sails to cotivjilete the trip. Read Courier ' News Want Ads. In Arthritis. „. Often this natural mineral water is beneficial. Many physicians advise Mountain Valley because it stimulates Ki.l- ney functions. Try S'jme - starting TODAY. MOUNTAIN VAU.KY MINIMAL WA'l'KK I'ntm Hoi Spri[]j, r s, Ark. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Wain * division, Itlyllicville, Ark. FARM LOANS /Lwrlai ItAY WORTH IN GTON *»»IiMr Tfcta SceUm f.r « II* «•. M, Alt SKELLY AND THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR — "If ever motorists needed service it's now! We're This is MY community loo am | as vol]r Comg lo liavc lo m.lkc those cats oi ours l.lsl . . . neighbor I want to .Ir, nil I L.III to iiclll perhaps for ninny months. .., ,, CL-II.. ,,,,,, nnd skc "y (""duels li.ivc you need; "That's why I want you lo stop ami see me just gnar.'mcc'"^' InrM', T''' i"" " mo "' y ' 1):lrl { as often as yon wish. IJon'i licsilnlc lo nsk (lues- s''cc. slO[.',ni,l sec tiicV-''"' "' illl ' roml11 Agency Seeks Better Rural Phone Service I.1TTLE ROCK. June 11. fUl'i — Tilt.' proposed Cjino'll!itir>n O f S |>m!-il fees .for handset lelcphonc.s now (wilding before tho Arkansas P,I|,|J C Service Commission was revealed (<>- (liiy as llic first In n series of situs lo save .small telephone ramiximc's from t'l-suliml extinction. Chnlrinnn Chnrlcs G, Wine saUl that the Commission soon will bc- tiin a rule and service investigation to prevail upon small companies to improve their service. On the Imsis uf better service, the" Commission will permit the companies to V a j st . (lieir rates. Wine nxplnined tliai the pcmlliv action on handset telephone U'c.s does not propose to cancel tclciihoii" revenue, but instead is an efibic lo standardl/e equipment in the telephone systems—which the Commission believes is the handset rather than the old wall telephone Chief Engineer Bill Cobb described present rural exchange raie.; as X«'w Ships I'hmnril Eleven of the Inrgcst. steamship loinpiinies in tho United States plnn ronslniclion of n total of JU new ships to augment tlielr IleetK nnd provide faster oceanic service. Read Courier News Want Ada. "antiquated," and said an increase" is iiiT'i'ssury in many canes. G'oul) cxiihilned that the salvation of the small exchange is a three-way cooperative deiil: The company must provide belter service; tile customer he willing to pay for it; and the Commission ma-it see that no overcharge Is made and that service acUnlly is improved. The first public employment exchange in the United Stales «"is established by the City o; Now York in ISM. The W.iK'iw-reyser Act > was passed bv CoiiKress in .lime, i!H. p i, inauisunidiiK a Fi'deral- Htate syritern of empUjyiiK'nt offices. Arkansas has 2<; such oifices. Read Courier News Want Ads. Biiliy Chicks $4.00 to $l£.oo per 100. 3 dnys to 4 weeks old—At Store Feeds ami Supplies. WANTED Ear and shelled Corn—All grades. One bushel up - Oats - Wheat Barley - Alfalfa Hay and Poultry of all kimls. Pay top market prices. Elevator Feed Store N. 4th Hroadway at Kit Crossing J. J. Field, Mer. // You Plan to Build or Remodc! Call us for your Needs. We slock and install ;ill rliinihinj; I'Mxlures. JESSE W. PROVENCE 127 liast Vine Hlrccl Many war veterans are home a»d :wk posiilons. They have listed :iii'lr (itiulificallon.s with the tfci- tcd Slates Employment, Service. !-'or complete employment informal Ion visit your local USES office! We Furnish Kvervlhing COMPLETE For the Halhronm Mud Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS Catastrophe Yes, bur for whom? Owner OR Victim! II'H hard lo lie sure that all safety hazards have been removed . . . al) of the lime. Any property-owner or storekeeper needs some lia- liilily insurance. For Proper iirolccUon consult— General Insurance Agency "EveryUiinff In Insurance" F. W. WHITNER Phone 2(111 First National Bank Hid}*. Motor Oils Tasolene Greases, SKELLY Gasoline, and other SKELLY Guaranteed Products ALIEN PETROLEUM COMPANY " Ma ' kctCrS ° f P<*'°'™™ Products" Hlylhcville, Ark. Do Your Painting and Decorating Now We have :i beautiful selection of wall paper—also a v.-irii-l.v of patterns in decorative fc>!( which can be fadccd or pasted. Unitized & Birge Wall Paper I'l'iocd ir )( - to Si.05 Single Uolt Deniralivc K<-!( 28c sinsjlc Roll Colden Harvest Paste 2()c I,b. Wall I'roloclors, si/e 20"X'IO V <)r,c I.iKhl Switch Protectors, single £ double 10r. 15e See Us First For Good Paints BENJAMIN MOORE PRODUCTS William BARGAIN IN DURflB1LITY! ^ HEAVY-DUTY VARNISH YOU'LL USE ALL OVER THE HOUSE •roB FOP &HERY/IN-WILLIAMS IAR-NOT VA O The longeil wearing vnm!ihw« FOR FIOORS, WOODWORK for Hoorl, woodwork and f-..:iluic. Wafer, soap, oltoKol ma, rtiiitunt. Cleans cosily ..-...»,, whh I.*,, ,,.,„ „ '•--'- FURNITURE Iinl Outside White Outside White Dcmando (flnt oil paint Sani-Fiat (flat oil paint). Paqua (water paste paint) $3.50 in 5 gal. $3.75 in 1 gal. $2.70 gal. $2.85 gal. $2.80 gal. Nu-Tonc (water paste paint) $2.98 gal. Deal's Special prepared floor wax 50c Ib. DEALS 9 PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Henjamin .Moore Taints 10) So. First Nu-Knamcl Paints Phone <1G<1 PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. Maile of the Most Materials by "The Oldest Paint House in America" for those who liclicvc in the MUST. Also Varnish Stain Enamel Floor Paint Flat Wall We Have Paints for Every Purpose E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 W. Ash Phone 551

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