The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1951
Page 9
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8ATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, BLI'IVEVILLE (AMC.) COURTS* XFWi run Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PUMP MUS* SOME OLD COPIES OF BlLLV'S HIWZ SA.MS Y'GOT ME IW Sf \TCHES,'-~'HOW 'BOOT CHEVOlKy A FEW WISPS OF TlMOTHV HAVTO (SO VOITH THEM CRACKER- PARREt- TOO LOOK. BETTEE'N liSUAL HAM6 YOU SOT A NEW OWOO/ I 6OT THEM ID HELP ME 1O D»SCOURA<3* HER FROM MMNTtKC TO BC M ON ALL OUR STUFF/ I COUUPM'T 6ETAWAV FROM H€R- - MOW J WOWT THIS W*KY MOD PUT ALLV3UR WEIGHT BEM1K1D A PUNCH/ A PUWCH SKIPS Of=r WHEN -OU use SHOULDER. TO PROTECT THIS V&AR, OR ARE- VOO 6TILL HIGHLY POLISHED 5LE6P IMS BEABLeTOKBEPUP UNDERWATER A FOOL THERE WAS Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGETT NV«HCr> h r <M "I'm going to town", th« woman laid, To buy * loaf of Meyer's Bread, IVi always fresh and good to «t, And keep* so nice and soft and rwwt. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores Till-: STORY, M? »anir t. J*» M (Jimnrr) Mnllor and l'« !•««•» •«- dulllrd ef ib* murder »f Charlie RrrMiiB, who brlhrd a cor rap I •!• rial i* E*t My I«HMC OM •t«1* land, where J •»•!•>•) M «4 »• »•!•»*went park. My tawycr «Br« brlbcrr cnn'r hr yrovrd, bnt tkrrc'a * Ivjeal *TH7 lo Bet Mr land harb:. Aflrr my »c<i*ltf»l. 1 rclarMpd hnve aHd )n»t aff^r 1 Halkhed l»k- lar • ahftwer. I bav« • vUHor. Cl«* €•••!•!>. a nee- Char UP'* gJr), hvi HOW ike Blrl friend •< bli brother friar Hie, CJeo !»!!• MC tlint »hr kMov*» I dldv 1 * kill (.'bar I Ir. bail •nm«-u*e *i»* wa» I«'!IMT«< vlxltcd hlai tant nfirhi and ahr **fl» la W In Ihr nrxt room lUiralnK- Sh» VI "PARNIZ HERMAN had known his brother was going to have a lot of money fn the house that night" He could have doubled back, for all Cleo knew. Friends could have furnished hie Clev< land alibi. Any friends of either of the Herman brother! woule have been capable of such a thing "The money-was gone," I tolc Cleo Cansincx "Of course I didn'l search Charlie Berman's body, the sheriff's men never turned up ;any money. But they might have ' found it and concealed it.** Cleo shook her head. "You don 1 think I'd have passed vn a rot like th*i if it had been there, do you?" I didn't think she would hav*. "Well, you certainly have a heart of pure calluses to be able to sit silently by white I went on trial with my h'fe at stake." "Nobody ever seriously considered Ihe possibility o-f your going to the chair for murdering Charlie Berman. Everybody sym pathizeri with you. Besides, you < had a clever lawyer. Gene Saw Iyer got over the idea that you ha< ;a good war record while Charli i made hu money in the black'mar [ket After he'd stolen your leas* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE Jnst What Th« Doctor Ordered! AfUr yom M« the doe- tor, brinf jour ecriptfon i* tw. We wfll nil It exietlr the he would want K. PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culyerla JOHNSON BLOCK CO! • MACHINE WORK I All TTIK3) • LAWN MOWERS New solei? . new locei? . . nd th« buildings on it, no jury ;ould convict you for killing him. t iust wasn't in the car j s." "And if it had been? Would you lave watched me go to the chair? 1 ' She eyed me with casualness 1 don't owe you a dime, Jimmer rtalloy. Not a dime." "Then why did you come here md *ell me what you have?" "Because I'm on the hook. Carlie knew I was to be at Charlie's louse that night. He'd heard Charie coaching me. And he knew the money he got from the bank was o b* iiwd M a pay-oft at Charlie's tous«. M "Did h« know wna wac V> be paid off?" •No. Nobedy bu< Chartie knew that." 'Bu* he trusted you." • • • r**I:EO blushed and tried to «T«r ^* up,her embarrassment by light ing another eigareL "AH right, I've had a paat. Char lie was-hep. Why do you think I'd have put up with a ereef 1* him if I hadn't ha/1 to? Now Eamie's got me just as high on hook M Charlie h»d. I want o« So 2'vt leveled with you atoou that niflbt. Yov want off the hook too. You w»nt n»pl« to know you didn't kHI Charlie, JHst i want to make sure that Earnie can never point a finger at me merely bccauee 1 was there thai night. This hick D. A. might get idea*.* , I got the idea—or though* had it. I walked over to the thre stool bar built into a comer of th room and poured myself a drinl Watching me, Cleo said: "I'll have bourbon, too." carried her a drinV. She swa lowed it, unmindful of the absenc of a chaser. I drank my own— had been a Jong time since I'd ha hiskey. The stuff burned all *li« ay. "So you think I cnn take wli.-u ou've told me and turn up Chare Berman's killer?" 1 said: "1 wouldn't have to turn p Ihe killer to clear myself. All need to do is to take you to the heriff. 1 * Cleo smiled cryptically. "Oh, eah? I'm oFraid you couldn't make me repeat my story to the fierifT. Hesides, you wouldn't—not fter I've done my share to elear his up and get both of us off the look. I wouldn't have come here f I'd have thought there was a chance of you turning me in. A girl cnn tell when * guy's a heel." T was a build-up, bat it was a cinch to work. She had me and e knew it. „•£>§» confidently changed the subject'*" "Now, about Earnie. He and a muscle bum named Babe Tussig are going to work you over if they can. Earnie figures h« h»s to do t to save face after the jury freed ou. Babe will help him." I nodded. "Earnie was ptain enough at the courthouse." "And he'll have to come through. Have yo« got another gun in the place?" I didn't answer her. 1 was thinking of what Gene Sawyer had said. tt I carried a gun fco protect myself from Earnie Berman and had to shoot him, 1 would be worse on than I would be it 1 took a beating. No, 1 wasn't going to kill anybody. Neither an instttict for self-preservation or an impulse to become what peopte thought I was «n»M make me do that. "If you don't have another gun," saW Cleo very s«riou*ly, "you'd better get one. Eamie means business. I hole to think ot what he would do to me .if he knew I'd come here to warn you.** "I'll give you three guewo." s»kl a voice from the doorway. We both turned. Cleo let out a little yip. Earnie Berman stood there. The man behind him was a head toller, and he had the low, sloping shoulders of a prizefighter. Berman walked into the room, and the big man followed The latter would be Babe Taunt. (T* Be CwtttuM.) All kind mowers mnrt mower «n- flnr* repaired. • WELDING (Anj Type) • Bicycle Repair (Complete line nf Authorized Service A Part* for Clinton Engines See us! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP FOR SALE Concrete culvert*, 12 Inch to 4ft inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump house* tenant hnuftei, loo] sheds. W« deliTer. Call "" for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 651 STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. RENT A 'CAMERA Moris Came: Flash Camer Box C*m«i The Inexpensive Waj M Preserve Important Occaslnna BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 H-fl LTCRS QUqLITY SHO€ SHOP 1ZI W MAIM ST Real Service Whatever Kind of car JOB drive, yon're Invited (o bring it to as for expert, dollar-saving Mrvlce Try n». T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mile* Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 illr»md * Ash TMT rricnd); S Dealer Ph>n> 'TTH&rt* A C0*fl. 1»il «V NCA KCKVICK. MC. T. M. MO. V. «. MtT. FKBCKLM AND HI* FRIEND* By MX MULL Sounds Sinister "Let's not forget the cook's birthday—a gift might »oft»« her up so we could have guests again torn* time!" PRISCILLA'S POP A B<JY«RS^ STRIKES rJo GOOD GNL&SS YOU SPCfiO rr.' AM' THE BESr WAY & - seiA.Trtr GALSoniT.' ^ JOST AKxrr STIR. SOO.TA. / 1HINS5 DOU-/ / UP--- USIW LAW> AS THE- PGOBABW &u5w Nor ir ^ou USTEW TO OJCLE vcKt! ) GOSH.i Hopr ~ntt *mt HAMOte VOJP- SMIOLE CAI/BWSM! / FEATHERS AH* BecowsW On th« Ream BY AL VERMEER "Prices Are Born Here— And Raised Elsewhere" • 1942 FORD i'-8 l!5-Ton Track with icw '4R motor, 8£5x20 £3QC tires . . . bargain -f>J7J • 1947 FORD H-Ton Pickup that's • mighty Rood buy • 1947 CHEVROLET Save money on this ei- tra good i^-Ton Picknp Track • 1949 FORD !i-Ton Pickup . . here's a perfect tmck for you • 1949 DODGE i drive In thin 14-Ton Plckap! Take clean Only • 1949 Studebak«r Vou'll azrre IM» ',5-Ton (QQr Ptckop is Just llkl new ^7T J • 1949 Sturfebaker Here's a heavier, Vi-Ton Pirknp that's bargain- priced! Most of these trucks are equipped with a radio and healer! STUDEBAKER IT WON'T BE MUCH FUN, SrtTINd IN THE DARK NK3WT AFTER WILL. IT? -Y PRISCILLA! I WISH PRETTY SOON WE WON'T HAVE A LAMP LEFT IN THE HOUSE! WOULDN'T BREAK ^ WOULD BE IF W€'HAD SO MANY LAMPS! VIC FLINT The Noble Stoog* BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN* EASY, LOUIB, V DON'T LAD' YOU CAN'T) AN Oi-D SET YOUR ^y LADY, VO1BAL/ STRENGTH VT I-M IN BACK. IN A. jLi. PINK/ LOUIB, rr* WOMDBBFOL TO *e» vou UP AND __-f TANK* AROUND' EX LIBBY' STOP DA CAR, UB3Y' DtRE'A A AWELU PLACE FOR A\E AND VOIBAL TO MAKE A PITCH/ IN VOUR CONDITION? ARE YOU . DAJ=T? . I'M AN OUO TROU VOIBAL.' AA CAPTAIN EASY Sad Ta1« BY LESLIE TURNER A FEW M LMEE. Al ^WORttSY WMJlKeS VI. Of- STOCK AMOUWT5 TO * MERE 2OO SHiRfcS. IT'S VADDEMWS W FE5TVWIEO OVER &UCH A TRIFL&^^-r- ts'fclilUM'. MK.M.KEB HELLO.. McKEE? WELL, WE BOUGHT UP ,._... MOST OF mr srrxK \wmcn RELMIUE FROM MM.UKE& HEIRS! hklHERITEO THOS6 BUT THERE'S STIU TE»i SHAKES TEN RELATIUES,lbKEE...OUE S«AKB TO EACH! THEY GOT WAV 6EK7E6 «« COUID coNriwrr 'EM. BUGS BUNNY Try It Again ALLEY OOP You Win, Foozyl BY V. T. HAMLIN ^O YOU'VE/ HO. BUT WE'LL GIVE YOU (CHANCE ? BAH.' / OKAY.GENERftL, ' - WKYSHOULQI YOUHAVENfT GAMBLE WHENl YET,..AM YOU I CAN TAKE \ WON'T, ON 1M ANY TIME TD8ELL TO ADO OOR BOV TO ME YOUR X, YOURSTASUe SLADIATOR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Right BY EDGAR MARTIN

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