The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, May 9, 19-17 BLYTIIEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Reconstruction Plans Debated U. S. Pushes Ahead With Plans in Europe Without Big 4 Okay CLEVELAND, Miss., May 9. (UP) —jJ.Jjrsccrctni'y o[ Slate Dean Acht^fn unnoimccd yesterday that because of failure of the Moscow Conference, tile United Stales wll\ "]>ush ahead" alone with the reconstruction of Gennimy niid Japan without waiting for nig Four agreement. In a speech outlining for the first time a five point program for Implementing the "Truman iloc- triiR 1 ," Acheson also called for authority lu embargo exports to certain foreign countries and to prevent "undesirable foreign buying" In the American market so the United States can direct exports "where we want them to go." Achcson did not elaborate this demand. But he obviously meant that the Triimnn administration not only plans to give its aid to nations fighting totalitarianism but also would restrict regular exports to them. It could rule out the possibility of nations within the Soviet orbit, even buying critical food ami reconstruction items here- Acheson, substituting for President Truman, delivered his speech before the Delta Council here. The President cancelled his engagement last month CItiw .Statement hy Marshall Acheson referred to the slain-' mci'ts made by Secretary of fitaTX George C. Marshall on is feturn Put Their Hope in 'Faith Healer' Pictured awaiting tlie nrrivnl of an Armenian "hijlh heater" from the Near East arc Krikor Ai'fikcliiin, left, wenllliy re I i reel vintner of Riverside, Calif., mid his sitting HV-ycur-okl son, Viiughn, After spending $250,000 in four years trying lo CHIP his son of epileptic convulsions, Arakelian read of the success of atl Armenian faith healer named Avak. Six months ago, he forwarded airline tickets to Avak in Teheran, Iran. The healer liiuilly Loft Cairo, Egypt, on May 1 to lly to the U, r-. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Kxpcrt Repairs 'Ail Fast Miiin SI. Felix A. Carney from the unsuccessful Moscow con- ] Jnpnn is linked with the U. S. deference—that Europe cannot wait ; termination to proceed as far as until the Big Four reach a "com- ! passible on n imilntcrcul basis with promise through exhaustion" as \ the ex-enemies in lh c absence of suggested by Premier Joseph Stalin. Mai.shall snid then "whitlever action Ls possible Must be taken without delay." Acheson explained today ''what Marshall meant" as follows: "We must .... push uheail with the reconstruction of those two great work hops of Europe and Asia —Germany and Japan—upon which the ultimate recovery of the two continents so largely depends "We must takt! whatever action is possible immediately, even without full four power agreement, to effect a larger measure of European, including German, recovery/' This was th c first time that any American official has specified "nil BEN WHITE & SONS "GENERAL CONTRACTORS0;' MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTft: Phone 3151 four Power agreements. Offers 5-Point Program Achcson's five-point program for iplcmenlin^ lhc ''Truman doctrine," a.s embodied in Lhc pending bill for aid to Greece and Turkey was:' \ 1. Vast increase in American exports to narrow thc finiinctal (jnp beUveen "what the world needs nud what it can pay for." 2. Large additional foreign loans so that countries resisting totalitarianism can continue to buy necessities through 1948 and 1949. :$. "Top priority" on American reconstruction aid to "free peoples who am seeking to preserve their independence and democratic institutions nnd human freedoms against totalitarian pressures."' •1, "Push ahead" alone on reconstruction of Germany and Japan. 5. Extent! wartime powers to pivc the government control over "domestic -sale, transportation and exportation" of certain commodities. All-out support of President Truman's Greco-Turkish aid program was advocated by the Delta council at its 12th annual meeting. Ellis T- Woolfolk, Jr., of Tunica, \vas eler.tcri president of the council, which claims to represent 500,000 people in thc rich Ya zoo-Mississippi Delta cot ton-growing area- Other council resolutions sup- 20"* Look! Gigantic Farm & Home Clearance Sale .9 BIG SALE DAYS Thurs. May 15th to Friday May 24 Constitution Is Fitted To Peace Japs To Inaugurate New Democratic Way Political Life May 3 TOKYO lUI*)—The world's first constitution li-iily tailored -lo IK'ncO will emerge vvllli binding powers on this nation or 1-1,000.000 this week. Constitution day In Japan. Mny 3, will signalize lhc beginning of (in em In which. If their efforts to democratize themselves nre event-1 ually crowned with success, the Japanese niny win the dlsllnctlon of having built u model stute mid tluil by any global slundiirri. The new Japanese consliUiUon consists of 11 chapters preceded by a 288-word preamble which cplto- thc eliarter's domestic ond worldwide significance. The prciiinblc, domestically, lay 8 down the .principle Hint "Kovern- mcnt Is n sacred Inisl the authority tor which Is derived from the licople." Internationally, It pledges the Japanese 'people, "dcslflnE pence for all time," never again to, be 'visited with the horrors of w»ri IhruiiKh thc action of govern- nient." War Itrnounrrd Forever Salient points of the constltu- tlon are diveslment of the ten- peror of his powers UK a supreme Institution; a solemn pledge by .tlie nation to renounce war forever; the biggest, chapter of all dealing with fundamental human rlgh-'.s; designation o[ the diet (Japanese tmrliamcnl! as the highest organ of (he state; Ihe vesting of Judicial power In tlie supreme court.; and dccentialiv.allon of administrative authority with the establishment of rules for local self-government. , When the constitution goes Into effect, middle-aged myopic Km- peror Hlrohito. 12V.h reigning monarch since Ihe mythical first Kmpcror Jlmmu. will remain merely as "the symbol of Ihe state Hnd of the unity of Ihe people,' 1 deriving his new position from thc people with whom, under the constitution, sov(-ri(, r n power resls. i Little will he left in him of the vestige of Hirohtlo's once all-powerful war-making powers or the commonly inculcated mylh -of his sacred origin. His activities will be limited lo making high appointments, conferring awards, convoking the diet and other ceremonial functions. "Never shall he have powers related to government," says the con-' slitution. Finances Curtailed" All former property of thc imperial household henceforth shall belong to the stale. Under -laws recently enacted to implement the constitution, members of Ihe 1m- ncrial court will be liable to pay taxes and their financial powers will he severely curtailed. The old constitution said: "The Emperor Is sacred nn ( | inviolable." Thc ninth article of the constitution, forming a chapter in Itself has been termed unique in the history of constitutions. It says: "Aspiring sincerely to nn International peace based on justice and order, thc Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign rigli or thc nation, or the threat or use of force, as a means of settling disputes with other nations.' Thc new constitution' specific that all Japanese people ; shall In respected as individuals and thn their right to life, liberty and thi pursuit, of happiness shall be th supreme consideration In govern mental legislation. Specifically i provides: Equality of all under lhc In: with no discrimnlalion In poBTTtn economic or social relations becaus of differences in race, creed, s« Tied Up alls for Jacklo's top performance. Most ol Jackie's other HluiB hnvc em Tttrzfth stories In which lie icrely runs across Uio scene In lng style. dlana. Helicopter Falls In Lake Killing Pilot, Passenger SEATTLE, Mny 8. CUP) — Civil klmii, Wnsh. Aeronautics Authority pJfleinls to- 1 Thc center of population Of th« day were Investigating tht crash United 6UtW Jn Jit*'«••••» of a helicopter which exploded In B»'"'nore, M4, nnw -R U In In-. mld-alr, rlppe<l apart find plunged Into Lake Union tilling * povcin- ment olllclal and the pilot here Wcnesdfty. The victim* were Walter A. Slorck, chief of the OAA prlvm «lirt coin- merclal pilot section In Washington, D. C., and Angus MoAHhur,. pilot for the Central Aircraft Co., of Ya- Beard's Temple of Music in PARAGOULD Weeping Jimmy McDonald didn't know what the telephone strike was nit ubout and nppurenlly dkln'l c;ne. His mother \\i\s him toilictcct on "long lines" while she voles in a Now York hole) on whether or not to accept the tiyc Increase ollerct) by the telephone company. OPENS NEW MUSIC STORE Hoard's Temple of Music in Paragould lias just completed d>io of the Smith's most bcniitiful 1'iixno stores. They will celebrate their '14th Anniversary in the Music Husinesu noxt woek in n Four Day .Opening, beginning Wednesday Mth. , They will> have on dlH|>lay ono of th« finest, nasoitment of PlfttlQ* Unit hna been shown anywlioro for many yearn. Tlieno Pianos consist <>f HOtno of tlie wovkl's nuiiit famous makes In t.ho nowent atul moat Iwauti- ful dcsijfiiH and finislics. ' " Rubber Tired Farm Trucks Reduced! For this Sale only! Reg. 219.50 i glltler before cxpcilmcnU. bccan th the rocket engine. fflucnt Screen Lion urns Comedy Star HOLLYWOOD (Ul») — Jackie, ic screen's mast prosperous Hon. as achieved his first star billing r 18 years of movtc making. A veteran of some 300 motion ictiires which banked more (him 50,000 [or his owners. Jackie stlra same of the biggest langlis or is career In Harold Lloyd's new omeriy. "The sin of Harold Dlcl- lebock." In the picture, Jackie and Uoytl •niggle on a skyscraper ledge, a iat or stunt photography which Tf you arc planning to purchase a- plsiib any lime within the near future-, it will pay yon to attend this opoiung and either buy now or leave your order for early delivery while you' Mil, have many stylos to select from. • ' They will also liavo on display many tijo.roujflily rec''ixdi'tlouod Piano* of various miikos, siy.cs and fiuiKlxcH fully 'guaranteed. At this Opening you will HOO on xlispliy-bwiiitiful Weatinghotiso Electric Kofrigerators, this fainoun WostiiiKhouHe l.aundro-Mat and Weating- houso Electric Applinnccs. : • " You will .see a full and complete line of Speed Queon Washing- Machines in both Electric and Gas. . . . . You are cordially invited to attend tjio Oixjniiijr -it this New gtbre in Paragould next week which la located a> 103 East Main Street. Beard's Temple of Music Paragould, Arkansas Now 198 50 locket Fliers Exploring Jnknown, Pilot Says HAWTHORNE. Cal. (UP)—Pil vho fly the new airplanes built fo speeds exceeding that of sound ar exploring an unknown world wher the risks arc great." says Joh W. Meyers, test pilot. "It's like trying to see how fi yon can lean out a window—tl farther you get over the edge, the 1 better your chance or breaking your neck." Meyers said. Meyers flew the Northrop "Rocket Ram." first military rocket nir plane in the United Stales, ported federal appropriations fo agricultural research, increased (efl eral flood control funds, belter no gro education, and thc admmrs tralion's reciprocal trade polic> Anohlcr resolution demanded check on subversive activities i national, state and local govrri mcnls. REMEMBER HER ON Gladden her heart with a timely gift from OWEN'S • Houli 17% Wavier load! • 6,000-lb. Crois Cop«c!ty! • Low-Lift Style B«d! • Compute with firci, 50-in. Hitch 1 You can haul bigger load* faster, safer when you roll on rubber. Heavy-duty, all- slcc! conslruclinn. Tops for profilalile, field or highway hauling. TVOW14, BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. «u>*f 534 Mississippi COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION Now accepting bids on 12,000 sq. ft. of concrete slabs, about 7150 yds. dirt fill, and 0,000 yds. of black topping. Bids must be in by May 21. FULL INFORMATION FROM R. E. Blaylcek , , Secretary V^issco Fair Association CANDIES Beau Li fully Git'c Wrapped Nunallys 1 Pangburn's ' Jacobs ' King's * Gales '»"«' w >"»"#"»"' Lentheric Tweed Shanghai Abentiot Confetti Miracle Corday | Perfume & Cologpe 5JI JET I Perfume & Cologne >; Possession $ ;j Perfuni') & Coliigne ;•; >*i ....«--__.--..._..>: 'ft Mother's | DAY CARDS • Select From : A ; Large ! Collection | CARA NOME A Complete Line of Cara Nome Products Stationery A Complete Display in Many Beautiful Designs . OWENS DRUG STORE

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