The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE 'EIGHT CLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS W OLD PLOTS Films Seek: New Stories; Romances Stage Another Revival . BY TAUL HARRISON NBA Sen-ice Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, May 20. — Every now 1 and then some local swam! peers into his highball glass and foresees a day when movies will be based on something more important than tlie love of a beautiful girl for a beautiful boy. Tlie film masters have been giving a lot of anxious thought to the question of "Important" stories and have decided that about the only fields they dare touch are biography, history, medical science and non-agrrosslvo palrtollstn. Only permlssable sociological theme is crime and penology; this Is because, coivicls do not [ray to .see movies. So Hollywood how is Involved In a multiple cycle of lite stories, empire-building stories and doctor stories. There are 23 biographies on the production schedules lor tlie current season. But "all such specialised subjects will be like n flash on (he screen compared to the preponderance of love stories. The bjy- meels-girl fonnla never has faltered, although it has been hindered 'considerably by a plague of drawing-room slapstick and more recently by lusty outdoor epics in which actresses have had verv little to do. Today, though, the screen is anticipating a renaissance of romance. STORY DEMAND EXCEEDS SUPPLY TKNFOLD ' To find out about story trends, I went to see Julian Johnson. He Is Ihe story editor of 20th Century- Fox, tlie studio that made the largest profit last year of "any of the Hollywood majors. Mr. Johnson speaking: "Hollywood lias used up the surface material pretty fast fn the last 10 years. By now 11 is filming 10 times more stories- stories ot consequence and Importance—than are being written [or publication. 'IPor 20 years the screen has In New Type Of Movie Lyn Lys and Henry Victor in a scene from "Confessions of n Nazi Spy." It's one of new type films Hollywood is producing to meet demands of patrons [or fresh stories. from dusly shelves and scheduling them for remakes. Twenty-two of these have teen announced, Ihe majority with new titles. Four of the pictures are being revived and revised [or. the third lime. So Hollywood seems to be lived on current novels, plays and =| !1 Vviiig for story material in short stories and the - „ ...,„ .,.„ obvious ] V, mc ° f worl "- s >'nki»t' events, and masterpieces of previous times.! there !U ' C '"»">' who criticize the screen for refusing lo mirror vital problems. Julian Johnson, who is a svic- The supply Is exhausted now and we have had to dig deeper. One source is biography, but . only stuff ot diamaUc value such as Pasteur, Zola anil Alexander Graham Bell.: . " ' • '"Another source Is contemporary life and nctlcn—aviation, medicine. Industrial progress. Most major industries are worth a picture—railroads, communications, newsgnlh- ccssuil showman and n propagandist, says simply: "The movies are not only an appraisal of life; they are an escape from it." WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 1939 Son Of Famous Russian Will Cryduate From Annapolis Academy HY KVELYN IIAlfF NKA Service Special C'rirrcsiioiulfiit ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 23,—Another Interlude In a drama which began In Russia 22 years ago will he climaxed v.'lien Viulym ingulf, only enrolled uildshipninn of Russian birth, marches Jjj gradunllon exercises at Hie United Hlntc.s N;i- vul Academy, Attending the ceremonies will lie Harness I,cclu Wrangtll, lhc boy's mother. Once she was the wife of the late LIcul.-Com. Victor Ulgoll of the Imperial Russian army. Midshipman Vmlyin was born In ycljaslopol. Crimea, In.the midst ot fury and turmoil surrounding (he Russian revolution of 1317. ' Jib birth was marked by an Incident but [or Ihe bravery of his ftilher. might have ended In sudden death for an entire family. KSC'AI'KII IlluVl'ff IIKJ-'OKK lilKTM Madame Utgoff was shooting at n target in tlie yard of the familj Yankee Clipper Starts Regular Service to Europe •'"'," ' L' ,'"','< ~ ' '""•"; ;•;/••"— » .- ,-,. ^ -, , , ,' ,,,.„,, Carrying over 167,000 pieces of mull, but uo passengers, Ihe four- cni;inM! furiy-oiie-nnd-n-half-ton llyinis Uoixl, tlie Yankee Clipper, Sjol nwuy lo a smoulli .slait in Manbit.ssiil Buy, L. I., ns i;c p cn in lihiilo at lop. to begin the woi'H' 1 ill-it nil- mall service to Europe. I'holo at light jiho'vs New Yotk'. Paymaster Altai Goldman IJHHI!- Inif in 'lie last bug of mall to fiiijlit commnijiter Arthur K, LM'urlc. Alter lour mail nig'.Us, regular ti'ansfithin'ic pas-senge. service is t.'aimed. Gloucester, Mass. The fate which protected tlie Russian ace In numerous crashes liming (lie war turned lier back in October, 1930, when Ills Coast Guard plane cracked up outside Boston. He is buried In Arlington national home In Sebastopol, practiciii" willi! cem ctcry with America's the small pistol given her by her ''""""' husband for projection. Two lied hcrces. The young midshipman also re- soldiers, passing on the road nearby, i calls lhc exciting days at the Ut- hcard the shots and threatened to gon" liomc on Long Island when kill her for firln» the gun l Z° r Sikorsky and a grousi of en- C'ommnmler Ulgolf joined the thiislastic yomig Russians were group find laughingly explained I building Ihe first Sikorsky airplane lo the excited soldiers that. Ills wif<- '" ll!c ut S°" hack ynrd. was using a toy pistol, convincing 1'hc boy's world collapsed with them by pointing to the SI. George's] thc crack-up of his father's ship ering,' movl'es7l»''''Lloyds''o'rTo!)- lc ' n|>t to don' we made a pretty good one ' llle "«'hHe dwarfs" a! lhc uni- FORT DAVIS, Tex. (UP)-Onn of lhc nrst projects at the Mnc- mysteries on insurance. "Sometimes the screen has to work over fragile or old materials. 'G.unga Din' and 'Charge of Ihe Light Brigade' were based on poems. Por 'Jesse James' we Jmd to create a lot of Incident for our purposes." CUKHENT.HISTORY OUT OF FOCUS FOB FILMS Tlie absence from the screen of stories about exciting events abroad is-not due merely lo policy, Jolm- scn said. ' "Wherever you gj back, you'll flntt.lhat nt the time things were happening nobody wrote about 'em," he told me. "fn tlie time of Napoleon nobody wrote of his fabulous empire. But 10 years after his death a rush of Napoleonic literature still going. began—and •crse. Dr. ottoh Struve, director, nnounced. The "white dwarfs" are stars vliose matter is so compressed that me .cubic Inch weighs several (cms. Dalft on diem and on other mys- cries of the heavens are to be Bought with the newly installed 12-inch telescope, second largest finished mirror in lhc world. "The wealth of Eclcnlilic intov- Canadian Firms Build War Plane Assembly Unit MONTREAL. (UP)—Work on tile Canadian Associaled Aircrafts llmlted's assembly plant at, St Hubert Airport, where the bombers to be built by Canadian firms for Hie British government will be assembled, is expected to begin, '.n June. The site for Ihe plant, consisting or nuput 17 acres adjoining Ihe airport, has been acquired after Jong negotiations. 'Hie company will Imild a similar assembly plant near the MtU- lou airport at Toronto. The Canadian Associated Aircrafts, Limited, was formed to handle wnrplane orders to be placed in Canada by the British government in the next few years. but it has been reconstructed gradually through his faith in the idea o( carrying on his father's ideals of service and spectacular courage, MOTHER IS ADMIRAL'S DAUGHTER Vadym's mother was Ihe daugli- band's feet. Vatiym svns born Die tcr 0[ a » admiral of the Imperial following (lay. Russian navy. Tlie death of her This same fearless nonchalance; husband left her alone in an un- Commamler Ulgoff 'to Cross on his breast and inviting them to shoot the gun at him if they doubted his word. The soldiers, grinning sheepishly, accented the Incident as a joke and returned to the road. Madame UtgofT collapsed, dropping the loaded pistol nt her lius- prbniptcd perform daring feats which MILWAUKEE, WIs. (UP)—Milwaukee Slate Teachers College lias a new one to add lo the list of unique courses. Prospective pedagogues may now take a course In how to reduce. The class Isn't known by as simple n litle as that. It's listed as a nation which will-be made avail- Bourse in "The Principles of Diet ible to hmmuiily through the use and Exercise In Connection suited in his being the first officer 10 receive Hie St. George's Cross during the World War. Prior to the outbreak of the revolution and Russia's withdrawn! from the war. Utgoir was awarded the Legion of Honor and several other 'decorations for bravery in action. 11 IS FATHER, HIS IDEAL His spectacular career has been the major factor in determining the pattern of his son's life. Vatiym plans lo continue his father's wort from the point of Its interruption' by death in 1930. ' '•'•; Now ready lo enter active service for his adopted country, he recalls the day that his father determined lo return to Ihe vocation which hail first intrigued him. After coming to (he United States, Commanded Utgod", impelled by the necessity oj supporting his family, had (urncoj to things other than aviation. i For a lime, lie drove a taxi 111 tav York City, but after a series of failures, he was persuaded thai •success was attainable only in Ihe :icld for which he had been trained and In which lie had ic'-i vcalcrt unusual brilliance, Tfe be L came a member of the Coai Guard service, aviation division, at "It was 10 years alter t'.ie Civil War that authors began to write about It. At first it came from the northern side, with a Union soldier the hero and often a southern viewpoint. Nobody yet has written anything great about (he World War. "Some lime, the things that are happening in Europe today will emerge as intensely dramatic stories. Why. the peril cf life over there is as great as it was in American frontier days. But right now the whole picture is out of focus, and it's likely ! to stay out of (ecus fcr years. "For one tiling, most of the good writers are here In Hollywood, and the others have become too personally embroiled in political and social issues. People like Ernest Hemming»• ay and Vincent Slieehan turn out a fair job once In awhile, but mostly they're writing their own opinions." FILM EDITOR SEES RETURN OF ROMANCE Johnson looks for a return of romance arid romanticism because lie said, "every era or vogue ha: to be followed by a period ot relief just as the realists moved in 01 the r heels of the Victorians. It a new Dumas were to appear in literature today, he'd sweep Hie world." [ Typical of the new type of Elories for .which Hollywood is searching to meet the customers' demands for fresh material Is "Confessions of a Nazi Spy," based on actual cases which came out in the Nazi spy trial in New York last autumn. : Original stories such as "Made . for Each Other," "Love Affair," and "Three Smart Girls Grow Up," are forerunners of the new' .cycle, but in the absence of enough-Inspired authors Holly, wod ta digging a lot of old hits of the tclcscoiw virtually is unlimited," Sturpe said. The observatory will tic used primal ily ns a laboratory for delving into one of the newer phases of astronomy — astrophysics. Other projects Include Iho photoography ot stars which are one million times farther away than the faintest star the human eye is able to see. Tlie observatory, jointly occupied by the University of Texas and (he University of Chicago, has been dedicated. The public library of liiihler, Kans., is in a filling station. Weight Reduction." But It all narrows down lo the same thing. There's only one hilcli, accord- Ing to Dr. Henjamin Uelicrman. college physician Ihe class lo make organizer of the rotund graclh*. Plenty of .slwlcnta think they ought lo reduce have signed up. he said, but only six of Ihe chubbier boys and girls are enrolled. So he's goinij hoping Ihe weight wait awhile problem wil familiar country, with the full responsibility of supporting four children. ( Despite her background of luxury and leisure, she did not hesitate to accept work in a New York department store and later she- served as hostess in a Russian restaurant. Her lectures on various phases of Russian culture, delivered to select audiences, supplemented her regular income. The orthodox Russian ceremony which cclobraled the marriage of Madame Utgoff to Baron" Charles Wrangcll in 1037 attracted national attention." WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilbnul Cilomcl—And You'll JampOutofB«lm Ilic Moinin; Raid to Go The liVer Fhould pour out two pounds of Icjuul Mle Into jour bon-djdally. If IMibile mot HowmglrKly.j-our foodaoean-liliuesl. It just (iccns'3 In the boweta. Gas bloats up your filouiBch. Von get conslinalaj. Your whole ByMem Is nolaonwl and you Iccl sour, flunk and the world looks punk. A mere bowel movement doesn't set al Ifie cause. It take* tho?e good, old Carter's Utlle I.Ivcr Pilli Id ert these two coundj of liile [lou-Ins freely and moke you leel •up and up.' Harmless. E entle, yet amai- tolf In mnliirw bile flow /reily. Ask tat Dorter's I.ittto I.ivcr Pills by name. 26 cent» *tuobornly refuse anrtblnif else. Progress Dooms Tree In Street 100 Years Old LIBERTY, Mo. (UP) — A huge oak tree Hull lias stood In tlie Oakwoocl community for 100 years, \vill h<! sacrificed to progress. Tlie tree now stands in the center of !< street and will lie cut clown so that the street can uc improved. When the street was first laid out 12 years ago, it wns divided so that the tree would be allowed lo stand. Two months ago - n number of citizens petitioned to liave tlie street improved and it was decided that the aged oak must go. A tire manufacturer suggcsls that to reduce accidents on the main highways state legislatures institute legislation making a minimum speed ot 30 miles an hour. Museum Shows Premier; Group of Butterflies PITTSBURGH (UP)—The woilli >M greatest collection of Sjihlngldnls —commonly known ns hawk molhs —is now on display nt Carnegie Museum here. Some 35,000 specimens of the vuri-luied "butterflies" set this newly compliMiienlcil collection far In advance of thai in tlie British Museum, According to Dr. Audrey Avlnolf, ! world fumed entomologist, the collection lacks only 50 of the 1,000 classifications of hawk moths and contains specimens not shown elsewhere. Tiie lale B. Preston Clark, Boston Industrialist and celebrated curator, completed the Carnegie collection recently when he be- qurallied his private acquisition or UU.COU specimens to the museum. He spent 30 years building his collection. No valuation has been set on the collection, but several hunOrcil dollars were paid Tor Individual speclriicns, according lo Dr. Avinoff, Chips Fly »t Fast Clip V AUGUSTA, Me. (UP) — Perry Greene ix justifiably proud of ills wood-chopping prowess. 51c recently clmpcd tliiough nn 8 x 3 kiln-dried hard pine timber in 15 3-5 seconds. Using a 10-pounJ axe, he tevercd Hit timber with "clips'' on o:;e ;:ide and four on the oCier Some British slang words for coinage Include "sprazer" for sixpence, "deener" for shilling, ami "lialt-a-tosh" for half-crown. PRESCRIPTIONS . Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Anti-Knock Oils Genuine Klhvl 73-f Octane, Gal. SO Octane, Ciiil. 13.5c 14.3-c (All Taxes Pairl) SPECIAL LOW J'RICE—100';.' PURR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR 01! TAX PAID 2 GAL. CAN ! i)!)c Highest Quality Products (it Miles From Slide Line Holland, Mo. weigh upon the minds ot weightier students. The doctor did not reveal what a student would have lo do to win an "A" In the course. HERE'S UNBEATABLE AVItiGS! PRICED DOWN WITH THE THREE LOWEST OWNERS REPORT 15% TO 40% Drive a CMC—the truck that snvc* moat on R.IR! Remember, n CMC lias tlicmost power, too! LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main ,> h(mc Thirst stops here You find the familiar red cooler around the corner from anywhere. It marks the spot where yon can make any pause the pause that refreshes with a frosty bottle of ice-cold Coca-Cola. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Ererythinj* for your entertainment and comfort. Watch Society Pa^e Of Courier Newt For Free Show Guesti Weds. - Thurs. CEO. BRGNT-HUMPIirtEV BOQAHT GERAlDI.VEfl'raitliAUMIENRYraAVpi.S ROSALD REAGAN .CORA U'lTHERSPOON DirrtllJ Ij EDMUND GOULUL|:U > Sows Ptl| b; Curj Rofcia.oa - tto* (is W.f br Gtaffr Eetdoft BIC«II. ;r_ uj Demon L'^xJi . LL*uc tr; Mil Strinrr A tulr N tumi! hmrt • WrtrclrJ tj fl-ARN ER faHOS. lisa r.'inimounl News ,6 Baify DiU'k Cnrloon Admission UTatiuce lOc £ 2Ce Night IGc * TCc $ S * J I J J FRIDAY MAY 2S 75 GOOD REASONS Why yon should attend the show Matinee or Night $ $ $ S 5 i * Coining Soon: Young Mr. Lincoln Jnarer KOSB of Washington Square Captain Fury Kt\sl Siilc <if lirnwn Union 1'acific Il.-irdy's liiilc Ifigli It's n Wonderful \Vorlrl Alexander Gralmm l!cll Admission always lOc & Matinees Fri.-Sai.-Sun. Weds. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS Two Admitted for the Vrice of 1 CAN EVERY CONVICT BUME SOME WOMAN?

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