The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 1931 PI.VTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE'. THREE 1 Heads Hebrew University in Palestine Triumphant Wei come Awaits Judah L. M'agnes 1 in America. I BV I'AL'I. IFAKKISON , N'KA Si'rvice Writfr | NEW YORK — When Dr. Judah , L. MiiKiics Ml this country eleven I years r.uo for Palestine, there were : omc who raid: 'There ijoes a. man whose brilliant future lies behind him." It didn't scuncl paradoxical then.; Masnes hud been rabbi of the iurg- \ est and most influential Jewisli j ccnnregation in America. He 1m : wen world-wide atttnilnn as a lib-, eral and a champion of hiiinun t lirjiit.s. He hat! proven hinuelf ; thr- umiueMicned leader of Jewish j nationalism, j All this he l?ft behind lo a-ci-p'. . Ui2 chaiiccllovjhij:' of a then non- ' c?.isl:nt university in bnrrcn Palestine. And there were many end • mlcs who hoped thai he would find i there, if not actual failure, at legist a harmless obscurity. The last la::gh belongs to Dr. Masius. If? is on his way back to America, more powerful, his friends -siy. then when he left. He will be received enthiisiaslica! operates u dfpot In one room of (he Judtfon Smico .slnllon. !•'. (:. l)niii;hs | s attorney for (lie u'.alnlllt. Tom Jackson Asks $1,700 1'i'oin Atlantic and ific Stages and M.P Prospects pf Wrestling Coach Were Ruined J ac professors of the University of N'crth Carolina are enthusiastic about the plan. Suit has been filed In circuit' com i here by Tom W. Jack-:on. | prqii ictor of a gasoline .service nation, uuahisl the AllaiiMc-l'iiflfli! StiLn-s. inc., and Ihe Missuurl- rncilic inllroad company. Jackson Is Miii-.-j for approximately $1700 M.-\U1RON. \V!s., (Ul'i - Tin ,__; liiilhfnlm-.'.s i-f mi old sayhiR that , "mkrn-tiiiH". ;u'\vr co:nr singly" j can llKhtlull)- be attoslcil hy at i | lf»!l in' l.'imvisHy of wK-imtlii! athletic co-icli. AIli'i 1 ifveii'l "lean" y^ars George SYRACUSE, N. Y., lUP) — Although Captain I'nsrjuale Benrwtt lias been n member of the local police department for 25 years, he nen.-r wi.lkcd a beat. I>nncll was mimed Italian Interpreter of the court of special sessions in 1906 and In 1907 ho. was appointed a detective. For 10 years he served In (hat capacity, gaining the distinction of Investigating more homicide cases limn any other member o! the department. He was nu- [Minted a captain in 1925. rtcad Courier News vrant Ads. allied to be due him on gas and men - inchiillivt the leiim cnnlnlr oil purchases by the motor bus lulcl an nlH-onfr-rence- chimnH:.n. Hilchccck. vi'icrnn couch nt the ft'ifstllns ir-atn. believed hi> luid the! iieoewi.iry :I!;<I.M:;,I for a chump- 1 lonslnp smmd this year. Injuries' und th, sd.laMic ,,x took nvc plnin by , Jackson makes (he MlssoiirI-Pncl-1 nluval ll: ] flc railroad a party to the action i by alleging that the proiierlies and franchises of the motor bus company have been sold or will be soM to the railroad with the prospect of a discontinuance of the Al- I'K.u'h himself. Foreif-n Talkies to Aid Students of Languages |]fl|>eil Him "" liiinishi'd His Trouble COSTS MTTI.K AN'I) WOUKS 1.IKR MAGIC suirercd from bronchitis , CHAl'KL 1111.1.. M. C.. iUI'1-Ed- , himic-Paclilo bus service through i uriuicn if jauliis Ihroii^h means which tills city. The gas station proprie-1 of talkies hern put Inlu opera- |' "' lci1 "" tlon hen' by K. CurrlirMun Kmlth, of breath und a cough " ot II • very finest ingredients. It is com° pnsed of Eucalyptus, Flax Se:d Oil. Bcliiln. Cassia, IrUh Moss nn3 Glycerine. Show your doctor the formula printed on each bottle ami he will tell you It Is by far the most effective remedy made for wintry conghs and colds that haivj tor .seeks a writ of garnishment against Hie Missouri-Paclllc. which hs alli'tes. has or will become In- •'•''!fii to the Atlantic-Pacific for J 17,10. i na plaintilT states that the Atlantic-Pacific • has persistently of medicine wlth- . , ' i -' luf - ' nir11 ' s «»' Un-O-Nlnc tn.inaiier cf llio Carolina Tlieater. | nilverllsi-il nnd it. stoppeil the rteuiihr pnvram.s of foreli'.n l:u>-l c0 "^' !lt:ii ' BOl all right again. BUiiBO ji!cl«res a:o iiresentc.l each i I Mire iccommeml it for troubles week. Illks I had." writes Eincst Fnmko, So far, (lie pictures have been ; «^' hi Spanish, f reiicn nnd Cirrmnii. I '' k »<»™ 'armcr of Industry. to pay for its purchaw?j> In Most of Ihe iMcluver. inr filmed in! Tlic finuo\is Kerr Chemical Co. I January. The motor bus company lands. Foreign language • innnufactnres Lln-O-Nine of (he en, nnd won'^ shake off easy. It Is a snow white, creamy, pleiiant tasting medicine In two sizes .it leading drug stores, 50c or 51. or send coin or stamps for botth direct to Kerr Chemical Co., Brent- wocd, Md. They guarantee Lin-O- Klne will do the work or money re-, fimdcil without quibble or I,ii'.-O-flinc relieves thos: conditions associated with coirjlis, hoarseness, throat irritation, etc. and Is equally effective for infants or the aged. Children like It.. —Adv. Dr. Ju-Jah Ij. Magne.s, left. Chancellor of the Hebrew University in Palestine, has guided the institution frcm a Zionist dream to one of the mcs'. important factors of progress in the Near East. At upper riglu,| ly at th3 vcrv temple frcm which, j is a view of the reading icoia in the university library, where some 2(10,000 volumes arc available. because of his strict tenets of Ju-, lie oiiOD was virtually ousted. There \r, to be a country-wide celebration of the sixth annivpr- ^ rarv of the Hebrew University inj Palestine, which he has organized as a prime factor! in the progress of Zionism. EiiKlein Aided Work His •school Is the only on? of university rank in the Near East. About fifty scientists and scholars comprise ids staff. Tlic first chairman of its academic council was j Albert Einstein, and one of those' whose job it is to uphold scientific standards is Cr. Blguumd Prsnd. Fiist a graduate research institution, the university now oilers courses for undergraduates. Its institutes cf chemistry, natural hiitorv. mathematics, physics and microbiology are devoting themselves to problems which confront OH Palestine. It already has gone far toward stamping out the disease; of. desert and swamp. It is bringing modern agriculture, irrigation, electric power and reclamation to the cnce poor, neglected land. There wns no such thin? as a Zionist crusade when Judah Magnes. originally of Oakland. Gal.. * entered the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati at the age of 21. He wanted only to become a Rabbi and Teacher, and received that degree in 1900. An athlete, tan handsome and friendly, lie also "nacl distinguished himself as an crator and scholar. There was many a pulpit waiting for him then, but ho chose instead to take a degree cf Doctor of Philosophy at Heidelberg. Sympathized With Nationalists It was in Europe that his destiny molded. There he came In contact with two distinct groups of Jewry—one frankly in favor of racial assimilation, the other mili- tctillv national. Ma?ncE found himself believing that only by living his own cultural and religious life could the Jew hope to aid himself nr.d world civilization. He was a Zionist without knowing it. At yet he was not concerned with Below is shown another of tli? impressive Iniildings of the school. "Out Our Way" Artist a Hunter|^-t«'y Workers : of East Seeking Homes on Farms PINE BLUFF. Ark.. lUP)—Sev- eral thousand industrial workers in the east, (ircd of the unemployment Mtuntlon and dismal outlook ! for the fiittirc, arc making plans' to J find new homes In Ui.« southwest. ! according to Wood Netherlnndj ; president of the Federal Intcr- ! mcdlat- Credit Bank, of St. I/mis. | \": an interview here recently while ; attcndim* the convention of Group j Seven, Arkansas Bankers Assocla- '. tio. i He said that a Pennsylvania j clergyman is in Arkansas now locking for a location for at least I SCO families from the congested in- i dustrinl section of the east. Plant | shutdowns and a general decline in i industry have made these workers. K"sny cf whom are of foreign, aari- ' ciiitural stock, seek a small farm where they might raise their liv- , me. Ihe-e ne--plc nttrac'cd to America I" 1 the hi^h. wages of industry aro o! a thrifty nature nnd have accumulated considerable savings, : Nethtrlund s'jid. Now with no jobs in siiiht. they are seekin.; new holies in the southwest on small I Mr. Motherland said that many i of these people are adapted to j farm life and will cultivate tracts ' intensively, making a highly pros- I perous agricultural section. SUNSHINE MELLOWS rifies the establishment of a legally guaranteed Jewish homeland in Palestine. Rack In America, he taught, for a year at a rabbinical school, but found he had entirely too many cnginal lde?s for conservative instruction. Then he became the rabbi of e. fashionable New York temple, where he preachrd national Judaism to a congregation that didn't know what he was talking about, and wouldn't hav: taken him seriously if it had. But the members did notice, , with resentment, that the empty pews were beinj filled by Jews from the ghetto, folk of East European origin who were far b?low tlic social standards of their set. H Some folks may like to take life easy on "ritirje" ranches during their j West Memphis Gunfight Victim Succumbs Today MEMPHIS, March 3. <UP>—Cortey Burns, 27, West Memphis, wounded in a gunfight Sunday af I teinoon, died today at noon at i local hospital without regaining consciousness. His sister-in-law, Mrs. Fronie vacations, but not Jim Williams, the ex-cowboy who draws the pcpti- Green. 40 wa.n arrested and charg lar elaily co:nie. "Out, Our Way." Jim spent several weeks recently ed with manslaughter in connection renewing old acquaintances at a real oid-timc Arizona ranch, where wlth ltl eshootlng. She said she as he put it. "you could ride for 250 miles without seeing a fence." This picture shows Jim. chaps anil all, with a deer he shDt on a hunting trip into the Camp Wood Mountains. 50 miles from Prescott.i It was xvhilc he a cow puncher that Wiliiams met many oi the characters whom ho portrays in "Out Our Way." filed in self defense. pnd "b3l:-:li£vis!." His own prople .spent Wednesday ~ith his parents. | fumerl that he wn? casting doubt Mr. and Mrs. G. Y. Setloan. ; urcn the loyalty of all Jews. Glenora Brooks spent S?.tur:lay But the war that he opposed "igW *' ith ner grandmother. Mrs.. gav3 Palestine ta:k to Israel, and J- W -Tomlmson of Lone Oak. > Masnes was not slow to take ad- G - Y - Settoon and son. Robert/ vnnlag? of. it. He went abroad. w «e business visitors at Osctola stenificant that "a people Thursday. •Yii"v were thcr" to Ihten to the'' wlllicat a'land and a land without Pal - 1 Gambi? an(l I-=on l!-:ssel r.:w iMd.™ otzfonism -nien add- i people" for nearly 2000 years were Half Moon visitors WeJnes- to the unrest of his fjshton- should Imve conceived the idea of day. able followers. Dr. Magncs became] a university as one of the first Mr. and Mrs. Sam Heath sr>?nt a figMer as well as a theorist.! steps of Palestine's rehabilitation.'Friday in Gosnell where Ibny al- Kc organized and Ird a parade! Is Influence for I'care (ended the funeral of Mrs. M.ic through New York as a demonstra- j Dr. directed the organ-, Medlin. tlon against, the slaughter of Jews] Cation and became the cluncello; 1 . Jofin Jones of Half Moor. SIKMI! in Russia. He raised large sums wncn jt «?.s dedicated by Lord 'he week-end with his sister. Mrs to provide the Russian Jewish dc- Bnlfour in 1825. There are no Dulcic Lentil. fensc organizations with arms and j limitations of sex or creed, andt Marlin Bracken visi'ert in Gcs- nmmunitioii. In scores of meet-1 there are Arab students as well as neli Sunday. ings he broirjh'i the caira of Israel before the American public. Led Largest Temple Criticized by memters of j ea -s. The ill-feeling between; Charles Spriiver nnd " these traditional enemies is declar-l ]IaU spolll Sur(I " ay afternoon v. : iii: cd to be lessening under Magnes 1 . jv^y Ho: jg e 0[ LO,,;, O ak . WsiiiiHuinc?. More than a year as;o, W;lltcr Bolcs ffeni S3U!r ,] aY temple. Masnes tried to r;st;n ' i, c came in for vdde.;prc-ad criti-! n jg nt u . jth II: . T ^. ix.atlienvood o: Instead, he was offered, and finally! cr=.m because he advised making | Blytl-cvllle accepted, the pulpit of Emanu-El.j peace with the Arate Instead ol, Hlcnard ' KlU cpc;U saturdav with the largest, wtalthlcst con-; d cp;ndtng on British force cr in-! n1ght with Charles Springer. Qregation in America. But he sur- j tciferencc by nny government. Butj Lp..,,.. LpjjtI-erwccd of Blyil-vill- irndcrctl none if ibis interest in : sii'cscquent events have tcms out i vl! | t ..j in '(i,i s vicinity Snl'-rc '• the Jcv.'ish masses, on whom hj'his vicv.s. I ' knew the dream of a new Zlon depended. Palestine never would be rc-peoplcd by millionaires. ^^ ^ _ ^^ A clash with the trustees of the 3,'iri'nnivmities to"study their or- Rev. Ed Williams of lane Oal temple finally brought his resigna-; Bnnlzation particularly in tlie de- ticn, and Dr. Magnrs soon declar-; p.i r(ments O ' r sc uiices and oriental cd himself through with preach-, s ,, ld | es ing. The next few years he quiet-. ' ,___^ ly devoted lo organization nnd education among the Jews of New York, With th= World War. he bounced again' Into the national While in America, for a stay ofi Herman Wilson and Gladys at least thr:: months. Dr. Majnes Koonce spent Sunday with Mr, flans to visit the chief colleges ] Mrs. Thurnun Wilson. Driver Grove Government agents everywhere, and denounced him as MAN, 82, FINDS HEALTH. "I Iiad lumbago, my lirinds v.i-rc stlfT and s\volUu with rheumatism, iind 1 wns very nervous", s:ild Mr. Omnr B Dills. S3. DewJU. Mich. "I ir.ok Konjoln, for nino weeks. J Kaini'i] nine pounJa in r.-cight. ;ny ncbcs anil j^-ins have coraplctftly left me and I an] in belter health than I have been In years". Bay U At Any Good Drag Store. J*V£:' will preach ( at Driver Grove Sunday morning a! eleven o'clock. Marlin Bracken spent Tuesday! with Mr. and Mrs. Eli Delancy' of Big Lake. Roy Hall of Clear Lake visited his sister, Mrs. Maude Springer anci family Wednesday nlghl. A large crowd attended prayor Frank Sackrider spent Sunday spotlight, this time as a pacifist, with Ted Bro:k. ------nment agents followed him Miries Lavern and Kuhv Setloon 1 mceMng 0 nt^bTivcr Grc^e"Wdues- ivhere. and lilt arrest often visited Mrs. Lelah Overtoil Wc-j- day nlffht rumored. Palriotic softies llcsrfay . I * v \ ' AlMalKlcl . llas nnvcr; ""•' "' pro-German • Robort SMmn o[ chtggcr Hidge lo llils vicinity from Lcachvilic. f ' Your message to a Courier News Ad Taker will be trans- m it ted to 17.000 readers. Call 306. !L are Certain LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE —made of the finest tobaccos — the Cream of the Crop—THEN -"IT'S TOASTED"- an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in ail raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. The. advice of your physician is: Keep out of doors, in the open air, breathe deeply; take plenty o/e.xercise in the mclio\v sunshine, and haw a periodic check-up on the hsalifv of your body. TUNE IN— Dance Orchestra, et-ery Tticj- day, Thursday and Saturday cfcninj! over N. n. C. net- u-oria. toasted" Your Throat Protection — against irritation • against coul ©I9JI. The Amtticin Tobicco Co.. Hfn.

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