The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1949
Page 11
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TVEDNKSTUY, MAT 25, 1949 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN Added Progress For State Urged Col. Barton Says Arkansas Cannot* Rest on Its Laurels HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May Jri. <.-P) —Arkansas \vns urged yesterday not tfi rest on Us laurels. Speaking ^t the opening session of the two-day convention of the Arkansas Rankers' Association here, Col. T. H. Barton, El Dorado, chairman of the Lion oi! Company's board of directors, declared: "We must redouble out 1 efforts to see lhnl Hie improved industrial recognition of Arkansas is not hnlt- ccl but is Increased until we have proven our state is tiie most pro- pi essive in the nafion- (hut re a opnort unity exists here." tJarton 5a Id Arkansas "is no taintetj by the 'ist.s' and •i^ms 1 lha prevail in some other sec I tons." Sen. J. W. Fulbriehl told th bankers there nre only two n'^ys t bain nee the national budget—in crpflse taxes or cut expenses. He MI id he favors a ormula b which expend i tines would Ue ci "pdross'the board" so that all (\< partinrnl.s would be treated alike, He added Mint lie believes most lawmakers wonlrt favor swell n "Vin if thev knew there would be no di scrim i nation aprnlnst their slates. Orrin H. Swiiy^r, vice president of the First National Bank of Jackson. Miss., fold the Arkansas ns,sorintion Jtt> plans for establishment of a .oaded Jeep to Put 'View' into 'Voice' to Help Sell Story of America to Rest of the World AsslsUnl Srerflary uf Statr (Irornc V. Altni Inspects one uf t& iet'ps, whU-h will furry niollon pLclurr ors, radio, rcturtliiijT anil Hitih'rss ptinlpitirnt to (hr far cornrrs of llu- The picture nnd mnvtiMiulm jeep Young President By DnuftUs Larsen I NEA SjUTf Correspondent WASHINGTON —(NBA)— The Slate Department will soon have (>5 potent packages of propo&anda In action xellliig the story of America, in pictures, to more than 100,000,000 people around the world. The packages are Jeeps loaded with every kind of picture pro- jeetoi ever dreamed up. plus elaborate radio and recording equipment and a complete public system. The idea is to turn the Voice of America into the "View of America" and take it to the people in every far corner on the globe. A Congressional committee which toured Europe in 104T to see how effective the Voice and other pro- pognnda efforts of the State Department were, discovered that only a handful of the people were being reached with the story. Audiences were mostly limited to those who owned radios and could cad. The great mass of the pcoole, including many workers and farmers, .t weren't gcltinc America's side of tiie argument in the cold war. with air William N. Doramus ill (above who began his railroad career as an apprentice 10 years ago, became the nation's youngest railroad president at 33. He was elected presides 1 of the Chicago Great Western Railway, at the road's annual board of director's meeting in Chicago. lAP Fliolo.) I he Slate UepailUK'nt's answer thb problem. Movies and si ill pictures. It has been discovered. are excellent mediums far mus^ i?d- uc'.itioii. And when they arc brought right to backyards, where it requires only n minimum effort to "-re I them, they're twice as cffci'tivc. j In addition to telling the slmv of democracy with movies nnd j.lido.s the jeep is equipped wilh powerful .short wave radio for ptrkinn, up actual Voice of America broadcast. The public address system tot* nny si7pd audience In on the programs, millions a chance to hear them who wouldn't have been ;\bli' to otherwise. Transcribed music. :md educational programs CAU also tie provided for Rreat numbers of people in Lhls way. Another use for the unit Is tc: record the propo»anda prouraim and speeches of the other covmliies for later study and analysis. One or two men will travel with each lecp as it takes the s(ory to the far ronrhcs. dencndinw upon how fur from I lie home base it cooking gi'ar. Iain*' (Irlnkinn-wadM- cans and an 8Q-u:iHon « l >^ lank, This pt'iiiiils oiicnHoL's t<i rump mil when no oilier lucls-hp; is itvjiilithle An opmilor (»i OIK- «.if these nm1- i;ivt inlils must br a I'omnctnil •umcra terhiiU'tnii, sound man. milt> eimitU'cr. pnbUc- svliitinn.s i-x- H'i'1 and nu^U'i' ot i'l-vt'iLIImlivs, Films v.ill nul br shuu'ii MMI lot enltn tiiinnu'iil. 'J'hc film biaty on each Jeep will consist D IniveloKiies. cducaUcinul dims. sSuirl, showing Ainct ica's inanufat-liu ])lant.s and farms, and IIL'\\M-( .Slides for piosenMnR various lyiu 1 iif leclure.s are also part vit th equipment. The sound, accompany inK nil ihe slides nnd movies will l> translated into (he nutlve lini^nnsi The Stale DeimrtmeiU hopes I have all 05 ol nulls in op oration by thr middle of July, The will be opera l i n&' In -11 d! f fi 1 rei countries on every emiihu'nl. Vint- one costs approximately S-IISOO, h eluding (In. 1 rtnnpinont. Bavarian Linen Maker Salvages American Steel PUKD1.O. Coin.. — f.'V)— KuKrne Unlemiiiyri Int.* iniuli' » lonu nnil sucre.sstul lump from milking fine [him In llnviu'ln to snlvngtns iron «t Pueblo's Mcolmllls. Tlic 63 ywir old mini flod Clcr- nuiny wilh bis fiiintly In 1!>-11). lip loft behind line of iinvnrln's liitu- (".t linen plunls ivlilrh lie owned for 40 yours. He tried M-llltiK books In New York City to mMntnln his wife ami two chtllmi. lint «t I hi- snuRi-sllon o[ A third son lie- trckki-d wi'stwunl to Colormln. Tlic son vvus «uii u,a. ski tro«i|)s in InilnliiK "I Camp Itnlc near I.e»dvllle. Unlmnnycr took « Job »t Pueblo .wllli EI Ni'w York im-lnl salvage roiniinny. It IVKS trylnn lo recover metal from (he .slnn duniiis of the MlMiirtiiin sleel mills of Ihe Colorado h'uol A Iron Corp. The- Nev York firm nlmmloncd tiie work bemuse It cniiHhi'l ninke n profit. Utllerinriver dcrtdcl to Incklt- tlif ob lilmseK. lie obtained n I'ontrur roln the OK&I LMI«| took lip \V|KTI llu'r firms Inn) tailed. lie Is dli cUiiis » ulu o|ierii(lon now hi Ih I'crnvivy of tin* miHul. Tile project ivoh'r.s the event mil \vorktnn m'rr <i iilKiul sLv mites of dumps whii'h ire inuiinlnliis of blnsl funwcc slnu. l'o\v<U-i- ehmnr.s bhist tln- imtiTlul :m<l font hulldni'.ers push it islde In swullis while workmen pick • wt the dlslmlKi'd serap. Mivst of lie lei'Overed nichll is In .slnoll >1e<'es but some recoveries weliih ml [-ton. Trucks lnuil the nrcum- iihttlon to (he .sleel mills where "Old Briuo Bactu", the flnw practical pumping lire engine, wu Advised by Thomas Lot*, cooper and boat builder, and given to Mew York City In 1743. The Emperor Augustus med to boast that he lound indent Romf x city of brick and left II * My ot marble. strum; people per.splre freely. While they're su'initniK il nut, Iht'y muy cit-vclop blf.ster.s luonnJ ihrif urche.s. If they don't m-l -special t I't-n t me 1 1 1 tj uickl y . 1 1 wy m» y \',vl an Uifet'lLon — nnd wind up In 11 WELL-RAKED FOR CLEAN SWEEP— The- An I'orce's nc-wesi joi lir-hh-i Use K-DO. inlu'S its inHiul onmerii buw in lUn bunk. Culit. The pliine. wilh Ms rakish, swcpt-luu'k lines, is ready tor intensive Hii;lu u-M> lo deiemnne imrfoi innnce records t.'oinbiuini: spe<-d. nnL^e and uiiiniMivcriiniliiy. Uie K-UO wus ik'sijjned 1 lo opertiie LH'IniHi I'Lic-ioy lines I hoy sir Hie OUI .SllTl. tUiti'miiiycr sju-nks live liin^iumcs :in<l is »n eloyiiuilnnist an oxpi'il dcrlelation oi words. Me is nlsu a metflllutnist AllH'L'ii'U is I 111' i« Hi! nt iipJKH - tmilty, he. MIS. "Any mini nin Icatn to do nnythhiu." Hollywood Cuntiiiupd from pusr S in pi'ockicLion nlmast nine n^onttis. "'Iwrlve years at one studio," she said. "Is long enough. But Td RO bnrk £" Warners for a ROoil story." She'll next do "Carriage Entrance"-her first big color film— at RKO and then, for her own production company, a dramatic story she bought herself titled. "Second Lady." The last few of those 12 years nt Warners were turbulent oiie.s, S^ic was on .su5;pRn.sion for of tl^e time—once for 18 inonth.s — for uirniiift down scripts. 'But T think Zachary Scott holds ?he Warner su.spensioi) record," slic Chiropodists Look at Achina. Feet To Discover Infected Teeth, Tonsils By Arthur Kdstm WASHINGTON. May 25. ' T- — Ju-sl beciuust! your feel itch ,it,'.s no signe tluil you hnve ntlilete'.s ttKii. Maybe your feet itch because; yon'ro r\ nej'Vuvi.s Nellie, or ji jumpy ([ 1(1 | 1 j s ) s National Foul Wi'ok, iuul National A-s-sociaiion oi Chin>- siUd. "It'. 1 ! 11 times. I'm next. 1 ' 1 n.4:ed tin 1 about, iho i'[ licr l(jiif?-titne romance \viih Steve Hannii'ian, tlie public IT!at ions expert. All she'd .say was: "He's In New York most ot the time. We're MOO milc.s njmrt." out few today l warnings on itchy leC'L Tnke tetnpcramcni. Dr. William J. Slichcl, tin- a.-so- OLiUion'.s executive smetury, say.i some people, the moment thoir fee' ilL-h, <leci<le they hnvi- nthlote'.s toot. But, he said, many nervous, hit;'' TliL 1 things that 1'iin go with your Loot.sle.s! | Sui'li a itoyoxk'rmlu. Scrnlch ;ni hiM'C't bile, i>r brtilM- your loot, and pyodei iniii may move In US nulckly :is a poor reliiilnii a I will -result UK time. Such us tlie.s In new KOvks. Homo lH'cii)h' uri* Hllernic to dyi'.s. Ollu'i.s ctui't .stand nylon or wool, Snrh us corn.s. (Id I inn riil al corns is not ('iu>ui;h, Y«ui must- ^rl liil of the- clt'lorimly Mint l.s tin- corn oiiLij-er. As one who can'1 rend a report on any disease without instantly ;ir ~ rimriim iht: .Mime .syiuiitoin. 1 :. We had ilehy fret ever .since I l>c»nn Hits item. Am! I'm not lu-lpi-d my by Ihl.". Your I ret somellm \s net likri diuim-r sin mi l.s. When they net -sort 1 . j ihry'i! 1 really Icttlnc vnu know yrui I liave tmil lectli, infected tonsils, | ciis,L-;i.sed kidneys »r .slomnch trou- 1 blc. Now I nclu all over. r Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chicicasowbo swirrs PREMIUM ! BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty <»l I'JirkiiiK Spar* .school o[ bankiug nt I Stale University in 1590. When you want to... REPAIR A SASH... "My new 145-horsepower Ford F-8 BIG JOB SAVES ONE TRUCK...THREE MEN! Look U nder"CARPENTERS" in the Yellow Pages* BORROW SOME CASH. Look under "BANKS" or'lOANS" in the Yellow Pages* REMOVE OLD TRASH. V .VEVT l.(S-horscpowcr Font P-S RK'p JOII rcplncc* lw<i . trucks and ,%ix men. saves one truck and (Iirt-c incn," writes J. H. Hlankenship who uses u winch ;nul pullft system fnr loading pulp wood. "My giiMiliiu' consuniption h.u been mart than siuisfitciory. opcraiinj! 111 II) or more milc-s per aalton on very poor roads. I have plenty ot reserve power, and the case of operation is iinec^tialleo." Look under"HAUHNG T ' in (he Yellow Pages* *77>« YELLOW PAGES fofl who buys... »W/t... rents... r*po*n ope Mr. Hlankcnship is Inn one of tn.iny I-'orJ I1IC". JOB enthusiasts who has taken the lime in wriie alioul tlic remarkahle performance of the Vortl F-7 and !•'-«. '1 hims.inds of others iiri profiting from ,gas economy in itie big truck field . . . from an ability 10 carry gross loads of 50.OOO ll>s. and more on tandem-axle semi's . . .from power ihal makes ibe I1IGJOB ill* king of the hills. Come in and ^cl the facts on any one of over 150 Ford Bonus Huilt Truck models for '.(9, buill extra Jlrong lo last longer. p fr lor-l f.'rrld fH 8IG JOB thoMD hit i Orou Vcl.ifl' W«ifti1 r>ln ( n ?],yX)lt>i, C<oii Camhinilion Wtiihl riimi of H.OOOlbt n j Incur ir Brand New 1 45-hor»«pow»f Ford V-8 Tru(l< Engine it Now Sjp*r Quadrax Singl«-Sp««d Axlvt. Two-Sp**d Axl« • vailabl* on F-l i, tig Tir««; up lo 10.OO-2O on F-», up lo 9.OO-20 on f-T •^ N«w H»ovy Duty Fiv«-Sp««d Trontmiifiont ~tt Big R«ar Brak«i, Pow«r Acluol«d t 16-in. by 2-in. on F-B ir Built and Warranted (or th« following ratingt: Cron VMtl. W.ioM Grnn Tfo.'. W.igK '49 FORD F-7 19.OOOIb». 35.0OO lb«. '4» FOKD F-B ] 1,300 Ibi. 39,000 Ibi. * NalionwitU Scrvlc* From Ov.t 64OO Ford Oxilnri (Over ISO Models) TRUCKS MU/IT SttOlfGf* TO LAST LONGCR USING IMEST KEGUTtATlON DATA ON t.lM.DOO TRUCKS, Uf E INSUHANCE IXflKTS PHOVI FORD TRUCKS LAS1 LONGERI PHILLIPS MOTOR CO UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Cel Our TAXI and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors — (iHbnrttine $12.95 HUDSON llmrt't C.ld Upton chuckllnf ov.r wh«t h«'l (Ot. Gld It O.K. Nowheres Else Such Tasty Flavor for your money! When it comes to out and out lustiness. I'll put i! up B gainst H $5.00 whiskey, It's our own (''amily's Recipe — mid W«'v« boon distillers since nwny buck in Gnmdpji Wilken's day I •LENDED WMISKIV nOGf. /Ox CIUN NIUIU1 SMIIt. M WIIKIK IkMIlT CO., l»*l[KtllSlt. IM. Cfcaner-Cfothier-Tai/or RENTACAR Simpson Oil Co. Phons 937 PIANO TUNING C. A. Tant Construction Company Autluirl/cd. Dealer for Butler Sire Conlmctlnic ]'. O. Ho% 83 Ph«n« *M Hlythevllle. Ark. and REPAIR The only I'KKIT.OT TIINlMi by STIUHIOC'OXN mill St. [.mils. \V11V •I'AKK I.KSS THAN' TIIK RADIO REPAIR Music Instruments and Supplies Venetian Blind* of Anything Tnim a nu k tn » IIIISR %'luliii. Shrrl music, rcc- urils— just rvrrytliltift. Music Store 5. (Main — Tel. 81 Fifth & Walnut Phone 4453 I Have At AM Times For Sale •,1-vcnu I MIL tors and e<|Ui|itnenl Imth IICM anil usciJ J h;ivr hihn DriTK tarni^ll t-ord antl other nuikes I now have nrw Kor< l^;l^tll^^ anil ninlprn'*' 1 * rr:i(l> fnt flclivm a I (Ifjilfrs prlrr I will little lor most Any thine TO* ^tavft IVrms can tw arranRtd See F. C. CROWE l mllr smith ol RtaKRadnrlii. Such cle«n Veneli«n blind*! Uuil tkidi t i gin oi Fl«i»- linn, il'i a" »«lin.w»oc*h! This ahimimim bend* foe quick brusll-ilpl, snips Uek into perfect •tupel LJ|hU». easier to optrtu. A«i tk» beauty lisls! Pl»tic won't chtp or cr«ck. lum is fireproof, r Kealhcr-proof. Cuilom made «n/jf. €»•• chnose from bctutiful «•!• on ... bring window ••••• ureincnts. So ineipenwT*! Ciislom - made onlj. €»«• from be»Bllfitl e«*«rt ...ask for estlmitc withMrt oblljcation. BUILDERS'SUPPLY CO. Inc. W. H. Pease So. lliwaj- 61 Henrr MM Scoll Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Bolt" 81 ens • Bcller Sr-rvici 80S \o Kranklln Photic 3263 • • ^^

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