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The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota • Page 39

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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JT HH' r. i 7 VT THE DAY'S RECORDS Record 54-pound Muskie Caught in Winnibigoshish Harlan A. Aneerten, 3021 Dupont N. Wallace I. Anderson, 131 W.

56th St. lugone G. lallord, 6000 Old Shaken Rd. Thurs, Aug. 29, 1957 THE MINNEAPOLIS STAR 13B LITTLE MAN, BIG VOICE George Gites Dies; Picturesque Newsie George Gites is dead.

The picturesque 59-year-old disabled veteran of World War for years a downtown newsie at the corner of Third and Washington avenues died alone just as he had lived alone. It might be said he died "in service." Minnesota's biggest muskie OPEN SEASON MINNEAPOLIS MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS Wlllmtr tuichmeyer, 35, Winthroo, Mlnm I. Hegg, 27, 2546 Grand ov. idwln I. Dnaldswt.

39, 902 51 if ev Si Lai Larson, 31. 2517 Rivrsd ov. hWy P. Heul, 27, 307 Vincent ov Dorothy Johnien, 24, 29 Quetn ov S. lebtrt R.

Tomtiak, 25. 3232 Colfox ov Si Donna M. Prick. 22, 239 Clifton ov. Arvld K.

Mutum, 47, 2016 Ookland ov( srma r. nisin, iuio uakland ov. Oscar T. Kalln, 29. 4915 11th av Si Marl Walls.

26, 3851 20th av S. John T. Schwarti, legal, Morlnett. Wit; ixrtrva L. Twit, legal, 1128 SE 6th tt.

Waldemar D. IsMon, 20. Ruth City, Minm Celleen M. Watson, 19. 2918 Duoont av N.

0nnl 0. KiHlsii, 18. 3611 Emerson av Ni Eliiobeth franco, 17, 3700 Abbott av N. Cuttit A. lenton, 18.

Krkhovn. Minn: Prancing C. Dal, 18 4525 Pork ov. Joseph f. Schmidt, 37, 1135 NE.

Adams st; Virginia J. Marshall. 30, 818 t. 18th tt. Charles I.

Alcheton. 41. 316 Clifton ov; lucia Sane her. 40. 401 SF 4th (land D.

lundqultt, 23, Hookint; Flora D. Holverson. 17. 3250 25lh civ S. William D.

lonto. leoal, 4309 No- komii ovi 0rgiana Davit, legal, 4309 Nokomis av. hn J. Montgomery, 43, Osseoi Dorothy D. Denier.

38. Otso. Dal O. Snasrud, 23. Webster, Minn.i Noncv M.

Frank. 20. 3029 lit ov S. Vincent I. Wattweet, 30, Gary.

Mary Ann I. Hagferd, 23. 2223 NE. Flllmor St. William t.

Wilton, legal, Broadut. Alice G. lerent, legal, 4418 W. lak Hornet blvd. Henry Wilton.

74, Wis louis t. Wright. 75. 4219 2nd ov 5. tuswl C.

Evens, 23. 727 15th ov SE 1 lebgeca S. Thomason, 26. 727 15th cv SE. Gary t.

Sampcen, 20. 2224 E. 43rd st; Elaine M. Hoe. 21.

5515 llth av o. Douglas I. Person, 24. 3531 10th av Alvin M. lokinskie.

24, -ill's Jm ov Ittli W. Marschalk, 49, 1201 N. 6th tt; Polririn M. lanns. 36.

4029 45th St. Thomas P. Ginnatv, 23. 1291 Whit Gear av, St. Paul; Evelyn tutiii, 20.

2654 NE. California tt. Vernon Johnson, 39. 3932 37th ov 5 Louise Frailand. 37.

4429 31 tt ov S. lorry G. Sibley, 22, 1829 University ov Margaret J. Fellewt. 22, 5328 Elliot ov.

Phillip K. Person. 21. 3282 Valley View rd. New Brighton; Elaine M.

Dro "GIVE HIM MORE LINE!" Range News Executive Dies at 59 HIBBING, Minn. UPt Paul C. Hitchcock, general manager of the Hibbing Daily Tribune and a widely known newspaper executive, died early today following an illness of several months. He was 59. He became affiliated with the Tribune in 1944 after starting a career in mechanical engineering.

Born Aug. 14, 1898, at Fosston, Hitchcock came to Hibbing in 1906 with his father, R. W. Hitch Local Softball Stars Protect One-game Lead The Minneapolis and St Paul All-Star softball teams will meet in the fourth annual All-Star game at 8 p.m. today on Parade No.

.1 with St. Paul seeking to even the series. Minneapolis leads the AT APPRECIATION NIGHT Spencer Harris, Old Favorite, Back Home Gustavus Loevinger, Retired Judge, Dies By HALSEY HALL Minneapolis Star Staff Writer Will you look who's in town? Spencer Harris! one of the most graceful of all Miller stars over a 60-year period and easily in the first eight of all-time fandom favorites. The southpaw swinging outfielder, who played here 10 years (1928-37) and later starred on the Coast is back in town with the Missus. He'd like to settle down here and go into business, preferably as a clothing salesman in which he's had experience.

Baseball? "Sure, I'd like to stay in it." he said, 'I managed for Cleveland at North Platte, last year but they cut down on their farm system. Also was boss at Yakima, Wash. "No thrills better than my George Gites, more commonly known as Joe, recently went east as an official delegate from two veterans organizations. As a member of the Jewish War Veterans he was a delegate to the JWV convention in Boston, August 13-19. As a member of the Disabled American Veterans he was a delegate to the national DAV meeting in Buffalo, N.

Aug. 19-23. When he returned Monday night to his room in the Lenox hotel at 403 Washington avenue he said he was 'all pooped out" and hotel attaches said "he looked it." Hilding Olson, hotel jam itor, made it a practice on his rounds, each morning to drop into Gites room "just to talk. But his knock Wednesday morning brought no answer. When he admitted himself to the room with a hotel key he found Gites lying across his Bed, fully clothed, dead.

Above his bed was a wall photograph of Gov. Floyd B. Olson, the state's chief executive in the early 30's. The autograph on the picture said: 'To my friend, Joe Gites Floyd B. Olson." On another wall was a campaign picture of Sen.

Hubert Humphrey. Among Gites' effects are letters from the great and the near-great, on whose possession he great ly pnded himself. Gites was always in poli tics, but never held political office. At times he was a candidate for mayor, alderman, park commissioner, legislator. Years ago he was known as the little fellow with the big voice and he could be found at political meetings airing his views on candidates or subjects before the voters.

For many years he served as a member of the election board at the city hall, ward 6, precinct 3. His body was taken to the morgue, tor transler to the Zeesman mortuary at Plym outh and Humboldt avenues N. Gites was a native of Odessa, Russia, and came to this country as a boy. What relatives he has, and where they might be, are unknown. A military funeral is being arranged, with both the DAV and JWV scheduled to par ticipate.

Bandit Gets $75 Haul at Service Station Mike Sartwell, attendant in a service station at 2001 Minnehaha avenue, reported to police that a man walked into the station at 2:25 a.m. today, fired a pistol shot into the floor and demanded money. The man, described as about 45 and graying, compelled Sartwell to open the cash register, from which he took $75. He then forced Sartwell and a cus toraer, Franklin Studnick, Rutledge, into the grease pit while he made his escape, apparently on foot Meanwhile police sought four men who Tuesday night assaulted George H. Twells.

47, 773 E. Sixth street, and Jack Sieger, 31, 436 Iglehart avenue, both of St Paul, near Fourteenth and Washington avenues S. Sieger said he was robbed (lUrVOJ Mr. Gites Retired District Judge Gustavus Loevinger of Ramsey county died Wednesday in Miller hospital, St Paul, at the age of 76. An appointee of the late Gov.

Floyd B. Olson, Judge Loevinger served on the dis trict bench in St Paul just short of 24 years. He retired in February 1955. il In retire ment he continued his lifelong interest in the preven Judge Loevinger tion of crime, improvement of correctional practices and the elimination of discrimination. He was born in Germany March 4, 1881, the youngest of nine children.

His mother died when he was 2 years old, and he came to the United States at the age of with his father, Leonhardt a to bacco merchant The family settled at Mitchell, S. D. Judge Loe vinger graduated from Dakota Wesleyan university and entered the University of Minnesota law school in 1903. He practiced law in St. Paul from 1907 to 1931 until appointed to the district bench.

In 1912 he married lenikl. 90. 9917 31 tt nu NF Chariot I. Itrent, 21, 209 Thomas av 5 Oenn Ma I. Atplund, 21, 5913 0 linger rd.

Edino. BIRTHS GIRLS Mr. end Mrt. Harry W. Altman, Bos 151, Otto.

Harll Andersen, 1208 lyndal N. lichard I. lennetl. 431 i. Main it.

Anoka John K. Iloemtr, 10825 Quinn Bloom- ington. lone Iraun. 3621 10th av S. Thames A.

Iredit, 4141 Meodowbrook blvd. William t. turgln, 510 W. 33rd it. Hobert l.

Carey, 6401 19th ov 5. eland D. D. Ferrer, 2607 NE. Haytt it, Jehn M.

Dlebeld, 1143 Partridge It, Coon Rapidi, Ralph 0 Dlttbemer, 4741 Franc S. Raymond E. Donnor, 2931 Girard N. leland J. Oottel.

2535 30th ov S. John Diubok, 1 107 36th av NE. Clair I. Eigtn, 10717 9th av Oolden Valley. Donald J.

Irlckian. 4010 47nd av S. Dtlmor R. Etpsseih, 4246 Ottawa av. David Ferd, Excelsior.

Kermit J. Goodhort, 1327 E. Maynard drive, St. Paul. Donold C.

Hall, 4135 NE. 4ih it, Columbia Hoiahts. Dal V. Homer. 7532 14th av S.

Colmon W. Hechter, 2432 Steveni ov. Gen G. Hunder, 500 SE. Delaware tt.

Lttlie I. Johnton, 163 W. 102nd tt. Bioomington. Sigurd I.

Jorges, 259 16th av N. Gilbert M. Krutchke, Minnesota Trailer Park, Anoka, lichard C. Kuklock, 2630 Girard William I. lorton, 1825 NE.

Fillmore st. John C. levetang, 4900 Schmidt crossroad. John R. Motion, 3709 NE.

Jackson st, Arnold I. Medin, 1905 E. lak it. Dwight C. Mendenholl.

5540 James S. Thome P. Motcail, 2530 W. 105th it. Milford A.

Nelsen, Rt. 1 Savag. lobert W. Newberg. 5745 24th av S.

Paul C. Oat, 2100 W. 76th st. Raymond E. Olson, 1505 2nd av S.

James R. Ott, 1133 NE. Lincoln st. Donald P. Oi borough, 9'J00 Pnn S.

Gerald R. Petterson, 1226 Jomes N. Nicholas J. Papevich, 4629 Zenith S. Ralph A.

Pest, 2634 S.inson blvd. tsbori Uf tnkn rSflt) Mnodowbrsolc blvd. Williom H. Itngtterf, 6891 Meadowbrook blvd. Kenneth C.

tic, 1412 4th ov S. Joel F. Smith, 9043 Columbus av, Bioomington. James M. Spence, 4045 NE.

Van Burtn tt. George Stodala, Hopkins. Ronald D. Taylor, 2916 Aldnch S. Edward I.

Tomciok, 6145 lutscll S. lea W. Torola, 303 Vincent I0YS Mr. and Mrs. Jrry Agin, 6830 Meodowbrook Blvd.

Joteoh G. Almort. 5624 Zenith 5. Gerald A. Andersen, Q195 University Villog Gordon C.

Andtrten, 2104 Kenwood Parkway Millie N. Strouse, a Minne apolis school teacher. He formed the Young Strivers club in 1909 in the interest of underprivileged children. He was active in B'nai B'rith, a contributing editor of the American. Jewish World, and a director of the Jewish Home for the Aged of the Northwest He was a member of Masonic orders, the Inde pendent Order of Odd Fel lows, the county, state and national bar associations, and Mount Zion congregation.

A Boy Scout worker for 35 years, tie was at one time chairman of the St Paul area court of honor. He was a director of the Folk Arts foundation. He served as president of the Minnesota District Judges association and was a mem' ber of the first state fair em ployment practices commis sion. Funeral arrangements were being made today by Listoe Sc. Wold mortuary, St Paul.

Judge Loevinger is survived by his wife; three sons, Lee, Minneapolis; Robert, Palo Alto, and David, in Japan; two daughters, Mrs. Louise Sanford, Berkeley, and Mrs. Jane Weiss- man, St Louis; eight grandchildren, and two brothers. Max, Seattle, and Charles, Brownsville, Texas. son, St.

Paul, and Herbert I Johnson, Richfield; nine grand children and 15 great-grandchil dren. The family prefers memorials to the Mission Covenant church of Kasota. Reviewal in Minne apolis will be at Enger funeral home until 10 a.m. Saturday. ELSEWHERE From the Star Wire Services COPENHAGEN, Denmark ERIK TUXEN, 55, musician and conductor.

WASHINGTON J. A. B. BROADWATER, 62, former president of the Capital Transit Co. in ashington.

VATICAN CITY THE REV. LUDW1G GROSSE KAPPEN-BERG, German born superior general of the Roman Catholic M'ssionary Society of the Divine Word. Traffic Court Judge Dan.i cholson, presiding DRUNKEN DRIVING Hugo H. West-phal, 31. 3221 Minneapolis DEATHS Clinton av, $100.

Frederick a 29, Anthony hotel, $100. Linus E. Vor-nahi, 58, 1821 Dupont av $100. CARELESS DRIVING I95S 19 1957 24 MinnMota TO DATE 1956 374 1957 403 A. H.

McCon-nell. 22, 430 Penn $100. LeRoy J. Biever. 21, 301 3rd av $50; also $25 for driving without license.

Bruce A. Olson. 19. 4232 24th av $100; license suspended 60 days. Lillian Nilsen, 2906 E.

26th st, $35. DRIVING AFTER REVOCATION OF LICENSE Edwin L. Wirkus, 25, 4512 2nd av 20 da vs. DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE i Mike Hawthorne. 24, 808 Tus-carora av.

St. Paul, $25. VIOLATION OF HIT-RUN ORDINANCE r.nraM Hieeine. 21. 2095 Berk- ew ay, st.

r'aul, 30 days, parole 1 after 10. John M. turkhelhtr, 2613 4th Av. S. Chariot I.

Cook, 909 Logan N. Joseph I. Button, 9637 Chicago Av. DueVeyne A. tmmani, Box 422 Onto.

David P. Inlsn, 1238 Rot Villa Court, St. Paul Omar C. Prslle, 884 84th Av. Spring lok Pork David Hectr, 3253 Colorado Av.

S. Delaney I. Hsvlond, Oak Crov Trailer Park, Ntw Brighton Richard I. Jccobton, 2539 10th Av. S.

Dr. William W. Jepton, 4415 Fremont Gerald D. Jeeckel, 10040 Brookud Av. bominaton William P.

Johanneck. 2807 Idaho Av. S. Fredric Kathipl, 5725 Pennsylvania Av. Cryttol Villas.

Peter Kettlck, 2646 NE. Jetfenon St. Ray P. lorton, 11540 Norway Coon Raoidt. Chris J.

Itgeros, 2878 Huntington Av. lichard J. letter, 822 37th Av NE. William H. Mognuson, 28 W.

Wtntworth Court. Malcolm D. McCampbell, 6004 Birchattt Drive. Edino. Donald R.

Olien, 2407 Sheridan N. Howard W. Olson, 3434 Bioomington Av. Herman J. Prill, 5520 26th Av.

S. Ervln W. tembew, ji5 23rd Av. N. Sovine i.

Ronollo. 2217 W. 21st St. Gregory ledpath, (3501 Cretrweod Drive, Hook ins Dale E. lemme, 10000 Stvent Av.

Anthony M. leech, 2219 NE. Lincoln St. Harold I. Ruttlein, 2818 Jersey Av.

Peter J. Sadewtki, 1709 Chicago Av, Donald A. Scherven, Mound, Minn. Darwin D. Schmidt, 8201 Vincent S.

Chariot I. Schwab, 5206 Shendon N. Jomot W. Scott, 1620 N. 3rd St.

Donald A. Soderauitt. Sodervill. Harold A. Strobel.

5600 14th Av. Richard I. Swansea, 2B05 St. Mary's Plac SE. Phillip R.

Swinlek. 1307 E. 21st St. Gilbert V. Thompson, 1243 80th Av Fridly.

Wayne W. Thompson, 3232 Jomt N. Karel M. VanVliet, 861 20th Av. SE.

Duone R. Vickmorfc, 8433 Nicollet Av. Chester W. Walberg, 2836 12th Av. S.

Johannes Wlertme, 5332 James S. Albert J. Wllwtrding, 5317 lokesid Av. Cryttol. Haskell D.

Zuckman, 2295 Apach Mendota Heights. DEATHS Clara Allium, 84, 4400 Waihburn S. Aas M. takkon. 74.

4149 Elliot Av. William tend, 60, 91 Royalton Av. Alexander Carlton, 71, J-6 Irving rt. Earl t. Coleman, 64 5004 Chicago Av.

John i. DePre, 81, 1810 Washington Av. S. Edwin J. Hoyden, 97, 3120 Girard S.

Nellie J. Holberg, 82, 3206 Holmes S. Nell M. Hllm, 75, Rt. 2, Woviata.

Stanley T. Johnson, 46, 4012 Columbus Av. Justin I. Jergensen, 72, 3433 45th Av. S.

Samuel A. Marcus, 69, 3700 Huntington Av. S. John Mather, 83, long take, Minn, James W. Mullin.

68. 5221 3rd Av. S. Regina Sauser, 98, 3837 Av, Catherine Sconlen, 77, Buffalo, Minn. Lillian P.

Schima, 54, 821 SE. 5th St. Julia Sundberg. 87, 227 34th Av. N.

George C. Tierney, 81, 4428 Bryant S. COMMUNICABLE DISEASES NEW CASES DEATHS Res. Non-Set. Res.

Non-Pes. Inf. rieoatitis ..1 0 0 0 0 Measles 1 0 0 CURRENT YEAR (Cumulative! Aug. Year Aug. 0 1 0 2 1,417 0 Year 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 German meailei Infectious heootitit 2 65 Meostet 9 5.844 Meningitit Poliomyelitis Scolo ringworm.

Typhoid fever 2 5 1 112 4 6 Scarlet fever Whoopmg cough Influcnia 0 DIVORCES GRANTED Irono C. Martin from Charlos F. Martin. sVoltor Jonos from lurli Jonos. Dolla lotttor from Edwin H.

lolttor. William D. Rhoin from Annit Mao Rhoin. Dorothy M. lotos from Jack M.

lotos Nick i. Vordalos from Ltna M. Vordalot. FIRE CALLS WEDNESDAY P.M. 1:141330 Knox av washing machine motor.

2:21 28'h st Emerson ov false. 2:251117 Hawthorne av, mattress. 2:47 2s Washinaton ev mattress 5:39 2412 Undale ov smoke odor. THURSDAY A.M. 2:36 229 Cedar, rm.

303. mattress. 6.i4 229 Cedar, rm. 320, mattress. ST.

PAUL MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS Oscar t. Riekon, Rretcott, Wif.j Dertv Hir R. Toole, 1065 Pacific. Robert I. iVeiert.

New Prague, Mirm. arbara J. Devtscli. 1S43 Summit. loditfaut J.

I rebec, Regna, Canada; Res. marv a. cjrremba, 36 Main. Lawrence J. 'orient, 771 loBore; Dorothy a.

Ameaercf, ie.J w. Curtice. Jerome C. Johnson, 109 W. Winifred; Geraldine M.

Klein, 979 E. Maryland. Paul 0. Cory, 553 White tear; Maria T. Haider.

200 Earl. Thomot I. Shelet. 64 Bedford. MdIs.j Char-lotto A.

lordon. 1647 Sargent. Harlen P. Van Dyke. 695 Monominj Dolor i A.

Thomas, lime Connof. Iowa. Salvatore Meli. 195 Goodrich; Cecelia C. Masterlohn.

336 Fullrr Vincent H. Vonske. lake Elmo; Kathleen A. Stemaman, 222 13th ov No. Sf.

Paul Cory W. Omodt. 323 llth ev SE Corel A. Mortens. 1570 N. BIRTHS OIRIS Mr. end Mrs Prod litton. 1672 McAfee. Donald tourko, 7654 lokeilde, Mols.

Wilfred Come. 1012 Edward Devaney, 1299 Mockubin. John Poke, 1377 W. Mavnord. Herald.

Pleischhocker, 599 S. Owoiio. Rast- vine. Salvatore Prattelene. 1259 Sche'fer- James Comet.

212 10th tt, White Bear lone. Theodora Mereff, 201 8 Carroll. Prank Hoffman, 664 Callohon, Mendota Kenneth Jonet. 2212 Caroline. Richard Herman.

234 Bioornquitt, White Dear tone. Richard Knautt, 734 DeScto. Williom Krinei. 1637 E. 4th.

Richard Krenhelm, 224 Gfencc. William Kens, 1369 Frjgerton. Jerome liljedahl. 14S7 E. 3rd tt.

Harold Moeder. 519 Kathoot, Inver Grove. Donald Ncwcemb, Mendota. Theodore, 136 Grove st, Mahto- medi. Ceroid Reisineer, I31S Kohlmon, Maple-wood, lewis Rioeel, Hugo.

Doane Rittow. 1837 Ooldole. Ookdale. laorance St. Martin, 843 Aurora.

John Streeinf, 521 E. Nevoda. Oeorfe Traynor, 731 C. 3rd. looone Van Guilder, 592 Ottowa.

John Vowelm, 539 Carroll Raymond Wade. 1368 A i bury Pool Weelfel, 1035 So. St. Pout. OYS Mr.

end Mt Odine Amt. 2786 Century. Ooldole Mitchel tenter, IOO 15th ov So. St. Paul.

Edrtvnd Iviicky, 5459 N. Albert, Rose- v.lle. Arnold Cardinal, 900 1st White tear lake Horlarvd Do leer, 2135 8 Folwell, Folcon He James Dieanaa. 651 f. Magnolia.

Jerome Dimmerman, 23 Clark, White Peer Ir-ke Edward Dvteis. 203 18-h ov So. St. Paul. Martin Pow.

2040 Sctmders. Atevander Ginfner, 894 Margaret. William Gioti. 1372 Seibv. Robert Hover S66 3-d ov New Brighten.

Morlvn Johnson, 67g EVImonf, R0soviNe, Gerald Kone, 800 Bufaio. Harold Klane, 2712 Kentucky, St. louis Park. Kreice. 186 Front.

McCeltecf). 1727 Marsholl. Rotor Merrill, 1755 City Mt. Mce e-woec Henry Mercatf. 362 eth ov So.

P-tul. Arvid Odeen. 145 7'h. Thomas Ray, 1167 Bush. Harvey Sc here for, 1 703 Conway.

Robert Scherade, 653 N. Concord. So St. Paul. Robert Sc holer, 869 E.

Geronium. Robert S.r. 345 W. 6th. Demmic SracHalla, VViliemie.

Norman Therson, 1532 Alameda. Vcdntr, 728 E. 3'd st. Hovd Velere, 107 Winter. John Wellner, 1344 it.

TWIN GIRLS Mr. end Mrs Leo Mitchell, 3724 N. Hotel, White Bear lake. TWIN IOYS Mr. and Mrs 1079 Arg.Ie.

Elmer Stack, 1535 Edaetan. DEATHS 72. 1333 Margn-et t. Verne iokken. 50.

2444 Territorial. other too trennan, 78 93 llth Welter CentM, 53. 103 7th ov NE. Alfred Drero. 71, 2' 10 Rondo'crri.

William Howe, 77 89 S. Cleveland. EdeH MrCorttiy. 55. 411 Herschel.

Amos eolin, 74. 1798 Sargent. DIVORCES GRANTED fliraberl) A. mi from taiwensl insk: Diana Gaerra Joseae Goerra. Oooroia I.

tesenalaw Iront toe, I. tosen-blam tosemarle A. Skarstets from lobert A. lean Georae Morris hem Marine Ola AMERICAN I IOX I ASSOCIATION! SCOm of this season and many past 54 pounds heavy and nearly five feet long went into the record books today. It was caught by Art Lyons of Bena, Wednesday evening on Lake Winnibi goshish just off a place called High Banks.

Meanwhile, the last extended fishing holiday of the season, the forthcoming Labor Day week-end, gives promise of better angling results because of this week's cooler weather. AlEXANDtlA lake Millono hat been til belt producer far small end lar mouth bast, wallay and timtith. lake Carle Yielded twe small mouths, an 4Vi pewndt. IATTII IAKE Silver loke mode newt Hiis week when it produced 21 tunfiih, all around ana pound, far Homer WolH. outdoor writer of Omaha, who it elannin a fishing orticl on th parti lake reeion.

lAUDlrrt Miles bav af lake the Waeds yielded en ef Mia food muikiei or ma aton, 23 for H. F. Johnson ef locine. Wit. Deuo Dunihtoth.

Minneapolis, said small mouth bat were kittina viciautlr. IEMIDJI tig narrhemt. tapped by 21 -pounder far Guy tichordt, (ait Alton, wore htttine en tie Turtle lake. Weedy Wilton. Nobletvillo.

caught a II -pound, 2-ounce lako trout en Wa-bna lake on trs-pond toinnina line. tlAINEID Wolleye action it slaw but batt and panfisli wtro hittin eogtrly with a 3 pound, S-aunc sunfith bein taken on Ii Fortat loke. DEEt tlVII While a 54-pound mutki had evembody ago hero, a Inter development was mcreated activity from walleyes in Winnibiothith and Cut Feat stevr. loses. DETIOIT LAKFC Tithlna kn.

olmsugh Turtle and Pelican lakes have been fair to pood for large mouth bats, including twe near five pounds each. ELY Slon tecHave roaortc ui mt tUm best fishing ef the year. Including a 10 Vi no una walleye from Shaaowa lake. 10-eoundor from (otswood end a 12V. pounder from the Meete lake cabin Th North Kawithrwi chain yielded a 35 northern far Charles Strochon.

guide, tottweed produced twe good lake trout or end pounds. FEIGUS fALLS fithina ko wilt. Eople and Pickerel loket yielding fair walls yet fat evening angle rt. long and Swan lake am getting the play (or nerrhernt. FOIIST IAKE tats fishing continues excellent, many going up to five pounds.

Panlish ef ell kind are active. Northerns ere hitting well, but en the small side. Third lake yielded pound, 15 ounce best GIANO tAPIDS Th newt her wet 31-eevnd piotkie caught in Moose lake by George Gorhman, teamen. Iowa. Spider and tiloy lakes produced bow ever five peunds and Spider wet hat far big creaeiee ever pound.

INTEINATIONAl FAILS Smalt mouth boss and creeeies ere keeping loiny lake englert parr. Wollevo action hat improved en lake Kabtlegama. which else yielded a 3 3 pound northern for I. C. Evelina.

Oes lowe. McGIEGOt tig Sandy lako ha started to produce same limit catches el walleyes, topped by 7-peender. Northerns else ere shewing Improved Oct ton, according to Mrs. Emit Rirmoy ef treery tlutf.

PAYNESVIllE Herd Grammg end lean D'Aeuet caught nine forgo mouth bass weighing 2 pounds (four ever four peundtl in tc lake, which else hat been good far tanfirh. PAIK IAPI0S Sleeking lake wat th apet fee nerthems, including one 1 end another 11, Bounds. Waller catches were good an Tulaby lake end a boss was token on Stoner loke. WAIKII Although cold weather hat slewed muskie action, the 3''i-powndr caught br a Minnooaalts citr fireman ever the week end wet tapped by an wtghmg 40 pewndt, 12 euncet. caught loach lake by G.

I. Tisdoll, Wichita, tan. Nearly ell launches have been cam. ing in with limit catch af walleyes. Combacker Tops Seniors H.

R. (Doc) Combacker of Interlachen paced the State Senior A field today as it started out on the last 18 holes of the championship round at Minnesota Valley, and he could thank his putter. His gay blade needed only 23 putts, which contributed to an even par 73. His card showed three birdies, but it also showed three equalizing bogies. He was one under par on the first nine, came back in 38.

CUSS A (55-51 M. Cembocser, Interlachen 31-3571 Tom 4 or one. South view 41-30 7t A. Enoch, on, Austin 40-40 10 Grant Velkmen. Hiewottt 40-4211 Joe Were, Minn, Valley 3-43 II toy Schlick, Town -Country 42-4141 M.

I. anion. Gross 43-4043 P. N. Wickhem, Minneapolis 42-4113 Dan Gavin, Interlachen 40-4343 ioo Scloure, Mirm.

Volley 40-4343 H. Dwior, Wlrrh 43-4043 I. t. Sheeghnetty, T-Cevntry 43-4114 till Smith, Minn. Valley 40-4515 H.

t. Siegert. Minn. Volley 41-4415 Hug tomm, Mirmeopelit 41-44 47 Ken McC lemon, Minn. Valley 47-4141 Ab Moohdohl, Austin 42-44 41 O'rtn frttrem, MirwteaBetts 4e-43 4 Ed toith, Seuthview 44-4600 Art Anhom, Austin 46-45! I.

W. Inckion, W.rth 45-46 I M. A. Hanson. Minn.

Volley 4t-42 tl ClASS I (60-441 lob Gammon, Keller 41 -J 10 I en G. Wolker. Mirm. Valley 30-43 II Ii Swart. Golden Valley 40-41 II Or.

t. G. Nrlander. Minn. Vol.

43-41 13 Chariot Swodber. Mendoketa 43-40 13 I E. Wippler, Mirm. 43-42 14 Pool Centner. Coma 44-40 14 Clyde Ovtois, Minn.

43-44 17 George Jeeuith. Minn. Volley 43-46 lob Golden Valley. 43-46 Dr.

P. A. lersen. 4 44 Dr. J.

K. lend. 43-50 91 C. D. Nordling.

44-4 3 Irn tondhos, Austin 51-43 4 W. D. levie, Unrversity 45-44 4 Dave I on on, Soathview. 50-47 t7 Den Menricke Town-Country 41 53 101 ClASS '5-e Men Alberts. Seettrview 45-30 14 W.

G. Toarvilre. Mirm. Volley 44-42 16 Poet Cootes, Midland rlills 44-43 17 I. J.

Move Hiawatha 43-44 t7 Al tockstrem. Tswn-Cantry 41-46 4 inch laces, Mirth 51-52110 ClASS (70-741 W. I. Smith. Golden Valley 45-44 It CUSS I I7S AND OVEII Dr.

J. J. Mmn. Volley 46-47 1 I. I.

Eliosan. Unrversity 53-41101 Deem O. M. leland. University -3 131 N.

Mist. Come 49-4t 7 Linden Hills AC Junior Champion The Linden Hills A team Wednesday night won the park board Junior Classic championship as it defeated VFW 4-1 at Armitage field. Jack Rice on the mound for Linden Hills granted but three hits and struck out seven. In overall season play. Linden Hills won 16 and lost one.

Reith Ties Mark Bobby Reith tied his own course record at Minikahda Wednesday, shooting a five-under-par 66. Afield Br Jack Co.targ cock, when the latter co-founded the Hibbing Daily Tribune. He was graduated from the University of Chicago and later earned a degree in mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was with the firm of Burlingame, Hitchcock and Estabrook for several years, residing in Minneapolis. He was a member of American Legion, Elks lodge, Algonquin club, i a i club, Newcomen society.

American Association of Heating and Air-Condition ing Engineers, Minnesota and St. Louis county Historical societies. Chamber of Com- merce and Minneapolis Athletic club. Active in community and civic affairs, he had been past chairman of Hibbing Community fund, and a member of the Republican state cen-tral committee. Besides his widow, survivors are his father, publisher of the Rapid City, S.

Daily Journal; a sister, Mrs. Jean Morrell, Rapid City, S. a daughter, Mrs. Dale Mathews, New York; two sons, James P. of Hibbing and Peter a student at Carnegie Tech, and four grandchildren.

Funeral services will be 10 a.m. Saturday at the St. James Episcopal church in Hibbing. Bonn to Foot Hitler's Bills BONN, Germany The bundestag voted today to pay off five billion marks of debts owed by Hitler's reich to Germans and foreigners. The payment would be completed within 25 years.

Bundestag deputies said the outstanding reich debts-except those involving reparations and government loans totaled about 800 billion marks (190 billion dollars). Of the sum to be paid off in 25 years all to private citizens and groups a total of 500 million marks is owed to foreigners. City Man Killed in Car Accident Martin M. Loso, 63, 1624 Emerson avenue who left Minneapolis Monday on a fishing vacation, died when his car went out of control on a county road near Cold Spring, and flipped end over end. Loso was employed by Minneapolis Labor temple.

His wife, three sons and two daughters survive. The death was the 403rd laid to traffic in the state series two games to one. St. Paul won last year's game. The Minneapolis team will feature pitcher Chuck Hays of Casino cafe, Park National champions.

Johnny Vollmer will pitch for St Paul. Tickets 50 cents at Gate 1. days at Nicollet, though. But there was one pretty good when I was with Seattle. On July Fourth we were 15 games behind Sacramento.

We caught 'em, then breezed through the playoffs. Had a good season at Hollywood with .340, then played at Portland, Ore." Harris, who also succeeded Joe Hauser at first for a spell, has a 22-year lifetime average of well over .300. And he arrived just in time to join the Old Timers who will be introduced at Metropolitan stadium Friday before the game with Omaha as part of the ceremonies of Appreciation Night The Minute Men-Notables softball game will start at 6:30, followedTjy introduction of old favorites. Packers Now 3-0 in Grid By Associated Press The Philadelphia gles and Green Bay Packers are at ODDOsite ends of the rxle to- 'day following the Packers 16-13 win Wednesday night in Milwaukee's county stadium in a National Football league exhibition tilt Green Bay now has a 3-0 record for exhibition play, while Philadelphia is 0-3. (Green Bay plays the Pittsburgh Steelers here Sept.

21 at Metropolitan stadium.) latin 0 0 IS 011 otfc.r, 1 10 3 014 taotts ocarina loatta'awni: lotfc (44, Warrf II. ran I. Canwrttan: aValttan. factors tcarint Taacfcdaam: tnlpmba 141. nml.

to' taalt Cam) 1 (41, 1 ana 17. Canvawan: Cana. ALL-STAR STATISTICS Norm Saath. Firtt 4vwnt It mlmt If poaxnt tf panaltv Yortff (amal raahinfl IS II 14 I 0 130 14 21 1 10 1 0 111 to 11 114 115 51 10 114 0 4 17 17 1 35 11 1 1 1 10 Tartft (act nrtaim Nat renlt tathinf Yerrit (ainacl pott mf Nat totcH aina4 Total plan petoatl tatwt attomatoa focaos camplotad Yordt aamoa paninf Ho' attattaptaa 141 4 4 1 1 0 4 31 10 1 50 11 1 I 1 1 30 Pant Yaret paatt rotamea KicV.ff, A vai ua oui ill Yard kkaafft rotamed Fambla Own ramble recovered tall laot ramble Penalties Yard ponatired INOIVIDUAl IUSMING (Northl No. Cain lorton 36 rko Holland 11 SO Molchort 41 5 IS Nielton 10 35 Marcia 7 2t Wennerlond 1 1 Msraen 1 ton Net 0 3 17 SO 31 IS 33 21 3 Tatars ...00 130 (Soothl 10 4 It 41 It I 0 14 11 0 Hoabers Metter totals 14 14 ll 12 tO 11 ..41 131 NOITM tndt tokar, leadens, Morkvrord, Cerk- Tockles Ootefi, Gallagher, Hovgen, Mahi Gueidt Hortic, Albrecht, Henry, Sol-berg, laden.

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SOUTH I ends Milter, Sprat, Aeaewn, cormtne- Tocklet Jo tiling. Pool son, Wil- Ceuidi kal. Gorges, Hoeeeie, Per- ter, aaim. Cenieii Iffrtaa, Nlsn. tocks Moore, teeert.

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1-1 St. A 1.401. Wichita (4) looicill (11 eb po ob ITp.n 10 11 Stretarlb 10 11 Mikms 7b 1 Hnbri 3b 4 Sharer, cf 4 114 I 0 1 1 Moor la 4 0 11 10 0 tarkt 4 0 1 0 110 10 4 0 110 tinra.n 10 5 1 10 troam.H 1100 10 4 Darmm.rf 10 10 ionet.p S010 Marsh lb Hrtsfld.rf toorka.c Villey, Totehj 11 17 II TotaH It 1 17 10 Wichita 010 COO 0034 loarnilr 010 000 0001 tioare. Kappa, til- Mu. W.IIct.

WaHrmai (Hcfim acarea! an tnrara oc tori, Iraarn. It I tacmVa. 3t Shooror. Hcilh. I 'vara.

Darrham. Sf Malbma. loft Wichita laainnlla S. IP Mill It SO WilW 0 11110 0 oon-t 1 4 1 4 0 HSP lT Jonat (Hcrwofl Wilhrf 110-SI. I Janet (4-.

Ooorr, Kmr) PMn, Oorlo. I 1:14. A 1.300. Services for MRS. JEWEL E.

BLISS, 83, 1900 Forty-fourth venue will be 9 a.m. Satur day in St Bridgets Catholic church, with burial in St. Mary's cemetery. Mrs. Bliss, who died Tuesday, was a member of the St.

Bridget's Rosary society. Survivors are her husband, Noel two sisters. Mrs. Cath erine Danaher, Minneapolis, and Mrs. Mary Lenihan, Des Moines, Iowa.

Malone funeral home is in charge of arrangements. MRS. JENNIE PARKER FOREMAN, 78, formerly of 3026 Fifteenth avenue died Monday at Imperial, Calif. where she had lived the past 13 months. A native of Watertown, N.

Mrs. Foreman had resided most of her life in Minneapolis. She was a member of Hiawatha camp 1162. Royal Neighbors of America, more than 50 years. Surviving are her husband.

Hugh; a son. LeRoy J. Parker; three daughters, Mrs. Ernie (Ollie) Johnson, Imperial; Mrs Glen (Dottie) Parsons, Eagle Rock, Calif, and Mrs. Donald (Genevieve) Anderson, Minneapolis; seven grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

Sen-ices were to be today at Imperial, with burial in Evergreen cemetery. El Centro, Calif. Arrangements were handled by Lemons-Wiley mortuary in El Centro. Services for MRS. ALFRED (MARY) JOHNSON, 85, 3713 Glenhurst avenue, St.

Louis Park, will be 2 p.m. Saturday at Mission Covenant church, Kasota, where she formerly lived. Burial will be in Kasota cemetery. Born in Amal, Dalsland, Sweden, Mrs. Johnson came to this country in 1888, residing in St.

Paul until 1893 when she moved to Kasota. She moved to St. Louis Park in December 1956 to reside with a daughter, Mrs. Paul R. Nelson.

Surviving are three daughters: Mrs. Hialmar (Agnes) Grunditz. Minneapolis; Mrs. Carl (Hilma) Neubauer, Edina, and Mrs. Paul R.

(Edith) Nelson St Louis Park; two E. John of $75, Twells of $50 and hislthis year, as against 374 at spectacles. this time last year. Edi'h A Lanon Clarence H. Hanson Lawrence Osborne Larson Mortuary EstaMhtrrcJ AIR CONDITIONED 2301 Central Avenue ST 9-3571.

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