Independent from Long Beach, California on January 25, 1975 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1975
Page 20
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JP^^ Te/eViies Golden Globe awards tonight TOP TODAY By BOB MARTIN TV-Radio Editor Y o u ' l l h a v e to w a i t awhile for the Oscars and Ihe Emmys -- but how do the Golden Globe Awards grab you? For TV viewers who del i g h t in watching cere- m o n i e s honoring t e l e v i - sion and m o v i e stars, .there's a treat in store from 8:30 to 10 tonight on Channel 11. · Thai's when the Hollywood- Foreign Press Association's 32nd annual Golden Globe Awards will be televised, live, from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. A c t o r - s i n g e r J o h n Davidson will host the program, which is being presented by Metromedia T e l e v i s i o n nationwide over a special 125-station network. CBS, w i t h 29 nomina- tions, dominates the television awards categories. N n C J', ('' " ·' * · J »^ * i- V»"- i"i nominations and ABC only three. All f i v e nominees as best TV' comedy or musical are CBS scries: "All in Ihe Family." "Carol Burnett Show." " M a r y T y l e r M o o r e Show," "Maude" and "Rhoda." Nominated as best TV dramatic s e r i e s w e r e N B C ' s "Columbo" and "Police S t o r y , " CBS' "The W a l t o n s " a n d "Kojak," ABC's "Streets of San Francisco" and PBS' "Upstairs. Downstairs." BEST ACTOR nominees in the TV drama category arc M i k e C o n n o r s of "Mannix," Atichael Douglas of "Streets of San Francisco." Peter Falk of "Columbo," Telly Savalas :R,.A.:DIO KABC Kill. ICBRT KROQ KDAY. KE7Y KFAC. 790 KFI . . . MO KGIl . 1560 KMPC 7)0 KRW .. 1110 U30 KFOX 1280 KGBB.. 900 KNX .. 1070 KTYM. 14AO 7JO KFWB . 980 KHJ . . . 930 KOGO. tftt KW1Z.. 1480 15CO KGBS . 1020 K K A R . . 1 2 2 0 KPO1..1MO KWKW 1300 1580 KGER . 1390 KIEV... 870 KREl 1190 KGF).. 1530 KWC . 570 K1IS 1330 1370 KWOW 1600 1150 XPRS.. 1090 XTRA . «0 .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii of "Kojak" and Richard T h o m a s of "The w a i - The women nominees are Angle Dickinson of "Police Woman," Teresa Graves of "Get Christie Love!," Michael Learned of "The Waltons," Jean M a r s h of " U p s t a i r s , Downstairs" and Lee Meriwether of "Barnaby Jones." In the comody-or-musi- cal field, the nominated TV performers are Alan A l d a , E d w a r d A s n e r , Redd Foxx, Bob Newhart and Carroll O'Connor, for the men, and Carol Burn e t t . V a l e r i e Harper, M a r y T y l e r Moore, Est h e r R o l l e a n d J e a n Stapleton, for the women. Awards also will go to the best supporting actor and best supporting ac- iress in a TV show. M O T I O N P I C T U R E n o m i n e e s a r e "Chinat o w n . " "The 'Conversa- t i o n , ' ' "Earthquake," "The Godfather -- Part II" and "A Woman Under the Influence," in the d r a m a c a t e g o r y , a n d "The F r o n t P a g e , " "Harry and Tonto," "The L i t t l e P r i n c e , " "The Longest Yard" and "The Three Musketeers," for comedy or musical. N o m i n a t e d as best movie actor in a drama were James Caan in "The Gambler," G e n e H a c k man in "The Conversation," Duslin Hoffman in "Lenny," Jack Nicholson in "Chinatown" and Al Pacino in "The Godfather -Part II." Actress nominees are Ellen Burstyn in "Alice Doesn't Live H e r e A n y more," Faye Dunaway in "Chinatown," V a l e r i e Perrine in "Lenny," Gena Rowlands in "A Woman Under the Influence" and L i v Ullman in "Scenes From a Marriage." A n d , oh y e s , Raquel Welch is one of five nominees as best motion picture actress in a comedy or musical, for her performance in "The Three Musketeers."FRED STUTHMAN, who used to act with the Long Beach Community P l a y e r s a n u m b e r of years ago, portrays Abraham Lincoln on TV Sunday night in the drama "The Case Against Milligan," which will air from 7:30 to 8:30 on CBS (Channel 2). LEANNA JOHNSON of Long Beach appears as Evie Radison in tonight's episode of "Emergency!" on Channel 4, from 8 to 9. 3 i UCLA BASKETBALL, 1 p.m.. Ch. 5. The Bruins ' play the Irish at Notre Dame (repeat al 10 p.m.) PACIFIC 8 BASKETBALL, 3 p.m., Ch. 5. Oregon takes on Qregon State at Corvallis. 'GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS, 8:30 p.m.. Ch. 11. _ Movies, TV shows and performers are honored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in ceremonies at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. MOVIE: "The Scalphunters," 9 p.m., Ch. 4. Burl Lancaster, Ossie Davis, Telly Savalas and Shelley Winters in 1968 tongue-in-cheek western. MOVIE: "The Detective," 9 p.m., Ch. 7. Frank Sinatra stars as a police detective in a murder case, with Lee Remick as his unfaithful wife. Jack Klugman, Ralph Meeker and Jacqueline Bisset are also in the 1968 crime drama. FM Station* KLON KSPC KXLU KSUL KPFK KUSC KF6C KUX KPOL KME1 681 887 871 «OI '»' 11 5 97) VJ i 939 9J3 « ? KDUO KJOI KFO* KUTE KKOJ KOST KBIC KX1Z KBCA -. 1' · .97 9 98J 1003 101 1 101.' 10? ' 1035 IW'C 10JJ 1051 DUDLEY'S Easter Island TV SANTIAGO, Chile (API -- The inhabitants of remote Easter Island, a tiny speck in the Pacific dotted with mysterious stone giants f r o m an ancient race of sculptors, will be introduced Saturday to a feature of the m o d e r n world: television. The 1,200 islanders will have a chance to sec the Lucille Ball show, view a strange animal called the Pink Panther and be exposed to the high-kicking mayhem of Kung-Fu. All t h i s begins when Channel 54, operated by Chile's s t a t e television company, inaugurates its new studio in Hanga Roa, the capital and only town on the i s l a n d , located 2.300 m i l e s across the Pacific from the Chilean mainland. GLENN E THOMAS CO. DODGE CAR-CLEARANCE CARNIVAL U N H E A R D OF CASH BACK OFFER Buy a Hew '74 or '75 DODGE MONACO at (jlenn E. Thomas Dodge Discount Price and Chrysler Corporation will send you an additional check within 30 days (or... Buy a New 74 or 75 DODGE DIM, D-200, D-3M pickup truck, j TELEVISION LOG- KNXT KNBC KTLA KABC KHJ Channel 2 Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel 7 Channel 9 KTTV Channel 11 KCOP Channel 13 KWHY Channel 22 KCET Channel 28 KHOF Channel 30 KMEX Channel 34 KtXA Channel 40 KOCE Channel 50 KBSC Chanrel 52 SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1»75 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT An 1l indicates BAY Other shows in color (i:30 11 Let's Rap 7:00 A.M. 4 Addams Family 7 Yogi's Gang 11 Brother Buzz 28 Mister Rogers 7::!0 2 Meaning of Death 4 The Chopper Bunch 7 Bugs Bunny 9 Youth the Issues 11 Elementary News 28 Carrascolendas 8:00 A.M. 2 My Favorite Martian 4 Emergency Plus 4 5 'Gene Autry 7 Hong Kong Phooey I) *Mov;c: "Woman'of the Town," Claire Trevor, Albert Dekkcr 11 Unit Three 13 *Movie: "Shell Shock; Beach Dickerson, Carl Crow (Drama '6-0 28 Sesame Street 8:30 2 Speed Buggy 4 Run. Joe, Run 7 Adventures of Gilligan 11 Movie: "The Women o ; Pitcairn Island," James Craig. Lynn Ban (Adventure '571 9:00 A.M. 2 Jeannie 4 Land of the Lost 5 'John Wayne 7 Devlin 28 Mister Rogers 9:30 2 Partridge Family 4 Sigmund 7 Korg: 70.000 B.C. IS Country Music 28 Villa Alegre 10:00 A.M. 2 Scoobv Doo 4 Pink Panther 5 "Movie: "Palmy Days," Eddie Cantor. George Raft. Charlotte Greenwood (Comedy) 7 Super Friends 9 "Movie: "The Red Danube." Peter Lawford, Janet Leigh. Walter Pidgeon 11 "Movie: "In Old California." John Wayne, Patsy Kelly 13 CALWORTHIN6TON " * RODEO AT ASCOT Championship Rodeo 28 Sesame Street 34 Roller Games 10:30 2 Shazam! 4 Star Trek 11:00 A.M. 2 Valley of the Dinosaurs 4 The Jetsons 7 These Are the Days 28 Electric Company 34 Lucha Libre 11:30 2 Hudson Brothers A Go 5 'Movie: "One Million B.C.," Victor Mature. Lon Chancy, Carole Landis (Adventure '401 7 American Bandstand 28 Zoom! NOON 2 Harlem Globetrotters 4 Prep Sports World. ; city Soccer Championship 9 *Movie;' vBuckskin Frontier," Richard Dix I! AdLib v :', 13 Big BliurMarblc ,'i-l Sal y Pfmlenta 12:30 2 Fat Albert ; 7 Head-On II Dealer's 13 Nannv the Professor 28 Mr. Wizard 34 Fanfarria Falcon 1:00 P.M. 2 Children's Film Festival. "Un Amico." Sergio, a lonely boy, runs away from home but learns, after an exciting and frightening adventure, that no one can run from reality. 5 UCLA Basketball. Bruins vs. Notre Dame 7 Movie: "Won't It Ever Be Morning?" Gena Rowlands, Jack Klugman 11 Outdoors. Host, Julius Borqs 13 Petticoat Junction 28 Nova 34 *Cine en la Tarde 1:30 9 'Movie: "Silver Queen," Priscilla Lane, George Brent 11 Soul Train 13 Bill Cosby 2:00 P.M. 2 Dustv's Treehouse 4 Wildlife Theater. Wanderings of a Naturalist 7 Celebrity Tennis 13 Corner Pyle 28 Bill Moyer's Int'l Report 30 Musical 2:15 30 Social Security 2:30 ' 2 Steps to Learning 4 EXPRESSION: EAST/ * WEST Delightful costume plays for children "How the Jellyfish Lost His Backbone" 7 Celebrity Bowling 11 Outer Limits 13 High Chaparral 30 Buffalo's Pow Wow 3:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "Tarzan's Desert Mystery," Johnny Weissmuller. Nancy Kellv 4 AC, U.S.A. ' 5 Pacific S Basketball. Univ. of Oregon vs. Oregon State 7 Bing Crosby National Pro-Am 9 Movie: "The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones," Robert Hprton, Diane Baker 34 Visit.indo a las Estrellas SO Playing for Keeps 3:30 4 What's Going On 11 Movie: "Tee'nage Zombies." Don Sullivan, Katherine Victor 13 The Virginian 28 Psychology Today Preview (Rl 30 Regional Spotlight 4:00 P.M. 2 World of Survival. Africa's Namib Desert 4 Impacto 7 Pro Bowlers Tour. The Denver Open 22 Matinee 22 28 World Press 30 Human Dimension 34 Soccer International !« Captain Andy 52 Voice of Auricuinire -1:30 2 Name of the Game. . "The Broken Puzzle." Howard suffers temporary amnesia after mvslerions plane crash wliile investigating a corrupt governor. Guests: Chuck Connors, Patricia Crdwley 4 Focus 30 Faith for Today 40 Puppet Tree 50 Youth in Trouble 52 Corona Now 4:55 5 Kings Hockey. Kings vs. New York Islanders 5:00 P.M. 4 Inquiry -- Guest: attorney F. Lee Bailey fl nVild, Wild West 11 Movie: "Bom Yesterday," Judy Holliday, William Holden' 13 *The Untouchables 28 Assignment America 30 Quest for Life 40 Tree House Club 52 Little Rascals 5:30 4 News, Don Harris 7 World Weightlifting from Manila; Ladies' World Cup Downhill Skiing from Lizum, Austria; World Acrobatics Championships from Moscow. 28 Romantic Rebellion. "David" (R) 30 Blue Ridge Quartet 40 La Voz del Evangelic 50 The Mystery of Ncfertiti 52 *Three Stooges I fi:00 P.M. 2 News, Warren OIney 4 News, Tom Brokaw i) My Partner the Ghost. There's money to burn and Randall is accused of diverting it from the government, incinerator. 13 Night Gallery 22 Reporte 22 28 Firing Line 30 News 34 News, Nono Arsu 40 Un Camino Mejor 52 The Scene. Rock Music fi:30 2 News, Dan Rather 4 News Conference. Guest: Supervisor James Hayes, Chr., Bd. of Supervisors and County Energy Chairman. 22 Me Llaman Gordon 30 Pentecost \\VPurpose 34 Box do Mexico 40 Man in the Arena 50 I'm 17, I'm Pregnant 52 Little Rascals 7:00 P.M. 2 Other People, Other P_laces. Bushman of the Kalahari 4 Diamond Head 7 Eyewitness News 9 Movie: "A Lovely Way to Die," Kirk Douglas, Sylva Koscina (Suspense '681 11 Lawrence Welk Show 13 It Takes a Thief 28 Black Perspective on the News 30 Living in Faith 40 Happiness Is 50 Book Beat. "Hollywood," Garson Kanin 52 Dr. Jaggers Invasion Hour. Religion 7:30 2 Wild World of Animals. "The Cave." ·! Jeopardy 7 To Tell the Truth 28 Inner Visions 40 The Monarchs 50 Orange Co. Review 8:00 P.M. 2 All in (be Family. A surprise visit from Edith's favorite cousin becoines an eye- opening experience when the Bunkers learn that the De Kuypers "made in heaven" marriage is not so divine after all. 4 Emergency. Surgeons at Rampart General operate on a VIP, and the paramedics rescue an elderly magician trapped underwater in a trunk. ") Movie- "Accident." . Dirk Bogarde, Jacqueline Sassard (Drama '66). Mystery of the disappearance of a female student with three lovers. 7 Kmi£ Fu. Caine enters a spiritual sphere to exorcise a demon and save a woman from the horrors of drug addiction. 11 Dealer's Choice 13 Championship Wrestling 22 Lo Mejor del Cine 28 Soundstage 34 Super Show 40 West Adams Foursquare Church 50 Soundstage 52 Tadaima Renaichu 8:30 2 The Jcffcrsons. A piece Of primitive art given to the Jcffersons by the' Willises sparks an inter-family battle about the importance of ancestors. 11 Golden Globe Awards. John Davidson hosts. 30 Living Waters 40 Johnny Barton Show 52 Nippon Manyuki (1:00 P.M. 2 Mary Tyler Moore. Lou tries to recapture the dynamism of the crusading reporter he once was by launching an investigation into corruption in big city politics. 4 Movie: -"The Scalp Hunters." A fur trapper and an escaped slave join forces to achieve separate goals. Burl Lancaster, Ossic Davis, Shelley Winters. (R) 7 Movie: "The Detective." A tough New York cop has to deal with the chaos of his work and the pain of a faithless wife. Frank Sinatra, Lee Remick, Jack Klugman C68) (R) 9 Three Passports to Adventure. Linkers' film of annual "May Day" festivities in Kiev, Ukraine. 28 Bergman Film. "Monika." A young girl from a poor family immerses herself in American films. She marries and discovers that real life is not as beautiful as the movies. 30 Hour of Power 34 Premier Film 40 Sunday Celebration 50 Ascent of Man 52 Yorne Futari 9:30 2 Bob Newhart Show. Boh Hartley and Jerry Robinson have a falling out when Jerry practically demands that Bob loan him enough money to buy a new motorcycle. 9 Faith for Today 13 Collage fO:OOP.M. 2 Carol Burnett Siiow. Guests: Wm. Conrad, The Jackson Five 5 UCLA Basketball. Bruins vs. Notre Dame (R) 9 Community Feedback 11 News. Mayo.'Chu Lin 22 Mqnamane Diagaser. 30 Voice of Calvary ·10 Good News 52 Ioii Gordon Program 10:30 13 True Adventure 22 Studio 22 achminof The Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus honor the' famous composer. (R) 30 Morris Cenillo Hotline 40 Amazing Prophecies 10:15 22 Mini Golf 11:00 P.M. 2 News. Warren OIney 4 News, Don Harris 7 Eyewitness News 9 Alphabet of Life 11 Movie: "Born Yesterday," Judy Holliday, William Holden (Comedy '51) 13 * Movie: "Ride a Violent Mile," John Agar, Penny Edwards 22 Shin Hasagawa 34 Cinema 34 40 Anyone But Jesus 11:15 7 Weekend News 11:30 2 Movie: "The Century Turns," Richard Boone, Harry Morgan, Sharon Acker 4 Nancy Wilson Show. Guests: George C. Scott, Trish Vandevere, Bill Withers, Eubie Blake (R) 7 Movie:, "The Champagne Murders," Anthony Perkins, Yvonne Furneaux COS) 9 David Susskind Show. "The Secret'World of Plants" MIDNIGHT 5 Chic Correa Stars on * Kirshner Rock Concert Also: Roy Buchanan and Ozark Mountain Daredevils. 1:00 A.M. 2 News 4 New-service 11 Movies: "Bride of the Monster" (Horror '56); "Crashout" (Mystery '551(2:30); "Driftwood" (Drama '47)14:301 13 *Movie: "Spy Hunt," Howard Duff. 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