The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1930 BLYTHEVIUE. (AH1O • COU1UEK NEWS "The Wolf," Killer, and Lxlorlioncr, Faces Life Behind Atlanta Bars By GKOKCii: A WIKDA NKA Seivii-c Slau" Ccrresi)ondcnt BROOKLYN, N. Y.—"Tile Wolf" is muzzled again, securely leashed by the ijiim Willis of the Atlanta federal pciiHcntliiry, yet the ini- clillcn of terror left, behind by Ibis oldest, living racket chicflnin keeps Brooklyn's "Little Italy" on tcntd'honl:?. The chances are lie never a'.'.mn will return to the f:innli:ir haunt-, to howl for tribute or lo enjoy tlic $3,030,000 his depredations arc said to have netted him. He is nearly CO now, and has 19 year.-, of a 30-year sentence still to serve. The very fnct that Ignacio Sai- clln, as The Wolf was baptise;!, is behind the burs is enough 13 strike fear into the heart.'; of hundreds ..of Italian mcrchnnfs— fear cf retaliation for the parti they might ts suspected of having played in causing his imprisonment. Murder anct maylicin have been laid at the doors of his followers for lesser olVcnses. Then, too, there is that inevitable bloody struggle for control of the organization for cv.iciin: tribute from liis fellow countrymen. "Little Italy's" terror is understandable in the light of the nearly 40 years of activities tint, won for Saietta the dubious distinction of being /uuerica's oldest living racket chieftain. If even a small part of the crimes blamed en him arc believed, lie origin- a'.tid tlie racketeering [inuEhyds that weiu brought to such a peak cf perfection during prohibition days. Often suspect in Mafiia killings, vandalism, kidiiapin-ss, extortion and fraud, he was only convicted once. however—rind 1 that ' for counterfeiting. Career hi U. S. Jlogan llk-tniHy A strong, .squat, broaclshouldered man is The Wolf, swarthy but Krimiline with the years. Gimlety little eye-s Icok out of a round, almost bland fuce. His grayed hair and dapper white moustache accent his banker-like appearance. When he entered the UniUx' States illegally in 1899, he already was a hunted killer, wanted in Palermo Italy, for the murder o! Sahatorc Morclto. Oddly, this is the cnly one of the killings laic ill his door that he admits, claim inu self defense. • '. Saietta. quickly established him• self in the .United States as "the fastest man. with knife-.or whomever came from Sicily." 'He built up n Mafia band on the lines of the famous Sicilian ter- roristic society. Tt levied tribute from merchants and well-to-do members of the Italian community, and as a sideline, it did a tit ol counterfeiting. Within four yea re, that is, b; 1C03, Saiettii liad acquired thr- designation of The Wolf, apparently for the rapacioitaiies of his schemes. In fact lie became bct- Icr known as Ignacio Lupo, "lupo* being Italian for "wolf", than as Batetta. Acquitted of Murder Charge The "barrel murder case brought The Wolf's conncctioi with the Mafia into the open, ic vtaling biai to be secretary o the powerful Mafia Society. Tin linking of The Woif with this case was the result of associates' counterfeiting activities. Lupo was being watched by federal agents connection with the distribution of bad money. Giuseppe de Pri mo was cauglit passing it faid sent lo Sing Sin;?. When hi brother-in-law. Bcnnetlo Madorno visited him, de Primo told hin to collect $10,000 from Lupo, Vitr di Luca and Petto tlic Ox. Til next seen of Madonio, his body with 18 knife wounds in it, wa found in a barrel on the Eus Side. And although a pawn tick; for Mario nio's watch was founi on I'clto. he. together with Thi Wolf and di Luca. were acquilter Another flurry of extortion an- violence among Italian shopkccp crs occiu red following their lease. The Palermo Mafia Sncl cty nourished. The Wolf was rid Inc: high, witic and handsome. II ht,;l married Salvaricc Terrain ova, sister of Giro Tcrranovr whose control of the artichok traffic 25 years later made him power in the New York rack-; wcrid. This alliance was to stall them in good stead in the future The Wolf's next serious cncoun ler with the law was in conncc tlon with the kidnaping, in 1006 of Tcny Bozzurri, cast side bank cr's son. who was held for S20, 000 by the Black Hand. Tlic failed to identify The Wolf, how ever. In 1008 he made the headline when he disappeared to cscap irate creditors of his wholesal grocery business, which failed fo S100.0CO. Trapped As Counterfeiter A year later The Wolf met. h nemesis in the form of feticra ngcnts. Extortion and bankrupl Inj his grocery hadn't made mor cy last enough, so he resorted t the printing press. A raid on th band's counterfeiting plant Highland, N. Y.. bagged The Wo and nine of his gang rcdhancle Ed the firft decade of his ncllv tics tn the United States enSe Iiv Atlanta penitentiary, the 3C year sentence that was to be h undoing again in 1936 before hia With The Wolf chained, ll His Crime Career Ended The calculating, slecly eyes of he Wolf dominate (he Inlcrest- ng camera study of Ignaclo Sal- itta (left) .alias Uipo, called ltu> ildesl living racket chief. Willi its l)iollier-ln-law, Giro Tttrnmo- m .(right), he's i-epiitcd lo have evled $2,000,000 trllnilc yearly from dealers who market I .Tapes piled high below. Hic-suinmli of Mounr\Vllso]i,*B»l- lerson is confident that he Mil at once lake advantage of the strong nlr and cloud currents Iherc to get almost immediately Inlo the bank; of ciimtiloiis clouds, and nfter that he declares thai the celling—of Hit ciumdotis cloutis—-will be the only limit Wrenches Cuoil As Hall AMSTKHDAM. N. Y. (UP)— j When Walter Morse WHS lined $2| on a reckless driving charge lie offered live monkey wix-ncte In of tall, .iccoplcd. 'i'hc wrenches \vero Head Courier News Want Ads. MARCUS FIETZ ewer cf the Black Hand wai'.cd. 'owcrful influences set to work o win his release. He had served little more than 10 yeai:s of his entence when President Harding vas induced to give him a parole. Because the terms of the parole icre forgotten. The Wolf was able o fatten through 15 years of al- ncst uninterrupted prosperity. For nearly eight years, during lie hcydcy of prohibition nun mining, Tlic Wolf laid low. He <cpt out of the police liands. myhow. Perhaps it is because he did lay low that he is one of (he "cw of the old Mafia band still ilivc. The pistol-point rivalry of lie gangs for the rich liquor dc- nains of the metropolis took the ivcs .of many of them. Yet < according 'to all reports. The Wolf's retirement paid big dividends. He is said to have banked more than $3.000,000 in laly oir his several trips abroad. Why, then, he became active; in 'Litlle Italy" again is a niysterv. •lad he continued to operate be- lind the scenes, he might still In- rcc to enjoy his riches. Mafia System Fails Him In 1931, however, he was linked to the $2.000,COO-a-year grape racket as lieutenant to Tcrrano- va. Later that year he was sclzc'd n a general roundup of criminals ind held as a suspect in llic murder of Roger Consiglio, grape racket rival, who was shot down vhile waiting for a fiat tire on his car to be changed. The charge was dismissed. A year ago came the beginning of the end. The Wolf was piish- ng an Kalian lakers' association, tomplaints of intimidation, vnn- lalism. extortion reached police. Mrs. nose Vilale accused Thcj .Volt and his son, Rocco, when • icr shop was set afire, stench )ombs thrown in her delivery vagons and foot! destroyed. In terror of retaliation, witnesses refused to testify. Even Mrs. Vitale thought better of her charges and tried to withdraw them. So the Kings County prosecutor's office decided to ]iry into The! •volf's organization. It "was learn- j cd that he not only controlled :hc Italian bakeries but ran the lottery and conducted the grape racket, all lucrative sources oT in-' come. Then finally they hit upoiij :hc most valuable nugget of in- lormation of all—tl^it 'llic Wolf's parole was conditional, not absolute. President Harding had stipulated that the President shouUl be the 'sole judge of whether or net the prisoner was living in a Ia< lr abiding manner. The fact that In 1023 hr. had !cn arrested at a "gunmans din-1 ncr" rose to haunt The Wolf, for among those taken ivilh Inn then I was Anthony Forli; and Fortij wns now a collector • for the bak-| cry -nickel.' Thus Tlic Wolf wasj nukert to the underworld. The old Mafia system that hart protected The Wolf for so long had railed his at last. Governor Herbert Lehman forwarded the report of District Attorney William F. X. Geoghan to President Rccscvclt, who .with a stroke of Hie pen en a warrant closed the flcors of Atlanta on America's oldest living racketeer—perhaps lor all time. Glider Flight Planned . From Mount Wilson . I'ASADENA, Gal. <UW— A glirtcv flight tit nn nltltndc of 15,000 feel from Ihc summit of Mount Wilson is iilnimed by John Ballcrcon. :> member of the team ivlio wllii 'their glider "Miss Pnsateu,"- p s - tablished a world's altitnilc record of 5,970 feet at the recent national glider competition at Elmira, N. Y. Balter.son is confident that the proposed altitude can be reached with his ship. Eastern gliders, he says, have an entirely different technique from lhal used in the West, and now that he is master of this lie is confident lie can exceed anything eycr before accomplished. • ' Heretofore, Batterson cyplains. California gliders have relied only on the slope currents sweeping up a hill to lift. (Hem upward. In the East, he found that glkl- ers use tlic air currents in billowy white cloud banks, making possible a means ol gliding called ther- mo-nying. Caught in one of these banks of cuinulous clouds at Elmira, Bat- Icrson says "ne shot upward at tlic rate of oOO feet a minute and was obliged to point his glider nose downward in order to shoot out of the cloud. In his coming lest to attain u 15.000 foot altitude, he proposes to make tisc on j>uri>ose of these ciimulous cloud banks. By launching his glider from CANDIDATE FOR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY HAS Jli:i'01tTlil) MOKE OASI-S THAN M.l. IHS OITON- KNTS COMHINIvI) \VI1.1. THY DURING T1IKIII UNTIlli; U-XSAI, CANKERS. Hundreds of the Stale's most ::lilp attorneys lalil the luiin- ilaliun for Ihclr legal careers as roi;rl rcimrlcrs. Court n-porling- is universally rrcogni/eil as lln; lirst available Irniiiing for llic iinic.'ice of law. Among llic DiiffilamUn; altonu-ys trcm this dislrirl who llicir careers as court rciioilc-rs arc: Fricrson, (miw tJnilcd .St.ilc's altorliry, Little Kuck); Judge Archer IVIieatley, (former .Oimuccilor). !u addilion to reporting l!ioiis:uuls of criiiiiual cases during the past .sixlccn years— HIAliCUS KIETX HAS TlllED SCOltKS OF CASKS KANO- IN'G FROM A1INOK OI'FKNSKS TO I'lllST DKGItl.i: JIUltDEH. lie is i-xcepliciially n|iii|ircd hy TRAINING ami KXl'UK- IKNCi; to serve you nilli jreil imlit as Prosi'iiiitinj; Atlorney. HIS O1TONUNTS ADMIT UK IS 1IONKST AND TUUSTWOK'I'MV Slarcus ,Fic(z refers you lo the 3,480 jurors will] whom lie has seivcil and u ho ciidnrst- him. Tlicy arc ycur rcprraenta- (ivc clli/cns. • • A Vole For MARCUS F 11: T /. Is a vole fur able, IIONKST, energetic, (Onsdcntious ami iniliarlial law Riiforceincnl. (SIVK THIS IIKSKIIVING WINNKll AN OVKIUVHKI.nilNG VOTK ({uintuiitcl Calibagcs Grown NE\V BRITAIN. Conn. (UP) — The fad, for quintuplets has- enlcr- cd the 'vegetable kingdom. Louis Meyer of Blue Hills lias raised live normal-sized heads of cabbage" on one stalk. The vaporous spout of tiic humpback whale is a low. rounded cloud; .that of the finback high column. thin, McDonald's School Program: "I stand unequivocally for: 1. .A minimum school term of six months fur nil the school children of tlic state in elementary and high school jjnules opcraled on u minimum program. 2. An adequate .service of supervision for the teachers ami .schools of the rural areas similar to this service now provided for the towns antl cities. This program to be provided by re-assigning the .18 mills which was taken from this work. o. The continued improvement of professional preparation of teachers and adequate and decent remuneration m accord with a minimum program. '1. The re-enactment of the sales tax, with defects cured, as emergency measure necessary for the support of-the schools and relief. 5. The actual pledge of the school revenues from the sales tax to the specific purpose of paying teachers salaries and against the diversion of any and all school monies which have been levied by law to any other cause or 6. A slate refunding program for those school districts heavily bonded, similar to the refunding program of the highway bonds. 7. The improvement of curricula and teacher training iVograms through tlic hitrher educational institutions and the Department of Education, with the emphasis upon achievement, efficiency and scholarship. 8. A strict auditing and hudgctin?;. program for all the schools, hut with the utmost freedom and democratic control retained in the local school district. 9. I stand pkvlged against the iVyberg amendment as a threat against the schools and relief programs. If it should be adoptee!, I shall, under its provisions, ask the rfc-enaclmcnt of the sales tax and urge the people to approve it as an emergency measure, for the schools. - .10. At all-times I shall invite the counsel and advice of the teachers and leaders in educational work to help, work oul wise solutions lo school problems. fmc-fg Sincerely yours, ED F. MCDONALD.' BUILD UP OR DESTROY? Ed McDonald Wants to Build At kattsas His Opponents Want to Exploit H! Four years ago tlio void-, of Aikattsns icpudiatcd the politicians wlio had saddled it bonded debt of .9105,000,000 00 on them Tins burden of debt, threat- ciied llicir homes, mined then business and imp.uml then savings, wiecked the .state's credit, mid toft an cniph tieasm v The state's bonds sold .it less than 30 con Is on the dollar— employes, school teachcis, judges, all pet-sons who sold materials or services to the sUlc—li.u! to discount then \\anaut-i, belling them at ruinous prices or wait months foi th en monc\ Todsiy, through a. Slate lie-funding Pi o gi am, Aikimsas will save moie than ?30,000,000.00 dui'ing the pciiod of bond ictiicmcnt 01 §1,250,00000 each year. Through rigid economy and business like administiation, opeiatmg expenses have boon reduced and.all \\aiianls aie paid at pal when piescnted The bonds liavo nearly li'ebled in value dining the last pighLtcn months The btate'b credit has beon redeemed. I3<| McDonald has been an impoit.inl factor in this program, and is the Jogical man to continue it Ife has mndc .in outstanding iccoid as Sec- votary of State. He has ictuined uiiusod a p.lil ol tlie cuirent appropriation for his ofVice. In addition to Ins aclivilj us a mcmbei of the State's Refunding Board since its creation, he has sci\cd cieditnblj on six otbcr important State Administrative Boards. Jle demons tinted his ability and has a comprehensive knowledge of the state's nil an s Shall This Progress Be Lost To The People? Tlic old gang, repudiated in 1112, wants to got back in po\\ci But the people of Arkansas will not swap consli uctivc achievement .for, "Dangerous Tinkering." They are afraid of the politicians who sold'them "down the river" once before. Who Is The Opposition? One candidate is the Biennial Runner, so repeatedly repudiated by the Arkansas electorate. " , ' ' He cannot do the job! ... ••'' Another is the Business Jtan—so was Herbert Hoover, but he could not run the country! So was K. \V. Marland, but .Josh Lee,-a former school teacher, defeated him 105,000 votes in a recent election in Oklahoma. Wonder which counties lie would abolish in his proposed consolidation of counties — if he were elected? He can't win! ' . ' '.-' - . -. And then—there is the Rally hoo Artist,"without experience in:administration .< of the state's affairs, who has seized every opportunity to front page himself. He recommends himself as being "all things to all men," but he has failed to tell yon what he would do in the ;vont of his election. He fails -to tell you thai he has spent MOKK MONKV IN THIS RACE THAN ALL THE; OTHKR CANDIDATES COMBINED. At the same time, he stands with his'head in the Clouds and his feet in the nuid; shouting to the High Heaven about ^Viis "qualifications;" bawling likf- a dying calf in a snow'storm about protecting the people from the sinister influences of an unscrupulous "political gang." This is a smpk'e screen to detract attention from his own Gigantic Slush Fund. Now that there is some money in the treasury, his backers—The Old Wrecking • Crevk—want--to take p;^r the state for their own gain. •.'."."• Shall we build up or destroy? ' ', ' - ' '• • • •• [ It's Ed McDonald and his PROGRAM OF-PROGRESS—against-the Wrecking Crow. . . . .'.''••'••'••: -•' "•'•': Whom do you choose?, . '',..• . •• ''. ..''',..-'.". ..'.'' ", Pulaski County McDonald For Governor : Gliib

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