The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1947
Page 6
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jJPAGR ,StX Suggestons For Better Farming Featured For This Section's Pro- i - «• grcssive Farmers. BLYTH.EYILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FARM NEWS-PEA 7 URES FRIDAY, MAY '.), 1«M7 Every Friday in the | Interest of Farm Families of This j Agricultural Section. Some Missco Power Lines '• V 5<}b/7 to Carry Voices, Too, (ffider New Telephone Set-Up .* :"" ' 3 • • '• .BlythevilSe, Luxora, and -Wilson arc nninn- kansas wliere rural U'lephor.e projects arc \w( the Southwestern Bell Telephone company, it A'efk'-by W. E. Gosdin, division manager of thr In .sonic of the nrcns the Lele-* phpim comp.iny plans lo use private* i po'Ver- lines, nnd RI?A U»es taking advantage of vet-cm developments In .which permit dual service 1 ofr the lines, An'Arknnsnu, M- H. M. L. Lnrtrl. former- district manager for Southwestern Boll fit Joncsboro, nssJ-s*o'l in pioneering ttfc dual ILSC of pov/er lines, for transmission of telephone conversations. HP now is slation?:! in ' St. Louis and is \n charge ol expanding (ho use of power lines to serve : telephone customers. Work on the installation of rural telephones was halted by the strike but .Is to be resumed as soon as a settlement- is reached Mr. Goscii:i 4-H Club Leaders at Armore! i tno are.'.s m Ar- \\f, rnmomplatcx] l>y v:;us anninmcrt] 11ns tol^phono company, I capacity. The lack of available central office critiipmcnt lias forced the tlclny or puslpnnomeni of :,ov- cial projects, lie said. New Factors On A re Discussed Corn Lee Colrimni. non stration ai:ciit. aiinnmin that new directions Yor vegetables arc living recuiiimcmk el Demonstration Club Council Meets Saturday The monthly i-eeting of the County Home Demonstration Club Council will be held Saturday in the cafeteria of the Armorel School, Cora Lee Coleman. county home demonstration agent, announced today. Mrs. George Bunch will preside >ver the business session alter vhlch, Miss Coleman will demonstrate two ways to can tomatoes. \ pot luck luncheon will be served. fro Approximately 200 telephones will tllis vein- by the United Slrucs be-installed in Ihe tliree areas, lie psrlment of AiM'ie'iilUuv ami ... pointed out, nnrt several phonos i of . tnc reconimemlatioiis tan be are "nlreadv in one-ration. . I u "» eii ilt her "f 1 "' 0 The new rccoinniendalKui.: ,ir Rural Program Muderniml For Arkansas. Southwestern Bell's 194V rural telephone program culls for""6400 new company-owned telephones in rural areas, he In addition, the company re result of the past threo VKIVS' research on home I'aunin.; of vej:e'- tubles coneluc-K'd b,\ r Ih:- l/.ire.ui of Human Nutrition and Hume ICco- stated. ] nomlcs. antict- pates more than 500 service line 01 customer-owned telephones will bs converted to new company-owne'l and' operated service. Many mor2 will go into service on existing lines, whenever, this can' be done, Mi-. Gpsdin said. £e>uthwe.slcrn .Bell's present ;;oal is to. add 165.000 telephones in rural areas throughout its five state areiU Farm Agents' Tips IT'S TIME TO: - Mnke first plantings of okrn, wn-. tcrmelons, ciieninbers, cantaloupes, pumpkin, squash, and bush an'l pole lima beans. Make second planting. 1 ; of vejietn- in the years 19-lG-fiO. Gross ens! is !>!es Wliere sum'ssion in harvest is presfntiy estimated at S30.000.ono elesirnble. Ex:im|ile-: lieels. carrots, For'the entire He'll system 1,000.- ' radishes, lettuce, beans, s we>et corn 000 -telephones in rural areas are ! Keep the uecets under cmilrol by sehctluled 'to lie added In the same ciiltivatin<!. hoeing and hand weeel- perlod. tug. Several hundred of Ihe S4,t]0n j Cotton whirli is to be cross-culli- telephones expected to lie installed : vuteel shcmlel lie ]>lunted flat or on Officers of the Armorel junior nnd senior 4-11 clubs are. Tankerslcy, soni; captain senior club; Ileltyc Dyer. nyer. ::cerctr dent senior club; Alfreela Stoviill. n.'poi'U:r senior elnb; and nay ond ro'.v: Annie Mae Green, viex'-prcsielcnt junior clul>; Melda C!oodU.\v. Ulenda Clarner, seniR cnplnln. Scale'.- Mivrgarct Yor«, ro]:orler junior clufj rclary junior club. (Courier News Photo.i Cue of the most active of rural youth oriiiuii/ations in North Mississippi County is the Armorel 4-H c:ub, winner'ol las! year's Farm Bureau cash award for being the most improved club in Ihe couniy. In three years, this club lias become one of the county's leading youlh organizations. This club has the distinction oi having had Uvo stale champio'.is 11 left lo riiihl, back row; Jo Am 'v senior club; Lyinin Ilenson, prnsi Clollse. viee-prosUlcnl senior club. S'JC- presicient junjov club; and christ'nc Donner, and sec- Death Toil and Property Loss In Farm Fires Can Be Reduced Despite Rain, Snow, Etc., The Mail Finally Got Thru NASHVILLE, Tenn., May D. (UP) —Sgt. Trnbue Lewis and Lt. Clydell Caslleman of the state highway patrol were chatting this morp- hitf when the postman handed Lcv-is a letter. He opened the envelope and Ihf-n sniel to Castlcman. "What are you doing writinR me a letter?" He looked again. The date on the envelope was April 29, 1945. Castleman had written Lewis 'rom Washington when he was attending a Federal Bureau of Investigation training course at thai time. ' Russia Demands Starving Romania Feed Soviet Army i WASHINGTON, _May 9. I UP) — ' The Slate Department revealed yesterday that the Soviet union has I demanded that famine-ridden Ho-' mania-provide 400 freight carloads of white flour for use by Reel Army occupation forces In that country. State Department Press Officer Michael J. McDermott also »»- nounced that the United States i-> investigating carefully reports that Romanian grain is being ship;)''.! to Russia, "If that is true," he said, "We will have no recourse except to stop shipment of American B''a'i to Rumania." Recruiting Sergeants Win Commander's Praise Staff Sergts Ollie II. Grlsham nnd Don Seal 01 the local recruiting office have received certificates of merit for their service during. Past year here. In letters to Sergeants GrisiTUm and Seal; Lieut. Col. Robert. L. Hardy, former district commande.r of the Arkansas Army Recruiting District, expressed his appreciation. "Your sincerity, conscientious ci'i'ort and hard work have been contributing factors in the record and results that have been achieved by the Arkansas Rccruitinj; District", he wrote. Colonel Hardy was succeeeletl b.v iiimuel White. low beds. Start transplanting tomato if weather is favorable. In riiral areas tins year will be the carrier type, in cooperation with the -privnte i>owcr companies nncl RFA-Iinanced cooperatives. Ofje factor which must always be considered in the availability of switchboard equipment In tbc telephone office to connect with rural ; men. telephone lines,_A|r. .posilin pointed i out.. Many southwestern. Bell ex- I _ changes are already operating: nl-1 Continued crop In London, durlnpr the blilz. bombing, there were more cases of hysteria among men than wo- rrom I'ngc 1. IftRLYl ... \viih growth and vigor for lasting egg production. For early, profitable layers, feed... PURINA GHOWENA L. K. Ashcraft Co. last year, an honor which no other club in the county has received. Gerald Cnssidy and Perry Lee Acl- kisson. tolh members of the Armorel club, were named 1040 state ehampionti in achievement and leadership and tractor maintenance, respectively. knottier distinction held by the club is having one of jts members I'.luy the lead in the i-« OhDj movie" lust year, "Where the Rond Turns Right." Young Cassidy, for winning state honors in the achievement and leadership contest, was awarded the lead role in the. movie. Other members or the club who w^.> rccounitum in county-wide contests las f , year are euluh M:ic Nunnery, county champion in clothing and Uobbic Jean Lucy, counts champion in home improvement. Seven members of the club wor honors in various contests held al the IMS count;, fair. They are r Clouse. Laymiin llcnsori. Gerald Cassitly, Don ' Steward;* i'erry Lee Adkisson and Arnold Steward, first place in the 4-11 Council cotton exhibit; Henlah Mae Nunnery, ihir;l p'.aee in the thrift article contest. Led by its president. Approximately 35CO people lose* --- — - ............ — their lives and '$100.000.000 worth of farm property is damaged by fires rural America, according to statement made by Cora Lee Coleman today. Miss Coleman pointed out that 10 per cent ol all the I ires are preventable if a few simple precautions are taken, poor housekeeping is one of the main reasons for our current record-breaking fire loss, she said. She explained tlvat poor housekeeping on the farm means letting rubbish and old lurnitnrc accumulate in barns, allies, and oni- buiklings; allowing chimney to become clogged with soot s-iel permitting combustible deael vines, brush and weeds to pile up along fence rows and near farm buildings. All these, she said, avc targets for n stray spark or a lias- lily dLscardeel cigarette. How well Mississippi County farm families are prepared to fight a fire in case one occurs anel how well they keep their heads in time of emergency may prevent not only ' the loss of property but the loss of human lives, she added. fire prevention and preparedness, in case fire breaks out are the year-rounet. every day duty of not only properly owners bin. cf " ' than character, tlml he lias never le&n convicted of :i felony or other ciiinc involving moral tnrpituoe; that no ns: 1 to sell beer by Ihc? undersigned has been revoked wilhin iive years last past; anel thai the untler- ,ned has never been convic-U-el of vi-ilatini'. the laws of tin;, slat?, or any ulher state, relating to the sale of alcoholic Liquors. H. T. Lewis. Siibscribeel and sworn le> before me this Olh day of May, 1U47. Elizabeth Moson tSale" Noii'.iy Public .My commission expires 4-215-50. Read Courier News Wain Aels. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time lixed by law apply to tnc Commissioner of Revenues of Ihe Stale ot Arkansas for a permit to sail beer at, retail at TOT Cliickasawba Ave.. Blytheville. Mississippi County. The undersigned state., that he is a cili/.en of Arkansas, of gudJ moral character, that he has never heen convicted of a felony or oilier crime involving moral turpitude; lhat no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within Ave years last past; and that the under- sighed has never been convicted of violating the law sof this state, any other stale, relating to the sa of .'alcoholic Ikjiiors. Herbert A. Burnett. Jr. Subscribed anel sworn lo before me this 8 day of May. 1947. Elizabeth Mason (Seal' No'.ary Public. My commission cxpire.> 4-23-50. Government Aid To World War II Vets at New Peak LITTLE HOCK, Ark., May 9.<UP> —Federal assistance to veterans of World war II reached a new peak during the month of April. According to figures released yesterday by James A. Winn, regional Veterans Administration j manager. G. T. loan approvals increased from 372 in March to 501 April. Face value of the loans unounted to $1.302.781.' Meanwhile, governmental educa- :ional benefits for veterans reached Higher popularity with 34,202 veterans reported in training. This total includes 31,295 under the G. I. Bill and 2.907 disabled veterans. And. said Winn, disability compensation or pensions were being :>flid to 29,786 Arkansas veterans of nil wars at the end of April, an ncrease of 381 .'jitice March 31. Read Courier News Want Ads Laymon ail individuals. Althugh more one half of the years' fires ocDiir the first three months the destructor of property and life is clubs of the c llcnson, the club is sponsoring several projects and plans to main- in tain its record us being one ot sti - ..... . the outstanding clubs of the coun-' rcspc=tor of the calendar month, tv lhi s year. Several mcmeevs of the club farm stna* acreaRn of their own, in addition to helping their parents with their crcps and each projects which thry will enter m I lie County Fair this Full. of alcoholic liquors. Club 61, Ford & Bickerstruf. Subscribed and sworn to brforc nc this 7 day of May. 1047. Elizaboih <Scnl> Neit.i My commission exphvs Blk. G. of Frisco )>-:pr.t Phone 493 .89. Notice is hereby Rivi-ii Ibi'i Ihe undersigned will within the time fixed by Inw apply lo the Commissioner of He-venues of the Stale of Arkansas for a permit ,te< sell IK at retail -at Highway 'II North, lllylhi-villc. Mississippi County. The undcrsigne-d stales that he i< a rili/en e>l Arkansas, of good innral character, that he has novel' beer convicleel of u felony or other crime involving moral Uirpiluele; lhat no 1 license to sell beer by the nndcr- sipned I ins been revoked wil'.iin live years li\sl past; anel thai the nneicr- siv;neel has never been eonvicted of violating the laws of tiro Hale, or any olbor state. rcialin<; to the sale Mar on •y I'ub'.ie. •1-2B-50. NOTIC'r. Notice is hereby szive i that the undersigncei will withiri lh'.' liir.e [ixcel b.v law apply U) tho Cointnis- sioner of Revenues of liu- Stat^ of Arkansas for :\ permit to se;l bc'.-r ,1: retail nt 401 West Ash, Hlytiitville. Mississippi County. The undersitiiied -states that he a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral WSLKE'S CALF-EZ A powdei prepniotio/i for fos1 jeli&f cf simple, obnoimal 1?oienesi (icourO in calvei. Provide! a -oolliing, oilringent coating to 1/rtIaFed intetltnes. Used by hunrjrpjt of oulitanding coHle breeders. Packaged in two eco/ionikd liiei, 50t and $1.00. FOR SALE BY WOODS DRUG STORK Published By The Delia implement Co., BlythevilW Vol. 5 Friday, May 9, 1S47, "I ADrAlT THAT YOUR 'ROADMflP' OF OUR EXTENSION CORDS WAS A GOOD IDEA —ONLY I STILL CAN'T FIND THE CORD THAT CAU.WES OUR ELECTRIC FAN.'" Don't overload your wiring system. Whftn you build or modernize nrr.xMa ADEQUATE WIRING. ARK-MO POWER CO. You'r* probably w«H »cqunlntcd wltti our service man, but »re you »w«r« that he's (nclory-trained to scrvic* your John Dcer» tractor and Equipment th» way they should be serviced? Whatever your trouble may bo, our scrvico man can fix It up quickly . . . ol a nirprisinj- ty low cos!. \Vith the shortage ot new goodi, you Ttnlize, of course, how Important it Is to keep your present equipment en ths job. Right now we suggest that you talk with us. We'll give you expert advice. And, it repairs arc necessary, you'll be completely satisfied with the work we eio (or you. For your own protection, have your John Dcerc tractor and equipment serviced by a man who knows your machines — a John Deere factory-trained servko man. Don't delay . . . ask about our cou»- plete aerviw NOW. Misuo Implement Osccola '— Blytlievillc "PAY DIRT" All American people, not, just the Farmer, should be interested i" thi:i subject. The preservation and restoration ol' Uio fVri il- Hy of American',.isi vital anel c.sscnlial 'eo the strength of our Nation. Dl A fertile soil is vital to Hie economy of \ our Nation. It" n Farmer can prexhicc more on fewer acres he reduces the cost of production, with lower costs in production farmers can still, make a profit in a wider market, which means more food to the customer for his dollar. DJ More on fewer acres, also mean:-: a better (liialily food and feed nn'.tPrials because they came? from more fertile soil. To the farmer, as well as every one, it moan;; bel- ter soil conservation bec'iuse of a belter use of all kinds of land. V,y nsinjj; the proper methods, of soil e;ons(!rvaiu>M, ii means a saving of labor and ;< reversal ot the soil destruction—A destruction that in time will mean our Is T ii'_i'>n impoverished in a resource that can not ha replaced. DT Action is needed now wbilo we still have a lot of good earth for a toe hold. Tbc American Farm Bureau Federation is sponsoring the National Soil Fertility program through Legislature Channels. It is MI instrument designed to prescrv« the strength of our Nation at. the grass roots, through more adequate education for farmer.-; .';i efficiencies in production, us ;ill hope! that this is a highly successful program because of what it mean.; to i;.s MS individuals and as a Nation. -—1)1 TRACTOR COMPANY If you haven'1 Heor Amerl( . a . I ( avorl(9 tenQr liejml International Harvester's o f func Sunday listen; hear in a "Harvest Star s", this a n tl you'll Rood program . . . enjoy .lames Melton's singing and hear an i nl e rest ing story! Over WMC Memphis So. Highway 61 Phone 2171 JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVEST OF STARS & with Howard Barlow and 60-piec« Orchtitra Lyn Murray Chorut Dlillngutshsd Dramatic Ccist» Special Muilcal Guesrt mi NIC NETlQItK • 1JO-J.OO P.M. CST INIUMATIONAL HRRVtSTER

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