The Neosho Daily News from Neosho, Missouri on August 3, 1940 · Page 4
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The Neosho Daily News from Neosho, Missouri · Page 4

Neosho, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1940
Page 4
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NIOSBO DAILY DEMOCRAT, NEOSHO, MO. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, IMt. ••v] FINE FOODS— Sandwiches, cold drink*, largest menu In the city, served with equal promptness "on the curb" as well as In our cool dining room. HONK FOR INSTANT CURB SERVICE! (Mote: On account of tourist trade, customary Saturday night cover charge will be discontinued until Pall.) BEAU MONDE B Ford Ratfiff for Sheriff Ed Eiott for Constable In my campaign for the nomi-; Ed Elliott, who is at preesnt con- nation, I have tried to see every stable of Neosho township, is again Democratic voter in Newton County, asking the voters of the Republican My duties as deputy sheriff have party to give him the nomination at made this Impossible. the primary to be held next Tues- Most of you know my grandfather day. Mr. Elliott needs no Intro- Was the second settler in this coun- duction to the people of Neosho. He , ty and a Democrat. I am the first has served in this office for two !<ne of my family to ask for an of- years, also for a number of years I am married, 46 years of age, was nightwatchman in our city. His good health, physically able to attitude toward official duties in perform the duties of Sheriff, and serving all papers promptly, making MjjMce. | in go ••jperfor OPEN FROM 6A.M. TO <fully acquainted with the duties of arrests when the that office comes under his If I receive your support and the he will continue Taylor-Made and Plato Lunches and Rojnilar MraK 2,"»c and nr>i- —at— i Big Apple Cafe;; (10-71 Triangle The Most °' the Best for the Least Duck In Cafe Skelly Gas and Oils offending party jurisdiction and to treat all who nomination next Tuesday, I pledge have business connected with his of- myself to work constantly to insure fice to the best of his ability, the success of the Democratic tick- Mr. Elliott has for many years et at the General election Novcm- been a resident of Neosho and is ber 5. known by most of her citizens. His I ask your consideration because past record is a guarantee for the f u- I nm experienced in law enforce- lure. He cordially invites and so- mnnt and qualified for the office I licits your support on August 6, at seek. For the past four years I have the primary. 165-2t feheriff To the Voters On account of my work In court t has been impossible for me to make an extensive campaign, therefore as this primary election draws near. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation; to the editors of all the newspapers in my circuit who have, expressed confidence in my ability, honesty and integrity through the columns of their press; to the two thousand men who have served as Jurors in the court since I've been on the bench and who have written me or expressed themselves as favorable to my nomination and re- chief deputy under Bridges, mid I am also an tx-service man. None of my opponents have had experience in the Sheriff's of- !ive. In my opinion, if not, essential, such experience i.s certainly helpful to insure efficient law enforcement. My wish is that all Ucmui ral.s who have confidence in liic wiil uivc me their vole at t!;e primary w.xl Tuesday. I pnnni>e they will not. ir'.'.rrt, their choice because, if nominated and elected. I will lairly and impartially enforce the law as Sheriff of Newton county. I thank each and every our of you for yf.ur support. Ciratel'ul'.v your-,. FOHL) B. RATLIFF. 1(55-21. Dr. r. N. MliMMl VIHlUNAmiAN Day Phone 71 After » p. m. Phone SM Headquarters Jones Pharmacy Dr. McCulloui?h for Ccrnner. 1(54-31 ROBERTS SUPPORTERS PREDICT NOMINATION IN TREASURER'S RACE Young Editor-Legislator Seen Victor in Statewide Contest. As VOTE FOR Beat the Heat —with— A Delkious Meal TAYSTEE CAFE (Next Door First Natl Bank) Hillard Selck Republican Candidate f»r State Auditor Mr. Sclk ia 43 years old, married, and has one child. Born on a farm in Cooper county, he is now county collector of that county. He has a good record and ia well qualified for the job of Auditor. Mr. Selck has visited Newton county a number of times and has a lot of friends here. You can't go wrong voting for SELCK. tl* C. H. Austin for Consutble. :62-6t* Harked by friends In every county of the .slato. State Senator T. E. <Texi Roberts, former president of tlic Ymuif,' Democratic Clubs of Mis- .'•.r.iiri, and the youngest member of the upper liouse of the Missouri L< yislature. is winding up his campaign for the Democratic nomination for State Treasurer this week in a hurried visit to every section of the state, and a day each in Kansas City and St. Louis. j The editor-legislator from Dia- ;inond. Newton county, a veteran member of the legislature at the age of 33, i.s receiving enthusiastic sup_... „.,, ., , port from Young Democrats, who News from Bill Gill says that day rec{| ,, that , t was during n|s ad _ before yesterday he hurled a one- ministration of the state clubs in hit game against Winston-Salem, 1937 that the Missouri organization winning 5 to 0. Hurling for Nor-' * a ? nationally recognized and ac. ,. ,.!»,•_, . , claimed by James A. Farley, found- folk. Va.. in the Piedmont league. pl . ()f the YounK Gill has hurled two one-hitters this ment. as the best RILL GILL GETS r»v:i? I ONL move . organized and smoothest functioning in the nation Neosho hurler. Much support for Roberts is also J. C. Kimbroimh of Neosho. BUNCH WITH SPRINGFIELD WATCHES and JEWELRY Don't throw it away! We can fix it quickly and economically! All work guaranteed. RAY E. SMITH, Jeweler 115 W. Spring DELICIOUS Steak Dinners Broiled In our electric oven, our steaks cannot be surpassed. CHICKEN and TROUT Sandwiches - Hamburgers Cold Drinks - Dancing The Green Spot \ "Good Things to Eat" "BEST BALL" GOLF TOURNEY TOMORROW-;™'^ Word received here .says that Ray Bunch, former Neosho Yankee hurler, has been si-m-d bv the Springfield Cardinals, reporting ago. Bike Rent a 15c per hour, 2 hours 25c at Parkmore Sandwich Shop which is under new management AQROSS Street from CITY PARK A BAD FINANCIAL START John McAntire, clubhouse manager of the local golf course, is of- I fering golfers a "best ball" tournament tomorrow. Any two players may form a team to play any other i team. Each player pays 50c and j the team turning in the lowest score I wins 50 percent of the entry fees plus 50 per cent in merchandise. The lowest or "best" ball of each team Is counted for the score of ach of its two members. i season. I Gill is a former and_is a.son-in-law ofDr. and Mrs. assured by "union labor, in recognition 01 his legislative record, and ihis long membership in the Order of Railroad Telegraphers. Joining l that union after serving his apprenticeship as a telegrapher, the Senator im.s been a member for more than fifteen years. Ten years ago he left the railroad to enter the rural newspaper field. All railroad labor organizations have endorsed his candidacy, as have numerous other groups throughout the state. I During his second term in the House, Roberts introduced and sponsored the constitutional amend| merit reducing the pension age from j 70 to 65 years. He was also the ! author of the bill requiring sales tax .tokrns to be manufactured of Mis- scuri-mined zinc, to promote the use of Missouri products. Widely supported by the rural Emory E. Smith election: to the hundreds of ministers and church people who have encouraged me in the past and are now taking part in this campaign for me; to the Jurors who have recently signed a pledge to vote and work for me: to the many other friends, regardless of party affiliations, who have been so loyal and especially to the one-hundred-thir- ty-flve business men of one town who pledged their support and influence. Thank you again. I assure you if I am nominated and re-elected that I will continue the same studious and careful consideration of all cases coming to my attention with no other thought or purpose than that justice may be had by all interested parties. Wash iind .ir^usc job, both Auto Service. for Japan's Duce C. H. Austin for Constable. 162-61' BALL GAME TOMORROW The ball game at the Morse Park ' tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 will be between the Ozark Rockies and the Baxter Springs Blues, also a color- > ed team, said to be fast. "Light- j ning". last year center fielder with the Rockies, i.s playing with the Blues. Deficit for First Month of Fisca Year I.s 499 Million. Washington, Aug. 2.—The United fitates government wound up the first month of the 1941 fiscal year M99.378.029 in the red, treasury department figures disclosed today. Bulk, pure parafine-base motor, oil, lOc per quart, 40c per gallon. P. ' K. Heerwagen & Co. 164-2t Dependable, 24 hr. 84 Cab. SNIFFLER8 LAUNCH A BATTLK ' Campaign Against Ragweed by Hay ' Fever Sufferers Group. BICYCLE HEADQUARTERS Still at the Midway Market Respectfully your friend, EMOEY E. SMITH. 165-2t Guy Lynn for Assessor! P*' RUSH SHIP USE MEASURE U. S. Vessels Would Have to Be Granted Safe Passage. i tees in a majority of the counties, ! many of the members of the Women's organizations and solidly by members of the Young Democrats, Roberts' boosters predict his nomination by a comfortable majority. His nomination, it is pointed out, will strengthen the ticket in the fall election, and bring about increased interest among the younger voters. Washington, Aug. 2. — The house rules committee granted legislative right of way today to a measure i which would permit American ships • to transport war refugee children. i provided the ships were granted i Buy Genuine Maitfa Lamps from your GE dealer 1,000 hour lamps up to 75 watt ONLY 13c Jones Electric Co. In the new Geyer Building • 210 S. Wood St. Phone 136 New York, Aug. 2. — Some 100 tf snifflers today formed the Hay _ j Fever Sufferers Society of America | -.'and bt'san mapping a campaign' against ambrosiaceae Uhe ragweed amily) and some of Its off-shoots. Prince Fumimaro Konoye (above)! •was named premier of the new eoali-] government SB Japan after the t — ¥»> Ml ••"?*»•* CHr** 1 p * ny Guy Lynn for Assessor! P.4' Luther Hargrove, claiming Neosho as his home, fell from a train in the K. C. S. yards here, early this morning, and was taken in a Thompson ambulance, to Reynolds hospital, where his injuries are being treated. "safe conduct" tions. by all warring na- Thompson's Ambulance, ./hone 47. Geraldine Emery of brought, as a surgical Reynolds hospital last night. Seneca was patient, to H, A, Gardner of Monett candidate for Republican nomination for Judge Springfield Court of Appeals (Long Term) has practiced law for about 30 years, never previously seeking office. Active hi civic affairs, Mr. Gardner has also been a leader In agricultural pursuits. He to now serving as president of the Osark Empire Fruit Exchange. HE WILL APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT! 24-Hour Service. 32 Cab Co. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Richards and family will move, about the first of the week, from 428 West Adams St. to their new and completely modern home at 704 West Spring St. COOK'S Best House Paint - i $2 £Q 1'or Gallon •"•^ In 5s. S2.79 in Is. Firestone's Paint Store West Side Square Phone 447 Money deposited in the Bank of Sfeosho is protected by the strength nd experienc of Newton County's Iciest and largest bank as well as y Federal Deposit Insurance. 166-6t J. D. Maness of Stella attended to business in Neosho yesterday. Wife Preservers '"^I'/n^inrn A bright idea for a brid»l thower I* t "cake and pie" or similar combination Slower. Kach guest is uked to bring bur i: - . .-nritc cake or pit- recipe contained IDS'.!<• n kitchen uterwi] uaed In makinf either cake or pie. DEMOCRAT Want Ads PAY! VOTE FOR Harry E. Hatcher REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR Assessor of Newton County A life-long Republican, a native Newton countian and a winner in November. PASTEURIZED MILK DELIVERED ANYWHERE in NEOSHO —Phones— 303-J-l 303-J.3 NO OFF-FLAVOR! We invite all our old (or new) customers to five our pasteurised milk a trial. Jersey Creamllne Grade A Raw Milk also delivered. Camfield Jersey Farm For Truman Try WALKER'S If you'd like your children to drink more milk, try WALKER'S GUERNSEY Milk Better Flavor More golden color ..^ Phone 17-F-21 for Delivery NEWTON COUNTY FOR TRUMAN CLUB is voting for Truman because Labor, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive Trainn.en, Firemen, Conductors, Switchmen, Clerks, Telegraphers, Oilers, Porters, Signalmen, Dining Car Men, Mechanics, Maintenance, Boiler Makers and Electrical Workers, and Farmers, Merchants and Democrats are voting for him. TRUMAN is running for re-election on his merits and as a true supporter of the Democratic P»rty. Not on the demerits of his opposition who are slinging mud and making a smear campaign. VOTE for the Democrat who makes a clean campaign for himself and his party. TRUMAN CLUB *•* HIGHWAY TO HEALTH ! ! 5^rtt\MiJS5 1 JS 1 s- fjff *£ iheTarV Impaired you become "all tired out" and your resistance to disease to greatly reduced. Chiropractic adjustments relieve nerve pressure and make possible a free How of health giting energy to every part of the body. That to Nature's way. WUI you five Nature a chance NOW. to help you along the Highway to Health? Come in and let's talk It over. Lady Assistant. Dr. Ho F. Barbarlck, chiropractor X-RAY South Side Square -:- Neosho, Mo. COLON UNIT NEWTON County or Southwest Missouri hasn't had representation on the Springfield Court of Appeals since Judge John T. Sturgis, 20 yean ago. LOUIS N. WOLF Democratic Candidate for Judge Springfield Court oi Appeals (Short Term) is the only candidate for this office who resides Ur Newton countf (Freeman Grove). REPUBLICANS Let's "Cotton" Clinc Nominate VOUOO 1/1106 For SHERIFF A Neosho man, graduate Neoaho High School. Works Neosho Foundry," This ad paid for by friends of "Cotton's" • rrf • •». . - •"', ' ;,;* 11 > »

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