The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 2, 1934
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Served by the United Pre** BLVTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTKBA »r ARKANSAS AND 6OOTHUBT ItlMOTFlT BOME EDITION II VOI,. XXXI—NO. fifi Blythevlllc IKIly New» Blythevllle Orurler Ulsstelujxl VHlley Leader Blytheville Herald m.YTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNK 2, I DIM SINGLE COPIES FIVF CENTS RINGS THREAT OF FOOD SHORTAGE RELIEF BILL REPORTED BY • Hew Dams Planned for Tenneessee Valley 'WASHINGTON, June 2 (UP)—' The Tennessee Valley Authority I expects lo start construction of four new dams under a allotment pioposed in tin; deficiency bill, it was revealed today. Dr. Arthur E. Morgan, chairman of ll'.e TVA, testified licforc a house committee, publlcallon of ! the secret homines revealed, thai Control of Billion Dollar completion or the projects in connection with Hie new dams would cost a;»):-oxlmately SIM.OOO.OOO. Movivni incdicted that if a unified ixiwcr system i.s developed in Curb Placed . . . Appropriation FIIE LUES III Kill Proud Fa I ho r Northwoocls Physician Un- vuff'ec! hv Uproar Quintuplets Caused BELIIlTOli ;E BY HELEN Al.l.YN NEA Service SrecLU Correspondent NORTH BAY. Out... Jrnn 2.— I have talked to Dr. A. R. DnfO'j. Hie kiiidly country physician who the lives ot the [ IM WASHINGTON, June 2 <l'P> — The » deficiency bill, 'he are.i of ll'.e treat "social.ex- cam'ing relief and public works perimem" thai i.ower can be funds, was reported favorably Ho'erati'd at about h:ilf the cost of the house today, carrying provls- present power a'. Muscle Shonl.s. ions which, for the. first lime re-' IIe estimated Hut the TVA will dnced the permissive power of lhe'.»a'.c in in'.ome of Sl.-250.000 fro:n "" n ,')!:' in 'j ^""M president to spend federal money I power during U:c next fiscal year. I j^;,,,^ o i,irmiij]"ts for emergency purposes, i . - • Despite the request of the president In his May 15 message for almost blanket control over the relief apnroprlatlon, the appropriations committee deTmitely ear- • marked more than $176.000,000 of the fund and placed restrictions' on other appropriations. 1 However, M89.flV5.000 was al!o-' ' cuted for the president's disburse- Se'tlement of Textile Mill ment for emergency relief. Civilian Conservation Corns, and the Ti'.m- CMCO Valley Authority. Funds earmarked included $100,000,000 for public highways, $11,2(10,000 for other road construction, and $85,000,000 lor public buildings. Bond Purchases Authorized Under the measure the president would be empowered to use any savings or unobligated balances of R. P. c. funds, and any uir- Labor Contr o v e r s y Seems Assured WASHINGTON. June 2 (UP)— Gen. Hu?h S. JolniMm. fighiini,' major strike threats that uoiiardi^: 1 the national recovery program, brought all passible pros- sure, to bear today to avoid a K i-r>r lie-up in the steel Industrv He apparently had averted a obligated PWA appropriation bal- i similar tie-up in the cotton iex- ances for federal emergency relief or national industrial recovery net purposes. The bill also authorizes the R. tile industry. Terms of a quick compromise of union plans to call out 300.000 cotton workers Mondav F. C. to buy bonds of beneficiaries' expected to be announced today * Only possible hitch in tlie comoro- mUe was the question of wording the official announcement. Tlie strike- order was Issued in protest against a 25 per cent cur tailmeht of mill operations by thi NKA, Most union demands ap percntly have bern • withdrawn in return for a promise of cuuiiabl division of worl: ur.der tlie reducei of PWA grants to widen construction work. This would have the effect of making PWA. funds for financing construction cover a vastly, greater number of projects, the committee held In its report. . Trie measure, last apprppriatipn bill of the session, will be speeded through the house Monday under suspension of the rules, according to present plans. Twbr thirds majority is required - for its passage. Race Sam far Relief Of the relief total of $389.675,000 It is'expected that the emergency relief administration will need *640.000,000 to carry on its activities until March 31, 1935. The CCC requirements have been estimated at, 4285,000.000 for the next fiscal year, while the TVA has sought $48,000.000 to carry on dam construction in the "social experiment" area. The measure restricts to $500,000.000 the amount the PWA may receive from the total appropriated. It also takes away from the public works administration cos- tiol -over the $65.000,000 earmarked for public buildings. The treasury department would select the public building projects from those heretofore approved by confess It has been estimated that more than 800 public bulding project have been approved by con», yte have failed lo receive federal funds because of us of PWA appropriations. He has told me about their :rlli. the Illness of their molher, Ireir diet and their chances to urvive vhcir strnnsc and prcma- urL- birth. I have talked to Mrs. Alex Lc- ros, the neialibor wonian who ;o! up at 4 a.m. May 28 lo help Mi=. Olivn Diomic throuuh l:i!dbirth— and found .-,lic vnlked in on a phenomenon. I .(lew here from Clev?land '.o each the spot on which the world's attention is focused—llic liny fcur- rccmed lo; cabin where a medical niracle is occurring. Kindly, but lilunt It to taking place under Ihe di- •ccsion of a short, stocky country iloctor who never expected that lie was stepping inlo the path of fame w'/.en he chose to set up his practice 111110113 the simple jieoplc uf Lhc north woods. Ke Is kindly, but he has Ihe unruffled bluffness which comes to a country doclor who has lo deal with people who are stubborn about mcdic-ii:'j and medical care. He was not called in on the Dionnc confinement until a- week before the five little girls were torn. He found Mrs. IMonne stir fering from a kidney ailment. " Dlonne, the husband of His sick woman and Ihe father of her six children..didn't want a rto-ior." Dr. -Diifce says. Didn't Want Doctor "lie reasoned that the other six were bom with only tlie help of a neighbor woman, and the one that wns coming—us far as he knew it was only one—could manage* en the same basis. "I (old him that he could either! gel'a hired girl or p';an to get ]ully Cobb Comes to Bankhead Act's Defense WASHINGTON, Juni- 3 iUm- iiilly A. Colib, chlel of Ihe A. A. A. colton section, look isMie Inday wllh critics of tin- lliuiklinid net who churned llinE Ihe uuv:;- \ ire \vould destroy lorriyn innr-I tots and cnroiiuae production abroad. 'Thai's absurd,' 1 ln> said In a:-' 1 jily lu Ilio y.nrnlngs of Texas Iro- sers and nn Al.ib:imn pliinhul :n owi'.iT. Cobb .<ald It was ••nnlimil find not -lurprlslny" for broktri to opjxwe liny control plan, Miic: 1 volume vviis more linnm-ium ID tlielr business Hum unv olh-r ("C- tor. The act Is Intended for l!ic benefit of producers, however, and not for handlers, he ]iOitilid out. "The ilnnkhcait aet doe.-; m.t seek, as some luuv ernmjonsiy i-ondude.d. to oblnln dLsuroimlli'M- iitoly high prices for collon," Cobb said. "^^•^W Ridicule Spurs ft is Senate Race The father of quintuplets comes Into his own for a moment here, as Ernest Dlonne, Canadian farmer, Is allowed to hold up his brood for inspection. Eyes of the world are focused on the log cabin home where Yvonne, Emily, Marie. Annette and Cecile are valiantly dinning to . life and gaining strength. NIDTDRISI HERE Illinois'Man, En Route to Helfcna. Robbed of $20 at Pistol Point, An Illinois motorist, en route to Helena, Ark., was hctil up by two youtlui. who leaped on hlj car as lie slowed down lo make » Highway 01 turn entering tliL-vllle about I o'clock this morn Blistering Temoeratu r e s Take Toll of Lives and Livestock • , •.. |)c.i|iUi! tlin canifialpi of rlill- rule ili;niusl Tlicndnrc (i. lllllu), shown lieve In a recent pli'turi 1 , iinrt icrlval of .xcnnilul di;ti>;es burled nt liliu ulicn lie wnn MlHslssliH'l's governor, lie IIM.V lio Ilio next 11.' S. seunto- 1 r^u'.i !n» stmo. 1U> Is vriioriM a strong I'uiiK'iiiler against Seim- Inv II. 1). Sle-iilicm mill lU'l'Vc- M-iilnllv« linsa C'llllus fm- Mm llciLiocratii: iioiuliiRiVi !n Uir i Stock Market Control | Bill Ready (or Signature I __^ T I WASHINGTON, June 2 (UPJ- !Tte battle of the stock mirket I LUII U| control bill, expected to .go-idoin •-•' ..~,~':.- : ~ in 1 'legislative history • RS one',of Employes of Two State Departments Swap Jobs ulTTLE ROCK, June 2 (UP)— r =id Farrlsh, accountant for the j new wife," the tluff practlifon.-r 'efundin§ board, and Whit Mor-.said. ;an, deputy in the seveiance tax' -livision of the state revenue de- [artnienr. Tt was traded Jobs today, neccssarv fnr each There be another .i.-ush rcrii^n his former position to accept th<r now post. The refunding board lias movirtl up the maturity dates on two b!(.cks of a 1931 highway bonil j&uc one year. Secretary of Slate Ed McDonald announced. The issues, for SS95.000 and S725.000 will mature now in 13C8-CD and 1950-70, respectively. between the father and the doctor- when il.c fulluT comes back from confeivinj with a representative of the Chicago Worlds Fair. Bolivian Minister Incensed at Chaco Speech by Kingfish WASHINGTON, .June .2 (UP)— Senator Huey P. Long found himself in the midst of a new fight today, this one over the Gran Chaco.. Minister El Finot of Bolivia sent the Klnsfish a bristllnj letter in which he called Long's remarks in the senate this week about the Bolivia-Paraguay war "hostile, ill- accurate, and offensive". Bars Trip ftir Babes I Long I noon had devoted an aflrr- of speech opposing the Tile elector isn't at all enthu-j Chaco arms embargo resolution ..,.i> =h,,,,t ,!>„ M™ ,,f .,n,,-,' cn the j rouilds it ,_ JS instigated by American interests In Bolivia. The Bolivian minister denied everything Long hart claimed and £a:d: siaitlc about ilie idea of taking the five Iragile bi;s of feminine ,Ke on a trip. "As 10113 as I'm toss." he said, "there will be no trip anywhere for these babies. The father can go If lie wants to. but not the children." I Dr. Dafoe isn't getting much Declares Students Should Quit Being "Jelly Beans" U'eep U«'S2 days. Ttie quintuplets ' ake most of his {'.me and lie 1ms _ CLEVELAND. (UP)-It is highj tnc rest of his practice to attend I time the American college stxid- | ent quit being a "jelly bean" and to. besides. He lias been up all night at another cabin. That was a confine- New York Cotton ?rew up. according lo Dr. A. L. Sachar, University of Illinois pro- ™ t? ^ 1 ctls - '«>• nilt "• was J llst lessor and national head of the ,' Killcl foundation. NEW YORK, June 2 (UP)—Cot-j Dr. Sachar, here lo address ton closed steady. open high low close jul 1175 1118 1160 1176 Oct 1189 1201 1189 119f! Dec 1209 1212 1200 1210 Jan 1213 1216 1201 1216 Mar 1223 1227 1215 1226 May 1231 1236 1231 1236 I Jewish Welfare fund drive declared. "College has been a lovely way of prolonging infancy for many of our students. Too many 'rah- ralis* In stadiums have poisoned I our intellectual life. American col- l>3e students have been too easy They have shown ncn; of Spots closed steady at 1105, up [he interest in revolt or social in- 15. [justice displayed by European students. It's time for the campus New Orleans Cottonl* history ' (he stiffest of recent years, .was over today but for the president's clgnaturc on tin act. hi nic?.'.ure. r. keystone in Pres- CHICAGO. June 2 (UP) ^'A •ii'iilh toll r-t at least 40 already Ins been rolled up I™ the burning ''Ml wave Hint swcnl eastward tiv •Hv i<ftrr driving tcrmwrnturcs In the middle west to unprecedented, '•pl-shls. A survey showed fatalities in 13 stales due either dir-ct'y to .the nrturlng sun or to drownlngi In? , currccl as the i»nu'ac° nnu»ht relief In lakes and swlmmln? pools. Cattle died on barren arid waterless ranrei. crom l<yw< "r°w by 'hi; thousands of dollars . hourly, water supplies flf great cities ,we!» i.'ircaleurrd. snd humin suffering was intense in temoersturcs soarr \ for the «l*lh successive day. No -nln was In sight. SPBI Fumlne IVinw • Surveying ctw> report* f^om the "iitlrc northwestern agricultural region, Dean W. O. Coffe.v-of. trta •i-rlcult-i'ral tchool of the Unlver- •llv of Minnesota, fede-nl farm-Vie-?. .- lief dlrcc-lor for « flown "ulstes, •dlrlcd thn». onh"m>"*l"n of th*. Oroiilh for two *.-:<!;- will brln* I An attempted hold-up of a man on Highway « oul of O.veoln, _ which occurred within n few hours j of Ihe robbery here, fnlled »hon Hie motorist sped post lire high-, waymcn. Descriptions r,f Ihe »><« Education Council EndorS- indlcaled to officers thai (he jamici "J 1 "-" 1 pair probably participated In both the successful and unsuccessful ef-| forts. The Illinois motorist, whose name \ could not be learned; told a t\\f- es Proposed Amendment ,to Constitution I,TTTI.B.-B.OOK,.Jun« 3 (UP)— ideni dt i al Roosevelt's march of was finally .. watchman at Oscebls that two The Arknhsi* Oonncll of Educa- oulhs Jumped on the running tlon 'riwe its a"prov«l tcKlay M ward. of his car us he drove cinv. J. Mnrton FutrelV* pronowd off Yaruro rood onto Chlckasawba; corntltntlonnl RmendnTnt which ap- iro\cd by both house and senate into yesterday, with only a few Hucl words of discussion. It reprcsrnts the admlnlslra- lion'E strongest effort to protect ln-i-stors against wild speculation and sharp practices. A compan- ir.n bill, the' securities aet, was paffed last yeoi ai:d certain inoill- flcalirms of I-. arc included in thi new law. Watchman Charged With Compress Fire KENNETT. Mo. — Lon (Bo Gulhrie. Gl-year-old night watch j mnn of» the Federal Compress a "With. . considerable surprise I Maiden which burned a week age note in th? congressional record; Tuesday morning, is being held In of May 31 your hostile utterances | | n u ]i er e, charged with arson In | Noble, wife of the proprietor of ivenue wer ,the Highway 61 rout*. They forced him to drive some distance, apparently out on High- IB, west of Blythevllle, took $20 and n r?old watch and return- with him lo this city. They returned his w.ntcli to the motorist here ordering him to proceed on his wny, got oul of the cor here. The motorist reported the robbery fi.T soon as he reached Osceola, Hale Jfvekson. chief deputy sherTff at Ojcoola. notified officers here but no trace of the highwaymen could br founil. would insure prade school education for nil Arkansas children. A committee n! five, members will be nnnolnlcd soon by H. TJ. <IMal of Pine Bluff, president of the Arkan«as Education- association, to work with the governor's commission soonsorln^ the amendment. Sanction ahn wns riven a pro- posctl $75.000,0''il federal relief .a! lolment for srhwl aid during th 1 Asks $10,000 Damages for Burning of "The sltuitlon Is n«n>," Cnffey -norc alirmlnz hourly. The truth "s .the United States Is threatened ,'ith a food shortage." . . Secretary of Agriculture Henry i. Wallace denied recently th»t nmlne wi>s lywsl^le. ~>'ntln» out .hat a »fl.Wi.Wl" b»«h»l wh»»t over wmild me«*. nm f prob»- bio deficit lii thi* THirti mp, ; MenttrT Temjierature* _. ,-, >iU th'c c>n^m\ wist #ere.*flnoat mbeltevarte. thi iw«tb(!r.,bu.'««4 - •cnorts p'lc'd Mllwiiikee. Wi^. Peorl* and SnrlnefMd. -T1V., taA • "oncordla. K«ns.. »t the ptk,,wltl» i. From elites tod towh|V-l rot rcnorlln* to the b»re<ii).".c»me •; -coorts of retidlnss up to 110 d«- irrees. ' ' .' .' • Federal officialdom and executives of many states ><*«! «s the mereurv mounted to reliwe thou^ snnrts of farm families threatened J with ruin and even starvation. next nscal year. Congress was un;- • M orcurv B, ed In a rrsolutlon to make the - * JONESBORO, Ark.--Trlal of a suit, in which Mrs. Crawford M. and inaccurate statements oaainvt; connection with the burning of my country in regard to the clmco j the corn-Dress, and Prosecuting At- conBlct. While my diplomatic , lornev Elberl L. Ford has also flkd condition makes It impossible for • nn affidavit charging him with the me to answer your offensive remarks, I cannot let- pass your com- ulttc distortion of the truth." In spite of his sleeplessness, he ivas still pleasant and unruffled. "I'm used to this." he said. | "Used to losing sleep and used to bringing babies. I have one every day. I guess I've had 1,500 in the 26 years I've practiced here, but these ore my first quintuplets." Flooded With Queries The pockets of Dr. Dafoe arc jammed with letters from medical mrn far and wide. They ask questions about the triplets. Are their orgnas normal? Ye.s, says murder of Ewlns Prince, 28-year- old taxi and truck driver of Maiden .whose burned ashes were found in the ashes of the fire Sun- dav afternoon. Guthrle, who has been held In Jail since his arrest Tuesday, and who has been questioned at length by local officers, as well as special Colitis Fatal to Baby Louise Buttrum, six months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bultrum, died at noon today after ] Investigators who have been on the'nervous shock. f>fr. Noble is also ase for the compress r ar\A the In-1 a party lo the suit, asking 5840 irance comoanies. strongly denies'for 52 trins lo Memphis and other the Noble, is asking $10,000 damages from Lowenstelns, Memphis department store, and the Yvette company, will be resumed In circuit court here Monday. Mrs. Noble alleges that her hair was burned off while she was»bc- In? given n permanent wave In Ihe JWemphls store over two years BTO. She claims that her hair, since it grew back, has been of a coarser texture, and asks damages for two venrs of suffering from fund available before adjournment thi? summer. Tlie 150 educators who attended the council meet hit toda 1 ' sii°"e-t- ed no changes in the governor's proposal, which would Insure 120 days of not less than six hours caeli for grade school children. Mrs. S. S. Sternberg's Mother Dies in Oklahoma NEW ORLEANS, June 2 (UP)— Buying which hit the market yesterday on reports the government fit • o '•«W?infT O NEW YORK, June 2 ! Are they fraternal quintuplets (bom from five separate germs, or (identical Quintuplets, all from cne (UP) —'germ? Identical, says Dr. Dafoe. an Illness of several dav= lion. Her death was attributed > colills. She is survived by her parents, ne brother, and on:: ti ivi Interment will be made at r-*m- >er Nine cemeterv at. 10 o ^ n the morning. The L. Q. Moss Undertaking company is in cli:ir 0 c >f funeral arrangements. - - - iitivr i wnfv, LIuiic 4 \»ji. / — g,vi in. •"«• ••.•x.'". ~i.^.. ~., ~-...~-. would purchase over a mUlloni Sma ,, amolmts 0 , ^rig brought) Mrs. La-ros isn't taking the mat- , - t .. . .. , I tJJILall tllllullllLO V» 0^111115 VW"B««*I ....u. ^.. ..-. . bales of cotton for relief continued u, ]e stock mnrket flmvn to new low ter f0 c( ,, mlv . on a more moderate scale on the md for the car in e;>rl y trad . Sno ^ stm trembling. New C " - --• -prices a more moderate scale on the Uround for the year in early trad- She is still trcmbllns Orleans exchange today, »nd| |nB tod _ ncn ( developed In charming broken es doted 7 to 12 poinU, higher. and a , ,, st of lssues ma de told the experU English, she Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar May open high low close 1171 1112. I'M 1113 1190 11$8 1186 1194 1206 1209 1198 1207 1211 1211 1211 1211 1211 1211 1211 i:mall gains for the day. A. T. and T 111 T ft 112 °" 8 »i-a 3734 Spots closed steady at 1183, up, G ^ A mm Tapk':.V.V.'.' '• I Gen. Electric 19 1-* I Gen. Motors 291-2 Chicago Wheat open high low close July 102 102 1-2 97 3-4 98 Sept 103 3-8 103 3-8 08 1-4 99 Chicago Corn op:n July 63 3-4 Scpl 61 3-4 high low 59 3-4 55 7-8 62 57 3-4 close Int. Han-ester 30 1-4 Middle-west Utilities Montgomery Ward experience she encountered that eventful mornin: She Still ircmblcs "One baby Is nothing." she said "1 know what to do In such cases But when throe had come, 1 did 2 1-2 jnot know what to do. I was so 123 nervous thit I shook. Then, thank 35 1-8 the good Lord, the doctor came. "The worry was off my mini then, but I still had plenty of wor: to do. I had to light the stove. 3-13 had lo tend the other children. 23 3-4 should say I was busy. I am not Lost Ycuth With Neighbor* MORRIS, Conn. (UP) —Four hundred volunteers searched the woods and swamps of Morris for 16 hours for Roland Halkctt, n, before U was discovered he was with neighbors for the night. A non resident who wofks In Bljtbeville Urn his talary Into scrip. A wonaa studlnc Jt the Bank window s»M. "Why do yon do that, you are not Interested In Bljthtvilk New York Central 26 3-4 'over that night yet. See, I still Packard 3 7-8 I tremble." Phillips Pel 18 1-2 | At first the babies were fed Radio 7 cow's milk, mixed with corn syrup. Simmons Beds 15 1-2 !They were fed with eyc-droppcrs. Standard of N. J. Texas Co. 42 1-2 23 1-2 56 ',U. S. Steel 38 3-4 57 7-3 U. S. Smelting 114 1-2 Bui now Dr. Dafoe has ordered '• natural human milk. I The babies have a good chance 1 (Continued on Page Five) 1 He (Tinned and laid. 'Thit Is rood tmsirrsc. I ftl my money hrre. If *!1 the Blythe- vllle people get <wt of work, somebody will get my Job *nd I will hive to f» somewhere «l;:r. I might land In a (own where they did not have » scrip movement. Thtn I would IK up ajrahisl it, as a lot of the Bljthertlk f«lks are." 99 in Shade Shortly After Noon Mrs. Mose Weinberger, mother of Mrs. S. S. Sternberff. died suddenly at her home in Gulhrie, Okla.. yesterday. She, had been In ill health since having n heart attack last fall. The deceased wns a pioneer resident of Oklahoma having gone Ihere when the Indian territory was opened for Ihe first time. Two years ago she and Mr. Weinberger celebrated thelr-golden wedding anniversary. ' Funeral services will be held at Tlie temperature reached 99' de- erees shortly after noon here today, clim&xln* the summer's first heat wave which started last Wrt» nesdny. It was the fourth consecutive dav In which the temperature reached SS or more. The average 1ai:v temperature has not .been imuMinllv high, howeve-. due to comparatively cool nl"hts when. the teoiwrature ranged between BO and 51. At 3 p. in. today a break in the Vent seemed prohahle with the ap^ neaVance of clouds and a coollnj breeze. ' nv implication either in Prince's escense incurred due to his wife Gutlirie Sunday. Mrs. Stcrnber^. cath or In the burning of the havln? to take a long series of | who was vlsltlnt ther". will re- omnrcss. which even he says was treatments follow^ the beauty' main tor a longer slay. The de- Ers'whil" Coal SJioveler Now Science Instructor red. episode. College Band Plannin* Second European Tour DECODAII. la. (UP)—The scc- ind European concert tour of the Author College band has been announced bv college official.'!. The hand has gained Interna- tonal fame from its initial tour of the continent in 1914. Prof. Carlo A. Sperall. director of the band, said the new tour will neccHilale a three and a half months' jourmy. slartin? June 1 1935, and finishing Scut-. 15. The band now is In Its 67lh year as a musical organization and is rated by U. S. musicians as one of the ace college bands of country. Tin Can Ma3 Box Proved to Be Effective I ceased Is also survived by her I husband, snd three fons, William K.. of Oklahoma Cltv. Ben, of Guthrlc. and Harry, of Tulsn, Okla. TPEMONT. Nob. (UP) — Sllmi l.rn-an f-f Waki'delil IIAS shoveled |1:':-. ttiiv^h r,« monnt.iiuou'i thn-t 1 million roini\U^'p? ml From the status of d.iv latbrtr tlv Pemiscot Slayer Is Held In Alabama ROSEBURO, Ore. (UP)—Robert Warren, natlnnt at the U. S. Vet- eraas' Hospital here, received a letter from his son, R. S. Warren, tnnllcd originally in a tin can thrown into the South Seas. R. S. Wsrrcn is an electrician aboard the U. S. S. Marlposa. He threw the message overtoard, as Is the custom with lanie passing ships, the Island of Nlu Fo'ou. The can was picked up by natives and the mail relayed to smaller boats calling at the port. M. C. GriHin Injured in Missouri Accident 'o the n"sitlort of » colleg- rrto'- uate and high school Instructor.' '_ Handling and-re-handling 1,501- ions of coal provided Lyman wit'i funds with which to feed »nt clothe his family of four and na? his expenses throii"h M'^ianJ College here. He comnl tcT his MALDEN. Mo.—M. C. Griffin,!courses in two years nrd onc-h»lf. Blythevllle paperhaneer. wns ser-1 Instead of the customar • four, lii lously Injured when his car turn-1 the face of these monumental cd over on a highway b:tween handicaps, and has Fl-n.-d Memphian Killed. Sister Hurt at Clarkidale, Ark. Maiden and Kennett Thursday- night. Griffin's lone companion, whose name could not be learned, was also injured and both were rushed to a St. Louis 'hos- piial. Qrlffln raid that he apparently had gone lo sleep at the wheel of the ear. He said he had not been drinking. MEMPHIS, June 2 (UP) — Del CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Owen Lulz of Memphis was killed and Enls, sought since last September his sister. Miss Naomi Lutz, 26. was for the killing near Haytl of Char- critically Injured when the auto-i ;ey Faulkner .Is under arrest »t mobile In which they were riding WEATHER ARKANSAS— Increasing cloudi- less lonipht. Sunday partly cloudy Iract to become Inrtmctor . M science at a Nebraska hi?h scriotf next fall. At 26, Lyman. married nnd the fnthcr of cn« child. 1'iViiinc dls- tat'sflcd with wov' !i: .1. .. J.v,' aborcr. PVT-!.....; - r. i-;c^-l • truck, he m-"d- :ii.--:i;.:n nt 1 . to haul coal at 7r> iu ;V v-enr.< JVT ton. This work fe.i l;i r^-nll of. four -a second ch:li ~ n . bom last year — and raid thr ^x:en*e of Lyman's collcje education. Jasper. Ala., Slieriff S. E. Judcn overturned iiear Clarkcdnle, Ark., 25 Sisters Snrrlfrt D«<-t«r. DELLAIRE, Ohio (UP)—Edward Ij. Foster, 52, native African herb The maximum temperature here| doctor, who cam; 1 tc Ih- 1 United has been advised. It is expected about 4 a. rii. today. The brother yesterday was 98, minimum 62,'States only 12 years a o. died here that extradition of Enls for tdal.and sister were en route to^Chi- clear, according lo Sauel F. Nor- recently. Twenty-five- sisters, and here will be jought. I cago and the world's fair. ris, official weather observer. half sisters survl-.e him in «frV».

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