Independent from Long Beach, California on February 16, 1968 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1968
Page 32
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ARE OTHER CRITERIA BESIDES 'OBSCENITY' VALID? INDEPENDENT (AM) Justices Ponder Broad Censorship Issue the conslilulioniil guaran- Ices of free speech and frqe press are diminished when PRESS-TELEGRAM (PMl-C- » Urn Baaih, C.III, Frltti, Mk. m: Iff applied lo material or Ideas' that are to be disseminated lo young people. By BOSLEY GROWTH ER New York Times Service ' NEW YORK -- Will classification of motion pictures by municipal, state or federal agencies, already practiced in Dallas, Chicago and several smaller com- ,munities, become the new : way of censoring movies in ithis now virtually censor- UUFLOWER MUI1T (Mrtllf ltl» Tl Mill . "IfRIEIK" ' "HHIIl" DOWNEr NOKWXLK HIULTl, IHID Tl I-IIII "HAWAII" -- :. »iit..i ». IT« -- "FITZ WILM" II* MIIII, Imtj : W« Mill "» III OF .ALL 11*1111" Illia Illl arf ll«l P.M. III««IX milk III-I1TI Illl--"JtlllU Illl" "IIIILII, LIIEIIMI IOUIM" SAN PEDRO free medium?'This question is thought by knowledgeable lawyers lo be hanging at the moment in the U.S. Supreme Court, where the constitutionality of classification, as it has been enforced in'Dallas'for the past two years, is being decided. If Ihe decision in this case, which was argued in Washington on Jan. 16, should go againsl the motion-picture interests that are challenging the Dallas ordinance, then a flood of similar classification measures is expected to burst forth in city councils and s t a t e legislatures where previous attempts to get them passed have been held up, mostly because of apprehension as to their constitutionality. There are two general kinds of classification. The first, voluntary classifica- tion,-has long been practiced by various private and institutional organizations. ' Voluntary. classification has no enforcement. It consists solely of recommendations made for the guidance of adults, parents and others as to the suitability of films, especially for children, on moral and psycho-, logical grounds. It is generally regarded as valid and valuable -- at least, in principle -- just as criticism is. · The second kind, compulsory classification, is decided and administered by an agency empowered by statute whose decisions as to suitability are enforced in Ihe theaters by law. This is the kind imposed by the Dallas ordinance. * * * + IN DALLAS it is illegal for a theater lo admit any person under 16 (unless ac- SOFT-SELL SAM ITIIII, Illl It. NiltH Tl I-IIII "IIIIUT IUIDLE IF THIN All" TORMNCE UIITII AITIITt ITE-llIt "TO UK, WITH LOU" "IHIIHIII TIME" IIUIII KILL! Ill-llll · - "A ·*· BF AIL IIAIDMI" Ikiwi 1 iri lill P.M. WILMINGTON IUIUA ·»'«" · "WKO't ¥111111 THI HIIT1" "THI MIL Mil" Ll Kln AliHn, Ill-Ill.! "TO 111, WITH LIVE" · "fit! HILL!" Hill P»««t. HI! I Mil HIM Tl STUL A HIUIII" "WAT . . . W(T GUI" THIS i$ w my FAVORS mm HOLE.'" companicd by a parent, legal guardian or spouse) to see a-film that its distributor or a classification board of 10 members appointed by the city council has decided is u n s u i t a b l e for young people. It is also illegal to show a film that has not been classified. The penally for violation in each instance can be a $200 fine. The objection in the Dallas ordinance, insofar as motion-picture interests are concerned, is that it imposes too extensive and debatable criteria of suitability for young people. It is also discriminatory toward motion pictures shown in theaters, the movie interests feel, while it imposes no c o n t r o l over films shown on television. In previous cases having to do with the constitutionality of pre-release censorship of films, the Supreme Court has whittled down the permissible grounds to one objection -- obscenity. And it has so sternly demanded demonstration of prurient purpose, and so rigidly called for swift judicial r e v i e w , that the maintenance o f censor boards to judge this one objection has been abandoned in ir.nsl slates and cities that previously had such boards. In the Dallas ordinance, however, not only obscenity but also numerous other specifications are cited to render a film unsuitable for showing to young people. "Describing or portraying brutality, criminal violence or depravity in such a manner as lo be likely .to encourage crime or delin- quency" is regarded as sufficient for classifying a film as unsuitable. * * * .* LIKEWISE, "describing or portraying nudity beyond the customary limits of candor in the community, or sexual promiscuity or extramarital or abnormal sexual relations in such a manner as lo be likely to encourage delinquency or sexual promiscuity" is considered u n s u i t a b l e for youth. Thus, Louis Nizer, in pleading before the court on behalf of United Artists, whose film "Viva Maria" had been found unsuitable by the Dallas board, argued that the ordinance is invalid because it sets up standards other than obscenity. Alex Bickley, the city attorney of Dallas, defended the ordinance as a means of accomplishing "an overriding public interest in the proleclion of youth." The issue, according to legal aulhorilies, is whether MATADOR ROOM .A Dfninf Adcm/urf CLUB SEVILLE Coclttent Di'nfnf Enlrriainmtnt CABARET CO-GO ' Fm vtlht Siv ·ni-im 7 FIUDUAN WAT ANJUIEIM GRAND HOTEL V0B LUNCK OVFH THE-BIUBCE STOP BY PKPPV'S S*rv«J Daily II A.M. to 4 f.M. $125 · UP 584 W. KlaUh St E3F«r RtMnaflm CLIFFHD A. UCXJUKE, Pria. hmulr l UK Suit**: In PIIMII INVITES YOU to the GRAND OPENING of the MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY LOBSTERLAND t SEAFOOD RESTAURANT FEB. 23 ComMIt IIM rt Enttra MTVtd Ml IIH taKk «T limtT. 11 A.M. U H P.M., Ctaud Man IEIR aid WINE COMPTON 6)1-2095 4410 E. ALONDIA ILVD. DINE and DANCE TO THE FABULOUS NEW GAMING RESORT OK'D LAS VEGAS (UPI) -The Nevada' Gaming Control Board recommended Thursday that a. gambling LONG BEACH CIVIC 'LIGHT' OPERA proudly presents the delightful Musical Fantasy FINIAN'S RAINBOW LAST 3 SHOWS! TONHE ft SAL--1:30 P.M. SUN. at 2:30 P.M. DONT.MISS IT! license be granted to a group leaded by Caesars Palace e x e c u t i v e s who want to construct a Disneyland-type resort on the Las : Vegas Strip. The license request must now go before the five-man Nevada Gaming Commission for approval at its Feb. 22 meeting-in CarsomCity WORLD PREMIERE PREMW'SPM BOTH THEATRES L B. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM COHORT HALL (I. 1.50, 2, 2.50. 3, 3.50, 4, 4.50, 5 [HURRY! QET YOUR RESERVED SEATS NOWIJ CALL HE 2-7926 of 518 E. 4th St. · ipoi, ItlfT How Many Times Have You Seen... lustr warren the a/7 NEW m ·«·-- ·- IWH1IUJ NO CUMliU or Tape Hetwdfrs Les Gif'i O^«K S Models For Muff'"l- Entertainment | , Lovers Onfy! t PLUS SPECIAL I ADDED ·FEATURE fALSOFN , FULL COLOR THE OPENALLMNfl OPEN DAILY FROM 12 NOON -«-««,IfeTM.-, IOE S-597arl^LU »-M77pf before conslruclion can begin. Thursday's vote marked the first time that state gaming a g e n c i e s acted upon an application from resort developers for a g a m b l i n g license before construction b e g a n.'- The procedure was made possible through new state laws nacled by the last regular fession of the Nevada legis- ature. The $10-million resort, to ie c a l l e d Circus-Circus, would be partly financed iy two brothers, Art and Jish Kerkorian, and their islcr Rose Pechuls. The hree put up a $1.4-million oan for construction of the Circus-Circus. A third Kerkorian brother, Kirk, is landlord at Cae-' sars Palace, owner of. the ? lamingo Hotel, and also .is developing the $81-million fnternational · Hotel near tie Las Vegas Convention Center. * * * + A TOTAL of $42 million In loans would come from the Bank of Las Vegas and participating, lending institutions. The G a m i n g Control Board put numerous conditions on the gambling license. It would expire next Dec. 31, major casino personnel must meet approval of the state, and lending institutions participating in the loans with'the Bank of Las Vegas also must re- .ceive approval of slate gaming agencies. The. group ' seeking to c o n s t r u e t .the resort is headed by Jay Sarno, an executive at 'Caesars Palace. Samp said he hoped lo have the new hotel, to b« located across the Slrip from the Riviera al Keno Lane, opened by August or September. · SARNO has said Ihe Circus-Circus will have the largest casino in Nevada. Electronic shooting galleries, 'greyhound race 'games, water balloon games, baseball toss, 'wheels of fortune, coin and dart tosses, skeet- ball, age and weight guessers, distortion mirrors and numerous other carnival- type attractions are to be part of the resort facilities. Gamblers in the -casino, will have live, high-wire trapeze acts going on over their heads, said Sarno. He said the resort, expected to coyer 15, acres, will feature 17 dining and drinking ai«as u well u a Bavarian beer hall.. FAMILY STYLE RESTAURANT SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN COMPLETE DINNER 1 7Q DAILY I ·If 4 to 8 p.m. Tncludu: B«v«rag« and Dauart OPEN DAILY 11:30-8:00 P.M. 2921 Palo VercU Av«. (Just So. of Spring, Long Beach) HA 1-1977 Just back Irom his headline USO tour ol Vietnam "Day* Garo U a humbl* coiucitntioui .guy and a ( tremWdous entertainer, who will male* Your eve- ninq a Joyous occasion .. .1 --TEDDTHOMEY ' liiliinil I ll[tl Ilih Ctliiilil, Irtiinfell, fnti'Tilttn* , · COCKTAILS · COMPLETE DINNER FROM $1.65 · CLEAN, COZY ATMOSPHERE · ACRES OF FREE PARKING CLARK CENTER CARRIAGE ROOM ' Al Ihe coiner ol Claik and Alondra ' 9339 E. Alondra, Bellflower For Reservations Call 867-7288 the --"^^TMajan»^^ · to r*eomme«d to ,yo«r frl««di _ ALL YOU CAN EAT 1 SMORGASBORD I \ \ I \ · I DINNER 4:H !« te 9:00 · IhP T Now in LONG BEACH the famous ; BIT OF SWEDEN -i r Smorgasbord ALL YOU CAN EAT-LUNCH t».-3 |JI. $110 EVENINQ DINNER 4:30 to 8 P.M. $175 DINNED SUNDAY to 8 P.M. 11 A.M. A Unique Dining Experience LUNCHEON · DINNER · BANQUETS · SHOPS Enttrttmment Nightly Except ·EMTH aM, TnHHUi. MUMD, P0arr Or LM AH6ILU ITALIAN RESTAURANT THI KIN* ... Of ITALIAN FOOD1 Th» Chef with . . . 20 y*4ri' ·iptrjinc* in tk« 'prvpanliei vf haliin F«ftd. Spvibf I Ittliaflj FriiKk. German, Spaniih and Enfllitn. 3153 ATLANTIC · CANTONESE CUISINE · EXOTIC and TROPICAL DRINKS · FOOD TO GO f747 E. ARTESIA ILVD. MHteww FtoM 9254245 SPECIAL PRIME Rll -- MONDAY NITES ALL YOU CAN EAT _ c*BI«f* cajftrtif urvtefj--kciqwt r**u 2131 E. BROADWAY, LONG BEACH PhoM 434-0587 or 4334031 I CN GT"AI"KG Authentic Gourmet CHINESE FOOD Fine Large Dining Room ' C«mp1*l* Dinrw Silecllon · LuncriMn from 12 N«n -- FOOD TO GO -- 32 E. ANAHEIM. LJ. FhOM 433-3*10 Mcrcbait Lundi TTOM 11:00 iUN. Melody Cove . t Try Our D«liclo«i · CHARBROUfD- STEAK mm Itlla laiHim lim Iraflula] SEAFOODS ARE A HOUSE SPECIALTY COCKTAILS HI »V41H . . . 1*M Sort* F* I Mo. N*. M not* CMM Mr. LET'S ALL MEET AT SIR GEORGE'S; AM. YOU CAN EAT LUNCH . . . $1.2« DINNER.. $1.«5 open DMLY ' 1 D*YI.» HT WliK H»VE YOU TRIED OUJI IPECIAL HOU» DCSUKTlr MklM JtWKT CAKES . uuram iMtfftK ntmi--4H) S T R G K ) K C

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