The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, .JUNK 11, 1946 . BLYTUEVIM.E (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE Til RF.X Six in Arkansas Die in Tragedies Highway Accidents Claim Three Lives; S Watchman Murdered l\y IFnilcil IVcss At lensl six persons (ttert virO;-nU> in Arkansas over llu? Three (tenths were tttlrifout tuitomobtlr tin-idents. one to to It Seems Notion Foces 'Disaster' Regardless of the Fate of OPA By nti:i>i:im'K O. OTJIMAN \cc\)l tor \ls subsidy section. Cllicl Hulled I'rcss St»Jf Correspond rut and Ken disaureod about I Ills, tun, WftSIHNCjTONl Juno 11 (Ul'> ( bul 1 rmiWn't mulei'stund it, even —Two of my favorite people ure-before they explained li.s effects. tuiUli/iition thief Chester Howies The bill is n^iinst subsidies, nil niul sen. Kenneth Wherry, Neb- rii-lil. Blytheville Man To Attend Special Bankers' School Hijijor subject lie '.las ,ilee(ed I" ilucly. lie lihiiis lo ivlui'ii In Die wliiHil 111 t!l!7 ;iiul' III I'.Vi'.'hl:,! • 111 I'.l'iH Mrs. Carllun will :u'r>ini|):iiiy biin, Ben. rclHiblicnn. 1 I'esjieut them both for their hoiu'sty and Uictr inteltl|;ence, but one of tliein is talking tliroUKh lits feiloni. claims the bill before the It'll either save wreck it and it'll for me when I whelher Bowles or with old llermnu Carlton, cashier of Niiliunal Hank, will leave Wednesday fur Kutiiors Universally al New | HrunsiWlrk, N. J., In I'liler the I [CliiuUr.Ue Hchmil ot HunUlni; con-j (he iiiitloii. i>r [dueled .,( IJIUI:>T.S by Ihe Ameii-| ie 11 sorry <!.»' i,. im |);mkeisi Assuciallou, which bus must decide , Rr ,.| )( |,,[ | llln |Ui „ .^indent. Wcatthy Boston Man Slain in His Office Wllilcomb's prlvnie when Mr. Whllcomb went Inside." office nnd, ~ was Ireo, hu President Cancels Trip To Philippines July 4 .Senate today iniiicc-nieal , :md one to diown- ini?. John Wi'sh'y fiplliM's, 'ifi, u«> MI*.* Viola I' Coy no. 27, linLh of 1 jtt k- Rock, wc-iv kilh'ti tustaitily luit- Saturday when their cur .si nick a hvitlf'c uhuUnt'iil 10 iniU\--. West oi West Memphis. I IVilico Chief Hud Hollimcl s.iid Ihoj coujilo was ' driving lo».vui\l 1,111 !i> Jlruk nt liUih speed when Um v-liu-Jp vt'i'!( i d to I hr lull mid raimiu'd ihn bi kij/r. Unth victims \VIMV thrown Irom ilu* ear niul wove -ionti \vhon hrV nirived. A veicnui of font' ypnr:; in Mio .siibmnriiir 1 service, Scllovs is survived by hi.s paront. 1 ;. Mr. nnd Mrs. of the Ol'A will, if mnde l»w. b- ;i iialionul disaster. Wherry say:; if it doesn't become law, disaster Is loo mild a word. Mr. Howies, meet .Sen. Wherry; Ken, shake hands with Cliet. I wish I knew which of these ei'ntlcmrn's ideas me eock-eye;i I'd .sleep belter. So would about HO.GOO.OHO other i>eo)>!c. from President Truman down to the last lady in the butter line. We're E!om<; to bo hearing thousands of hot words almost immediately from Ihe experts on Ixjth sides in the Kenatp. hut I doubt If this will make the rest of us (eel easier. One tiling WP can do is take to l;e A. S. Hellers of Muikosr.-. Okla Mis:; Coyne is survived by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James Cloym- of Little lloek. At Parajiould today p;)l:t:^ :ife hunting', the. hit-and-run drive.' who killid H-yrar-old Clyde Behlon ,lami:;on as he was walking t<,ward' Lafe, Ark.. Saturday ni^h;.. He is the roil of Mr. and Mr.-:. Uflcloil J:uni:-on of near Hooker. Ark Watchman Murdered In LHtle Vlotk. police,\r.ied their search for the per.^«:l who murdered Lawrence Hendell, ni^ht salesouin id an iee ilcpijt, early yesterday. Ilcmlell, 27, died in a Liitle R<iek hospital two hours after 1 lie was found beaten nnconsdous in plant office. A cash drawer liad been rifled of S33. be body was discovered by Little Roek detectives. Rendcll wa.s lyintc in a ]inol of blood on the floor. :,ml rusty, bloicly an^le iron was found t in a ditch 50 feet from the plain. is survived by Ill's wife. three sons and one dauyhter. .John Raymond Cochran. 15, was ,, sl killed by lightning while at wort in <i" 0 a field near his Walnut Hill home Saturday. A companion working nearby, ,L B. Lunch, was shocked Imt not seriously injured. Two mules also were killed. The youth is survived by Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I!. Cochran. nnd four sisters. Four miles West of Malvern. officers found liic body of an unidentified man lying ayaiust the bai\V*. of. the Ouac-hita River. Officers said they believed the body might, be that of Virgil House of Pearey. Ark., who was drowned in the river several weeks ayo. laok n t H. R- 0042. the 1)111 tlisl NOTICE Notice is hereby £iven that the undersigned will within the tune fixed by law apply In the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stat? of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail al M2 W. Ash. Blythevill?, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a eiti/ea of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime j/v/olvin^ mornl turpitude; that no : *Uiinse to sell beer by the imder- "sv;ned has been revoked within five years last past; and that thu. 1 imder- has never Viccn convicted of violating the laws of this K'.ate, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. MRS. C. S. COREY. Subscribed and sworn to before me tills 10 day of June. lU-tfi. Mrs. Marshall Blackard Notary Public. Aly commission expires Mar. 0. 1949. iieeins de.stine<| to make one or the other of my friends look <I liatp to say it) like a dope. It would end exactly three weeks from today all price controls on livestock, meat, poultry. milk, cheese, butter and eggs and whatever is made from these tilings. including custard pies, hamburger sandwiches and ecg-iioK- Bowles -says this would raise om- grocery bill. not by millions, but by billions. Wherry says It would bring to market 10,0X10,000 surplus steers on the ranges, hriug order out of chaos, and lower the price of food. I still am confused. I don't believe these fellows' comments are much help. With yonr permission I'll skip their opinions on the rest of the bill: It would abolish the OPA forever more O n Jun e 30, 1947, but if President Truman thinks some of the price controls should last longer he can tell Congress and recommend whatever federal agencs aside from the OPA he wants to controlling. Clint Anderson, the agriculture secretary, w'ould have to look o v 'er crops and grocery prices every nonth and recommend removal of controls whenever supply meets Icmatul. When he says frog, the bill adds, the OPA must jump. During his final year as OPA administrator, Paul Porter could take his federal price tags off nnythliie he wants, and with congressional blessings, but he wouldn't linve much power to do anything else. If anybody thought he was iie- IIIK stubborn there'd be a new price decontrol board (three members, $12.000 each) to settle the argument summarily. That's what the bill 'says: Summarily. Restaurants could forget the GPA's rules 0:1 any foods taken off controls, meaning, that the price, of filets mignons at the RiU or two scrambled eggs at the Greasy Spoon would be governed by competition and, possibly, by he owner's conscience. Nobody in business would be orccO to cut his traditional pro- Ms by any OPA regulation. That takes care of the bill, ex- Court Rejects Claim \ for Homestead Exemption LITTLE ROCK. .Illne II. (OP)—. The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Monday thatii debtor eammt clahn an exemption u f money Mini, accrued from the voluntary sale ol' his homestead. Tile decision upheld a previous ridintj by the liifdi court. Affirmini; its decision of October, ,194f>, and a Garland Chancery Court verdict, the Supremp fonrt ordered Mr;;. C. T. Drennen to pay $:i.OOO damages to II. A. Whealley. Eotli Mrs. Drennen ami Wheatlf-y arc from Hot Sprluiss. Concludes Training Pfc. Joe Llnlzcnlch or lilythe- vlllo has graduated from the advanced intelligence training iinii Of the Intelligence Division of tin' Cavalry School in Fort Riley. Kan. He served in Europe wilh the 2nd Infantry Division and wears the KTO ribbon wilh three battle stars. Tin- liradiialc Ki'liuol'or Hunkliu!. now eiiti'iine, Us 1211) year, wn» founded by Hie American Hanker? Asnoi'iallon in iri'.if> lo provide advanced graduate sludy,, for bank r.iticers, in nil phases of Blinking, in rcimomics, i;xw, ^overnmen 1 ., and philosophy. Wilh the exeep'.ioii of I hi 1 war year::, some tilK) bank officers ha\'e attended the r.chool each year. This year, th™ (rcslnnan clnss, uhicli Mr. (\irllon Is a memliei' w ill have un cmolaiont of and Ihe tolal enrolment of sclicul will reach 700. 'J'o iiualify for uradnailon, stn dciiK ure required ui alleml (lire siiinnal se.ssions of l\vo weeks eac ;it rduuers University to study 'iii- t'ev a facuUy consi-itins ol' l :t. i i'3» i t'.o\'ei inneui officials, lawyers, and ! collie- profe.S'inrs ^rom all J>:nts cl jibe country. ;\nd lo complete two years nf exteiisimi s'udy at. home. In addition each sfid"nl- is rciiun 1 - tn write a thesis ba.sed <m ori- lUual icseai'ch in s t*ha L ;o of llle IIOSTON, .lime n. lUl'i- William Ai'thur Whilcouib, weiillhy 7:i- >t::r-olil pre Idcnt of the Cireal N^illurn I'aper C'om]);uiy, wa^; 10! to death yesterday in lib; office (lie fmanriul dislvkt by a tranter wlu.k posed as u U. S- icasnry aijent. The UKUiin-ljorn ey.c;Aiayc -- u v.ii ioMally-km.^ n ri^m'c In th.e IIKT Indusliy -was j.hol three | iu. 1 :, :!;• he lost ;", his desk to Bred his visitor. His body was iutind srrawlcd on the floor ol ils prlvnt,- office by M: i!esk. The killer hurried from Ille ol- , floe on the rluhlh tloor of al nt'\(inshire .slnvl biilldlnk- alter tliini 1 . Hie shots as hoirUlcd eiu- liloycs lound \vhttcomb's body. Miss .Sally Whlilam. the vicllm's si'cii'tary. (old police it was the M'cond visit the slayer had made there within five days. She suld he first ciune last 'Ihmsdny, identified himself us "Mr. Norman, from Ihe Treasury IJi'pai tmeiit." bill it-it without seebu: Whitcotub, who wns out al ilic iiini-. "Tlie man came iijjaln this mnruiiiM," Miss Whillam said. "He look a chair Just mil side Mr WASHINGTON. June 11. (IIPI- I'li'sldenl Truiniin yeslerduy enu- ci'llcd plans for a visit to the Philippine islands on July I. ilu< d;.y the Islands become ludepeud- cnt. 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