The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 8
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i»AGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 19-15 Army Cage Stars Play Benefit Game Tonight BAAF To Meet Ferry Command DOPE BUCKET • Outs|onding; Contest. in:"PfoipecY Tonight • At High School Gym 'Blytlievllle Vpi'plJle'ttiji' liavc "rm opportunity tonight to contribute to the Infantile Paralysis fiind and to sec outstanding basketball' players ol the Army. perform In the benefit game at the high school gymnasium. " " . ...... The Fourth Ferry .Command team of Memphis will meet a mixed team from Blylhevlll? Army Air Field In a cnme, beBimiing at 8 o'clock, which Is expected to attract an overflowing crowd. The two leading scorers on the local learn are- Myers nnd Llnsky, bolh frpm-the enlisted men's team, whose records' stand rhigh In •Mid- South competition.; ..... -Myers hns>riin up 202 points tills season nnd Llnsky, 82. ' Lcidiifg" scorer" among ' oiTlcci players'is McGviffcy? with 82 points Enlisted men ot the liasc here have won 12 and lost but one game this season and the' .officers' lean has won three and lost six game with best players from those team to perform. " 'An added attraction will be th tumbling and hand balancing act. lo be presented between halves by Lieutenant Cling, Stall Sergt, Chris Belkas and SlalT Sergl. John Fill, all of the local field. , . . • The game is being arranged' by the BlytheviHe Junior* .Chamlwr of Commerce, .sponsors'. of the, drive In Mississippi County this year, with Roland Bishop 1 ' chairman of -the committee for .this event. Bi J. I'. FRIKNIt DOUHI.K WINNKUS One of Hie most worthwhile of a' 1 clinrllnble organizations 'flnuiits '•<• beckoning fiiiRcr tonight. I mean, of course, ilie Infantile Paralysis campaign. ... In the niddle of their most vigorous drives luce the season opened,- the Junor Chamber of Commerce offers omclhlng extrn special lor t!iu con- rib u tors to warming appeal. . dynamic-, heart And (he cus omcr will be Ihe double winner it le accepts the call. In Ihc first place, Hint Imnch of live wire Jnycccs has (U'raiise-d for one of Ihc most (emiitliiK i-iuc pro grams ever singed hero Lo swell this fund. thcvlllc Army All- lure . The Uly- Flelrt nomfoi'i-s, enlisted men's quintet, will clash with the Fourth Ferry Command of Memphis at the local hiuli schoo gymnasium. . . . That's a majoi toskellmll altracllon "in any man 1 league. II smacks of n thrill- Gri$p To Resume Coaching Duties At 'Bama Soon TUSCALOOSA.'Ala,, Jan. 25. (UP) —University of Alabama athlellc officials have- announced that Hcnr> G. "Haiiic"-Crisp, former asslslan coach' at '• the Institution, will re sume .'. his • position in Tuscaloosa within u few days Crisp hss been on sx twn-yenr military., leave of absence, during which time-he 1ms .served,as head civilian trainer at-the Athens, Ga., Naval :Pre flight School. ing bailie between two of the outstanding service (cams In tills area a battle that should puck more lire works Into the -10 minutes of Ins piny limn Iras ever been displays on the floor of Ihe gymnasium hero BOAST STAItS 'studded' with oulstniitlim; from colleges, universities nnd pre schools nil over these United State, hesc 'crack teams should gives ;rand show more than worthy o .he srmtll tulmlssloiij fee. . . . Th contest ought to rival the cxcltii s|)ectnclc of lust year about th time when the Filers (officers) dropped n Ihrllllns, close scrnp to (lie Maiden quint in ;i benefit gnmc. ... It will be bis-time basketball, ... II will be inaynifl- cenl, . . .It will be colossal. Then, too, Just think how mncu potential good your admission pi-Icn will be doing while you nrc fcnst- KC, Al'O 72, </,, PM. TriS£p) . • id I have an Iden from .what I card of Private Sccoy that his •c.scnce with Ihc rest of tlic flghl- ig American doughboys Jast like im bodes, no good '<"" " 10 Sons ol ciiven. . . . Tom Is a member of »; Slli Fighter Group, which Is plcal. lie would get into MacPhail Won't Be Sports Head Former Dodger Boss- Says There's No Need For Co-Ordinator lly TJiiltert 1'ress With a iwllle "No thanks" /Col i Larry MacPhail has brushed aside 1 all suspicions thai lie will be Hie new sporls coordinator, MncPhall, the red-headed inonej maker wlio brought joy nnd a Na tional League pcnnnul to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 19-11, says he Just n outlit with fighting attached to . . . And, like Ihc oilier Amer- iins on the Philippines, so far way froih home, he isn't so hep ver the island. ... "I never saw u much rain or so many children n one place In all my life", he ipllll'S. itiOAUjS tJNiQUi: ri,AV Max easily recalled ninny Inler- stlng incidences during Tom's prep ays. . . . One lhat stands out Isn't intcrcslcd. Replacement Ing your six>rt.sllfc. . You even may snve a life, ov n limb or sonic child or adult. Certainly 11 Is a . So why nol iil- Ycs, why not??? Racing Association Otters Its Services WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (UP) — The Thoroughbred Racing Association 'of America has ottered Its service, in any capacity, to help the war effort. yesterday Harry Pan the president of the TRAj paid a visit' lo War :'Mobilization Director James Byrnes to say that his association wished to "help In any way it could. Byrnes is the same official who wai. forced to deliver a knockout, blow' to; the: TRA .recently when he clamped a nation-wide,' ban on unfortunate Who knows? worthy cause. tend. TOUGH OS JAI'S Back in the late 'ads lilyllieviUo High School boasted one of its greatest nllileles in history. ... I refer to Tom Sccoy. . . . Small viry, Tom made up for much of his ibyslcnl shortcomings with tremendous speed and ruggcdncss, plus fighting heart thai knew no bounds He was a fighter, every inch Recently a move was started in Ihc professional spoiling world 10 have a sport 1 ; coordinator named in Washington. The idea was lliat such a could do more for sports as a whole than any Individual. His office would be the nalion's capital where he could discuss freely the various problems lhat, dally confront government officials and various sport loops. In other words the proposed sport coordinator would he Ihe "middle man" between Ihe government, and the sporting world. MacPhail, who gels an Army release early next month, has been the "silent figure" whom everyone louglit wotilrt be named 16 the pro- oscd Job of sports coordinator. But the ex-Dodger boss says no, .it definitely. In fact, MacPhail doesn't, think sports coordinator would help one It. Says MacPliall, "The best cure or troubles In the sport world is ime. I don't think It will be long •fore current problems straighten themselves out, (hat goes for base- jail, football and anything else." The energetic red head adds that he wants no part of a job lhat confines a man lo parking his feet on a desk and looking wise. And now that Ihc sports coordinator rumor on MacPhail has fl/.- ulcd. (lie boys arc trying to dig up a new one for Larry, Last summer MacPhai) nnd Dan Topping, owner of the Brooklyn Tiger football dub, Irlod to buy Hie New York Yankees. The deal backfired but since thei Topping lias run Into iroublc as '.o where he will fiel<| his gridmen after 19411. The Dodgers' baseball front office, which leases Ebbets Field to Topping, says It Intends to invade the green pastures of professional football, next year, In 1946. It's no secret that Topping already Is looking for a new stadium lie Civil .ion. Aeronnullcs Admlnlstra- I in which lo plant his Tigers. Mac- Pliail, continually on the sporls move, may join in the search. Recent clear weather has brought i revival of interest in the air sport at Blyllicvlllc. Many have been tak- ng advantage of good (lying weather lo log more hours and there has been some cross-country flying. Godfrey White and son John returned yesterday from Little Rock| In their Luscombe. James Crisp and his passenger Aaron, Jackson flew here from Trenton, Tenn., yesterday .and Instructor J. B. Hosteller of Jonesboro landed here in his Acronlca with a student. E. N. Porter 'al Jonestaorp, piloting a Cub, was!a-visitor. Also signing Ihe airport,' "register" was W. E. Huso, 3vaiisvillc, I ml., em-out* lo Mcin- )his in a Luscombe. * • * A number of young women have [earned to fly In recent mo nil is at Uic Blylheville airport. Yesterday another one put the first entry in her student's log Ixiok. She is Mrs. Belly Premiss, wile of Flight Officer Ralph Prenliss of Blylheville Army Air Field. Her husband nevci loses an opportunity to fly, be it piper Cub or twin-engine bomber and Mrs. Prentiss shares his en- Ihuslasm. but it didn't take long for him lo get his bearings. Mr. Anderson doesn't look 71, and no wonder. All of his people live lo be real old. Why, his grandpa back In Texas lived to be 113. Some others In his family lived to be more than 100. • » « What's Ihe celling for an Arkansas crow? G. 13, Wood Jr. u'ould like lo know, having encountered a big night, of them yesterday afternoon at MOO feet. Needless to say. lie' quickly pulled his new Lnscombc higher. Crows and'propellers don't mix. D. G. Hindman, pastor of Yarbro ] Methodist Church. 'LOGGED. NOSE?,. B Feel stuffy? 2 drops in ?acli liOElril, help you brontho freer. Caution: . Usoonly nadirccted.Get I PENETRO NOSE DROPS * From Blythci'illc Airport Parr sajs, 'however, lli'at uo'^dls- cussioh"wasf held' In ; regard to a reopening of-the tracks. The Los Angeles general hospital, said to be the largest' in the world, has staff and patients total- Ing- 3000. ol his five and a half Sect—lucking an Inch and n half. . . . Despite his size Tom played a great game of football. . . . lie showed his heels in the chislic.s and veiny. ... He was terrific. In bolh sports, lot to neglect mentioning n Vmnrty jinlr of dukes which needed little [irompllng before going into action. In contrast to his small statue Tom was n mental giant, finlshlii': with honors at Ihc University of Arkansas and gelling in some pos graduate work nl ihc University of Illinois', :, 'WHITES FK<JM LKYTF. Max Logan, who played on Iho same grlrt team with Tom nmi competed in (rack at Ihc same lime, Ihls week received a letter from Tom. ... He was on Leyte when the missile was penned (Hq.Sq. ke a sore thumb, happened al onesboro (luring; a football slrug- le between Ihc Chicks of 1928 and he Jonc.sboro Golden Hurricane. . . On a kickoff the pigskin .oiinded off the chest of a Hurrl- aneer.i'ighl into the arms of the lying tribal halfback, who conlln- iccl on over Ihe goal line. Tom's older brother, Houston, vho also is well known here, chose i different branch of Ihe service a which to do his bit. ... And le has done pretty well so far, If he rank of lieutenant (j.g.) is any ndicaiion, or the fact that he was selected ns an instructor and., sent .0 Mlllliigton • (Tennessee),. . . Houston also was n little fellow. . In fact, he missed an apixmil- mcnt lo (he Naval Academy at Annapolis by a .mere half inch. . . . Now he finds himself n Navy man —several years later. Those gadgets Harold Sudnury i carrying around in his pockets Ihese days arc awaiting installation 01 the radio of his Aeronica. He ha been practicing instrument llyin tliis week with particular alien lion lo the beams. "I can see wher this could come'in handy," he says Yarbro News The Rev. S. B. Wilfovd, pastor of .rsl Methodist church : in lilythe- lle, will preach at the Yarbro Methodist Church Sunday after- oon, 3 o'clock. The entire community is invited o hear ihc Rev. Mr. Wilford, it as announced today by the Rev. MftNYNEVER ~ SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy .Relief Many Bufferera relieve hipK'"« b.ickacho quickly, onco tliey discover that the causa cf tlicir trouble uiay l)o tired kidneys. Two more Osceola men have enrolled us students under Instructor Johnny Fields. They are W. V. 'Lefty" Alexander and D. S. Crane, both of whom are getting the feel of the controls In early lessons preparatory to going into the -more intricate phases ol Hying. Afler a few hours of dual control flying they will be ready for the hig moment, when they lake off, circle the field and land in their lirst solo nights. Probably Mr. Alexander and Mr. Crane are getting ready for the day when they and other South Mississippi County air enthusiasts can enjoy the proposed Osceola airport which recently was authorized by "Doggone little old hangar looke like a shoe box sittin' down there \V. L. Anderson, fl-ycnr-old airpo caretaker said yesterday after h first ride in an airplane. He liked fine, he said. Wasn't nervous a b Only thing that worried htm wi getting lost every once in a while .re, Nature's chief way o[ tak- ' \V!l3l«olltoI tiicblocal. 'J tic {cidric; '!' ti ey help most I>wjile pass ab'nj t :J pi ills n day. \Uie[i disorder of kidney (unction pennila I>oisonoii3 madcr to remain in your WuoU, it may CAUED naiisirii; liAtkachc, tlieuTuaUc liaiils, let! pains, lo?3 of liop ami energy, ECt- tirit; up m^lits, GivclliiiK. tmR'uiesa utiitcr llio eyes, fie.-ulaclies and dizzineia. 1'rwincnt or scanty p^saRCa with BiiuititiK anil hununK fiOinctLlnc-3 shows iherc ia soiuclti'uie \vrou« \vitll your kidneys or lihddcr. Don't \v:iitL Ask vour <truci;i3t fr>r Ooan's Pills, u=r<l auccca?iutly liy Jnilliona fnr over 10 years. Tiicy KivuJiappy relief ntul will help tho In tnilea of kidney tuhtt flvL^b out noisotioua vsiutc (row your Lloixl. O'et Uuana Tills, rHE/VDHCHE- CapuJlno quickly relieves Hondncl: 411 cl suotlics the resulting nerve tension. Acts fust because It's liquid, USD only as directed. At all druggists. 101. f 30c, CQc sizes. Although his slc'ccl was n lingc transport [)!unc, Field Marsha Sir Henry Maltlaud Wilsoi dbovc, carries o riding crop a ho arrives In Washington serve as Brilish Army repre- senlalivc on the Allied Combined Chiefs of Slafl. He replaces Ihe lale Field Marshal Sir John Dill, INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL A/VV SpS*?4Ss N^WVVV'VVX FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER . AJ.L SIZES' ,..',• '. ; . Clicaiicr Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. rimnc 691 Osceola, Ark. Don't let winter mud bog down food production! Feed Your Chicks Easier, More Profitalsfy INTERNATIONAL STARTER AND Gi; (ALL MASH] Feed your cfiicks Community Starter and Grower and eliminate the necessity of a Growing Mash. International Community is both a Starting Mash AND a Growing Mash. This ALL-MASH Chick Ration will »avs you money and increase your profits. Fortified with "Woof"—tho scientific mineral and vitamin combination available only in International Feeds, Community is the feed to start your chicks on -and keep them growing for tho ficst 5 months. Ask your dealer for International Community Starter 4nd Grower today. BUY INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY STARTER and GRQWffi At Your Dealer's RECA VULCAN5Z All Recapping Strictly In Any Si'/.e P-- )K Guavanlecd. Quick service, issengcr Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE! SERVICE STATION 12 Years At Main ci Lake Street Call 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service; LARKIN R1TZI THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Btaril at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Gnena 1 Show Start* 1:15 Now is tho time to get ready for winter and spring ty buildinga concrete pavement in your barnyard or feed lot. Such work caunot bo done when the groimd is deep in mud. Planned and built now, it will begin nt onco to lielp you save feed and manure, reduce hbor, increase.beef, pork and dairy produclion. No reinforcing sleet heeded. Just sonio cement, sand, and gtavcl or crushed stone. If you need help, get in touch with your concrete contractor or building material dealer. As part of its vrarlimo service to farmers, this Association will gladly tend free insliuclionsonhowto build concrete farm pavements without tho use of reinforcing steel. lust paste coupon on penny postcard. EMERGENCY! The Navy Dept. has called 1 upon Arkansas people to construct the most important United States . . . NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT Thursday and Friday "HOLD BACK THE DAWN" willi Charles Bnycr, Paillette GoflJ ciarll, Olivia DeHavilaiul PARAMOUNT NEWS £ COAIEO'.I AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and very essential weapon of World War 2 ... CHICKASAWI West Main Near 31st SI. Sal. slarls 1Z:-!S; Sun. starts 1:451 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and San. "ROC TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! 'Last Time Today Double Feature "LUCKY JORDAN" with .. i Alan I.-.uld . : anil ,^;,' "SWEATER GIRL" wilb '. lid die Bracken Friday ai^d Saturday Double Feature "ROARING FRONTIERS',] witli ' Hill Kllioll I PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 907 SynditolcTruil BWj.,SI. lou!l 1, Mo. -1 on Interested,!!! p»Tioe ray feed lot or I barnjlcd before winter. Fleiso lend free I instructions for building concrete paretneat I orciognc . , j Slrtel or R. fi. A'o ' | I Cily. Stair j a me.. Surprise them 'ivith a new STYLE-MART, the »uit that will "do something" for you... every time you wear ??, Enjoy the distinctive styling of the famous de Marco, whose skillful designing gives STYLE- MART that extra "something" that you ordinarily find only in expensive custom clothing... Enjoy the satisfaction that only quality materials can give,.. exclusive all-wool patterns that look just right on YOU. Tsmt-MART meant fttmivm fialum WIFHOUr | I o ptemium prl«. Como In to<foy-«» YOURSEtF 1 |jn lh» »uil Ihol will "it mmelhing" fo' yov-J R. D. Hughes & (o. Enroll NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB <Tirae and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS and 'COUNTER ESPlONAGll with en William Serial "The Ital Comedy New Theateil Manila's Finest Vhal have you done today "ill ome mother's son should die t<\ ou tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— II yon irs now engaged to in •nentlal tcllvltr at yont blghett tUD, to nol spply. Men under 21 must have minor release form siRHCd by parent which can bo obtained at Kmploj mcnl Office. ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! Last Time Today "LAURA" i Gene Ticrnej- and Dana; Andrews Fox News & Sliorl Friday 'BADIE WAS A LADY'I wllh Ann Miller Serial & Sliorl

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