The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 8
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RLYTHfiVIU,!.;. (AUK.) COUKJKll NRWS Is knov.n here as "sclf-crlllcLsm."| Hie v,;iole membership arc actual nils nmomi'.s to tJic right—evon (tip I manual workers and [heir iwrcent- duty—of everyone to call attcnltonlngp is being dpllbcintely enlarged, lo mistake.?, dkhcnrsty, Intflicicr.-j The new Ingredient. Is drawn cy. Ti'ns_or millions do nnku use rrom the innks of worker cnWiusl- nst!> v.lio lack the love of debate nr.d Ihi 1 (I'lidericy to spin theories which characterized tlie tntcllrclu- Psvly, Not People, Real Ruler of Nation; Self Government Unknown. jol (Ills right. i !ii cue Efiwe M'lf-crlllclsm Is an 'cncrmrjiis piety of hypocrisy, tjrlng .limited strictly lo criticism of (ii'-inYs. 'lliclis is the creed of action, tall i.itlu-v Ilian CundainuitaLs. In j The pnrly Is becoming every day (.:!>«• ucros. everybody m:iy crltl- |-.tremor tjul less resilient: a perfect ciz: to llielr hoails' content how a lustruir.ei:: for leaders who know particular fuclsry is belni; built or exiiclly w!:crc they want lo ao and epc-rnt«l. fcov: a loivor cfrielal nils-jricecl no tuivlce from their followers tetovos bill ciny '.hose ffcKiiii! vu-1 TOMOKUOW: Seventeen, year, of ca'.loiv- in the frozen Ncrl)i will! cnlu-llv thi: Five-Year clan ns|. jsucii or even Us ralo of speed. i nut. pn:ulci!lly scl f-cridels-ii' BY EUGENE LYONS . fm;s !ls 1mr(}0 j e |,, B [ vln ,_, .. AA[ . KniUd Press Staff Ccm-spondr-nt ! llcnj i m |||i m is n reuse of e'.o-,-, MOSCOW. March 2. (Ul'i-The! I1CT KOrml con'.rol over the nlfuhs o! real ruler of the Soviet Union h the state. It is a. iru>'. ii«eli!l i!iu-1 the Coniimmist 1'arty. Tin: i:.'!iclit ..j;:,, na-ic v.ii; Mi-.-ik ulf-h.ind-' government Is little more t'.iaii rn ' f; jiy ,>; tho C'j.'iumuit.-a IM'lv Instrument of the party. The wh:!-; R omnnn-nt by a Email group'may elaborate system of Sovl'ts—n; ,bo coriTOt Hut th<v .1: election is going on at this wrHiiV ' no WLY. of the elaborate mnchlni 1 :} 1 —Is little more than « f-ho-jl of | which kocj:s governors mid guv-' polltleal cdueatioii for a people | mice! so cli&ply linked In ]>rac:i- which hitherto never governed i! day-lo-tiay disks that '.re KM;;self. iij.s nil t!n> impaiis of a ma;;. Tire mass of Russians know lltli.! jirnr.vmBJi!. and care less about, tile form;. •'! Less Mrxllile self-rule. The country 5m ps.r-i-| The rnvly lias uecpine \KX firxi- enced freedom of press for <•!>•;• p ! bh under pressure of the Bruit;: single year in all its centuries i:' ; exertions of llivrp years. T.-i-r; history. Their concern h«s al.viv! \ r , lr.=.^ of the Interim! demccrai". teen with the deeds of tl:rir eov- j fnr wliieri Trulsky clamnrc:!. K.-ju: 1 eminent rather than its p^-soiine). jor five nvo Interim] .strin^lcs or its methods of wleldlni; prwor. ! were still bf<.'.<% foi.yhl out in tin- When the Russian armies In 1917 j public llslit airl in the party cells t war tnjdecl to kill kiiulm-m. MONDAY, MAKCII '•>, 10:11 Pennsylvania's Pear Tree Bears 10 Varieties SAVHE. Pa.. (Ul'J — Frank K. Dill, Athens, near here, .oilers as Ills contribution to ho'rttciiltmal wondeis a pear tree thai ben::, t™ different vnttetics of the IUM-LOUS fruit. Dill smiled nlr,e cthc-r yawlcs on the branches oi a Kiefftr pi'ar i Wedthy Residanls Seek to Save Deei AUGUSTA. slderable blue blood was in dan7< of being spilled. The island, containing !n"v? th? 100 stniaie inlli;b of Er.-inite itr and virjjln forest, teems with d;c -\talne plans (o trap some of lY. [|]n fjorpetual closed season on deer on M'.unt Desert Island. .... . The reeky, heavily timbered 1s- irpt 1 . !:ic.l year the tree bore nine land, affords .excellent deer hunl- dlfft-rent kinds of pears; this year ins hut summer residents claim lie expscts the tenth type pear. M«. (UP)—John U. :kcf?iler, Jr., r.nd Edsel Ford among wealthy residents of animals am! release them in cithc • Harbor who have petitioned|Sectlon» of the state. Maine Legislature to declare a to ap- las'. Mason's hunters Mazed away everything that moved and con- Meterologlsta calculate ths: 44 COO thunder storms occur daily"" the whole world, unrl that an avcr- ege of'100 lightning bolts Has!: through Uie earth's atmosphere every second. Cat Starves to Death Grieving Over NEWMAN, 111, (UP)—Devotion of animals toward humans Is not restricted to dogs and horses, as a recent incident in which a cat died of grief because of the death of Us mistress, disclosed. "Andy," a large. Persian cat. was so devoted to an elderly woman that it followed her wherever she went, When her mistress died recently. "Andy" grieved, refiised to eat aiu i was removed to another home. Hi walked from room to room, fve- quently jumping on the beJs, se.m- » m « c!>ch new r »«e. searchin? l his mistress, but he continu r f fuse ,, to rat and flna "V slarvatlon ' , .- rchin? lm ntinued <m V "ic.l,W must of that is past. The party colls have been llmllert to the same sort of self riltlclsm ns the rest of the decided that the war was over, for them they "voted with their feel." as Lenin put it, by rpliu; lioni" „ When the peasants disagreed with 1 country. Thy basic policies nirl the system of mijltary communism {questions of personnel me d?eld?:' above l«forc knows quite they, "voted" In Uie most fashion by withholding bread frmn the cities. Confidence In Kremlin It is through action, or merely through passive resistance, that Russians express their viewpoint —they have acquired these tactic 1 . in centuries of oppression. The nv- the rank niul ii: what Is h»p;>t:mi:. Criticism beyond narrow limits brings almost instant expulsion. It, Is of the utmost significance thnt "real proletarians." lucruUcd from the factory work-benches, nrc replacing the Intellectual'; In the parly, The pnrty which made the dor with which the livcsl port'.sn revolution In November 1917 of the workers arc pushing <he Fivr>- Year Plan Is a more definite ve'.f of confidence hi the Kremlin thnn any ballol could be In Russia. Tl>: fuel that some 25 per csnt of i\:-. \ peasantry not only entered but remain in the collective farms is another such vote. The party Is supreme, with tremendous military forces, the G. P. U., concentrated economic control and all channels of opinion in . its' absolute power. But Its chief strength lies In the capacity to win confidence and co-operation from the masses. The Communists do mt seek mandates from the pDoph. They decide what Is bes! tor the people and educate them—that is. propagandize (htm—to the point of supporling and even demanding those very things. • The party regards itself as th» expression rn an organized flghUvt:< form of the "dictatorship of the proletariat.'' "Tho PO77CY belongs to the proletariat," it 'dedans hi effect, "only we hold It in rtuct." Amateur Opinion No self-respecting trustee will guided by t>ie amateur opinion of the widow to whom the money belongs; Ire will use his own ex per. Judgment hi Investing it. The Communist Party likewise uses its own judgment, btit it always convince the widow of its wisdom—with pros 1 ., radio, schools, everything in its control this is relatively simple. The party counts nearly S.OW- 003 members anrl ccmtiitalrs, lie latter being Communnls still on probation. To iiil? num- • brr we may add the Pommiinkt Touth Auxilbry, 3,000,(KKI boys betwetn !7 arid !4. The™ 5.000,000 obvioosly have a direct share in the jrovcrmr.Er.t of thtlr conntrj-. Respite constantly more rigid political dictation' from above, the -views of th?s= 5,000,000 do percolate to the lop and Influcnco action. Tne party, however, has beon wise enough to draw Additional millions into direct participation: not in framing policies but hi putting them into life. The manual laborers and to some extent the lest o! the working class has a direct stake In the success oi the Kremlin. No effort Is spared to keep them <•?:> stantly conscious of this fact. TV 7.000.000 farmers—a total of some 25,000,000 people—who are in collectives have a similar stake. Thsn there arc millions in ."shock brigades." "enthusiast circle;." social work of a hundred kinds. Finally the trade-unions with their 11.000.000 members provide an adcition.i'. contact point. Direct Participants These millions iherefore fee! themselves direct participants H the 'Soviet enterprise without iKit: ccratlc Ideas to bother them. Thcv feel themselves an intimate daily part of the work of their government. More so than the democratic voter who casts his ballot once •. a year and forgets. This feeling is fortified by r.-hr. 1 predominantly Intc-llculiuil. Its outstanding lenders were almost nil lu- lelk'Ctimls. Now men of proletarian origin—Stalin. Voroshllov. Kuguno- vlieh, etc.—dominate the scuno and •he pcncral membership Is 70 per cent working class; SO per cent of HOME THEATRE Last Time Today There's Absolutely No Sense To Jt! The most nonsensical, jnckussicsl picture ever made. "SEE •&1CA Acirn.—iMiilince & Night— 10 imtl 2Gc. PiITZ THEATER Last Tims Today "\ou Can't Escape!" The CAMELS j are coming. Wanted Light; Got Darkness ; WESTPORT, Conn. (UP)— "W.iat ' this tosvn needs is more lights," thundered First Selectman King Mansfield at the monthly business meeting of the town fathers. At that moment a fuse blew out and plunged the tovra hall into darkness. This i., the Camt-1 package in tcliich a significant . elutngo hat rectu t If been madt REWARD 1 - i for the best answers to this questions • What significant change has recently been made in the wrapping of the CAMEL package containing 20 cigarettes and what are its ad vantages to the smoker? A t:io ccr.«ai!onai li i t E—"Dell's Holiday." ph.rr"—and NOW PHI LIB PS HOLMES Your mesfage Courier News Ad Taker will be transmitted to n.OCO readers. Call 306. Wednesday Night Tmme ia the Camel Hour on X. B. C. Xetirorit 9.30 lo 10.30 8.30 to 9.30 7.30 to 8.30 C.30 tu 7.30 . . Eastern Time . . Ccnlml Timo . Mountain Time . . VacificTimo OerrSfmllnnt A. wnz,\TIIAM, K., VCMl, KW.TLW.WUVA.WSJS.KWK • WFIA, \S'1OU, 11.15 to 12.15 10.15 to 11.15 9.15 to 10.15 8.15 lo 9.1S . Eastern Tinio . Central Timo Mountain Timo . . Pacific Time Orrr Slalloni wn.\s»,*SM.wsn, WMC, TArr, wjnx, ^SMD, KT1IS. »TMJ, KSTr. It.ttC, f KY. wn\r. Knir, WO.M, KOA. KSI., KTAR.KtO.KKCA.KVSll.KGW.KOMO, KHy.Kr.Mi. First Prize, $25,OOO Second Prize, 81O.OOO Third Prize, $ For tlie five next Lost answers. ^1,OOO each For the five next best answers . $500 each For Ihe 25 next best answers . glOOeach Conditions Governing Contests 1 Answers limited to 200 words. 2 Write on one side of the paper only. 3 No entries accepted that bear a postmark later than midnight, March 4,1931. 4 Contest open to everybody except employes and executives of 11. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and their families. 5 111 case of tics, the full amount of award will be paid to each of the tying parties. 6 It is not necessary to buy a package of Camel cigarettes in order to compete. Any store that sells cigarettes will permit you to examine the Camel package containing 20 cigarettes. Alt communication* mtut be addretted to ton«e«i EdlCur— R. J. KEYNOLDS TOUACCO COMPANY, rinston-S«l«m, X. C, Judges: • CHARLES DANA CTOSON Famous Illustrator and Publisher of "Life" • ROY W. HOWARD Chairman of the Board, Scrlpps Hoicard Nettspapers • RAY LONG President, International blagazino Company, and Editor of "Cosmopolitan" • AND STAFF Contest open only until MIDNIGHT, MARCH 4, 1931 (Winners will be announced as soon as possible after contest closes)

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