The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE,. (ARK.) COURIER NEW* WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER _ 4, HOI 11i" EVERYTHING • BY Clyde HU14J IiVEjJ^-1 i LJ.JI v> 7 -7 First And Second Place Results In Main Division Are Announced ' First, and second place lesults of ' the'main poultry dl\lslon In Hie recent Mississippi County Fall follow; ' , White Rocks; Best old pen—B E. Hesslc, Bljlheillle; Nannie Mae HeESie. Route Tv>o, Dl>lli6Mle While Recks: Best Cock-B E Bessie, Blytiieville, E S KiuU Route One, Blytheville White Rocks 1 Cockeiel—!) L Adkisson, Huffman, Willie May Aklns, , White Rpeks: Best )ien-B. E Hesslc; Mrs Anna Smith Bljtlie- Whlle Rocks. Best pullet—Willie Mae Aklns; Douglas Wilson, Route Two, Blytheville Baried Rocks Best Young pen- Mrs, Marvin Lane, Bl>the\lllc, No entry. Bailed Rocks Best pullet—Mis A B Dean, Route T\\o, BI>lhe\n!e, Mrs. A 8 Dean Bdired Hocks Best lien-Mis A S Pean; Mr*. A. S. Dean Rhode Island Red: Best souni pen-Mrs W L Smith, Armorel Rhode Island Red Best cockerel —Mrs W L Smith; No other en While W>andotte- Best pullet- Mrs R A Copeland, Bhlhcvllle Mis R. A. Copeland White Wyandotte Best hen — Mrs R A Copeland, Mrs A . Smith, Bljthevlllc White Wyandotte Best cockerel . —Mrs G F Scrape, Route 1«0, BhthevlUe, No othei entries Best Cock—Mrs O F Scrape, Route Two, Blytheville, No other entries Bun Oipingtoir Old pen-Chile Lutes, Route Two, Blytheville, No entrj Buft Orpington Best young pen —Jake Allos, Blythc\llle, No other "JLet's have anolhcr election—HV my turn lo be prcsi- l :; • deal." New Yorkers In War of Words as They Second Guess War .Strategists our acting husbands and wives, 0 are about to embark on a tour tho provinces. This Is motivated rtly by a desire lo reach as wide audience as possible and again the knowledge that the hoilzcn lined with gold for (ho troupe at can reach II. ' THEM I'KNMANSJIir E SHAU, KNOW TIIKM 1 fell Into a philosophical ex- nnge the ether night with a lady ndwrltlng expert. By the curve of heir penmanship, she Insist, peo- c give themselves away and re al llielv innennosl secrcls. . the handwriting ^expert's name Helena Carroll. Here Is one of ier dlclums. based upon the two three R's which she closely ,udlb.s. The 'llUhihetlc Is not with- n her ken, for she has trouble even omputliiB Ihc accuracy of a lunch- on check. "A woman's writing," .she fays, usually Is small and compact — nd lhal Indicates a secretive mind. knew that men will neither like lor believe this, biit you will notice hat women talk move Ihai'i men ind they can talk all mound a sub- cct without, telling anything 1 they don't want to reveal." And she referred me lo all Ihc spy stories, whore it ' Is always the man who "lolls all" to a woman never (lie other-way around. By a pcnell-slrcke shall we men be vanquished.' •'•'-t'-I Funeral Rites .Held For Roseland Infant Jackie Lee T.cwis, IS-monlhs-old | sen of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Lewis of Roseliind, died yesterday at the Memphis Baptist hospital after .n two weeks illness. He was an only Home FURNISHINGS Modetaiely Priced Buy your requirements now --Prices may go higher Fine Values In Bedroom Suites 3 piece poster bed C suite, triple mirror ' vanity Dy GKOUGE IIOSS llllca! . mmiouvcrlns or military t "^; jcm) services were held this NEW YORK, Oct. 4.—Every man tactics. moinhiB at the residence NEW 108K. _ oxperti scems lo ^ , rony ^^ very j smart ^J^nderllj;^ at was. .In .,, »n,,o™i o«ff< i Infallible system. He sizes up me Mr. ami Mrs. J. w.* O ten lh discussion leads to, a probable nationality of the cmto- spcnl Sunday at Clear WnvM* bafand U«. J.rt.fa.-.h". £ =,;"" kCShlS <ICClSl01 ' S "V^TT^e^eVS entry Bufl Orpington Best pullet — Cljde Lutes, Clyde Lutes Buff Orpington: Best hen—Cljdc uU$, Clyde Lutes, Sweepstakes winners In the poultry division lollow- Best old pen-Mis Cljde Lutes Best voang pen — Mis W L Smith Best cock—Mrs D E Ucalc Be=t hen—Mrs W L Smith Best ccckerel-Mrs W L Smitl Best pullet—Willie Mac Akins Best pair banloms—Ray Bro\M BljlhevUle a snatch of con- England should have sent planes to ' er«atlon m wnlch some one is Poland ov whether Hitler should, ^ond guess,,, tho Allied or Ger- havedcne lh,, that. Tony £.« 3 [sc. Modem ;(|imre mirror one ilrnwei' vanity, . 1 drawer clicsl. These ;irc regular 525.75 suites, but for immediate delivery wo will sell a few" suites ut this price. , Yarbro News; •.,=- : Mr. ami Mrs. J. W. Stnllings come c:urts 'of last resort, for ar guments based on European • po- Sunday to attend the funeral of a friend. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cock of Walnut nidge, Ark., visited their son, Jack baiigdon-and Mrs. Langdon, over Ihe week-end Mrs. Toimnle Tlplon and daughter -spent live week-end in New . . , V. Robinson returned Sunday from a four weeks vacation in Minnesota and .Branson, Mo. . , . . cordingly. - •;.; ' I Mrs. H. If. Burnett left Sunday Usually he ends with ii pica fcr f 0r Morganton. N. C., lo'be-wllri strict neutrality and -a suggestion ) 1CV mother, who is seriously 111.. that the ' patrons try his "Keep Miss Lolu Wiiinwright and MiKi Oiit'oT. War 1 ' cocktail, Two of them, L, :r lne' Cherry of Mammoth Springs Tony says, and anyone will bo re- n f e visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Madud Mr. and Mrs. W Fi'cnch. : - - • Gone Burnett molorcd to .oucrry Valley Saturday night for his sis? '•' Jcctcd by the . urirty. THERE'S A DAKK SIDE' TO TIIw IlUliUillv viuiuj o<\n""'*j •-•o--- — — •-- . That is the lighter side of the i cri MISS Mildred • Burnett, v '.••'.; war. There is a grimmer side—the Martha Joe Johnson was .seriously foreign sections. New York is n. burned Saturday when an ell .510.V6, patchwork of Ihc nations of Ihc exploded. '. -..V ' '. ; -; "''•';' Wld arid the hostilities abroad Mr.' and Mrs. Wljl Furccll motored have Had deep eflecls. In Yorkvlllc ( 0 Conron. Mo., -Sunday, most thinking Germans arc worried -T. W. Hill has'returned to. Jus lest there be a recrudescence.of the he me in Alabama alter a visit, with 3-Piece Modern and Poster Suites $0095 $OQ75 $Q750 to 3! up Beiore You Buy — See These Suites Ma.ttresses-"Springs 50 Ib Cotton RE Mattress S2.95 Best pair iftbbils—Nannie Phln J S pcnt the week-end at Mlss'Left- Bljthevllle leh's home in Nashville, Tenn/. Best pan pidgcons—Mary Helen Moore, Blytlievlllc Best pair old luikejs—B t Hcs- ill, niu. iCSli IIIUIU W il ltv;i UUt ni.u i i*>u «JL 1*1^ |H. J1IU III nil* win i«» «••" — Misses Kathryn -Talum, Kay Mil- m.j cc ii,, B . that marked the 'World M,.. nnri Mrs. C. E. Goddard i and Mary Fiances Lellwlch Wnr ,. ... ;,,,:,, Lucille Roberts of sie Best pair joung turkcjs— B E Hessle Best pair geese— C BlythevUlc M Abbott, Carutliersville Society — Personal I'ridaj Afternoon Club Mgels Mrs, Charles Ridgley v>as hos \VUIi " -i\naa .um.n«\. *»s--* -- . The militant -pro-Nazi groups' Oak, spent'Sunday with -Miss Mil- als» \-hrvvo become, subdued, for urea Burnett, they, would: bd:ll.e 411051 .-vulnerable. ?tt. L,. Styles and son, C. Along .-'Third 'Avenue'/ where tho have' gone to Michigan. Czechoslovakian.s have been niouvn- Mr.' ana Mrs. L. il. MB--_-_ _ Ing the loss of their gallant little plan lo move Into their new homes nailcn, there is renewed hope that soon, the Allies will win and reconstitute j - 'the republic. 'Hie Polish district is Mis Ouy Uustedde, Mis \V; Mv Essary and '"cijcle Essary yspcnt Ton day 111 Meiriphis. -' : '. Mr., and Mrs. Harlan Whltaker nd Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore 'of 'ortageulte transacted business lore Monday night. Mr.- and Mrs O, H/ Hemdrtakam - ^ffijh-J^V uiil"iu little; of Poplar Blull arrived Friday n dny so long withstood the siege Carulhersvlllc, where they will £f \v avsaw . . Only the other night there was a dance there, oiie of the first in nake Iheir home. Mr., Hcndricksou las been transferred here by tho Metropolitan Life Insurance Com Metropolitan Life Insurance com- solrte t i nlc; Thc ,wonch have split l> n "V. • • ' • , up, .living all over lown and so H Mrs. Desford Orlflln and son.' !s difricnlt to gel a bread reaction. David, of Tlptonvllle arrived In B j lt prendi restaurant proprietors Carutliersvlllc Tuesday morning tor , llllvc 5 p 0 x c n lo all are agreed a .visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. F. lna t ^ patrlc will emerge viclori- (mi Everything for your entertainment and. comfort. Heavy Coil Spring Coil Spring on Knijnc, '-•'"..•. Extra Value . Bc.nton. ous.' . , . James A. Hill cf Porlagevillc was They exhibit no hatred cf Ger- Tuesday visitor In Cnmlheisville. man-Americans, though, which is - . -, , Mrs, Charles Ridgley v>as hos M( . am[ Mrs Jo]in j^,^ nnd R |nosl h opclnl sign. The Scandl- css to members of the Friday alter- 1 diUIKllU , ri -M erry Ndi, visited • in navian districts in---'Brool:lyn nrc a noon club at thc^homeJH *C Fierce. Mrs Ed Huffman, Mri, Homer Tmner, Mrs. William, Mtb A B Rhodes, Mrs J. A Van Aivs- dall and Mrs P L. Homer were Kennett Sunday with friends and relatives over the week-end. Mrs. Cnrlcs NvutfiOu and Miss Lama Delle Blicpnrd s«cnt Sunday afternoon' In Kcnnctl. Mrs. Maxine Knott. guests of the club Club prize, a pair ol hose v,on bj Mrs A P. Neiflutl ""» gl j oseph - 5 Mis. Rhodes won guest prize, a Monday ,, lol . nlng ; hand made doilie Mra ft i. MI- i , Minerva ECJ- won bridge, a shampoo and has befm seriously 111. was veinoved to In Memphis, spcnl the sot At the close of the afternoon the 'hostess served, a salad, course and eoflee Miss Marjorie As'hcraft spent the week-end with her mother in Maiden. Miss Mary Eunice Layson of Bly- Iheville sprnt Ihe wccK-cnd here 'with Miss Lucille Naylor. Mr and Mrs. AV. U. Cantfcll, Miss Peggy Ashcr and Miw Roberta Ownby spent the wcel-cnd in Capo Oirardeau witK Miss Mary Lorene Cantrell, ^ho Is a student, at th Southeast Mitsourl Slale leachcrs' ColleBe there H N Arncld who has been receiving medical treatment al Hot Springs, Ark, spent the week-end in Caruthorsvillt vcck-cnd In Kennelt ,wllh Mlsb Billle Wilkerson. Mr. and Mrs. Fahcrly I'lnkley of Porlaeevlllc spent Sunday here visiting friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mcrrls If.ft Wednesday lor St. Louis where Ihey will met Mrs. Morris' Urolhcr. Claude Hale. After that they will leave for a week's Irip lo Kansas City and Kxcclsior Springs, Miss Joanne Talum of Kcnnell was a week-end visitor at tlic home of her aunt and uncle. Mr. and »Irs. Charles Watson. Mr. and Mrs. Luke Van Ausdall returned Wednesday from a four day business trip to Detroit. Edgar T. Walters of Fort Worth. Ittle nlnrm.ed that the fatherlands will be drawn into tho struggle willy-nilly. BHOAIWAY, ; HKKE I GO Some: i\c once said—or should have said—that actors spend much of their career trying to reach Tlrondway—and then spend most of tliclr lime away from Brcadway cupitnllzing on the eminence. Such Wttch Society Pif* Of Courier Hewi F«i Free Show Gueiti Weds.-Thurs. Jas. B. Moore left- Saturday lor Rochester, Minn., where, he will undergo a medical examination at Majo Btolher; Clinic He is expected to return In about a week. Mr. and Mrs Byron Ward am Mr.'-" and Mrt. Jack Moore spen Sunday ever.lng in Kennett Mr. and Mrs. Fred L Henlej spent Sunday evening in Konnett. B J. Romer went to Memphis Texas, spent Monday evening here with his .sister, Mrs. W. M. Cryslcr and Mr. Crj-sler. IIAPPY (RO.& oua FREE'DELIVERY inn W. Slain St. I'hone 15 Hish" tntf 0* ') hold the flivor to'thc bottom of the —"mite jour U1I-J (r,ora !«•« tl«l« <utt»l «Dlr t< Copr I&39 DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? t'.s dangerous and expensive to drive with iU^crinj Gear am Front Wheels out of adjust racnl. Keeping them in gooi onlcr is so simple and incxpen slvc you should never trust I chances, ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEEUIXG GEAR XD.H'STMENT, m- r if DC •Ihding—adjiistmcnl 0 | *** .f all Hall Sochcl I oints — tightening ** front Spring Clips am! Shackles, irarls Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above Includes a cmwptete INSPECTION nnd IIEI'OIIT en co.oUtion of Wliccl Alljumcnt and factors n0cctinj tire wear.) PtiiLLlPS The Greatest Adventure- Romance ever Filmed! GARY COOPER ,,THE NEW BEAUGESTE ,t Comedy isslnn Slalincc lOc Jt 'iGc Xiglil IGc «• SGe Mallncci Frl.-Sal.-Snn- Adiulsslon nlwajs 10o & 2SC Is. - Ihurs. Hli A Wai not I'hone 810 Living Room SUITES 2-Piece, good S^JA^ quality tapestry l^J 2 po Velvet Suites $39J5, S1850up CHAIRS £ ROCKERS GaneShairsTBc-Best Grade 98c Cane lookers $2.41 to $5.45 Spes, llphois. lockers . $3,95 JIANY, MANY other items which .we cannot list —Make this STORE your Store—ami SHVC. Kv- ery Day ;i Sales Day. ' Sra«ES-RflHOES No..13 Sheet Iron Heater'.!..-.:.-'..-: $1.22 No. 2C-22 Sheet Iron Heater $1.86 No. 22 Sheet Iron Heater $1.96- No. 24-26'Sheet Iron'Heater $2.74 No. .240-24 Arctic Cast-Door & Top .. $6.95 No. 22 Comfort Combination Heater $19.95 All Cast Cannon Heaters..;... $7.95 to $22.75 No. 18E Coles Genuine Hot Blast $23.75 All Cast Ranges ! '...! $29.75-$34.75 Full Porcelain, Special $39.75 Laundry Heaters :.. $3.95-54.95 . Sec Our Oil KiiiiKCS—They .Uist—Priced ITCHEH CABSHETS Yll'l B •^H^f^' CQleman OIL HEATER See a demonstration of this new, modern heater that rovides a 2-Way Heating Service for the health and com- ort of your family. When Heat^Reflector Doors are open, eat Radiates into a focused comfort zone. When doon; are osed, an enormous volume of freshly warmed air Urcu- ates all over the room. This warm air flow is 35% greater than that of former oleman Heaters. Heat Fins speed up air flow 57 /o. Your hoice of two types of Automatic Heat Control which give ou carefree heating comfort— a saving in fuel cost— a um- onn healthful temperature from floor to ceiling. Come in soon! We'll show you all the new improvements nd features. ARMSTRONG Floor Covering Cash and Cany Prices 12 ft. Wide Quaker. . per ft. 86c 12 ?i Wide Standard. .perft72c Also in 6 x 9 ft. widths IER. . .perSq.Yd;57o • . ... 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