The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 2-1, 1939 • mi mm Limited Invite List Wilts Many Buckling Hopes In Short Order BY (iKItllY 1HCK NEA Sfcivicc Stan' Correspondent WASHINGTON, May 10. — Nol since they burned Ihe White House in 181-1 have me British, caused such 11 stir in the nation's capilal as they arc causing in connection with the visit of King George and Queen Elizabeth. To be strictly accurate, it isn't so much tlic British that are causing the stir as it, Is the rather large group of excited Washiiig- lonians who are gelling all popeyed about Hie affair. Hut tlic point is that the stir is taking place. Most ol it centers around the big garden parly which is lo be thrown for Ilieir majesties at the British embassy. This thing is being handled with enough formality lo lit a coronation, and (lie acute grief nourished in Hie bosoms 01 people who thought they ought to gel invitations, but didn't, is a pitiful and saddening thing lo behold. STIFF StliKT AFFAIR That this would be a formal affair and no fooling became evident buck in mid-March, when four 01 five carefully selected newspaperwomen were invited to the British embassy and there given an advance flll-in on what the program would probably be like. . Aflcr being lold all of this, Ihe newspaperwomen were informed thai, in no circumstances, were they to print any ot it, unless and until the embassy officially sanctioned it. That sanction never came through. Instead, about a week before their majesties were, due to arrive, ihe newspaperwomen— plus about a dozen more— were called back to the embassy and given all the dope a second time. This dope- included complete details about the way a royal garden party is run. Tliere'll be seme 1400 guests. Top-notch officialdom will be there, of course: Chief Justice and Airs. Hughes, Admiral and Mrs. Stark and General and Mrs. Craig (representing Navy and Army), Speaker and Mrs. Bankhead, Secretary of Stale and Mrs. Hull, Vice President and Mrs. Garner, chiefs of foreign missions, and so on. ••••-,, ,•<• • ,, In addition;, some. 400 "oubsUnd- -;iiuj 'Americans" --from' other pur/ls of the country will be present; they're people in whom their majesties have shown some interest, or else they happen to be folks whom. Ambassador and Mrs. Lindsay think their majesties would enjoy meeting. Where Washington Meets Kino muafmnma »»-.-^——_, ,— . fc) BLYTJllSVlUiB, (AUK.) COURtKR.NBWS Because they didnl receive one of Ihese fancy invitations to the garden'party for ihe king and nuccu of England,. some Washinglon- y nllll PPy-' 'NEA's Gerry Dick got here.- ' OUT OF LUCK Anyhow, all the guests arc told , what time to show up, the idea being to get them draped around the grounds before the king and queen put in an appearance. Once their majesties appear, 'ihe gates ot the embassy will be shut, and latecomers will be turned away. Arriving at the embassy from the White House, the king and queen will go tirst to a portico overlooking Hie garden, while a bant! plays "C.ocl Save the King." Then they come downstairs and strcll about the garden Urtcfiy. Here and there someone will be Dulled out of the crowd to 'come over and be introduced. There'll be no clustering around; the guests are -instructed to form a wide lane for their majesties to pass through. Later, when they have relumed to the balcony to have tea, their majesties will receive certain guests at the tea tfible, such guests being suin- jncnvd by members ot the embassy staff. 11 a rain comes up, the guests will just have to lane it, unless they choose to spend their time huddled under a refreshment, tent. CURTSEY COURTESY NOT NECESSARY •Somehow Hie idea of this for- maluy got all over town, and irnpiesscd tari:»s folk with tlic idea thai the divinity whicn dotn wage a king hedges him even when he's visiting the capital of a democracy. faomeonc circulated a report that the Slate Department protocol section had drawn up elaborate rules presence of the waist, ied time, they are placed on the wnsion list, and have some seciir- ly in their old age, then why not look far enough into the future ind pass this Townsend Plan of annuities? It is estimated there are one Imncired and thirty million people n the United Stales, and of tliis amount there are about eight million who "nave passed the age of sixty, of that number we have around two million who would not qualify lor the annuity, which leaves some six million people who arc dependant in some way or other for a livelihood. Who Is it that objects to a tax V.1.I.U ui *"v »i^.u»*b*»v M«U *L»J M 1*1,, for security? i hsvs been un&blc The British embassy is authority to find out, the reason that a btH for the statement that it's okay to of this kind Is" not passed at this shake hands with royalty Instead session of Congress because the „, ,._..,..„ ..... „...•—;„„ gl . cat raa j otity of pcop]e do not on beliavicr in thu royalty— lowing from , backing out of the room, and all that sort 'ot thing. The protocol section lias been denying it ever since, and is pretty sore arnut it. At the While House, people will be expected to beha\e iu Ihc presence of the king and queen just about as they wculd In the presence of the President and Ills wife understand Its full meaning. Our own senator, Mrs. Caraway, of bo\\iug and curtseying. For weeks the special waiting room into which tlie king and — <^.,,, l u I , ,, uo . uaiaway, queen will pass when their Irain has expressed herself as being reaches Union Station here has favorable to this bill. Many others been undergoing face-lilting. Tne now In Congress aie in favor ot an arrival of President Samozo of annuity plan. Nicaragua gave Hie Army and Social security as applied today Navy a fine chance lo dress-re- means the ones who are gainfully hearse Ihcir parade of greeting— employed pay a percent of their rm affair so showy that some sen- wages and the employer pays a s yH pjjjjn^ nil( | wncrc onc nas j os j their job, Ihey are ciillllcd lo the | amount they have paid for this More • than 40 per cenl of the'security. world's airmail is carried by| Under the Towiwend Plan every United States air lines. 'one would have some security after alors and congressmen nuitlcrlnK alxiut it. Air view of British embassy at.Washington, D. a., where WnshliHon will gather, rain or shine, to fete King Ocoree and Queen Elizabeth. QnuHuulds Were Ladies Before,King and Queen Will Receive Diplomas Al Commencement Exercises Thursday Nigh I IAJXOKA, Ark., Mny 24.—Tivcnlj Ki'iuhintcs will lie prcsenled will high school diplomas by O. H Wood, president of die school board, at. coimiK'iicemi'til exercises. Thursday evening, May 25. In the high school nudUui'tutn. night stn- dnits will receive mednls for outstanding nthievemi'iil. > Cluss parllci|)!il)on is to be fen'- turcd In the exercises again, us tin's bern done thu past (hrco years, ! following (inj processional, Louise Victory, senior class president, will Introduce "Our Class." Cnrolcti Wood, snlutntorliin, is to 1,'fvc (lie welcome address "The l-'iilm-e Still Our Own"? ami Edith' McD.iniels, vnledlclorlnn, will bid farewell • In "Our Conlrlbiillon," A duct, "Dark Kycs" sung by ulllie.bnnsston and 13. O, Wilklns, Jr., will precede awarding of mcd- i>ls by Principal, J. T. Slack. Outstanding achievement In various fields is lo lie awarded us follows: Scholarship. Carolce Wood; ISnt'llsli, Virginia Ej|| s; mutlic- miittoi. B, o. Wilklns, Jr., nlliletlc.s, Akin Hicks; Citizenship, DIUv Sill- nun; Science, Hayborn Slniiflulil; Activity, 'Grade Lee clurk' History, undetermined. Mrs. W. J. Arwood Dies Tuesday At Age Of 71 Mrs. Anna Arwood, wife of W. J. Ai-irood. riled last night, 0:50 o clock, nl the family residence, 110 North loth .street. Dciith came the 71-yrar-old woman follow- "g an Illness caused by ciircmlc )r,isonlng. Tlio remains were taken today o Grace cciiiimmlly, n cnr Rlplcy, fciin., where rm>criit services will be- held at (lie church there nnd bnrlnl nindo In the Grace cemetery. A imlive of neiir illplcy, Mrs. Arsvood euiiie lo tilytlmvlllc from Rlpley lli years ngo. Besides her husband, she Is survived by two sons, Cidcll nnd Mils Arwooil, and one daughter, Mrs. W. O. Holds, all of here. llniinu Fimernl Heine is In charge. • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR OH Townseiul Plan To the Editor: For ninny years I have read the Townsend plan, which bill comes up for consideration some time this term of Congress, the bill < H. R. 2 \yas inlroduccd ay Mr. Henrtrix of Florida, and :hcn referred to committee, where it has rested since that time. A Sreat deal of pressure is being nought to force this (o a vole at, this term. I have react with interest this all, and believe it is sound in principal, and slioiild pnss, for the reason it docs not interfere with Ihc balancing of the budget which we hear so much of. I want to discuss this bill brief- S from an insurance point of view, for that is exactly what the Townsend Plan is—insurance, In an an- Ulity form. By passing (his hill and rising a ivo percent lav, all wlio are eligi- )le when they attain age sixty, will have some compensation to care them. Tlic numbers are few that are able to buy an annuity maturing at age sixty in sufficient imouiit, to care for them until death. Under our present plan, when wtal employees, railroad, army employees have served their allot- age sixty, which would In a great measure relieve the states from maintaining poor houses, deaf and blind institutes, and relief for llrase sixty years or over. Every Inibiness man should give this bill his careful consideration, and upon doing so I feel that ho will agree in saying it is a worthy hill and would liavs his endorsement for passage. R. N. PAH BAR. Why Early Diagnosis Of TubcreiiJosis? "Mr. General Public doesn't like Ihe idea that he might have tuberculosis. Many early suspects and . even sometimes those with n iiosi- tivc diagnosis want lo insisl upon dealing with •wishes and emotions rather than with facts," writes Dr. J. IX Rilcy, superintendent at nocnevillc. 'if you could be present in our siafi meetings and :,cc Hie X-ray pictures on new patients you would realize that even a moderately advanced case Is the exception, a minimal case a rarity, the far advanced case the rule, and the terminal case quite common. _ __ "Undoubtedly every college and s ,, ad} . ,., I1C C ,, |I( „ |s , h " High school m the world for matter ought to tuberculin ics on po that lest, Steele Infant Dies At Hospital Here James Andrew Waugh, infant .son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde Wnugh of Stccle, died early ihi s morning at the Walls hospilal following his birth SunllnyY The""condition lot the mother Is unimproved today. Funeral services were held tills afternoon nl Dcnion cemetery lor the baby, who wns Mr. nnd Mrs Waugh's first child. SCHOOL NEWS of idn four Cobb charge. Fimcral Home wns In Demonstration Club News Notes The Home Demonstration club cf Gosnell met at the home of Mrs. J. ,M. Frdiiklin Tue.sday. Mis. A. G. Duclos presided. To the Mil call by Ihc secretary, each of tte 23 members answered by giving the name ami recipe of a new diili she has served. Mrs. Franklin gnye the devotional and Mrs. C. ij. Wadlqy gave a reading. "Floweri". The Better Homes chairimii earnestly urged nil who Imd not done so lo scud her Belter. Hones report to her at once. A demonstration on makiag strawberry preserves, showing how the color might be rclalued, \\iis given !>y Ihc K£<\ chairman. Mrs T T „,„„ ,,„,., •,!,,„. is m u bcrf nnd o ,c v or ^ of ,1 'Ihc idea that a chest examination with n stethoscope is all that is necessary is ridiculous. You might as well look at them at a distance with a telescope so. far as accuracy is concerned. Ot course you can pick up ihe [ar advanced cases with a slcllioscoiio but why use a stethoscope? You can look ut them." What applies to the college student applies to Mr. Gcncarl Public, lie Is Ihc father of a family. Mrs. General Public ts the mother of a family. They have resnonsl- 21. bilities to their children for their health and that of the child. | Kcmcmber that early tuberculo- i club at a mealing at he Tuesday, May 10. Miss Euna Scott is a new member of the group. Mrs. S. Gotl pcvstdcd over '.lie brief business session at whch time a club quilt was given nwiy. The quilt went to Mrs. Stur.ey Goff. Mollie Maxwell assisted In presenting the miill. A talk 'i'i "Child Welfare" was made by Wrs. Hipp. During llic .social hour the Ins- less served ice cream and cak'. 'Hie next meeting will bo at the home ol Mrs. T. Campbell Jinc sis may be without symptoms. Give! your doctor a chance with the in berculln test and an X-ray. Read Courier News want ads. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 I-'or Prompt Laundry ant] Cleaning Service FREE SHOW TICKETS To the R i I z or Rosy Theaters. Save nultcr-Krust Ureail Wrappers—25 good lor one atiult's ticket or I 1 ') Kootl for one child's lickct, Hxchaiit^e y our wrappers for free tickets at mm co. Phnite 110 1'Vir Doiuliiy )j,,|.,| y I'iflli grade .simleiils scho:l gave a progniui Mo. •nlng In honor ot Dctrolhy ] ly. n sixth grade student, wlio lot beer, absent .or lanly hi nut onc hull years. The pi-cgram wns nuide up O t wlrlotlo songs mid' imllmi legends iboiit Aiknnsas. ' Uuroiliy ] ms i,,,,) „ , lc ,. k , cl Ht . endnncB record since she entered -ange school 'In itKM, comlnjf here loin Rlpley, T clm . Si,e 1ms nl- cnilcil school 801 days wllhout hc- 'is lavdy. •She WHS presented an autograph ook iu which Miss Winnie Virgil '"rim-, eletnentnry supervisor of illy schocOx, nnd nieiiibers of llio Lange school faculty, recorded Iheir names; . - , Plays Caved "I'n.llic Garden" NOTE: This is Ihc second ol ft scries of inCurnml briefs ubmil flowers grown by Blytlicvllle gar- tiCJicrs. b . * • . * Of the ninny flowrr.s crown bv Dr. mid Mrs. S. t'. Mnrtln |,, l, lle lr cardcn ol their lioiue, nl BOO West Mniii slrcct, ihclr favorites must DC iholr climbing lallsmmi i-osts nnd tliclr peonies. Both have bloomed profusely dining recent weeks arid linve been admired by i, M ,,y lm sscrs\iy. Another ntlrnellvc note of (he Mnrlins' yard is the vine growing "'i " tree trunk which reminds one of the gull coast with Its haii-lng mosses nnd vines. In addition lo these, Dr and Mrs. Mnrtln imvc a large number of bush i-csfs, including tli c popular red slintlc, nnd vnrioiis oilier snrlnc Woss'iiiis, 4-H Clul) Ne^vs Notes mcollnj; of Die Shnclv drove lunlor Adult 4-H 01 lib held Aiuia Kcaglc, comely British actress, is her own research expert, and studies mcliculoiisly Ihe historical data of such roles as Unit of Nurse Edith dwell. Which she \yill play \vltliout make-up, (hough the martyred Cavcll was inucli older than licr own 34 years. Thurailny with J. Oullcns prcsW- IIIB. Twelve chili members, onc lender, nnd two visitors, naymond Digllsh; nnd nnrmon' Hnlchcr, wcio (ircscnt. D. 3. Liwlrip, county ug- I'lculliirnl iigcnt, gave" a (iilk on '•Tiling fni'in niifinnlii. At (he close of the (iiceiiiig l|ia ifrcsliment coimnlllec served ice cream and cnke. P.lnns were Jiiiule for tx trip to Recltool Lake, Tclm. Clinic Reports Exercise Cur e s Crossed-Eyes WINNIPEG, Man. tUP)^-A- clln.lo ir Ihc Ircntnicnt, of children iif- fllctcd with crosscd-cycs here reports n iiiimber of cures. ' Conlrnry lo genera I tellof, doctors iitlemlliig t)io youthful pa- tlonls slate that cross-eyed per- Canadian Wants to Sell Good Will to Europe SAINT JOHN, N. H. (UI')-J. M. Humphrey, voluntary "(jood will" salesman. Is thinking of extending his activities lo Europe Humphrey, who came here on Ms (Mth trip across Canada In the lnlcrc.sLi nf intei'-provlncinl goodwill and imdcratandliig n,,d has nddrcssc:! hundreds of thousands of Canadians on the subject, salrt he was .planning to confer with Members, ot Parliament at Ottawa regarding the prospect of extending his work lo overseas countries. PRESCRIPTIONS^— Safe - - Accurate Vour I'rcscrlpllon Drun g | s (, Fowler Drug Co. Main ,t First I'hono Ml .drinks I thjn put vyhen wit^our Bourbon ' ' Ycm'\c yot to use ricli-boclicil whisky to make tall ilrinks which don'ilhin out. We make all our Boiirhon whisky with -(0%SnwlIGrain to give you that rich flavor. GREEN HOLLO KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY WiwhhVyli Zyeanold —90 proof THE K.TAYLOR DISTILLING CO. WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices sonn do not see doublo Instead they me able only to sea tm object with ono eye at n time Medical men .my thiit the only time cross- eyed pcremis -sec double is shortly aftci Iho onset of the affliction Ticalment of palloih I, free to thoM) unable to a fiord payment Tho children aic placed in front . of Uo ylasa shutter)," througli which are visible Iwo separate objects 'Ilion wiiile the patient's oyes follow the process, the two pbjecti nro brought closer and closci togelhei iinlli ili e y are su- pcrlmiwscd. 'I he icsiilt? Exercised eye muscles, and in muny cases a resultant cmo if the Irealimmt Is In- elfcctlve the coi reeled by dale, however, 40 children have Ifecn dlsclinisecl as cured throii B h nfillUlon Ls then nn oiKrntloii TO alone Kcud Couner'News want ,a«U Clinton L. Caldwell ln B ram t!l,! ff Bljthevlllc, AUKANhAS and MI-SSOUBI TITIE Ol'INIOJS'S. TU1.K INSURANCE COMl'Lb'lE COVERAGE to Our lilijlhevillc or Gosnell Gin R. 0, HUSHES GIN CO. $777 * Delivered price »i I-"** Af«A*« «* jcct to eJiania irrtAouf noffc*. Pn'co inchtdi* a-tfctf > , hamper guards3p*re tiro tnd tabe^Trtn: • and local if res, ]••••' LEE-i\lbTOR J S > ALES f luc,-:.- 305 E. Jlahi Phoiie

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